Punheta de boa no quarto

Punheta de boa no quarto
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"Steve, come in here now!" Two weeks had passed since my first strap-on session with Maria, and since she had fucked me with it a few times, but she had never let me take off the cock-cage in those two weeks. She was gradually taking her dom role more and more seriously, to the point where she had ordered a black vinyl outfit just to push the point home for me, and it was that same outfit I was looking at as I entered the bedroom.

She was standing there, her legs akimbo, letting me see her lips hanging down softly, slightly moist. Her tits were spilling out of the top of the outfit, and she had her hair tied into a tight ponytail, a sliver of it hanging loose on her right temple. My cock struggled against the cage, but the same as the previous hundred times the cage won out. She sat down on the edge of the bed, her legs spread so I could see her pussy lips glistening. "I want you to make me cum, but you're not allowed to use your fingers.

Now strip off and get on your knees!" The last sentence she roared at me, and my knees trembled as I tried to kick off my sweatpants and boxers, and got caught in my t-shirt as I tried to lift it off as quickly as possible. I fell to all fours, and crawled forward until my nose was against her clit, taking in the pungent aroma of her whole groin area.

"Are you waiting for my permission?" "Yes master." "That's a good boy. Now make me come with your tongue!" She stroked my hair gently as she was saying this, before grabbing it harshly and pulling my head into her.

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I stuck my tongue out, and licked and sucked at her clit before moving down as she started to scratch me on the back, raking her fingers until she started to draw blood, taking that blood on her finger and sucking it as she watched me fuck her with my tongue protruding.

"I've got two holes you know. Now be a good bitch and stick that tongue up my filthy asshole!" I did as she commanded, licking around the brown, tightly puckered hole, before working in the tip of my tongue, working the whole length in as she quietly cooed. I started licking at her everything, and within two minutes, she was convulsing on the bed holding a breast in each hand, pinching her nipples. She lay, gathering her breath, as I just watched, waiting for my next orders.

"That was a good boy. But I'm no longer happy with you just being a good boy. I want you to be my good little girl. Get over my knees now!" I sprung up and placed myself over her knees, my ass exposed to her. I had no idea what she was going to do, but I was hoping she was going to get one of her newer dildos and start fucking me with it.

"Honey, I have come to a decision. Next Friday, we're going to go night-clubbing together, whether you like it or not. But we're not going as Steve and Maria. We're going to go as slutty friends Stephanie and Maria." I was seriously worried about this scenario. What if were seen by someone who knew us? I brought it up with her, being careful to call her 'Master' as I did.

"I want everyone to know you're my sissy bitch, and maybe in time they will. No, I've already decided on the location. It's a nightclub a few towns over, and I don't think we know anyoe there. But if we did, I want you to go re-introduce yourself as Stephanie and offer them your ass or tongue, understand?" Her fingers were raking my back again, meaning she was ready for another climax. "So in order for you to become Stephanie, we have to do a little training, to make you the slutty bitch you want to be." I could feel something large and wide pushing down onto my ass, and Maria was pushing it as hard as she could into my hole, even though we both knew it was too large to fit in.

"This is your instrument of training, okay Steve?" "Yes." After I answered, I could feel it withdraw, and lost as soon as it was I could feel a sharp stinging sensation on my left cheek. It was a paddle. "Who's Steve? You're not Steve. You're Stephanie, remember?" "Yes, I'm Stephanie." Another loud crack as the paddle was brought down hard on the same cheek.

She exacerbated it by drawing her nails over the raw skin, causing me to struggle against her with the pain, before hitting me again. "You don't sound very feminine, Stephanie!" I wait for a few seconds, trying to gain my composure back, and tried to put on a sultry womanly voice.

"I'm sorry master, I'll do my best." "That's my girl. Now you're going to tell me about yourself." "My name is Stephanie, I'm twenty eight, I love romantic stories, pop music, and-" Another hit on my throbbing ass left me thrashing against her, and I stopped quickly after she hit me a few more times. "I can still hear my loving husband, not the cock hungry slut.

Though I like that you've already decided what that cock-loving slut likes. Now try again, and we're going to keep doing this until you get it right, bitch!" "My name is Stephanie, I'm twenty eight and I'm from Cleveland, where I studied woman studies and psychology, and I'd like nothing more than to suck your big cock." "Spread your legs!" I did as she said, and as I was wondering what she was going to do I could feel the paddle connect with my testes, and although she didn't hit with as much force the pain left me dumb for a few dozen seconds, just laying prone over her knees.

