JJ and Hannah sign confidentiality contract upon arrival to the swing house

JJ and Hannah sign confidentiality contract upon arrival to the swing house
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Little Katie and her DUI-Blackmail for Uncle Don Katie was Don Parker's great niece, by marriage… a granddaughter to his wife's sister. She grew up as a beautiful, loving child, as did her two sisters and her brother. Although not very big, she was very intelligent and excelled in speed and determination. All-time school records in softball and basketball fell as she completed her journey through high school.

As the family sat, watching her Valedictorian's speech at graduation, she skillfully gave her classmates kudos for their accomplishments and challenged them with goals for their future. One minute, she had them in tears; the next, they were laughing and cheering. As Don admired the girl he'd known since birth, he thought to himself, "I was born forty years too early. My God, the boy that's fucking her is a lucky little bastard. I'll bet her cunt tastes like icing on a cake." Her mother, his wife's niece, Sherry, had told Don that Katie would be going to college in the same town where he lived.

He, of course, offered to let the smaller version of Marilyn Monroe live with him. "That's sweet of you, Uncle Don, but it's a Christian college and it requires all freshmen and sophomores to live in dorms. I told her that if she ever needed help with anything, though, to call you. That's okay, isn't it?" Don hugged Sherry and told her he wouldn't have it any other way.

He offered for Sherry and her husband, Scott, to come to his home any weekend, so they could spend time with Katie. Since she wouldn't have a car, either, she wouldn't be able to drive the ninety miles home to mom, "Besides, I can always use a little family around. It's been lonely at times since your Aunt Carly left me for the easy life in the sky." Sherry and Scott made a total of ten trips to Don's place during Katie's first year, mostly for holidays and school breaks.

As her sophomore year began, Katie's parents had told her they'd be concentrating more on her little sister's high school activities. But they reminded her that Don would always be close if she needed help of any kind. Katie had loosened up a little with her college life, too. She had begun going out with friends and drinking a little. One Saturday morning at 1:45am, Don's phone rang.

The caller ID read 'Katie'. "What's up, sweetheart?" The voice on the line wasn't Katie's, "Mr. Parker, This is Kate's friend, Melissa. Uh, Kate is a little drunk.

Can we drop her at your place? She'll get in bad trouble if we take her to the dorm." Don agreed and ten minutes later, a car stopped in front of his house. He carried Katie inside, while Melissa brought her purse and jacket. He left her in her jeans and spaghetti strap blouse as he put her up in one of the extra bedrooms, "Thank you, Melissa," he told the pretty brunette, "Put my number in your phone and call me if anything like this happens again.

I'll get her back to school on Sunday." Katie's cleavage was visible enough to peak Don's interest. The unconscious girl knew nothing about him sliding those straps down and sucking on her thick nipples.

One of the things that had turned his wife on was scraping her nipples with his teeth, so Katie received a little of the same treatment. She lay unmoving as he rubbed his stiff cock across her tits and painted lips.

He moved her enough for her head to drop off the side of the big bed, causing her mouth to open wide. It had been over four years since his dick had been in a woman's mouth; two days before Carly's heart attack to be exact. Katie's mouth was larger than many and his shaft slid into it easily and deeper than he expected. Reflex caused her to gag once as he used her face for his own pleasure.

When he felt his cum rising, he pulled out and spewed his spunk on her full tits. After cleaning her up, he pulled her blouse straps back into place and straightened her in the bed. On his way out of the room, he looked back at the beauty, "Those jeans can't be comfortable," he murmured.

He walked back, unzipped her pants and began slipping them down her hips and butt. "Oh, fuck… no panties." He knew he couldn't strip her because he'd have a lot of problem pulling those tight-ass jeans back on.

He decided to leave them on her hips… this time. He had to know, though, "Does she shave; does she still have a bush; is she a virgin? Damn, I hope she's not a virgin. If she shows up like this again, I hope she's wearing a dress." He slid his hand inside the unzipped pants and felt her smooth mound.

