Bdsm Master dp straft mit anal Haken und fickmaschine unterwürfig

Bdsm Master dp straft mit anal Haken und fickmaschine unterwürfig
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It was a hot Toronto summer Sunday evening when I was headed back home from spending an evening downtown with my friends. As 23-year-old junior college students we were enjoying the much-needed break from our semester exams.

I was about six subway stops past the Bloor-Yonge line in an empty cart, I was seated near the doors having a perfect view of the empty seats opposite of me. The humidity was getting to me so I decided to unbutton three of the top buttons of my silk white shirt.

My black, lacey bra was almost visible but given the cart was empty I couldn't give a damn. Just as the subway came to a halt at the Greenwood stop I decided to touch up and reapply a bit of my luscious light peach lipstick to my supple, soft lips. It was at this moment that this gorgeous, buxom blonde lady entered the cart.

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Swaying in front of me in a black shimmering sequin dress while swinging her black clutch in right hand, her hips seemed to sway in time to the tune she whistled: 'Young Folks'. With her lips pursed, this atomic beach blonde haired beauty continued to whistle as she took the seat directly opposite me with her legs crossed. Wearing a pair of platinum guild Weitzman Stilettos, the intricately designed straps drew me to her thin ankles and well pedicured toes.

Her nail polish and lipstick all matched: a bright red, the colour of love, passion, lust. She must have been at least six feet tall with the shoes on, probably 5 feet 10 without them. At 5 feet 3 with a very dainty frame I could imagine this woman with a solid, toned body towering over me if I were to stand next to her. Her plump derriere curves were hugging in the dress as she sat facing me, my eyes roved all over her porcelain skin as my gaze moved onto her breasts, they were at least a solid D cup compared to my younger and still under-developed B cups.

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Taking in the sight before my eyes, this lady must have been in her mid 30's at the most. I seemed to be in a dreamy state for a while as my eyes couldn't get enough of her. I felt as if my entire soul was being drawn into …&hellip. No&hellip. engulfed by a passionate attraction that I had never before experienced.

As a self-proclaimed heterosexual woman, I had only ever had thoughts of lust for another woman once before in an alcohol filled night of partying and raving. The lower left side of my lip was almost numb from me biting on it, my thighs were rubbing together in my levy jeans at the building up of warmth in my crotch.

My sweaty palms ran through and tousled my jet-black hair as I looked down at my French pedicured toes in my strappy sandals; I tried to distract myself. It was at this moment that this exotic figure opposite me stands up from her seat and walks right up to me, she slightly bends down in front of me all the while lifting my chin up with her left index finger. Our eyes meet, her full yet pouty lips look so welcoming, her straight and pert little nose leads me to her olive-green eyes. Her features reminded me of people from northeastern Europe.

"I…… I&hellip. I'm sorry for staring" is all I could stutter out like a fool. "Darling, you can make it up to me, don't worry." she said with a sexy but foreign accent I couldn't quite place to a specific country. Showing her dominance, her left hand took my right hand and she stood me up and led me to follow her to the back of the cart where the seats rowed two by two one in front the other. In a daze I could only follow like a blind sheep as I was being led to this more 'private' part of the already empty cart.

Placing me in the corner of the last set of seats she boxed me in. I had never experienced such a domineering figure before and felt as if I were in trouble all the while also feeling aroused. "Please……I'm sorry for staring" I croaked out as I found it hard to swallow, my mouth was dry and I felt like there was a lump in my throat. "Shush my darling" her voice calmingly reassured me as her right hand reached my lap and she leaned in and planted her lips onto mine.

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My eyes automatically closed as a rush of energy immediately surged through my body; I calmed down all the while at the same time felt a burst of excitement. What seemed to last an eternity ended too quickly as she pulled away.

A small exhale and yearning gasp left my mouth as I leaned into her hoping it wouldn't end and slyly licking my lips having tasted her strawberry scented lipstick on her. Leaning back in my own seat and opening my eyes I also became aware of the faint but seductive smell of her BVLGARI rose perfume.

