Tattooed tranny bent over and assfucked

Tattooed tranny bent over and assfucked
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[Finally, the end of my series. This has been a blast to write, and I hope everyone has enjoyed it. Definitely worked really hard on this one, so I apologize to those only looking for a lot of hot action. This is meant to be the end, but if I get enough huff over the ending, I'll consider an epilogue. Still, use your imagination. :) Let me know what you think!] This was it. The final time I'd ever be able to use my glorious device.

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I stared at it, and the one remaining mark on the side. This incredible contraption, which had allowed me to re-do so many moments in my life that I had blown, was responsible for teaching me some valuable lessons. It had taught me that, generally, girls who I had interest in, had a varying level of interest in me, too, over the years. That was a nice ego boost. However, it had also shown me how many incredible moments I could have experienced, but didn't get to take advantage of, whether it was due to my fears or relationships.

These moments could've turned into absolutely nothing more in some instances. Or, they may have become long term, meaningful relationships. In fact, every single girl could've changed my current life. It's a simple fact of life. As much as we swear, when we meet a new person, that we will not allow them to change who we are, some degree of metamorphosis always takes place. It isn't always an incredibly tangible amount of change, but we have to adapt, or the relationship generally fails pretty quickly.

End up with one girl, and you move away at 18 to join her at an out of state college. Wind up with another, and you're still living at home, attending community college. Maybe another one convinces you to go into business together at a young age, halting your intended plans in their tracks. Of course, that isn't the case for everyone. But it is distinctly possible that your significant other has shaped your destiny, and had you ended up with someone else, you may be a completely different person right now.

A different person, with a different job, in a different location. These thoughts swirled throughout my head as I rolled the device in my hand. Granted, a good amount of the girls I had gone back to see were never going to be long term partners. I don't know that for a fact, but I had a pretty good idea.

That's what made my final planned trip of this journey all the more difficult. I was in high school when I made one of the stupidest decisions of my life. I had gotten myself suckered into one of those long distance relationships with someone I had never actually met. We chatted online all of the time, talked on the phone every night, and planned future trips that would eventually bring us together.

It was months later when I found out everything was a lie, but that delay cost me a golden opportunity. I'll never forget the day. It was summer time and I was chatting with my friend Noelle on an instant messenger. *** Noelle and I had been friends for a couple of years, and had recently spent a long school year in a difficult Chemistry class together.

She had an Oriental appearance, though no accent, with naturally tan skin, and brown hair and eyes. We had done lots of chatting, and plenty of flirting, as we attempted to survive the year. One of our good friends had already pointed out what a great couple we would have made, which only made us laugh awkwardly together. The school year finished up, yearbook signatures were left, and tentative hang out plans were in the air.

*** One thing led to another in our conversation, and the discussion of relationships came up. She knew about my long distance relationship, but decided to inform me that she would want to date me, if I had been available. Silly me, still believing in the power of long distance relationships back then, was not tempted enough by the idea, and remained in my current situation.

As I mentioned, that situation crumbled only a few months later, but Noelle had been transferred to a new school that year, and our friendship quickly drifted apart.

As they say, out of sight, out of mind. Noelle went onto have two long term relationships. The first one lasted for years, and culminated in her going away to school with him. When that ended, she quickly rebounded with another one, and ended up marrying him.

She had proven to be a catch. When my eventual fiancee came along, it did a lot to alleviate how I felt about the situation. But it was something that I always regretted. If I hadn't been wrapped up in that joke of an internet fling, would Noelle and I have made it? Would we have wound up going to school together, and eventually got married ourselves?

And, perhaps more complicated, would I be in the same position of wondering about other girls anyway? Did I currently feel like this because I was bored with a long term relationship, something that would be happening regardless of who I was with, or was it the actual girl? There were far too many questions in my head. Not that it really mattered at this point anyway.

I had one more chance to go back, and there wasn't a doubt in my mind it was going to involve Noelle. I was going to go back to that internet conversation, and make sure I didn't make the same mistake twice. I walked around for a few minutes, hearing the floor creek beneath my heavy feet. I took a few deep breaths to steady my nervousness. Finally, with a slight tremor in my hand, I hit the button. A long flash of light. A brief pause.

