Muscled and tatooed stud stuffing gay porn

Muscled and tatooed stud stuffing gay porn
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Shadows of Paradise By Samantha G. "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need."-Rolling Stones If it was only for one splendidly intimate night, it was well worth the gamble to be among the wolves of flesh. Tonight, somebody held me, when I needed to be held. Somebody could touch me, as I needed to be touched.

Somebody made love to me, when my dire craving needed not only to be fed, but also to be loved. He asked for nothing, but gave me everything, I could ever hope for.

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He came into my life as swiftly and intensely as the hot summer storms of an August night. And as the storms of summer leave in their wake, total devastation; they can also replenish the thirst of life.

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Leaving us to carry on. I opened the door to my home and glanced at the round clock on my kitchen wall, 3:15am. But who cares? I giggled just a little, thinking about how just plain happy I felt. I tossed my car keys into the tray on the end table near the sofa. I saw the unopened bills, and letters the keys landed on.

I'll take a look at them tomorrow morning. I just wanted to slip out of these clothes, and into my most sensual lingerie, and continue this blissful high. "An uncanny ability to read people." Is what I'm guilty of.

Ever since I was a little girl growing up in Arizona, I could tell at first glance what kind of a person I was looking at. Nice, good, bad, or stupid, it was easy for me to label most of them correctly. Until, he came into view. Something very strong set him apart from the other guys in the sports bar.

A haunting familiarity, swept across my mind. An inner strength or feeling made him stand out. His ruggedly handsome face slowly turned to my direction, taking my breath away. Deep blue eyes with timeless wrinkles in the corners of them, told me he laughs and smiles a lot.

His nose, that of the A Greek Olympian, pronounced and virile. Long silver-gray curly hair, in a pony-tail that ran down to the middle of his weathered black leather jacket, announcing he is his own man, and wise in the years of the world.

As soon as I laid eyes on this guy, I knew I'd be with him. My voyage to a passionate awakening had started. I unconsciously danced to my bathroom, discarding my clothes on the way. My frilly dark purple blouse came off first, landing on the floor between the kitchen and bathroom. Standing at the mirror above the bathroom sink, I removed my black lacey bra. "Not bad," I complimented myself.

I could still feel his firmly perfect hands on my breasts. He held them, caressed them unlike anyone ever has. I saw his face in my hands, watching him slowly pass his rugged stubble across my chest. He never broke eye contact with me as he guided me into a wonderful place that only we could share on this night.

I was getting aroused again! I saw myself in the mirror squeezing my own heaving breasts.


My mouth was hanging open and I felt my eyes were flittering with sensual excitement. "God," I had to quickly release my firm round breasts, as my legs became weak with desire.

I watched my breasts jiggle when I had to support myself on the vanity top. He said they were beautiful, but I always thought them to be a little slighter than what I wanted.

I tried to compose myself so I could slide into my bed, holding on to his memory. Maybe this time, he would sing me to sleep. I sighed and slid down my short black skirt watching the profile of my panties and butt come into view. My breathing became quicker," Now, we're getting to the place where all the action was," My sopping pussy was still very much alive with sensations.

The black lace panties felt heavy with the aftermath of sex. Jesus Christ!" I laughed out loud. Staring at my face in the mirror, I suddenly recalled running a red light on my drive home.

I could just see me getting pulled over by the cops . "Ah, Ma'am, you ran that stop light back there!" The officer would say as he stood at my car window tapping his pen on his ticket book. "I'm so sorry officer, but I just got Fucked Silly, and I don't have a clue as to what I'm doing now.

You know how us women are." I gradually quit laughing and studied my body in the mirror. I could have been an underwear model. Hell, I could still be one. I was looking at a red-hot body. Not bad for thirty-six! "Boobs are a little small, though," Turning to my profile, I studied my ass."That's where you got it girl." I turned off the light, trying to get the same setting and mood as that motel room.

The light above my kitchen sink gave me just the right amount of glow I needed as I went to my bedroom. I could feel him holding my ass cheeks as I walked, his hands covering each one completely.

