Brother Bangs His Brace Wearing Stepsisters

Brother Bangs His Brace Wearing Stepsisters
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One day I went to sleep over at my cousins house. I had to sleep in my cousin Leanne's room. I'll start by describing Leanne, she had mousy brown hair, freckles, a slim body, medium sized breasts and a perfect ass. At the time, I admit I did have a crush on her. That's not hard to tell reading this story. So the time came that we had to go to bed so when we got in her room I started to set up camp on the floor and she led on the bed, when I'd finished I led on the floor and started watching TV.

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We sat for a while in silence until finally she spoke. "Do you want to get on the bed? You don't look very comfy down there" she asked. Obviously I said yes, I sat on the bed leaning against the headboard, we sat watching TV a little longer when she got up. "Do you mind if I get ready for bed Trev?" She asked.

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"No, of course not, do you want me to go outside and wait?" I replied "No it's fine you can stay here" she said. My heart started pounding, I knew she was my cousin but I'd never really seen much of a girls body in person, my dick started to grow already. She pulled her top over her head revealing a red bra and her beautiful cleavage. Then she unfastened her jeans, pulled them down to her ankles, bending over from the waist.

I got a full view of that perfect ass. My dick were bulging out of my pants. She pulled her jeans off her ankles and climbed back on the bed.

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"Do you not need to put any pyjamas on?" I asked with a lump in my throat. "No" she said. "I usually sleep naked but I've left these on because you're here" she added. My cock was hurting it was that hard, she must've known what she was doing because she decided to push it further. "Are you not going to get ready for bed?" She asked. "Ye I will do in a minute." I replied, hoping my hard on will go away.

I sat there for 5 minutes, still hard as a rock. She hinted at me getting changed again. She must've known why I was stalling so I just got up, turned my back to her and started to undress.

I stripped down to my boxer shorts and went to grab my pyjama shorts, hoping I could tuck my boner into my waistband and get away with it. "No, you're not allowed to put pyjamas on if I'm can't. You get to see me like this so I get to see you." She said.

I turned around and tried to get on the bed without her seeing the tent sticking out of my boxers but it didn't work. "Wow Trev, didn't know it'd have that effect on you." She giggled. "Don't worry about it, it's normal. Come get back on the bed." I did as she asked and we continued to watch TV.

I knew she kept looking at it and I'm sure she knew I was looking at her. About 10 minutes passed and my dick was still pointing upright and her legs had opened quite a bit, I was sure she was teasing me and then she shocked me when she next opened her mouth.

"Right Trev, it's been 10-15 minutes and it's still there. I've been intrigued to see what's under there since you climbed back on the bed. I'll take my bra off if you show me." I sat in shock for a moment, my heartbeat racing.

"You first." I said. Without saying anything, she sat up, reached around her back, unclipped it, pulled it from her arms and shook her shoulders so they'd shake and bounce for me. I nearly came right there!

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"Your turn" she said. I lifted my hips and pulled my boxers down to my thighs, revealing my hard dick to her. She stared at it for about 5 seconds and then I went to pull them back up.

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"If you keep them off, I'll take my knickers off too." I didn't need any convincing. I slid them off and she lifted her hips and told me to pull hers off.

I hooked my fingers inside her waistband and slowly pulled them down past her freshly shaven pussy, down past her thighs, too her ankles. Not taking my eyes off her pussy. She kicked her knickers off her ankles and pulled me back up to her head and kissed me.

I kissed her back and put my hand on one of her boobs, she reached down to my cock and started slowly stroking my shaft. She broke our kiss. "Do you know what a blowjob is?" She asked. "Of course I do" I replied.


"Do you want one?" I just nodded, she pulled my cock towards her mouth while still led on her back and took the full thing into her mouth whilst looking up at me. This definitely wasn't her first time.

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She had one hand on my cock, wanking the shaft while she worked on the head. The other hand grabbed my head and pulled it down to her pussy, she opened her legs wide and left my hand there. I rubbed her already wet pussy, not really knowing what I was doing I felt around with 2 fingers and crossed a small bump and she jerked her hips and moaned on my cock.

I know now that I'd found her clitoris. I kept playing with that spot while she sucked on my dick. I could feel I was going to cum so I started to fuck her mouth. I had one hand working her clit and the other on the back of her head. She started to buck her hips in time with my fingers and soon she started shaking and moaning on my dick, she took her head off my dick and let out a small scream, trying to hold back so no one heard.

She kept wanking my dick as she was cumming and I couldn't control it, I came all over her face, in her mouth and on her hair.

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Her hips stopped bucking and she led there, naked, my cum all over her face and hers all on the bed. I led down beside her, both silent and continued to watch TV naked as though nothing happened. A couple of minutes later she got up and wiped her face and pussy on an old top from her wardrobe then came and led back on the bed and pulled the covers over us and we fell asleep. Can't have been much later and I woke up spooning Leanne with my hand on her boob and my dick between her legs humping her.

As soon as I realised what I was doing I stopped. My hard dick still in between her legs, resting against her soaked pussy.


As soon as I stopped, she started pushing back on my dick as though she wanted me to keep going, so I did. I started humping her again, my head and shaft rubbing between her pussy lips with each thrust. She leaned forward and I felt her fingers underneath the tip of my cock, she pushed me inside her with the next thrust. I was losing my virginity to my cousin and it felt amazing.

We started slow and then I started to get faster but the bed was so loud. She pulled away from me, pushed me off the bed and straddled me on the floor. The second she sat on my cock she started bouncing on me, her hands on my chest, her tits bouncing up and down. Seeing her like this and feeling her pussy around my cock was too much for me, I told her I was going to cum but she didn't care, she kept riding me.

I came inside her and she kept going. It weren't long until I came again and she still kept going. Soon after, she picked up the old top that she wiped herself with and put it in her mouth and bit down on it. Her nails digging into my chest, her breathing became more like panting.

I heard a loud muffled moan and she stopped and sat right down on my cock and collapsed onto me. She got off and climbed into her bed without wiping herself. We went to sleep and when I woke in the morning she were gone. I got up, got dressed and went downstairs and she was sat with the rest of the family, I sat down across from her and she smiled at me. I knew that these sleepovers were gunna be fun from here on out.

The end. For now.