I love hard sex with this teen

I love hard sex with this teen
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In spite of its description as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a girl during my time on the radio. The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales.

XVII. Fireflies danced and branches rustled as my mind swam amongst the stars. It had been hours since I'd felt the dull distress of fear. I was beginning to grow confident in my situation.

I finally believed that I would be okay through this escapade, and, should Ashley… Or Kim, or both wish to continue our shenanigans, I would be able to manage the conditions of our affairs, provided they'd let me guide them. I took a sip from my beer; the last. It occurred to me that my view of the sky was relatively unpolluted by ambient light from the small city nearby, and I concluded that we must be farther out from town than I'd previously believed.

The girls seemed to be taking their time, and I smiled again at the "best possible scenario" as I went to retrieve another beer from the refrigerator. The house was quiet, so much so that I found myself a little uncomfortable in it alone, and was eager to get back outside.

I had finished half of my second beer before I heard laughing from inside the house, and the joyful noise warmed me.

I watched the door for several seconds before seeing Ashley's silhouette suddenly posing in it, as if she were making a grand entrance onto a stage. She paused there only long enough to make a proper debut before making her way to me, and I could see that she was now clothed in shorts and a T Her hair was fixed the way she liked it, and as she got closer, I could see that she'd applied a small amount of makeup.

"How's it going," she asked. I could not have kept myself from smiling if I'd wanted to, and I was sure I looked like an idiot. I didn't really care. I'd only begun to feel the beer, and I was quite at ease. "Not too bad, I must say." She grinned.

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"How many have you had?" She took the beer from me and took a sip. I was about to reflexively object before I caught myself. "That's my second," I informed her. I then noticed that she was wearing a t-shirt advertising her high school soccer team, and I cringed inwardly.

"That's it until we get back." She kept smiling at me as she took one more sip and said, "Get up. Go get in the shower." I looked at her for a few moments, captivated by her allure before she spoke again. "Now." Oh, I see. I got up and tried to slip by her before she grabbed me for a kiss, then released me again into the house. As I passed by Kim, she said, "Right at the top of the stairs to the open door at the end of the hall. Go through the bedroom into the bath.

There's a clean towel on the sink for you." I said, "Thanks," and continued up the stairs as I wondered how many towels we had used over the day. When I got to the bathroom, I became jealous of Kim's parents' financial wellbeing.

The room was the same as my own in that it had a two-person shower, as wash basin, and a commode. However, my bath wasn't in hand-laid tile, glass and porcelain, as this one was.

As I coveted the expensive nature of my surroundings, I told myself that such things were unnecessary and frivolous. Then I answered that I didn't care because I wanted it anyway. I showered quickly, merely gliding the soap over me, spending the most significant time washing the pool chemicals from my hair.

I noted that there were no seats in the shower, and I smiled to myself in triumph. I dried off, and headed back downstairs to find the girls in the den. I heard them laughing before I saw them. Kim asked, "What is this?" I rounded the corner, and saw the girls sitting on the floor, clothed as if ready to leave, staring me down, their faces absolutely afire with excitement. Then I saw why. They were taking inventory.

I saw large portion of my assortment of sex toys and bondage equipment strewn about their knees. "Oh, okay," I said. "I see what's going on." I saw what Kim was holding, and said, "That is a tail." She looked at it for a few moments, then the light went on, and she dropped it, momentarily horrified that she'd been holding such a device.

I laughed the hardest I had since meeting them. Kim asked, "You keep this stuff in a bag in your trunk?" She was in utter disbelief as Ashley looked on with genuine interest. "What do you do with stuff after you… Use it?" Ashley laughed at her friend's hesitation.

"I clean it," I told her. "Any time I use anything, it's sterilized before I put it back. It's all completely safe." "If you say so," she said, and Ashley laughed again. "Stop it, Ash," and she pushed her friend over onto the carpet. "Are you two ready to go?" I was getting a little impatient. Ashley spoke up. "Yep, let's go." Apparently, she had forgotten my lack of clothing.

I gestured at my nudity, "E-hem…" She looked at me quizzically before realizing. "Oh, yeah. I guess you are going to need clothes this time." "Thank you," I said. She went upstairs briefly and returned with the garments and shoes in which I'd arrived, as well as the things Kim had taken home last night in a plastic grocery bag.

