Blindfolded stud sucking hard cock

Blindfolded stud sucking hard cock
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Taking It: Jade and Maria All night my hands had been clumsy.

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I had spilled two drinks as I tried to hand them to a man across the bar. I dropped a twelve-pack of Budweiser as I was attempting to restock the beer coolers. I had long ago run out of allotted and understandable spills and I was losing money from my pocket with all the alcohol loss. Still, I couldn't help it. My hands would not stop shaking and I could barely see anything but Jade.

She had returned to the U.S. a couple of days ago and this was her first night back at the Venue. I was all torn up. During her three month absence I had fantasized about Jade more times than I could count. I was moody and distant and my husband had become curious and then suspicious.

Was I seeing another man? Was I having an affair with someone at the bar? Denying the man was easy. I told him I was stressed with the extra hours with one of the bartenders being away. Every time I said it, my heart beat harder. A picture of Jade's lovely face between my legs would flash in front of me and I'd be lost in thought again. What was driving me crazy was that she was offering me no more attention than she was anyone else. Everyone was asking if she had a good trip and she'd tell and anecdotal story here and there.

I was trying to watch her without being noticed. She was so striking, truly stunning. Her hair was still short and gelled, with a curl of bangs edging the sides of her forehead. She was in her customary black shirt, a tank top that exposed a perfect line of cleavage. When she leaned over the bar to speak to someone, her soft, dark flesh would bulge from the opening of her shirt. Her jeans looked new, and tight, framing her ass.

I would glance at the other employees or customers, but no other female ass intrigued me like Jade's. It was rounded and firm looking and I knew I wasn't the only one looking at it.

Occasionally we'd wind up at the register together and I could smell her perfume. I'd wonder, is she this close for a reason? Is she standing closer to me than she would to someone else. My whole body came alive just being within arms reach of her. At one point, while she was waiting for my clumsy fingers to hit the right buttons, I chanced a glance at her.

Her hand was clasping the metal shelf above our heads and she was leaning her head on her arm, looking at me. I looked away quickly, but my breathing soared right of normal and into heaving. Could she see? Was she watching? I looked back again when I had a receipt printed, and I said, "It's all yours." And she tilted her head in a way that made my breath suck to a stop. She stared into my eyes and she smiled slowly. I was caught in a trap of her energy.

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I couldn't even hear the music anymore. I was just aware that I had Jade's complete attention and I stared openly, like a school girl. She said, "I'm closing tonight." That was it. That was all. It was an invitation, I knew. One I had been hoping for.


I looked all over her face, from her dark, doe eyes to her full and shapely lips. What would she do tonight?


What would she deny me? For months I had been wondering what I could do to her in return for the awakening she had given me in the store room.

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Every day I thought of touching her, smelling her. I wondered if I'd be brave enough to taste her, to get between her legs as she had gotten between mine. I looked away and moved to the bar. Could she tell that I was as nervous as a school girl. What did I know about bringing another woman pleasure? I had already proven myself to be pretty clumsy all evening long.

Just the thought caused me to soak my panties in wetness. The tops of my thighs were sticky. Every time I looked at Jade after that, I could feel my pulse hammer in the depths of my body, sounding out the ache that had been growing ever since she last touched me.

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I finished the evening in a daze. Why me? We had lots of young blondes working the uniform and showing tits and ass for tips.

I was thinner than most of them, and my boobs were smaller as well. I had dark auburn hair that I had worn down tonight and my eyes were dark as well. The men seemed to like that. I could name the quality that drunken men liked, but I was at a loss as to what Jade saw in me unless it was that she could have an older woman begging for more. And I would. I knew I would. Finally closing hour came and I was sweeping behind the bar. Jade was counting inventory and when the final customer left, she followed him to the door and locked it.

We were alone. Oh, I tried to play it all cool and together, but I was quaking inside. When Jade resumed her counting, I thought that she was deliberately tormenting me. Had she thought about me when she was away? If so, what did she think?

I finished sweeping behind the bar and I went into the server's area. Their bar was lower for better access to pouring tea and coke. It was a small space when five girls were crowed around, but comfortable enough and almost secluded so that for the most part people in the Venue couldn't see it. There were two tall bar chairs back there for the girls to use when they got tired.

I was just pushing the chairs against the wall when I heard Jade's unmistakable voice ask, "Have you thought about me?" My eyes shot straight to her. Oh my God, was she kidding. She was leaning on the doorway, one hand hooked in her jeans pocket.