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His fingers worked their way into her crotch and past her inner labia, "Fuck, I can't believe this. I have my fingers in a nineteen year-old pussy. One that I even changed diapers on a long time ago. Hmm… if she's a virgin, I should have felt her cherry by now. Goddamn these fuckin' tight jeans." Don's second load of cum spat onto the carpet as he used one hand to jack his dick; the other to fondle Katie.

Once he was spent, he managed to re-zip her jeans and pulled a sheet over her. Twice during the night, he walked, naked, into her room to check on her; taking the opportunity to rub his cock against her lips, again. After his exhausting night, Don was fast asleep when Katie woke, confused about where she was. Her head felt like it was about to split and, at first, she was afraid she'd been raped.

Her nipples were sore and scratched; although her jeans were in place, her pussy felt like it had been violated. Once she eased out of bed and stepped into the hall, she realized where she was and headed straight to the bathroom. Once she pissed and washed her face, she went looking for her favorite uncle. Not being able to find him in the rest of the house, she peeked into his bedroom… The man she'd known and loved for her entire life was lying in his bed, his big cock, pointing straight up toward the ceiling, "Oh… my… God…" her mind reeled, "I think somebody must have taken my virginity last night… Oh, Lord, I hope it wasn't Uncle Don.

That dick is way too much for a girl my size to handle… I think. Oh, God, I wonder who raped me." Don was awakened by the sound of Katie's dry heaves. Her first three stomach spasms had emptied her intake of alcohol and Mexican food from the night before.

The painful retching continued for another five minutes, though. "Please, Lord," she prayed in her mind, "Please let me live. I promise I'll never take another taste of liquor. Please, Lord, let me still be a virgin. I promise I'll never lay with a man until he's my husband. Thank you, Lord." He slipped into his house robe and stepped into the master bath to relieve his morning 'piss hard'.

Making his way to the kitchen, he took a few seconds to admire the girl's fine ass, as she leaned over the toilet, in those tight jeans. A few minutes later, when she smelled the coffee cooking, Katie eased into the kitchen, holding onto the doorways and counter tops.

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Seeing Don in his robe, the image of his cock flashed in her aching head, "God. I mean good mornin' Uncle Don. How did I get here?" "Melissa brought you, very early this morning. You were knocked completely out and she didn't think it would be a good idea to drag your drunk butt back to the dorm. By the way, does she have a boyfriend?" he joked, "That's one good lookin' girl. I might be interested." The smile he brought to Katie was genuine.

He knew what hangovers felt like, even if it had been decades since his last one, "That's the smile I love to see from my Katie-did. I know how you feel. I'm gonna pour you a little coffee with some honey and cream in it. I want you to sip it a little at a time. If it stays down, we'll get you something else." As he moved around the kitchen, Katie kept picturing his meat stick, standing at attention in his bed.

She watched his crotch, wondering if she would catch another glimpse through the flap of the robe. Her coffee wasn't as good tasting as she would like, but it did seem to set well. Once she finished her second cup, she thanked Don for taking care of her and moved to hug him. Purposely, she pressed her small body against his genital area, then asked if she could take a shower.

"Please, please go take a shower, Honey. I love you to the moon, but you stink like cigarette smoke and beer. Tell you what, come in my room and I'll find you something to wear when you get cleaned up.

I'll throw your clothes in the washer. If the coffee stays down, I'll fix you one of my famous grilled cheese sandwiches when you're ready." Again, when she saw Don's bed, the picture of his cock stood out in her mind. Silently, she chastised herself for wanting to see her uncle's bare, stiff dick again. There was something extra sexy about seeing Katie in his loose muscle shirt and a pair of his boxers.

The shorts were big enough to fit two of the girl inside, but the drawstring cinched the waist snug enough to hold them in place. Her smooth, creamy legs, arms and neck jerked Don's cock back to attention, though, "Okay, while I fix your sandwich, we need to talk." He could see that Katie's eyes kept glancing at the tent, the front of his robe presented, "I called your mother while you were bathing.

Don't worry, I didn't tell her you were drunk and got dumped here. In fact, I think you'll like the agreement she and I came to. "Oh, I forgot, will you step in the utility room and start the washer? I didn't want to draw down the hot water while the shower was running.

