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Crazy Spicy Senorita Pornstar Fucked
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PART 1 CHAPTER 4 The rest of the week went by like nothing had happened. We continued hanging out at lunch and after school. We went for a walk around the school everyday, too, and each time we rounded the back, my heartbeat would spike a little, remembering what had happened there, and wondering if something like that would happen again. Even though I knew it wouldn't for a while, if ever, I still looked forward to the possibility. as well as her company of course. She was hanging out with Reggie and her sister at the pool again that weekend, and wanted me to come, but sadly I couldn't.

It was a weekend that my family always went camping for two nights. Oh yeah. my family. So I live with my Ma and Pa and my older brother Greg. My dad has four siblings that we camp with. Uncle Dan, Uncle Andy, Uncle Henry, and Aunt Linny. A few of our cousins came as well. Uncle Dan's daughter Maddie, Aunt Linny's son Jamie and her daughter Becky, and Uncle Henry's son Tom. Don't worry too much about the names right now. You won't need to know most of them.

This year my parents had let my brother Greg bring his girlfriend, too. She was a slender Japanese girl named Sunny.

She and my brother were both 18. My parents (to be fair) also let me bring my best friend Paul with me. He and I had met playing baseball our freshman year. Friday evening, after arriving and setting up tents, all of us kids were walking down to the lake from the campground. It was an average sized lake.

Big enough that you couldn't see the whole thing from the man-made beach we were at, but small enough so that you could see the other shore and tree-line across the way. My cousins were up ahead of us as we walked. Paul and I had hung back so we could talk.

"So you actually showed her your dong?" asked Paul, grinning widely. I nodded. "Hell yeah I did," I claimed proudly. "Shit dude. I didn't think you had it in you," Paul jabbed at me. "The Hell does that mean? Like anyone's seen you're tiny spaghetti dick," I bantered.

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Paul just grinned and chuckled. ". Wait. has anyone?" Paul nodded.

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"Remember Alisha?" "Yeah. You dated her for like a month last year. She was a grade ahead of us," I recalled. "Well," said Paul, raising his hands up to rest on the back of his head as if he was reclining. "She gave me head." "Whaaaaaaaat!?

You never told me that!" I exclaimed. "I didn't want you to be jealous, but I'm sure you'll be following in my footsteps shortly," he said with a wink. "Fuck you dude!

I make my own path!" I said with exaggerated vigor. Paul laughed as we continued walking. We remained silent for a few minutes until I caught him checking out my cousin Becky's ass. "Dude, stop looking at my cousin!" I scolded him quietly; she wasn't that far ahead of us. "Why? Just because you can't look doesn't mean I can't," he argued, smirking. "Okay. aside from it being weird to see you checking out my cousin in the first place, she's a total bitch.

Like, super bitch. like. Look! Up in the sky! It's a chick! It's a gal! No!


It's super bitch!" I exclaimed quietly. "Okay, that was cheesy as hell, and I'm sure she's not that bad," Paul defended her. "Paul. she's in our grade. you've had classes with her.

she's on the female lacrosse team!" Paul sighed. "Relax man, I didn't say I wanted to date her. She's just hot. I might masturbate to her later." "Gross man, I don't want to hear that!" I snickered. "That's what friends are for," Paul offered.

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We left the beach when we still had about an hour of sunlight left. When we got back to camp, the adults had begun setting up for dinner. The first night we always ate late, cooking hot dogs over a fire. They had pushed two picnic tables together and set out all the materials and food we would need. My cousins and I began setting chairs up around the fire pit while my Uncle Henry began chopping the wood he had brought for the fire.

After a few swings of his axe, he regarded my brother. "Greg. Mind heading into the woods and grabbing an armful of kindling for me?" "Sure, no problem Henry," he agreed.


It always bothered me how nice and helpful Greg was at these family gatherings. Back home he was kind of an asshole. I was glad he was leaving for college next year. Not that we didn't have good times together occasionally, but they were few and far between. After a few minutes, my younger cousin Maddie approached me.


"Hey Zachy? Do you know where Sunny is?" she asked. Maddie was fourteen, and despite their four year age span, Sunny had spent a lot of time chatting with her at the beach, and Maddie had gotten a little clingy. "Did you check the camp bathrooms?" I asked. "Oh," she said, and she walked off. Then Uncle Henry spoke to me. "Zach, go find you're nutty brother will ya? It's been fifteen minutes." "Alright," I sighed.