"Let's go," said Ashley, "You can get dressed on the way. Dressing in the back seat of Kim's Subaru wasn't difficult so much as inconvenient, and the sky was dark now, so I wasn't to concerned with being seen. My second shoe was being cinched as we pulled next to my car. When we got to my place, the girls insisted on coming in with me, despite me having only to grab a few things. I opened the door, and let them inside. Ashley followed me to the bathroom to retrieve her dress, boots, and utterly destroyed thong, then left me to tend to my affairs.

A few moments later, I heard Kim calling to me. "Where's your TV?" I called back to her, "I don't have one." A few seconds later, she tried again, "No, where's your television?" I thought it might take some explaining, so I went to tell her in person.

"Yeah, I heard you. I don't have one." Ashley this time, "A television?" "Nope." Kim again, and truly perplexed now, "What do you mean?" And away we go… "Well, you know what a television is, right?" "Yes?" Kim looked worried.

"Well, I don't have one." "Asshole." The look on her face was priceless. "Why don't you have a television?" I was really enjoying this. Most young people could not understand not having a television. I explained that I didn't understand it myself until I couldn't afford one. Then, when I had money again, I found that I really hadn't missed the TV, and decided I was better off without one. She and Ashley looked at each other blindly, before Ashley asked, "What do you do with all your free time?" Serious as a heart attack, "I have sex with underage girls." Ashley looked back at Kim, "Boy, he is an asshole, isn't he?" I started to laugh.

"What are you standing around for? Go get your stuff." I retreated to the bathroom to drop my toiletries into a shaving kit, then returned to the desk in the living room to check for messages. The girls were watching me, like they knew something I didn't and they weren't going to tell me.

I stopped, and started watching them, which apparently didn't go down well. "Are you ready," Ashley asked impatiently. "Yeah," I answered, "But I just thought of something; now that I know I can park at the house, why don't I drive my own car instead of riding with you two?" They looked at each other, as if in disbelief of my revelation, not understanding how they hadn't thought of it. Kim started smiling as Ashley turned to me and said, "Because we're already here." Still trying to be helpful, I began, "But if I take…" "You're coming with us because I said so.

Now let's go." Ashley was trying to sound stern and was failing miserably, and Kim went outside, looking as if she'd start laughing at any moment. I just smiled and said, "Yes, Ma'am," before following Ashley out the door and locking it behind me. As soon as we were in the car, and before Kim had even started the engine, the girls looked at each other. Then Ashley turned to face me. "Okay, Dean." she said, "Take off your clothes and hand them to me." XIIX.

The drive back to Kim's house was uneventful. The girls engaged in school related conversation, and I tuned them out again. There wasn't so much to see out the window this time, so I just contemplated what an amazing time I was having. Kim and I were getting along well, Ashley and I had cleared up the nature of our relationship, and I was again naked in the back seat of a car piloted by a couple of sixteen-year-olds. Ashley appeared to be trying on a Domme's suit. I wasn't sure yet if it would fit, but I could definitely tell she wanted it to.

She had been demonstrating dominant moments since I picked her up last night, and they'd felt so natural. Perhaps she was trying too hard now. I just didn't think she had it in her. I wanted to turn her over my knee and spank her for wasting her time. If I could've seen one of the girls as a Domme, it would've been Kim. It had nothing to do with her physique, either. She just had a naturally dominant personality. In fact, I was perplexed by the nature of her relationship with Ashley.

Even as dominant as she appeared to be, she often played equal to Ashley, sometimes even stepping in line behind her. I was very interested to learn more about the dynamics of their friendship.

Soon, we were in Kim's garage, and Kim asked, "Who wants cookies?" Ashley looked at her as if to say, "Oh, I am so freakin' there!" Kim ran off to the kitchen while Ashley led me only as far as the den, and told me to pick up the all the devices they'd pulled out of the bag. Before I could begin, she grabbed my chest hair and pulled down until my face was just lower than her own. I winced before she kissed me, then, still holding on to me, she said, "Go wait for us in the jacuzzi when you're done." She released me and walked to the kitchen.

"Yes, Ma'am," I said to myself as I watched her leave, my manhood rapidly inflating. Maybe she did have it in her. I found the timer for the jacuzzi, and turned it on, slipping into the water with a long sigh. I hadn't paid much attention to it, but I was still feeling the slightest bit sore from being chained to that bench the night before, and I was pretty sure some time under the jets would make the discomfort disappear completely.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the padded rail, dissolving into the water. I sat quietly in the dark, and I suddenly realized that the only sexual episode I'd had with Kim was earlier in the day when she had milked me, and to me, that had barely qualified as sexual at all.