I didn't see any underwear, though; did you leave it in the bathroom?" Katie's face reddened as she mumbled, "Uh, I wasn't wearing any underwear." Don looked at her, winked and grinned, "Hmm. okay. Go turn the washer on." He set the sandwich in front of his pretty niece and pulled his chair closer, "Sherry told me she would love it if you could come home once in a while.

I think I figured out a way to do that, if you're interested." She watch as he adjusted the folds of his robe; again, hoping to see 'it' again.

"I drive my old pickup all the time. Carly's car sets in the garage, except for when I start it up and drive it a couple miles each Saturday.

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I have full insurance on it that covers any licensed driver who uses it with my permission." Katie's eyes widened as her mind's picture of Don's shaft faded and she imagined herself in the VW Passat.

FLASH! "There it is! Oh, my gosh, I just saw his dick when he moved!" Don finished adjusting himself, "I told your mom that I want you to use the car while you're in school here.

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I'm sure I can trust you with it, and once you're gone and Cindy starts college, she can use it. Sherry's okay with that, but she'll have to talk to your dad, too.

By the way, I told her you called yesterday and wanted to join me for breakfast this morning. If it comes up, I picked you up at the dorm at 7:00 this morning." "I will have a couple of conditions about the car, though. Is there anything you want to tell me about what went on last night?" She swallowed a bite of her meal and Don saw a tear form in her eye, "I only had two drinks, Uncle Don.

I swear, that's all. I didn't know that would be enough to make me drunk enough to pass out." After a short pause and a couple sniffs, "I might have been raped, Uncle Don. I think I was. I don't know… My pu… I was sore down there this morning and my… my… nipples are scratched.

I'm still a virgin, Uncle Don… at least I was." The dam broke and she bawled. Don took her hand and tugged, coaxing her out of her chair and onto his lap… his lap, where only the thin boxers and his robe were separating his hard-on from her virginity. As he held her, he rocked back and forth, rubbing his cock against the side of her bare leg. She knew 'it' was there. With her eyes closed and tears running, still… she saw 'it' sticking up from his bed, again.

She made no move to get away from 'it'. Don stroked her damp hair and kissed her cheek and temple, "Shhh, baby girl, shhh. It's alright. I'm sure you weren't raped or Melissa would have said something.

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"Are you sure she doesn't need a boyfriend?" That was the calming words Katie needed. She snickered and playfully slapped him on the shoulder, "She already has a boyfriend.

He's kind of a turd, but he's good to her." Her cell phone rang. Don picked it up and saw 'Melissa' on the caller ID. He told Katie to be quiet and answered it, "Good morning, Melissa. Katie's taking a shower. Thank you for bringing her home. She's worried that some guy might have taken advantage of her when she passed out." "Good morning, Mr. Parker. Umm… Actually, my boyfriend got his butt chewed out for us taking her away when we did.

This guy did slip a ruffie in her drink, but we got her out before he could fu… do anything to her." "Does the little bastard have a name?" "Uh, David Watkins. He works at the power plant east of town." "Thank you, young lady.

I have to go get Katie's clothes out of the dryer. She has a little hangover this morning but she's alright. I hope you have a good day and, oh yes… If you ever dump that boyfriend of yours, call me." The girl giggled and told him she would. When Don explained Melissa's message, Katie was furious, "OH! That makes me so mad! He was really a nice lookin' guy, too.

Damn! Oh, I'm sorry Uncle Don. I can't that S.O.B. tried to drug me… Hell, he DID drug me. Just wait 'til I see that… turd, again. "He'll not bother you anymore, I'll see to that. Right now, we need to talk about the car… and your drinking." "You know how Mom and Dad raised me.

I've always been a very good girl. I just wanted to have a little more fun, doing something besides sports. I've been out with Melissa and some other friends several times.

Two drinks is all I've ever had in one night, I swear. Two was all I had last night, too. Ohhhh… I'll get even." "No you won't. I told you, I'll handle Mr. Watkins. Sit down and hear me out." As she sat in her chair, legs folded under her 'Indian style', Don could see up one leg of her boxers, nearly to her cunt.

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He thought about last night, fingering that pussy and sucking her fat, little nipples, "First, no driving the car when you even plan to have a drink.