"I'm sorry honey, but pain is the only way you will learn. I want those studs to see me and Stephanie, and only me and Steph.

And it's in your best interests too. You want to dribble on a big cock pulsating in your mouth too, don't you?" I tried again, and failed, and she hit me again, but I was actually starting to enjoy the paddling after a few more hits. After a dozen tries, I finally nailed it. "My name is Stephanie, you can me me Steph, or Slut if you want, and I like your cock up my ass and the taste of your cum." Instead of the paddle and her nails, I felt the soft palm of her hand stroking my cheeks of my ass, and I could feel a cold liquid sooth the pain.

"That's my good little slut. Now there's just one more lesson for you today, and that is that I want you to learn how to walk in heels sexily enough for every man's eyes to be on you." She dropped a pair of six inch heels on the floor below both of us, and she pushed me off her knees and onto the floor.

I sat up, and started to put the heels on, and after accomplishing that I used the bed to pull myself up to a standing position, where I wobbled but just about managed to hold my balance. "Now walk to the door and back sexily. That means placing one foot in front of the other as you walk and swaying your hips. Now try it!" She was still sitting, but she had her legs spread again, the juices of her pussy running down the sheets onto the floor below, collecting in a small puddle.

She was flicking her clit and slowly rubbing it, her eyes once again maniacal. I tried to walk, but after two steps I fell straight onto my ass, causing the pain to flare up again in both my cheeks and balls. Maria laughed. "We're going to be here until you get it right." About after ten tries, I managed to successfully walk to the door and back, but I hadn't got the hip sway.

All that time, Maria hadn't stopped rubbing her pussy. Another twenty tries, I finally had it down well enough for her. She demanded tha I give her one of the heels, and I tripped up out of them in a rush to give her one.


She took it, placing the stiletto in her pussy, pumping it in and out a few times before orgasming on it and collaping on her back. She threw it back at me. "You're going to wear those heels around the house all the time until Friday, and just those. Well, those and your little clitty cage. I want you to be comfortable enough in those to bounce up and down a dick." Three days had passed, and it was finally Friday night.

We were in our car on our way to the nightclub about thirty miles away. Maria was driving, leaving me to feel myself up in the passenger seat.

I was in the same six inch heels, a pair of black tights over white silk panties. Over that was a loose fitting skirt which went halfway down my thighs, but was loose enough to cover the bulge created by my chastity cage.

It was in a plaid tartan pattern, the seams running down every two inches. I wore a sports bra that had been well padded by Maria under a white top that left my navel exposed. Maria had applied a little make-up and spent a solid hour running over my whole body with a razor and giving me the closest shave it felt like I had ever had.

And on top I was wearing a wig down to my shoulder, the strands blonde but the roots brunette. Maria had dressed sluttily as well. She was wearing a tight blue tube-top with no bra, a pair of white shorts with no panties, and was wearing a pair of black boots that went as high as her knees. "You do realise that if you get no cock in the club, that I'm going to sell your ass on the street.

There won't be any shortage of prospective clients, I can tell you. Maybe I can do a four for the price of one deal. Only one guy pays, but you pleasure four cocks at once." I responded with silence.

I had been apprehensive the last few days, and now that we're on our way to the nightclub, I was starting to feel nervous. I was desperate for some alcohol to sooth the nerves. We parked up a hundred yards from the nightclub. "Remember, the second you step outside of this car you are Stephanie, the cock loving slut who wants to take as many as she can.

Understand?" "Yes mistress." "Let's go and have ourselves a fun time then." She launched herself out of the car, and I gingerly opened the door and stood up. There was a stiff breeze, and I was shivering slightly. I looked over at Maria while she locked the car and could see both her nipples standing up like howitzers through her top.

She started walking towards the club, looking over her shoulder at me. I composed myself, and started to sway my hips as I placed one foot in front of the others. We were soon in the que, and I could feel a multitude of eyes upon us. So could Maria, and in response she put her hand up my skirt and pulled the cage through the panties, causing me to fall forward slightly and let out a small moan. There were gasps and chuckles from the crowd.

She played with me, teasing the crowd until we reached the front and were let through by a large bald bouncer. "You ladies are welcome anytime." As we walked past, Maria brushed her hand over his package and winked at him, and as I passed he groped my butt. I gasped, and a quick look from Maria told me to take it in stride. I sauntered back to the bouncer, groped his package, and stuck my tongue down his mouth.