She had simply been preparing me for an encounter that never materialized, and I felt cheated. I began to understand her frustration when she'd discovered Ashley recovering from my attention. I found myself hoping that Ashley had given her some attention of her own in the shower, just as I'd imagined. After being outside for about ten minutes, I heard activity, and opened my eyes to see the girls emerge from the bright interior of the house and head for the jacuzzi.

Kim carried what looked to be a glass of iced tea, and Ashley set down another glass of tea and a beer before handing me the half-finished bottle she'd taken from me a couple of hours earlier. "Here's your beer, Sweetie," she said as Kim stripped out of her clothes.

Ashley quickly followed suit, and soon they'd both slipped into the water, Kim on my left, and Ashley on my right, and I was hard as a rock. Ashley sipped her tea, and spoke past me to Kim, "This is really nice. Good idea." "It really is, isn't it," Kim replied before tasting her own.

I leaned back again, putting one arm around each of them, savoring the moment. After a few moments, I felt a hand on my shaft, massaging me gently, With all the stimulation from the jets, it took me a few moments to determine that the hand belonged to Ashley, and I closed my eyes in enjoyment.

Soon, I felt a new hand on me, and the first one left. I smiled, understanding that I'd just been handed off. After a few minutes, Kim's voice whispered into my ear. "You know, Dean, I've wanted you to fuck me since this afternoon." My heart had moved into my head again, and the throbbing was intense. As smooth as I thought I was, I had no idea what to say to that. "So what are we going to do about it?" That was it? That was the best I could do?

Ashley's voice now, loud enough for us all to hear clearly, "Here's what you're going to do about it, Dean: nothing. You're going to sit there with your hands on the side of the jacuzzi." I turned to look Ashley in the eye.

The hand continued to fondle me, and I knew what was coming next, Kim was going to ride me. Ashley looked right through me and continued, "And this is what we're going to do. Kim is going to bend over the side of the jacuzzi over there, and I'm going to lick her and finger her until she comes all over me, and you're going to watch." I was dumbfounded. Speechless, even. Kim's hand was still working me under the water. "You're going to watch, Dean, and you're going to keep your hands on the side of the jacuzzi where I can see them.

Do you know why?" When I didn't answer for a few seconds, she said, "Answer me, Dean. Do you know why?" Weakly, my response came. "No." "Would you like to know why, Dean?" I didn't hesitate this time. "Yes, please." My face was hot, my mind burning hopelessly, and I became ridiculous. She smiled. "Because if you're a good little boy, and you do exactly what I say, Kim's going to be nice and wet, and maybe, just maybe, if she wants you to, and you ask very nicely, maybe she'll let you fuck her later.

Do you understand?" "Yes." "Say it, Dean." "I understand." Only I didn't understand. She couldn't have just spoken those words… Those filthy words. She'd changed. She'd cast off the tenderness, the light-heartedness. She wasn't the same girl. She wasn't a girl at all. She was more woman than I'd been prepared to handle, perhaps ever. "Good." Then, something happened right before my eyes; the cold, aggressive domination melted away just as quickly, leaving sweet, tender, bouncy Ashley.

Only I knew better. Gentle Ashley had never left. I finally began to comprehend her dichotomy, and how she was completely unaware of it, and how it was beginning to serve her blossoming desires perfectly. She kissed me passionately, and I found myself emotionally connected to her. Somehow, I felt I'd planted something in her, and now wanted badly to be part of its realization. Show me, Ashley. Show me what you can do. She released me and smiled at me contemplatively before slowly turning to Kim.

"Okay, do it." I grabbed the padded rails of the jacuzzi hard, my arms outstretched to either side, as Kim smiled at me. Then the hand left me as she moved just beyond my reach before climbing out, resting her knees on the side padding, and presenting herself to us. I lusted for them both as Ashley whispered into my ear, "Doesn't that look so good you could just eat it?" She was talking the way a little girl talks about an ice cream cone.

The almost childlike manner in which she was speaking was maddening. She was so fucking dirty.

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"Don't go anywhere," she whispered before setting off after Kim. I wasn't about to move. Even if I'd wanted to, I was too dizzy to safely extract myself from the water. I watched in utter astonishment as Ashley moved across the water to Kim, and placed her hands on the backs of the waiting girl's legs. She slid her hands over the curves of Kim's buttocks, moving up her sides to caress her hips, bringing her hands to the small of her back.

