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After diner the crowd moved about as tables were cleared and reset for the dance and all that follows. I notice Jessica heading toward the ladies room so I followed figuring to chat with her alone once she was finished.

I arrive at said location to fined a bunch of ladies conversing with Jess in the line up. I decided this was not the time nor the place for a little one on one so I turned to leave. "Uncle Bob." . I turn to see Jess looking my way. "YES !" .

I yell back at her. "Could you wait for me please.?" " OK !" . "I'll wait right here." .

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. I lean against the wall and amuse myself with thoughts of the super just past. There seemed to be more than the usually gaiety tonight. Lost in my thoughts, Jess bounded up and startled me. .this caused her great pleasure. Jess gave me a hug and glanced back at the line up of women who were watching her hug her Uncle. Seemed a little weird to me but what the hell do I know. Jessica takes my arm and leads me off in a direction away from the ball room.

" So. . dearest, most lovable rich Uncle what did you get your very favourite niece on her wedding day?" .Jessica laughs at her drama.

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" What, you got married. No one tells me anything Jessica honey." . I say with a straight face. Her face changes for a brief second. " You are such a buggar Uncle." .

" Take me to one of your secret rooms so I can see that . s c a r y . stuff you do. . BOOOOO ! . Jessica say's with laughter. She is dancing in the hall and teasing me big time feigning terror and fright. The energy she has ! " OK ! .tough girl." I place two fingers beside my nose.

As we walk toward the elevator. " Whats that, a secret signal or something." . .Jess ask's. " YES ! " I reply. I feign a jump at Jessica. She yelps an jumps herself. I Laugh. Jessica and her loving Uncle, enter the elevator and zum up to the tenth floor, without touching a button. Jess notices and gives me a look. " Cool." . she say's We are met at the door by Bruno . Bruno leads us down the hall to room ten four. My cell rings so I stop to answer and Jess goes into the room with Bruno.

I explain that the bride is on tour of the Hotel with her Uncle and will return soon. Nervous groom I guess. As if he could not trust his lovely new wife with her Uncle. I smile! I enter the room and Jess is chatting with several of Gino's men. I close the door, a signal for the festivities to begin. Jess looks to see me and smiles, suddenly she is lifted and carried to the bed by Gino's men and the tickling and teasing of Jess begins. She struggles at first then laughter enrupts.

Jessica is laughing hysterically as these big strong men tease and tickle her as part of their gift to her. I watch as my lovely niece kicks, squeels, giggles, moans, yelps and trashes about with five strong men teasing her. Suddenly the wedding dress appears with out Jess in it. The dress is handed to the only women in the room. Janet. Janet takes the dress and places it neatly in a chair. Janet stands beside me. She looks at me and moves closer.

I put my arm around Janet. This cannot be easy for her after Fredrick. " Should I ask if there is room on the bed for you Janet ?" . I ask with a sly grin. " NO ! " . I hold Janet and Smile. I turn my attention back to Jessica. Jessica is wearing blummers an a basque which covers her. Poor Jimmy I think to myself, another Photo Op missed. The laughter slows, then stops. I watch the frolicing with Janet close to me. One man to each arm, one man to each leg.

All five men are now gnawing, nuzzling and kissing Jess's body through what remains of her clothing. Jess is not complaining, but she is breathing heavy. The two men holding her arms are biting at her breasts. Jessica is heaving, I see her hips push up with a powerful thrust. The other three men are at or near Jessica's hips, holding Jessica, legs open. They are nuzzlling her lower stomach, her thighs, her hips, her mound and her pussy.

She is groaning loadly now, not a frightened sound, but a sound of deep passion, Jessica is in the throws of her animal past. Her moans get loader. She is thrusting, twisting, straning against her captures, tossing herself about the bed as much as her captures will allow.

Jessica cums, load and clear, not a scream, but a hoarse growl, in rhythym with her breathing. She cums and cums and cums. Pinned to the bed by five strong men. The bride has been taken too the dark side. Gino's men get off Jess and move away . most get a drink. They smile at one another. The room is quiet now. We watch Jessica to see her reaction.

She just lies there, her breathing is returning to normal. She is a mess.

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Her hair will need a major redo. She is sweaty, wet and very flushed. Janet looks up at me, her face filled with worry and some fear. I hug Janet and give her a kiss on the cheek.

" It's OK." I whisper to Janet. . " see what you missed." . I whisper in her ear.

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I move toward Jessica and lean over her. " Hello honey." . I smile at Jess. She just looks into my eyes. I look back into her eyes. No fear in her beautiful brown eyes. After a minnute or so Jessica lifts her arms around my neck and pulls me down to her.

" How did you know ?" .she asks me. The room is dead silent now. " One night about three years ago we where up late, drunk, you were laughing and joking around, you told me you wouldn't mind being manhandled by a group of strong men. Who else but your Uncle Bob would give his beautiful niece such a wedding gift. One of several actually. " " I love you Uncle Bob.". Jess hugs me. The room breaks silence with cheers. And .

