Lesbian lovers Ashlie and Malisha licking and kissing on Sapphic Erotica

Lesbian lovers Ashlie and Malisha licking and kissing on Sapphic Erotica
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It had been a very long day at the Bank in which I work, I'm always horny as hell after a tiring working day like the one I've just had. I'll be honest I just wanted to get home, get all my work clothes off, lie back naked on the couch with my vibrator and masturbate for hours.

I've needed to make do with my vibrator for the past 3 weeks since I decided to dump my 17 year old 'fuck buddy' Ahmed.

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He had been regularly visiting my flat for over a year and although the sex was always good, Ahmed himself was getting far too clingy. He put me right off with talk about us moving in together and even marriage.

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Anyway, As I reached the top of the stairs to my flat I noticed a young Pakistani boy on his knees having a look through my letterbox. "Hey!! Can I help you mate?!" I shouted at the boy, He immediately stood up and turned around with a guilty look upon his face, he looked a bit taken aback and clearly wasn't used to talking to attractive blonde woman like myself, "uh uh, um Ahmed wanted me to um put this through your letterbox" he stuttered and held out a small note.

"Are you a friend of Ahmed's then?" I asked. "Yes Miss, my name's Aftab, I'm Ahmed's younger brother" he replied. "Oh right!

I never knew Ahmed had a little brother, So you're what? Just 15 then?" I asked. "No miss, I'm 16 this week" the shy boy replied with a nervous smile. He was quite a short lad, around 5"4, shorter than Ahmed anyway, with geeky glasses and he still had his school clothes on. I introduced myself to the teen, "Well it's nice to meet you Aftab, I'm sure you know already but my name's Louise, You best come on inside so we can see what's in this note you've kindly brought over for me." I unlocked my front door and invited Aftab through to the living room.

He sat in the middle of my couch still clutching the small note from his older Brother. I stood in front of Aftab in the middle of the living room, "Ok so lets hear what's inside Ahmed's note then?" I said, prompting Aftab to read it aloud which he quite happily did: "Louise, I love you, I can't understand why you won't see me no more.

I miss you so badly.


I want us to get married, I want to be with you forever. Please please call me. Love From Ahmed." I sound like such a bitch saying this but I was actually annoyed listening to Ahmed's comments in the note.

He knows I'm not interested in marriage and he also knows fine well I love living on my own. I knew it was wrong and very naughty but at that point I decided to see how young Aftab would react if I were to try and seduce him. Aftab sat back on my couch, still clutching the note his brother asked him to post through my letterbox, "Thanks for the note Aftab, But I'm sorry to say you can tell your brother that it's definitely over between us and has been for 3 weeks now" I said whilst tying my long blonde hair back.

"As you can see from that letter, Ahmed wanted to get serious and I just wasn't interested I'm afraid" I continued "I only wanted some fun, just casual sex, you know? Someone to.fuck?", I smiled at Aftab and he nervously giggled and smiled back, I could see beads of sweat on his forehead.

I walked over to my stereo and switched on the song I love to perform a striptease to the most, the song started just as I turned around, it was 'Sweet About Me' by Gabriella Cilmi, I winked at Aftab and playfully mimed the beginning verse.


I walked towards where Aftab was sitting and stood over him, "So hunni, how comes YOU brought Ahmed's note over? Does he tell you what to do and boss you around then?" I asked, "Em, Yes well actually I suppose you could say he does boss me around sometimes actually." the young boy responded, I began a sexy dance whilst unbuttoning my shirt slowly, Aftab just stopped talking, "carry on?" I said firmly, The young boy was staring at me, he seemed to me so nervous and excited but continued anyway "I eh I just thought I would do a favour for Ahmed today, you know", "Oh right, well that's so nice of you, did Ahmed tell you what happened when he first visited my flat.Aftab?" By this point all the buttons in my shirt were undone and Aftab was staring right at my black bra and cleavage.

