You can look at my hot body while you stroke your cock JOI

You can look at my hot body while you stroke your cock JOI
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. 1. THE ROCK CANYON GANG 2. THE RANCH 3. SPECTERVILLE 4. SEX IN THE OLD WEST * THE ROCK VALLEY GANG: A young man is riding a fine horse across a desolate landscape towards craggy mountains far off in front of him.

His future is to lie there for him and he is determined to have a future after a youth spent in poverty. His father had been killed when Ben was young, and though he had loved his wife and children, he had left very little of help for them in their lives. Only stories and memories of fine days with him sitting in his father's lap.

He attended and did well in school right up through the eighth grade and then went to work for his mother and siblings, he being the oldest of the kids. When he turned sixteen, he left that to his younger siblings while he moved on to secure a future for himself. He went to work for a series of farmers and ranchers to learn everything about those kinds of work that he could learn.

He also learned how to work with and lead robust men through the examples of men who were successful in that endeavor.


Since he was robust himself and strong, he attracted the notice of a number of ladies, teens and up. And several of them just wanted to play with him, others had more serious plans for him.

The first serious episodes of sex were with twin second cousins, two years younger than himself, whose father had horses. Ben wanted to know about the horses and so spent a lot of time at their farm in order to ride them and learn how to care for them. He was about eighteen years old then and very vigorous. The girls were just getting used to their newly acquired womanly attributes and were keen to try them out on this handsome young cousin of theirs. On a sunny summer day, they went out riding, with him with one of the girls riding behind him and the other on the other horse.

They chatted and teased each other as they sauntered across the flat lands out of sight of anyone. When well out of sight of their home, the one on Ben's horse wanted to move to the front of him as they rode.

Since, they weren't using saddles, but just a saddle blanket tied on to the horse, when she moved to the front and reversed herself to be facing him towards the rear of the horse, she became plastered up to his chest with her young breasts riding on his chest.

After kissing and hugging him for some distance, she raised her summer shift and revealed no underwear at all. She then as he concentrated on them staying on the horse, opened his breeches and when his cock came out, hard from the teasing she had been practicing with him, she leaned back and installed it up her wetted and warmed up pussy.

This was very shocking to him, since he had seen pussies before, after all he grew up in a very small house with sisters, but had never engaged one like this before. As she laid front side up on the horse's neck, with her legs splayed to either side of his hips and her feet interlocked behind him, her slight body and his were slightly bounced in a way that moved him up and down up into her most private place. And after several minutes, she came and rose up to hug him again and to give way to her sister, who wanted her own version of this treatment.

When the sister mounted up in front of him, she faced forward and soon as they began to ride slowly lifted her shift, too. Then she with his cock still out in the open laid forward and backed up for his member to enter her pussy from the back.

Her legs were draped over his hips and sagged down to hold tight on the horse so that she wouldn't slip away from his penetrating dick. This time, she wasn't satisfied to just let the horse do the work, but she pounded herself back on Ben until she and he both came together and then they got off of the horses and ate their picnic lunch. On the way back, they all three rode together, with both of the girls naked, one in front of him and the other behind.

Nothing happened then except a lot of smiles and laughter. Before they got to the farm again, they were all in a proper dressed manner again.

When he left the next summer for work around the area, he never saw the two girls again, but heard that they got good husbands and were as happy as any ladies were in those days. At each of the places that he worked at over the next three years, he attracted the attentions of any of the young females present at each place. But, he wasn't about to let himself get sidetracked and so it wasn't until the last place that he worked at before leaving to the farther west that he had any interchange with a woman again.

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She lived on her father's place a sizable working ranch with only her father there. Her mother had died of some kind of disease a number of years prior to Ben's coming there. And the twenty-four year old was worried about being left behind by the guys while her youth sifted away.

Her father was very choosy about who she associated with and so she was still a virgin at that advanced age. And the guys were afraid to pursue her, those that were interested. You see, Agnes was not a beauty. Not ugly, wither. Just a spare built woman, with modest sized breasts and a face that wouldn't scare you away, but wouldn't make you admire it, either. So, she took an immediate interest in this new young man working for her father.

And her dad saw something fine in this new boy, too. One night when he had moved to the barn to sleep to avoid some unpleasantness in the bunkhouse, she must have noticed him being there, because she moved from the house to be with him then.

She was lightly dressed, because it was summer and hot even at night. And so when she entered the barn, Ben looked up and got an eyeful of woman views. She smiled as she moved to him and after hugging him for a bit and suffering with his hands seeking to play with her breasts, she opened his long johns and fetched out his cock. After admiring it for a bit, she moved her mouth down to take it up and manipulate it with her mouth and tongue.

Before too long, she had him emptied up into her mouth and down to her stomach and then she moved up to kiss him and withdrew from the barn for the night.

She repeated this each night through the summer, but when Ben moved to try to play with her in a more profound way, she let him know in no uncertain terms that that was not available to him. At least not yet.

And while she was affectionate with him in the barn, everywhere else she was very reserved, though respectful to him.

In the brief conversations that they had through the summer, he came to recognize that if he married her, he would get her to make children and not elsewise. Oh she promised the continuation of the oral delights, but her pussy was reserved for the making of babies only.

At the end of the summer when she half expected him to propose marriage, which her father would have enthusiastically endorsed, he gathered up his wages and disappeared into the night. He never found out what happened to her. With his three years of wages in hand, he bought the best horse he could find, with all of the necessary livery to make for a comfortable ride. And he purchased a mule to haul the large array of supplies that he was carrying with him, to introduce himself to a certain small canyon in the craggy mountains across the state.

He had already practiced with the rancher's arms and was a fair draw with a pistol and very accurate with a rifle. It turned out that the fastest draw wasn't the winner in that kind of contest. It was the fastest to hit the target or man that won.

So, that is what the rancher had him practice at. So, along with everything else, he provided himself with a fine pistol, rifle and holster. Also, since the rancher had made his first serious money making cactus liquors in a vat that he had brought from Kentucky, so that he could weather the first few years of his ranching, Ben got a lot of knowledge about that too.

The rancher would take a couple of bottles and offer then to a saloon free and if they wanted more, he asked them to save bottles and clean them and he would fill them up for sale. He didn't even change the labels, just wrote Cactus Whiskey over the old labels with a quill pen.

Then when he would come again, he would exchange bottles, full ones for empty ones and this continued full time at first and then part-time when the cattle started to make him money. A byproduct of this was that the cactus was cleared out for some distance from the ranch's home and that helped to deliver the cattle there from unwelcome interchanges with the plants.

Then upon arrival at the entrance to the hidden canyon: Two sentries high up on opposite sides of a very narrow cleft in the surrounding hills perused the rider coming through the opening. Normally they would have shot him on sight because of their very strict resistance to unknown visitors. They delayed, though, because they could see that he was leading two mules loaded down with what appeared to be provisions, of which they were perilously short of at that time.

They could, of course, shoot him and just take the provisions. But, that would only help them once. Perhaps, he could be a source of continued help to this small outlaw community struggling with providing for themselves. When the rider and the two mules arrived at the inside gate to the small opening in the rocky terrain, the two guards there directed him to move towards the opening in the gigantic cave that was their main living space and activity center.

About eight more men and six women wandered out to see what was about with this lone man tempting fate by directly entering this hidden outlaw sanctuary. The rider then got off of his horse and tied the two mules up to a post set in the ground right at the opening entrance to the cave of this approximately two acre open area. And then acting as if he was very familiar with this place he walked directly up to the opening of the cave and faced up to the man who was obviously the current leader of this woe begotten band.

"Are you the current leader of this band," the young man asked? The grizzled leader of the pack looked askance at this interloper and asked, "And who might you be to come here uninvited?" With that, the young man pulled his pistol and shot the man dead right there on the spot, "The next leader!" At this several of the other gunnies thought to pull on the young man, but decided to refrain from that, because they hadn't really liked or respected the previous leader of only six months and besides this new leader had actually provided supplies for them.

Something the previously and now deposed one had not been able to do. "Who else is in charge around here," the young man further inquired? And then a tall man in a business suit, noticeably with no apparent gun on him came forward and identified himself as Montrose Blassingame, the chief business aide to whoever the current leader was. "Fine. Who is physically in charge of the supplies here?" "That would be Fat Annie, the large lady over there." "Is there another who could serve this purpose, since I don't think that I want the food to be under that lady's custody?" "Yes, over there near Annie is Margie, who has been the assistant to Annie for some time now.

She is noticeably slim and very smart. Good looking, too." And she definitely was. "Okay, let Margie take care of that, we will find some other duties for Annie. And bring in the sentries and the two gate guards immediately for some information that they should be aware of.

And also to make the transition of authority here official." "Yes, Sir. Will do." It took a half an hour to get everyone together since the two sentries had to move down from the hills and that was no easy task, even when in a hurry. As they gathered up to listen to this new leader, they noticed that he was standing in the same place as all of the leaders in known memory had stood when addressing them.

"Well, the transition of power has been accomplished decisively and quickly. Now for what is to happen from now on. For the present there has been only one change of responsibilities here in the refuge and I anticipate few others, unless they become necessary." With this pronouncement there was a very disconcerting squint to the eyes of the new young man leader. "I have decided with Mr.

Montrose's aid to put the supplies into Margie's care. So, if you need ammunition or other supplies you are to see her and sign for them. I am also taking Margie for my companion, so the rest of you will have to be content with the two doxies still available to you or the three drudges that you can have also.

I plan on increasing that number as one of my first priorities, you should know. The other is to get this gang back into action so that we can suitably resupply this outpost and not have to worry about our next meals.

But, the supplies that I have brought should last for a month or so, so we have time to plan our next action." "Oh yes, and who that I am is Sagebrush Ben, the son of a former member of this gang, who was shot out of hand by a previous leader of this pack.

You can be assured that that will happen to none of you as long as you stay in line with your duties and avoid irritating me. Now rotate in the sentry and guard duties and I will get back to you, or more likely Mr. Montrose will communicate with you my further instructions. "Now, Back To Work!" And there was a newly manifest energy in their efforts to accommodate this order. With that, Ben instructed Annie to clean up the area around the bath and await further instructions.

