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Hot emo gay boys masturbating movies Kamyk is the lucky one to get in
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It began when I was twelve years old; my father left us to be with another woman, and my mom submersed herself in drugs and alcohol.

It was like she had given up altogether. She didn't want to get a job; she didn't care about keeping the utilities on, or keeping the house clean, or even keeping food in the house. All she wanted to do was stay drunk and high, and she didn't care how she did it. She began bringing guys home from the bar and god knows where else. Eventually my brother and I became a burden; an obstacle standing in the way of her being free to do what she wanted. I overheard her one-day talking to her sister and convinced her to take my eight-year-old brother and myself in.

That afternoon our things were packed and we were unceremoniously dumped at my aunt's doorstep without even a "goodbye". Our aunt Stacy was about thirty-five, single, and generally not much to look at.

She stood five foot three, with a slender build but with a little bit of flab around her midsection. She had straight stringy brown hair that came about half way down her D-cup breasts. We'd not had much exposure to our aunt, and why she even agreed to take us in was beyond me; but there we were standing at the door of her tiny, run-down house.

I knocked and moments later the door jerked open and we were staring face-to-face with our new caretaker. With a disdainful sneer she ordered us into the house quickly adding that we not say one damn word. Dinner that night consisted of canned spaghetti that we had to share.

We slept on pallets on the living room floor, which we were required to have put away before she got up in the morning. Not that it was a problem because she usually didn't get up until around eleven. Mornings usually consisted of cold cereal accompanied with cartoons ,until our aunt got up and changed the TV to watch trashy talk shows.

This went on for a few weeks and then one morning when my brother and I were getting a little carried away playing, our aunt stormed out of her room and began screaming at us…naked. Her hair was a mess, as it usually was when she awoke, and was kinked up enough that her saggy breasts were completely exposed.

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Her areolas were dark brown, easily the size of a baseball, and capped off with three-quarter-inch long nipples. Four droopy flaps made up her stomach that hung down just above a fully un-manicured mat of dark brown pubic hair.

My brother and I stood completely stunned with mouths agape. Neither one of us had ever seen a nude woman before, save for our father's porn magazines.

She stood screaming at us, but her words didn't register with us at all. Once she finished her rant she came to the realization that she had neglected to dawn her usual heavily stained robe. Rather than try to atone for her oversight she advanced a few steps into the room as a maniacal smirk formed across her lips.

"You boys have never seen a naked woman before; have you?" She said in a lowering tone. Our expressions never relented but I'm sure I mustered a slow shake of my head. She laughed aloud and pointed to me. "Bobby" She said in a condescending way, "I bet your little cock is getting hard; isn't it?" I was completely taken aback. Never had I even heard a comment like that, much less been confronted with such an accusation.

I adamantly shook my head from side to side in complete denial. "Drop your shorts." She demanded. The shaking of my head intensified. She lunged forward and slapped me across the face, halting my denying gesture.

I immediately burst into tears and my brother quickly followed suit. "I said take off your shorts!" she screamed, and with that she grabbed two handfuls of fabric and yanked my shorts down exposing my semi-erect penis. "That's what I thought." she hissed. She then turned to my brother and ordered him do the same, to which I cried out, "No!" and was backhanded for my effort. Begrudgingly and still crying, Billy lowered his shorts, exposing himself to our aunt.

Stacy stood laughing at us uncontrollably. "You dirty little bastards. Look at those pathetic little dicks. You'd better hope the puberty fairy comes to visit you real goddamned soon. Well, now that we're all naked, you two'd better get to jerking off." Stacy sat reclined on the couch with her legs slightly spread apart. "Billy", she said sternly, "watch Bobby and do what he does." Stacy leaned forward quickly as if to slap me again and barked, "You'd better start stroking that little thing before I knock your damned head off!" I had jerked off before while looking at one of dad's magazines, but I had never dreamed of admitting to it, much less committing the act in front of someone…especially a relative.