And I was in my old cloth chair in the computer room. I jumped slightly when I heard what almost sounded like a nuclear warning siren coming softly from the device. It flashed red three times, and then returned to its normal state. Another warning that this was it? The noise and colors were starting to freak me out, but I returned the device to my pocket and looked at the computer. There it was. "Well, if that internet thing doesn't work out, I wouldn't mind going out with you lol" My heart missed a beat at the painful reminder of the message.

I got up from the chair, walked around the room, and looked at some of the old pictures. There was a hint of burnt popcorn in the air, but I was too fixated on the situation to care about eating in the past.

I re-gathered myself and sat back down. "Actually, I ended it. I can't do the internet thing anymore" I typed. "Oh im sorry :[" she responded. "It's ok" I continued. I couldn't quite get back into internet speak. "Why don't we hang out tonight?" "Sure :] where?" she answered. "There's a park in the next neighborhood over.

We can go there around 8 tonight" I suggested. "Ok see you then!!" she wrote back. A few seconds later the door slamming sound signified she had signed off. "Only about a decade late" I kind of chuckled to myself. It was time to see how things could've started out. I didn't want to do anything too differently. Back then, I always wore a t-shirt and shorts, and I wasn't going to suddenly change things. This was going to be an interesting night, but I had to make sure to be my old self, to an extent.

A dash of extra cologne, perhaps, but nothing more. That night, as I got set to head out, I got an unusual surprise. "Where are you going?" my mom asked. "Shit" I cursed in my head. I had managed to avoid my parents throughout these trips back, but apparently that wasn't going to last.

My parents were always sticklers to know where I was or where I'd be going. "Just hanging out with the guys" I said calmly. She gave me a studious look, trying to detect if I was lying. "Ok, just don't be late. I'll call the cops" she said, at least half serious. I rolled my eyes and left the house. The walk to the park was pretty short, and the weather was pleasant.


I took a long, deep breath, and the fresh air felt nice. Sometimes, a long breath of the outside air has a way of invigorating your mind. I felt fully alive as I arrived at the park. Luckily, due to the late hour, there was no one there. I was a good ten minutes early, so I decided to explore a little. Whoever said playgrounds were just for kids hadn't been to one in a while.

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I climbed up the slide, sat on top of a giant rock, and kicked some sand around. Then I went over to the bench and waited for Noelle. A few kids rode by on their bicycles, yelling loudly, causing some echoes throughout the park. Not long after that, Noelle walked up next to me. "Hey" she smiled. Noelle looked as good as ever. Her long, dark hair was straightened, and there was a certain sparkle to her brown eyes.

Her small, cute nose scrunched slightly when she smiled. She was dressed in a plain pink shirt, covering her above average bust, and jeans. "Sorry again about…her" Noelle said, giving me a hug. With me sitting down, and her standing up, the angle was awkward enough. As I looked towards her direction in the embrace, I got a great shot of cleavage. After a few more seconds, she sat down next to me.

"That internet stuff never works" I laughed a little, looking at the ground. "I figured I would end things before it just got more difficult." "Probably for the best, for both of you" she said, offering a smile. "And for you too" I teased, poking her side. "After those comments about wanting me." "Oh shut up!" she giggled and shoved me playfully.

"I was just trying to let you know you had options!" My smile waned slightly at her comment. She was right; she had let me know I had options. And I had taken the wrong one when it counted. "What's wrong?" she said, concerned when she saw my reaction. "Nothing" I shrugged it off, even offering a small laugh.

"Well, I can't lie" she continued with a slight blush. "I'm glad you're available." "We did have a lot of fun this year" I laughed awkwardly, feeling my face get a little hot, too. "I've wanted to be with you for a while." She grabbed my hand and looked at me, somewhat expectantly. Did she want me to ask her out? What would the point of that be, given the situation? Was I really going to open this can of worms for my own emotional state?


"Do you, uhh" I started clumsily. I was still weighing the pros and cons in my mind. "Do you want to go out with me?" I finally blurted out.

"Of course" she smiled and gave me a huge hug, pressing her body against mine and squeezing. Normally, the feeling of her breasts against my chest would have only had me thinking about one thing on these trips back, but my mind wasn't quite right. I had just entered a hypothetical relationship in an alternate reality, which didn't actually exist, nor had any bearing on real life.

