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As she exited the front doors of the large correctional facility, Lana saw a blue BMW and a black Ford Excursion parked near the sidewalk directly in front of the building.

Standing near the car, she recognized Tim Turner and Clarke Chapman but there were two other men that she didn't recognize. They were huge body builder types. At first glance, one would have had the impression that they were professional football players. Before she could reach the group, one of the "Incredible Hulk" types walked up to her and introduced himself, "Ma'am, my name is Tony Friske.

Can I help you with your bag?" Somewhat speechless, Lana agreed but was curious as to know what he and his mountainous friend were doing there.

Once they reached the vehicles, she spoke to Tim and Clarke, "Gentlemen, I can't thank you enough for helping to get me out of that awful place". "Just doing my job," answered the older of the two attorneys in the group. Not wasting anytime, Clarke opened the back door of the BMW and offered Lana a seat. "We really should be going. We have a lot of things to discuss." After Lana sat in the rear seat of the BMW, Tony opened the opposite door and sat next to Lana.

Once they were on their way, she looked out of the rear window and saw the correctional center disappearing in the distance.

She hoped that she would never have to see that place as long as she lived. It was a great feeling to be free from the confines of that building. The group was quiet as they drove down the street. While they sat in silence, Lana wondered who the two strangers were. They were dressed rather nicely. Not as fancy a suit as Clarke had on but definitely not a cheap set of threads either.

They both had a sense of self discipline and confidence that she hadn't encountered before.

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She couldn't put her finger on it but she knew that they weren't attorneys. As Lana sat there and thought about her situation, she couldn't help but notice that they were leaving the city and driving on Interstate 10.

Watching the various mile markers along side the interstate, she knew that they were driving eastbound when she realized that the mile markers were decreasing in number. Looking up at Lana through the rear view mirror, Clarke noticed that she looked somewhat curious.

He didn't mean to develop such an air of secrecy but apparently he had. "Lana I can see you have a few questions. I'll be willing to bet that one of them has to do with where we are going; is that correct?" "Well the thought did cross my mind" she agreed. "Under normal circumstances, anyone released on bond isn't allowed to leave the judicial district but your case is somewhat special.

I was able to get the judge to agree to let you leave for your own safety. I though that you would like to stay in Baton Rouge for about a week or so." "Well I appreciate the thought but do I have a choice in the matter?" asked Lana. "Sure you do, you always have choices to make. Now understand that this is only temporary. I thought that maybe you would stay away for about a week or so then we can place you back in New Orleans so you can look after your business. With the publicity that this case is gaining, it will take only a few short hours for the press to catch wind that you're out of jail.

Once they know it, then so will everyone else… including Jay." Seeming somewhat at a loss, Lana reluctantly agreed, "I don't know what it is that I want to do Mr. Chapman… I just don't know." A few hours later, they were in Baton Rouge and settling in at a small but cozy looking house in what seemed to be a stable neighborhood. Not long after Lana exited the car, she noticed the black Excursion driving up behind them. It was the second gargantuan stranger. As he exited the vehicle, he saw the curiosity on her face and introduced himself, "Lana, I am Pedro Barros.

Tony and I work together". After Lana returned the salutation, they all went towards the house. When they were settled into the house, they all met in the living room. Mr. Chapman opened up his briefcase and started asking more questions regarding the incident that ended up with Lana's unfortunate incarceration.

Lana explained all of the details of the night as she remembered it and gave a history of the abusive relationship and where it began. Once this was completed, Lana sat and listened to Mr. Chapman as he explained that Jay was making the claim that she was the abusive party and he was the true victim. It was a classic case of "He said, she said". "Lana, can you think of any reason as to why Jay would want to kill you?" Chapman asked.

She knew this day would come. There was one of two reasons why Jay would have wanted to kill her. She thought briefly before answering but knew that she had to be honest. She had already told Chapman about the fact that Jay beat her repeatedly for no apparent reason when he was drunk. The more she thought about it, she knew that she had to tell him about David and her night of adulterous passion.

"About seven months ago, I was in Lafayette and got lost. It was raining and somehow I ended up in Carencro, a small town north of Lafayette. In the middle of this horrendous rain storm, I ended up with a flat tire and my cell phone wouldn't work. I had no idea where I was and was in a bind. Out of nowhere, a gentleman stopped and helped me change my tire. After it was all over, I offered to pay him but he refused.