Then he took Margie by the arm and led her into the main bedroom that was separate from the rest. When they arrived, he instructed Margie to undress and move to be laying on the bed to await him. He watched her glumly undress and take her place in the middle of the bed awaiting a virtual rape to inaugurate her status as Ben's main bitch. He smiled at her as she undressed to her resentful looks back.

She was resigned to her fate in this, but didn't feel like she had to celebrate it. Ben chose to not punish her in any way over her attitude. He imagined how he would feel under the same circumstances, but still he felt that he needed to mark this girl, so that the others would know that she was his and to not be trifled with by any of them. Since this was the first time for them and that she didn't really know him at all, he spared her some of his favorite things and gave her only a few fervent kisses to her basically unwelcoming lips.

Then he moved down to lightly nurture her lovely tits and finally with her legs raised up high from the waist, he penetrated her privates and dumped his first load up deeply inside of her. Then after that he gathered her up into his arms to nap for a bit, before giving her instructions on how he wanted her to administer her supply responsibilities.

As they left his new bedroom, he could hear the grunts and moans of the other two trollops as one or more of the gang were relieving themselves into them. As they moved past a gapped curtain, he could see one of them having a guy up her ass, another in her pussy and the third with his dick in her mouth.

How she could sound out with all of those penetrations was beyond him, but he was too busy at that time to find out. He had explained to Margie, that he wanted the supplies inventoried and all accounted for before any were dispersed. And then the food would go only to the cook. Each time would be logged out as it was taken and signed for by the person taking it. Some things that he would list would have to be authorized by him. And she would need to identify the most honest guy in the gang to back her up and take over when she needed sleep or was busy in some other personal responsibility.

Finally, no other person was to touch her, unless he authorized it from then on. She nodded at this and went about her new duties, she had already been started in the most important one. Ben then met with Mr. Montrose to come up with a duty roster. Ben didn't want inattentive guards and sentries, so he ordered him to come up with a fair-minded duty roster so that no man would have those duties for more than six hours at a time; twenty-four hours a day.

There would be very little time for any of the guys to get lazy, sullen and ready to revolt. They would eat, fuck, work and be kept busy until they were ready to make their next move out of the little hideaway. Next he met with Annie and discussed the situation with the bath works. The area of the cave, especially, was ripe with unpleasant odors and he didn't want that to continue and so asked Annie what could be done about that. She suggested that a supply of fresh water would help.

There was an all year stream that emptied into their tiny canyon and proceeded across the floor in a shallow ditch and then emptied up against the opposite side to disappear out of sight. They had made up a small pool to water the horses and for other uses, but the water wasn't all that good to taste. Not poisonous, just too full of minerals to taste good.

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So, Ben took Annie over to the pool with a tin cup and after thinking for a few minutes dipped the cup barely into the surface of the water and took a sip.

It tasted pretty good, and Annie with her effort agreed with that. Then he dipped the cup deeply into the water and tried again and found that the water there tasted just awful. So, he asked Annie if she had any ideas and Annie just said to take water only from the surface of the pool. But, Ben wanted more than that to make sure that the horses were well watered with good water and the gang members, too. Then, after thinking on this for an hour or too, he called Annie back and instructed her to pick two guys to help her dig a new pool at a lower level than the first and have it set up so that only the very top level of water from the top one flowed into the second one.

It would have to have a simple gate to stop the flow so that the lower pool never over flowed, and with that the overflow from the first pool would again flow down the ditch to the opposite wall.

Provisions were also made to be able to flush out the upper pool once in a while to prevent the contaminants from rising too high in the water level.

Annie then checked out the two shovels from Margie and selected two guys who were idle at the time and then got to work on digging the new pool. When it was deep enough, they lined it with some very thick clay from the hillside and then let it dry solid.

Then they let it fill up and moved the horses over to test it out. Even though the small amount of mud in the water hadn't settled out yet, the horses drank it much more enthusiastically than they had from the other pool before. When Ben walked by and saw the excellent work that the two guys had done, he instructed them to lower themselves on to their knees and for Annie to lift her ragged shift and wash off her pussy.

Then as he watched, she sucked the two guys up and with her leaning over the side of the older pool and her tits floating in its surface, she took each of their cocks up her pussy to please both her and them. After this, he dismissed the two guys to their upcoming sentinel duties and her to look over the bath works for further suggestions.

She was now fully over any resentment from having the supplies taken out of her charge with these new and very important duties to take care of for the Master.

And now she was getting more sensual action than in years. She liked that, too. If only she could get the Master in bed with her, then she could show him a thing or two, she mused. Maybe being away from the food with its temptations would lead her to become more attractive to him she hoped.

That evening, the meal was the best that the gang had had in months and that was not lost on them. The Master was demanding, but not unnecessarily cruel. And he rewarded good work too, it was noted as the story of the new pool and its after effects was passed around. Ben, just thought to himself, 'It is going just as I planned and even better than I anticipated!" Margie noticed this thought going over his face and guessed what it was that he was thinking.

And she had to admit that things were better and improving more than since she had been forcibly recruited to this place. That night he left Margie in his bed and moved to deal with one of the two trollops.

The one he chose was young, perhaps only about eighteen, tall, slim, dusky-skinned, and very pretty. He didn't want to spend too much time with her, since this was to just enforce his authority over her, so he kissed and cuddled with her very briefly and then moved to take her up the ass to his very quick finish and her obvious disappointment. Ben then moved back to his own bed with Margie still in it and cuddled up to her to sleep the rest of the night.

When they awoke in the morning, she lingered to see if he might want her in the morning, but he just smiled and slapped her lightly on the bums and then they parted for their duties for the day. After a light breakfast, which he had initiated the practice of, he called to Annie to confer on the bath works again. She maintained that the best thing that could be done would be to have a supply of fresh water into its place to wash away the stench from the guys bathing there.

So, he called for Montrose because he had the manner of an educated man and asked him to confer with him and Annie on what the possibilities could be. Together they settled on some kind of trough or pipeline to bring the water in. Since they had no boring tools at the present they settled on a trough. There were a few pines in the hills about, and so Ben ordered all of the guys available to use the axes available in the supplies to fall one of the trees.

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Then with the horses and pulleys the got the logs into the camp. From there, they used the saws and axes from the supplies to split up the logs and form them into seamless trough units. And then with the rest they made poles to make up the support system. With these in play, they tied it all together, drawing upon the stream from up higher in the side of the hill and finally had a fresh water supply in the cave.

The water leaks helped to moisten the air in the cave and cool it by its evaporation, so that served a good purpose, too. But, it didn't' compare to the guys now not reeking of every effort that they made from then on.

This took several weeks to accomplish. In the meantime on the second night of his authority over the gang, he moved again from Margie in his bed to take up with the other trollop. She was a bit older than the first one, probably about twenty-five. Red hair, full bodied and a bit vile of tongue, he took her with little gentleness. He first plowed up into her mouth without any kissing at all, and then after emptying into her there and holding her nose so that she had to swallow it, he wrestled her onto her back and pulled her legs up over his shoulders to bash up into her pussy.

She seemed to actually enjoy this roughness, and so she came rather leaky and then he emptied up into her with his full force. She hoped that this would produce a child, but she had been pregnant several times and never carried a child to delivery.

Maybe with this vibrant man, her record would be cleared in this manner. While the work progressed on the trough, Ben gathered up Montrose, himself and his two top hands: Lanky and the Desert Kid to plan their next operation.

"How many of the guys here have been on operations since they have been here?" "Of the guys here now, six have, not including you." "Okay, we will use them only until some of the others have been broken in, two at a time." "How far away are the local cities that are eligible for our interests?" Lanky looked at Ben and said, "I thought that you from these parts, sir." Ben remarked, "I never said that!" And the conversation ended with that.

Montrose broke the silence with, "There are no towns nearby that is why we picked this place. No one comes around here on purpose. Except Merlin," and he left it at that. "I see, how about any farms or ranches. We need two more gals to take care of the guys." The Kid answered, "There is the Polland place and they have two daughters, about sixteen and they are twins.

A bit wild, too." "You have had some experiences with them?" At this, The Kid, just smiled and demurred on any comments to that effect. Ben then asked, "Would you like to be in charge of recruiting them for us?

You can pick your partner from the people here and remember, they have to be head covered so that they will not recognize where they have been taken to." "Yes, Sir!" With that, the young man left with his chosen partner to carry out this very much desired duty given by the Master.

And Montrose, Ben and Lanky remained in discussion of where to arrange their next operation to replenish the gang's funds and supplies. The Kid and Lefty, timed their departure so as to move across the open ground in the middle of the night and to arrive at the farm at about two in the morning. There was lightning in the sky when they arrived, so one of the twins when looking out the window, recognized Timmy right away.

So, she evidently shook her twin and woke her up to have both of them sneak outside to meet up with Timmy (The Kid.) When they came out the back door, they each had only their nightshirts on and in the lit up sky, many of their female features were open to sight.

The twin nearest to him, reached right over to engulf him in a very passionate embrace. The other took up with Lefty. The two girls then moved them all to the barn for further attentions. Lefty moved his girl to one of the empty horse stalls and pulled her to the hay there and then entered upon a very brief introduction of himself to her body. Just a few kisses, a couple of sucks on her breasts and then with her laying on her back, he moved his stone hard cock up into her pretty abdomen for a hurried plunging and quick emptying of his cum into her.

She barely got wetted up and was somewhat disappointed in it, but was too polite to tell him so. Myrtle, Timmy's G.F. was a lot more insistent in getting her due from this desired exercise and so lingered in kissing and having Timmy play with her abundant tits. Then she guided him down to her pussy to suckle on it and when it was wetted enough, and only then did she allow him entrance to her heavenly kingdom on Earth, her pussy.

She bounced up with him as he bounced down and they both came within minutes of arriving in the barn. After their very brief exercises, Timmy asked how things were for the two of them with their parents. They said that it was okay, but very boring. Their father was making a poor living with his mangy herd of cattle, but was still talking of building a larger house and having more kids.

