Hot gay He screamed and started to jack on his own weenie while I

Hot gay He screamed and started to jack on his own weenie while I
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CHAPTER 2 My, oh my. College made up for it. Well, college women made up for it. School was the usual torture test. You could only try to endure classes. Lecturers were boring. People asked stupid questions to slow things down. Really, is there anything more pathetic than a Freshman Chemistry class?

At least I had Daniela to look at. She was a transfer student from somewhere in Eastern Europe. Geography was not my strong point. Ah, Daniela. Tall, fit, and gorgeous. Sleek blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a sexy accent.

Slender in all the right places like a Russian tennis star, but bodaciously curvy in all the best places.

And she usually sat just across the aisle from me. I had a hard time focusing on the teacher. She often noticed me staring, and we chatted occasionally. She was very careful not to lead me on or overly flirt with me.

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But sometimes when I'd stare at her in class, I noticed that she noticed, and her breath would start getting heavy, her skin would get flushed. I'd like to think I was having some sort of effect on her. But ultimately, I was just happy she knew my name. And Daniela wasn't even the only girl to catch my attention.

I was surrounded by a school full of hot co-eds, and for the weirdest reason, many of them loved to flirt with me. I'd flirt back, and they would typically make very suggestive comments. But it was Daniela who really had my attention. Unfortunately, Daniela wasn't one of those girls blatantly offering me sex, however much I wanted her.

So I'd resigned myself to worshiping her from a distance. As luck would have it, Daniela wasn't much of a chemistry student. Less than a month into school, the professor pulled both of us aside into his office. In short, I was cruising through the class and the professor recommended that Daniela study with me.

Nothing like formal tutoring, just a study partner. Daniela happily agreed, and when she smiled at me, there was no way I could say "no." Oh, yeah. College was going to be awesome.

*** I knocked on the door to Brown 106, which was Daniela's sophomore class dorm suite, and Carmen answered with a big smile on her face. Carmen was one of Daniela's roommates; we'd met at lunch one time in the cafeteria along with the third roommate, Evie. Carmen was short and she was sexy, a little Latina fireball. Carmen's dark hair was streaked and her eyes bright and golden. She leaned against the doorframe giving me a sexy grin, crossing her arms beneath her bosom to press her boobs up and together for me.

She was dressed in her usual brief attire and flirtatiously gave me a long peek down the front of her blouse as she backed up to let me in. I observed that she had a very nice rack packed into her compact bod. I got situated on the couch and started to unpack my books. Carmen came around and sat down right next to me. She glanced over to the hallway, where Daniela's door was still closed. "Daniela!!!" she yelled. We both heard a muffled bump, like someone had hit their head against the desk or something.

I then heard what sounded like a "hold on". "Ah, Daniela's going to be a little bit." Carmen explained.

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"I'll bet she's studying hard in there," I commented with a little smile. Carmen laughed. "Riiight. Actually, I think she's practicing her Chemistry." "Practicing?" I wondered aloud. As if on cue, Daniela's door opened, and Evie came through the doorway, wrapped in a bathrobe and looking a little bit flushed in the face. She was the brunette American version of Daniela, same kind of bodacious body and almost as pretty.

When Evie noticed me, she gave a little smile and then wordlessly fled into her own room. Daniela came out a minute later, dressed in loose house clothing. The baggy shirt covered up her skin, but from the bounce I could tell that Daniela did not have a bra on underneath. "I am sorry. I forgot the time." I can't say enough about Daniela's accent. Even such an innocent phrase set my hormones on fire, and I did my best to temper the lust roaring inside of me.

We all sat around a little awkwardly while Daniela unpacked her books. Carmen was glancing at me with a funny look, while Daniela kept furtively flickering her gaze over to Evie's door. I could feel the heat rising in the room, as if the girls were getting as aroused as I felt.

