Japanese foot fetish sex with long legs babe

Japanese foot fetish sex with long legs babe
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"Making My Sister Horny" * A boys game with his sister progresses into way much more&hellip.than he expected… * __I'm Ken. Let me tell you about my crazy family…… __"Ken, come here please." It was my mom. She was smiling with that ornery grin of hers. She was in the back of the kitchen as usual wanting to have a private talk with me… again.

I knew what she wanted.


My sister was in the shower so she knew she had privacy to talk to me. She put her arms around my neck, held me close and said: "What do you have planned for tonight.?" I grinned at her said: "Playtime, of course." I started squeezing her butt cheeks. She blushed and said: "Ken!, stop that. Play with your sister, but I'm your mom, we…I mean you… can't do that." She always said that because I knew just how to make her aroused.

She loved it when I fondled her butt, but always slowly stopped me. Her real arousement came from me when I messed with my older sister. She encouraged me to fondle her and make her all hot and turned on. Mom's big thrill was to watch us play grab ass in front of her. She even secretly told me that watching us turned her on, and to feel free to do it in front of her.

After dad left, she became close to me and I had the feeling she would love to fool around with me, but just couldn't step over that line. When your mom whispers in your ear that she likes it when I feel my sisters tits, I figured she wished it was her.

My older sister Della, or Del as we called her, we talked privately about mom. Del said: "Ken,&hellip. mom's got the hots for you.

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She's using us to get herself all turned on. I know she masturbates thinking about us, I've heard her before later after we have played grab ass and got herself all hot. I know those sounds I hear from her bedroom, right next to mine. If it makes her happy, let's increase it and just see what she does.

I bet she comes after you. She's a hot looking woman, and I just 'know' you'd just love to 'do' her, wouldn't you Ken…huh?" I walked up to her and said: "She's not the one I'd like to 'do', Del." I reached up and felt her full tits. She took a big breath and closed her eyes and just stood there and let me feel her up. She finally said: "I have a boyfriend who would kick your ass if he knew you were feeling me up&hellip., and.

" She reached down and felt my hardon. "&hellip.and if he knew about 'this' he would probably&hellip.god&hellip.who's knows what. Oh my,… mom would love to see us now, you with a big hardon." She grinned and whispered: ("&hellip.mom!

Ken's got a big hardon, come and see it!") We both giggled as she squeezed my hardon and I grabbed at her pussy. Del knew what she was doing.

She liked the attention she was getting from me and it also turned her on when we copped feels in front of mom. My sister was easy to make horny. I had found this out a long time ago. I would do it just to watch her blush and get all flustered if I felt her up in the slightest way. She had no resistance to me. I would walk in her room and smile at her.

She would put her arm over her nice tits and cover her pussy with the other hand. She would blush and stutter…"I'll ttttel mom" before I even touched her. I would whisper in her ear: ("Just let me see your tits, Del.") She would be breathing hard with her eyes closed. ("…drop your arm and put your hands down to your side.") I would say.

She would do it and whisper back: ("&hellip.mom will get mad at you Ken.") I would open what ever she had on and just look at her beautiful tits.

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She hardly ever wore a bra. She would hold on to me so she wouldn't fall. I would kiss her titties and lick her nipples. I would then put my hand on her pussy and reach in deep and rub it, back to front. When my fingers came up and across her clit…she would jump and her legs would buckle. I never knew it till later, but Del said at first she did tell mom what I was doing to her. Mom would smile and tell her that boys do these things and that just means he likes you. Now Del, tell me in detail what he does.

Del would tell her every detail as mom seemed to be getting aroused by it. Then she would say how lucky she was to have a brother that likes you so much. Del…… I was young and I 'did' like what Ken did, but I didn't want to get in trouble for itso I told mom to report my 'innocents' of it all.

It turned out that mom liked hearing what ken did to me. I then from time to time told her what the latest happenings were. I liked telling her in private, it turned me on telling it myself.

We got so we would giggle and whisper like it was secret 'girl talk'. As time passed mom would catch him feeling me up. She would tee hee and act like it was nothing and then encourage him privately to do it even more but…in front of her. Ken&hellip. I thought about what Del said, to increase it to see just what mom would do.