His wife was pregnant again with their fourth and he had no desire to end with it there. Timmy said that he and Lefty could guarantee that they would get a lot more excitement into their lives if they came with them that night. But, the girls said that they would have to get their mother's permission for that. And so with the girls still in their night shirts, the two men overpowered the girls and tied them up with hoods on their heads and they disappeared into the night.

When the parents woke up in the morning, they found their bed empty and even with the help of neighbors, they didn't' find them, because along with the lightning the night before there had been wind and rain and so the tracks were nonexistent by the time they began the search. Two sentries then saw the two young men with some kind of cargo on the two mules that they led behind them. They just waved and moved on. The girls were crying, not knowing what was instore for them.

When they rode up to the front of the cave, Ben met them there and turned the two twins over to the care and indoctrination of Margie. So, that they would know what was required of them. After they shared in the dinner that night, with the guys all ogling them, he took them into his sleeping quarters and had them undress in front of him for his initiation of them into the gang. When he took the first one, she just looked up to him stony-eyed and took the process as well as she could.

'Thank goodness the Master was kind and gentle in taking me,' she thought. And so much better of a lover than Lefty had been. And then with Myrtle watching, Ben took Beryl, too. And she came to the same conclusion as she was shivering from his uploading himself into her small and slim belly.

And then he had both of them watch as he did a number of things with Margie. The most interesting to the twins was, Ben being up Margie's backside and the emptying into her there and then it leaking out of her butt hole. While they were gazing of this, he moved them up to suck it all up out of Margie and lick her clean. After that, he informed them that what they had just experienced and seen were the only things that they were required to share with any of the guys there, but him.

And they were to report to him any guy who tried to force more on them. He asked if they understood and they both nodded in agreement. Then they were gathered up together to sleep the night away with Ben and Marcie. The next day they went on to the sex program, just like the other two trollops of the gang. After consultations between the leaders of the gang, and the seeking of information with the others, a couple of them were sent to any kind of town and settlement in the region to scout out what was available for them.

They found five banks, ten saloons and various other businesses that might work out for them. So, the first action was planned with Lanky in charge was planned. But, some serious casing of the joints was in order first.

In the meantime, Timmy (The Kid) was getting a serious case of regret over bringing the young twins into this situation, not that they were complaining. This was all new to them and they found out quickly that though men usually did the very same things in intimacies, they did them differently each one. And so they weren't getting bored at all.

Especially since, even with the indoor water still in process, the new emphasis on bathing and cleanliness was doing wonders for the guys in their appearances for them. But, after a couple of times with the girls, Timmy decided that he wanted one of them permanently, but wasn't sure of how to proceed in this quest. Ben was being fair and all, but this was an awful lot to ask of him, even though he was practically acting married with Margie.

Ben owed him nothing and he would have to produce something really special to get what he wanted with one of the twins. He knew from an even short time that Ben valued money, women and power. So, if he could combine the three in a certain gift to him, maybe Ben would honor that with giving him one of the twins for a wife.

But, what could it be? Then he remembered that his older step-sister was a tart in a bawdy house and had always favored him as her dear brother. He could have had her if he had wanted, but that was too much for even him. So he just let her love him up as a little brother and that was that.

But, perhaps something of another nature could be worked out now. So, he asked to be excused to check up on the welfare of a relative. And when he mentioned what city that he was going to, Ben just said to check out some cash and do a casing job on the city at the same time. The Kid agreed to that, gladly. He timed it to get to the city after dark and late at night.

There was always the chance that she would have an overnighter, but he would chance it and see her to discuss some possibilities. When he entered her room above the saloon from the saloon's back door she was lying in bed asleep it seemed. So, he moved over to her and sat on the side of her bed and gently kissed her to being awake. She was shocked at first, but upon seeing who was with her, invited him to get into bed and just sleep with her till morning, when she would be fully awake.

And so with his pants on, he joined her in bed and cuddled up to her for the night. In the morning, she had him come down for breakfast and kept everyone else in suspense as to who this handsome young man was. There was some jealousy evident in some of the other girls, most of whom were very much younger than Flora and prettier, too.

How could she have found such a fine young man as a customer, they thought? After the meal, they moved to the saloon's office and discussed the current situation. It seemed that the former owner had suddenly died of 'lead poisoning,' and she was left in charge of the operation for the time being.

She also had become a part owner of it, in his will. Thanks for many lovely nights with her and her backing him up over the years in his business, too. But, there were some very tough local men trying to force their way into taking over the operation, and they didn't care who they roughed up in the process.

For the present they were playing dirty, but not physically threatening, but Flora knew that was what would come next unless she found a man to lead the operation and protect her in the process. Timmy told her that he might have the man for the job, thinking of Ben. And so he told her that he would find out and get back to her in two days, if she could hold out. She remarked that she was sure that she could stall them for that time. Then, Timmy rushed back to the valley and laid the situation in front of Ben to think of.

Ben asked Montrose about it, and he felt that it would work out fine. It would provide a very much needed regular cash infusion and some influence in the town, along with a secret center of their other activities. So, in the discussion, Ben asked The Kid if he could manage this for the gang. Timmy looked Ben in the eyes and said that he could, if he could have one of the twins as a wife.

Ben told him to ask them and if one agreed voluntarily to be so, he would give his blessing to the union. When he approached them together, Myrtle said that she was satisfied with her current situation for the present, but would entertain such an offer in the near future.

But, Beryl said that she would be glad to accept him right away. So, with Ben's blessing they left to move to the city, get married and settle in to manage the saloon and the girls. Beryl wasn't expected to do any of that duty, but she let Timmy know that she would if it became necessary. In the meantime, Flora signed over her portion of the ownership to Timmy to validate his authority over the saloon and after about six months, he bought out the other half and assigned it to Ben as a partner.

This made them equal partners and Ben was both surprised and pleased by this. Lanky, who came in to back up Timmy as he assumed command of the operation and fended off the oppositions was assigned a small income from the operations of the saloon and eventually married Lizzie, one of the younger saloon girls.

This all gave Ben the first legal income of his reign of the gang, and he decided to avoid holdups and such, while he used his share of the profits to buy up other legal operations of all types, using the gang to enforce his authority over each of them.

Ben eventually moved into town and built a fine home for himself, Margie and their children. He became a pillar of the town's society, which ignored that most of his income came from a combination saloon and brothel until such establishments were outlawed. He had left Annie in charge of the compound in the canyon, and left some money each month at the stage coach relay station for her to pick up and to keep the place up.

No one knows of what happened after Annie's death, but local legend says that the canyon is still out there somewhere, and that there are still cutthroats descended from Annie and the trollops living there. All that is sure is that Ben continued to send funds monthly to support it as long as he lived. * THE RANCH Matt Pinkup grew up in Alabama as a very bright and active boy. He attended two years of college and got good grades, but became uninterested in the educational process and so requested from his father a release for him to find another form of life.

His father reluctantly agreed and Matt traveled to Texas to learn the 'cowboy way' and took to the rough and ready life style very well. After several years of experience and learning, his father advanced him a sum of money against his inheritance and with it Matt bought a struggling ranch out in the Western part of the state.

He found it in solid condition but in a sorry state of affairs as to its operation.

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The resident ranch foreman was a man named Black Jack Ryan. The black was a reference to the very dark color of his hair, now turned to silver/white. Matt was only there for a few months and then was swallowed up into the war raging between the North and the South like a lot of men in those days.

Before he left, he consigned the ranch to the care and oversight of the foreman till when he would come back some day. Because of his father's pull in the new government of the South, Matt was for some time assigned to backstage operations, but towards the end he was in active engagements with the shortage of available men as the reason. He escaped serious harm and then when relieved by the Union forces moved to return back to his home.

In the spring of 1867, Col. Matthew Pinkup finally made it back to his ranch in Texas West. He had been away for five long hard years due to the War Between the States, as it was called in the South. He hadn't been for slavery, nor knew much about State's Rights, but had fought with his neighbors from Alabama, whom he had been raised with and many related to him. It was terrible in how many of them didn't make it back home. And his northern relatives let him know that it was just as bad up there.

So many fine men lost their lives. He wondered if the leaders of the nation would ever acknowledge their guilt in all of it. As he rode through the gates of his long missed ranch, he wondered what he would find, if anything. He had left his most trusted employee as the foreman, and heard not one word from him during his service.

He noticed two posts now mounted into the ground with a couple of wide boards above the posts attached together and the name of the ranch, STARGAZER RANCH with its brand burned into it.

Hanging down one side of the two top boards was a small one with the name, Matthew Pinkup, Owner burnt into it. And under it another that said Black Jack Ryan, Temporary Owner burned into it. Got him thinking very carefully about what he would find when he got home. As he rode the three miles to the main ranch house, he saw an awful lot of cattle around.

Things must have gone real well during his absence. And with the cattle drives moving forward, if he was successful, he could get the ranch on a good basis financial again, because he already knew of the difficulties that the war had put on the State of Texas, like all of the others North and South that had been the most active in it. When he approached the main house he could see smoke coming out of the chimney and several men busy around the corrals and yards.

So, he rode up to the hitching post and tied up his horse outside of the front door and simply walked in to see what was going on. At this an older man, suddenly drew a pistol on him and asked what was his problem just walking in on a family at dinner. Matt replied, "Well it is my place, and so I guess I can come to dinner, if I want to at my own dinner table!" And Jack looked him over and asked, "Matt is that you?" "Yes, I reckon so.

At least I think so, hard to tell with the years that I have put on myself since I last saw you. And why didn't you write me?" "I am sorry, Matt. But, I did write you. Evidently they didn't get through to you and we thought that you had died, since you didn't answer.

So, I and my family took over the spread to maintain it in case you came back or in case you didn't. I am sorry if that bothers you." "Did you file on it?" "I had to, or the State of Texas was going to appropriate it for the war effort. But, there is a clause in it that reverts it to you, if you made it back.

Here, let me get the papers for you to check out." So, Black Jack got the papers and Matt checked them out and it was just as he had said.

