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Gay sexy men homo emo Cody Andrews is sporting some new bleached hair
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Stewardess Cindy Ch 8 Humour & Satire Original story by Frankel Cindy and Sindy sat in the office of their boss.

They were in trouble, they knew that, but had no idea why.

Mr Saunders stared at them from behind his desk. They had been summoned to his office as soon as their flight from London to New York landed. The flight had been normal enough.

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In fact, Cindy had been quite proud of her sister. Sure they had over-fed the Catholic bishops on board their breast milk, but together Cindy and Sindy had managed to suck the excess milk out of their penises. "So why are we in trouble?" she thought. "Perhaps it was because Sindy forgot to put her shirt and bra back on after serving her breast milk. But the bishops had been so keen for her to leave it off so they could see her crucifix necklace.

Oh, what did we do wrong?" "I take it you know why I have called you into my office," said Mr Saunders. "No, sir," Cindy and Sindy said together. "You're joking!" he said. "You give blowjobs to half the world's Catholic bishops, let them suck your tits and work half naked and you don't see the problem!" Sindy and Cindy looked at each other. Cindy could see her kid sister was very confused and upset. "What's a blowjob?" Sindy whispered to her sister.

"I don't know," said Cindy. "What do you mean, what is a blowjob?!

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From what I hear you two have blown every male passenger on every flight you have been on. The other stewardesses say they won't work with you anymore!" "Why not?" said Cindy. "We work hard, harder than they do. If it wasn't for us you would have lost so many passengers." "Why?" said Mr Saunders. "Because their testicles would have exploded.

The captain told us that air pressure changes cause liquid to build up in men's testicles. If there is too much they explode!" "And how did the captain tell you to stop their testicles exploding?" "To suck the liquid out of their penises.

Sometimes we give them too much breast milk and the same thing happens, and we have to suck the milk out as well." "Did the captain make you suck his penis to save him from this problem?" "And the co-pilot," said Sindy. "Several times a flight. It's just common sense. If their testicles exploded the plane would crash!" Mr Saunders looked at Cindy and Sindy with his mouth wide open. He seemed to be unable to speak. "Did you say breast milk?" said Mr Saunders. "You've been breast feeding the captain?" "Of course," said Sindy.

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"It's part of our job to serve drinks." "But it's, it's.not even possible. Neither of you have babies. Your milk wouldn't come through." Sindy and Cindy couldn't understand what he was saying.

"But milk comes from breasts," said Cindy. "Everyone knows that.


It's what they are for!" "Did the captain tell you this too?" "No, silly, a passenger. But we feed the captain now as well. He liked our initiative in offering milk." "I bet he did," said Mr Saunders. He studied them for a moment looking at their large breasts poking out at him from their tight shirts. "Tell me," he said. "Would it be OK if you showed me how you feed the passengers?" "Are we in trouble?" asked Cindy. "Look," he said. "We had a complaint from some nuns on the flight.

I might be able to pull a few strings and keep you in a job, but I'm going to need to know more about it." "What do we need to do?" asked Sindy.

"Well, this breast feeding is most unusual. Why don't you show me how you do it?" "Sure," said the sisters together. "On you?" added Cindy. "Yes, on me," said Mr Saunders. Sindy and Cindy stood up and walked around the desk to stand on either side of their boss. They unbuttoned their shirts and took their breasts out of their bras. Mr Saunders seemed mesmerised. He reached his hands up and cupped a breast of each sister and massaged them in his hands.

The sisters leaned forward, pressing their full round breasts against his face. He took Sindy's tit in his mouth and sucked hard on her erect nipple.

"Ooh," said Sindy. "Is that good, Mr Saunders?" She curled his hair in her fingers as he turned his head and buried his head in her sister's cleavage. He shook his head between her tits while squeezing Sindy's left tit in his hand. "No, silly," said Cindy.

