Petite Tattoo Babe Rides A Monster Cock

Petite Tattoo Babe Rides A Monster Cock
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My name is Shelly!


I am executive secretary at Ward international Co. my life is great but it was not always this great!

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Five years ago I was really down and out, with no money, ready to get kicked out of my apartment. I was working at Ward at the time but was just a under paid secretary, I did not make enough money to pay my rent. My live in boyfriend paid the rest of the rent so I could get by each month. One day I came home all his things were gone, there was a note saying have a nice life I am going off with your best friend. That wasn't bad enough but the bastard cleaned out our joint bank account so I had no money left.

I needed a part time job to bring more money in or move to some run down apartment that I could afford. I looked in all the papers, on the internet, I asked people if there were any jobs I could do but nothing. In the paper from the town next to the town I live in there was an ad for a club dancer, I knew that was a stripper, I said I would never do anything like that but I was broke and almost homeless.

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Plus it was in the town down the road, no one would find out. Let me describe myself for you. At the time I was 23, blonde, 5' 6" 36-23-38. I always had a big ass but all the guys liked it so I was not going to try to down size it.

I went in got the job and started work! On the first night I got the nick name Bambi because one of the regulars said I looked like a deer caught in the head lights the first time I came out to dance. It was really a nice club, nice people and a nice owners.

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I was now making good money at the club, I kept my other job and it was going great too. One night around Christmas I am on stage doing my last dance of my set and all the lights went off then came back on, went off again, came back on.

There was a lot of noise outside! This guy came into the club dressed up as Santa. He walked around the club giving out gifts from the big bag he was carrying.

Then he came up to me when I was coming off the stage and asked if he could get a lap dance. I said "sure thing Santa" I took Santa into one of the private rooms in the back, sat him down and gave him one hell of a lap dance.

He pulled out all kinds of cash, tipped me very well then said.


"can I have another" I said "sure you can have anything you want" I gave him another lap dance, he was getting very big in his pants! I move my hands up to his head to see if the long white hair and beard were fake but they were not! It was all his own hair!

I did something I had never done before! I reached down and opened his fly, out came the biggest cock I ever saw! I reached down, rubbed it up and down, it got bigger! Again I did something I had never done before! I move my g string a side, lower myself down on to his cock and rode him like crazy. (I didn't have to worry since I was on the pill) Up down up down then he came just as I was have an orgasm. I did not know what happened to me!

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I sat on his lap for awhile, he reached into his bag and brought out these 2 tiny bells and clipped them on the nipple rings that I already had from my last boyfriend. Santa then said "if you keep the bells on they will bring you luck and wealth" I kept the bells on all night, the next day when I was getting ready for work I looked at them and was going to take them off but I found that I could turn them and they would go over my nipple so I could get my bra on.

I put my bra on, it was a little tight but I looked really great.

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I went to work, everyone was looking at me asking me what I had changed but of course I could not tell them. Later on in the day the owner of the company came down to my office, asked if he could see me in his private office. In his office he said. "you are one of the most out standing people we have working here at Wards! I need a new secretary since mine is retiring and did I want the job" I jumped up and said "of course I do" he said.

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"I want you to own that new job, when anyone want to know what is going on they ask the bosses secretary! Be the best you can be'' I went home that night took my bra off, the bells rang, rang and rang every time I moved. I love my new bells! I took over the new job, stopped working at the club, my life was great and I still have my bells.

A month later I was getting sick in the morning, I knew it was imposable, I only had sex with Santa and I am on the pill. I stopped by the drug store, got a test, went home and sure enough I was pregnant. This can not be, I went and looked at my pills, I was right on the right pill! I went in and told my boss, he was great! I could have the baby, keep my job, there would be know problems! I went back to my office, sat down, turned my chair to look out the window. I looked across the street into the park, Sitting on a bench was my Santa!


Dressed in a red lumber jack shirt and pants. He saw me, gave me a thumbs up sign I gave one back then ran out of my office down the elevator and out to the park. He was gone.

9 months later I had a baby boy with blonde hair and you will never guess what in named him?

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