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Too horny  ready to fuck
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~~OK as always tell me what you think, good or bad I want to hear it. There may be a part two to this in the coming weeks depending on my class load. Hope you enjoy it~~ The summer was over and we were three weeks into the fall semester. Noel and I hung out together a lot this year and ate lunch together most days between classes.

We hadn't slept together since the summer but we had started getting along with each other better than we had in a long time.

One night we were over at our separate dorms doing homework, I looked at the time, 11:24 my computer claimed. "Ugh, time for a break." I said as I stretched and then picked up my cell. "Come over I'm bored." I sent her in a text. "Ok, be over in a sec." She replied. I leaned back in my chair until it hit the bed behind me and stretched again as I waited for her to walk the short distance down the hall to my room. I heard her open the front door and walk toward my room so I turned to see her enter my room.

She wore a black tank top and her dark grey loose pajama shorts, their tee shirt material covering her legs down to her knees. She sat on the bed behind me and waved at me. "Heh, you're cute." I said. She frowned, "Am not." "Yeah you are, and that face doesn't help your case." I replied as she scrunched her face in a pout. "Oh I found that program to let you put up a different background on each monitor." I said turning to minimize my homework and show off my new desktop backgrounds.

"Cool. Is it free?" She said.


"Well not really but once you buy the program you can put it on as many computers as you like, so I just downloaded it and got Chris's key." I said as I showed her the interface for managing up to four monitors.

She nodded and seemed to like it well enough. I was still messing with it when she attacked, tickling my side and almost making me fall out of my chair. "Gah!" I exclaimed as I turned to face her, hands up in a defensive pose. She had her own hands up and ready to strike again, a manic smile on her face as she giggled.

I glared at her then in one motion got up and tackled her to the bed. She yelped in surprise then laughed as I tickled her. From there it was a battle royal with us rolling all over the bed and me mostly holding her hands away from me as I tried to tickle her. "Hah! You're loosing." I said once I had her pinned on her back with her arms likewise pinned.

I was lying beside her but my upper body was over hers. She glared at me then tried to bite my face. "Ah, no biting." I said pulling my face away from hers.

She bit at me again and I let go of one hand to grab her face. "No biting." I said more forcefully. Her response was to try and bite my hand over her mouth. I slid it down to her neck, gripping her throat firmly. She snapped her jaws at me again, "No. Biting." I said as I gripped her throat tighter, pushing her against the bed. Her eyes were lit up in excitement. She made another attempt at biting me and I closed my hand around her neck even tighter. "NO." I said. " You hear me?" I asked as I lifted her head and neck up to slam it back to the bed.

"No biting." She hissed and closed her eyes at my rough treatment.

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When she opened them I leaned in and kissed her, still gripping her throat just loose enough to let her breath, and rolled my hips onto hers. She moaned as she kissed me back then moaned harder when I pressed my thigh against her crotch. I broke our kiss and jerked my leg against her crotch, simultaneously pushing down toward the bed and up toward her jaw with my hand.

She hissed in response and opened her legs a bit wider as I began to grind my crotch against hers. I moved her upper body over toward the center of the bed with by lifting her with my hand on her throat and one hand behind her back. I was just moving my hand down to pull her shirt up when her phone rang.

"Shit." She said. I let go of her and moved so she could get her phone out of her pocket. "Hello?" She answered. She listened for a moment then sighed. "Yeah I'll be there in a few minutes. Bye." She said then hung up. "That was Kim, she's drunk and I have to go get her. Why she's at a party on a Wednesday is beyond me." She said.

"Damn this is going to take the rest of the night." She added looking longingly at me. "That's fine; give me a call when ever you're free." I said. "I will, night." She said and kissed me before leaving.

I stripped out of my clothes and took a shower, my mind going over and over again the brief tussle we'd had before being interrupted. The erotic power of having my hand around her throat was intoxicating and I wanted more. I finished my shower then shaved, brushed my teeth and went to bed, my mind still stuck on my brief domination of her. The next morning I woke up with a terrible hard on. "How about I come over and we finish what we started last night?" I asked in a text.

"My door' open." the reply came. Smiling I got out of bed and put on pajama pants and a tee shirt and walked the short distance to her room. The apartment door was unlocked as was her bedroom door. I entered her dark room and ran into her book bag on the floor before my eyes adjusted. When I could see I moved toward the bed where she lay with her back to me, the covers drawn back invitingly. I pulled off my shirt and slid in behind her wrapping my arm around her and pulling us close.

For a while we just lay like that but being so close to her was making my morning hard on even worse. I moved my hips to get more comfortable, pressing against her ass, and she pressed back against me. Smiling I ran my hand up between her breasts and grabbed her throat, gripping it firmly. She breathed in sharply and arched her head back toward me.

