Brunette gets fucked on the stairs

Brunette gets fucked on the stairs
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The next time, it turned out, was soon. I was at home, in my office, just having gotten out of my work dress and put on more convenient clothes. While I dressed, I started to wonder about her instructions. Should I already not wear underwear? What if I was going out? Or at home, wearing pants? Surely, I could wear panties in my pants?


Absently, I ran my hands across my breasts, eyeing them in the mirror. And what about a bra? I squeezed one of them, letting go only to watch it fall. They were really nice for my age, I concluded. Still firm, nice and round, not too saggy. What if I could never wear a bra again? Would I get old woman's tits? I sighed. Alright, I thought, no bra for now.

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I put on a nice, wide sweater that was bulky enough not to show whether I was wearing something underneath or not. And pants then. I really like trackpants, but wearing them without panties felt. so wrong.

I spent maybe fifteen minutes, naked from the waist down, holding my track pants in one hand, my panties in another, trying to decide. Then, the phone rang. Unknown caller, again. Trembling, I pushed the button and held it to my ear. "Yes?" I answered, my voice shaking. "Where are you?" the now familiar voice of the mysterious woman asked. "At home," I answered, whispering without really knowing why. "Good," she said.

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"Do you have your toys ready?" I looked around, panicked. "Yes." I said, pausing. I didn't really have any toys, but I didn't want to disappoint her right away. "What are they?" she asked. I held my breath, hurriedly going through my apartement on tip toes, looking for anything that would qualify as a toy.

"Ah," I said, my eyes wandering across my dinner table, sofa, mantlepiece, kitchen counter. "B-bananas," I said quickly, staring at the fruit bowl on the counter. "Mmmh, kinky," she purred, "so that's what you prefer?" I breathed in hard, nodding, even though she couldn't see me.

"Ah, yes," I replied, uneasy. I hoped she thought I was too shy talking about my preferences when I was really just clueless and inexperienced, which made me feel much worse, especially at my age. How could this woman make me feel like this? "Good then," she continued. "I hope you're following my other advice and don't wear any underwear?" This time I answered more confidently.

"Yes," I said. "Take a picture," she said sternly, "and send it to my email." "B-but. I." I stuttered, suddenly feeling very uneasy. "Do you want us to continue or not?" she asked sharply. "Because if you do, then do as you're told." I paused. "What about those other pictures?" I asked, not knowing what to say, trying to stall her.

"Those were for yourself," she replied. "But these are for me." I sighed.


"Yes, Ma'am," I said finally, resigned. "Good," she replied. "The email is [email protected]" I held the phone out in front of me, turning on the selfie camera and clicked.

I made sure only my chest, covered by the sweater, and my naked legs were visible. Then I sent it off. "Mmmh," she said a few moments later.

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"Now, to prove that it's really you, I want to see the banana in your pussy." I swallowed hard. I'm really going to do this, I thought. I'm going to be in some fucked up relationship here, exposing myself to a stranger who might potentially be dangerous, if I continue like this. For a minute I was just frozen, thoughts and feelings racing chaotically through my head. What if she's insane?

What if she'll use whatever she's got against me? What if she's a crazy stalker and will come after me? What if she's a cop? Is this illegal? But fuck, WHY DO I WANT TO DO THIS SO DAMN MUCH?

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Calm down, Jocelyn, I thought. For some reason this woman gave you an incredible orgasm just a short while ago. It's only normal that she'd want something in return. So, if you want to keep her (and god, do you want to keep her!), you'll have to make it worth her while.

This is going to be a relationship, and you're both in it. I finally pulled myself up on the kitchen counter and spread my legs slightly, spitting in my hand and rubbing it across my labia. All that thinking and hesitating had toned down my arousal quite a bit, but I was determined now.

The end of the banana pushed at my pussy, held open with my other hand. I moved it, slowly, in and out, getting it deeper and deeper inside, feeling it stretch and fill me. Finally, when it was halfway in, I pointed my phone at my crotch, took a snapshot and sent it off. "Mmh, such a good girl," she replied a little bit later, breathing harder herself.

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"I bet you're curious about what I'm doing." I swallowed. "Yes," I whispered. "Hmm, so what will you do if I'll tell you?" she asked cheekily.

"Anything," I replied, not quite knowing where my determination was coming from. "I'll do anything." "Is that a promise, slut?" she asked sternly. "Yes," I answered eagerly.

"Yes Ma'am, I'll do anything." "Well," she began in a sultry voice as she began giving me a detailed description: "While you were trying to get that banana in, I went into my kitchen and got myself something to match.