I finally decided to break the silence, and the awkward questions. "So, Daniela, what WERE you doing in there?" I put a little flirty innuendo into my voice. Daniela blushed a deep crimson, and then glanced at Evie's door again. "I mean, Carmen here said you were practicing your Chemistry with Evie." Daniela blushed again, and looked in a panic at Carmen, glaring at her roommate rather angrily.

Carmen got defensive, then muttered. "Well, you were." She then turned to me. "This hot chica is into other girls. Daniela and Evie are lesbian. I think you interrupted a little tryst." "Please then, don't let me get in the way," I stated. The images flooding my brain were overwhelming, and my horniness was skyrocketing at the view. Chemistry classwork was the last thing on my mind now. "I know how pissed off a girl can get when she's left hanging like that. So go ahead, I'm cool with it.

I'll wait 'til you two are done." Daniela paused for a moment, torn between her current levels of arousal and her embarrassment. I wanted to come across as open-minded and non-judgmental. But I also would love to be just outside the door and listening to two fantastically hot babes going at it with each other.

At last she just got up and went to Evie's room, opening the door and going straight for her girlfriend. She left the door open, and from my vantage point I could see her lean in to kiss Evie wetly on the lips, and start to pull the bathrobe off of her girlfriend. My breath caught when I realized I was staring at Evie's naked round tits and shaved pussy, and that they had no intention of bothering to close the door.

Carmen realized that I could see, and moved over on the couch to catch a glimpse for her own.


Her skin was red-hot to the touch, and she instinctively leaned against me as we watched the two girls stripping each other and then move onto Evie's bed to kiss and caress.

"They've never left the door open before," Carmen mumbled. "I get so horny listening them to go at it, but I never got to watch before." I could feel how horny Carmen was getting, rubbing her petite body back against my chest reflexively. The arousal levels in the room built up and up while we watched, until you could palpably feel the pressure against your skin. And then Carmen's hand was in my crotch, experimentally feeling out along my hardness trapped in my pants.

I knew in that moment that there had to be a god or some higher being up there, someone looking out for me. How else could you explain three gorgeous women getting so horny and sexual with a stranger they barely knew? Carmen and I just watched in silence, listening to breathy "oohs" and moans as Daniela and Evie moved into a hot sixty-nine, Daniela's heavy breasts hanging down and swinging pendulously for my viewing pleasure.

This hot blonde and brunette tongue-thrashed each other, and as I looked closer, I realized with excitement that both girls were bare-shaved. Easier on the tongue that way. Carmen was playing with herself, and when I reached my hands around to begin caressing Carmen's body, I met no resistance and found myself getting bolder. My hands slipped underneath Carmen's tiny V-neck, and I started rubbing at a firm tit. I only squeezed a hard nipple once before Carmen was suddenly moving, slipping her shorts and panties to her ankles, and then opening my pants to let my erection out into the open air.

She got me free then pointed my rocket to the sky before clambering into my lap, facing away, then lowering herself into my lap to let me spear up into her tight pussy. I was getting hot and sweaty while we slowly screwed each other, and I ripped my shirt off before lifting Carmen's shirt up to her neck, and then snapped the bra so I could fully palm her tits. I chuckled a little at the urgency of our situation.

Except for my shirt, Carmen and I both had all our clothes still attached to ankles and shoulders; they were just roughly pushed to the side so we could get to the fucking. Carmen was still grinding her hips in my lap while we caressed each other. However, our eyes were fully locked on the lesbian show before us. When the moans and whimpers in the other room reached a fever pitch and finally crested over into orgasm, Carmen let out a little moan of her own and came in my lap.

Carmen's body was still trembling when Evie and Daniela, still nude, came back to the living room to check in on us. They watched, enraptured, as Carmen was now flinging her small body onto my pole over and over again, with increasing force and speed.

I jacked Carmen's light body onto me very quickly, and found myself spacing out as I ogled over Evie and Daniela's beautiful naked bodies. In the end, it was that sight that set me off. I started grunting, and Carmen moaned, "Oh, yeah. Cum in me! I want to feel you spurting into me!" Eager to please, I let loose and coated Carmen's insides with my jizz. The instant she felt the first splash she climaxed again, and we vibrated together in our simultaneous orgasm.