This device was supposed to give me the chance to live out fantasies, rather than recreate long term relationships. I certainly wasn't going to spend months in this world, with nothing really counting.

To tell the truth, I was still a little nervous of what an extended stay might do to my reality, too. She rested her head on my shoulder and grabbed my hand. I could feel her sigh contently a few times, relaxing against me.

I turned towards her and kissed her cheek. I could smell a pleasant, flowery shampoo scent from her hair. I had to fight my emotions for a few seconds, as this alternate world was beginning to seem a little too real. "Why don't we check out the park?" I suggested, smiling and standing up.

She nodded and followed my lead, now lacing her fingers with mine. We walked over to the playground and started to swing, side by side. The night moved on, and we eventually ended up inside the bottom of the slide together. It was just open enough to see the night sky, and we star gazed, hand in hand.

"This has been a great first date" she smiled, as close to me as possible. I was reminded of how gorgeous her smile was; her teeth were so straight and white. Finally, under the starry sky, I moved in and kissed her. It was tentative on both sides at first, but became more comfortable as it continued. Our lips locked over and over for a good five minutes before we added any tongue.

Once the french kissing started, endeavors grew in passion, and the breathing intensified. Her tongue swirled around mine, and then mine chased hers and wrestled with it.

I finally opened my eyes and couldn't help but let out a chuckle. "What's so funny?!" she asked. "The static" I responded with a grin. Moving around on the slide had caused her hair to stand up in a few different places.

"Oh gosh" she said, running her hands through her hair, trying to get things to calm down. "I can't let you see me like this!" She laughed and headed up the slide.

I quickly got back into the slide and followed her. She barely reached the top when I caught up to her, putting my body on top of hers, both of our bodies angled slightly down in the entrance at the top of the slide. I kissed her a little bit more passionately this time, and slid my hand under her shirt, feeling her soft, smooth skin against my hand.

I could feel her tense slightly, but then adjust as my hand rested on her body. I wanted to tear her clothes off, just as I had done so many times on these trips, but something inside me wasn't letting me.

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Still, I did want more. I lifted her shirt slightly, exposing just a little of her body. I started to trail kisses across her, making her shake beneath me. "That tickles!" she giggled as my lips explored her petite body. I slowly allowed myself to move higher up her body. At this point, her shirt was just under her bra. I looked up at her for a little reassurance. She seemed to pause, before giving me a tentative nod. I lifted her shirt up over her bra now, revealing her C cup breasts, housed by black lace.

It hooked in the front, and the temptation was too great. I snapped the clip and let the bra open up, now exposing her bare breasts. I noticed her perky little pink nipples immediately stiffened in the open air. My hands ran up and cupped her breasts as I kissed back down her body, making her shiver again.

My mouth then moved north again, pausing on top of her left breast. I took some of it into my mouth, before wrapping my lips around her nipple. I sucked on it gently, and watched as her eyes shut in pleasure. I moved to the right and repeated my actions, sending a shiver through her spine. By this point, my erection was pushing painfully against my shorts.

I moved between her legs and started to grind myself against her, through our clothes, causing a few more moans to escape from her mouth. I put my hands back on her breasts as I moved back up to kiss her, this time with some increased passion from her side. It seemed as though I was succeeding in getting her aroused, as she even started to grind back against me sometimes. Still, if I was going to take any of these slow, it was going to be this time.

My kisses started to move off of her face, and down to her jaw. She lifted her head and I quickly found my way to her neck, focusing on whatever spots made her squeal and writhe. My hands massaged her breasts as I continued to tease her neck. I dropped one of my hands from her breasts and started to walk it slowly down her body. I was curious if I'd get any push back, but she didn't react as I reached the point just above her jeans.

Not feeling any resistance, I decided to undo her button and zipper, giving me just enough room to work with. I could feel her hold her breath as I dipped my hand under both her jeans and panties, slowly approaching what felt like a shaven area. I finally reached her pussy, moving a finger between her lips and gently starting to rub her clit.

I positioned us so that my arm was around her back, holding her up slightly elevated, as my other hand remained inside her jeans. My mouth moved in to suck on her breasts, as my fingers rubbed circles around her clit. Finally, I dropped myself lower, and slowly sunk one finger deep inside her tight, wet pussy. She let out a deep, long moan as my finger curled and moved against her g-spot.

