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Nox watched the priests enter the throne room and sighed. This was the last visitation of the day; maybe after this he could finally get back to the tavern and find Maria. The three approached the throne of the king and knelt.


Nox felt unease stir in his gut. He looked across at his counter part, Aria. She nodded at him; she felt the same on her end. Nox stepped forward a single step and motioned to the King. His Eminence failed to notice the sign. "Now my friends, what can I do for you? A new shrine perhaps? Or…" The King never finished his statement. The leader of the party stood up and blades appeared around him, flashing golden light making the only sign of warning.

A wave of his hand and the blades shot forward. Nox cried out and shielded the princess, sitting beside the queen. Aria was hit in the stomach and fell, though one of the false men fell to a quick spell.

Nox shut his eyes and concentrated as the screams of the king and queen rang out across the court. He released the barrier around the princess and the blades clattered against the marble floor. The three men looked at him with contempt. He growled deep in his throat and their leader looked frightened. "Chimera!" from the shadows on either side of the court a large wolf like beast leapt and screamed, taking one of the priests in his jaws and shaking harshly.

The other two began to run, but Nox was in their way, standing between the bloodied bodies of the king and the queen and the bandits. The murderer attempted to summon more blades; Nox impaled him on a spear before they could appear. The second blew a horn that echoed in the chamber for a long time after Nox let the body fall to the floor. "Chimera, release!" his pet dropped the half carcass of the remaining assassin. The dog leapt forward and sniffed at the body of Aria and that of the queen.

The princess sat unconscious in her throne, having fainted at the first sign of attack. Nox ran to the King; he knew Chimera wouldn't be able to detect if Aria was still alive or not. But the whine that the beast made at the body of the queen was enough of a sign that the assassins were successful.

The King coughed and looked up at Nox and smiled. "My daughter?" "Alive. But milady…" "Do not worry. This was something that we expected… haaaaaa. I have no words left but these: flee and take my daughter with you. Those who chase after you will be the worst of the Kingdom… and the best of friends. But run! Run with her to the Kingdom of my brother, the FalKin. He will protect you and sponsor you against the destruction of my Kingdom.

Protect her… Nox… Protect and obey… the Princess…" As the King's breath left his body, Nox picked up the unconscious figure of the princess. He took a last look at the Royals before walking toward the door to the back of the castle. Chimera leapt up and disappeared into his shadow. The doors shut behind him just as the enemy stormed the entrance to the palace.

Nox set the princess down against a tree and looked up at the orange of the twilight sky. His arms ached and his lungs burned from carrying the young woman so many miles. He was a young man of seventeen years, a man by the right of the world. He was well built, though running for miles with a young girl in his arms was tiring for anyone.

His hair was black as night and long, caught in two braids down his back. His eyes changed colors with his emotion. Behind him in the distance smoke rose from the capitol city.

Nox sighed and shut his eyes, listening carefully for the sound of running water. He caught a very faint sound to his right. Picking up the princess, he started off toward the sound of water. Finally, when the sun had set completely, they reached a small pond full of water. Nox set the princess down again, making sure her berth was comfortable, and took a ring of red glass from his hand. Holding the ring in his fingers, he felt the glass heat up and then burst into flame.

The flame did not burn his hand, though it should have. Nox concentrated a little harder and the flame covered his entire hand. He threw the ring into the pond and the water leapt and hissed.

Nox thought of the ring and felt its magic, poured more into it until the heat had warmed the natural spring to the heat of a warm bath. He threw a glance at the princess and smiled; she would not wake for a long while.

He threw off his shirt, marking where it fell and throwing his pants away as well. Suddenly he was stopped by the sound of a giggle. Turning around, Nox found the face of a young mermaid staring up at him. Nox smiled down at her. "Something wrong miss?" "You're a crafty boy, heating the pool like this. I felt magic in my stream and decided that I should come investigate… I thought perhaps one of my sisters had come up my stream from the great river Bath." She looked at him and grinned.

Nox smiled back. The young creature was certainly a treasure: long brown hair that floated around her in the water.

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Her eyes danced from light blue to aquatic green of tropical oceans to the icy color of the stream in winter, and her face was the picture of beauty, inhuman but lustful to look at. Her arms were crossed on the bank, covering her sweet breasts from Nox's view. Down her back the length of her hair that wasn't wet was plastered to her bare back. Below her waist, her tail was slim; Nox could barely make out the shape of her human legs.

Nox had been in the wild enough to know that not ALL mermaids were Sirens. Some had the decency to enjoy human company, especially that of men.