I forced my leg between hers and against her crotch as I pulled her body against mine roughly. "Oh!" she breathed. I repeated my leg and arm jerk and she cried out softly, pressing her crotch against me. I jerked her onto her back and moved over her, gripping her throat in one hand and her breast firmly in the other as I kissed her, nibbled on her lip and grinding my hips against hers.

After a moment I broke our kiss and reached down to pull her tank top up with both hands. I left it bunched above her breasts as I replaced my hand on her neck, pinning her to the bed and groped her breast with my other hand. She moaned and held her hands up by her head as I sucked and nibbled on her nipple. My hard bulge slid against her crotch though our pajamas as I ground my hips against her. Releasing her throat I gripped both breasts, pushing them together and moved my mouth from one nipple to the other.

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Letting go of one breast I gave the other's nipple a light flick before releasing it too. Moving completely off of her I pulled off her shorts and underwear, tossing them away then did the same with mine. She watched me as I rubbed my fingers over her wet pussy, making sure she was ready. I bent down and pushed her legs up and back so I could get my lips to her. I ran my tongue up her slit then sucked her clit into my mouth.

She groaned as I began to lick, suck and nibble her clit.


I reached up and gripped both breasts as she moaned and shifted under my attention. After a minute of the light sucking and nibbling I began to rapidly suck her clit in and out between my teeth. This always drove her to orgasm and today was no different, within a half minute she was moaning and her body was shaking. I slowed down long enough to let her come down then repeated the process until she came again.

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After that I moved up her body, grabbing her breast in one hand and her throat in the other again. I kissed her deeply as I rubbed my cock against her pussy. She kissed me passionately in return, wrapping her arms around me and holding tightly to me.

For a while I lay there kissing her deeply as I slid my hard cock over her wet cunt. It was a heady feeling to have her fragile neck in my grip and I was savoring every second of it. I squeezed her breast with my other hand while her legs held our hips close together. She was moaning into my mouth with every movement of my hard shaft over her. "Oh god, take me. I want you in me." She said in a breathy voice. Smiling I pulled my hips back, letting the head of my cock slide down her wet slit.

When I thought it was in the right place I pushed forward again and was pleasantly met with the sensation of her tight cunt sliding over my dick. We both groaned as I pressed all the way into her hot pussy.

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"Pull out before you cum." She said as I began rocking my hips back and forth. I nodded and began to speed up my thrusts. 'God it feels good to be in her.' I thought, the feeling of fucking her tight pussy without a condom on was amazing. I still gripped her throat firmly as well as her breast as I plunged my cock deep within her. "Since I'm going to have to pull out anyway, why don't I fuck that sexy ass of yours?" I said in a growl, leaning close to her ear and tightening my hold on her neck.

"Oh." She moaned as she nodded. I released her neck and breast and pushed her legs up toward her shoulders, tilting her hips up so I could get at her tiny little hole. I pushed the head of my cock against her ass but it didn't even think about letting me in. Reaching into the night stand I got some lube and put some on my middle finger then put a little more right on her hole. I worked my finger into her ass and she moaned at even that small penetration.

After I had her ass nice and lubed I moved back into position and pressed my cock against her ass hole again. This time I slid into her but it was a tight fit.

"OH!" she half moaned half screamed. "Slow." She said. I slowly pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her, holding her legs up. Her face was contorted in pleasure as I slowly slid in and out of her.

Sensing that she was ready I let go of her legs and leaned over her again, reaching up to wrap both hands around her slender neck. Her breasts were pushed together between my arms as I lightly choked her. She spread her legs wide, pulling them up beside me as I sodomized her, her mouth open wide as she moaned and screamed her pleasure. Her eyes too were wide open as she stared dead at me. Every thrust of my hard cock into her oh so very tight ass hole earned either a hiss, moans or screams of pleasure.

She gripped the sheets to either side of us, holding her still as I jackknifed over her slamming my crotch against her ass again and again. As I came closer and closer to coming I began to squeeze her throat tighter and tighter in my hands. She reached up and pressed her hands over mine and gripped my sides with her legs, pulling me to her.

Her mouth opened wider than I had ever seen it open in a silent scream and I felt her body tense under me. Her ass clenched around my cock and that sent me over the edge, slamming my hips forward I came in her harder than I had in a long time.

We stared each other dead in the eye as we both came and I held her throat just loose enough so she wouldn't black out. Spent I relaxed atop her; loosening my grip on her throat and letting my arms fall to rest on my elbows on either side of her. She wrapped her arms around me and held me close as we both lay there just breathing. "God I needed that." She said. I nodded my agreement. I looked at the clock, "I need to go get ready for class.

But don't think I'm done with you just yet…" I said as I got up and got dressed.

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She looked at me quizzically but I only smiled as I left her laying there naked satisfied and now curious.