She glided her left hand down the outside of Kim's arse as the fingertips of her right drew a straight line down the part in her bum to skim along her sex and withdraw after brushing her clit. Kim shifted on the pads. Ashley brought her face to Kim's sex, and kissed it flat on, as if she were kissing a dear friend. She began to plant small kisses all around the outside of her entry, just as I'd done to Ashley the night before. Kim was swaying now, clearly in desire and anticipation.

Ashley's head obscured my view as she did something with her mouth that made Kim jerk softly. I was only vaguely aware that the jacuzzi's jets had stopped as Ashley repeated whatever she'd done several more times, each time eliciting a small jerk from Kim, before backing an inch or two.

She withdrew some saliva from her own mouth with her thumb before placing her hand on Kim's sex like she was supporting someone's chin, her moistened digit pressing on her clit. Then, she reached in with the tip of her tongue, running it up and down Kim's folds as she massaged the girl's button with her thumb.

Kim started drifting backward against her friend Ashley continued like this for a minute or two, rubbing circles over Kim's clit, and occasionally moving her tongue up to tease the bud of the girl's arse.

Ashley backed her tongue away for a moment and quickly dipped her busy thumb into her friend's sex deeply, removed it covered with Kim's juices, and was about to resume work on her clit before Kim pushed back hard. Ashley stopped, and smacked Kim's bum firmly with her free hand, saying flatly, "No." Kim jerked, then moved herself back to her original position, and Ashley pressed on.


She continued for several minutes before withdrawing her hand. She replaced it with the other, plunging the middle finger in as far as she could reach before beginning to drill her friend's pussy. Ashley licked vigorously as she repeatedly thrust her finger into Kim's tunnel, now dripping steadily with a mixture of sex and saliva, and Kim started inching back again.

Kim had begun a constant, low, half moan, half wail, and her voice shook in rhythm with Ashley's thrusts. When Kim had crept backward far enough, Ashley moved her head back, slapped her friend's bum again, silencing her friend's noises. Kim returned forward again, and Ashley slipped a second finger into her gushing mound, to which Kim gasped. She returned to cover the girl's folds with her mouth.

Ashley had stopped her repeated invasions, and now her fingers occupied Kim's trenches. I watched Ashley's wrist, knowing her fingers were wriggling their way around Kim's interior as Kim started shaking and pushing back against Ashley uncontrollably.

Ashley reached her free arm over her head to bring it to rest on the top of Kim's backside, almost as if holding on for support. They continued like this for several minutes, Kim seemingly teetering perpetually on the edge of rapture, and I wondered how long she could hold out. It wasn't long, in fact, before Kim started moaning again. It was different now, building, and I knew that she was done. A few seconds passed before Kim started shaking uncontrollably, almost putting Ashley off.

She was calling out to no-one, announcing her arrival, and it was glorious. Ashley let her mouth slip from Kim's quaking entrance to begin softly licking and kissing the outer folds of Kim's sex as Kim fluidly reached a peak, then began her coda.

Ashley left her fingers inside as her mouth caressed her shaking friend down from the pinnacle. Kim had worked just as hard for her release as Ashley had, and her exhaustion was apparent.

She continued to shake, but the vibrations gradually changed pitch from excitement to fatigue. Ashley withdrew her fingers and reached her hand out to my face, still tenderly kissing the womanhood she'd just conquered. Sliding my hands along the rail behind me, I reached out and accepted Ashley's saturated fingers into my mouth, sucking and licking hungrily at Kim's juices for several moments before Ashley pulled them away again. She climbed out of the water to whisper something in Kim's ear, then returned to face me in the tub.

"Come here." Without hesitation, I was next to her. "Get up there and put your cock in her and hold still." My heart felt as if it would escape through my mouth as I climbed up behind Kim and slid carefully into her. She was tight, but I still cut through her almost effortlessly, as slick as she was. I buried myself and waited for instructions, my hands at my side. Ashley in my ear, "Can you feel that, Dean? Answer me." Without looking at her, "Yes." "Doesn't that feel good?" I closed my eyes.

"Yes." "Do you want to fuck her now?" "Oh, yes." I was beginning to shake in the overwhelming intensity of it all. "Say it." "I want to fuck her now." I desperately did. "Good." I twitched inside Kim, and she squeezed me in response.