No out of town trips unless I know when, where, who and why the trip will take place. Remember, it's my car… you are just using it. "Oops, there's the buzzer; your clothes are ready.

I kinda like the way you look in my underwear, though." She bounced up, grabbed her clothes from the dryer and headed for the bathroom. When she emerged a few minutes later, Don had adjusted his robe and his shaft had flagged a little… her nipples pressing against the satin blouse, and those tight fitting jeans, made it jump right back to attention.

"Here's the last condition about the car, Honey… You call me at least once a week and let me know how things are going. I'll be asking things about the car, so I can schedule maintenance.


Every other weekend, I want to see my Katie-bug for breakfast one day. "Now, I'll get dressed and we'll go for a drive. I still have to hear back from your mom or dad, but I'll bet a dip-cone from Dairy Queen they'll agree." A short three weeks later, Don's phone rang at 4:00am on a Friday morning, "Don Parker?" "Yes?" "Patrolman James Jacari… Do you won a 2010 Volkswagon Passat?" "Yes." "Does Kathryn Jenkins have permission to be driving your car?" "Yes, she's my niece and she can drive it as long as she's not drinking." "Well, sir, she's violated that permission.

We have her at the station and she asked us to call you. I can release her to your custody, but she has a fine of $1250. She'll have to make arrangements for that be fore I can release her." "I'll be there as soon as I can get a taxi and stop by the ATM. Is she in a cell?" "No, sir. She's in a holding area with her friend." "Friend? What's her name?" "HIS name is David Watkins." "SHIT! What's his fine?" "Since he wasn't driving, his fine is only $150." "Okay, I'll pay that, too, but can you do me a favor?" "What's that?" "Put both their young asses in a cell until I get there.

I want them to have a little experience they won't forget." The veteran officer understood exactly what Don wanted and escorted Katie to the older, less comfortable, part of the jail. He threw some orange coveralls in the cell with her and ordered her to change. "Not while you're watching me!" "Either you change those clothes, or I'll get another jailer and the two of us will change them for you.

You don't call the Goddamn shots in here, girl, I do." She turned her back and slipped off her shirt and bra. She tried to change into the outfit by keeping her arms in the sleeves and curling a leg up, attempting to slip it into the lower leg of the 'pant' part of the suit. Officer Jacari snickered as she got frustrated and threw everything to the floor, "Now you see me naked, you bastard! Is that what you wanted? Well here I am! I guess you want to see my pussy, too? Well take a good look!" Calmly, the older man told her, "Young lady, get that fuckin' coverall on like I told you.

I'm getting' old, and I'm sick and tired of you young bitches thinking the only thing I want is to see your body. This is my Goddamn job and I've seen a thousand naked women that have much, much better stuff to look at than you have.

"Just give me your other clothes and you can stay naked in that fuckin' cell from now 'til hell freezes over for all I care." Don asked to see David Watkins before he was released. The officer simply opened the door and told him which cell the man was in, "You remember me, David Watkins?" "Yes." "I told you to stay away from my niece.

Come over here, I need to tell you something privately." Between the iron bars on the cell door and Don's fist, bearing his large Masonic ring, David Watkins' face looked like he'd fallen into a hammermill when he walked out of the jail. Again, the officer was an experienced veteran and knew Don had 'informed' Watkins not to be around his niece, again.

He took the bag with Katie's clothes and led Don to the girl's cell, "I'll unlock the door. You can wait while she changes and bring her back to the office." Don watched and never spoke as Katie, hurriedly, changed into her own clothes. The scene rekindled the memory of sucking on her tits, though. "Thank you, Uncle Don," she sighed as she hugged him, "at least that pervert cop didn't stay and watch this time.

Can we get out of here?" In car, Katie asked if Don could just drop her off at school, "Do you have a class today?" "No, not on Fridays, but I've been up all night and I need to get some sleep." "We're going home, Kathryn.

You can rest after we get some things cleared up. I'm not fond of being woken up by the cops at four in the morning, either." Knowing Don was pissed off, Katie sat quietly for the rest of the trip to his house. Once inside, she went to the bathroom and started toward the guest room, "Stop right there. Get your little ass in here and sit." She hung her head and took the lecture… after all, she was no dummy and knew she had it coming, "I seem to remember you weren't supposed to drive my car when you were drinking.