I came so hard I was sure her tonsils were going to feel it, my balls pulsing as I emptied shot after shot into the little imp in my lap. Carmen was cursing at me in barely coherent Spanish the whole time.

Evie's eyes were wide as she watched us cumming. Even after we were done, her eyes were still fixated on where my rod was splitting Carmen in half. "Wow." she murmured in amazement. Carmen just smiled back, reveling in the afterglow. Her eyes were slits, and her voice got husky when she asked, "Want a taste?" Evie nodded, her eyes never leaving Carmen's crotch.

So Carmen dismounted me and sat on the couch a few feet away, keeping her inner muscles tight to prevent any of our precious fluids from escaping. But then as Evie got to her knees, she relaxed and guided Evie's head between her legs to let Evie begin to lap at our mingled juices and taste her nether lips.


"Oh, damn," Carmen exclaimed as new pleasures hit her mind. "Three months of living with you two and I finally get a hot babe to go down on me." That left Daniela to sidle up next to me, rubbing her bounteous tits against my arm and let one hand drift down to experimentally poke at my pecker. "That looked like fun." "It is," I whispered back to her. I was momentarily satisfied, but my arousal had not abated.

"Want to try it?" "Mmm, I have not done that in years." Her soft hand was petting it, and obediently my tool began twitching back to life. "Well, I would be happy to reintroduce you." I smiled, and then leaned over to kiss her.

Daniela's lips were spicy and exotic. We're all the same humans, but somehow she tasted so differently from American girls. My lips were soft, but forceful. I had to show her that guys could still be better kissers. Daniela was really starting to get into my kiss, and she started whimpering into my mouth as my hands began to rove her naked body.

I cupped her perfect tits in my hands and squeezed her tight ass.

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She pulled back just long enough to gasp, "I can't believe I'm doing this! It's so strange, but I feel soooo aroused when I'm around you. I can't help myself." I didn't want to ruin my momentum by responding. Instead I just moved forward to capture her lips with mine again. We kissed and caressed urgently. Once I was ready, I lifted her into my lap until she was straddling me, and then reached down to guide my erection into Daniela's warm folds. She started to turn away, closing her eyes to concentrate as I began to penetrate her, but I held tightly to her and kept my tongue planted in her mouth as I suddenly bucked up and speared her in one thrust.

Daniela screamed into my mouth at my invasion, then threw her head back and squeezed her eyes tightly as she felt the full penetration. But then I was already bucking into her body and Daniela's scream quickly devolved into a series of uncontrollable moans of ecstasy.

She had been trying to ease her way into sex the way a person slowly dips into a cold swimming pool. But you get so much more of rush just cannonballing your way in, and I intended to give her a rush she would never recover from.

I was jackhammering Daniela's body in my lap, and she rapidly tripped off into a quick orgasm. Carmen's eyes glittered as she watched us, and Evie turned her head away from slurping up our combined fluids in Carmen's crotch to see what was going on.

Once Daniela came down from that first high, I flipped her over onto her back against the couch and then impaled her on my shaft again as I thrust forward and returned into her tight cavity. Daniela's tits were wobbling enticingly with every push and I kept one thumb furiously rubbing at her clit as my cock sawed in and out of her.

Carmen screamed out her delight as Evie brought her to a new climax, then she raised Evie up to taste the honey wetness on her girl friend's lips. I was in heaven watching all the wonderful flesh around me. After Daniela shrieked her way to a second orgasm, I let go of my irongrip control and began to speed down the road to ignition.

I got a grip on her hips, ready to pull out at just the right moment. She had been a lesbian after all. Daniela watched my eyes light up, and called to me, "I want you to cum inside me." My eyes bugged out, but then she said, "I'm safe.

