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Busty Ebony Teen Booty Dance
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It was suggested that I get the Bar-B-Q going so that we could have something quick, but simple, my wife informed me that she was going to care for Mary Jane's little red bum and that I should open up a bottle of wine. Perhaps a half hour, maybe forty five minutes later, I can only guess, as I was on my third glass of wine, and was flipping burgers.

Both girls arrived back on the outside patio deck covered only by the thin gown they had worn much earlier that morning. While we tackled our food, we partook in small talk, the topics ranging from everything to everything, but avoiding any mention of sex or the games we had been playing.


It was reminiscent of the meals we had had together at any time in the past, when Mary Jane was visiting with her Aunt and Uncle. The girls picked up afterwards, leaving me sitting alone on the deck, enjoying the sunset of what had been a very pleasant Sunday. I must have dozed off, for the next thing I knewI was hearing Mary Jane calling my name " Uncle Bobby, Uncle Bobby Auntie wants to know if you would like to have a glass of Port and one of your cigars to finish the day off".

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I was greeted with the view of my lovely niece standing in front of me her gown untied, hanging almost completely open on her young naked body. I drew a deep breath, inhaling the sweet aroma of a freshly washed body as I tried to fathom if I was dreaming or not. Then my wonderful niece leaned forward and touched me gently, her two breasts slipping from the covering of the gown, almost dropping out into my lap, I knew then I was not dreaming. Mary Jane repeated " Uncle BobbyAuntie wants to know if you would like a glass of Port and one of your cigars served to you out here on the deck " as she closed in on me and placed a kiss on my forehead, enveloping my face with her freshly washed, golden locks of hair.

Coming to my senses I responded in the affirmative, indicating that I thought that would be a wonderful way to finish the day off, my mind thinking however, if I could only get it up I could pull her naked body down and split her in two as I screwed her royally.

I did however raise my hand to grab hold of her hanging tits, but before I made contact, Mary Jane moved.

She placed her hands under my chin and brought our mouths together, she mashed her soft lips against mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth. The sensation was just ecstatic, for a moment she flicked the tip of her tongue against mine, then she broke off, straightened her body and told me she would be back.

My heart was pounding, my cock was throbbing, and I was left gasping for breath, watching her walk away and disappear into the house. It was perhaps fifteen minutes later, enough time to have allowed me to calm down and have my body functions resume their natural order, when both girls came back out on to the deck.

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They were still wearing the little gowns; neither of them had bothered to tie it closed, so there was a large quantity of flesh exposed as they strolled around. My wife was carrying the bottle of Port, with three glasses, Mary Jane appeared to be holding the large table lighter, so I assumed she had the cigar.

I watched as they walked, well it looked like they were strutting on a cat walk, pretending to be models, I guess, any way they worked their bodies to the best of their abilities, keeping my attention fixed on their movements. My wife placed the glasses on the table and poured a good serving of my favourite port into the three of them.

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She took the cigar from Mary Jane and proceeded to clip the end with the utmost of exoticism as she could possibly muster.

I cringedthinking just how dangerous she might be if she got the cigar cutter close to my manhood. Suddenly a humorous thought came to mind; after all I was circumcised, as I visualized a bunch of women doctors undertaking the task of clipping a newborn male, using this particular device.

My wife must have assumed I was smiling as a result of her actions rather than my thoughts for she immediately added a bit more flair in her actions.

Once the cigar had been trimmed, she wet it between her lips, then reached out and passed it over Mary Jane's lips.

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My wife then put it to her mouth as Mary Jane, brought the lighter up and struck it open. I watched as my wife delicately pulled on the cigar, bringing it to life with a hot red ember at the opposite end.

She lifted her head and allowed the inhaled smoke to flow out of her mouth in almost perfectly formed circles. Once my wife was satisfied the cigar was drawing properly, she again reached over to Mary Jane, she slipped the gown from Mary Jane's shoulders, allowing it to fall to the deck, baring her completely.

She placed a glass of Port Mary Jane's hand, and then let her own gown slip from her shoulders to the deck.

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Both naked nymphs then moved over to me, Mary Jane handing me the glass of Port, my wife bending to place a kiss on my lips, at the same time exhaling her drawn smoke into my mouth.

Once she withdrew I was handed the burning cigar and kissed on the head. My naked girls then retrieved a glass filled with dark red port and retreated to the small deck swing and settled themselves, comfortably, Mary Jane stretched side ways, and her head coming to rest on my wife chest.

The three of us sat there not saying a word, but enjoying the evening sunset in the best of ways. While I sipped on my Portdrawing sweet tobacco fumes from my cigar, I watched these two naked girlsmy wife constantly, lovingly I guess you would say stroking her niece. She had begun delicately her fingers slipping through those beautiful long golden stands of hair, and then had moved to caress Mary Jane's shoulders, allowing her long feminine fingers to roam over the top of her chest.

In the silence of the evening I was sure that I could tell the difference in Mary Jane's breathing pattern, as my wife allowed her roaming fingers to descend down over the two lovely firm breasts. There was no doubting the emission of a sharp gasp on Mary Jane's part, when my wife fingers glided over her taught nipples. It is with regret that I am having difficulty trying to put this erotic scene into hard copy, written words. I was treated to the most erotic interaction that I had ever witnessed.