I also remember you weren't going to see David Watkins, again. Yet, I have to drag my ass out of bed at 4am and go bail your ass out of jail. Why??? Because you were drinking and driving." "But, no… I." "HUSH!" "To top it all off, you were with the sorry bastard that drugged you and intended to rape you… pretty, Goddamned, stupid, isn't it?" "Can I tell you what happened?" "You mean you're side of what happened? Sure, let's hear it… but do not try to convince me you weren't doing something stupid." "The cop stopped me because I was weaving out of my lane.

I really wasn't drunk. The breathalyzer showed I was just barely over the limit. "I was playing with him, Uncle Don. That's what distracted me and made me weave." "Playing with him? Explain." She took a deep breath and hung her head again, "His dick was out and I was playing with it.

I planned to finally give up my virginity last night. I tore his butt up for drugging me that night and told him if he really liked me, he'd make love to me without drugs. So that's it… I went to jail for playing with his dick.

I'm sorry, Uncle Don. If you take away the car, I'll understand and I won't be mad." "What you don't understand, my sweet, naive, little darlin' is that he didn't want to make love to you. He just wanted some pussy; a place to dump cum. Drugging a girl is the easy way. He just wanted to unload himself into an easy piece. "Now, here's what's going to happen.

You and I are going to my bed and get naked. You can play with MY dick and, sooner or later, I'm gonna show you what it feels like to get fucked. I'll also show you what it's like to make love. This gonna happen over and over for a long time… a long, long time.

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I'm talkin' years, maybe… unless you want your Mother and Dad to find out about all that's gone on in the last three weeks." "Oh, no. please don't make me… you know.

And please don't tell Mom and Dad. Oh, God, Uncle Don… yours is so much bigger than David's. It'll tear me in two, maybe even kill me." "Uh, how do you know the size of my cock?" "Oh… I saw it when I was here, the first morning.

You were asleep and it was sticking up." Don dropped his pants and let his shaft fall out in front of the girl, "Take a closer look, Kathryn. Look at it real good, because you are going to know this dick better than any woman, with the exception of your Aunt Carly.

Take it in your hand." She looked up with pleading eyes, but when she saw how serious he was, her hands moved. Taking it in both hands, she squeezed and fondled gently. When she remembered how David's penis looked and felt, her appreciation of Don's began to grow.

"Just one hand, now… put your mouth on it and suck it up and down." Again, her eyes begged for him to let her stop, but she recognized his firmness and enclosed the top of his hard cock with her lips. With his coaching, and pressure on the back of her head, Katie was soon doing an admirable job as Don's new, private cocksucker.

When he felt the pressure building, he stopped her and said, "I could have blown a big load down your throat, right then. But first, get those clothes off. Your virginity is soon to be history." She never argued as they crawled onto the big bed. She knew it was useless. She knew she was about to be killed by her uncle's dick and was ready to meet her fate. "I have a confession to make, too, Katie." She was pleased to hear him call her Katie again… 'Kathryn' was only used when someone was mad at her.

"Remember the soreness on your cunt and the tenderness of your nipples? It's because I sucked your tits and fingered your pussy. You said you are a virgin, but there was no cherry in you." "Mom broke it for me when I was in high school.


She did it so I could wear tampons instead of those bulky pads when I was in my basketball uniform. "You really played with me when I was unconscious?" "Spread your legs, Honey, I'm gonna eat your pussy 'til you cum enough to force some out onto my tongue." From that point on, Katie never questioned another thing Don wanted. He got her juices flowing after her second orgasm. Contrary to her fears, his cock didn't split her in two, nor did it kill her. She was amazed that it was able to fit, although somewhat painful, into her tight cunt.

She experienced a third orgasm as Don filled her with his huge torrent of sperm. On Saturday, he got her to swallow a big load of his warm cum, which tasted good to her. Six months later, Katie has had a few more hard cocks in her, but she's very selective; and although she's on birth control, she's smart enough to make sure her men wear a good quality condom for disease protection… But Friday nights and Saturday mornings are reserved for her favorite uncle… and will be for a long time.