Just before I left, I gave him a business card and offered him a free cup of coffee at my shop if ever he was in New Orleans. About three weeks later, he showed up at the coffee shop. And we talked…" Chapman interrupted the explanation asking, "Lana I know that this is going somewhere but what does it have to do with the case?

Were you having an affair?" Knowing how this must make her look, Lana's voice began to crack, "Mr. Chapman it isn't like I'm a whore. Please understand that… I later discovered that he is everything that I want in a partner.

He showed up at the shop a few days before this all happened. I have never done anything like this before please believe that." Chapman encouraged Lana to continue, "Lana I believe you.

You are doing the right thing in being honest. What happened next?" Lana then continued her story, "I used the excuse that I had a conference to attend in Baton Rouge but went on a date with him instead.

We spent hours talking and enjoying each other's company; that's when I fell in love with him. The next day when I returned home, the beatings started again. Never once did Jay mention that I was being unfaithful. So I truly don't believe that he knows about David". "David?" Chapman asked somewhat surprised.

Things were starting to clear up for him now. "What is David's last name?" She knew that their opinion of her was about to be set in stone. She knew that she looked like a slut but there was no changing it now. She also knew that she may have just nailed her own coffin, but she also knew that she had to let Chapman know everything that happened.

"I don't know his last name. I know that doesn't make it look too good for me, but all I know is that his name is David, and that he was driving a blue Ford truck the day he helped me change my flat tire." "Was it a newer truck or an older truck. Do you remember any details that would help us distinguish it from other trucks of the same color or design?" Chapman asked. "Please Mr.

Chapman is it necessary to bring him into this?" Lana quickly asked. She now regretted even bringing up the whole thing. "Lana it isn't that we want to bring him into this because he may very well be a part of it already. You see; to build their case, the prosecution will try to establish a motive.

They will talk to everyone you know. In saying that, I can guarantee that someone will remember seeing you with him that night. Adultery could be construed as a powerful motive for spousal murder or in your case Attempted Murder." Reluctantly, Lana admitted, "All I remember about the truck was that it looked brand new and it had an interesting front license plate.

It was a white license plate with an open parachute on it. At the base of the parachute where the person would be, there were angel wings that extended out and upwards.


It was a nice looking plate. I think it was something to do with the military because my brother used to be in the Army's 18th Airborne. He had a medal just like it on his uniform. Mr. Chapman, please don't get him involved in this. I haven't seen him since and I doubt I will ever see him again. You see, he had no idea that I was married. I stopped wearing my wedding ring years ago and once I told him that I was married, he didn't seem too impressed with me.

I left and haven't seen him since." Now Chapman knew David's motivation in helping the young woman. He could see in her eyes that she really cared for the millionaire who's bankroll motivated the pro bono deal. As they sat discussing the case, they heard the door bell. Tony stood and answered the door then a modest looking young lady entered the room.

She was obviously of Hispanic descent with long rich black hair that stretched straight down to the middle of her back. She stood about 5'8" with a rather athletic 130 pound frame. Tony obviously knew her well because shortly after he retrieved her bag, he gave her a small kiss on her cheek.

The men in the room stood as Tony and the young woman approached them. Tony wasted no time in introducing her. "Lana, I would like you to meet my wife Lucia. She will be staying here with us until this is over." Taken by surprise, Lana disregarded her manners in introducing herself but instead stood and addressed Clarke, "Staying here with US? What does he mean by that?" "Lana I am very concerned about your safety.

I don't want anything to happen to you. Tony, Lucia and Pedro are your body guards. They will be staying with you until we are positively certain that you are safe. It was all part of the services contract you signed. Lets just say that they are here to protect my investment." He said with a smile on his face. Developing somewhat of a sterile attitude, Lana was pissed off, "Mr.

Chapman, I feel like you are not exactly being honest with me. I am a very private person. I like my privacy. I am old enough that I don't need a babysitter much less three of them." Tony intervened and handed Lana three manila folders that he picked up off of a small table near the fireplace.

"Lana, we are professional bodyguards not babysitters. Pedro and I served together in the United States Army in a specialized "Anti- Terrorist Unit" known as the RED Teams. Up until last year, Lucia was a member of an Executive Protection group of the United States Secret Service. We have since gone into business for ourselves you might say." "You can be founding members of the fucking Mickey Mouse Club for all I care.

It doesn't change the fact that I won't have any privacy. I can take care of myself. I am 34 years old, I don't need babysitters do you understand me?