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He understood that mermaids only came to travellers at the scent of magic. For a short while, mermaids had come to distrust the decency of regular mortals; men had found mermaids and sold them as trophies. But Nox had told the king and stopped all that. "Well, I'm no mermaid… but I wouldn't mind the company, if you do not mind the heated water." She smiled and spun, drifting backwards into the water and swimming playfully. Nox threw a glance at the princess; she was a young, virgin girl; she had never seen the like of what was about to happen between them.

Nox picked her up and shut his eyes, searching the earth for safe places. Mother Nature happily showed him a cave that was very near to where the pool was. Just around the outcrop from which the spring poured, in fact. Nox smiled and walked the princess to the cave, setting her on a bundle of cloaks that Nox had grabbed as they'd left the castle. She was comfortable enough; Nox didn't need more than a few hours sleep to maintain his current level of ability, so he felt no remorse giving the princess the bedding.

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He stretched and walked out of the cave toward the pool. He could feel the warmth emanating from the pool and see the glow that the flame cast above the water. Nox smiled and slipped into the water as the mermaid swam up beside him and playfully caressed his shoulder. "My apologies, friendly maid. I'm Nox, but I never obtained your name." she smiled at him and Nox caught a glimpse of her fangs.

Still, he felt no animosity toward him in her heart, and no hunger either. She was simply a playful young thing who enjoyed the company of men. "Does my name matter?" Nox smiled and nodded at her. "Well, should you truly desire it, my name is… Claria." Her voice dropped to a whisper, warm wet breath in his ear as her scales shimmered under the water and her fingers danced over his skin.

Her touch was almost as intoxicating as her voice, sultry and magical. Nox knew the effect of a mermaids voice; he had been around them enough to understand that it made anyone desire her company. But Nox had learned how to shake off the effect of the voice. He spun around to face her, startling her.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, feeling the change from smooth skin to rough scales. Her breasts pressed against his chest and he felt her nipples poking him. She smiled at him as he leaned down toward her. "Kind Claria… I hope you'll pardon me this…" their lips met and Nox felt magic pour into his head, making him feel groggy. He wanted her so much; it had been very long since he'd had a lover like a mermaid.

Her hands ran into his black hair and her fingernails scraped lightly at his scalp as their tongues met. Nox pushed them out into the center of the pool and found a small rise in the center, where an island might once have stood against the stream. Standing on it, he became aware that he could at any point slip off the rock and drown in Claria's embrace.

But that made his head even more clouded, as the threat of death always did. Claria moaned and pushed on his chest, parting their kiss and grinning impishly at him. Slipping beneath the water, she pulled down his undershorts and took his hardened shaft in her hands. Nox groaned as her lips took his shaft inside of them. He had gone two weeks without release; now as Claria began to suck and lick his head, he tensed and shot his seed into her mouth.

She made no sound of any discomfort and swallowed the entire load. Nox felt her lips leave him and heard the sound of her head breaking water, but his eyes remained closed. Her body pressed against his and he embraced her tightly, making her squeal as he pressed his lips to hers, ignoring the salty taste. When the kiss broke she smiled at him.

"It has been a while since you've had a woman, hasn't it?" Nox grinned at her. "My job is stressful and I have little time… But tonight I intend to make up for the lost time." He leaned down and suckled at one breasts and placed on hand just under the mound of her ass.

He fell back into the water and kicked them until they had reached a shallow bank, on which he stepped out of the water. Claria squealed at the feeling of Nox's experienced tongue on her nipple and breast. As her feet left the water, Nox felt the scales covering her body melt away and his hand, placed under her silky rear, held her up as her legs opened to him and wrapped around his waist.

Nox walked until he felt grass under his feet and laid the two of them down, releasing her nipple and pressing his hot lips to her waiting mouth. Reaching down, he corrected his aim and pressed his shaft into her sex.

The feeling made them both gasp in pleasure.

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He released her from the kiss and sat up on his knees. She looked at him with lust dancing in her eyes like fire, and Nox remembered why he enjoyed the company of mermaids.

She let out an animal groan as he pushed deeper into her body, filling her with his length. "Oh yes… fill me baby, love me, use my body, love me and use me…" her words were whispered in the low, sexy voice that she had spoken her name in.

Hearing her words Nox smiled down at her and pulled back, making her mewl in disappointment before he pushed into her harder, making her squeal.

She smiled at him and flashed her fangs, a sign of enjoyment among her kind. Nox grunted and gripped her hips tight as he began to enjoy her body. The sight of her breasts bouncing with the force of his strokes, the sound of her breath between her lips and teeth, the smell of sex and water and mermaid perfume, the pleasure of her tight snatch around his tool… He pushed her harder and harder, gaining more reward for his efforts as they grew closer and closer to the bliss they both sought.