"Now get off her." I couldn't move; she felt so good. "Now." I backed out of her, my prick springing free and my chest aching in disappointment, and I stepped back down into the water. I looked down at Ashley as she moved to put a soft hand on Kim's back. "Okay," she said, "You can relax now." Kim fell to the wooden floor so quickly I thought she might hurt herself. Ashley then pulled me into her and kissed me.

My erection was pinned between us as she moved her face around my mouth, feeding Kim's sex to me. She was covered in it, and I couldn't get enough. Eventually, she pulled me from her by my hair and said, "Now sit down." I complied immediately, to which she cheerfully said, "Good boy!" Kim had rolled onto her side, and Ashley took her iced tea to her.

"Here you goSweetie." Kim started to sit up. "That was fucking awesome," as she took the glass from her lover. Ashley turned to me, "Would you like another beer? I brought you one." Without waiting for me to answer, she picked up the beer she'd left on the other side of the jacuzzi and handed it to me.

I was speechless. "Close your mouth, Dean." Kim was looking at me. "That's the second time today." I tried to apologize. "I'm sorry. Just… Wow." Kim again, "You're an idiot, Dean." I took a big swig from my beer and said, "I know." XIX. Ashley snuggled up next to me and said, "I wonder what time it is," as Kim reset the jacuzzi timer and slipped back into the water.

Taking a leap of faith, I answered, "Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?" Ashley punched me softly on my arm.

Another surprise from Ashley; they just kept coming. I put my arm around her. Kim just said, "Someone does." I wasn't too disappointed. Ashley squeezed my shaft to find me stiff as a board. She said, "Well, Dean, I bet you wish you'd fucked her when you had the chance." She was looking at me now in serious contemplation.

I took another drink. "That I do. That I do." I knew Kim and I would have sex pretty soon.

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Still, having me slip into her then pull me right back out again was cruel, perhaps also for Kim. I decided I'd have to keep an eye on Ashley. Kim said, "We need some music." Ashley was still concentrating on me, and I was trying to figure out what the hell she was looking at. Finally, she exclaimed, "That's it, I can't take it anymore." She stood up, took my beer from me, set it down, grabbed my hand and said, "Come with me.

Kim, you come too." Kim and I exchanged puzzled looks as Ashley dragged me into the kitchen, where she pulled a folding footstool from the cupboard and said to me, "Sit down." Then, to Kim, "Get his cuffs." Kim went silently to the den as I sat down on the top step of the footstool. She just looked at me, apparently waiting for Kim's return, and the erection that had just started to go away came knocking again.

The muscle was starting to ache, and I realized that I hadn't had such an active twenty-four hours in a long time.


Kim called from the den, "Which ones?" I couldn't help but smile at the thought of my inventory. Ashley got a little frustrated before calling, "Just bring the bag." Seconds later, Kim arrived and set the bag down on the floor. Ashley asked me, "Do you have two pair of handcuffs?" I looked at her incredulously and asked, "Are you kidding?" She pretended to be unamused, though I saw the sides of her mouth try to turn up in a smile.

"Okay, funny boy, get them out." I started digging, shunning myself not for the first time for not having devised a system of organization for my bag, yet. It didn't take long for me to produce two pair, and I handed them to Ashley. She fastened each arm to its respective side of the stool, then frowned. "Kim, get his ankle cuffs." I suddenly felt that I needed to sit down with her and tell her what the proper names for these devices were if she were going to continue using them.

Kim recovered the leg irons, and Ashley secured my legs to the stool. I just sat there smiling. Once finished securing me, Ashley stood up, sighed, and said, "Okay… Kim, go get your mother's clippers." I tried to jump up, failing miserably. "No fucking way." She was going to cut my hair off, and I was not too pleased about it. Kim asked, "For real?" "For real," Ashley confirmed. "Go get them." Kim made her way quickly into a hallway as Ashley began trying to convince me that it was a good idea.

"Dean, your hair is too long…" I interrupted. "For what?" Again, "You hair is too long; Kim and I both agree." She continued, "Now, if I'm going to keep looking at you, it has to go." "Oh, you have got to be shitting me." I was getting really concerned, but at least my erection was rapidly deflating. "Please don't do this, Ashley." She held my head against her naked chest as she tried to comfort me.

"Dean, it's going to be alright, you'll see." She released my head to look at my face. "Have I lied to you?" I looked her dead in the eye and said, "Yes. Fuck yes, you have, Ashley." I couldn't say it enough. "Yes you have. Yes you have." She paused for a few moments in realization. "Okay, my bad." She was really trying.