"Want me to come?" asked Paul. "Nah that's alright. I'll be right back," I told him. I stood from my seat and headed towards the tree line.

I looked through the woods for about three minutes before I started to hear noises. I'm not going to try to make big dramatic build up or anything so I'll just spit it out. They were obviously sex noises. I followed the sound around a large rock, and then saw Greg and Sunny.

She was standing, but bent almost all the way over, her hands supporting her against a fallen tree trunk. She was topless, and her shorts and panties were around her ankles. Greg's pants and boxers were in an identical state, but he still had his shirt on. He was pounding her from behind. I could hear the pop of his hips slamming into her ass as he buried his cock inside her.

She was moaning loudly and rocking back into him as he thrusted. I was at a little bit of an angle from them, so Greg didn't see me, and Sunny was just looking straight at the log in front of her. I felt like a creep watching, especially since it was my brother, but I was just stunned by the sight.

and Sunny was hot. Like I mentioned earlier, she was a slender Japanese girl, but I hadn't known until now how fit she really was. The muscles in her back and shoulders flexed as Greg fucked her.

The angle she was bent at made it hard to see her tits, but I had gotten a couple glances at the tan nipples poking out of her B-cup breasts. I watched for about twenty seconds, when Sunny turned her head to the side suddenly. Her eyes met mine. Shit. My eyes widened and a spike ran up my spine, but I was frozen.

To my surprise though, Sunny didn't freak out. She was still moaning as my brother forced his cock in and out of her, but her eyes seemed to be thinking, considering. Then she shifted her whole body, arching her back and pushing out her chest, giving me a full view of her glorious breasts.

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She looked straight forwards again and pushed harder back into Greg. Her tits jiggled up and down slightly as he pounded her, and her moaning became more and more intense. She started letting out sharp squeals between every couple of moans, and I could tell form all the porn I'd watched that she was getting close to having an orgasm.

From the sound of it, so was my brother. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," he started saying. "Oh, fuck me Greg. Harder," she cried. Greg started pumping her faster, and the pop of their skin slapping together became louder.

"Aaaaargh! Baby I'm coming!" yelled Greg. He then slammed his body into her rigidly a few times, pushing his cock deep inside her as he released himself. Sunny arched her neck back and squealed loudly. "UHHHAIIEEEEEE!" Every muscle in her body flexed as she and my brother came together. As Sunny's cry faded away, her chest heaved as she breathed heavily. As Greg stroked her back, she looked over at me and winked.

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What the fuck. I started to step back so Greg at least wouldn't see me, but, in the most cliché bullshit event ever, the second I set my foot to the ground, I snapped a twig. Greg's head shot over and our eyes locked. For a moment he just stared at me, processing.

Then: "What the fuck Zach!" he yelled as he pulled out of Sunny and scrambled to pull his pants up. "You little prick! How long were you there?" "Uh, uhm, just like a minute," I blurted. "A fucking minute? You shit!" yelled Greg, and he took a step towards me. I squared off into a fighting stance. Remember when I said I had taken 5 years of Mui Thai Kickboxing?

My brother had done it for 9, and he had a temper. Luckily, Sunny stood up straight and set her hand to my brother's shoulder. He turned to her. "What?" he spat. "It's fine Greg. Relax. I saw him come up," she told him. "What!?" he cried. "Why didn't you say something?" I took the opportunity while he was facing her to stare at her tits a little while longer.

They weren't as perfect as Cindy's, but they were magnificent none-the-less. Sunny shrugged as she spoke. "I like it when someone's watching.

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It turns me on." My brother looked dumbfounded. ". Wha. huh?

. What." He looked back at me and then back at her, then shook his head, exasperated. "What the fuck ever. Get dressed and let's get back to camp." "Okay!" Sunny agreed cheerily.

She was freaking weird. She got dressed quickly while Greg gathered up an armful of kindling he had already gathered, and we started heading back towards camp.

"Um, by the way, the only reason I came down here was because Uncle Henry told me to come find you," I offered. "Shut up Zach. You're lucky I'm not kicking your ass right now," he told me with a glare.

"You better not kick his ass," Sunny said, poking Greg in the chest. "Or no sex for you." Greg just grit his teeth as we headed back to camp.