Nox leaned down and caught one of her bouncing tits as he sped up, feeling the shudder that coursed through her small figure as he did so. A few more thrusts and she let out a moan that threatened to wake the Princess; Nox had forgotten about her majesty, but he didn't mind if she saw his sin.

He wanted to finish the young beauty he had at his mercy. She seized up and cried out several times as her body writhed under the poison of pleasure. Nox didn't stop, but sped up as she came. Her moans petered off to the sound of his cock sliding inside of her dripping sex, the sound of skin lightly sliding against skin and slapping every few moments, the sound of moans and sin and pleasure and love. Nox knew he wouldn't last mush longer, but he wanted so much more of Claria's body.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers as his orgasm rose in his loins. He pushed one final time into her, feeling the end of her tunnel as he pushed deep, and released his seed into her body.

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She cried out silently, breath rasping through her lips as saliva edged her lips and her body accepted his gift. Nox pulled his withering shaft from her hot slit and fell to the grass next to her. They both lied there for a short time. Nox lost track of time, only knowing that at some point, Claria slid over to him and cuddled against his body, her warmth kind against the cold night. Her lips met his and they kissed.

Nox felt his shaft stirring once more and smiled into the kiss.


Claria noticed the growth in his loins and chuckled sweetly, wrapping one of her delicate hands around his shaft and moaning in his kiss. Nox let his arms caress her pale, bare back and she gasped at the feeling as goose bumps rolled over her body. Suddenly he dropped his hands down, under her ass and rolled them over.

She squealed and laughed at him, but she rose up and straddled his body, aligning his cock with her creamy tunnel. He entered her sex and groaned again, pushing all the way to the back of her depths and stretching her.

Opening his eyes Nox looked at Claria and moaned. Her fingers were squeezing and caressing her breasts, her eyes were shut and her body was grinding hard against his hips while she pushed her self up and down on his shaft.

She noticed his eyes and smiled, grabbing one of his hands and placing it on her breast, sliding her free hand down into the valley of her thighs to stroke her love button. Her moans became harsh when her fingers found it and began stroking lightly. Her movements became short, desperate. Her breath grew ragged and her skin quivered under her fingers and Nox's attention.

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Nox released her breast, to her disappointment, and grabbed her hips. She grinned down at him and gasped as he pulled her body down onto his member. He pushed her up until his shaft was released and pulled her back down, making her squeal in pleasure and beg for more.

Nox smiled and rocked his hips up into hers, slapping his crotch against hers as he filled her sex with his meat. He caught her eyes and smiled as she came, jerking and crying as his shaft pushed against the depths of her sex. He was too much for her, but neither of them cared. Claria screamed in pleasure and grabbed her tits, squeezing them roughly while the rest of her body rocked against Nox's shaft.

She came again, pushing Nox closer and closer to his own orgasm as she screamed and mounted him like an animal. Nox couldn't stop himself. He was groaning and shoving her body up and down on his length, not caring about her pain or pleasure; The scent of her perfume, her desire, the sex in the air and the sight of her body writhing in the pleasure of their union made him desperate.

Finally Nox rolled them over and kissed her, ramming his cock into the back of her sex and filling her for the third time. She came once more, this time writhing under him until Nox passed out from the pleasure of release. The next morning, Nox awoke before dawn, as was his custom.

Claria was in the pool, allowing the water to restore her. Nox rose and walked into the water and grinned as she saw him. "Well, you recover quickly." she smiled and swam close to him, allowing Nox to embrace her and kiss her. "I don't require much sleep. And after last night, I feel refreshed. I wish I could have you again, but…" he darted his eyes to the cave and the mermaid giggled. "Is she your wife? Is she what made last night so incredible?" Nox laughed at her smile.

She was a trickster, to enjoying cheating women of their men. "No, my charge. I was ordered to protect her by a nobleman.

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But she is young and innocent. So I need to dress, and meet her when she awakes." Claria looked disappointed. "With how long you last, I suppose we won't have time for one more… but I want you to fill my body one more time any way. You're a talented young man… cant you make her sleep a little longer?" "Sorry, my sweet.

But we must go soon." Claria sighed and kissed him. He held her in the kiss a long time, even pulled her body out of the water and pushed his hardened shaft into her body. She shuddered and groaned as he filled her. "Oh, you tease… fuck yes, fill me one more time…" Nox smiled and kissed her, pushing hard into her body and relishing it.

They didn't last long, after their sleep; sorcerers never do. After a few minutes they were writhing in mutual pleasure and Nox filled her body with his seed for the fourth time.

They parted happy and clean. The sun rose as Nox donned his clothes. He saw Claria's scales flash as she swam away. He smiled ruefully and wished to have her back more than anything. But he turned and walked toward the cave in which the Princess rested.