And so, in a couple of days they went to the courthouse and had the place transferred into Matt's name and Matt had ten percent of it retained in Jack's name for his services to it for the last five years. The lower board at the gate of the place was changed to Black Jack Ryan: Part-Owner. Then Jack took him out to see how the place was now situated. And Matt found it sprawling with cattle, so many that they would have to be thinned out soon, or the grass that they fed on would be wiped out.

So, right away they made plans for a great cattle drive and invited the neighbors to add their cattle to the drive and it got to be very large.

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They had to have all of the cattle owners on the drive and every hand that they could find. One of them was a well-respected hand named Wichita Elliot. He was just eighteen years old, but had been a top hand on many of the spreads in West Texas since he was fifteen (including several seasons working the STARGAZER RANCH- Matt's own.) He could ride a horse, like he was welded to it, and was fearsome with a gun, knife or bullwhip and so wasn't bothered by any other of the cowboys.

And besides he was good natured, so they all liked him anyway. Most called him Tah as a nickname. The drive was very exciting and during it they lost only about fifteen percent of the herd. Lost to wolves, natives, rustlers (they caught two and hung them,) and the trials of the trail. The guys all wanted their money at the end of the trail, but Matt insisted that they wait until they got back home.

First of all he had to make provisions for the hands and the supplies of the trip and then an extra offering for those that lost their lives on the way and then finally to divvy up the remaining funds between the owners. Matt was also concerned that the hands and owners not waste their difficult to obtained funds on the prostitutes and saloons waiting for them at the end of the trail with overcharges and have them return home with nothing to show for such a hard trip.

If they wanted to whore or drink up their money, there were people back home that needed the funds more. When they got back home, they divided up the money between the ranches in proportion to their contributions to the herd's total number and all of them got a whole lot of money.

The hands got their share, too and most everyone was happy. Except for some of the ranches who wanted to be paid for all of the cattle that they had joined to the herd, but even in court the judge said that all took a chance and so all should share in the losses in proportion to their share of the herd.

And that was that. The hurt feelings didn't last past the next drive and the dividing up the profit continued in such a manner as long as the drives continued, with no further complaints. When they got back to the ranch, Matt put Jack back in charge of things and asked TAH (Wichita) to take the active part in managing the boys out on the ouyskirts around the ranch. There was still an awful lot of cattle left, and they were a lure for rustlers that were infesting the area.

In response to this threat, a series of line shacks were built around the perimeter of the ranch and older hands were assigned to man them. They were equipped with Sharp's rifles and taught how to use them, and with their wits about them and the long range of the rifles, things settled down very quickly. On the East side of the ranch was a line shack that had been expanded to handle a former "Indian' Chief and his family.

His daughter was about twelve then and a terrific rider herself. In fact at age fourteen she joined in the drives from then on and accounted for herself very well. Both she and Mitzy, were watched over by TAH on the drives. Tah was one of the foremen of the drive, he having the East side of the drive under his authority. And the two fourteen year old girls worked under him. One night while he was riding night duty, one of the guys from one of the added ranches to the drive took it upon himself to introduce the girls to adult play.

One of his own men rode out to tell Tah about it, and he rushed back to either stop the despoiling of the girl or avenge her loss of honor. But, he was too late, the guy had decided to pick on the Indian girl, because he thought no one would care about that, but she had brought two very fierce dogs along and they chewed him up pretty good.

He was sent back to his ranch, and his pa evidently did some remedial instructions on honoring women, even if they were natives. Mitzy was a girl about the same age as Tenny, the Chief's daughter. And they were best of friends, Mitzy being almost as good as Tenny in the cowboy way. Mitzy's mother was Maud Benton, a war widow and mother of two twin boys, too. Since the Colonel needed a wife and she needed a husband, they combined resources and married to live together soon after he returned to run the ranch.

They never had any children of their own, but it wasn't because of not trying. And the boys became fine hands and eventually wandered off to work at other ranches once in a while, not necessarily the same ones each. When TAH turned twenty-two, the girls were then about sixteen and one day when he and Tenny were riding out on the range, she asked that they stop at a small copse of trees along an 'all around the year' stream.

Tenny had brought a lunch and a blanket and when it was spread on the ground, they settled together to share a lunch. After eating, they began to discuss their futures and TAH asserted that he loved working on the ranch and intended to continue to so as long as he could. Tenny said that she loved the free life and never intended to marry. But, that she was open to having a lover to entertain her once in a while.

TAH smiled at that. So, when they leaned back to rest up for a bit, they naturally fell into each other's arms and nature took care of the next course. He began to kiss her and she was very enthusiastic about that. So, he moved on to playing with her tits and then moving down to her pussy to caress and finger it.

With it getting very wet, he took off his pants and moved up to impale her with his member and she was avid for that to happen. It turned out that she was actually a virgin, so there was some blood and a little pain at her initiation into the league of women, but as soon as he was all the way up into her, that became a moot point.

They laid together with him up in her for several moments and kissed all over each other's faces during that time. Finally, she wanted him to finish in her, so she began to buck up on him and they came together with big whoops and smiles on their faces. Then they washed out the blanket in the steam and packed everything up to go home.

After he dropped Tenny off with her Dad, he moved on to return to the ranch. Jack asked for a report and then referred TAH to Matthew for an interview, of which the subject was, he didn't know.

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In Matt's office he asked about TAH's plans and when he was assured that he intended to now settle down permanently on the ranch, Matt asked him if he would like to marry Mitzy, Maud's daughter. Maud wanted to get her married off before she became used by one of the ranch hands, and so was in agreement that Tah was the best candidate to keep her on the ranch with her, so she could help with the expected babies.

Turned out that Mitzy was good with the idea too, since she really liked TAh and was very impressed with him on how he had guarded her and Tenny on the drives. So they arranged it for a month after this and then Tah and Mitzy became man and wife, but she knew about and understood his love for Tenny, too.

And since she was no threat to disturb the marriage, she just ignored their relationship while still maintaining hers with the native girl.

Mitzy did take notice when she found out that Tenny was pregnant, presumably with Tah's baby. And this was confirmed later when the new boy was named Jacob Elliot after Tah's family name. About this time, a group of unemployed cowboys tried to attack the line shack of the chief, in order to be free to rustle some cattle. But they didn't count on both the Chief's deadly aim and the girl's, pretty good aim, too. And especially they didn't reckon on the five meanest dogs in West Texas who made it their purpose in life to guard this family in the shack.

With the first shot, the chief called out to the boys and asked them to leave and let things alone. But, the loudmouth among the gang said that he wasn't going to let any dirty 'indian' tell him what to do, and when the chief recognized one of Maud's sons and asked him why he was there because he was welcome to work on any ranch around, he replied that these were his friends and he was committed to them.

So, then the shooting started and one of them tried to approach the shack and light it on fire, but one of the dogs intercepted him, and he was put down real quickly and disabled by the dog's teeth. One of the gang's horses was hit by a bullet from within the shack and Tenny got one as he rose up to fend off one of the dogs, and the chief got the other with his next shot.

One of the dogs died in that attack. Now there were only two of the gang in any shape to shoot, but they foolishly tried to rush the shack and were shot dead in the process. The only one left alive was the first one attacked by the dogs, and when Matt came to check things out, that man was hung from the rafters of the shack and all five of them buried behind it.

Only Maud's son got a grave marker. There were two sad casualties from this fray, the chief's wife and Maud's son. Things were pretty sad around there for a while after that. But, soon after this Mitzy got pregnant, and, Tenny was already as Mitzy knew and due to deliver soon. With Tenny's delivery of Tah's son and his naming as an Elliot and then Mitzy's continued pregnancy things lightened up a lot around the ranch.

Then, the dark clouds gathered again when Tah lost both Mitzy and their coming baby in a very difficult birth. He took this really badly, since he had very much loved his wife. And so Tenny made it her purpose to comfort him all that she could and he lived with her and the chief for some time.

Since, Matt planned on retiring in a few more years and wanted Tah to take over with the aged Black Jack as his instructor and right hand, he wanted the place to stay in the family's hands and so he arranged for himself to travel to the Northeast of America to find a hardy girl to marry his son-in-law (as he still viewed him.) There he met Gertie, a fine young woman of about twenty that the local boys had somehow overlooked.

And after getting Tah's agreement by mail with a letter that he sent back with Gertie's pretty picture, she packed up her things and moved out to be with Tah. With her arrival, Matt and Maud moved out to the separate small cottage that they had built for themselves and busied themselves with gardening and fishing for the rest of their lives. Maud's remaining son moved up to the State of Washington to become one of the first Forest Rangers in that state.

Gertie turned out to be no shrinking violet. She was sweet as could be, but also a tiger in getting her way. One evening in conversations around the dinner table, it was let out about Tenny and the baby that she had by Tah. Gertie turned red in the face and got up and grabbed Tah by the ear and led him to their bedroom. Then she ordered him to take off his clothing and made him come up to her and lift her dress and pull down her pantaloons and then mount his face up to her pussy.

He had never done this with any woman before. Not with Tenny and surely not with Mitzy. He was first offended by a new aroma in his nostrils, but soon found that he rather liked it.

He busied himself licking and caressing his wife's nether regions to her delight. She had been an avid reader of some very scandalous books from France and had taken the assertions of how French men serviced their wives very seriously.

And when Tah made a move to withdraw his mouth from her pussy, said, "Oh no, you don't! Now put your tongue up my birth hole that you plundered on our honeymoon night," and so his tongue went to the site indicated and she pulled his head up to as tight to her pussy hole as she could.

Tah was just avoiding being suffocated by this, but Gertie was going to get her rocks off if it killed him, and she was not beyond insisting in this after finding out about Tenny. But, thankfully for Tah, she soon came and then he had to deal with the prodigious flow of her intimate fluids into his mouth.

It turned out that that was a sacrifice well enjoyed by him, too. Then Gertie fell back onto the bed and dragged Tah with her. He got him to mount up on her and plow her fertile field to give her produce from her belly.

