Schlampe Ficken Fotze Zu Meinem Ex gf

Schlampe Ficken Fotze Zu Meinem Ex gf
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I'd been riding horses all my life, I currently have 4 horses and employ a girl called Claire as my groom. She looks after the horses and tacks them up ready for me to ride, I have a very easy but somewhat spoiled life, some would say I was a spoilt brat.

Today I decided to do some roadwork with this particular horse and to follow a bridle path to enable me to do some canter work to keep him fit.

I can't deny that the delicious feeling of my clit against the saddle turns me on and often dismount my horse feeling wet and slippery in my panties and breeches. Claire has the horse ready and off I go. It's a warm sunny day and I have on a sleeveless tee-shirt and skimpy bra, I normally wear a sports bra but it is so warm I do not want the restriction and am enjoying the feeling in my nipples as they bounce and graze against the fabric.

I am also quite wet in my cunt as the vigorous movement of the horse cantering has rubbed my clit to overdrive. I have just pulled my horse up from his final canter and happen across two walkers who appear lost and ask for my assistance as it is quite a remote bridle path.

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They ask me to look at their map but as the horse would be startled if I tried to look at it whilst sat on the horse I dismount to help them. As I stand between the men to point out their route, one of them grabs my arms behind me and ties them together with a cable tie, I shout out in protest but no-one can possibly hear me I'm miles from anywhere out in the countryside.

We are at the edge of a field that has recently had its straw baled and dotted here and there are large straw bales about the height of a table. One of the men holds me and the other pulls my t-shirt over my head and leaves the shirt bunched up behind my neck and shoulders exposing my bra, he then produces a knife and cuts my bra from me leaving me naked on my top half, I try and fight but with my hands tied I feel rather helpless.

He then pulls down my zipper on my breeches and using the knife he cuts the seam down between my legs and back up between my buttocks leaving just the waistband in tact.

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Due to the elasticity and tightness of the fabric of my riding breeches my panties and buttocks are instantly revealed as the fabric springs apart. Again he takes his knife and cuts my panty straps and tries to pull them away but because my crotch was so wet the fabric is stuck between the clefts of my cunt and he tucks his fingers in between my pussy lips to pull the fabric away.

He comments to his friend that I am soaking wet and sniffs and licks my panties which are sopping wet he then licks his glistening fingers and grunts in satisfaction at my musky flavour. His friend continues to hold me from behind whilst the other one crouches down to take a closer look at my naked cunt commenting to his friend that it is hairless. He grunts at me to open my legs more, I am rigid with fear and also with some curiosity, his friend twists my arms upwards causing me pain so I immediately shift my feet further apart.

His big hands go between my legs and roughly open my pussy lips and his large coarse fingers grope at my wetness. He shoves one of his fingers up into my cunt and pumps it in and out, although I should be terrified, my pussy is still wet from bumping and grinding on the saddle and makes a slurping noise.

I must confess I am enjoying the sensation but don't let on. His friend holds onto my hands behind my back with one hand and roughly gropes and tweaks my nipples with his other, his breath is foul, and my nipples are so sensitive from already being rubbed against my bra from riding and this just immediately makes them hard but he is rough and I whine in pain.

They decide they cannot do what they want to me where we are standing and drag me over to a straw bale and push me back onto it, the stalks of the straw are prickly against my buttocks and back. My legs dangle over the end and my head hangs over the other end. One of the men pulls my legs apart and brings his face down to my cunt and starts to lick my pussy like some starved animal, he grunts and slurps into my wet snatch.

He has a slight growth of beard and he rubs his rough bristles against my soft skin as he hungrily rubs his mouth and lower face into my wet crotch.


He starts to lick my clit vigorously, paying huge attention to my button which starts to turn me on and make me even wetter, he is like a deranged man wanting my juices and I cannot help but be turned on by his hunger.

He inserts one of his large fat fingers into my sloppy wet opening and crooks his finger in a hook like shape which starts to massage my g-spot, by now my whines of wanting him to stop turn to moans of encouragement; I cannot help but want to cum even though I know it is wrong!

In the meantime his friend has sat astride my shoulders and unzipped his fly. His cock is already hard and he grabs my hair and pulls my head up towards his manhood and tries to jam it into my mouth. I clamp my mouth firmly closed, I don't suck cock for anyone!

He forces his dirty, smelly fingers in my mouth and forces it open and forcefully rams his cock in. I want to bite it but he has his hand on my throat and threatens to tighten his grip unless I suck his cock deep.

As he yanks my head back and forth I am left with no choice but to suck his cock, it's that or he chokes me. I am not sure what is making me gag, his hand on my throat or his big fat cock buried in my mouth. I have no choice but to suck his cock, my saliva is dribbling down my chin and he fucks my mouth hard. In the meantime I am building to orgasm down below; his savage chewing on my clit button coupled with the fat rough finger in my cunt is building me to boiling point.