He kissed me back, putting his hands down the back of my skirt, taking a cheek in each hand. Before he had a chance to explore further, I broke off with a smile and followed a hungry looking Maria in. It was dark in there, lights flashing all over at intervals, hulking shadows making their way to and fro.

Maria took me by the hand and led me upstairs to a bar.

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We stood at it, and I fished out my new purse. Maria grabbed me by the balls and shook her head. "We're going to have our drinks bought for us by some gentlemen, and then we're going to thank them in the only way we know how. Now look sultry and try to grab the attention of someone." I looked down the bar, and there were a few men who were looking at their drinks.

I turned around towards the dancefloor, and I could see a young man in his early twenties looking at me while he danced with a group of friends. He noticed me looking back, and in response he grabbed one of his friends from behind and started feeling up his chest, trying to tease me. I laughed into my hand, and I started pushing both of my own hands into each side of my chest, to push the bra out and make it look slightly bigger, before running my hands all over my body.

He stood there as if enchanted, and made a beeline straight for me. He stood right beside me, hanging over the bar, looking over his shoulder at me. "What can I-" "Vodka and Coke, and make it a double handsome." I said it as slowly and as sexily as I could.

"Yes ma'am." He waved his hand to get the staff's attention, and got himself a mixer and the drink I asked for. After handing it to me, he looked me up and down. "So what's your name gorgeous?" "I'm Stephanie. How about my knight in shining armor?" "Oh, I'm Jeremy, I'm here with my friends for a long weekend.

You from around here?" He ran his hands through his sandy hair which was cropped on both sides. "A few towns over. I came here with my girlfriend Maria, for.Well, you can probably guess." He looked over at Maria, who waved at him with a pout. While looking over my shoulder, he started to run his hand over my taut stomach. He put his mouth to my ear and whispered into it, just about audible. "I want to fuck you at the end of tonight." This had got me super excited.

My cock was straining against the coiled cage, and it fel like my senses were heightened. I whispered in his ear. "Why wait till the end of tonight? Do you want to find a secluded location in here and see where things go? I've only one rule though. You're not allowed to touch my pubic mound or vagina, I just had a tattoo done and it stings like a bitch.

But my ass and everywhere else are all yours." He stood there awed. "What'd you get?" "An arrow pointing down with cum bucket written above it." I pulled him into a kiss, rubbing his throbbing erection through his pants while our tongues interwined, probing each corner of each other's mouths.

I looked sideways at Maria, who looked awestruck, her mouth gaping. I placed my free hand on her mound and could feel the juices seeping through. It was a good thing it was dark or everyone in there could've seen how wet she was. I winked at her, pulled Jeremy off me and led him by the cock to a secluded dark corner, a small booth with partition, so no one could see what we were doing. As soon as we were in there, I put my head near his crotch and licked along the length of fabric where his erection was protruding.

His hands were running all over my back. I undid his belt, and zipped his fly down. I pulled his pants to the top of his thighs, revealing his boxers. His erection was tenting them, and I started jerking him off through them.

He wasn't that long, but he was girthy.

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I finally pulled the boxers over his dick to reveal a huge head on a thick shaft, covered in foreskin. He was about five and a half inches long, but I could feel the weight of his dick in my hand.

I placed my hand around it's warmth, and rolled the foreskin down over his huge swollen, purple head, before putting my mouth over it. It tasted slighlty bitter as I ran my tongue over it, but I was so horny I didn't care and tried to work as much of him in as I could.

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"That's it baby, oh yeah." I started running my tongue over his head and shaft in my mouth, causing him to move around in the seat.

"That's just the starter course baby." I said to him with his dick resting against my nose. "Sit up so I can properly thank you." He did as I asked, his dick standing up. I stood before him, my back the only thing he could see, and left my skirt up and pulled my panties to the side. "Don't you want me to use protection baby?" "I wouldn't be much of a cum bucket if I didn't have your cum in my ass, would I?

Now rip a hole in my tights for your dick to go through!" "No you wouldn't." I could hear the excitement in his voice, and his hands were trembling as they grabbed my thin tights and easily tore a hole a few inches in diameter at the crotch. I spit saliva on my finger and started to rub it into my asshole. The last thing I did before leaving the house was have an enema, so I didn't have to worry about mess.