It keeps me regular." I grinned at my good fortune, and then gave myself over to the feelings. Daniela moaned in happy anticipation, directing her focus down to the sensations in her hips.

Three thrusts later I slammed my hips forward one last time and held myself as deeply as I could go, and then my cannon exploded right at the entrance to her womb. Daniela's eyes sparkled as my cum splashed and roiled around inside of her, the perfect picture of wide-eyed wonderment at these strange sensations.

"Oh, that feels fantastic." she sighed, happily. Evie was right next to us then, watching my hips bucking and especially focused on the pleasurable effects I was having on Daniela. When I pulled out and sank heavily into the couch, Evie just crawled on top of Daniela's heaving body and began Frenching her madly, grinding her own bare pussy against Daniela's sloppy one and pressing her boobs into Daniela's chest.

I sat back, catching my breath to enjoy watching the show. Carmen felt left out for a moment, and then decided to inject herself between her two roommates. She moved Evie's hips off to the side, and then planted her face in Daniela's crotch and noisily started slurping out my semen. As tired as I felt, watching three hot babes lesbian groping and kissing each other was getting a new rise out of me. Presently, Daniela noticed my staff coming back up to attention and paused from her liplock on Evie.

"Do you want to try?" she asked Evie, nodding at me. Evie turned around, suddenly nervous for a moment. She watched my baton wave in the air a bit, screwing up her face trying to decide what to do. At last, she mumbled a breathy, "yes." and then got up off of Daniela. She looked at me, then back to her girlfriend. "Come with me?" "Of course.

I'm sure Carmen would love to keep me company." Evie stepped over my body, her beautiful tits hanging wonderfully in my face, still coated with bits of wetness from Daniela's tongue. She took my hand in hers. "I want my first man to be in a proper bed." I let Evie lead me from the couch and back to her bedroom, simultaneously honored and excited to be her first.

We lay onto the bed and kissed tenderly, while Daniela sat down in a comfy chair nearby to the bed. Carmen just climbed into Daniela's lap and began to rub her tits into Daniela's bosom, while lowering her head to nibble at her new lover's neck. My hands roved over Evie's body, taking care to stay smooth and caressing, I didn't want to frighten her.

I positioned my new erection at the third set of wet nether lips I would possess tonight, and gently began to lean in. Evie went stiff as the head popped through, and I stayed right there to let her get adjusted. Once she relaxed, I let gravity take over as the folds slowly parted and my rod sank more deeply into her. "Omigod. I'll feel so full," Evie whimpered. I let my arms sink into the bed underneath her shoulders, kissing her again as I backed myself out before slowly pumping back in again.

Evie had a sharp intake of breath as I did this, followed by a light giggle and a happy sigh. "This feels pretty good, actually." I just smiled and kept on going. Gradually, we picked up the pace, going faster and harder until Evie was bucking her hips at me to capture more of my meat with every thrust, and I was pistoning in and out of her like a well-oiled machine. She became much more vocal as we kept fucking, my rod carving her out in ways only rubber toys had ever done before, and with a lot more force this time around.

"Oh, fuck me! I'm fucking. I'm being fucked! Fuck me!" Evie was calling out, half in disbelief. I kept pumping until her wails started blending into each other incoherently, and she was just moaning constantly without words.

I could hear her speeding up and getting higher and higher in pitch until amidst one of my really fast poundings she suddenly went deathly quiet for five seconds. And then Evie blew. A shriek, so loud I was sure I'd have hearing problems for hours, detonated in my ear.

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Her pussy was suddenly juicing out of control and her whole body shaking so the wooden bed started creaking. I was fucking inside of a hurricane and the pressure on my dick was so intense that I knew I was about to lose control. I pulled out just barely in time and then blew my wad all at once in a single gigantic orgasm that sprayed my cum all over Evie's upper body and face. The milky white jizz was splattered everywhere, coating her entire face, neck, and tits.