He managed to get himself off up her and then she pulled him into her embrace and held him dear for the whole rest of the night. She got up in the morning and had both her and Tah bathe in the tub. When she went to take a look at the dining room and kitchen, they were both cleared and cleaned up, leaving her nothing else to do that morning.

About nine months later, she had their first child, a daughter that they named Mitzy, after Tah's first wife. Gertie didn't mind, since she had five more to name after her friends and relatives.

So, she had six children to Tenny's two. This evened things out as far as Gertie thought. One day after the first pregnancy session with Tah, she had a surrey horsed up for her and she rode it all the way out to the shack that Tenny shared with her father, the chief. Tenny knew immediately who she was and was a gracious as could be under the circumstances.

When Gertie got down to meet the famous Tenny, she was shocked at how very beautiful she was. Gertie knew that she herself was a fine looking woman, but she was sure that she had never met one as beautiful as this native girl.

Right then all possible animosity and jealousy over this girl died right on the spot and Gertie moved forward and gathered her up into her arms and they took a walk and made their peace with each other. They became fast friends and saw each other often over the years, with their combined children playing together as one bunch of Tah's children.

However, Tah was never in the same place as the two ladies together, because each was so special to him and he wanted each to remain his favorite when he was with that one. And so it was over the years. Also, Gertie eventually taught Tah everything that she had learned about sex, and it was a prodigious amount. And she told him to teach these things to Tenny, too.

Another reason for their continued friendship as they shared the details of their man trying to keep up with two formidable women as they were; when together with the kids running around their ankles.

They laughed together a lot about it! * SPECTERVILLE: Two young adults happened to arrive in New York as immigrants on the same day just after the War Between the States. As they were each processed for entry, they happened to see each other and with a sense of adventure stirred by his entry into this new land, he reached out his hand to her and she took it for the rest of her life. She was Irish, Ellen McCarthy, and from a small village in the countryside of Ireland.

She had a fine upbringing in the home crafts of that age and a strong female body, with a winning smile. He was of German heritage, Wilhelm Winkler, from a long line of merchants of his homeland. He brought with him a small stash of cash to start his life in America and with it boundless optimism for his future.

Ellen was swallowed up into his vision of their future right from the start and they married within weeks of meeting and then settled down with her relatives in NYC until they could get enough of a stake to strike out on their own.

It took two years, but finally they had enough to buy a wagon for the trip west and a second with trade and sale goods for pioneers of the west.

He drove one wagon and she drove the other. They joined up with the wagon train just outside of St. Louis, after Wilhelm met with a factor for the eventual replenishing of his sale goods in the future.

Wilhelm left a small amount of cash against future business between them and thereby established a very long-lived business partnership that survived into the future. As the wagon train moved across the prairie, one night Ellen and Wilhelm slept outside in the warm evening blocked from the views of the other travelers. She looked him in the eyes and he knew what that meant, she wanted intimate attentions from his giant German sausage.

When she had married him, she had never seen an adult male member before. And afterward, didn't know how special his was. But, when one of the fellow men saw it during a stoppage at a river on the way and a resulting group bathing, her accounts about it thought to be a woman's exaggeration up to then was confirmed and she then came to realize how special Wilhelm was in this way, too. So, that evening, she made their prairie bed especially soft and laid in it under covers undressed as she seldom did.

Mostly they made love with her clothing only slightly disturbed, but this night she wanted him to savor her totally and so was pulling out all stops to make it fine for him. As he moved to under the blankets, in the dim moonlight he saw her nakedness and so then paused to attain the same situation himself. She then with shining eyes reached out to pull him into her hungry arms and thus began one of the shining moments of a very loving marriage. When it progressed to him being up into her privacies, she was letting out moans, whimpers and little cries with his huge member being installed up into her tiny tummy.

But, she toughed it out and with him fully installed they relaxed and let their bodies do their bidding's and added a very affectionate manner to the proceedings. After a respectful space of time, she climaxed and he came up into her and thus was established the prospective first new citizen of the future town of Specterville.

They traveled only a few more miles and Ellen rose up during their sleep and insisted that a specter had visited her that evening and instructed her to insist that they stop and establish themselves on that very spot. Wilhelm looked into her eyes incredulously and asked why here in the middle of the prairie with no trees, only a small brook nearby and no people to sell to?

She said, because the saint told me to have you do so. So, not wanting to argue with that, they took their leave of the wagon train and established their little trading post right out in the middle of nowhere, prairie, U.S.A. and named it Specterville. Fortunately they had rather fine weather and so with the sale of the teams, and the tearing down of the wagons and buying of all of the spare lumber from the train, they built a small but cozy trading post and hung out their sign.

They slept in the aisles between their goods at first, but with the next wagon train a couple of weeks later, they traded out some replacement goods to the other travelers and took more lumber from them in return.

With this they built a very small apartment in the rear of their new store and settled down to serious business. When the first wagon master came through on a return trip to pick up another train coming west, he stopped over and after visiting for a couple of days took a letter of credit back with him and handed it over to the factor in St, Louis and the next wagon train with him as the lead included three full wagons of goods for the growing trading post. Ellen also augmented their supplies with a garden that she established and preserved all of that she could for sale and their own use with a growing family.

They got regular business from the trains that went by in their western expansion and later from the herds from Texas and the Southwest as they went by. The business grew steadily over the years. It soon became apparent that their little spot was not only the crossroads for the cattle drives and the wagon trains, but also for the wandering Indians as the natives were incorrectly called. On their first encounter, a group of them wandered by and took note of the little village that was growing up around the trading post.

They stared at it and them commented as they rode away on whatever purpose that they had, (in their native language, the equivalent of) "Hmmm, peaceful settlers!" That was all. And in the history of the town there was never any problem with the natives at all. Many years later, the younger son who became the next proprietor of the store found out from a half native drinking buddy, that the reason that his parents had no trouble with the natives is that they had settled right in the middle of a mutually agreed upon by the tribes peaceful zone for traversing and brief camping in the summers.

No one had trifled with that agreement for hundreds of years, until some years before the establishing of the Winkler Store, a small group of Pawnee tried to test the agreement and got their noses bashed for their effort. After that, there is no record of any native actions in that zone up to our day. Over the years, Ellen had six children, four girls and two boys. As the settlement grew up, the girls spread out to marry locally and not get too far from their folks who they loved dearly.

One became a rancher's wife, another married the son of the parson and became a middling religious family, but family strong.

Another married the banker's son and the fourth became a saloon girl. The youngest, a boy took over the store in his parent's old age. The first born boy, Wilhelm the Second, turned out to have the wanderlust and so at the age of sixteen headed out west with one of the last of the wagon trains with the job of caring for the teams of horses and offering protection under the wagon master.

When he got to California, he first worked on the ranches of the resident Hispanic land owners and then later on the ranches of the incoming American Anglo ranching interests.

During his later thirties, the movie industry had established itself in the area because of the good weather and cheap help. One of the means of containing costs was to use the herds and hands of the local ranches, instead of having to have them on hand all of the time. Willie found himself involved in their work regularly, because he was masterful on horses and very able with a pistol. But, he noticed that the ones that gravitated up to featured and starring roles managed to find ways to distinguish themselves from the masses of other proficient western performers.

So, in between a couple of the upcoming movies that he was hired for, he grew a notable beard and developed a whistle to his talking. Of course, these movies were still silent, but that didn't prevent the audiences from seeing the evidence of this mannerism on his part and taking notice of his new handle, Whistling Willie. And Whistling Willie White as he moved up the marque of the movies that he was part of. He became part of a very small coterie of second banana performers, like Gabby Hayes and Andy Devine, close personal friends of his.

They never performed in the same movie together because of a possible duplication of performance, but were all in constant demand of the top stars for their presence and comedy relief in their movies.

In later years, Willie bought a small ranch outside of L.A. of about fifty acres and lived there alone for several years, but in his middle seventies, he began to feel the weight of his years and active life. So, when he met a fairly young couple of Hispanics who were traveling crop reapers, he asked if one of their daughters could stay with him to care for him, leaving it up to their minds to realize that he would want her in his bed, too.

The senora was about thirty and her oldest child a daughter of about sixteen. So, she asked Maria if she would want to do this, and since the daughter was tired of the traveling she said yes, until she found a man to marry.

So, the pattern was established with the girls of the family cycling through with their later teen years until marriage and there was never a shortage of ones to take care of him with daughters, granddaughters and nieces available. And Willie out of gratitude for this, promised that when he died that the ranch would be left to the family all paid up. So, this was one of the reasons for the family's continued service so to him.

Also, they would travel back to his ranch to spend the off seasons from their harvesting tours and work in the local community making homemade tortillas and working part time on the surrounding farms and ranches.

Over the years they made a very fine reputation among the locals.


When Willie was in his middle eighties, and Rosita his current caretaker and bedmate was out shopping for the house, a young woman came up to his door and asked to talk to the famous Whispering Willie White.

Willie looked her over to her delight and then invited her in. It turned out that she was an aspiring actress who was getting only very small parts for the present. But, she had graduated from a very good New England school for girls and was adept at writing. So, she was filling in her spare time with articles about famous Hollywood legends, and not just the stars.

And Willie was very well known to the eastern folks who had watched his movies and enjoyed his signoff in them, "And Thanks to the Folks Back Home!" His folks always knew that he meant them, though they heard very little else from him.

It turned out that her articles were so well written and interesting that she started with only a couple of papers handling them, but by the time she did the article on Willie, only her sixth one, she already had thirty papers syndicated with the promise of more, soon.

After she got the outline of his life's story (she had a virtually perfect memory) she brought up another thing that he was famous for. It would not be included in the article, for sure.

But, it would satisfy a determined curiosity of hers. The story passed around about Willie was that on any movie set, he had the biggest member of the cast. Many a starlet on the way up had sampled it, and he had a number of virgins to his credit over that. And along with that and his undeniable help to them of their way up, they were very gracious in asking for him in any appropriate part that came up that he could do in their futures.

