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this is another story im working on, its long, really long, not much sex in chapter 1 and 2 but i like to play things out, chapter two should be uploaded after this, then im working on chapter 3 right now, i hope you guys or girls enjoy this story Legendary Shy Chapter 1 "Good Morning KEN!!!!" *bam* "dad when are you going to learn?" I looked down at my dad lying upside down on my bed with his back against the wall.

"Son its time to get up" I look at him for a moment then yelled, "WHAT THE HELL DAD, if u want to get me up you didn't have to attack me." With that I slammed the door and stormed down the stairs, to see my mom and sister laughing. I sat down and grabbed a peace of toast. I took a bit before I started to think clearly. My name is Ken Gethings I live my with my parents in a boarding house with my sister, my father has been attacking me every chance he gets.

My sister is popular at our school, and im a nobody, to shy to talk to anyone especially girls. My mom is an oil site manager while my father is just an oilman. "Earth to ken…" I started to focus again when I heard my moms' voice; I looked at her giving me a weird look. I sighed and said, "Im taking a shower. I will be walking to school so Angela don't wait for me." She looked at me for a second then said ok.

I ventured of through the boarding house to the bathroom for my morning shower. I got into my school uniform before I walked out the door and down the road. I thanked about how the house was close to the school, I got halfway there before I heard someone call my name when I turned around, *BAM* I felt something wooden kit my face and everything went black.

"Ken? Are you okay?" I blinked and looked up to see Courtney above me, I sat up and replied, "yeah I guess, you need to watch where you swing that thing you know?" she just smiled and waved the kendo sword at me menacingly. She helped me up, and we walked the rest of the way to school but I couldn't get rid of the killer headache she gave me.

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When we got there she ran of to her friends and smiled and said, "Ill catch you in class." I didn't say anything but I just blushed, for some reason I get this way when im out in public. I walked about 10 feet when I heard, "Ken! Wait up!" I turned to see Jake running up to me, he had this sly look on his face then said, "is aw you with Courtney, you guys have a little fun before school?" he asked with a big grin, I looked at him wide eyed and shock etched on my face before I turned beat red.

He started to laugh his ass off before he said, "dude I was only joking don't have a heart attack." Me and Jake walk up to the 3rd floor where our class was located, I walked into our class teacher, she turned and looked at me, when I blurted out, "Im really sorry Ms. Higgins!" she looked at me worried before she said, "ken why is there a blue mark across your face?" I looked at her for a second then remember Courtney hitting me with the sword, "im sorry I fell down the stairs."I blushed hard and hurried off to my desk getting weird looks from my class mates, few were also snickering.

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I just kept on turning deeper shades of red. Nothing eventful happened until lunch came around, when I heard the bell ring and I rushed out of class, I ran to my hiding place on the roof to get away from everyone. When I opened the door I heard someone crying, I walked over to see who it was, and it was Penny Wiley, I walked over to her and she jumped and tried to dry her eyes when I said, "Are you ok?" she mumbled "nothing" and I looked at her for a second then out of now where she jumped and started to hug me and balling into my shirt.

I awkwardly patted her back for awhile before she calmed down enough to tell me what happened. "My father kicked em out and said I needed to live a normal life, (did I forget to mention she was the richest girl in school?)and I have nowhere to live, and all he left me was a million dollars, I look taken aback for a second before I said something I shouldn't have said, "well you could live at our boarding house until you can get on your feet." I mentally kicked myself before I could take it back she said, "Oh thank you thank you thank you!

You don't know how much this means to me, im in your debt!" I blushed really hard; she just smiled and giggled at me. When the lunch bell rang she skipped off to class, I slowly walked back to class.