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I am a grown woman." Clarke knew that this was a bad idea. He should have told her about it before hand but didn't think she would react this badly to it. He agreed that she may have been in danger once Jay found out that she was out of jail, but he should have convinced David that relocation would have been enough. But no point in debating the issue now, the damage has already been done.

"Lana, please lets talk about this. You really should consider that fact that you are still in danger from Jay." Chapman responded almost at a point of pleading. "This is bull shit. Is this house going to be where I will be staying?" Lana asked.

"Yes it is," answered Clarke. Lana quickly responded, "Then you can all leave now" then she left the room and stormed towards the back of the house into a rear bedroom. The group was left in the front room all looking at each other in utter amazement. How can she not want protection?

Lucia finally broke the silence. Turning to Tony, she whispered in his ear, "Baby let me go talk to her". Even though he knew it wasn't a request as much as it was an informational comment, he told his wife that it was ok, and then she left the room. Lana was pacing in a rear bedroom of the house. She was furious. First she was beaten, then she was jailed for defending herself, then she finds out that Jay has people convinced that she was the abuser and because of all of this she has to have not one, or even two, but three fucking babysitters.

This is a "crock of shit" she thought.

As she paced in the room, she heard a light rap on the closed door then it opened up slowly. She was a little surprised to see Lucia enter the room. "Lana, can we talk?" she asked. "Lucia, don't get me wrong, but I don't need anymore bull shit today.

I'm sure that you, your husband, and Pedro are more than capable of doing your jobs but I don't need anymore complications in my life." "Lana we aren't here to make things worse I can promise you that. We are here to help you. I know what you are going through." Lucia stated before she was quickly interrupted. "What do you know about me?

You know nothing about me. Your just a hired gun. No better than a mercenary" Lana shot back. "You know what? Your absolutely right. I am a hired gun, I have a gun and I am hired to protect people, but it isn't like you think. I have been where you are…" "Yeah right, please think of something original.

I don't have a life anymore…" Lana felt a wave of over whelming emotion hit her as she started to tear up and break down. "My life is ruined all because of an ass hole that tried to kill me. And you want me to relax?" as she completed her comment, Lana sat on the edge of the bed and rested her face on her hands with her elbows rested on her knees.

"I just don't know what to do anymore… I just don't know" Knowing that she herself was at this point about ten years before, Lucia felt for Lana. She truly knew what Lana was going through. "Lana, I was in your position before.

My ex-husband beat me to within an inch of my life on several occasions. If it hadn't been for Pedro and Tony, I don't know what I would have done.


I don't think I could have pulled through it." Lana had tears running down her face as she looked up at Lucia but didn't interrupt her. "After he was finally arrested for it, he jumped bail and disappeared. Pedro is my brother and was home on leave. He was furious when he found out. He was always the protective big brother.

I didn't know it but he and Tony set up surveillance around my house. They watched me every minute for over a week until my ex-husband showed up again. He broke into my house and started to attack me again when my angels came out of hiding. It was Pedro and Tony. They came out of nowhere and protected me from that beast. Lana, what I am trying to say is that, I never though that my abuser would have come back for seconds either… but he did. Had Tony and Pedro not been there, I would have died that night.

I know that with all of my heart." Lana was speechless. They both stayed in the room for several minutes and neither said a word thinking about the situation at hand until Lana broke the silence and tried to change the subject. She knew she was being a bitch and felt a little bad about that. "Where are you guys from?" Surprised at the change of subject, Lucia responded, "Pedro and I are from Arizona but Tony is from right here in Louisiana not too far west of here." She knew that Lucia was right about Jay.

She knew in her heart that he wouldn't stop until she was dead. Looking at Lucia, Lana responded, "Now don't you think that I'm weak because I'm far from it. If you guys want to stay here for a while and hang out with me. I can use the company." "I'm sure that we will enjoy the stay. We can use a little vacation if you want to call it that." Lucia added with a big smile. Lucia left Lana in the room to gather her thoughts. When she returned to the front room, Lucia briefed Pedro and Tony on the outcome of her conversation with Lana.

As Lana left the back room and re-entered the living area, she could smell sautéed onions and bell peppers. "What's for supper?" she asked to no one in particular but instead to the group in general. From the kitchen, she could hear Tony, "I thought I would cook a gumbo… its a family recipe." "Smells good" she said somewhat impressed at the delicious aromas, "but do you know how to cook is the real question?" she said with a small girlish giggle.