I brought my lips back to hers again, kissing her hard as I slowly started to move my finger against her g-spot. When I felt she was ready, I added my middle finger with my index finger, and put it in the same spot. My two fingers filled her nicely, and her moans were felt throughout the kiss. I started to pick up the tempo, fingering her faster, causing her to moan and breathe quicker. As I picked up speed, she continued to get wetter, starting to produce some squishing noises as I tried to bring her closer.

My mouth found her breasts again, tongue circling around her hard nipples as she started to whimper. She looked at me with lust and then threw her head back.


I watched as her stomach muscles started to ripple and contract, and her pussy began to tighten around my fingers. Her whole body started to shake as she climaxed violently. Making her cum must have been pretty mind blowing for me too, because it felt like the world was spinning. When I regained my senses I realized we were actually moving! The two of us were tumbling down the slide. We went around and around a few loops, trying to get a grip, but in vain. My fingers were still buried inside her as we reached the bottom, both of us emitting a hearty laugh from the situation.

"Mmm, that was so good, thank you" Noelle smiled up at me, extending for another kiss. At this point, her half naked body was exposed to the world, but the park remained otherwise vacant.

"I should return the favor, right?" she grinned wickedly at me. She moved on top of me and kissed my neck, before sliding my shorts slightly down. "Wow" she marveled, getting her first look at my manhood. A bit of anxiety seemed to line her eyes, though there was still definitely lust. She seemed to be tentatively positioning herself, moving her face closer to my cock.

"I'm sorry, I…don't have a ton of experience" she laughed nervously, as she tried to find a comfortable position. Finally, she seemed content enough and started to lick at the head. My hands ran through her hair, and then down to her chest, as she started to take some into her mouth. Anyone walking by would just see the back of her head bobbing up and down, with most of my body veiled by the end of the slide. She wasn't the most skilled, obviously, with a lack of experience, but the arousal of the situation made it feel as great as anything.

She pumped my shaft with her small, soft hand, as her tongue danced around and explored the upper part of my cock. After a little more, she slowed and smiled at me. "I've heard guys like this" she giggled, moving her chest onto my cock, and sticking me between her gorgeous breasts. Aided by what remained of her saliva, she was able to move me up and down between them for a while.

When that dried, she licked me all over, and went back to work with her chest. The grin on her face, with her eyes looking up at me, was really turning me on. Whenever I slipped out, she would giggle and readjust things. As she gained some confidence, Noelle started to bounce faster, and started to bring me closer.

"I'm almost there" I warned her as I began to stiffen between her breasts. I saw another wave of anxiousness creep onto her face, but she didn't slow down at all. A few more pumps and I could feel myself hitting the edge, pausing as things built to the ultimate peak.

Then, I started to burst, no control over where I would shoot. I saw Noelle's eyes widen and her mouth open in surprise as I started to splash her face with my cum. Ropes continued to spurt out, some clearing her face and launching into the air, while others hit her chin. She even looked down and took a few shots on the forehead as I shivered slightly in pleasure.

"Was that good?" she laughed and started to wipe a little of my cum from her face. "Yes, it was great" I smiled back at her. She looked wonderful with some of my load on her face.

Noelle got bold and decided to take a taste, unsure of what else to do with the mess. "Not bad" she giggled. After she had cleaned enough off, she laid back next to me again.

Now came the dilemma. I wanted to get my chance to go all the way with Noelle. I could push for things tonight, and try to wrap up my last journey.

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I could wait, as I probably should, and try another time. But, then I would be forced to live my old life until at least the next time we saw each other. There were so many complications with spending extra time in this world, and every time I interacted with someone, I risked not knowing about something current, or getting into trouble somehow.

Then it hit me. I was already late for curfew. The last thing I needed was to get stuck in an alternate world on punishment. Of course, I could always sneak back out during that, but what if my mom followed through once, and actually called the police? My shot here would potentially be down the drain.

I needed to get things done tonight. Plus, any more of this relationship stuff with Noelle, and it might throw me off too much in the present. It was obvious how well we worked together, even from a small sample size. "Noelle, do you trust me?" I asked after a long silence.

