Slave gets her hairy pussy jizzed

Slave gets her hairy pussy jizzed
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"My wife agrees" My wife, Mary is a housewife. I am Jeff,7 years older than her and she is 37 now.

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After she have two children, her physical figure looks fine and steady with a 34C-27-35 and stands 5"2" tall. She appears much younger than her age. She is a good wife and a good mother.


But she was not good in sex jobs and tried new things in sex. Maybe I should be blame. She regard fucking is dirty and only for husband and wife.

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When ever I need sex she will oblige (only straight sex and nothing else). Thus, make our sex life boring and uninteresting. My company had a new branch in a neighboring country. I was assigned to our new company to setup managements and recruit new employees. That was the first time that I had to leave the house and her for a long period of time. During the first week she was worried and missed me very much.

She called me many times that she wanted to come over to see me. I had already working there for three weeks. Most of my dinners, I ate at a small and cozy restaurant nearby. Bruce was a chef and also the boss in that restaurant with the help of his wife and two workers. He also had a partner, Tom as his co-cook. But most of the cooking Bruce prepares for his customers. After weeks of frequent visits to the restaurant, I was familiar to Bruce and all his workers.

He takes care of my foods and cooks me his best dishes. Whenever he was free, he chatted with me and we had drinks together. One evening, he said, he would like to introduce some ladies to me as he saw that I was always alone. He told me that some of his regular ladies' customers were lonely and in needs of companionship.

After they had tasted his foods, they would come back again. He was so honored to tell me that he had fucked some of them too I said no and couldn't take his offer now, as my wife should come to see me this weekend. He apologized to me and said "Oh! You have a pretty wife here to see you soon".

Suddenly I have a plan. I have a good look at him from top to bottom, and then I ask him "Do you want to fuck my wife?" The drink which he had gulp down half-way had split out almost hitting me "What you had said" I repeat "Do you mind to do me a favor by fucking my wife for me to watch. I need a. man like you to fuck her whom I have planned long ago, but she never agrees to my suggestions." As I talked to Bruce, I took out a full size photo of my wife in bikini swimwear for him to see.

Bruce snapped the photo after a long survey; he said "Your wife is very beautiful. She is absolutely perfect.

Even though I had fucked many women before, yet I have fucked a wife and her husband is watching. Are you serious you want me to do that to her". "Yes, please" I said and told Bruce all the previous attempts which failed, except last year when I took her for oversea holidays I managed to get her a masseur to give her a full body massage.

After long time of persuasion she agreed to remove all her clothing when I proofed the man was blind. She enjoyed the two-hour session of massage with my special request to the blind masseur to massage my wife's breasts and pussy. She had a great turn-on as horny as we were. So I took the opportunity to fuck her with the blind masseur around us. My wife was very excited and she don't bother the blind man fondled her breasts and all over her body while I did her bottom part.

Bruce was interested in the story and I could see he was concentrate figuring on my wife now. He told me not to worry as he is capable to handle problem wives like her. I called my wife in my hotel room and told her the good news that she could come this weekend to visit me and I have taken a few days off to accompany her. I also mentioned to her that I had missed her so much and needed to fuck her badly.

Hope she would be good to me this time and make me happy. She said "Me too, and I will do anything you want and everything to make you enjoy." I said to her that I wish her to do only one thing that should be good enough.

She was puzzle and asked "Do what". "I will tell you, when you are here". Come Saturday I went to the airport to fetch my wife and immediately I took her to my room and fuck her. We enjoyed our fucking after separated for a couple of weeks. Then Mary asked me what I wanted her to do when I spoke to her in the phone. I told her that I wanted her to meet a new friend of mine. He is good-looking and friendly.

Before I could continue further, she said "I know what you want me to do. You are on your mischief again. You want your new friend to fuck me. Don't you?" My wife respond was differently this time. Usually she would not agree and said no, no-way. I was quite surprised this instance by her answers and told her we shall meet him tonight at the restaurant.

She said why so quick to see him today. I told her that she might change her mind tomorrow. She smiles and says she cannot promise me and she has to see him first. Thinking the good time Bruce is going to have my wife, making my cock stand hard again and is going for second round with her. But I wanted to make sure she had plenty of rest for tonight, we slept through the afternoon. When I woke up it was 6 pm, my wife was fully dress up and was working on her makeup.

She wore a semi-black with semi-transparence tight body blouse with a matching dark blue sheath-skirt. Her white 34C bra can be easily seen through her blouse. Her two boobs were standing out steadily on top of her bosom. These apparels and sexy outfit make her luscious curves look elegant and pleasing to the eyes. "Darling you are very beautiful. We are not going to see the king; you don't have to wear like that". "You are showing off your wife to your friend and because this is my first time to see him, I have to make myself pretty.

