British tourist fucks fake cop pov

British tourist fucks fake cop pov
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Derrick woke up with a start. There was a loud snoring noise that came from the naked body next to his. He looked over at her and shuddered. There wasnothing he hated more than spending a night over at the houses of the random sluts he chose to fuck.

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He edged toward the edge of the bed, trying to sneak out before the blonde tramp could wake up. Just before he set his feet on the floor, he felt a massive pair of tits push up against his naked, muscular back. "Where are you going, lover?" the sultry voice purred in his ear. She turned his face up to hers and kissed him with a fierce hunger. She pushed him back to fall on the bed and straddled his naked form.

Placing her hand on his chest, she trialed it slowly, southwards towards his manhood. She wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it hurriedly. Raising herself up on top of him, she pressed the head of his cock at the entrance of her wet pussy. She slid herself down, enveloping him in her moist sheath.

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Despite the fact that her cunt was far from tight, she couldn't manage to take the whole thirteen inches inside her. She rode him into oblivion. She had multiple orgasms, for what felt like an eternty. "Oh yes!" she cried. "Fuck me with your black cock! It's Big! So big. Ohh! Fuck me." She blacked out from the sheer intensity of the orgasm. By the time she had recovered from the intense pleasure she was facing she realised that he was already half way through dressing up.

She got up and rushed to his side. "Where are you going lover?" she asked as she once again pressed her tits into his musclucar chest. I was going to make us some coffee.

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She wrapped her arms around him in a tight grip. Derriclk sighed and removed himself from her grip. He threw on his shirt and headed towards the door.

"Look lady, it was fun and all, but I gotta go." "But I thought." she trailed off as she tweaked her nipples. "Thought what? That I wanted to date a 40 yearold woman that I picked up at the crappiest bar in town? Are you serious?" he laughed.


"It was just sex. Now like I said, I gotta go. Be seein' ya!" * Derrick knew he was a dick, but he couldn't help it. He just loved pussy too much to limit himself to one source.

In the past week he'd slept with five different and three of them already considered themselves to be dating him. He hated it when women claimed on him. What part of no strings attached sex didn't they understand? He made it clear to every woman he had ever slept with that nothing would develop from it. That's why he avoided sleeping with those he personally knew.

His phone vibrated in his pocket. Smiling as he saw the caller ID. "Hi little sister." "Hey bro, just calling to check up on you." "Awwww, Thanks sis," he grinned. "Well I gotta go. Mom says hie. We love you." "I love you too; both of you." The line went dead. He smiled to himself. Those were the only two women he was capable of loving. His younger sister and his mother. They were his everything.

He grew up in San Fransisco, but moved to Carlifornia right after his college graduation. He went home as often as possible, but he missed them extremely. Those were the last thoughts he had befor he felt someone grab him from behind. Now Derrick was by no means a small man. He was 6'5" and over 250 pounds. He put up a fight but before long he noticed they were three men trying to hold him down.

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He tried to dislodge the two behind him, but only succeeded in knocking down one. Next thing he knew, a rag was pressed into his face. He felt faint and the last thing he felt was a large hand nestling his deflated cock. * Derrick slowly woke up, his mind in a haze. He couldn't see anything, he was completely nestled in darkness. He gathered up all his strength and noticed that he was in a huge room. It was beautifully and expensively furnished.

He looked down and saw that he was lying on an impressive four-poster bed. The room was decorated in ground colours. Mostly all shades of brown and dark shades of yellow. A man's room. The only wierd thing was the bed, which was red and white. The urge to piss suddenly overcame him.

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Derrick rose up and rushed to an adjoining door, which he correctly assumed was the bathroom. Only when he had finished dressing up did he notice that he was wearing robe. It was silky, knee-length and red. HE felt extremely self conscious and was about to look for a way out when the door abruptly swung open. In walked four men. Three of them were tall, none as tall as Derrick, but all over six feet, none-the-less. The three all bore a striking resemblance, and Derrick scowled when he realised that they were the ones he had tried to fight off in the alley.

He saw one of them had a black eye and inwardly grinned when he realised that it was he that had put there. The smugness was short lived as the one with the black eye strode forward directly up to him and grabbed the back of his head.

He pulled Derrick down and before he realise it, they were liplocking. Derrick was completely still while the man moved his mouth over his. He moaned with pleasure as he ground his erection on his thigh. Derrick's senses came flooding back and he pushed the man off him roughly.

"What the fuck!" he shouted. "Why the fuck did you just do that?" The man grinned and licked his lips seductively.

Derrick was surprised when he felt his flaccid cock jump a little at the sight. "I've wanted to do that for a while now. I juct couldn't help myself." Derrick was about to punch him when a deep voice called out. "John, I think you've forgotten your place." He looked over and saw. The fourth man. He was huge. Not in height, he must have been less than five foot eleven.

He was just fat. There was no other way to describe him. He was about 300 pound of pure fat. The guy who had just kissed him, John was his name, lowered his eyes in a show of respect. "I apologise, sir." "Don't let it happen again," the fat man said as he fixed his green eyes on Derrick.

"You've already met John. These two are Mario and Louis." The other two brother, he just assumed they were brothers, nodded in his direction. "And I," the fat man continued, "am Rico. I have a proposition for you, Derrick." Derrick was going to ask how he knew his name, but judging by the cut of their suits and the size of this room, he could tell these men had money and lots of it.

"What do you want?" Derrick demended suspiciously. Rico smiled, revealing dimpled=s on both sides of his cheeks that Derrick found oddly appealing. Rico turned to the three brothers and nudged his head towards the door. They all left quietly and closed the doore after them. Rico gestured towrards the chaise longue. "Take a seat, Derrick." They both sat. "I'm gay, Derrick," Rico began. "I first saw you at a gay bar three months ago.