With tears still rolling down my cheek, I took hold of my now erect, five-inch penis, and began shuffling my hand over the length of it. My brother watched for a moment and began imitating my actions, for fear of getting hit as I had. Stacy leaned back and crossed her legs watching with a demented smile as my little brother and I stood before her, stroking our own genitals. "Faster!" She yelled.

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I pumped my fist over my cock more intently and within a few minutes I could feel a quaking deep in my feet, rising up my legs and resulting in a small amount of cum erupting from the tip of my rubbed-red penis. "That's it?" Stacy questioned mockingly.


Leaning forward she ran her index finger across the tip of my penis and collected the small amount of jizum that was still clinging to me, and shoved her soiled finger into my mouth. "Here, taste it!" She shrieked. I was appalled by the taste of the salty jam that had been inserted into my mouth.

And yet for the first time in my young life, I was a bit turned on by what had just transpired. She slanted her gaze toward my brother and told him to stop. "You're too young yet to cum, so you're off the hook…for now". Stacy stood up shoving each of us to the side as she made her way past us toward her room. She stopped as she got to the door and exclaimed, "Now I'd better not hear another peep out of either one of you for the rest of the day." And with that she entered her room slamming the door behind her.

Neither one of us made so much as an audible sigh the entire day. A now robed Stacy emerged from her room a few hours after the morning incident had taken place. She made her way into the kitchen and tossed a box of cold pizza on the floor before us. Frightened, we nibbled on the remnants of last nights dinner, but I couldn't help be steal small glances of aunt Stacy as she watched television.

I could still see those drooping breasts jiggling as she laughed.


The way they lagged behind and then quickly caught up with her torso as she recoiled from slapping me. The way her nipples balled up into pointy nubs as she watched my brother and I masturbate. I could feel my penis getting erect as it pushed against my shorts. I did my best to hide my boner and continued eating, trying to focus on the TV in hopes I could take my mind off of my aunt.

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That night my brother moved his pallet a little closer to mine. After Stacy had gone into her room and her snoring had commenced, Billy whispered to me, "Bobby, when aunt Stacy made us do that, were you scared?" "Mmhmm", I replied. "So was I." He paused for a moment. "But I kinda liked it too." He admitted. "Well you shouldn't" I responded in a low voice, "aunt Stacy is a witch and I'm pretty sure what she did was wrong.

Mom never made us do anything like that." And with that I rolled over with a huff and fell asleep a short time later. The next morning Stacy entered into the living room, naked again. She grabbed a handful of my brother's hair and dragged him to the couch.

With her free hand she reached behind the lamp and produced a baby monitor and shoved it into Billy's face. "So you liked it huh? I heard every goddamned word the two of you said last night. Now you're gunna do something I like" Billy burst into tears and began exclaiming, "I'm sorry aunt Stacy, I didn't mean it, honest, I didn't…" Before he could finish pleading, Stacy yanked Billy by the hair toward her crotch, releasing the monitor and clutching another fistful of hair, she shoved his face into her dark patch of pubic hair.

Billy's screams were muffled by her thighs now clinched around his head. "Lick it you little son of a bitch! Lick my pussy!" Stacy screamed. She looked straight at me still holding my brother's hair. "You!

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You think I'm a witch? You haven't seen anything yet! Now drop those shorts and come here!" She demanded. I reluctantly obeyed and shuffled over to her with my head hung low, anticipating another slap. Stacy grabbed my erect penis and squeezed it until I cried out. "Now I'm gunna show you how to jerk off." She said angrily. My brother, still sobbing, was licking her hairy cunt feverously, then Stacy began thrusting her hand over my cock while still maintaining a tight grip on it.

After a moment, she pulled Billy's head back letting go of my dick long enough to wipe her hand across her pussy before reinserting Billy's nose back into it. She gripped my penis again and began stroking once more. Her lubed hand wasn't nearly as course now, but her juices caused my rashed penis to sting a bit.

Stacy pumped my cock furiously until I felt the tingling in my feet again. It raced up my legs and before I could react, I was dribbling semen across her fingers. Stacy flung my brother to the floor and shoved her sticky, jiz-covered fingers into her mouth. "Not bad" she chortled.