Wanted him back on the set for obvious reasons, too. So, at this moment Mona; the famous author of the articles, MONA KNOWS…………, moved over to the couch next to Willie and coyly asked if she could see his famous member. Willie was completely caught off guard over this, but with an outbreak of cackling and Whistling laughter, said, "Of course." And with that he let her open his pants for her to view the famous set piece of many a movie. And she was suitably impressed with this visage.

He had inherited his father's prodigious cock and it was still able to raise to its full ten inch length and sausage girth.

Big enough to fill any pussy and yet slim enough to move up any ass hole, too. She looked up to him and he answered her unspoken question, "Yes, you can take it out and touch it if you want to." And so she did, in amazement that a man of this age could still be so hung.

So the next question that was asked was, "Does it still raise to the battle, so to speak?" The answer being, "On occasion with the proper aids and inspirations!" So, she playfully hugged him and kissed his now closely shaved face and whispered, "How about we try now?" He looked at her askance and asked her if she was willing to do what it would take to finish this experiment and she delightedly answered that she would.

So, he excused himself to take some Oriental Herbs of a Cock elevating nature and then brought a couple of bottles of tequila of a woman lowering of sexual usage reservations to enjoy while the herbs did their work. By the time that the two bottles were empty, he felt a surging in his loins and let her know of it.

So, she undressed down to her panties and began her oral introduction of herself to his resident intimate member. And it was very happy to make her acquaintance. Before things got too far along, she mounted up to let him service and introduce his tongue to her privates, too. And her beautiful body was just as enthusiastic as all of the starlets of the past had been.

So, she laid back on the couch and laid open her hips for him to wander with his eyes about her private beauties. With the visual stimulation of this along with another brief episode of oral stimulation's by her while on her back and leaning over the side of the couch, he then moved to start the entering of her admittedly small female orifice's vault.

It took some time, but eventually he was fully ensconced up into her to her obvious delight. And then the real fun began as he managed to do some female plowing up into her with a pronounced planting of his seed into her personal female garden patch. She secretly hoped that this great man had succeeded in freshening her up, but it was not to be so.

After he was finished, she cleaned him up with her mouth and then gathered up her notes to go and put this on paper before she forgot any of the details. The only mention of his personal member was a reference to his popularity on the set with the young women. And she sent him a proof copy of the article before printing and he found nothing in it to object to. She won some kind of national newspaper award for this story, MONA KNEW WHISTLING WILLIE WHITE. It was the most popular one she ever wrote.

Meanwhile back on the prairie, the family's business was moving along and advancing in its wealth under the expert management of the youngest son, Ernst Winkler. And Winkler's became a famous store in that part of the west. When it became time for him to select a mate for his life, none of the young ladies of the town attracted him all that much.

Not that there weren't fine eligible ones. But, for some reason, none of the lit up his fire. On one of his trading trips to a group of regular traipsing thru native families, he encountered the chief and was invited to dinner with his family for the night. He was traveling and living in a very expansive tent like structure and had several native slaves to attend on him along with his family.

The chief had known Ernst's family for many years and had always respected them, as the family had done with his people despite the undercurrent of suspicions of those coming from the South, or newly arrived from the East primed with the wild stories, some true, of the wars between the whites and natives in the west.

But, despite the actual happenings of these elsewhere, those that settled in and around Specterville soon recognized the peaceful dealings between whites and natives in that area. And managed to dispel their inspired animosities, or at least learned to temper them. But, the chief to his amusement couldn't help but notice the attraction of Ernst to a certain young slave of his from another tribe. And she was suitably intrigued with Ernst, too. So, to have a little fun, he contrived for the two to sleep together for the night and in the morning found out from the girl that he had been extremely affectionate during the night, but had not taken her with the huge member that he had.

The chief was very impressed with this patience on the white man's self, as white men were known to use native girls with no intention of doing anything about their lost virginity, not any children resulting from this. Contrary to public thought of the day, most natives were very faithful within their own moral codes.

So, with the chief informing Ernst of the tribe's plan to move north soon, he wanted to know if Ernst was interested in taking his young slave into his care until they came through the next year's season of travel.

Unless they married in the meantime. And the chief laughed himself into a stupor over the realization that probably when he came through with his band the next year, that the young girl would be either holding a child or be big of the tummy, while being this good man's wife. And so it was. She lived with one of his sister's until the marriage and when the chief came through the next year, she was huge with a baby in residence, to his very good humor.

They had eight children and lived together until very old ages each. She became very adept at gardening and was well respected throughout the village and the city that rose up after it.

A few years after the marriage of Ernst to Yellow Flower, the native slave girl, there arose a backlash against the Winkler family over their daughter being a saloon girl and Ernest marrying a 'heathen' Indian. There were some brief unpleasantries over it. But, it soon dissipated with the general consensus that the Winkler's were among the nicest and most honest people of their emerging city.

The southern blacks who moved to the area were very cognizant of the evil of prejudice and wanted no part of it in this new land. The resident natives were fully respectful of a white man that had actually taken a native in marriage and not used her before the culmination of their marriage ceremony.

The other residents of the village becoming a city remembered five years before when a giant howling ice storm came through and almost froze and starved the emerging little town out of existence. Only the help of the Winkler's and other businesses inspired by their generosity had saved many of the citizens from a frozen and hungry death.

So, a group of the other business people of the town met with the parson and asked him to tone it down. No one was excusing any one for uncouth behavior, but that the Winkler's were among the best people that any of them had ever known and so deserved an extra amount of tolerance, no matter what they individually did then or in the future. The parson recognizing that this was the majority of his financial support, with another church soon moving into the town, soberly agreed to their suggestions and never directly called the Winkler's out again.

Only very tame mentions of issues of concern were ever mentioned and peace and prosperity continued beyond this minor civic hiccup on the way to the future. The Winkler girl that worked in the saloon soon after that married one of the bartenders and retired her pussy to only his attentions from then on.

She only served up drinks after that. And Yellow Flower, Ernst's native wife was content to manage things around the house and in her garden, and through her persistent good nature and generosity out of the garden was never seriously bothered in word or deed for the rest of her life. Their many children did well and one of their sons took over the family business when Ernst and Yellow Flower retired in old age.

* LOVE AND SEX IN THE OLD WEST: * THE SEXY PICNIC: It was early in the morning of a very pretty day that Bill picked up Mabel from behind the saloon in a one horse carriage for a three hour trip. She had brought the makings of a picnic lunch with her, including: a fresh baked loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and a picnic basket cooled with ice and laden with a jar of lemonade, a jar of berry jam and a bar of butter.

She had also brought two comforters, one to lay on and the other to cover themselves for a nap. As she looked in the rear of the carriage, she noticed an odd assortment of supplies brought by Billy and awaited the revealed purposes of them upon their arrival at the picnic site.

They included a can of coal oil, a dozen chunks of dry wood, some mesquite branches, a small pile of newspapers and a lantern. As Billy steered the carriage out of the town, he took an unknown to Mabel route to the vicinity of the river fifteen miles out of the town to the west.

She had ridden around most of the town's outskirts, but had never been up this way before. With Bill holding the reins and gently guiding the horses, Mabel cuddled up to his side despite the increasing heat of the day, which would grow to being oppressive, though dry.

Her hand moved over to settle on his upper leg to let him know that she was glad to be with him and anticipating a really good time on this picnic. She was very excited to be with someone about her age of sixteen, since in her saloon girl job, she was expected to service men up to three times her age or even more.

Billy was only nineteen years old for the present. She silently and secretly hoped that one day Billy would take her away from all of the stress of her job and take them to a place where they were unknown to build a socially acceptable life together. She was willing to give him anything that he might want sexually and would also be very affectionate with him, however many babies that they produced. As they unhurriedly moved along keeping the horses at a modest pace, she mused over how they had come to this situation.

Billy had come into town two days ago, a fresh face off of the prairie. A building trail drive nearby didn't need him for a few days, so he decided to take what funds he had accumulated and go to town to save some of it in a bank that had a good reputation among the locals. He had plans for when he came back to either buy a small spread or buy into a larger one to advance his life beyond just being a trail hand.

And he also wanted to wildly spend some of it to brace himself for the very long trail ahead on the drive. He headed to the loudest saloon in town immediately after his business at the bank. The bank manager had been very impressed by a young man who was looking towards his future and marked him to be kept in mind for one of his young daughters, now aged 8, 12 and 14 as a possible son-in-law in the future.

Billy was oblivious to all of these under the hat machinations involving him, he only knew that he had a pretty girl by his side, and an exciting picnic to enjoy upon their arrival at a site he knew of from his cattle rustling activities a couple of years ago.

The genesis of some of his saving in the bank. The first night in town, Mabel had noticed him as he threw caution to the wind and gambled, drank and yelled a lot in exhilaration over a night with no cattle smell or ornery fellow trail hands. Out of sympathy for this young man, she had taken him to her bed late that night when the saloon closed and laid next to him for the night as he slept off his whiskey high.

The next morning, he found his previous night's winnings still in his pants pockets. He had done very well at the tables. Beginner's luck or skill, it didn't matter, all that mattered was that he came out ahead on the night. And it led him to a return call to the bank, which the head of the bank again duly noted. He then returned to the saloon and took up a Mexican lunch offered there.

Half way through, Mable came up to greet him, and he dimly aware of what had happened the night before, offered to buy her lunch, too.

But, she said that she would be satisfied with just a couple of bites from his plate and so he smilingly accommodated that request. Then she took him into her arms and danced with him to a spritely tune played by her uncle at the piano. Later as she was going about her business with some of the guys, a trio of range hands came into the saloon and immediately moved up to the bar to drink themselves into whatever they might want to do then.

They eyed around and noticed Billy, off in the corner minding his own business and trying to ignore Mabel's actions. One of the hands leaned over and whispered something into his nearby partner's ear and then pointed over at Billy. Billy was not noticing this. But, the guys now liquored up moved over to the diminutive drinker to have a little fun with him. The initiator of this action, opened up through a drink drenched voice, "Hey boy, are you old enough to be in this saloon for men?" Billy just continued to nurse his beer and ignored them.