When school ended and I started to walk home when Angela ran up to me, and said, "hey you ready to leave?" before I could reply I felt something jab into my back, I jumped and saw Courtney laughing, before I could say anything I felt someone grab onto my arm, I turned beat red and slowly looked down to see Penny arm and arm with me, she smiled up at me and I nearly fainted, I looked over at Courtney and she was giving me a sly look so was my sister, before I said to them, "she isn't my girlfriend she is going to be moving in with us Angela so you girls can stop ok?" they still gave me sly looks but didn't say anything, the walk home was very awkward word cause I kept on getting the feeling that Penny and Courtney were shooting daggers at each other.

When I said good bye to Courtney at her house and finally made it home I asked Penny to wait in the lobby while I got talk to my parents. I found them in the kitchen and plucked up the courage to say, "Mom, Dad we got a new resident." They both looked at me funny, and then said who?

I sighed and said, "Penny Wiley…" they both stared at me for a second then my dad said, "Ms. Wiley the daughter of Dalton Wiley, the billionaire!?" I replied, "yes…she got kicked out of her house and has no where to stay, so I offered her a room here." Ok what ever you better show her around and be polite mister." I walked off to the lobby to find Penny bending over looking at a picture of our family, and she hasn't changed out of her school uniform, and her skirt was short so I got a look at her thong, at that second, she turned around I nearly turned crimson, she gave me a sly smile and said, "is everything ok ken?" I just nodded and beckoned her to follow me, when I turned around I could have swore I heard giggling.

I showed her around and showed her to her room.

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She said thank you and she would be back in a bit she need o go clothes shopping, I said ok, and head to bed early. The next day nothing really happened in the morning, I did my morning procedures but the second I left the house I knew something was going to happen today. I started to walk down the street, and a few passing students giving me looks, but they weren't looks of hate or dislike, they were looks of respect. I couldn't really understand why I were getting them until me friend Jake ran up, out of breath; I gave him a weird look before he said, "you lucky sob!" I just stared at him for a minute before I realized what he was talking about, I just turned and started to walk away, the entire trip he was bothering me with perverted things, and I explained why penny was staying with us but he just ignored my words.

I was embarrassed walking through the school I just kept on getting looks, I almost made it to class before I heard, "Kenny!" I flinched at my name used in such a way before I could turn I felt someone latch onto my arm, I looked down to see penny looking up at me with a big grin on her face; all could do was give a awkward smile and say, "good morning Pen." She smiled when I said that even more, "guess what Ken?" "What?" im in your class now, I looked at her for a second before I heard gasping around us; I gave a force smile, "is that so?

How did you do it?" she turned and looked back with a mischievous, "I convinced the principal to let me transfer to your class." I blushed a bit, and walked into the class room I was almost to my chair when I heard a*emhmm* I turned to see my teacher giving me a strained looked I just realized what was wrong, I slipped my arm away from Penny as quick as I could and said, "sorry Ms.

Higgins." she smiled at me before she said, "its ok don't let me see it again." Then she turned to Penny and said, "Ms. Wiley please stand at the front of the class until I assign you a seat." Penny lowered her head in sorrow and gave me a look before she walked back to the front of the classroom. It was another 10 mins until the class room was full of gossip people looking at me and Penny, giving very suspicious looks.

"Ok please settle down students I know most of you know who Miss Wiley is. She will be in our class from now on. Now who is willing to give up there seat to Miss Wiley?" everyone remained sitting; I frowned and stood up and said, "Ms.

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Higgins I will go get a desk from the principal, Penny may take my seat." Both Ms. Higgins and Penny beamed at me; I walked out of the class, and shut the door. The second I was out of the class I let out a long sigh and thought to myself, "I knew something was going to happen today." I put my hands in my pockets and started to walk down the hallway towards the principals' office when I heard someone say, "You bitch, who do you think you are?

Talking back to me?" I looked into a classroom where I heard it was empty except for 3 guys and, wait isn't that Raven? I saw a defiant look on her face, all the guys seemed pissed; I quietly went into the classroom, and stayed in the shadows. "So you think you're all mighty? Your just a slut you know that?" then I saw raven spit on the guys face who was talking to her, he raced his hand up getting ready to slap her when he was about to bring it down he realized he couldn't, I stood there with his arm behind his head and said, "you know its wrong to ever hurt a woman, I recommend you guys leave before you piss me off." "What is that you prick?