So he will not decline to take me and to disgrace you" she said. After we were ready, we walked to Bruce's restaurant which was 5 minutes walk behind our hotel. As we entered the restaurant, I saw Bruce was preparing foods for the customers. He saw me and took a fleeting-look at my wife. We sat at the middle section not far from the cooking place. Mary seemed to like this place and asked, was I come here often for dinner. Before I answer her, Bruce came and took down our orders.

While Mary looks down at the menus Bruce bent down and whispered "Is the lady your wife, she is beautiful". Then Mary told him to take down hers' order, not knowing who he was and was he the man going to fuck her pussy tonight. After Bruce left, Mary commented that the man is courteous and considerate. "Oh yes, he is always good to his customers" I told her.

As we eat our dinner, Mary said, "Where your friend is. Why he has not turn-up". I said darling, Bruce was already here. I waved to Bruce and signed him to come over. Bruce brought a bottle of red wine and three glasses as he came to us. Mary looked at him bashfully and stared at me and whispered "He is that man&hellip. your friend". I said "Yes, what do you think".

Then Bruce introduced himself to Mary and said "Your hubby is so lucky to have a beautiful wife". As she shook hand with Bruce, he told us "This wine is compliment of the house for the beautiful wife and her husband". When Bruce poured the first glass for Mary, I noticed his index finger was press-on a tiny pill inside the glass which Mary was not able to see.

It was quickly evaporated with the wine. Bruce sat down and drank with us and Mary was praising him that his foods were scrumptious and tasty. While we were drinking, Tom, Bruce's co-cook came over and was talking to him in their mother language, his eyes were looking intently at Mary's perky breasts.

(Before I came to this country I had master their basic language) and I over heard Tom said to Bruce that the chick is very nice-looking he would pay 3,000 if she could let him screw her.

(Normally they only have to pay 1,000). Bruce told Tom that she is Jeff's wife, Mary, who just came today to visit her husband and he introduced Tom to us. It was almost two hours in the restaurant after we emptied the bottle of wine, we told Bruce it was late, we had to go back.

Mary and I walked back to our hotel room after we left the restaurant. On the way back she asked me, could I make love to her tonight and kept on telling why this place was so warmth and made her body feels so hot that she in need to take another bath. I told her we called Bruce to our room but she didn't say a word neither she defied I could feel she wanted sex very badly as she behaved very strange tonight.

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Her hand was over her groin very often. No sooner we entered our room; I took my cell phone and called Bruce to inform him "that my wife says he can come. My wife says your food is tasty and she likes to eat more in her room" Bruce replies "Thank you, I will bring it to the room for her". I look at Mary and told her "Bruce is bringing another food for her to eat" My wife was blushing and yelled at me "You both go and eat it" as she went scurry to the bathroom to bathe I was so delighted and overjoyed thinking my long unfulfilled fantasy is going to work tonight.

I did not know what to do now as I was waiting for them to present at my sight. Finally I heard the door being knocked and I open it for Bruce to come in. When Bruce did not see Mary in the room, he asked me again "Are you sure you want me to fuck your lovely wife". I said "please, I want this to happen for a long time. If you fuck her tonight, you are the first man other then me. She has not done it before". I told Bruce why my wife was complaining very hot since we left your restaurant and behaved very bizarre tonight.

Bruce asked "Did her hands feel and grasp her pussy constantly?" I nodded. Bruce smiled "That is very good. It is working." Bruce said he had given her a pill. Her body would respond after two hours with higher temperature and very in need of sex for several hours. Some women will take longer times about 12 hours to cool down. He told me not to worry. "The pill will not harm her in any ways. It just makes her lustful and sexually shameless. The wonder pill will not make her fall asleep, she is very much aware what is happening to her and she enjoys all the ways.

With this pill it is fairy easy to handle her. He assures me that I will take pleasure in the show that I long to achieve and my wife will experience a new sex-life and enjoy greatest fucking. I will make her cum many times tonight" he told me to watch. As we talk the bathroom door open and Mary entered the bedroom, wearing her bathrobe.

She was surprised to see Bruce in the room already. She was anxious and uneasy, holding her bathrobe belt very tightly and said, "Hi" to Bruce and said sorry that she did not expect him to arrive so swiftly, as she had not prepare to put her clothes on. Bruce said Hello to Mary "No problem, I have already seen you in your pretty dress.

You are very beautiful with anything you wear. Doesn't matter and thank for her consent to permit him to come to her room ……&hellip." Mary hastily said "He wants you to come. I cannot say no". We both laughed and knew Mary had accepted Bruce presence in her room. "Darling, I tell Bruce all about your beautiful body." I happily told my wife, "We are very eager to see your beautiful and fine-looking body and Bruce is excited to see for himself.