This irritated them more than if he had insulted their drink saddened intelligence. So, one of the partners moved up to roust him to some kind of action that they could accelerate to a thorough beating of the young trail hand. When the tough put his hands on Billy to drag him up out of his chair, Billy grabbed him by his vest and jerked him down to the edge of the table, breaking his nose in a gush of blood.

When another of them tried to grab him, he twisted away and pulled his gun, showing the business end to them. "Time for you boys to go home now, isn't it?" he with lowered voice inquired. They looked at his drawn gun and knew that there was no chance that they could outdraw an already pulled pistol and so gathered up their bleeding fellow and yelled at him as they left that they would see him later.

The bartender then put his shotgun back into its place behind the bar and everyone just went back to what they had been doing before. Mabel, with her light caramel colored face noticed this and marked Billy for additional attentions. That night he again slept in her bed after the saloon closed and she gave him a deep blow job, all that she was up to after a very busy afternoon. Then the next morning she agreed to take the day off with his contribution, and go on this picnic with him.

After a three hour ride in the increasing heat, they came into the vicinity of the picnic site and the sun was very high in the sky at noon. Billy moved from the sand hills and looked over a hidden small cliff next to the river with only a small patch of dry ground between the river and the cliff. He took some firecrackers out of his pockets and lighting them up, he dropped them right down to the entrance, she supposed, of the cave in the face of the cliff.

With the very loud explosions, two black bears came running out of the cave and up the beach going as fast as they could in the opposite direction that Billy and Mable would be coming from. Billy looked over at her with a big smile full of teeth, and she reached up and pulled his face down for an earned enthusiastic kiss.

Then they got back into the carriage and moved downstream for a distance until they found an access to the little beach heading up to the small cave. They moved up the beach and then anchored the horse and carriage with some water and feed to rest in the shade as the young couple prepared for their entrance into the cave. He then enlisted Mable to help toss the firewood and mesquite to well inside of the cave's opening. And then he rushed in with the newspapers and coal oil with a coverlet over him to set up the smoky fire that would drive the resident denizens out of the cave to make it comfortable for them.

After setting up the fire pile he threw a lighted match into it and hightailed it out of the cave and soon it was filled with dense and acrid smoke from the mesquite and all manner of bugs and animals came out, except for the ones that expired in the fire. He let it burn for a half an hour and then ran in with a couple of buckets of water to put out the fire. It took another half hour of the local winds off of the river to flush out the smoke, but then the young couple moved in for their private picnic with no unwanted denizens to bother them.

They raked the sand in the cave to cover over the smoky surface and put down the coverlet to sit and lay on. Mable had washed out the first coverlet that Billy had used to build the fire in the river and now it was quickly drying in the sun to be used again.

Now she moved the picnic supplies into the cave and set up their lunch to be soon enjoyed. First a couple of hugs and kisses and then something to eat. As they were partaking of the small feast, they were also undressing each other and before lunch was done, they were both totally naked. And then the real lunch began, the one of each other.

As they ate up the food, he began by his admiring her medium-light brown skin and her bright brown eyes. Mabel was a half-breed, native and black. And because she was a saloon whore with no pretentiousness in her manner, no one ever gave her any grief over it. The guys were just happy to have their turns at fucking her. Billy was Scotch/Irish and about five feet and a half tall, but very strongly built. Mable was only about five foot even, slim but nicely rounded.

A fine looking woman, dressed or naked. When lunch was done, they settled into each other's arms for some serious sexual fun. He aggressively kissed her full lips enjoying the cushioned feeling of them. With this. She was caressing his back and arms with her smooth and naturally soft-skin hands. After she actively probed his mouth with her tongue, he moved down to her apple sized breasts. They were firm and had had no baby on them yet, and he nursed on them like that they were milk laden.

She moaned at this and laid back, inviting him to hover over her and move his mouth even farther down on her waiting body. He got the hint and let his dick droop down to her mouth, while his lips found her pussy. Then some very serious sucking at both ends ensued.

After several minutes of this, he emptied his first load into her mouth as she leaked the beginning of her girl cum to be licked up into his mouth. He then moved up on to his knees next to her mouth and she took him in again to get him arisen again. It didn't' take long with her energetic ministrations to his cock.

While she worked on this, he had penetrated her pussy with his fingers and had her pussy well-oiled up. With his cock full up, he moved around to be between her splayed legs and eased himself up into her love port.

She admonished him in the process to 'fuck her good and proper." When he was fully entered into her, she began to push up to him as he pushed down and when they found their rhythms together they soon came together and fell apart to cuddle up to each other and nap for a time. They woke up about forty minutes later, with still plenty of time before they had to go back. In wanting to reinforce whatever good feelings that Billy would have about this special time together, she decided to give him what some men want, but few would ever ask for, anal fucking.

So, she bunched up one of the coverlets, took the melting butter and inaugurated her anal opening and Billy's cock with it, leaned over the bunched up coverlet with her ass up in the air and instructed Billy to carefully enter her with his cock. He gingerly moved up to the closed opening and after a very brief struggle managed to enter her through her stubborn opening. Her virgin ass gave way to his cock very slowly as the organs moved aside for the stranger's cock's entry. When he was fully entered he was euphoric at the feelings that it generated in him, both from the physical feelings involved and the emotional ones generated in his mind and heart.

He knew that this had to be very special indeed and a true testament of how Mabel felt about him. After he lightly dithered around in her colon for a bit, she moaned to him, "Harder Billy, fuck me harder!" So, he picked up the pace and power together, Mabel got an unexpected small climax and Billy unleashed his remaining cum up into her anal passage. She then laid down on to her stomach without the cushioning coverlet and he eased down with her and held her very closely to him with his hands reaching to underneath her body.

When they got their breaths back, they hurried and got all of their supplies ready to go back to town. After loading up and easing the horse back into its motion, they both had time to ponder upon what they had just shared and what it could mean for the future. As she held her arm around his shoulders and the other hand in his lap, she felt very hopeful of him deciding to take her away, if not immediately, then soon. He was surprised to find himself deeply in love with this dear little saloon girl and completely uncaring about her background or current method of supporting herself.

He could work very hard for a woman like that. Whatever children came along would be fine with him, too. But, there was her that he would build his future on. A determination that many of the men through history would surely recognize. When they arrived back in town, Billy pulled the carriage up to the back door of the saloon to unload the supplies that he had borrowed from the bartender and Mable's belongings.

As he came into the back door, he recognized the same three guys up to the bar as he had encountered the day before. The barkeep reached and found his shotgun, the three toughs drew their pistols, Billy dropped the supplies and pulled his iron and after the smoke cleared, the three toughs were dead on the floor and Billy was hanging on to life laying in a pool of his blood on the saloon floor with Mabel weeping over him trying to staunch the flow of the blood leaking out of him.

RECUPERATION IN THE OLD WEST: Mable shouted out, "Help me save this young man's life!!!" So, the bartender sent out several clean bar towels and then grabbed one of the still mostly sober drinkers to get the town doctor. He ran at his top speed all the way to get him and the doctor did the same on his way back to the saloon.

And after checking over the young man, he asserted that with a lot of very good care that the young man was likely to survive this. He cleaned out the hole, seared it shut with the further overheated iron handle from the cook stove and bound up his shoulder with the remaining bar towels.

He then turned to Mable and advised her to take him out to the Fisher family, the Amish people who lived about ten miles out the east side of town.

They were Christian in the best sense of the word and their older son had trained as a nurse with some doctor training thrown in. They would take very good care of him there until he was able to take care of himself. And no one in their right mind would bother Billy while he was staying there healing up.

The family was well-known for their food stuff production. Things that wouldn't be available without them. And they would feed anyone that showed up to their place hungry, free. If anyone bothered them, they would have to face the wrath of a very angry crowd of the town's people and their very supportive neighbors.

So, if Billy was to face anything over the shooting, it would have to wait until after he left their land. So, she used the cargo wagon with a couple of salon girls in back to cushion him with their bodies while she drove the team hard to get him to the Fishers as soon as possible. While this was going on, Mr. Franklin the banker rushed home to talk with his oldest daughter, the fourteen year old one.

"Missy, there is a young man out at the Fisher's place, who has just been shot. He is expected to recover with a lot of personal care. I want you to go over to there and offer to help with the watching over of him and whatever else that you can provide for him.

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He will be very confused until he is better and so will be open to be influenced about his future life. He will be very grateful for any services offered to him, especially intimate ones.

Your mother had talked to you about this, hasn't she?" "Yes father, she did. And I became a woman, though still a virgin last year." "Good, my little lovely. You must do whatever is necessary to secure his heart.

He has already spent time with the saloon girl, Mable. She is a rather good girl for her sort, but he is a quality young man and there is a severe shortage of his type in the West.

This is your big chance to secure one of the best and the few. Do you understand, what I am telling you?" "Yes Daddy, I do.

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I am to use whatever I have to win his heart, is that right?" "Yes, my dear. That is exactly it! And don't worry about what might happen to you, and eventualities can be coped with. Now gear up and ride over to the Fishers. I am not going to send any of the hands with you.

You will be safer without them. Besides, it would be all that they could do to stay up with you on a horse." "Okay, Daddy!" At the Fisher's home, Luke their oldest son took charge of the still unconscious patient. He coopted his oldest sister's room and set it up for the treatment and care of this very injured young man who was well spoken of.

He recruited his sister Rachel, whose room was being used, to be one of the attending helpers with his treatment plan. Mabel the saloon girl said that she would stand watch, too. And soon afterwards, Missy the banker's daughter showed up to help, also. So, he had a full contingent to watch over Billy all day and night, each of approximately an eight hour shift. Even with the rather warm weather, Billy needed help to maintain his body temperature, because of his prodigious blood loss, so the girls would have to take turns laying up to him to use their natural body warmth to keep him warm.

Since these were serious Christian people, they fashioned a body covering for each to wear to ensure the proper decorum for them under their roof. However after the first few days, each of the girls would take the costume off after the first hour and put in back on for the last hour. In between times, they would lay naked with him.