Think your Mr. HERO? Then I guess we will have to teach you a lesson!" I caught movement in the side of my eye, I turned still latching onto guy number 1 arm, and saw guy number 2 grab for me, I juked his attempt and side stepped and kicked in the side of his leg, instantly breaking his knee and bone.

He crumpled to the floor in pain, the guy number 3 threw a punch I moved to the side, and the punch contacted guy number 1s head; I let go of his arm, and watched him drop to unconsciousness number 3 came back at me with a punch, I grabbed his hand with my left, and brought my right into a fist and punched him in the left side of the jaw, I felt the bone dislocate from the jaw; he fell back onto the ground screaming in agony same as number 2.

I turned to raven who was wide eyed, I slowly held out my hand and said, "Are you ok raven? Did they do anything to hurt you?" she took a hold of his hand and shook her head no.

he helped her to her feet, guy number 1 started to stir; I aimed a kick and broke 2 of his ribs. Then I noticed, Zach was holding a video camera wide eyed, then the door to the room burst open and teacher and cops ran into the room. Before I knew what was happening I was being tackled by the police officers. Then I heard raven scream, "NO! He just saved me!" but then I felt my head hit the ground and everything went black. I felt a throbbing in my head and I slowly sat up and looked around I was in the principals office, on his couch.

My mom, dad, raven, my teacher, a female officer (I thought she looked to young to be an officer), and the principal. I looked around and everyone was beaming at me except the officer and the principal. Then I heard raven say, "oh Ken, thank you, you saved me from those assholes." I gave her a sweet smile and said, "Im just glad your ok." I tried to stand but I felt a stab of pain in my ankle, I fell to my knees then screamed out in pain when my hand touched the ground, everyone rushed to my side, and I heard the officer say into her mic, "we need a ambulance they missed a kid earlier." I got up and sat back down on the couch, my hand and ankle still throbbing in pain.

I heard the officer say to me, "I should take you to HQ for what you did&hellip." Then she beamed at me at me too and said, "but you saved the girl from being harmed, and on the video it shows it was all self defense." I gave a forced smile, and then she said again, "well ill wait out side until the paramedics show up, this will give you a chance to talk to you principal and family." With that she stepped outside of the office. She was outside for a second before she started to think to herself, "Im glad that some guys are still like that, and he is pretty cute too…No I can't think of it like that.

"The Ruffians who caused this have been expelled from this school and arrest for attempted assault and battery. Thanks to Mr. Kennedy for the footage of the mess, you are cleared of all charges." I smiled to myself; damn I guess something was going to happen today, then the door opened and a paramedic walked in; he spotted me and walked over, and gently grabbed my hand and poked and moved my hand around a bit, told me to move my hand, try and grip something.

Then finally he said, "Well it looks like you have 3 broken knuckles, and boxers' fractures. Then your ankle is fractured, to tell you the truth from the number you did on the guys im not really surprised. You will need to come by the hospital, my partner will take care of you, ask for Ms.

Teltings." Before I could say anything else, he left. Then I jumped when I heard my dad say, "Alright champ lets get you to the hospital." I smiled and put my hand around his should and he helped me out of the room we were being followed by my mom and Raven, and Ms. Higgins was leading us.

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Walking down the hall, I kept on seeing faces against the glass, many awe struck. When we made it to my parents car, Ms Higgins, said she had to get back to class, and that raven should to, she said ok, but before she left, she turned to me before I could say anything, she was kissing me hard on the lips, I just stood there, she broke off and ran back into the school, I saw her smile and blush hard when she turn.