Can you disrobe now and let our friend sees your beautiful body?" Mary hesitating a litter, she is enthusiastic to find out more about this good-looking-man, what he can do to satisfy her "Sure, if you are happy to let your friend see your wife naked". While she turned her back against us, she slowly undid her robe-belt. She raised her bathrobe over her arms and let it dropped on the floor.

We were so astounded and gazed at her body, her bared back. Mary did not have anything on her body, no bra, no panties. She was stark naked with her back in front of us. Bruce did not move. He saw Mary fully naked ass. I told my wife to turn around and face us.

It seemed uncomfortable for her to turn around but slowly she made her first move. She was directly facing Bruce and me in the room just a few feet away. Bruce could not stop saying "Wow, wow that is amazing, what an unblemished beauty body. We were very surprised to see her. Even I have seemed my naked wife everyday.

Today she is different. She has shaved her pussy clean and smooth. The perpendicular crack of her VW pussy was exposed to us.


(It had been many times, I told her to shave her pubic hair but she never did. Today she has done it). I asked her why. She smiles "to make you happy as you ask for it and also to welcome a new friend". Her breasts are firmed and large with hard standing-out nipples. Bruce tries to move forwards to touch Mary's breast.

She steps back and says "Not now, I have not seen anything of you yet. Can the gentlemen remove your clothes?" We quickly doffed everything we wore and Mary walking naked to the bed and laid down.

Before she had completely down on the bed, she swiftly sat up again with her eyes glued at Bruce's cock. She was shaken and terrified to see his cock. When I found out why, I was also had a great stunned. His cock was not only big and it was also long. Surely over eight inches long and 2 inches girth. Mary thinks it was far bigger size than what she had often used mine.

Bruce quickly comforted us not too concerned about his cock. It should not hurt Mary and he will be gentle and go very slowly. Mary reached out both hands to hold his huge cock "It is real and hard" she told me. She seemed not afraid about the size and was going for it. Bruce held Mary body on the bed and gave her a gentle and passionate kiss. He got a good survey of her body while his hand was fondling one of her breasts. He felt the firmness of her 34C boob. He caressed and fondled both of them as he squeezed them, I saw Mary slowly parted her legs and her shaven pussy was clearly exposed.

Bruce sucked and nibbling Mary erected nipples that gave her body a shiver, Bruce moved his head down to her pussy and took a deep smell on it before he pressed his lips over her labium. He kissed her pussy over that spot for couple of minutes. Mary was aroused but she liked what he was offering. Then she felt his tongue licked her sensitive clit of her love-hole. He lifted both her legs and pushed them apart, her lower belly was fully raised from the bed as he lick her pussy in air-bond.

Mary's groin was trembling and wobbling all the times. Bruce shown his expertise to us by going further, he pushed her legs up against her chest and told me to hold them right there. He searched for her fanny, and then he touched it. "Very nice" he said next his tongue was licking that bloody asshole of my wife. I could sense she had a greater electrify than he first lick on her pussy.

Because her virgin asshole had never exposed to anybody, including me, never bother to touch it. She felt very excited and awesome. She actually enjoyed let him licking and trouncing her asshole. The ways Bruce did it were terribly good for her to receive happiness.

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Because no body had done that good to her, not even her hubby. But Mary had never try buggery. Bruce was holding his harden dick as he moved it nearer to Mary's cunt.

He rubbed his cock over her wetting pussy and teasing her. Mary was impatiently and restlessly eager to get his shaft into her tunnel while she extended her legs wide at the same time doing her buttock up for him.

But Bruce seemed not to honor her desire and was still witting her pussy with his cock. Then my wife cried out to him, please put it in and fucked me now as she couldn't bear any longer. Bruce told her to cum first.

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Mary told him that she had already cum three times when he sucked and licked her cunt and fanny. Bruce looked at me, appeared to have achieve his objective. He examined her succulent pussy and was satisfied it was dammed wet. Bruce knew my dick was smaller than his and since this was Mary first time in her life to get fuck with a gargantuan cock he had to make sure her pussy was extremely soggy and slippery.

So it wouldn't hurt her as much and made his penetration easy. I was sitting on the bed with my legs forked apart between my wife's head observing them every move. My wife reached out and held my hands firmly. Bruce gored his crown-head as he wedged side to side into her throttling cunt I would feel her pressure gripping both my hands stronger and stronger when Bruce shoveled his cock into her pat-pat. With a litter poking, his crown-head pierced inside her pussy and followed by its gland little and little.