This beautiful young lady like creature stretched out before me, lying prone on the naked body of a more mature naked female. The more mature hands gliding over the upper potion of her body, down over the soft coating of fuzzy blond hairs on her arms, slipping around and under the globe of her soft mounds, running up and over her now protruding nipples.

The hands roamed over her chest up and around her neck, back down on to her shoulders and thence along her arms.

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My wife bent her head placing gently kisses all over her face, coming to rest on her soft lips, where they lingered in a strong embrace. The young body responding, jerking, arching upwards to meet the caressing hands, the neck stretched as her face sought the multitude of kisses. The one leg set on the deck pushing down, forcing the couple in the swing to rock gently back and forth. I watched trying hard to imagine that I was one of those mature female hands, my long slim fingers, touching all this hot flesh, squeezing, pinching, manipulating, in an attempt to draw as much passion from the young body as possible.

I drew slowly on my cigar, inhaling the aroma of the tobacco, savoring it a few minutes, and then exhaling as I continued to watch my wife play with her girl toy. My cock was now straining at my pants, tenting them upwards, as it increased in size.

I watched as the hands moved lower down on to Mary Jane's body, rotating over her stomach, hesitating at where I guessed was her cute little belly button. Then the hands moved back up and over her tits, creating the same pattern as before.

These actions were repeated several times, finally causing Mary Jane to lift her right leg high and drape her foot over the back of the swing seat opening her nether regions to conquest.

The movement was not lost on my wife, as she followedmoving her right arm down over Mary Jane's stomach, and continued pushing down between those lovely muscular thighs. My wife however did not tardy there, she retreated from that wonderful place, moving back up, continuing to follow the pattern she had set at the beginning. I was sure I heard Mary Jane utter words of despair, but I was not close enough to be sure. She did however raise her head seeking contact with my wife's mouth.

Once the contact was made, I noticed that she moved her left leg as far as she could, spreading herself as wide as the sitting arrangement would permit, most likely in anticipation of my wife's next forage.

I had not quite finished my glass of port nor had I noticed that the girl's glasses lay at their feet empty on the deck, but indeed it seemed that they had downed theirs much quicker than I. This perhaps had given them a buzz that was allowing them to perform such a sensuous scene in front of me. The deck lights had come on illuminating their activity in such a way that either of the next door neighbours would have a striking view if they decided to take the time to look over our way.

Mary Jane still not having managed to have my wife to comply with her desire adjusted her body just ever so, allowing her to turn her head to bring one of my wife's tits to her mouth so that she could suckle it. It was easy to tell that Mary Jane had scored a point, for my wife let out a yelp and flexed her own body. She then conceded and slipped her hand down from Mary Jane's breast, over her stomach, leaving it to find a position between her legs.

I assumed that my wife began stroking Mary Jane' bare sex, as I could see her jerking her bottom in nice slow movements.

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My wife appeared to reach further in to the folds of Mary Jane's thighs, seemingly reaching to touch Mary Jane's sensitive back hole which caused her body to stiffen immediately. The gentle stroking, or what I believed was gentle stroking continued for some time, my wife alternating the distance that she moved her hand, suggesting that she was caressing both of Mary Jane's holes with equal tenderness. In the mean time my wife's left hand continued to play with Mary Jane's tits, covering both of them in the absence of her right hand.

Mary Jane appeared to be searching for milk, judging the manner in which she was concentrating on my wife breast. How long they provided me with such a delicious display, I do not know, but usually I can enjoy one of my cigars for up to an hour, before I get down to that last quarter inch.

I had not quite arrived at that point when suddenly Mary Jane moved both of her legs, bending them back right up to her chest, squeezing her breasts close to her body. My wife's arm was seized between Mary Jane's thighs, held in position while she bucked wildly, letting go of my wife's tits and screaming all kinds of words without a care as to how loud her vocalization actually was. It was at this point that I spurted into my pants, sending my cum seeping into the material to create a very large tell tale wet spot.

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I had just taken the last puff on my cigar, the timing could not have been better if it had been planned, after allall good things do come to an end.

I just let my body go and sunk comfortably into the deck chair, while I watched Mary Jane climax, it was an amazing final?o the day's events. Finally she lowered her legs back down in a more normal position, allowing my wife to get her arm back.


Once this happened my wife eased Mary Jane from her body and laid her out on the swing alone to recuperate. She wandered over to me and offering me the fingers of the hand that had been used to bring Mary Jane off.


Inhaling the sweet scent of the young nymph, I took my wife fingers and licked them clean. My wife then told me that was all I was going to get tonight, it was high time I turned in anyway as I had to go to work.

Then to my anguish she informed me that since Mary Jane had no classes the next day, she would be staying over and they would be sleeping together so I should not expect company in bed. I started to object, to complain, to whine and whimpertelling my wife I could call in sicktelling her I wanted to have a part in their games, but she was adamant, I was to go to bed alone.

As I was still a bit agitated I spent a bit more time in the shower, making certain that all my body parts were squeaky clean in case the girls changed their minds.

It took a long time to fall asleep, my mind kept wondering what if any activity was taking place out on the deck, or in the guestroom where no doubt the girls were going to sleep, if they were going to sleep. I cannot now recall the dreams I may have had that night, but if they were any thing like the scenes that had occurred over the weekendI would say I dreamt fairly well.

I do not recall much after hitting the bed but I do remember being rudely awaken.