He Lightly squeezed my small rounds of firm flesh. "Please, follow me." My hopes might be answered. The seductive whiff of his windswept leather jacket flooded my mind, when I sat next to him at that bar.

There were plenty of empty seats to choose, but the stool next to him, drew me in like a strong magnet. As I sat next to him, he turned and studied my face. A broad smile grew on his face through the gray beard stubble. His eyes caressed my body with comfort. I felt so much at home. "Hi, I'm Samath-" He gently put his finger to my lips.

Smiling with a slight satisfaction. "Shhh. I know who you are." His chapped lips opened. His blue eyes invaded my soul. "You've been with me, all of my life." What a strangely beautiful thing to say. As time chased into the night, we would never exchange names.

There would be no reason to. I felt an unfamiliar quiet comfort to be sitting next to this man. The bar tender would wait on us as though we were a couple that has been together for years. The quiet conversion between our bodies hungered for more to feast upon. I got my short white see-through teddy on and began to slide my sopping panties down, but quickly stopped "He's there," I whispered," I'll still feel him there." Now it got serious for me.

It dawned on me. "I'll never see him again." I could still feel him in me. Still making love to me. I lay on my bed, daydreaming at the softly lit ceiling when his face came out of the dim fog of memory and into a crystal clear vision. His strong naked body was only inches away. I desperately clung to him as he slowly began to fill my wanting arms.

"This is where I belong." He whispered so quietly in my ear. His warm moist tongue moved and danced around my lobe, sending cascades of pleasure shivering my very spine.

I wrapped my legs around his firm waist," You're not getting away." I pleaded, and grinned mischievously. He lay between my silky smooth thighs, kissing his way down to my shoulders.

He lightly caressed the sides of my soft breasts. Subtle ripples began to build deep within my hungry loins. I held his head, letting my fingers dance through his long hair.

My hips were slowly humping at his beautiful firm penis. It hung right there, at my pussy; I could feel it barely touching my hungry wet lips.

The head of his organ was right there; I was ready for him to push it in. But his intent was clear; he needed to make love with every sensuous inch and curve of our bodies. He massaged my neck and throat with his snake-like hot tongue. "OH my God!" I quickly gasped. Suddenly, my hot little vagina was introduced to the large head of his bulky full-size penis.

He slowly raised his head from the sensuous torture he was giving my neck and stared ever so deeply into my wide-open eyes. He began to kiss me with a sultry passion unlike any I've ever experienced.

My starving legs tried to coax him to go deeper into me, as he over-filled the entrance of my stretched sopping wet pussy.

I was well on my way to coming as he kissed my tongue, and slowly pressed a few more fat inches into me and stopped. Small moans and stifled squeals began to pour out of my lungs. I broke our kiss to bury my face into his neck. "Don't stop!" I whimpered. I can't let him see it hurts. Oh, please, let me have this. Kissing my mouth, lips and nose, I suddenly felt him moving away, "Oh,,no,, please don't" I quietly begged him, but he slowly pulled his large phallus out of me, allowing a drool of warm fluid to run down to my ass cheek, seeping into the bed sheet.

He licked and nibbled his way to my breasts, holding and caressing each one. I firmly held his head in my shaking hands, with my legs spread open, breathing erratically and panting in hopes to feel him in me again and soon. I was so close to a gut wrenching orgasm.

My searing hot pussy was slowly returning to a more normal size, relaxing, but feeling very vacant.

I felt his hot tongue flicking my hard sensitive nipple. It was an eternity of sweet punishment. Next he began to lightly suck. The warm soft underside of his tongue massaged my breast. I tried to reach for his hard cock, but he kept me pressed into the yielding mattress.

I gladly surrendered any hopes of sucking him for now and laid back drowning, in sweet rapture. The quiet glow of the Minneapolis night kept teasing me," It's just for tonight, Samantha, just one night." There was no hurry to get to the good parts, for everything he was doing, defined, 'the good parts.' His manhood brushed the inside of my knee, heavy and hard.

He was venturing lower. He was kissing every inch of me, as though he was trying to burn it into his memory. I moved my leg to feel his penis, to stroke it. "What woman, could ask for more?" I whispered to myself. The orgasm came without much warning. He hadn't reached my pussy yet, and all that sensual kissing, licking, and touching, had me in the throws of coming.