So right now, there's the thick, green end of a nice slick cucumber sticking out of my wet cunt, waiting for me to fuck myself with it. And if I was there, I'd sit with it on your face and have you bite in it and hold it between your teeth while I'm riding you, impaling myself on this long veggie right above your fucking mouth." I shuddered. The thought of her doing that to me had me move the banana in and out of my pussy again, almost automatically.

"Do you hear that, slut?" she asked. "I'll use your fucking face as I like it, just as I'll use everything else of you for my pleasure. Your tits, your cunt, your asshole, they're all mine to use, you understand?" God, that banana reached deeper than I thought it would. Yes, I thought, yes, please use me, I'm all yours. All my life is just to serve you in any way I can.

"Did you hear me?" she asked again, louder this time. "Y-yes," I answered startled. "I can't hear you," she yelled at me, even though I knew I was loud enough. "Yes Miss," I said again, slightly louder. "I want you to say it loud and clear, you understand?" she said sternly. "LOUD and CLEAR!" "I. I can't," I said squeamish. "I've got neighbours, and they." "Fuck your neighbours," she interrupted. "They better know what's going on.

If you're my slut, you can't hide it from them, or anyone." I swallowed once more as my heart sank. Could I really do this? I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"YES, ALL OF MY WORTHLESS BODY BELONGS TO YOU," I yelled finally, feeling strangely relieved. "YES, my cunt, my ass, my tits, my mouth, my whole slutty existence. Everything is yours. Use me as you please." She moaned, breathing harder as she began to speak again, slightly out of breath: "Good then, fuck yourself with that banana," she said.

"Nice and hard." "Yes," I replied. "Yes what?" she asked sharply. By now I had gotten the idea of how she wanted this to go. "Yes, I'm fucking my wet pussy with this banana, deep and hard," I said loudly, not caring anymore who might hear me. The stupid chick from next door or the old couple across the hall might as well hear that I'm getting some for once. "And you like being used that way, having your hole taken advantage of like an obedient whore," she continued, breathing heavier.

"Oh yes," I answered, my voice loud and shrill by now as I was rubbing my clit hard with my other hand while the yellow fruit slipped in and out. "God, I love being a dirty whore that you can just use like this.

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I don't deserve it." She gasped, groaning for a while without saying anything more. I was busy rubbing myself as well, feeling terribly close to cumming. "Please," I begged finally, "I need to cum so bad." "Mmh, you little stupid whore," she gasped, "is your dirty pisshole itching so bad that you can't hold it back anymore?" I shook my head, even more aroused from her words.

"N-no," I stuttered. "I-I just need to cum." "Only if you let it all out, slut," she commanded. "I want you to come so hard you'll squirt all over your house." I shuddered. I didn't know if I could do that. I've never come so hard as to actually squirt something out and I actually thought women were faking it when they did. But I obeyed, as good as I could.

I felt myself get close, rubbing and fucking, right up at the point where I would just clench my legs and press hard on my clit.

And then I just. didn't. I stayed spread, wide, slapping and rubbing my clit hard as I pulled out the banana, instinctively. Something welled up inside of me and I felt. I felt like I needed to pee? I panicked. This can't be it. This feels just wrong. I stopped and caught my breath and then the feeling was gone. Suddenly, I was sad and ashamed. "I. I'm sorry," I stammered, tears streaming down my face. What was going on with me? I'm not usually that emotional.


"I think I messed it up." From the other end I could hear her voice. "Mmmh, so you didn't let it go, huh?" I shrugged.

"I don't know how. I just needed to pee all of a sudden." She sighed. "So?" she asked. "So you piss. Are you suddenly too good to piss for me?" I sat there, startled.

"N-no," I answered obediently. "I. just. it just. I didn't know what to do." "Then piss now," she commanded. For a moment I didn't know if I heard right.

"What. right here?" I asked. "I'm in." "You heard me," she said, louder. "I want to hear your worthless cunt pee. Right now." I blushed and hesitated, then held the phone down at my crotch as I spread my labia. At first it felt like I couldn't go and I sighed relieved. Then, a small sputter came from between my labia. I wanted to hold it back, but then remembered my promises and resigned, defeated, as I let my pee run down on my kitchen floor, splattering all over the place.

From the phone I heard her moan again. "Mmmh," she said. "Very good. Now listen closely." At first it was silent, and then I heard a similar splatter coming from her end.

It splashed and rippled like it would never end. Finally, her voice came on again. "All of this would've been in your mouth," she said. "So to give you a good taste, you better get down and lick yours up. I expect pictures until next time." Silence. She had hung up.