We had each covered up enough now to at least be decent if anyone came by.


"Of course I do" she said, sitting up slightly to look at me. "What's up?" "I…" I started, before pausing to let out a deep breath. "I feel like I need you. Now. I know it's too soon and seems crazy. But something is telling me that we should just go for it. I feel like this night was meant to be remembered for our entire lives." She looked at me uneasily.

The idea was obviously shocking to her. She was tentative enough during third base. I imagine she had never gone for home. "I really like you" she started hesitantly. "I want to. It would be amazing to have my first experience be with you.

It's just…so out of character for me. I'm such a good girl. I'm a goodie two shoes. Everyone knows that. You see me at school. I've never taken a risk like this." I paused, gave a warm smile in return, and looked down. I shook my head with a small chuckle. She basically just described the entire reason I was in this situation. Too many times playing it safe. Too many opportunities missed.

How could I convey that, though, without giving everything away? "I'm like that too" I began. "I'm not a straight A guy, or anything, but I rarely take risks either. Like right now I'm out too late. This is the first time I've done anything like this since I got in trouble as a little kid. I don't like taking risks either. But…I guess I'm tired of it. Nothing that exciting has ever happened in my life.

Of course, nothing that bad has happened either. That's the blessing and curse of not taking risks. Sometimes, I just wonder what things would be like if I took a big chance on something. Tonight…this has already been one of the best nights of my life." She looked at me for a bit and smiled. Then, without saying anything, she started to kiss me again, with more passion than before. It appears that my words had struck a chord with her.

Heck, they had struck something in me, too. I didn't know what this would do to me, emotionally, but right now, I didn't want to be anywhere else. "Race you back to the top" she grinned, and quickly made her way back up the slide. Although we were in public, she obviously wanted to be at least slightly out of sight.

People could still see us from the top of the slide, but it would've taken a bit more searching. I immediately followed her up the slide with a big smile on my face. My heart was pounding, though little of it had to do with any physical exertion. When I made it to the top, Noelle was sitting on her jeans, completely naked. "What you said made a lot of sense" she smiled. "There's plenty of time to be safe.

Let's just be wild youth tonight." I removed my clothing and invited Noelle to climb onto my lap.

I steadied myself against a wall of the equipment. She crawled onto my lap, my cock sitting just in front of her pussy, as we started to kiss. Our tongues intertwined with the two of us holding each other for minutes straight. Finally, I tugged on her ass a little, and she moved herself directly on top of my cock. The two of us exchanged a meaningful, mutual look of excitement, before she slowly lowered herself.

My unprotected cock pushed its way into her, spreading her as it entered. Luckily, it appeared that she had masturbated enough to not cause any major first time issues for us because she wasn't pausing much to deal with discomfort. It was a tight fit, but the scene was incredible. Watching myself disappear, inch by inch, into Noelle was so arousing.

When she had taken as much of me as she could manage, she paused. She bent down to kiss me again, and my hands explored her backside, squeezing her ass.

She then started to bounce, riding me at a slow pace. As she increased the rhythm, I looked up and watched her breasts bounce.

I couldn't resist taking them into my mouth, flicking my tongue across her nipples. The extra pleasure caused Noelle to pick up the pace again, starting to ride me at a steadier pace. My cock felt incredible, pushing up against every inch of her warm insides, feeling every single ridge and wall.

"Ohhhh" she moaned as she bounced on me quicker. I could tell she was getting close, as her body started to tense. I reached down and started to rub her clit, sending her into a louder series of moans. A few seconds later, she crashed down on my cock, holding still as she contracted and spasmed all over me. When she finally regained her wits, she started to ride me again.

"Let's change positions" I smiled as I slowed her motions and slid out from under her. I leaned back and invited her to lean against me with her back. We basically assumed the spooning position as I maneuvered my cock back between her legs. One of my arms went under her body and wrapped around, hand holding onto one of her breasts. The other raised her upper leg into the air, as I pushed myself back inside her. From this angle, the large underside vein of my cock could easily rub against her g-spot with each thrust.

My left hand continued to squeeze her breasts as I thrusted upwards. I could feel her full breasts jiggling slightly into my hand when I relaxed my grip. This position also gave me control, as I started to pick up the pace faster than before.