"The milk comes out here." "No wonder he didn't think you could drink breast milk," she thought. "He does it all wrong!" She turned his head and guided her nipple into his mouth. He flicked his tongue around her nipple then sucked it hard. "That's better," she said. She pushed forward, trying to get as much of her tit into his mouth as she could.

She wanted to make sure he got a good drink; after all, he was her boss. "Oh dear," said Sindy, looking down. She could see a bulge in Mr Saunders' pants and knew it could mean only one thing. "Cindy stop," she said. "He's had too much already.

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Look!" "Oh my, you're right," Cindy said. She tried to pull her tit out of Mr Saunders' mouth but he wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her even closer to him. "Mr Saunders, you've had too much, your testicles will explode!" Mr Saunders made a strange sound in his throat as kept sucking on her tit, holding her tight to him so Cindy couldn't move.

"Sindy help me," said Cindy. "Suck his penis. Get the milk out before it is too late. He's going to blow!" "Blow!" said Sindy. "So that's what a blowjob is. It's where we stop their testicles blowing up." Sindy dropped to her knees in front of Mr Saunders as he sucked her sister's tip deep in his mouth.

She unbuckled his pants and took out his hard cock. "Don't worry," said Cindy. "My sister is an expert at blowjobs. She will give you the best blowjob there is!" Sindy wrapped her lips around Mr Saunders cock and sucked hard.

There was no way she was going to let anything happen to her boss. She would give him a blowjob all day if that was what it took. Mr Saunders finally took his arms from behind Cindy's back and put both hands on the back of Sindy's head. Sindy felt his fingers grip her hair and he took control of her head. He made her suck his penis deep into her throat, then pull back up and then go down again.

He didn't seem to be able to make up his mind where he wanted her head. "Suck it, you little whore!" said Mr Saunders. Sindy was even more confused now. She was sucking as hard as she could but didn't know what a whore was. She wanted to ask him, but he kept forcing her head up and down, making his cock keep going in and out of her throat.

"I better suck even harder," she thought. "Maybe that's what a whore does. Maybe it's an animal that sucks something." She held her breath and sucked her hardest on Mr Saunders' penis. She felt him start to buck his hips.


"Oh my God!" he screamed. "It feels like you are a fucking vacuum cleaner! OH GOD!" "A whore is a vacuum cleaner! Oh, he means a hoover?" thought Sindy. Cindy managed to pry her tits out of Mr Saunders' grasp and knew she had better help her little sister. They had worked together like this before and she knew what to do. She crawled beneath her sister and moved her head beneath Mr Saunders testicles.

She licked the bottom of his sack, trying to stimulate the milk to help it burst out safely.

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For a moment she thought she had done too much as Mr Saunders squirmed in his chair. Sindy felt his grip on her head tighten and he pushed his cock into her throat as her big sister took his entire sack into her mouth and hummed softly. Sindy liked the way her sister sang to the milk like that. Sindy looked up at Mr Saunders and saw he was looking desperately at her. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth, then the strange tasting milk spurted into her mouth. "Swallow it!" said Mr Saunders.

Sindy pulled her head away. "Oh, no," she said, her mouth still full of his fluid. "It's not safe to drink by myself. The captain said I have to share it with my sister." Cindy dropped beneath Sindy and opened her mouth. Sindy leaned forward and let the cum drip slowly into her big sister's mouth. When it was all in Cindy's mouth, Sindy lay down on the floor and Cindy lay across her and let the fluid drain back into Sindy's open mouth. Sindy then sat up and kissed her sister on the lips, letting her tongue explore her sister's mouth and Mr Saunders' fluid swapped from tongue to tongue until it was shared between them evenly.

They showed Mr Saunders their fluid filled mouths and then both girls swallowed. They then turned to each other and licked the excess fluid from each other's faces and lips, just as the captain had shown them. The girls could see Mr Saunders' penis was hard again. "Oh no," said Sindy. "We didn't get it all!!" She dove back down on her boss's cock and sucked her lips around the shaft.