And she was still trembling uncontrollably in the aftershocks of her climax. It was one of the most intense orgasms of both our lives. Carmen and Daniela were just gaping at us. We were both covered in sweat, and Evie leaned up to kiss me with a newfound aggressiveness. "We are soooo doing that again." *** My trysts with the three babes of Brown 106 continued throughout the year.

But that's all they ever were: trysts. No romantic relationships, I was just the guy they kept around for booty calls. Now it's not that I minded, really.

Most guys would kill for this kind of no-strings-attached fucking. But I'd gotten used to having an Ashley or a Becky by my side: to have a date on Friday nights, to have someone I could reliably depend on, or even if I wanted to talk to someone. Girls were good for that. My male friends just wanted to video game or play ball. One night, I found myself plugging away at Daniela doggy-style while she ate out Evie's wet pussy. Carmen was studying in the library, leaving our threesome for a few hours of stress-free playtime.

Evie was just crying out her orgasm, and I could feel my balls approaching their climax when a sudden pang of loneliness hit me. It was such a strange sensation, and incredibly, I felt myself starting to soften. Here I was, screwing one of the most gorgeous women I'd ever met, watching her lesbian munching on another beautiful girl, and I was losing my erection.

I found myself mentally checking out, and I stopped thrusting. Daniela misread my intentions and she slipped off of me, turned around and stuck my dick into her mouth. She was still very new to blowjobs, but she was an eager student and was quickly becoming proficient. When it became clear that I was not as close to shooting off as she'd originally anticipated, she motioned to Evie and soon the both of them were dually licking, sucking, and stroking me, and together they had my rod twitching and swelling of its own accord.

No matter what my mental state, the pressure was building and building inside of me until finally, my cannon twitched a final time and then blew, exploding in both of their faces as they took turns milking out each spurt towards their open mouths. I let my head loll back in relief as the pressure in my mind went slack, and I resigned myself to let Evie slurp my other head into her mouth and drink down all my remaining fluids.

Once I was done, I just lay back across the bed and stared at the ceiling while Daniela and Evie kissed each other wetly. Then Evie noticed me first. "What's wrong? Didn't you enjoy that?" Putting my most reassuring smile on my face, I replied, "Oh, of course.

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That was fantastic, really, from both of you." "Then what is it?" Daniela cuddled in behind Evie, their naked bodies pressed against each other while they both looked at me. "Oddly enough, I think I'm lonely. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being here. But I realize that you two are a strong couple. I can see the love from here. I guess I wish I had that as well." They looked at each other for a moment.

Then Daniela spoke up. "What about Carmen? She's not seeing anyone." For a few minutes, Daniela and Evie were all excited about the possible match- making, but when Carmen came home and the question was asked, she said flatly, "No." Nothing personal, I just wasn't her type.

Great in the sack, but not the kind of guy to bring home to mom and dad. For the rest of the year, I played the field. I went to social events, the local college bars that didn't check I.D., even picked up girls at the library. Some of the time, I just wasn't interested. Usually, if I was interested, I got laid.

And the frequency with which I was able to meet new women was quickly earning me a reputation at the school. I was the Ultimate Playboy. I was the quirky freshman who at first glance didn't look like a stud. But women were physically attracted to me for some unknown reason, and I never left a girl sexually unsatisfied. But I never had a long-term relationship. I was the idiot savant, a talented sex machine but incapable of getting a girl to romance. *** Despite my string of hookups and one-night stands, I always had the girls of Brown 106 to come back to.

Many times I passed over a girl throwing herself at me because I just wasn't that into her, and I would rather go back to the dorm and find at least one of my harem waiting for me.

But we had a shallow relationship built only on sex, and when the year ended for summer break, so did our arrangement.

I was moving on. I went home for the summer, bringing all my dirty laundry and eager for my mom's cooking. While at home, I seduced a number of hot girls I knew from high school, as well as several townies.

All of them were brief summer affairs, none lasting more than a week. I even hooked up with Becky for old time's sake when we met up at a restaurant. But then it was time to head back to school.