His fingers lightly pinched my hard tingling nipples, as his wonderful tongue danced between my navel and pussy,"OH,Oh,OhGod!" I could feel a warm wave of ecstasy washing out of my grasping, famished cunt. Coming, wave after wave, holding his head against my soft flat tummy, grinding my sensitive clit on his muscular chest. Bathing him in my scent and warm wetness. Over and over, the waves of the storm battered my senses. My mind was hopelessly lost in a continuous song of orgasms.

"OH GOD!" It rifled into my blaring pussy. His manhood was going in, slow and steady. Inch after unbelievable inch, slowly stretching, deeper, and deeper. Every fiber of my swollen scorching pussy was alive, "Oh My God!" The shrill cries whaled out loud, his face was right above mine.

He could see the powerful orgasms rippling through my vagina, in my stunned eyes. My love starved look told him," It was a perfect fit. Please, don't worry, make love to her, now." The slow stroke of his astonishing cock was sending me on a passage of an unfamiliar sensual awakening.

I was reveling in the pure delight of having my pussy so lusciously overfed by this man I clung to. So frantically not wanting to lose him. I hoped for this to go on without end. "Oh please, this time forever,," The cries from my soul were deafening. This dream too, began to fade all too fast. I was now alone, at home in my quiet, forlorn bedroom once again.

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I was so hopeful that maybe this time, I could get this wish. My little, wish. I slowly turned on my side and curled up hugging my extra pillow, his pillow, hoping he would appear by magic.

I closed my blurry eyes, spreading my knees apart, feeling where he was again. How he so generously pumped his love into me. Giving me everything I could barely handle. Seducing me back into that paradise.

I felt his arms gently pulling me away from this world. "Yes! Please! Take me further!!" My mind was screaming as he took me over.

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Making me his forever. An unearthly, obsession, for more. "Surrender, Samantha, you're ready." I had my legs locked around him once again, as he held my body into his, with one arm under my narrow waist, and the other resting along side my head on the pillow. Softly caressing my cheek, and lips, he began to slowly withdraw the length of his great phallus, stopping with only the large head firmly imbedded in me, letting me savor his passion.

I was clinging onto his sides, barely breathing, barely moving, my stare went to his soul. I saw my paradise. The strength of this passion was given and taken. I slowly reached down to hold his organ, feeling the strength and breadth it truly possessed.

It was absolutely drenched from the giving's of my tight pussy. Our eyes were locked in visual wanting, and a need to continue to whatever the end result held.

He gazed powerfully into my pleading eyes, sending the full length of his cock to the very center of my body's sensuality. He was urgently kissing my open mouth as my shuddering body began to erupt. My entire body became a dance of trembling spasms, a gift of his splendid sex. All I could physically do was cry, thrusting my head from side to side as the orgasms gripped me from deep within, racking all the way through my entire wet body. A continual flow of juice drenched the sheet under me.

His mouth melting into mine, his quick tongue massaging mine. Every strand of my pussy felt him ever so slowly pumped in and out, stunningly long strokes, forcing yelps out of my lungs, caressing depths I didn't know existed. I began to fear I would burst into a thousand pieces. So, so deep. I quickly tightened my legs around his waist; pulling him in as far as he could go. My boiling saturated pussy wildly humped, tugging at his buried cock.

My arms were now locked around his neck, pulling him into my body so tightly he gasped. I was shaking uncontrollably, as my sweaty hips ground against him violently, like a detached animal with a mind of its own.

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My climax was gaining impossible intensity, as I gathered my remaining strength," Please, let me see him," I so desperately needed to be seen in his eyes again. I saw a misty bar room and two people sitting side-by-side, enjoying each other's company. I saw us embraced in a sensuous slow dance near the jukebox as Bob Seger sang to us. I saw the two of them kissing, as they walked through the dark parking lot of the night's desire.

I saw the want in her eyes as she closed the door to their motel room. I saw the urgency of finally finding her, painfully etched in his. Hints of the great seduction flooded all my senses at once. My unending, violent orgasm, twisting my body into countless surreal poses. Elation was hand in hand with the smothering humid air, heavy with the scent of my sweating sexuality.