She didn't look nervous at all. I nodded. "Oh, Maria, you can do more than nod." She said, smiling that slow and seductive smile. "Yes," I said, complying. "I thought about you." I gathered my hair and tossed it behind my shoulders. My work was done, and I was more than a little nervous. "Tell me." "What?" I asked. "Tell me what you though about." There was no way. Surely not. She only stared, but she stared at my whole body, going down and then up with her eyes as though she was taking in the measure of me.

I was in a skirt again and my tee shirt clung to my body, showing the shape of my breasts. My legs were pale, but well shaped. I did my fair share of rebuffing men who become overconfident with too much drink. When her got back to my face, she kept her eyes on mine. "Did you think about my fingers being inside you?" She asked. She was as bold as I remembered. I nodded.

"Speak." She commanded softly. "Yes, I did." She seemed to like this response. I noticed that I was once again in a space that was all contained. Jade blocked the door and there was no other way out. She continued to watch me with her dark eyes and I felt heat spread throughout my body. I ached to touch her, to have her touch me. "I remembered the way you smell. Light and spicy. I like your perfume." She said. Her voice was a low alto and I watched her mouth when she spoke.

"Come here." She said. I looked at her quizzically. All she did was raise an eyebrow…and wait. I took three steps towards her.

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I felt clumsy and awkward, surely I wasn't as graceful as the women she has been used to. "Closer." She said.

I was certainly in her space already. One little step closer brought me within an inch of her body. She smiled down at me, her full lips parting in a smile and her dark lashes beating like the wings of a bird. She was waiting. I knew that at once. I was too close to get away. There was no way I was leaving without touching her, but she was going to make me make the first move. I couldn't stand it! My legs felt weak. I wondered what to do.

Should I touch her, kiss her, hug her? As I stood there, I realized that our mouths were very close together and I could feel the heat of her breath on my lips and it felt as though we were sharing the very same air, the same breath.

That thought did it for me. I reached up and pulled her face down to mine and kissed her firmly. Our mouths were warm together and her tongue played over my lips and I could not help but moan. It was low and primal. My body started shaking. Jade took her hands and put them at my waist, easing them up under the fabric.

When her cool fingers touched my flesh I felt positively undone. She made slow circles over my stomach with the tips of her fingers and she gently scratched up my sides to my ribs. With each new touch I felt more and more like I was floating, not a part of this world at all, but some ethereal one made up of scents and heat and passion. I had more passion in my kisses with Jade than I had ever had with anyone before. I felt dizzy and opened my eyes. I saw her watching me. I had never thought to kiss anyone with my eyes open before but I loved the way I could see her dark lashes flutter open and shut as kissed and touched and watched.

I settled back down on the flat of my feet, unable to remain steady on my tip toes. Jade drew her head back and had that now familiar look that told me I wasn't going to get away with that, with breaking contact or moving backwards. Her right arm circled my waist and pulled me to her tightly. Her breasts were full and soft against my own chest and my hips started to sway gently against hers.

It was a natural reaction to being so close to her. Her tongue was sweet on my mouth and occasionally I'd hear her tongue ring flick against her teeth and it created an instantaneous response between my legs. It made me press my crotch harder onto her leg.

She responded instantly by pressing her leg firmly between my legs, spreading me open and giving my some counter pressure to all the feelings I was having inside. I was absolutely drunk with her and drinking in more and more and more. I was ravenous for her mouth and her touch, still light and gentle with one hand.

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Then suddenly she spread her legs, bracing her back against the frame of the door and putting her hip bone right at the spot of my pleasure. Her hands went to my hips and she guided my body to move in slow figure eight circles across the bone.

I caught on quickly. In no time I was clutching her shoulders and neck and pressing my crotch hard onto her hip. Sometimes the intensity was so great that I pulled away for a deep breath and when I did I could see that Jade's eyes never left my face.

"Don't stop." She said. I could not have. She was doing nothing to keep me on her body, I was clinging and moving and grinding against her.

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I could feel waves of my own fluid rushing down from inside me, leaving my hot space between my legs and covering my thighs. I was drenched. "Don't stop until you cum." She said. With her permission, I felt an instant wave start in my upper thighs and spread like fire upwards and through me pussy, exploding through my lungs as I took in a great breath and sending streams of flame down every limb of my body.

She held me firmly against her and as I finally exhaled the breath that sent me over the edge, her mouth came down on mine and seemed to suck it in.

