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1st studisex stories 96 msh 04 siberian mouse masha babkhot porn
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Hey all. My name is A.L. Wright. Send feedback please, don't hold back. If it sucks, I want to know, so I can improve for my second story and beyond.

If you'd like to hear more, there is another part of the story, I'll check in throughout the next week(s). Happy Reading. Around the time I was a senior in high school I had a habit of staying at my friend Matt's house for extended periods of time.

Matt's father Jim told me I was welcome whenever I pleased and had even considered giving me a house key in case of an emergency. For most purposes I was family. Matt has two younger siblings, twins: Chris and Julie. I was always friendly towards Chris because Matt never seemed to be. Most of the time when I was over he and Chris were fighting and Julie was in her room on the main level of the house or out with friends.

Matt's parents would leave him and me alone in the house quite frequently.


It seemed Chris and Julie were always needing rides or the family was constantly running low on something. Matt's parents had social lives too, by the way, sometimes either Jim or Christie, Matt's mother, were out leaving only one parent home.

Matt's house was the "hosting" house, meaning when his parents weren't out, they had people over. Jim usually had his friend Pete's family over. Pete and Diahann had four kids. The oldest, also named Matt was our (Matt and mine's) friend.

He was the same age as us. Pete's other kids were Kiersten, Kaitlin, and Chris. Kiersten is the same age as Julie, and as such, they were friends from school. One winter night, I arrived at Matt's house to watch a football game. Christie was out driving Chris to her sister's house for the week a few counties over.

Nothing out of the ordinary was happening for most of the game. Matt and Jim and I were watching it enjoying our chips and wings.

Around the end of the first quarter, Pete arrived with his Matt and Kiersten. Kiersten went almost immediately to Julie's room, but the other two joined us in the family room. When Christie is gone, Jim and Pete always offer the Matts and me some beer. They usually let us have no more than two, but I didn't mind.

Drinking was never my thing, I preferred to be stoned rather than drunk. The Matts had very different ideas about the beers. They were always begging for more after they downed the first two. This was not a particularly good Sunday for the hometown New York Giants as they were losing pretty badly. Maybe it was because it was the fourth loss in a row, or maybe the Matts' nagging finally broke down Pete and Jim's Two Beer rule.

Pete stopped after four, knowing he had to drive home.

Jim, however was wrecked. As soon as the clock ran out he told us he was going upstairs to lay down, effectively ending his night awake. Pete went into the hallway calling for Kiersten to tell her that he and Matt were leaving. I guess Kiersten wanted to sleep over. Pete invited Jim's Matt and me back to his house so he could make sure we didn't do anything stupid.

I was totally sober though, so I told him I would prefer to just drive home. He understood and took Matt and Matt back to his house. Before I headed out I thought it was a good idea to use the bathroom. I walked down the hall to the bathroom which was across from Julie's room. I headed inside and went about my business.

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Sometimes Julie would leave bra hanging on the doorknob from her last shower. I won't lie and say I had never looked at it with some dirty intent before, but those feelings usually went away by the time I was done. Of course the bras were usually just skin colored "at home" bras.

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(If you think Girls wear the same bras out of the house as they do in the house, especially in high school, you'd be wrong). This bra wasn't one of those. This bra was a nice one; she probably only wears when she wants to feel sexy. It probably was the same cup size as the others, perhaps a C, but I'm no expert.

It was bright with light blue cups covered in pink lace. I thought about how it seemed to perfectly match the only way Julie could be considered sexy, cute sexy. She had the look of the girl you know has never even thought about sex, but you hoped to god that she was secretly a sexual monster.

Julie was tall, but not big. She was about 5' 8" with dirty blonde hair that was almost always up in a bun. The few times I'd seen her hair down It looked like when a girl tries to look older for a sweet sixteen, but it just made her look like she was dressed up for Halloween. She was most attractive when she was bouncing around the house in her pajamas like she was that night.

"Jeessus. I gotta stop thinking about her like this," I thought. I tried to stop looking at the bra, but I was having a hard time. I thought it better to just tease myself with it a bit so I didn't have to have to deal with a boner in my jeans on the way home.

I went over and picked it up gingerly off the doorknob. I looked at the door, even put my ear to it; I didn't hear anything. I was holding it as if I was going to put it on looking at where her perky breasts met the smooth fabric of the cup. I turned it around and pretended I was just casually grabbing Julie's breasts. She would have the most surprised look on her face, unable to handle a boy touching her where he shouldn't be. I wanted her to be giggling at me while her lips surrounded my cock, excited by the naughty thing she was doing.

If I hadn't abandoned my senses when I picked up the bra, I certainly had by this point. I wanted her in front of me. Her hair would be up in its girlish bun while she would be innocently asking me about why the front of my pants looked so big.

She would know exactly what it was though.

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Her mind would be in the same place as mine, but she would mask it completely with unaware curiosity. She would be willing to proceed to the next step, but she wouldn't initiate it, part of her act.

I would need to tell her it's my cock and I wanted to show her, but for me to show her, she needed to show me something in return. "Okay, Julie.

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But if I show you, I need you to do something for me," I'd tell her. "What?" she'd ask. "You need to take off your shirt first." "But boys aren't supposed to see me without a shirt on…" "And girls aren't supposed to be asking about my pants, Julie.


I thought we had a deal." "…oh alright. But you first, silly." "I'd be happy to." I would undo my belt, pull down my pants, but then I'd stop. "Why'd you stop?!" angrily. "You need to do the last step." She would squat down, back arched and pull down my boxers and my hard cock would bounce up and down slightly as her jaw dropped.

"Oh my goodness!!" as if she hadn't ever seen one before, lying. "Now you." She'd stand back up and ask if she still had to.

Of course. She'd pout for a moment, then start to giggle. She'd bite her lip and take off her shirt and I would see her boobs fitting snugly in her bra. I had forgotten where I was and what I was doing. Either Julie or Kiersten was banging, not knocking, but banging on the door.

I managed to fumble the words "one minute" out of my mouth and put Julie's bra back on the doorknob. I knew I needed some time for my cock to stop throbbing so I turned on the water and started washing my hands, despite the dirt being mostly in my mind.

I finished and turned the water off. When I went to grab the towel from the side of the counter I heard something hit the floor. It was a dime bag, a full dime bag. Why was there weed in Julie's bathroom? Matt doesn't smoke; does Chris? I'm the resident pot head of the house.

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I laughed. The nervous banging began once again. I picked up the dime bag and opened the door. Julie nearly fell on top of me; she was already set for another session of banging. I asked her to take a step back so I could exit.

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I went into her room to say goodbye to Kiersten and noticed she was looking almost as nervous as Julie.