Fervent lesbian girls get splashed with piss and ejaculate wet cunts

Fervent lesbian girls get splashed with piss and ejaculate wet cunts
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This is Ashfaq. I am 25 Male from Jammu presently working in Kashmir, a beautiful valley with beautiful people. This is my first time sharing a story on ISS and I feel proud in doing so. Here it goes: Some years back when I was 21 and back home at Jammu I had recently broke up with my girl friend and was starving for the lovely passionate kisses I used to get, one morning when I woke up and was on the balcony, I suddenly noticed a glaring ye from the moving curtain of a neighbour's window.

It must have happened many times but I hardly used to notice that before but this time I became interested in investigating the matter and enquired about the house from my friends and found that the house belonged to an elderly person named Madan Lal and his wife Rama.

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They have a son named Arjun who is married to a beautiful woman named Archana. Arjun worked in a multi-national company and is posted at Canada and seldom visits his parents and wife. Hearing this, my heart caught a clue. Oh.! So it is Archana who glares me from the closed curtains of her window. A lot of thoughts kept circling my brain and the most convincing of them I found that she being so young might be hungry for sex and looking for any opportunity to have it with anyone.

Second morning, I woke up as usual but this time with the intention of seeing who the glaring eye was, I stepped on the balcony and noticed the same glaring eye from the moving curtains. I suddenly moved my eyes to that window with a waving hand to say Hi which the glaring eye replied by placing her hand on the window. It certainly wasn't the hand of her mother-in-law, I feared it might be. Now I was sure that this is Archana and I therefore became more certain of what I need to do to see what she's upto.

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From the moment till some five or six days, I felt it hard to sleep and used to masturbate thinking of the hungry young woman in my arms. One day while I was roaming around my neighborhood an old man passed by and my friend whom I had enquired about the house told me that he was Madan Lal, the owner of the house I enquired about.

Madan Lal was carrying a big bag of vegetables in his hand and I with a Namaste, asked him if I can carry his burden to his home. He 1st said no but when I insisted he said Yes with a " Jeete Raho Beta". I took the bag in my hand and we both walked towards Madan Lal's house. On reaching the gate, Madan Lal said, it's enough now, Thank you.

I will carry the bag to my home now but I insisted that I should do it. He said Well son, only if u promise to have a cup of tea in my house. I said Okay and went in. Madan Lal guided me to one of his rooms where I placed the vegetable bag and sat down.

Madan Lal said Beta (Son), u must be tired, sit down freely and relax. I will come back in a moment. It was hot outside, I really was tired, so I dropped my legs to their length and I lied down for a while. Suddenly a door opened and here came a beautiful young woman of about 26 age, sexy long legs, long hair, fair skin, with a glass of Rasna (a water based drink) in her beautiful hands.

She with a smiling face offered me the glass of Rasna and sat down. I tried to formally introduce myself when she with a naughty smile on her face said "So you are the handsome guy that comes out of Balcony every morning waving hands at neighbours" My face became red and I couldn't speak a word.

So, what's your name. I replied "Ashfaq". Ashfaq- oh Muslim, Are you. I said yes and by them I had emptied the glass, she took it and went to another room.

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She came again and sat next to me saying that her father-in-law was too tired and felt asleep while trying to rest. I was happy deep inside my heart. I said it's okay, I must leave then and I tried to stand up when she suddenly grabbed my hand and with yet another naughty smile said, I won't let u go easily this time or else my father-in-law won't be happy.

Besides I am sure you got nothing else to do at home this time. I see u resting all the day in your room (saying this she bit her tongue) perhaps because she used to gaze from the window. I suddenly grabbed the whole thing, she might have seen me masturbating because I often sleep with nothing on and with open windows, I never thought she could see me from that window. I said to Archana, it ain't good to stare at people's privacy u know. Archana:- It also ain't good to do what u do, make a married woman tempt.

Me:- With a shy face, Ohhhh. Archana:- Yessssss. Me:- Where is your mother-in-law," Rama'. Archana:- Eyyy, How do u know about her. You must have done a lot of hard work to get the whole information about me. And I know U did not help my father-in-law for nothing, you came here with a purpose.

Perhaps u also knew that my mother-in-law has gone to a relative's house and will be back late. Me:- Ahhh. No. No. No.


never. Archana:- I know all about you young guys and the things you do to reach your goals. With this she grabbed my hand in her soft hands and started playing with my hand. I turned into myself and began thinking of the lovely kisses of my girl friend, looking hungrily at her lips and she knew I was hungry too for sex.

Archana was staring at me with sexy looks and I for once thought that she wants to eat me whole.

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She said well if you want something, you might as well have to ask for it. I got the idea and replied:- Me; But your father-in-law is home. Archana:- Wait, I will close his door from outside, so that he won't come out. This was too obvious for me to know that I was about to get lucky today with this beautiful sexy woman. She left and came back in a moment with her hair open and she grabbed my hand to her bedroom and lied down on the bed asking me to join.

I lied there without the courage to start anything and she said My father-in-law won't be asleep for too long". With this she hurried me on to her and started kissing me on the face. I got mad and this is what happens to the people of my age and started kissing her back wildly without a break. She looked so damn sexy and I placed a kiss on her lips moving from upper lip to the lower up without letting her breath.