You walked in and walked right back out when you noticed what kind of bar it was. You fasinated me for some reason. I thought it was because you were black, so I started indulging myself with a multitude of black men, but I could never get you out of my mind.

So I told the boys to tail you. During this time I've discovered three things. You're a hearbreaking womaniser, you're a committment-phobe and you have two weaknesses, your mother and sister. "So I'm going to make you an offer. You either agree to be mine. permanently or I'll send some of my boys down in San Fransisco to repeatedly and violently rape your mother and sister.

I'll tape it and force you to watch it, then I'll let you go." Derrick was silent for a moment, then he broke out in laughter. "I'm not an idiot," he said after his fit of laughter. "How would you find my family?" Rico gave him that dimpled smile again.

"I knew you'd ask that." He pulled out an envelope from the table beside them and handed it to Derrick. He opened it and gaped. Inside were photos of his family house, his mother and sister having meals by their dining room, his sister in lectures and with her friends in college. Even his mother and her sowing group! He glared at Rico with a hatred he had never felt towards anyone before.

Rico was ashamed of his actions, but he knew this was the only way he'd ever get Derrick to be his and only his. That being so, he didn't allow himself to drop his gaze or break their eye contact. Derrick was the first to look away. "I'll do it." Rico smiled. "You'll do what?" "I'll be yours." "Excellent," Rico said as he allowed his lust for this man to finally show. "Now strip." Derrick got up, and hesitated for a second before pulling on the robe.

It fell to his feet and he revealed his naked glory to Rico. Rico's eyes roamed hungrily over Derrick's beautiful body. He was practically salivating. "One more thing Derrick," their gazes connected.

"call me Daddy." "What?" Derrick was clearly buffled. "You heard me, baby. Call me Daddy. at all times." Derrick nodded. "Now lie down on the bed. On your back." He did as he was told. Suddenly he felt his cockhead enveloped in the moist carven of Rico's mouth. He tried his best not to, but it felt so good, he groned out loud. "Ohhhhh, yes! Suck that black cock.

Suck it!" He felt his shaft harden rapidly. Rico's toungue encirled his head slowly, seductively. It trailed down the huge pole. He opened his mouth wide and took at least half of it in his mouth. He slowly took in more and more, inch by inch. He stroked theremianing three inches with his hand. "Oh! Daddy!

Yes. Just like that, just like that." Sprung on by his encouraging words, Rico cupped his balls and kneaded them lovingly. he brought his mouth off of the hard pole an licked the sack whilst making eye contact. He took in one of Derrick's balls into his mouth and sucked on it causing him to suck in a gallon of air.

He switched to the other neglected ball and sucked it into his mouth as well. Derrick was on cloud nine. Never before had a blow job felt so amazing. Rico moved up to the hard shaft again.

He licked off the precum from the head and went down on it, taking his whole length in his with his mouth this time. Derrick grabbed hold of the locks on the back of his Daddy's head. "Daddy, stop. If you continue I'll come too fast." Rico nodded his head and stood up. Derrick then realised that he was still fully clothed.


He stood up as well and reached for the necktie. He loosened it and threw it on the floor, unbuttoned his shirt and the top of his oants in record time.

In the blink of and eye, Derrick had Rico down to his boxers. Rico chuckled. "Looks like somebody's eager." Derrick nibbled on Rico's ear and kissed his neck seductively. "You have no idea, daddy." When he removed the last article of clothing, Derrick wasn't all that surprised to when he saw how small Rico's cock was. It was obviously hard but was onlt three inches long.

Never-the-less, he got onto his knees and took the whole thing into his mouth. Not two minutes paassed before he was pulled away. "I don't want to come two quickly either," Rico gave him that dimpled smile of his. Derrick smiled back and grabbed the lube that was on the small table, not two feet away from them.

He scooped out a dollop of the stuff and smeared it on his cock. He took some more and moved towards Rico, who was already kneeling, spreading his ass cheeks wide. He pushed one finger in and began loosening the tender rosebud. Spending over ten minutes on his task. When he was done, he practically jumped on Rico's back. He brought the head of his throbbing member to the winking rosebud adn pressed slowly.

He didn't stop moving until his balls were nestled in between Rico's ass cheeks and his pubes. "Ugh!" Rico moaned. "I nedd you baby, I need you so bad." Derrick smiled as he began moving slowly within him. He trailed a finger lightly down his back and bent down to kis his neck, all the while still keeping an agonisingly slow pace.

"Fuck me harder, baby!" Rico begged. "Daddy wants you to fuck him!" Grabbing the folds of his lover's stomch from underneath him, Derrick incresed his pace exceedingly.

He fucked like a man on a mission, pistoning his huge cock in and out of the tight boy cunt of his lover. "Oh Daddy! You're so tight!" "Yes, baby! Yes! And all yours." Derrick suddenly paused to flip him over onto his back. His Daddy spread his legs, accepting him once more.


He entered his daddy's Asshole with on full stroke. They fucked for what felt like hours and hours. He brought his mouthdown to his Daddy's. Their lips touched and melded, their tounges sparked and sizzled. It was simply amazing. "I'm coming!" Derrick shouted. "Oh, Daddy I'm coming inside you!" "So am I baby! So am I!" * They lay sated in the aftermath of their passionate mating.

"You know, Daddy," Derrick said as he stroked a chubby leg. "This is the first time I've ever cuddled." They reached for each other and kissed tenderly. "I wasn't going to get your sister and your mother raped, baby," Rico said snuggling impossibly closer. "Oh, I know." "Then why did you agree to be mine?" Derrick shrugged.

"I guess I just had a change of heart."