Anal con angie en su cuarto

Anal con angie en su cuarto
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So I have been a photographer for over 11 years but I have always photographed women in glamour or art nude styles. Personally though I am bi-sexual and love the hot and steamy sessions with guys just as much as with girls. Recently I opened my own photo studio and with that in mind I had the perfect opportunity to have some extra fun on my photoshoots. I have fucked a good few female models on shoots in the past and thought it was about time to try my luck with the guys.

I couldn't use my normal routes to find a male model as all the ones on the modelling sites were professional models, so my only hope laid in sites like Craigslist and Backpage. So one day I thought I'd bite the bullet and put an ad up to see if any guys would be interested in a photoshoot.

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It took me a little while to write the ad so that I could get the wording just right. I wanted to make sure I attracted the right type of guy, while still trying to make it look professional. Eventually I had my ad finished and I posted it up on Craigslist. It didn't take long to start getting the typical scammers and time waster emails, and after a few hours I was kind of losing hope. It was getting late so I decided to pack it in for the night and check again in the morning.

The next morning when I awoke I checked my phone and emails as I normally do. I scanned through the numerous scam emails, deleting them as I went, until eventually one caught my eye. A guy called Paul had messaged saying he was interested in the shoot and he had been wanting to do something like it for a while. My ad had mentioned about doing an "erotic" shoot so those who applied kind of knew what was involved, so I wasn't surprised that he had included a selfie picture of himself.

It was a clothed pic but I could see he had a nice physique, was reasonably tall and had a good look about him. I decided to reply and ask him when he was available to do the shoot.

It was another couple of hours before I got a reply from him but I was excited when he did. He said that he was available pretty much any evening during the week, which worked perfectly for me. So after a couple of emails and text messages back and forth we eventually settled on a day and time. Fast forward a few days and it's the day of the shoot. The shoot was scheduled to start at 6pm so I made sure I was at the studio nice and early to make sure everything was set up and ready.

At about 5:45 Paul turned up at the studio. His picture didn't do him justice though. He was about 6ft tall, kind of muscly build and short brown hair.

He was wearing a nice tight pair of jeans and a shirt and already I was turned on. We had a little chat while I showed him around the studio. We discussed the sets I wanted to use and the types of pictures I wanted to get. I didn't explain though that I wanted to have a little fun during the shoot as I wanted it to just happen naturally if it did.

He did disclose though while we were chatting that he had done some amateur pictures with a partner a few years ago but they were taken on a phone and weren't that good. What I found out later though was that it was a male partner and he was bi-sexual ;-) Eventually we got down to the actual shoot and we started working in the living room set first.


We started off with just some normal fashion type shoots, clothed of course, so I could ease him into being in-front of the camera.

He didn't take long to relax into it though and soon enough the shoot was really flowing well. After a few shots Paul started to remove his shirt, until eventually it was off completely and he was standing there in just his jeans and shoes. He had a good body, not ripped but toned just right. Not too much body hair either. I could feel my pants getting a little tighter at the though of what he would look like naked.

We carried on shooting for a little while until we decided to move onto a different set. I suggested we move on to the bedroom set and he agreed. So we moved on to the bedroom set but as it was more of a boudoir style Paul had to lose some more of the clothes. He was more than happy to when I suggested it.

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He stripped down to just his briefs, a nice tight black pair of CK with a white rim. I could see now he had a nice package stowed away in those briefs. We started to shoot and I had him in various positions on or around the bed.

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I was getting harder and harder now, watching him bending, stretching and flexing, and I suggested he remove the briefs. He slid them down and pulled them off over his feet, kicking them out of the way.

He had a lovely looking cock, although it was soft it was still quite large, and I knew that it would be a monster when it got hard. We started to shoot again but this time I got him to pose in more "provocative" poses, getting the lighting just right so it shined off his lovely tight arse and his swinging cock and balls.

I couldn't help myself though and wanted to see that cock hard, so I suggested we step things up a bit. "You want me to get hard?" Paul said I stammered a little bit and said, yeah that should look good in the pics. Although what I was thinking was yeah that would look good in my mouth and arse. He sat down on the end of the bed and leaned back a little. He reached down and grabbed hold of his cock.

He slowly started to rub it up and down while I stood there and took pics from every angle I could. My cock was now rock hard and aching to get out of my pants. It didn't take long for him to get fully hard and what a sight it was. It must have been a good 7-8inches and quite thick.

It was quite veiny as well and no foreskin. He must have known it was turning me on as he kept on looking at me while he was stroking his cock, with those eyes saying "come and get it". I kept on shooting though, not knowing whether to make a move or not. I didn't have to make the first move though, Paul did.

"You got a remote for that camera?" Paul said "I do yeah" I replied "How about we get some pics together then?" he said I was a little taken back by it and I probably looked a bit shocked but I stumbled and said "Yeah sure, hang on a sec while I get the tripod and trigger". I quickly rushed off to grab my tripod and remote trigger.

When I came back Paul was now standing and still stroking his cock. He watched me as I quickly set up my camera on the tripod and angled it so it would be able to capture everything we were doing. Once done I walked over towards Paul, "Hold on a sec, what are you doing?" he asked "Errrr" I replied "If I'm naked in these pics you need to be as well" he joked I gave him a little smile and started to strip off, throwing my clothes out of the way of the photo area.


I pulled my boxers down and my still hard cock bounced out like a jack in the box. "I knew you were enjoying it a bit too much" Paul smiled I smiled back and walked over to him.