" a toast to the Bride." . we drink up. Jess sits up and smiles at everyone. She hugs each of the five men, thanks them. She gives Janet a hug, and whispers something in Janet's ear. The two women giggle.


WOMEN! " I guess we better get you cleaned up and back to the ball M'lady." I say to Jessica. The room clears and Jessica and I are left alone. Jess goes into the bathroom and looks at herself.

She returns to the main body of the suite . 'Uncle Bob, I need you to look at me. I don't want any marks." "YUP ! " . I move to bolt the door. Jess starts to take off her basque " Wait honey. Let me see your clothes first to see if there are any marks." . Jess walks over to me, I look her over very closely.

One or two small spots but nothing that will draw attention. She starts to remove her top. . "Let me. '' .I say. Jess smiles and drops her hands to her sides.

I quickly unfasten her garment and the top drops away from her body. I look closely at her back and the small of her back. Turning Jessica around and see her beautiful young breasts. " OOOH EEE !" . " aren't those nice" I say to my own lovely niece. Jessica stands there quietly while I look her over.


I lift her breasts to see under them. I notice her nipples harden. Without even thinking I put one nipple in my mouth.

I suck it for a second before I realize what I have done. Before I can pull away Jessica puts her hands behind my head and pulls my face tightly to her tit. I suck some more. " Don't leave any marks Uncle." . she says. I pull back and start to flick her nipples with my tongue. I slip my hands down her body and move her blummers and panties off her hips and down toward her knees.

Jess holds me tight and kisses my ear, my face, my neck, again and again. She is breathing in gasps, she growls a little. I pick her up and move her to the bed, laying Jess down, I remove my suit coat, shirt, tie, and my pants. I look at Jessica. She is a wet dream. " Are you sure honey?" .

I ask Jessica. " Yes!. . " Another fantasy Uncle Bob." Burying my face in her crotch. Jess smells so hot. She has hair, soft dark hair. What a women. I lick her, tongue fuck her, nuzzle her pussy. Licking the inside of her thighs, sniffing her, pressing my nose into her hole.

Getting her juices all over my face. Her pussy and hair feel so good against my face. Jessica grinds my face into her pussy. She is delicious. I spread her legs wide so I can see her clearly.

I pull her lips apart and look into her. I lick that delicious hole. Pulling my self upon her, I push my cock into my hot niece. I take Jess in one move. She is so wet my cock goes in with ease. I move quickly, fucking my gorgeous niece on her weddng day.

Unbelievable! She is so hot inside, and a little tight. It takes no time at all before my raging hard wants to explode. " Not so rough Uncle, I need to be ready for Gino tonight." "Oh !" ." RIGHT ! " . That brings me down. " Do you think this is a good idea honey?" " Cum in my mouth. " . she say's. I want to feel her cunt, move in her, enjoy her youthfuness. This will likely never come my way again.

She really can twist her back about. A few more trusts into my nieces lovely cunt, what a nice piece of ass. I pull out and hurridly move toward her mouth. Jess slides down the bed on her back. I stick it toward her face and she engulfs my pinus.

Jess pushes at me indicating to me to roll over, which I do. Jessica is on top and she is sucking my cock, licking and sucking, sucking and licking. She does not deep throat me, but close. Her sucking is strong. She sucks hard. Her hungar for me is surprizing. She bites me gently. Without saying a word I blow my load into her mouth. Jessica swallows every drop, she licks my cock, takes it out of her mouth, looks at me, puts my cock back into her mouth and sucks some more.

My cell phone rings a merry tune. " Damn, I could have sucked on you all night Uncle." . I smile at Jess, " Perhaps we should get back to your wedding honey." " HELLO ! " .

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" yes, give us 20 minutes." . " People are wondering were you are honey." . " We need to do this again Uncle Bob, I need you." . " I love Gino, he is very caring and gentle with me. But I have some of your nastiness in me Uncle, I need to be fucked from time to time." " Ok, but lets get going before we have an annulment." .is my reply to Jessica' surprizing statement to me.

I go for my apants but Jess drops in front of me and engulfs my cock again. She sucks on it for a minute and then stands. " Promise me Uncle Bob that you will help me look after my dark urges." . Jessica says. She wraps her arms around me, pulls herself up and wraps he legs around me. " OK honey, I will." . and give her a loving kiss. Whilst holding her gorgeous ass.

It takes us about 15 minutes to get ready. I open the door to 104 and see Gino, Bruno,and the rest of Gino's boys waiting.

" We will ' escorte ' you to the dance . no one will ask any questions if your with me Jessica." We all get into the elevator and down we go, Jess turns to Gino. " May I call you Big Gino.?" " Yes you can Honey." . Gino replies. "Give me a hug, I seem to be the only one who has not kissed the bride." Jess pulls herself up on Big Gino and gives him a Big Kiss. " Thank you ." .Jess say's. She smiles at Gino and then turns to all and gives big beautiful smile.

The elevator door opens and out steps Jess holding big Gino's arm. All is well.