"I have a treat for you my dear" she grinned slyly as I noticed her thin but angular jaw jut down a bit more as a wide grin formed from ear to ear. She spread her legs and putting her clutch down on the back of my seat, her two hands came to my shoulders as she guided me kneel before her.

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My jean covered knees hit the subway floor as my back is right against the other set of seats in front of us. At this point, my heart is pounding out of my chest, in shock of what is actually going on I can only meekly nod and obey as commanded. Hiking up her dress she cooed at me "you'll like this just as much as I will". My left and right hands instinctively reached out and rested on her left and right thighs.

My thought process had left me completely, I was running on sheer excitement, bliss, lust. As she hiked her dress up to her waist, a flaccid, white penis resting ever so coolly to her right thigh seemed to jump at me and say "HI!". "Oh my god!" I gasped as I was immediately taken aback by this unexpected surprise. A million thoughts were already rushing through my mind but never in a billion years would I have expected this gorgeous woman before me was actually a shemale.

I somehow felt violated in that moment of such a 'nasty surprise', yet, I couldn't turn my eyes away from it. It was perhaps one of the most inviting cocks I've ever seen. Completely shaved bare, she had a pair of low hanging balls in what seemed to be a heavy sack. The skin of the ball sack was a light brown in comparison to the cut cock that was presented before me, as white as snow.

Possessed of some sort, my right hand reached for and cupped her ball sack. I leaned in and inhaled deeply, while her crotch also smelled faintly of her rose scented perfume, there was a heavy presence of a musky, sweaty manly smell. I could instantly feel my legs begin to tremble and knew that my pussy was very wet and self-lubricating in the hopes of getting to saddle up on this pole.

Without much need of encouragement, my tongue flew out my mouth and I began to greedily lick this shemales ball sack as if it were I cream that would soon melt out of my hand. "Mmmmm yes my dear lick those balls clean"&hellip.she moaned. I was never the one that needed much more encouragement than that when taking on a task, and so I feverishly increased my tempo of licking as I led my tongue up to her she cock. It was twitching on it's own volition but wasn't hard as yet.

I decided to engulf her flaccid four inch penis into my mouth and begin sucking on its entirety. "Ohh you sexy little slut you!" She groaned at me as she bent forward and slide her hands into my top to cup my swollen and perked up nipples.


She begin to tweak my nipples and as they hardened and became more sensitive to her touch, so did her cock harden and grow in my mouth. It was perhaps the sexiest moment I have ever experienced, a cock growing in my mouth. I began to suck more excitedly while getting louder.

My only thoughts were pleasing this goddess before me. I tried my best sheath my teeth under my lips so as to not scrap this beautiful tool before me. Coming up for air I gasped and stroked her manhood with both my hands, it had grew to 10 inches in length, throbbing in my small hands, her entire sheath was throbbing with blue veins and her head and become a red almost bursting purple.

Marveling at what was before me, I leaned back down and got back to work. I licked around her bulbous penis head, teasing her frenulum as I flicked my tongue along it, slowly then quickly. Globules of precum were leaking out of her penile hole as I lapped it up. Growing frustrated with my teasing and wanting my throat more than ever, she pulled my hands off my cock and with both her hands forced my head down as far onto her pole as she could get me to go, she wanted to fuck my throat as deep as possible.

Not ready for this rough tactic my hands grabbed around her waist. "Come darling you can take it" she grunted as she began to thrust her legs in an upward motion.

I could sense her solid legs and thighs were toned from working out and ready for some strenuous 'exercise'. Quickly but adeptly she began to jackhammer my mouth with her cock. Squeezing her waist I moved my hands to her tight ass and held on. I opened my mouth as much as I possibly could and held on for the rough throat fucking I was receiving. My eyes were watering as I was trying not to choke and breath at the same time. What was once a passionate gaze between us every now then where our eyes locked onto each others was gone.