I got us posed and started taking a few snaps using my remote trigger. As we posed though we got closer together until eventually I could feel our cocks pressing against each other. I couldn't help myself and with my free hand I reached down and wrapped it around his now rock hard cock.

It twitched as I grabbed it and I looked down at my hand around his cock. It looked so good. I started to stroke it a little and looked up to see Paul staring straight at me.

The next thing I know is I feel his hand reach around my cock and we both start slowly stroking. Still holding the remote for my camera I start snapping away, and carried on as we moved our mouths closer until our lips were locked together in a passionate kiss. I must have got carried away as I dropped the trigger and moved my hand up to hold his face while we kissed.

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Our tongues dancing around each others mouths, our hands slowly caressing each others hard cocks. We must have stood there kissing and wanking each other for a good 5-10mins before I needed that cock in my mouth.

I pulled away from the kissing and started to push him back towards the bed so he would sit on the end of it. He did and I slowly got down to my knees. Paul leaned back on the bed so he was resting on his elbows, and I slowly parted his legs so I could manoeuvre in-between them and get to his gorgeous cock.

I moistened my mouth a little more and then slowly ran my tongue up the under side of his cock, right from the base to the tip.

Running my tongue around the tip of his cock I gently inserted just the top into my mouth, until the whole head was in. My lips locked around the head I used my tongue to work around it.

I could hear Paul moaning a little and he seemed to be enjoying it. I gradually worked my way down his cock, getting it as deep as I could, before pulling it out again. His cock was coated in my slobber and I quickly sank it back into my mouth again, nearly gagging on it. I grasped a hand around the base of his cock while I slid my mouth up and down, following my mouth with my hand, getting faster with each stroke. My own cock bouncing around as my body shook with my up and down movements.

I felt like I had been sucking him off for ages before Paul finally motioned for me to stop.

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He looked down at me and without saying anything he motioned me to bring my cock to him. I stood up, a little weak legged, and climbed on the bed on top of him, my legs either side of his. He laid down on the bed and I moved myself up so my cock was near his mouth and my balls were resting at the top of his chest. He raised his head enough to reach and started licking the head of my cock. I was gagging for it and moved myself closer so that he could swallow the whole thing.

He took my whole length like a pro, swallowing it as deep as he could.

I helped by thrusting my cock down he throat whenever I could, and I could hear him gagging at times, at which point I slowed it down a little. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming, until eventually I couldn't hold it any more. "I'm cumming" I shouted Paul didn't stop though and he carried on, getting faster. Eventually I could feel it, my balls tightening, my cock throbbing, and I couldn't hold it.

With a loud moan I shot my hot load straight into the back of Paul's throat. He swallowed the lot, every last drop of it. Licking my cock clean once he had swallowed my load. Exhausted I sat there above him panting, and he looked up at me, "Get on all fours" he said I knew what was coming next, I was going to get pounded and I couldn't want anything else more at that point.

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I climbed off and positioned myself on all 4s at the end of the bed. Paul got off the side of the bed and walked around to the bottom, just where he needed to be. I got down on my elbows so as the push my arse further up and make my hole more accessible for him.

Next I felt his manly hands start stroking my butt cheeks, parting them slightly so he could run a finger over my hole. I was getting so fucking horny at this point. He then grabbed hold of his cock and started rubbing it over my arse cheeks and between my crack, pushing it a little on my tight hole. He then grabbed my arse cheeks and parted them, leant over and I heard his spitting on my hole.

Plenty of it as well as I was really tight. He then got his cock and began rubbing it over my hole so as to cover it in his saliva.

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My breathing was getting deeper, knowing the discomfort, and pleasure to come any second now. And then it came. I felt Paul slowly trying to push his thick cock into my tight hole, but it wouldn't go. He spat on it again and tried again, this time pushing harder. I could feel my hole starting to expand around his head, I was loving it. It didn't take long until my hole had expanded all the way and was now hugging tightly to his hard cock. He kept on pushing until he couldn't get any more in.

I could feel his cock stretching my insides, pushing every tight muscle aside as it made itself fit. Paul then grabbed my hips tight and began to slide his cock out, not all the way, and then pushed it back in again. I couldn't help but moan as he pushed it back in. Grabbing my hips tighter he started to slowly slide his cock in and out of me, building up pace as he went. Eventually he was smashing his throbbing cock into me and my moaning was getting louder and louder, it felt so good. It wasn't long though until Paul was ready to shoot his load.

"I'm gonna cum, where do you want it?" he moaned at me Taken up in the throws of passion I just shouted "fill me up" Me saying that must have sent him into overdrive and he started pounding me harder and faster, Pauls breathing getting faster and his moaning getting louder. Suddenly his grip on my hips got tighter and he thrust is cock into me as deep as he cock. I could feel his cock pulsating and throbbing as he pumped his cum deep into my hole.

He thrust a couple of times to make sure he got every bit out, before he slowly pulled his cock out, popping out of my tight hole. I collapsed on the bed and I felt Paul collapse on the bed next to me, both of us panting out of breath.

I could now feel a warm trickle of cum oozing out of my hole. We led on the bed for the next 5-10mins getting our breath back and chatting. As I got up I felt the rest of his cum run down the inside of my leg.

I grabbed my boxers and used them to clean myself up. We both then got dressed and had another little chat before left the studio. I collapsed onto my desk chair with a huge smile on my face, grabbed my camera and started to copy the photos onto my laptop. Lets just say that when I looked through them I got all horny again and hand myself a quick wank as I scanned through them. Something I will be doing again, very soon.