Wild oral stimulation in shemale style

Wild oral stimulation in shemale style
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I was sitting in Physics class, waiting for the bell to ring. I hated physics, I was getting a 65% in the class, and there were only four days left until the final exams. The only highlight of the class was a girl named Jill. She had amazing light blue eyes, with long black hair, of course me being a geek, not nerd, but geek meant that I had no chance with her.

She had just broken up with her boyfriend George, and since then every guy had been trying to get at her, all having unsuccessful attempts. While I was thinking about her, I didn't even notice that the bell had rang, probably because today was early release day. Everyone started rushing towards the door, and I slowly got up, strapped my backpack on, and started to leave. My name is Zack, I am 17 years old and I go to Natarin Secondary School in California.

I wasn't much of an athlete but I also wasn't really fat or skinny. I was that guy that none of the girls knew, but all the guys knew.

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Not in a gay way of course. I started heading out of class, and started walking home. I lived 20 minutes away, and no one that I was friends with walked the same way I did.

This of course, gave me a lot of time to think. As I was walking, I started thinking about what I was really doing with my life. I wasn't smart, as in all my classes I was getting under 70%, I wasn't athletic, I wasn't good looking, what exactly was I? My walks were always as depressing as this, always just me reflecting on my life, thinking about the things that I should have done but didn't do. I finally got home, took out my keys, and opened the door.

As I walked in I heard a noise, and it sounded like a familiar noise. As I walked in further I realized that it was moaning, and I starting creeping slowly in. In the kitchen I saw my twelve year old sister Christina having her pussy fucked by a guy who looked my age.

I don't know what was wrong with me, but the first idea that popped into my mind was to take out my cellphone and start recording it. After a minute or two, I heard the guy yelling "I'm cumming" I took that as my cue to get out. I ran for the main door, and quietly closed it, locked it, and ran to my backyard. I stayed in the backyard for about 30 minutes, passing the time by watching the video, of course the video was only about 2 minutes long, so I replayed it over and over again.

I saw the guy walk out the door, and waited 10 more minutes before entering, just to be safe. I knocked on the door, and my sister came out with a really surprised, and possible horrified look on her face. "What are you doing here?" she asked me in dismay. "It was early release day, school ended about half an hour ago. What are you doing here, don't you have school today?" I asked wondering in curiosity to if she ditched school just so she could be fucked on our kitchen counter.

"There was no school today, all middle schools were closed for the day." she said in a somewhat relieved way. I walked in, threw my bag into the living room and shouted asking "So what did you do all day?" wondering what lie she would throw at me.

She replied quickly "Nothing, you know, just stayed home and watched television.". I ran to my room, and just sat on my bed. I always had the hots for my sister, although she was only 12, she had pretty nice tits, long black hair, brown eyes, and a really tight ass. She definitely was not exactly hot, but the idea of getting a blowjob from my own sister just gave me the biggest hard on ever. Then I thought about it, this is the perfect chance to get a blowjob from my sister.

In fact, I can get anything from my sister with this video I have. Of course the first thing that I did was make copies of the video. I saved one on my computer, one on my USB, 4 of them on disks, and then just waited.

The next day, I hid all the disks. I hid one in my school locker, one behind my television, another in my backpack, and the last I put inside a movie cover for Twilight. I knew my sister loved the movie, and so I knew that she would watch it. That is what I was hoping for. Later that night, my mom and dad were gone to a party at a friend's house and left me and my sister home alone.

I was in my room when I heard a scream, I ran downstairs to see what the problem was. I saw my sister breaking the CD with the video on it, and I asked her with a confused look "What's wrong? Why were you screaming?" "Nothing, I just stubbed my toe, that's it" I didn't realize that people screamed that loud when they stubbed their toe, asking myself sarcastically.

"Okay, well I'll be in my room" Ten minutes later I heard the phone ring, and I picked it up. It was my mom, who sounded drunk "Zack, me and your dad had a little too much to drink tonight. We are stayed at Emily's house, so please just eat dinner and give your sister food, then go to bed." I took that as a sign that today is the day I use the power of the video.

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After I gave my sister food, she went to bed and I waited around 20 minutes before I sneaked into her room. I took off all my clothes once I got inside, and lucky for me Christina has a twin sized bed. I laid down beside her, and started rubbing on her boob which was only covered by her thin shirt. I managed to pull my hand off and put my hand under her shirt, and went for her boob again, except this time nothing would cover it. I started slowly massaging her tits, they were so soft.

I couldn't take it anymore. I ripped off her shirt, and as I did, she woke up. "What are you doing!?" she asked in an extremely angered voice "Whatever I want" I replied I went to suck on her tits, but she resisted. "That video you saw? The one that replaced your stupid Twilight movie? I was the one who put it there. So I think it would be best for you to let me do whatever I want to you.


Or I can let mom and dad see that video, and possibly a lot of other people". "Please, don't! I'm your sister! Don't do this to me.". She started crying. I started to regret doing this, I didn't think that she would cry. Of course though, being a horny 17 year old meant that her crying was not going to stop my actions. "Don't do what? Don't show anyone the video, or don't have you suck my cock?" "Both!

Please, just don't." "You can only choose one. So choose." "Don't let anyone see that video" "Okay, suck my cock then." She put her soft lips on my dick, and started moving her face back and forth.

It felt amazing, jacking off was nothing compared to this. "Oh yeah Christina, keep going" I started rubbing her tits again, loving the feel of how soft they were.

"Lick my balls" She moved her mouth from my cock and started making her way towards my balls. She slowly licked them, it felt like she licked them once every second, which felt like forever! "Oh yeaah! Take off your shorts and panties. Now!" She quietly obeyed. She took off her pink shorts, and what I saw amazed me.

She had the cutest little pink panties! As soon as I saw them, I said "Stop, don't take them off yet.Wait a minute." I pulled my head down, put my mouth to her stomach, and attempted to pull down her panties with my mouth. Of course, I had no success, so I moved and she took them off herself. I went to her pussy and I admired it for a minute. She had nice pink lips. I immediately put my mouth on her pussy and started licking it.

There was really no specific taste, but I just liked the feeling of licking my sisters pussy. "Ohhh! Ohhh my god!" Seems like I was really pleasing her. I smiled and took a quick look at her face, her eyes were closed and she was biting on her bottom lip. I continued to lick her pussy.

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"Ohhh yeessss! Don't stop Zack!


Ohhh myyyy gooood! I looooooove it!" A few minutes of her moaning and I felt her juices on my face, and then I couldn't take it anymore. I took out my dick and put it inside her pussy.

"No Zack! I'm not on any birth control! Stop!" I didn't really care much to what she was saying I started pushing my dick in and out.

"Oh my fuccking good yesssss!" "You like my cock in you Christina? You like your big brother's cock in your little pussy? Tell me!" Somehow while moaning she replied "Yes I love it!

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Please give me more of your cock!" "I'm cumming!" I yelled in a voice full of pleasure. Some magical way I pulled out just in time and all my cum landed on her stomach.

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"You loved that didn't you, Christina? "NO! How could you do that to your own sister Zack?" "Well, you obviously enjoyed it, considering how much you were moaning." "That doesn't matter! I'm still your sister!" she yelled. As she was yelling at me, I swear I heard the main door open. Shit. I took my clothes and ran to the bathroom beside Christina's bedroom. I put on all my clothes and pulled open the bathroom door, and saw my mom standing right in front of me.