I then put my tongue in her mouth and our tongues were dancing in rhythm. She was so horny this time and was pulling my ass towards her pussy. My penis was erect too and it was pricking her pussy and she seemed to her love it already. I moved onto her shoulder by slightly moving her frock and kissed her there, She got excited, it was perhaps the weak link. I kept on kissing her neck and the shoulders and then took grab of her frock to open it in hurry.

I kissed her back and opened the pink bra of hers. Ah god, her breasts were so young and sexy, looks like she has never married, I started placing my fast kisses on her breasts while she moaned in pleasure, Ah Ah Ah Aafaq, I love this. Keep going, Don't let me go, yeah kiss me Kiss me Kiss my tits. I placed my kiss on the beautiful red little tits and keep sucking them for a time.


I moved my tongue around the tits in a circular motion and she was so excited yet again, ah ah ah, like that, Like that Aafaq, Please continue, Oh oH oh oh oh oh oh, I am loving it……&hellip. I continued sucking and moving around her tits and she suddenly started jumping from the bed, pressing her pussy against my erection hidden beneath the pants. I went on kissing on her naval and they opened her salwar in hurry, place my mouth on the elastic of her blue dotted pantie and open it with my mouth, she was breathing so fast.

I put my mouth on her pussy and she moaned, ahhhhhhh, oh god, oh god, I can't bear it, oh god, you are so good, I love you Aafaq.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah. I too loved the smell of her pussy that hardly seemed to have been touched ever, a young fresh tight little white pussy waiting for the pleasure of a lifetime.

I could hardly resist the temptation of opening my pants and fucking her straight away but then I thought she deserved a good time for the long wait she had to go though for the sex in absence of her husband. I put my tongue in her pussy hole and she screamed, ah ah ah ah aha, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ah, lovely, lovely my young little fucker, lovely tongue, lick it, lick it my goddamn fucker, lick it good, I have waited a long for this.

I moved my tongue fast in and out of her tight pussy and she kept moaning in all kinds of voices I had ever had the experience of. I would stare at her sexy eyes which looked hungry for the cock.

Archana:- I wanna suck your cock too, Aafaq…! Me:- I stood up and lay down and asked her to come on me in 6-9 position.

She did and put her pussy on my face and then moved it to my mouth. Ah, lovely smell again, I kept sucking her pussy and she quickly caught hold of my 5 inch healthy circumcised cock in her mouth. With hmmm, she kept sucking it hard, using her hands all around the shaft so vigorously. I too kept licking her pussy in the meantime. Archana:- Aafaq, Fuck me, Aafaq. I love your circumcised dick. Please fuck me. She lied down on the bed facing upwards and I opened her legs, came between them and put my circumcised dick on her pussy hole.

With mere touch of my cock on the pussy, she got more excited to show me how bad she wanted to have sex.

I pushed my cock in her pussy and felt like it was that of a virgin, tight as hell. She had trouble taking it in but never said a word.

I kept pushing in and in till it was all gone hiding. She was like biting her lips and I gave her a big thrust this time and she screamed, ahhhhhhh, shh, it hurts. I stopped. Archana; Fuck me Aafaq, fuck me please, don't stop at nothing, just tear my goddamn pussy tonight, even if I die, I want it so bad, just keep fucking me without a break. Aafaq:- Yeah baby, so shall you want, so shall you get.

I starting pounding her pussy with the bigger and deeper thrusts and she kept screaming all the way, almost begging for mercy but my big shaft won't hear a word, and like her I was hungry too.

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The fuck session was on while I could feel feel her breathing louder and louder and suddenly she was out. She felt so relaxed:- Archana:- Thank you Aafaq, I loved the whole of it. I've been starved for sex by that bloody husband of mine who was not even worth marrying me, even if he did not leave Canada, he was useless in bed anyway. Aafaq:- I was still not satisfied and did not want to continue the topic of her husband before I ended up getting the likewise pleasure.

While she was talking about her husband, I stood up and asked her to stand up too. Then I guided her to my lap while standing and she wrapped her legs around my waste. I asked her to sit on my standing cock which she did happily. She jumped higher and higher in my arms and loved the standing fuck she was getting. My cock was moving further and further in without a break and she was loving it for sure, for her moans and screams had gone louder and louder.

Her sexy boobs kept jumping around my face and tempting me even further. While she was in my arms, I moved to the corner of the room and drop her facing the wall, Opened her legs again and put my shaft in her pussy hole. She bent a little and helped me reach the ultimate goal of her G-spot and her pussy started to make noises like;;; puch puch puch puch, and while my balls touched her ass, it was like ;;; thap thap thap thap, I kept pounding her little pussy for long time and she was exhausted.

I grabbed her hair in my hands and starting riding her like a mad dog without a break. She kept screaming and speaking all the dirty words she could and I kept giving her the fuck of a lifetime. It was high time, her sexy moans and screams could no longer be resisted by my hot sperm which was boiling from inside ready to come out. Then a whole gallon of hot sperm from my cock came pouring down in her pussy and her wrapped those pussy lips tight to suck all of my hot cum.

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With the session coming to an end, she moved towards me and gave a good kiss, thanked me and asked me to feel free to do whatever I like whenever I like.