My mom was giggling and my dad was snickering at me, "yeah yeah, then I hobbled into the passenger seat, my dad got in the driver, then I remembered my mom and dad drove separate vehicles. My mom gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "Ok ill see you guys at home, and son try not to hurt yourself anymore, I don't think I can stand anymore worrying." I smiled and said, "yeah mom, im going to start making a hobby out of this." She gave me a suspicious look and walked away, my dad just grinned and said, "Ok lets get you to the hospital, and im proud of you, I guess this event means I taught you some good things." The car ride was un-eventful when we pulled in my dad said to call my sister to get me when im done here, cause he has to get back to work.

The second I walked into the hospital, I heard a voice say, "Ah, you must be Mr. Gethings? From your limp and your blue hand it's hard not to tell, please sit in the wheelchair." I was stunned for a second; I sat down then said, "please call me Ken, I don't like being formal, im just norm." "Ahhh, my sis said you were cute, but she didn't say you were so modest." "Who is your sister…wait you seem familiar." Then she started to laugh, "Yes I might, you met my sister she was the officer you met earlier.

She is my twin." I just looked for a second, then blushed and remained silent until we made it to the room. She shut the door, and gave me a pill for the pain, felt the pain melt away.

It took about an hour for use to get through all of it, I learned the doctors name was Heather, the whole time me and her were just talking, then finally at the end she said, "well it looks like were done." A new cast on my hand and my angle wrapped up.

I replied, "Yeah, you really are a good doctor, now I know where to come when I get hurt." With that she blushed, I don't know why thought, and then out of no where she leaned down and kissed me on the cheek, that is for being such a good patient and for the compliment. I blushed scarlet, she gave me a crutch and told me to come by anytime, I walked into the parking lot to see my sister waiting for me already.

The car ride was uneventful, mostly boring, my sister would not stop telling me how cool I was for doing that, and how tomorrow will be fun. I never understood what she meant. The night was uneventful like most of my life, until I went to go take my bath. When I was taking off my clothes the second I took them all off, the door opened and I heard my sisters voice say, "I be right the." She stopped dead in her tracks.

We both look at each other, then I saw her eyes slowly start to go down my body, then she gasped, I was doing the same, she was already in her night clothes, a tight tank top and see through panties, for some reason I started to grow hard, I looked at her eyes, and for some reason she seemed to be in a trance she was softly biting her lower lip still looking at me dick.

I looked at her chest and I saw her nipples harden, then I realized and looked down and for some reason I could see her panties start to get wet, and then I realized I was naked, and tried to cover myself, then my sister also realized and shut the door fast. My bath was quiet thankfully, when I got out I thought I should go talk to my sister, I slowly opened her door and I saw her sitting in a chair moaning, she had 2 of her fingers going in and out of her fast and her thumb playing with her cunt.

Then I heard her say, "Oh god ken harder I want your huge dick in me." I stopped dead in my tracks and slowly shut the door; I went back to my room, and tried to go to sleep.

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The next day I kept on getting longing looks from my sister. When we heading to school, everyone kept on giving me looks, more like respect, but the girls were giving me a different look, the same as my sister, then I said to her, "um…Angela? Did you happen to tell anyone about last night's incident?" she just gave me a wicked smile and said, "I hope you have fun today!" with that she ran off.

I sighed and started to walk again, then Courtney ran up behind him and gave him a tight hug, "Courtney.I…can't…breath…" she blushed and backed off, when I turned around to face her I saw her eyes darting back from my face and crotch.


I sighed again and silently cursed my sister. We were almost to the school when I felt my phone vibrate and it was a video Zach sent me, I started to watch it with Courtney looking over my shoulder. Then I realized this was the video of yesterday. I then realized how much bigger those guys were than me, I could feel Courtney's breath on my neck and I started to walk away and tossed my phone back to her and said, "you cant finish watching it, can you please return my phone when your done?" she just stood there the video drawing her attention again.