As his whole shaft immersed into her tight tunnel, I could feel the pain in my hands gradually disappeared. She held my hands and placed on her breasts. I fondled her boobs as I bend down and kiss her, whispering in her ear and asked "Darling are you alright". She looked at me, nodded her head and smiled "very big" she whispered.

Bruce finally had succeeded fucking his huge cock in Mary's pussy he paused for a moment. When he saw her more relaxing he moved his bum back and forth to retract and to thrust his pecker into her cunt. Bruce could sense the tightness of Mary's love tunnel. Her bulging VW pussy was engulfed with the flow of her love juice as sucking his cock as he pulled it away from her.

He loved to have this kind of sensational feeling and he too anxious to fuck her deeply, "Sweetie, how do you feel. Can you handle it? You are sooooo good" Bruce said to her. My wife said, she felt very comfortable and excited and asked whether he could act a bit faster on his penis. Bruce cordially obliged by giving her a high speed pumping.

My wife was drawing extra air into her mouth which opened as wide as she could and she was purring and groaning at the same time. She looked at me with her hand raised holding out her thump-up.

I was jealous; she never signed that once to me in all our years of fucking. Today she signaled me to say this friend of mine had fucked her real good. I would be jealous, but instead I was extremely turned on. The more my wife enjoyed it, the more touching it was for me. To be honest, I never experience like that before. So was she. All at a sudden Mary tensed, her body shuttered she was screaming "Stop, stop: I am coming, I am cum&hellip.again).

As she pulled Bruce's body down and she cuddled him to her bosom, buried her fingers deep on his back. Mary had another orgasm; she enfolded her legs over his butt not willing to let him go.

Bruce was prouder; he asked her did she enjoy that. Could she take another one? Mary said she wanted more "You are fantastic. You fuck very well". Bruce drew out his soaking cock out of Mary's pat-pat without hesitation he sipped all the percolating nectar through her pussy down to his throat.

Then he told Mary to turn around on her all fours as he kneeled behind her and fucked her pussy in doggy-way. This time it was much easier as her erupted pussy had not close back sooner. Mary felt her pussy fill up again one more time. Bruce was caressing her breasts, as he commanded her to suck her husband's dick.

My wife was not eager to do that as she seldom did it at home. Sometime she obliged when I bought her a big present or she wanted a favor from me. Now it was Bruce, her new found lover told her to suck. She hurriedly complied. I was like a sitting duck promptly shovel my long leaking cock for my wife to suck. It turned out the best blowjob I ever get from my wife.

What had happened to her or maybe today I was lucky. Bruce blew up a load of spunk into my wife long waiting cunt. At the same time she let go another orgasm and I emptied my long holding seeds into my wife gullet.

The time was passing 12 mid-night, we had fuck almost three long hours. Bruce and I were exhausted but my horny wife was ever full of zip and lively. Tonight she did enjoy her sex with Bruce and I.

Bruce had fucked her good. He liked her sexy look and her sexy body. I was not regret to sacrifice my wife for Bruce in return she was happy and got good experience in sex. I too got the first lesson how to make my wife enjoy and more over my fantasy, I had a good watch over a man fucking my wife. Mary was asking "Are we going stop fucking for today. Are you having enough?" Bruce said to her "Baby, I think it is getting very late.

We have enough for the day. If you like we will fuck again tomorrow. You seem capable to be fucking more." Mary smiley said could do more and she was not tired at all. Bruce loved to fuck her a third time but he knew he would have plenty of time with her again so he said to her "Today we have threesome: you fuck me and you fuck your husband. You are great fucking woman and handle us very well." Mary said "Oh I am becoming to love sex and I love fucking.

I think I can handle lots of men at the same time." Bruce replied to her that tomorrow he would bring just one more man for her and we play foursome together. Mary couldn't make up her mind and said that she had to ask Jeff about it. I was a bit annoyed and asked her to tell Bruce to bring 10 or 20 men for her tomorrow. When I said this, actually I was not angry.

I was curious how come my wife was so bold and had completely lost her head. Was that tiny wonder pill so powerful that worked on her? In my heart I was happy to have a horny wife and I love her dearly. The next morning I received a call from Bruce. He asked me if I was mad at him last night. I quickly told him I was absolutely not.

I loved it. I loved the way my wife wanted to do. It was ok I said to him. He then told me, he wanted to get Tom, his co-cook over to fuck Mary tonight. I said no problem; it would be fun for her too. "Splendid, so your wife will have four cocks to play with", he replied. I asked him, "How could she." He laughed, "Because Tom; His, is a double-barreled.

Both are very effective and useable." He said, "See you in the restaurant tonight, and looking forward to our foursome with your sexy Mary". Sorry, I am not a good English writer. If you like my story, I will write my part 2. Thanks.

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