I used my leg to hold hers high enough in the air to give me access, using my now free right hand to rub her clit. The more intense fucking, combined with my constant pressure on her clit, built her up a lot more quickly this time. It wasn't long before she was shaking in my arms, her pussy squeezing and releasing my cock rhythmically, as her head dropped against my shoulder in ecstasy. I nudged her face so that she was looking back at me now, and started to kiss her again.

My left hand dropped from her breasts to her stomach, holding her in place as I started to really slam into her. "OHHH MMM" she broke the kiss, unable to breathe fast enough like that. My lower half was slapping against her now, as I used all of my energy to fuck her hard.

Soon enough, her body went stiff in my arms, as I felt her contracting around me more powerfully than before. Her mouth opened, but nothing came out, as she came hard on my cock. I was doing all the work now, as her energy had been completely sapped. Her powerful orgasm had started to build me closer, and I could feel myself starting to thicken and stiffen inside her.

"Are you sure?" she looked back at me, a little panicked as I grew inside her. "Yes, remember, wild youth tonight" I smiled reassuringly at her as I brought her face to mine in another kiss.

Our lips remained locked together as I buried myself inside her one more time. The world seemed to freeze in the moment when I went over the edge, waiting for the inevitable explosion. My hands took a firm hold on her breasts, holding me steady as it finally hit.

Noelle and I kissed passionately as my cock contracted, moving up and down slightly inside her as I shot my hot seed. I could feel thick rope after thick rope spurt inside her tight, warm pussy. Every time I thought I was ready to slow down, a few more shots emptied into her. Finally, we both collapsed, spent from the incredible night.

"You're right" Noelle said, trying to catch her breath. "This really has been the best night ever." Just then, I heard my phone go off from my shorts. It was clearly my parents. First would come the constant calls, followed by some sort of panic, and probably a search.

This was such a difficult moment. "Aren't you going to answer that?" she asked me, phone ringing for a second time. "No" I shook my head. "It's going to be fine." Was this the end of the journey? I wanted to experience more, see how this relationship would've played out. But what would the point have been? To deal with all of this trouble in a life that didn't actually exist. To either prove to myself that things wouldn't have been all that different, even if I had made a different choice that fateful night online.

Or, to show myself that I really had made a big mistake. That things were really good in this alternate life. And that I had to eventually go back knowing that. As much as I wanted to know, I just couldn't see spending days, months, even years in a world that didn't actually count. With tears starting to form in my eyes, I reached into my shorts. This was the only way. I had been granted the chance to re-live some incredible moments. Some moments were extremely satisfying. Others were bittersweet, but worth it.

This…this was some combination of incredible and heartbreaking. Before Noelle could ask me what I was doing, I pressed the button. Nothing happened. I looked around, fright starting to take over, as I remained in the current world. All of a sudden, I realized everything but my body was frozen. Noelle was there, but completely still.

The clouds in the night sky were motionless. There was absolutely no noise, save for my ragged breathing. Then, the device vibrated, causing me to drop it to the floor. It expanded slightly, and started to engrave something into its side. Ten boxes appeared, each one filled by a caricature of every girl I had gone back to see.

A light flashed, lighting up the girls, one by one. Then, one more box formed under the ten girls, with an image of my fiancee. The nuclear warning siren rang again. It was the same as what I had heard previously, but it was much louder and more intense. In red letters, the device lit up a final message to me. "CHOOSE YOUR FATE" Then the siren again. And a number. "10…9…8…" "What?!" I shouted out loud. The device was counting down. The 10 girls pictures lit up, individually, and then my fiancee's lit up.

"7…6…5…" The siren was getting louder. What did it even mean? Was it asking me to choose between all ten girls and my current life? Was it asking me to choose one of the girls? Was it symbolically allowing me a restart on my life?

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"4…3…" What the hell would happen if I didn't choose in time? Would I be trapped in this frozen world forever?

Had I thrown away a great, uncomplicated, albeit somewhat stagnant life, for this crazy device?! "2…" I had to do something! I wasn't going to spend my life in purgatory, or whatever plans this thing had for me. The time was obviously intended to make me choose whatever my first desire was. I reached out. "1…"