When I finally reached the school I bought a newspaper to see myself on the front page news it read 'Local boy saves Teenage girl from ruffians' I smiled inward to myself, it had a school picture of me, and of raven. I through the paper away and started to walk into the school; I noticed that pretty much every kid was looking at there phones. Then I realized that Zach probably sent that video to everyone and probably posted it on YouTube.

I knew today was going to be tiring; I started to head to my class, and everyone who saw me gave me a smile, and a beam of respect. I couldn't stop blushing, and that just made the girls giggle even more, and I kept on noticing many of them were looking at my pants and whispering. That kid is going to die of blushing, thought Sarah, but she over heard a rumor from some passing girls, apparently Ken is 10 inches they said, she just couldn't believe it, for some reason every time she thought of him she started to get wet now, but her teachers duty kept her from doing anything, she silently kept on wishing she wasn't a teacher.

Ken couldn't stand any of the attention, he didn't deserve any of it, and he was just doing what was right. He tried to go as fast as he could to the principals office, he remembered that they needed another desk for him, when he got there, the principal said he was happy to see him and said that there would be one there as soon as he can. I thanked him and left when I entered the class room, a little later than usual, it got quiet. Then I realized that the desk wasn't here yet, so I stood at the front of the class, all the eyes were tracing me, and I just couldn't help but blush harder.

Then I heard a voice, "ok students quit looking at Mr. Gethings, or you might make him stay red forever." I turned redder at that. It was another 10 mins before the desk got here. I refused to sit at the front so I wouldn't disrupt the class, and finally settling at the back. The whole time the eyes were always on me. When lunch finally came, I went as fast as I could to my roof spot; I sat up there thinking, "Curse my sister…now every girl wants me&hellip.and then everyone is making a big deal out of me saving someone.

I got up and started to head to the convenience store down the street from the school, I was half way there when I saw a truck roll on its side and hit the cement wall, I flipped my phone and hurried and called 911 and told them there was an accident, I then ran and I saw a guy in there un consciousness I slowly pulled him out, I got him to a safe distance when I ran back to see if there was anyone else in there, before I could get away I felt a mist start to spray on my, and then I realized something; I looked at the truck and it said, "toxic waste." I could only say, "Fuck." I heard the sirens and pulled up some police and paramedics started to run up and I yelled at them, "stay back this is toxic waste, get some suit or something protective on!" they gave me a frightened look, and yelled back, "stay right there everything is going to be ok kid!" I laughed to myself and thought; yeah everything is going to be alright eh?

Im drenched in toxic material, yeah ok ill be fine and dandy. it was 30 mins when I saw a white truck pull up, the whole time they were asking for my information who to contact and all that, when I said my name most of them got even more determined to help me, I really didn't care about if I was going to be ok, I was wondering if the driver was, and the paramedics were saying he will be fine.

Then people started to show up, after a bit my parents finally showed up, my dad looked sad and my mother was balling, then students started to show up, and somehow my friends got to the front, some of them were crying, a lot of the guys were looks sober, but all of them were telling me to hang on, then news choppers showed up, and news team, all I could think was why me god?

I just hope everyone lives a happy life; then I saw something that caught my eye, the fuel take was ruptured, and it was slowly leaking, then I looked over to the front, and there were some cables sparking, I realized what was going to happen and I yelled, "Get Back!

Its leaking!" they had removed all the toxic waste when I yelled that so I didn't need to worry about any of it getting onto anyone, but they were about to get me cleaned, when I yelled that everyone scream, I could hear my mom yell, "NOOO!" then the gas start to move slowly to the from of the tanker I turned again, and everyone start to beckon me to them, I turned and floored it as fast I could to the HAZMAT truck, where they set up a cleaner, I got 10 feet away when it blew up, I felt a stab of pain in my back where a piece of metal hit me and embedded itself in me, I got flung 15 more feet from the explosion, and heard foot steps, and felt something really cold wash all over me, I felt gloved hands grab me and put me on a stretcher, then everything went black.