The utterly drenching sounds of him thrusting, pumping, and giving me every inch I could pleasure. My panicked moans became cries of sweet agony, allowing tears of pure joy to stream down my face. I silently drifted away, swallowed completely in a paradise far away from everything. "Let me stay here," the desperate pleading, over and over," Please, just this once, please." I gradually became aware that I was not with him. This breathtaking climax, a creation of his sweet near memory.

Joy and sorrow fought to gain control of me. I found my own hands and fingers had slipped under the waistband of my richly rewarded panties. His cum was still thick, still hot. He was still a part of me.

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The ghostly dark ceiling in my bedroom was moving as a slow twirl. I worked my finger, circling my burning wet clit.


Other fingers now felt for his existence, seeking to hold the seed he flooded my pussy with. Warmly slick and sticky, I brought him to my mouth and hungrily sucked two fingers. "So sweet, his nectar," I whispered to my dark lonely bedroom." So deliciously sweet." I floated effortlessly above the two long lost lovers on the bed, watching her tremble under him.

His beautifully sculpted back, sweating and flexing as he pushed the bulk of his solid penis into her deep, then deeper. Her head thrown back and sinking into the spongy white pillow.

Such a beautifully choreographed ballet of want and desire. Her mouth was wide open with no sound to spill out. He rapidly pumped her pussy with full forceful strokes, unleashing guttural moans from her lungs as her head bounced off the pillow from the intense fast thrusting.

Her hands went from holding his broad shoulders to gripping the bed sheets, her knuckles turning white with determination not to let go. She quickly raised her head to look into his eyes. Both souls would forever embrace, as this moment in time could never be forgotten. I saw his ocean blue eyes again, for my pleasure. They said he was here for only me; he was only here for this one night. "Take him Samantha." I could barely whisper,"Cum in me," as he now held my face in his hands.

He gave my clinging pussy one long slow stroke of his heavy phallus, going beyond the bottom until I felt his heavy balls pressed against my ass cheeks. His organ swelling, as though it was taking a huge gulp of air, and released a torrent of heat deep within me.

I could feel him coming with every nerve ending in my body. His buried cock pulsed over and over. Each throb, releasing more and more of his hot, thickly copious seed, feeding and satisfying my hunger.

We kissed with a starving mans fervor for anything to eat. This world of paradise that our passions labored to build was now complete. " My sweet paradise, how can I miss you so soon?" Already I longed to be in his arms again. I could live forever in that warm safe place. I would be hidden away.

Away from the wolves of the night, and those who stalk the easy prey, hunting for flesh to ravage. They could never find me if I was there. They're afraid of that place. We stood in the early morning darkness of that motel parking lot. Face to face, each was silently crying, knowing the words to farewell, but neither having the willingness to say them. He reached for his shiny silver ponytail, and unclasped it.

He held my shaking hand and put the handmade clasp in it. I looked down through the welling tears, and saw a beautiful design of a wolf's head, carefully carved in a circular shaped piece of buffalo bone.

I looked back into his ocean blue eyes. A small tear ran down his cheek. He closed his eyes, and held me so tightly our hearts blended into one. I tasted his mouth one last time. I carefully gathered my long black hair into a ponytail, and watching him ride away, I clasped it on. I stood silently alone, listening as the cry of his Harley faded into the dark stillness of the cool morning.

Never to be heard again. I got in my car and noticed a bar napkin on the seat next to me, with "Sam" written on it. I opened it and read; "Beauty is looking at something so complete, and compelling, that you dare not add to it or take anything away from it. All you can do is embrace it." Our paradise is a very special place that I can visit every night or day that I choose to. I know he waits there for me. He told me at the sports bar, that I had been with him all of his life.

Tonight, his long search came to an end. Tonight, he built a safe place for me to hide. He found my hungry passion and fed it, beyond my wildest expectations. Tonight he gave me a face that goes with the word, passion. Now I would have him with me, deep within the shadows of our private paradise. He will live in sweet memory, until I cease to exist, forever my love in paradise.