"My brother is the real wizard in the kitchen, but I know a little more than the average bear I guess." Tony replied. "Did Mr. Chapman leave?" she asked. "Yeah, he had business to attend to. He said he will call you tomorrow" Tony replied. Feeling somewhat guilty, Lana apologized, "Look Tony, I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier. I had no right to be the bitch that I was. I really do appreciate everything that you and everyone has done for me." "Think nothing of it, I know your going through a hard time right now.

Just let us help you. I promise that everything will be ok." "So, you think you know how to cook do you?" Lana said in jest. "I have you know that my family has the best cooks in Acadiana" Tony replied with a cheerful smirk on his face. "David loves to cook. The morning after our night out, he made a marvelous Crawfish Etoufee sauce then made an omelet out of it. It was like tasting a slice of heaven it simply melted in my mouth." Lana remarked. "You really fell for the guy didn't you?" Tony asked.

"Head over heels". Lana replied with a glowing expression on her face. Not wanting to talk about it anymore, Lana decided to leave it alone, "I think I should just leave it at that.

I think I'll go take a long hot bath and soak for a while. Lana left Tony to his work and retired to her room. After unpacking her clothes and placing them in the dresser, she set off to the private bathroom attached to her bedroom.

It was a very large bathroom. There was a huge tub, a stand alone glass encased shower, brass fittings everywhere, and mirrors on every inch of wall space.

After she ran her water and added a few bath beads, Lana disrobed. Looking at her naked body in one of the fill length mirrors, her thoughts went back to the amazing night that she spent with David in the French Quarter. It was the most wonderful night she had ever had. Looking around through the cabinets underneath the sink, Lana was surprised to find several small scented candles and a box of matches. It was almost as if someone placed them there especially for her.

She simply loved the smell of vanilla candles. After she lit the candles, Lana placed them around the very spacious bathroom.

Slipping into the hot bath, Lana laid down and rested her head on the end of the tub while she stretched out. It was a very long tub and she could easily lay with her feet against the far side while her head barely rested above the water line on the opposite end. It was almost as if the tub had been designed and built especially for her. Lana felt at home with the hot water, bubbles, and the sweet scent of the candles.

She was in heaven as she let out a long breath while gently pushed the hot water onto her neck. It didn't take long for Lana to drift off to sleep with her peaceful serene surroundings. Before long Lana heard a knock on the door just before it opened up.

To her surprise it was David. He finally came back to her. She couldn't believe it. He was actually here. David silently walked over to the edge of the tub and sat down.

He wasted no time in pressing his lips to Lana's. His lips were just as soft as she remembered. Taking advantage of the moment, she slowly used her tongue to spread his lips. While their tongues softly intertwined, she could feel David tracing his left hand over her submerged breasts. Lana felt electrical impulses dancing through her body as David continued to caress her breasts.

While maintaining the deep passionate kiss, David began to gently twist her soapy nipples between his thumb and fore finger. Lana closed her eyes absorbing everything about the moment.

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It seemed that she was waiting forever for her David to return to her. It didn't take long before he moved his hand and traced the center of her stomach all the way down to her crotch. It was then that she wished that she could have had the opportunity to groom herself a little before seeing David again. But being that she was unavoidably detained by the Sheriff's Department, that opportunity never presented itself.

David never said a word, he softly moved his fingers through her light patch of hair and over her now swollen clitoris. Never breaking the kiss, Lana moaned softly as she felt her loving man's passion transferring from his heart through his hands and onto her clitoris.


She was in heaven for sure now. The more he rubbed her womanhood, the more she found that she was moaning uncontrollably. The more she moaned, the faster David rubbed her clitoris.

Without notice or warning, David, moved his middle and fore finger into her submerged vagina while continuing his assault on her clitoris with his thumb. Lana moaned louder with the vaginal penetrations and moved her left hand onto David's. He definitely didn't need any guidance with his manipulations, but she couldn't resist.

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With her hand on top of his, they both worked her over faster and faster. Nearing her peak of passion, Lana moved her right hand and started to run her fingers through David's hair as their kiss intensified as well.

The faster David worked his fingers into and then out of her wet pussy, the closer she came to reaching her pinnacle. Lana took her hand off of David's, then went to work on her clitoris. Replacing David's thumb with her own hand, Lana rubbed herself in rapid circular motions.