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"I'm amazed your little dick could produce anything that good." Stacy grabbed my ear and pulled me to her crotch. "Now it's your turn to show me what you've got.

Now eat me you little fucker!" She forced my face into her musty pussy, still damp from my brother's saliva. I extended my tongue to accept my first ever taste of hair pie.

Stacy reached down and pulled Billy to his feet, demanding that he remove his shorts. I couldn't see what was going on, but I'm sure she was giving him the exact same treatment she had given me only minutes ago. I could feel her thighs squeezing my head, pushing my nose right against her clit and forcing my tongue deep inside her. I continued lapping at her sticky flaps of loose skin and a short time later her body began to shutter. All at once I felt a blast of hot liquid splash over the submerged portion of my face.

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Part of sticky substance began oozing into my mouth, and I had no choice but to swallow it. It tasted a little like my own cum that she forced me to consume the day before…only, sweeter. Stacy yanked me by my hair to the floor. Now I could see her scowling at me as she rammed her hand over Billy's penis. Billy began to quake as he let out a little squeal.

He was having his first orgasm, but because he was so young, his body had not yet started producing semen; so it was a dry ejaculation. By now my cock was fully erect again.


Stacy released Billy's penis and pushed him aside. "What do we have here?" Stacy ask. "Looks to me like you liked eating your aunt's pussy." I motioned to hide my erection only to be scolded harshly for my action. Stacy lurched forward and slapped me hard across the face "Did I tell you that you could cover it?" She shrieked inquisitively. "N-n-nooo" I cried. Stacy was straddling me, sitting atop my stomach with her finger pressed against my nose.

She slapped me once more. Trembling with a fury like I had never seen before, she continued berating me for trying to hide my penis. I was beginning to lose me erection when I noticed her breasts rubbing against my chest and chin. The sensation of her soft flesh on mine immediately caused my dick to spring back to life.

Stacy began shuffling her ass down my pelvis until the head of my cock was just between her pussy lips. "Do you want to put your tiny dick inside me, you little bastard?" She questioned.

I stared up at her wide-eyed, unable to respond. She slapped me once more across the cheek. "Answer me you little shit! Do you want to fuck your aunt?" I glanced at Billy still sitting on the floor with a look of horror painted on his face.

I could feel my anger growing. My hatred for Stacy flamed within me. Without thinking, I responded to her. "Yes! I want to fuck you! I want fuck you and make it hurt. Just like you hurt Billy and me!" Stacy sat up and laughed boisterously. She laughed so hard that she rolled off of me. "Do you really think you could hurt me with that little dick of yours?

Not even if you shoved it in my ass, you little bastard." Stacy grabbed each of us by the hair and shoved our faces to her tits. "Suck 'em you little fuckers!" Stacy exclaimed.

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I had fallen asleep the night before thinking of her big saggy breasts. I don't know why, but I instinctually wanted to suck on her breasts. I opened my mouth and accepted her stiff rubbery nipple into it. Stacy whacked me in the back of the head and told me if I bite her she would rip my dick off. I could her Billy suckling her tit almost in synch with me. Stacy let out a deep sigh and out of the corner of my eye, I could see her rubbing her crotch.

"Let me tell you something; both of you", Stacy said. "You're living in my house, eating my food. I make the rules here.

If either one of you ever says a word of what goes on here, I'm gunna make you wish you'd never been born. Second, you do as I tell you, when I tell you. If I tell you to drop your shorts, they'd better be dropped. If I tell you to jerk off, you jerk off. If I want you to eat my pussy, you'd better get down and eat me like it's your last fucking meal. And I'll tell you when you can fuck me.

But it's not gunna be for a long time. And if I ever catch either one of you talking about me like you did last night…I'm gunna make you do things you could never imagine in your wildest dreams.

Is that understood?" I glanced up at my aunt with her nipple still cradled on my tongue and nodded in hesitant agreement.

"Good!" Stacy barked. "Now keep sucking my tits until I tell you to stop."