It sounded like fun to me, so I told Del: "Let's go for it for fun and see what mom does." She was all for it and she bet mom would run to the bathroom to go finger herself! I said she might attack me! We giggled about what she 'might' do. We planned a night to get mom all hot watching us. The late evening came and Del came out of the shower wearing just a white towel and a towel on her head.

She looked very sexy. She came in the living room and said: "Mom do we have any more of that warming lotion?" Mom sat on the couch and smiled at her and then me.

She said no, that we were out. I then said. "I have some, hold on." I went and got it and started putting it on Del's neck and shoulders. I told her then to lay on the couch. Mom was at the far end of it.

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I had Del lay on her tummy. I straddled her ass and pulled her towel down. Mom's smiling eyes were glued to us. She was only a foot away from us. I massaged Del's back and kept going all the way down her legs. She moaned and squirmed as I did her ass and between her thighs. We both took peeks at mom and watch her face in delight as she watched. I laid down on Del's back and took off the towel from her head.

I massaged her head with my fingers. She moaned so sexy. I noticed mom's hand disappear in robe. She was feeling something in there. I just had on shorts and no shirt. Del and I were skin to skin from the waist up. My hardon was between her legs and she was squirming on it. We both could hear mom's labored breathing. Mom got up. She turned out all but one dim light.


She sat in the chair facing us. She slowly opened her legs and put her hand down her panties. I whispered to Del: ("…I think she going to get herself off while she watches us.") Del whispered back between moans…: ("&hellip.keep going, now maybe we get to watch her.") I kept going and pushed my hardon deep between Del's legs. She moaned and pushed back on it.

Mom's legs now were wide apart as she was rubbing herself a little faster. At this point…something had to happen. I knew our minds all had thoughts racing at full speed. Ken: I was so close to putting my hardon in Del I decided I was going to do it…when&hellip.Del&hellip. Del: Enough is enough. I quick turned over and pushed Ken's shorts down. Both our hands met on his hardon as we guided it in me.

We were going to have sex right in front of mom. Mom: My fantasy is coming true right before my very eyes. Watching my kids have sex with each other. I know it sounds crazy, but it's just something I have a thing for. I'm taking these panties clear off so I can get off with them. Ken: I was a goner. I had to fuck Del now, and nothing else mattered.

Mom would just have to watch. I had my hardon in Del's warm wet pussy and I was going for it.

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Del: My legs came up and around Ken and I was going to do it&hellip., I had to have him, and right now. Mom: How many orgasms can a woman have in one sitting&hellip.who's counting…this my ultimate fantasy…I hope they have beautiful sex for me. I've got 4 fingers in my pussy and two are massaging my G spot&hellip.I may pass out…if I do, it will be worth it. Oh my god!…look at them go so wild and with so much passion.

Del is moaning and Ken is groaning beautiful. I'm losing my mind with this…ohhh, I'm going to climax with them&hellip.Ohh Yesssssssss!

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Ken: damn, can Del ever fuck good, she knows just how to peak us&hellip.oh hellllllll&hellip.my ball are exploding&hellip. I unloaded the best cum of my life, blast after blast of cum flooded Del as she moaned a yelp that just kept me keep cuming. Del: Oh&hellip.my&hellip.god!&hellip.my whole body is trembling&hellip.my pussy is going spasm crazy. My legs are jerking and pounding Ken's ass.

Oh god&hellip. Ken don't stop cuming…yes yes yes&hellip.

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Mom: My legs are shaking as this wonderful climax has them trembling out of my control… Ken&hellip. Del and I put mom to bed. She was like a limp rag.

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She mumbled and kept rubbing her pussy. Del and I then got in my bed and went for more…all night we were locked together, in our own bliss. We let it all out. I licking her pussy till she squirmed with moaning delight. We licked and sucked every part of our bodies.

All that time of wanting to have hot sex, was now happening… Mom&hellip. It's 3am. They didn't even notice me as I stood in Ken's doorway, watching them do everything. I stood there with a wet pussy and gasping breath.

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My fingers gave me some of the pleasure I wanted&hellip.but&hellip. Watching Ken put his sister in sexual heaven, and Del's beautiful euphoric reaction…left me with one last burning secret desire&hellip.

(&hellip.to have my turn with… Ken…)