I was weak and powerless in her arms. When the kiss was done, she tenderly pulled my head to her shoulder and she held me tightly while my body continued to tremble with the aftershock of pleasure. I was able to smell her skin, the scent that belonged just to her. I felt her chest rise and lower against my own and I clung tightly still to her neck.

I recovered in a moment and I knew that the time had come. I raised my head up from her shoulder and I kissed her on the mouth, soft and sweet. And I gathered all my courage and slid to my knees on the floor in front of her. Once I was in place I made myself look up. She was looking down at me, her dark eyes shining with the haze of desire. That was my only encouragement.


Where I could moan and be loud, Jade would be silent. Three months of total curiosity won over and I placed my mouth right on her jeans and blew warm air from my body onto hers. I could feel that her back pressed more firmly against the wall. I ran my hands up her firm legs and I continued to create more heat between Jade's legs.

Kissing would be too light and too ineffectual over denim. It seemed to have her attention. I could smell her special scent, rich and sweet, each time I inhaled. She began to slowly press her crotch to my mouth.

I played like this for a moment, not wanting to seem impatient, then I began to work at the buckle of her belt. She offered no help, nor encouragement. However, her eyes stayed on me, as though she were allowing me my experience, but only if I was courageous enough to figure it out for myself. I was plenty nervous, but I could not stop. You don't wait so long for something, and get so damn close and then quit.

I needed Jade. When I got the belt undone, I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. I put my mouth back to her body a couple of times to keep my heat on her. She was hard to read, but a hand moved to my hair and I accepted this as encouragement. Slowly, more because of my nerves than anything else, I eased her jeans downwards and below her hips. I was entranced by the hollow just at the inside of her hip bones and I kissed them each in turn. When I got her jeans even lower, I saw that she was cleanly shaven and the slit of her body, as it appeared, sent me over the edge.

I wanted to be in the folds of her flesh, I wanted to know what she felt like, how hot her body was, how wet she could be. Though I gasped at the sight and forgot my nervousness Jade made no noise at all. When I looked up at her she was looking back at me with heavy lidded eyes and that teasing, slow smile on her face. While I looked up at her, I moved my mouth to her now exposed skin and I kissed her flesh with my lips. I lowered my eyes and decided to gently kiss and blow and brush my lips against her warm skin.

I eased her jeans past her ass and exposed her entire beautiful triangle of hips and the slit that went back into a warm secret between her legs. Mimicking the way she drew slow circles on my stomach, I used my nails to lightly scratch her on her lower back and her ass.

I pushed my mouth against her dark opening and kissed harder. I was all too aware of the limitations clothing put on the situation. With her body so exposed, a lovely and curving figure, the jeans around her thighs only served to clamp her legs together.

I saw no use in trying to remove her clothing any further as I was positive she would not allow it to happen and I didn't want to risk anything stopping my exploration. So I settled myself comfortably on the heels of my feet and I brought my right hand around to her front, still tracing patterns with my fingers. My chest was tight at the thought of what awaited me.

I wanted her so much and I so badly desired to see her squirm or hear her moan--anything! I wanted to pleasure Jade. I put my hand between her thighs and she moved her hips in response, undulating the right and then the left hip towards and then away from me.

It wasn't a large movement, but it was enough. I breathed deeply of her and brought my hand up, all the way up, until the top of my pointer finger encountered Jade's center. She was positively as wet as I was. This thrilled me. I turned my hand palm upwards and felt her move her legs apart just enough to give me access.

I found her pool of wetness, the opening to her pussy, and I slid my middle finger into her. I groaned at the feeling, warm and silky, liquid and soft. I absolutely understood why men are always after their next fuck. No wonder. This was a whole new world. I pushed in and out of her for a couple of minutes, luxuriating in the heat and the feel of her.

I actually had her juice trickle down onto my wrist! I leaned my face against her stomach and tried to calm down my breathing, my chest was pumping up and down almost in the same rhythm that I was pumping my finger into Jade.

I slipped my ring finger into her as well and she responded by arching her back and pressing her hips into my face. This action set me on fire. I moved my mouth over her and placed it right above where her clit was. I was still fucking her with my fingers, and I opened my mouth to seek out her node with my tongue, but as soon as my tongue touched her the hands in my hair pulled tight. Very tight. I gasped and looked up as she pulled my head back, firmly but not fiercely.

"No, no, baby girl," Jade said, her voice husky and low. "Not yet. I'm not finished with you yet." And she pulled me straight up by my hair and kissed me hard…