I suddenly feel my leg muscles tighten and my orgasm rushes through me but he continues as urgently as ever to chew and pump me, I want to push him away so that I can enjoy the orgasm surging through my body, I want him to stroke me gently but he continues to lick and finger fuck me aggressively. As my orgasm subsides I am desperate for him to stop but am unable to speak due to the cock in my mouth, this causes my body to immediately build to another orgasm and I flood his face with my juices, he again continues to pump and my third orgasm causes me to squirt fluid all over his face, he drinks, slurps and laps out my clit and cunt, he finally stops leaving me sore but satiated.

My cunt feels red raw and on fire. I feel the cock in my mouth stretch bigger as he builds to orgasm and pumps a huge wad of sticky, ropey cum into the back of my throat, if I don't swallow it down I will choke. I am exhausted and lay on the straw bale panting, my mouth tasting of salty cum and my pussy sore from being chewed, finger fucked and scraped by my bristly bearded assailant.

Before I have time to recover the man fucking me with his fingers decides he wants to fuck me with his cock, unzips his fly and pulls out his huge fat cock. Without even hesitating he rams his cock past my open legs and into my cunt fully deep, I protest loudly as my cunt lips are stretched and his cock is rammed in to the hilt. He plunges his hips back and forth as hard as he can, ploughing his cock in and out of my cunt roughly, I can hear his cock and balls slapping against my wet cunt; he demands that I cum for him but I say I just can't do it on demand and shake my head.

He starts to rub my clit with his thumb; he's obviously experienced in pleasing a woman as instantly the tingling feeling between my legs starts to build, he is rough on my already bruised clit but I have no choice as I need to cum for him. As I start to orgasm for the fourth time in such a short while his cock thickens to even more substantial proportion stretching my cunt walls which are already sore from his rough fingering and he grunts as his orgasm is roughly pumped into me.

My cunt muscles grip and stroke his cock and coat it in my juices. I am exhausted, I suddenly feel dizzy and black out. I come round to find myself on my front with the guy who I cock sucked fucking me from behind, he is fucking my so hard my tits are grazing against the coarse straw.

He is as savage as his friend and roughly pulls my bum cheeks apart to gain deeper access. My cunt is sloppy from his mate's fucking and he just doesn't seem to care, he fucks me hard, I am so sore how much more can I take I wonder? His friend grabs my knees and pulls me open wider and his accomplice fucks me even harder, I am so sore and his cock slams into me causing me to grunt as he rams in and out of me.

Suddenly I feel hands near my anus, I am rigid with shock, he tries to insert a finger in my arsehole but it is clenched too tight, he waits for my sphincter to relax and eases his finger in. The pain initially is excruciating but once that subsides, the pressure he is applying through my arse to my cunt walls is unbelievable and I start to feel yet another orgasm building, I am being fingered in the arse and fucked like the world is about to end and I am loving it!

His cock swells and pumps into me and once again full of ropes and ropes of this stranger's cum and my orgasm sends my body into juddering fits as I cream all over his cock and squirt him with my fluids. I am so exhausted I pass out again, my body is so sore how much more can they do to me?

When I come to my hands have been unfastened and the men are nowhere to be seen and my beloved horse is grazing close by. I scrabble off the bale of straw and find my bra and panties but then realise they are useless to me as the straps have been cut. I pull my top over my head and make my top half decent and walk over to my horse and lead him back over to the straw bale. I scrabble up on onto the straw bale and climb back into the saddle, it is not until I sit down on it that I realise that my pussy and buttocks are naked against the leather.

Although initially the coolness of the leather against my hot angry flesh is soothing, I soon realise that I have to ride home like this and it is a good hour's ride away! By the time I get home, I am in agony, I am red raw and desperate to get off! Fortunately it is late evening and I manage to hack home without passing any cars or people. Claire comes out to meet me, she has been so worried where I'd been but can instantly see my nakedness, she ushers me and my horse into the barn and closes the doors.

She helps me dismount from my horse as I am so exhausted, as I slide out of the saddle and down to the floor, I feel one of her cool hands on my buttocks as she helps me down it feels delicious against my inflamed skin. She passes me a towel to cover myself and leaves my standing in the yard whilst she puts the horse away.

Then she leads me into the wash bay telling me I need to clean up, she helps me remove my boots, socks and breeches and motions me to sit in a plastic patio chair in the middle of the room, I watch her closely as her eyes are riveted to my pussy, I cannot understand why she does not seem really concerned with what has happened to me!

She disappears off and fetches a clean sponge and starts to hose cold water onto my pussy, I am sure if it were possible my cunt would be steaming as it is so hot and red raw, the coldness is so soothing and she gently tries to sponge the area clean.