"So, tell me," said Mr Saunders to Cindy. "The other stewardesses don't provide this level of service?" "Oh no, sir," said Cindy.

"Only me and my sister. You should speak to the other girls. They are so lazy. We do all the work!" "Your sister does all the work, I think," he said. "Why don't you suck my cock for a while?" He pulled Sindy's head off his penis and Cindy moved in and took over from her sister. She could still taste the strange milk on his cock as she sucked down the shaft.

Sindy took a leaf from her sister's book and started to flick her tongue against his balls. Cindy bobbed her head up and down as Mr Saunders leant back in his chair, rested his hands behind his head and watched the girls work on his cock and balls. Suddenly the door opened and the captain and co-pilot from the London to New York flight came in. They smiled when they saw Cindy and Sindy's heads in his lap.

"So the girls have explained about the flight then," said the captain.

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"Ah, yes," said Mr Saunders. "You've trained them well." "I can't take the credit," said the captain. "They're naturals." "Sure as hell are," said Mr Saunders.

"This is their second attempt to get the milk out of my balls!" "Second," said the captain. "Don't you know it can be dangerous for them to drain your balls twice?" "Oh, my God," screamed Cindy and Sindy together. "That's right!" said Cindy. "We have to have our pussies cleaned first!" "What?" said Mr Saunders. "If they don't have their pussies cleaned," said the captain. "The milk will get into them. They need to be cleaned out with our magic levers." The girls got down on all fours and presented their pussies to the pilots, their heads near Mr Saunders' cock.

The two pilots pulled out their cocks and the captain mounted Sindy and the co-pilot her sister Cindy.


"Thank you for reminding us," said Cindy as the co-pilot pushed his cock inside her. "We might have become dangerously full!" Cindy put her mouth back on the head of Mr Saunders cock and licked her tongue around it, trying to get the taste of the strange milk off his penis. She felt the co-pilot's magic lever in her pussy and knew it must be doing her good, as she was so wet down there. "It must be getting clean of milk," she thought.

This gave her the courage to suck harder on Mr Saunders' penis as her sister Sindy licked at his balls. The girls were rocked by the cocks slamming into them from behind and Sindy giggled as she saw their breasts swayed in time. "Let's have another race," said Sindy. "Let's see who can make their breasts swing further!" Cindy hummed her approval as she sucked the slippery cock in her mouth.

The girls began to rock back and forth causing their tits to sway wildly. They smacked against themselves with a loud slapping sound. Sindy began swaying from side to side and Cindy copied her and the two girls tits swung with them.

After a few sways the left tit of Cindy slapped into the right tit of Sindy. Sindy laughed as she felt her sister's breasts slam into her own over and over again. She kept licking at Mr Saunders' sack as the magic lever in her pussy grew ever harder and was thrust ever deeper inside her. "I'm going to cum," said Mr Saunders. Strangely he took his cock out of Cindy's mouth and sprayed the strange thick milk all over her face.

The pilots both took their cocks out of the girls pussies, spun them onto their backs and sprayed more of the milk on to the girls jiggling breasts. "So much milk," said Sindy. "What do we do with it?" "Lick it off each other and swallow," said the captain. "Don't worry, your pussies are clean now." Relieved the girls took turns to lick cum off each other's tits.

Sindy found her nipples grew rigid as her sister licked her tongue over them. Cindy was very careful to lick up every drop of the milk from her sister's body. Sindy then ran her tongue over her sister's face, lapping up the thick white milk before going lower and licking it off Cindy's breasts.

She even sucked on her nipples and was surprised when no milk came out. "It only comes out for men," she remembered. "Because women already have milk. I am so forgetful!" "So are we in trouble?" Cindy asked Mr Saunders. "No," he said.

"But I will have to insist you visit me every week so I can be sure all the training the captain gives you is up to date!"

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