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"Hands behind your back! Let me do everything." I grabbed his cock underneath me, and started to lower myself towards it.

I could feel it against my cheek, so I repositioned so it was closer to where I wanted it.

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After I had, I started rubbing it up and down my crack to tease him. He grabbed me by th hips, trying to help lower me down. I relented, and placed his tip at my entrance.

I started to squat more on my heels, and I could feel his head stretch me more than any of Maria's dildos. After twisting for a few seconds, it slipped in, and I closed my eyes and just let myself a second to take in the moment.

I was getting fucked by a real live cock! And after the initial pain it felt wonderful. "Fuck baby you're so tight.


I might cum you're so tight. My god!" He lost patience and started thrusting upwards slowly, half an inch of his cock at a time, before withdrawing to the head again. He started again and got four inches in, nearly filling me up and causing my prostate to scram in delireum. Before he had a chance to pull out again, I let my legs give way and I fell on him, his dick in one swift moment ball deep in me.

My eyes nearly rolled back in my head, I had never felt such pleasure. I started to grind my ass on him, and placed my hands on his thighs. I used them to start fucking him properly, pushing my ass up and down on him.

I started slowly, my ass still adapting to his size, but his pecum was spilling into me so there was no problem with lubrication. His hands helped push and pull me on his cock, and soon we were moving as fast as we could, his cock filling me up and withdrawing several times a second. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming baby.

Your ass is the best thing that's ever happened to me." I turned my head to kiss him, our tongues overlapping as he pulled me one last time balls deep, his dick starting to twitch and tweak in my asshole as I could feel an orgasm of my own, my prostate having been stimulated by his cock as much as it could've.

My asshole started contracting on him as he came, torrents of warm cum being dumped in my asshole as my own dick leaked cum into my panties, making them wet. It was the first time I came since I first had the cage on, and it felt fantastic. We stayed in that position kissing as his cock started to soften, and after a minute he pushed me off him, some of his cum falling out of my asshole with him.

He felt the wetness on the top of his thighs from my own cum which had seeped through my panties, and I was worried for a second that the jig was up. "Holy shit baby, you came pretty hard. Your pussy must've been pretty wet." He rubbed three fingers across the wetness and licked them. I placed my tongue in his mouth, tasting the saltiness of my own cum in his mouth, swallowing what I could, before pulling out and standing up, pulling my panties and skirt back in position.

"Well, you do have a nice cock hun." "Maybe you like my cock enough to stick around for the night?" He sounded eager, and even though I would have liked that there was nothing more I wanted than to go back to Maria and show her the spoils of war. "Don't you think I've thanked you enough already? Anyway, I'm not really a cum bucket if I only have one man's cum in me, am I?" "I've got friends." "See you later soldier." I walked off without looking behind me, my hips swaying as I made my way back to the bar.

There Maria was in the arms of a tall dark haired man who was looking down her top, and had a hand groping one of her ass cheeks. I went straight up to them, looking Maria dead in the eye. "Hey Marie.

What do you make of this?" I ran an index finger up my asshole as subtly as I could, trying to get some cum on it, and held that finger aloft in front of Maria. She stared at it for a second, before opening her mouth and placing my whole finger in it, slowly sucking on it and pulling off until there was nothing left on it.

She opened her mouth to show the cum on the back of her tongue, before closing her mouth and swallowing and opening again, to show there was nothing there. "I'll be back in a minute, I just have to use the bathroom." She nodded and stared back into the eyes of the dark haired man. I made my way down a few sets of stairs until I had reached the bathrooms, and for the first time in my life I entered a ladies bathroom.

I was mometarily surprised at how clean it was compared to most men's rooms, before sauntering to the closest unlocked stall and pulling down my wet panties and pulling up my skirt, placing myself on the seat and letting the cum flow out of me. It took a few minutes before it felt like nothing more would come, and I hastily stood up and looked into the bowl to see a thin film of white covering the bowl.

I flushed, and before leaving I tried to wash the stickiness off my hands. I made my way back to Maria. She was still in his arms, and I decided then to pay her back for all the punishment I had been put through by depriving her of his attention.

I walked straight to him, grabbed his crotch and stuck my tongue in his mouth for a passionate kiss. He kissed me back, one of his hands leaving Maria to grab my chest. I pulled off, looking at him with lust. "So then, what's your story?"