The more her circular motions increased the more Lana began to rotate her hips in unison. Lana then took her right hand from David's head and started to gently squeeze her breasts and pinching her erect nipples while playing with her clitoris faster and faster.

Lana soon exploded in orgasm with the double stimulation. She felt wave after wave of passion stirring into and out of her body as she continued to massage her clitoris. She wasn't surprised when she again erupted into a second and then into a third even more powerful orgasm as she massaged faster and faster.

Lana slowly opened her eyes and found that not only was David not there, but she had been masturbating in her sleep. She felt somewhat exhilarated by the three orgasms but at the same time she felt somewhat depressed that she didn't have her David back.

She must have been sleeping longer than she thought because the water was now only barely warm. Not thinking that a cold bath was particularly a good idea, Lana emptied the tub and replenished the hot water. After bathing, she stood up. Her knees were still somewhat weak from the erotic experience but she felt a lot better as well knowing that she had finally washed the jail off of her body. After drying off, Lana wrapped her self in a towel and rolled her hair into a second towel.

Moving into the main bedroom, she went to move her now empty suitcase into the closet. It was a large walk-in style closet. To her amazement, not only was it large but it was packed full of clothes. She knew it wasn't for anyone else because Mr. Chapman had told her earlier that the house belonged to his law firm and no one lived in it. Peering through the many hangers of clothes, Lana saw that to her surprise they were all her size. Turning to walk out of the closet, she saw a small white envelope taped to the inside of the door.

Looking closer at the envelope, it had her name typed on it: Lana Rose Marcil. This day is getting stranger by the minute she thought to herself as she sat on the bed and opened the envelope. "Mrs. Marcil, please accept these clothes as my gift to you. They are simply here to help you in recovering from your most tumultuous incident. It has come to my attention that you will be trying to rebuild your life after the most unfortunate circumstances surrounding your recent arrest.

Although this is an anonymous gift, please accept it as a gift of faith; Faith that you will be triumphant in your legal battles. Sign- A Friend" Sitting on the bed, Lana couldn't believe it. In the matter of two days, she had a "big money attorney" and a wardrobe. She knew that something strange was going on but what… better than that, who?

She was never a materialistic person. But what was going on here. Who was her guardian angel? Once she dressed and re-entered the kitchen area, she could smell the aromas of the gumbo on the stove.

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Looking around, she didn't see anyone around. Peering through the French doors over looking the back yard, she saw Lucia and Pedro in the yard talking. After retrieving a nice cold beer in the fridge, Lana went into the living area to sit on the couch and maybe catch up on some news. As she moved towards the living room, Lana overheard Tony on the phone. "Yeah she is fine I promise… don't worry about it, big brother will take care of everything." Tony spoke into his cellular telephone then hung up.

"Everything ok?" Lana asked Tony. Surprised by her sudden appearance, Tony turned around and saw Lana standing there in a royal blue T-Shirt and a pair of jeans. Her hair was rolled in a towel on the top of her head. Tony was at a loss at how beautiful she was.

She was simply mystifying. "Is everything ok Tony?" Lana asked again. Snapping back to reality, Tony realized that he was staring, "Yes everything is fine… why do you ask?" Noticing a slight hesitation in Tony's voice, Lana replied, "Talking to your brother on the phone?" "No… um… that was my employer." Tony was caught off guard, he fucked up he couldn't believe that he had fucked up. "Oh, it was Mr.

Chapman. So you two are brothers?" Lana replied. Thinking quickly Tony answered, "No…" thinking quickly, Tony continued, "… that's a code name… you know military bull shit.

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I see you found the clothes in the closet. They are all yours. Gifts from a special friend that tries to get abused women back on their feet." "Yes they are beautiful. How did you guys know my size?" "We got the information from the public records database. We accessed the info from your booking records at the jail through the internet." "Wow so you have brains and brawn" Lana said with a chuckle of laughter. As the two laughed at Lana's joke, Lucia and Pedro came into the room then curiously asked what the joke was.

Lana didn't miss a beat in telling Lucia what the joke was. Laughing herself, Lucia didn't miss a beat either, "Oh his brothers are the same way. They are all one hell of a group of boys. They are all heart throbs…" Looking at Lucia with a surprised look, Tony quickly interrupted his wife, "Anyone hungry. All I have to do is drop in the shrimp and it'll be ready in less than 20 minutes. Lucy baby, you can help me set the table."