The sponge is painful against my skin almost abrasive so I ask her if she would mind using her bare hands as it hurts too much. She obliges without hesitation which I find odd but somewhat erotic as she seems to be enjoying what she is doing and she proceeds to gently wash me.

She smoothes the water over my slit gently stroking my skin with her wet hands and asks me to sit more forward and open my legs further so she can clean me. Her fingers lightly caress my pussy and gently prize open my lips allowing the water to wash over my clit and cunt opening, the cool water and her hands are heaven to me. She strokes her fingers up and down from clit to my arsehole and although I am sore her attention is starting to turn me on and my breathing increases as I watch her fingers and the water massaging me.

She looks me directly in the eyes and asks me if I mind what she is doing, I immediately reply that I don't and that is feels very nice, She continues to softly stroke me and soon realises that it isn't just the water making me wet as a bead of milky juice appears at my cunt opening. She gets up and turns the water off and I sadly wonder if her ministrations are finished but she returns to me with a towel and drops to her knees again in front of me.

Again she looks me in the eye and asks me if I want drying so I nod my head. She gently dabs the towel everywhere but my cunt then she moves her face closer to my pussy to the point that I can feel her breath on my skin.

She gently parts my lips with her cool hands and starts to gently lick my slit up and down. By now my cunt is again aching for all the right reasons and she probes her tongue deeper and deeper into my now parted lips and starts to lap up my juices.

She then takes my engorged clit between her lips and teeth and sucks it; she closes her mouth over me and sucks loudly causing vibrations on my clit then massaging it with her tongue. I grab her hair and pull her mouth tighter onto my cunt and rock my hips grating my twat up and down on her mouth. It doesn't take much for me to orgasm, I am wracked with spasms and I squirt fluid over her face, the second wave comes and she catches my squirt in her mouth and swallows it and she slows her attentions and softly cleans my cunt of it's cum, I am sure she tastes the rapist's cum too.

She turns her head to look at me and says she has always wanted to do that to me, she has worked for me for years and I didn't even realise she had the hots for me. I pull her to me and hold her close, whispering in her ear, she only had to ask and I would have been happy to oblige, but pointing out that it needn't finish there. I get up and led her upstairs to the comfort of the tack room and close and lock the door.

I had an overwhelming urge to satisfy her and told her to remove her clothes. She stood before me naked; I removed my top and stepped forward to kiss her hungrily on the lips. Our mouths met and opened, our tongues dancing with one another, the softness of her mouth after the roughness of the men was so delicate and erotic.

My hands sought her tiny breasts and stroked and rubbed her nipples with my fingers and she moaned into my mouth as they become hard little buds. I bent down and taking each nipple in my mouth sucked and played with each one until it became red and hard, by now her breathing had increased and she was moaning softly.


I stroked her back and buttocks tracing the cleft between her legs, she instinctively placed one foot up onto one of the tack trunks so I could explore between her legs.

She was very wet, so wet it had started to trickle down her thigh, I scooped up the liquid and massaged it back into her pussy causing her to moan loudly as I touched her. I stroked my fingers backwards and forwards between her arse and the top of her slit on each upward stroke I circled her clit button applying pressure tickling it teasingly.

I ventured towards her cunt opening and slowly inserted a finger until it was knuckle deep, she was so wet and opened her legs further to allow my fingers deeper into her. As I started to pump my finger back and forwards she held me tightly and moaned in my ear to help her come and to fuck her harder, I inserted my two middle fingers palm upturned and pumped into her.

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Her juices were running onto my hand she was so wet! I stopped what I was doing and told her to sit on the edge of the tack box.

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I knelt before her in between her already parted legs. I put my face to her pussy and started to lick her hungrily, mopping up her juices and massaging her clit with my tongue, she clutched my head and held me close as I increased the pressure as she moaned loudly.

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I inserted one, then two and then three fingers into her cunt, pumping them in to knuckle deep and then out. I flicked my tongue over and over her clit, chewing it willing her to cum. I felt her cunt muscles tighten as her moaning increased and she started her orgasm, her cunt walls grabbed at my fingers as I felt the orgasm course through her, her juices pushed past my fingers and covered my hand, I licked her slowly as her body subsided and showed her her juices in my hand as I brought them to my mouth and licked my hand clean.

Once she had caught her breath she took both my hands and looked me in the eyes.

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She then went on to explain that she had fancied me for years, ever since she started working for me but I hadn't even given her a passing glance. She then confessed that the two men who 'raped' me were her brother and his mate and she had paid them and orchestrated the 'rape' attack in the vain hope that I would notice her one way or the other. Well it had worked but I did not have the heart to tell her I had enjoyed the bristly men's ministrations however battered and bruised they left me!

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Then to come home to her attentions had been the icing on the cake much as I love cock I also love the soft caress of a woman, she clearly worshipped me and couldn't wait to play with her again!