He being not only asleep, but unconscious had a very limited awareness of this, but his body remembered. The very first night of Missy's tour of duty, she laid naked up against him and began to practice some of the sexy things that she knew of, even though she knew that he wouldn't be consciously aware of them. She kissed his lips, caressed his body and stroked his cock, ending with her mouth on it. There were no reactions to it, but his body was storing up impressions of this little girl.

The initial efforts of the town doctor had saved his life, but no one knew what he would have salvaged of his memory and personality when he finally came back to consciousness. Mabel was especially worried about this, because of the understanding that she had obtained from him after their sexy picnic in the cave.

It was her ticket to a good future. Maybe the only one that she would ever get. The other two girls had their own reasons to advance their chances from him. For instance, Rachel was not convinced that a future of the Amish way of life was for her, so Billy might be a good ticket out of this very restrictive (in her mind) way of life. On the fifth day of his convalescence, he partially woke up in the middle of the night.

He felt a body next to him, but was confused as to what this was about. He couldn't yet pull up his memories of what his situation was, but he knew that a naked woman in bed late at night, was usually meant to be a wife. And despite the fact that he was still weak, that he felt like he really needed some wifely affection right then.

Rachel felt him stir a bit, looked into his eyes and recognized that his awakening was only partial and at a low level at that. But, his hands were alive on her and she was determined to take advantage of that. She knew that he wasn't up to getting her pregnant yet, but perhaps some loving attentions now would grease the way for more pronounced actions later in his healing progress.

And besides, she was suspicious that the other two girls weren't just helping to him to heal. But, likely they had their caps set for him, too. So, Rachel allowed Billy to roam over her body with his hands. He evidently knew where the most sensitive area were. And then his fingers settled into her privates, she was moved to return the favor for him. She had learned of a thing that women can do to treat their men, which would not cause them to become pregnant. It involved taking the man's penis into their mouths and playing with it with her tongue along with sucking on it.

That would often cause the man to spill his sperm in to her mouth, but if she swallowed it, as the story went…he would be welded to her forever. At least that is what the girls told her. They also said that the stuff didn't taste all that bad, either. Good to know, she thought. So, she reversed herself so that her face was down to his member and his mouth was up to her privates and she began to lick and kiss it.

It was taking a while to get him stiff because of his still recovering from the great blood loss, but he was directly kissing and licking her nether regions while she worked on him. And she immediately was impressed on how good this felt, too. While she was busy under the blankets, Luke came in to look in on Billy.

He recognized what was probably going on, but decided to mind his own business. This might be her only chance to have some fun, since when she married one of the older farmers, she probably would mainly just be used to produce one child after another, with very little fun in the process. She first felt the rare for a woman of that time, a cumming climax at Billy's mouth.

And he came into hers, finally. She swallowed not knowing what else to do with it and then reversed herself to go back to sleep. Billy was obviously resting well after that intimate service to him.

When Mabel showed up for her morning shift, before she had to be back to the saloon for the evenings, he was still out of it, but lightly cuddly. So, she waited until he was fed and then locked the door, presumably for him to rest in her arms, but actually for her to stimulate him to remember their intimate accommodations with each other and to remind him and firm up the professed future for the two of them. So, after locking the door, she took off the chastity apparel and laid up her full and warm body to Billy.

He was lightly aware again. Not totally awake at all, but aware enough to again recognize the presence of a naked woman next to him and again with the presumption that this must be a wife, he took over. He rolled up against her and with his hands caressed her full breasts.

She took his hands and held them in place on them. His dick was still mostly limp, but it was firmly planted up her butt crack and both were feeling very good about that. After a bit, she turned over to be face to face with him and began to kiss him, like a wife that he would imagine and that she presumed that he thought of her as.

She reached down to his member and lightly caressed it and it responded to her touch, but did not get hard. It did after several minutes of stroking unleash a small offering, which she took into her hands and moved up to her mouth. He was unaware of that, but very aware of a sense of calmness now moving over him and he fell back asleep.

With that she reentered the chastity apparel just before the doctor knocked on the bedroom door in his appearance to check up on him and certify the family's care of him. He found him lightly sweating and with the bullet hole healing with no apparent infection. It looked good for a total recovery, but what his mind would be like was up in the air because of his dramatic blood loss at the beginning.

The doctor did notice an apparent lethargy of his body and was surprised by this. But not wanting to interfere with the boy's treatment regime, nor the back of his mind awareness of three different girl's hopes, he just passed the thoughts of this on without any actions. Missy came from a working family, so she helped out in the garden and home during her extended stay to help take care of Billy and also secretly to pursue her romantic interests of him.

The Fishers found her to be a very commendable guest in their home. They informed her that she would always be welcome to visit and stay over for however long she wanted. She replied to them that she might just take them up on that at different times of the year, since they obviously knew a lot more about gardening than was generally known in the area at the time. They said that they would be glad to teach her anything that she wanted to know of.

But, at noon, she came in and bathed to be ready to take over the care of Billy at two in the afternoon. Mable smiled at her during the shift change and hugged her on the way out. Missy thought that it would be tragic to hurt such a kind person as Mable was, but he recognized that it was her future at stake here.

She repeated the same litany as the other girls and after his supper, doffed the chastity outfit and clung up to the young man's warming body. His arms reached around her and held her close. Even though she was relatively inexperienced at this kind of thing, nature took it course and she soon found his penis up into the secret hole between her legs.

She was surprised to find how much she enjoyed this despite the initial sharp pain of losing her hymen. She had been careful to put a colored towel under her hip against this possibility and hid it against if being washed out later.

With his emptying into her body and his holding her dear in his arms, her doubts about the desire of him for her future vanished. She was totally enthralled with him now. And she wanted him back into her as soon as he could muster it again. She had never felt anything as good as that penetration in her life, even the girly play with her best friend, the cook's daughter was not up to this.

And if she got pregnant, that was alright also. It would presumably help to weld him to her for their future together, pleasing her dear father. Rachel left him alone that night to rest, she just clung up to his side. And Mabel did the same the next shift in the morning. Missy had other plans, but recognized that he was rapidly coming out of it and did not want to hinder that progress, so also left him alone except for the cuddling.

The next night, however, Billy showed that he was coming on in his healing and awareness, so Rachel decided that this was her time. So, upon taking her place in the bedroom, she immediately locked the door and didn't put on the chastity gown.

She then paraded around in her nakedness before his eyes and then climbing under the blankets began an earnest and lively kissing and caressing of him. He responded in kind and she then moved down to energize his male equipment for the desired task.

His cock soon raised up sufficiently hard for its purpose and so she moved over onto her back in the middle of the bed, forcing him to raise up over her with his legs between her wide open mother's vault. He was still somewhat in a fog in his mental state, but was aware enough to move up to her pussy with his face and briefly and effectively energize it for the coming event.

With her pussy leaking its natural lubrications, he moved his equipment up to penetrate into her virgin orifice. After just a brief sharp pain, he was totally in to her and she was so very glad of that. The feelings that it generated were subline, indeed. And when he quickly emptied himself into her, she was jubilant with the result.

Since she was about two weeks since her monthly, she was aware that she was very fecund at this moment. Besides, she had felt the sharp pain in her inside hip area denoting the release of an egg, that she now hoped was fertilized to become another human. By the next morning, Billy was pretty much awake and getting rapidly healed up. He looked around and saw Mabel in his bed nude, and it came back to him what had been going on the last few days.

He remembered three different bodies and pussies that he had emptied up into and deduced what that was about. He decided that enough was enough, and that he needed to depart before the evidence of his activities became apparent by the growing bellies of three girls. When Mabel left the room for a few minutes, he got out of bed and threw on his clothes which were conveniently stacked neatly by his bed, put on his boots as Mable returned to the room and brushed by her to leave the house.

He rose up on a horse tied to the hitching post at the back of the house, spurred its sides and aimed north and never looked back. None of the young women ever heard from him again.


But, he left three gifts behind, one for each of them. They each delivered a son to him about the same time nine months later. And each made do the best that they could under the circumstances. Mabel married the ne'er-do-well son of the barkeep, who was harmless after all. She had the Fishers raise her son as a visiting cousin to them.

The darker skin remained unexplained. Missy was married off to one of the hands who was much more responsible than most and had a good life. She spent a lot of time at the Fishers working and learning in their gardens. And after a couple of years started her own gardens at her father's ranch, which was soon very much appreciated by the cooks and the family.

Her son was named Billy also with her new husband's last name attached and grew up to be a minor hellion, who all of the sudden at twenty-two got civilized when he met and took a Cheyenne maiden as his wife. She was part native and part Filipina, and no one ever figured out how that happened, but she was the most beautiful woman in the territory and the light of his life. He settled down and put his ill-gotten talents to good use as first a deputy and then the sheriff for the county.

Lived to ninety-five, too. Mabel's son took on much of the Amish way of life, but in his own mode. He loved sports and began to play the newly popular sport of American football. He was a natural at it and became one of the first players to become a pro. His sons and descendants became famous throughout the state in their prowess and added their talents to the teams of many of the schools in the state.

Soon after the birth of Solomon Fisher, Rachel high-tailed it out of the county to find a life elsewhere to not be reminded of her dishonor at the dick of Billy. She settled down in Cheyenne, Wyoming and soon after married a local farmer, giving him six children and a minor amount of grief over the years. They stayed the course though and lived out their lives together. Solomon, being abandoned by his mother was taken up by the family.

He was a favorite of the younger girls and also soon bonded with Luke the family physician. Because of this bond with Luke, he started reading every medical book that he could find as soon as he was able to read. It took years for his comprehension to catch up with his backlog of knowledge. When grown he attended medical school and became a famous surgeon in New York City. He never visited his folks again, married into wealth, but sent funds every year to his folks to help any other young ones in the family to pursue their dreams, too.

So, the gifts that Billy left behind in their mothers did very well. No credit to Billy, of course. When the banker died, in his papers was found a court order to forward the funds left by Billy in his account to a strange woman in Cheyenne, name unrecognized. No one ever got any take on what had happened to Billy. He probably changed his name and profession when he arrived wherever he went.

That was common in the pre Social Security years of this country out West