She looked down at me while I looked down at the base of her cock. I could only concentrate on what was going on with that big salami.

Her thickness prevented me from reach the base but she only saw this as an opportunity to push me further down each time her hips came to meet me upwards. Not being able to entirely close my mouth around her sausage my mouth was watering and spit was basically drooling down her cock and balls. It was messy. "Come on you filthy little slut, do me well I'm almost there!" She shouted at me as she gave me a slap across the face and sat back down heaving.

She moved my hands aware from her ass and hips and reached forward and ripped open my shirt. My buttons flew all over and my head popped up "what the hell!" I barked at her only for her to grab me by my hair and shove my face back down into her crotch. With her left hand now fondling my tits in the open as my bra was half off and shirt wide open, her right hand was grabbing my hair, controlling me.

Like a puppet I could do nothing but what she wanted. Both my hands had moved down to my own crotch at this point.

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My heated cunt was sopping with juices as I had 4 of my fingers deep in my snatch. I took that gesture as it was my turn to work her well and let her sit back and relax. I thought of all the ways I could vary my technique to make sure I pleasure this newfound master of mine. My head sunk deep onto her as I tried to relax my throat, I exhaled as much as I could. Coming back up I took a deep inhaling breath all the while sucking as hard as I could on her phallus.

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Jamming my head back down I stuck my tongue out to lick as far down as I could beyond what my mouth could reach on the underside of her cock. It only took a few more of these movements before she was sent over the edge. "Ahhhh yes I'm cumming!!!! I'm cumming!" she squealed out as she roughly grabbed my supple breasts and squeezed them.

Trying to bawl out but only letting out murmurs with her cock in my mouth heavier tears streamed from my eyes and I gave her a little love bit. Her top part of her back pushed deep into her chair and she lifted using her heels as her thighs tensed up.

I could feel her cock twitch in my mouth as it jutted further into my almost similar to a piercing hook jabbing at me. Her hips had thurst up into me as she orgasmed fully, her beach blond should length hair fell behind her.


I could feel spurt after spurt of her hot, gooey jizz coat my throat. Unable to swallow it all I began to choke and gag, some of her cum ran down the sides of her shaft while some of it had exited through my nose. Coming off her high orgasm, her hips slowly met with her seat once more and her cock began to soften in my mouth as I continued to suckle on it.

Wanting to be a good slut, my tongue roved around her messy crotch cleaning up as much as I could, her cum tasted sweet and salty, just like oats.

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"fuck babe, that was amazing" she cooed to me as she opened her clutch and took out a hander kerchief and wiped my nose of the dripping cum. And just as quickly as she had gotten onto the train fifteen minutes ago, she was rushing to get off at the next stop in a rush to a dinner meeting.

"That was fun hun let's meetup again soon" she said as she winked at me at pulled her dress down. Her drained cock wasn't covered by any panties but left with some cum and most of my spit coating her. Running off the train I watched listlessly as she left.

I sat back up onto the seat and fixed myself. I felt roughed up and used even violated to a point but I also felt so horny, in need of more of what I had just experienced. I couldn't think straight, I don't know why.

Clutching my burst open shirt I shakily got up out of my seat, this was my next stop, Kennedy Subway Station. I had to take a bus home from this point on.

I kept my head low and dare not look over at anyone else that might have passed me by. The shame and guilt I felt was eating away at me and yet I still wanted and yearned for more. Just as my bus stop came up and I grasped my shirt even tighter, I realized that she had slipped not only her hand kerchief in my shirt pocket but also a call card with her name on it. This sent me over the edge and right outside of the bus stop I felt my knees shake and quiver as I an orgasm rushed through my entire body.

I grabbed onto the bus stop shed as I muffled my moans. I felt light headed and never had such an orgasm before at the mere thought of someone.

I knew I had to rush home and get off one more time that evening.