"But I'm not lying about this." Kim returned with a small bag, but she kept her distance from us, obviously extremely uncomfortable. I just glared for a while at Ashley in silence, knowing there was no way out of it. "You know, Ashley, I should really stop letting you chain me up." "Dean," she started, "You're going to look so much better, I promise." I was tired of arguing. "Fuck. Just fucking do it." I'd never been fond of arguments, preferring diplomacy whenever possible, but she had crossed the line.

And now, I was done. "In fact, take it all. Just shave it all off." Both girls stood there, continuing to look at me, perhaps contemplating the likelihood of their safety. "Well? Fucking do it." Still, they just looked at each other, and I reached the end. I looked back and forth between them before coming to a decision.

I took a deep breath, and said to the floor, "Uncuff me." No-one moved, and I looked up at Kim. "Seriously, uncuff me." Kim looked at Ashley briefly before saying, "I'll go get the keys," and she disappeared up the stairs. I sat there, trying to not lose my cool.

I hadn't yelled yet, and I was working hard at maintaining my composure. I didn't look at Ashley, and I suspected that she wasn't looking at me, either. My head was burning with fury, my muscles were tensed, and my teeth were clenched, but I was calming. I knew Ashley wasn't going to cut my hair now.

I was also fairly certain that she knew her game was finished. She had pushed too far too soon, and now her fun was over. I wondered without looking if she was about to cry. Kim returned with the key and my clothes, and quickly uncuffed me, freeing my hands first. Once I was free, I sat there for a few moments, getting ready to make my move.

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I stood up, took a deep breath and said, "Give me the clippers." Kim had set the bag down on the counter.

She reached for it and handed it to me directly as Ashley looked on. "Okay, bring me a mirror." Ashley and Kim looked at each other, looking as if I'd just spoken to them in another language. "It's okay, just bring me a mirror." Kim left for a few seconds and returned with a hand-held mirror, handing it to me with the "What Are You Going To Do" look in her eye.

I plugged the clippers into a wall socket over the counter, and took a long look at myself in the mirror. Then flipped the switch on the clippers, held my breath, and took the first long stroke into my temple. I was a few strokes in before I realized things would go better if I had the use of both of my hands. As calmly and neutrally as possible, I said, "Would someone please hold this mirror for me?" Ashley appeared next to me, and took the mirror.

Once my hands were free, the clippers made quick work of my hair. As I continued, my stress eased away as I was focused on my task. I could see Ashley's face in my periphery, and she was starting to smile. Soon, I was running my hands over the stubble on my scalp, looking for strays. I switched off the clippers, set them down on the counter, and said to no-one in particular, "I'm going to need a fresh razor." Kim said, "I'll get you one of mine," before running off upstairs.

"Just leave it for me in the shower," I told her. Finally I looked at Ashley. She had an iffy smile on her face. I was already getting over my anger at her, but I was perfectly content to let her stew in uncertainty and remorse for a while longer, so I remained expressionless.

Her smile started to fade. "I'm going to take a shower. I don't know how long it will take." Then I went upstairs, where Kim guided me to her razor and yet another towel. I was in there for quite a while. It was the first time I'd run a razor along my skull, so I proceeded with a significant degree of trepidation.

But I was ultimately satisfied. I couldn't see myself, but I detected no remaining stubble under my fingertips, so I was done, and I rinsed my head of the soap I'd used in lieu of shaving cream. I decided to give the rest of me a once over to rid myself of the jacuzzi chemicals and noticed that the girls were now watching me from just inside the bathroom door. Once I was clean, I stepped out of the shower and dried myself. As soon as I looked at them, neither could contain their pleasure at seeing me like this, and I couldn't help but smile back at them.

The bathroom mirror was fogged, so I still did not know what I looked like. "Would someone please take me to a mirror?" They each grabbed a hand, and dragged me into the bedroom and sat me down at a dresser.

They each took a shoulder as I had my first looks. I didn't look bad.

In fact, the girls had been right; I looked better than I had with the long locks. I didn't know what, exactly, they'd intended to do with my head before, but they were apparently pleased with my decision to go all the way. My scalp was pale, though, and I knew I'd have to spend a few days in the sun to balance things out.

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I looked at the girls in the mirror. "Yes?" They answered in unison, "Yes!"