"no Miss.I mean, n n no Louise" said Aftab, I then removed my shirt completely and threw it at the blushing teen, I continued my sexy dance, "are you suuuure?" I said in a playful teasing voice whilst unzipping my short skirt from the back. "uh yes Miss I'm sure Miss" Aftab said while wiping the sweat from his forehead. I turned around and I could see Aftab's eyes firmly focused on my shapely backside from my wall mirror, I let go of the zip and my short skirt quickly slipped onto the ground, Aftab's jaw almost hit the floor, I turned my head round and smiled, "what do you think of my ass then Mr?" I asked, "I I think it's very, um, very.oh it's so good Miss" he responded, I then unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor, "Oh my god" I heard Aftab mutter to himself, I was now completely naked apart from my black g-string and black high heel shoes, "would you like a closer look at this Aftab?" I said with both hands squeezing my large round ass cheeks, "I.I I'm not sure if I should.but if you say it's ok then I will Miss" was Aftab's response, He removed his glasses and moved towards me, Again I watched from my wall mirror, The young boy remained on his knees and just stared at my round backside, I wanted to wait and see if he was brave enough to touch it without any encouragement from myself, I playfully wiggled my ass to the music and then began to slowly arch my back, moving my arse closer to Aftab's face, by now I was so close I could feel his nervous breath against my rear end, I arched my back some more, It was then that I felt something touch my left ass cheek, A gentle kiss from Aftab, I needed to respond to let him know it was ok to touch, "mmmmmm" I said, "very nice hunni", This seemed to encourage more contact from Aftab, he gently kissed my right ass cheek "Oooh yeah baby" I responded, More kisses followed, faster, again and again his confidence seemed to grow and at this point, like me, he must have been so turned on, "mmmm yeah Aftab carry on Mr" I continued, this time he responded with both his hands on each of my ass cheeks, he squeezed them both and it felt good, I bent over some more, "Ooooh yes, that feels nice" I said.

I then felt Aftab's hands move over to my hips, he teasingly pulled at each side of my black g-string, I could tell he wanted to pull it down, he must have been building up the courage, I arched my back even further, I couldn't have been in a more inviting position for the teenager, he knew that too, it was then that he began slowly peeling off my g-string, he pulled his head back slightly to watch as the g-string fell to the floor, the young boy just stopped and stared for a moment at my bare naked arse, his eyes all over my pussy lips as well, by now I was wet, "mmmm yes you are as naughty as your big brother aren't you" I said as I kicked off my g-string from my left high heel, I arched my back again and stood with my legs further apart, "No, I'm naughtier!!" said Aftab firmly, forcefully pressing his head between my ass cheeks, I could feel the young boy kissing my pussy, "oooooh Aftab!!!

Yes!! Lick me now!!" I cried out to encourage more contact, both his hands were squeezing my arse, his kisses on my pussy continued faster, I then felt his tongue moving up and down on my wet clit, It felt so good, I bent over some more and pressed my bare ass even further against Aftab's face, the teen responded by circling my pussy with his tongue, I was in heaven it felt amazing, I was at this point so close to orgasm and he needed to know it, "that's it Aftab, right fucking there!

Faster! Oh god! I'm cumming for you now!!!!" I screamed as my juices flowed. My legs were like jelly. I composed myself and turned my head round at which point Aftab stood up, the excited teen was quickly unfastening his trousers, He pulled them and his underwear down to the floor, revealing his fully erect cock.

It was so inviting, Just as I was about to get on my knees to suck Aftab's cock he quickly and firmly grabbed hold of my hips and guided his cock towards my pussy, We both gave out a moan of sheer pleasure when the teenager forcefully sunk his cock deep inside my soaking wet pussy, 'Sweet About Me' continued playing on repeat in the background as Aftab tightly gripped hold of my hips and began pumping away, "Oh god yes! Aftab yes fuck me harder!!" I demanded of the teenager, He responded as well, He was stronger than he looked and began thrusting into me much harder than before, It was wrong but it felt so right, Aftab moved both his hands from my hips and began squeezing my large breasts, "Oh yes Louise, Miss Louise!!

Oh god!

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I love it!!" He said as he continued to pound away, He was so hard and so deep that his balls were slapping against me, His thrusts were driving me to an even greater and longer orgasm, I could feel it, I moaned and moaned uncontrollably. "Im cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming for you!" I remember my body moaning without any instruction from me, Aftab had so much energy and he continued pumping away until he couldn't hold on any longer and let out his own noisy pleasure filled cry "OH FFFUUUUCK!!!", I could feel my body tingle all over as the teenager shot a load of his warm cum deep inside my pussy.

Aftab then slowly pulled out his wet cock, I turned around and giggled as he shuffled over to my couch with his pants and trousers still at his ankles, He lay back on my couch with a big smile on his face. Aftab was staring at my naked body, "You have beautiful breasts Louise" Aftab said whilst still playing with his wet cock.

I responded by squeezing both of my breasts together and smiling at the horny teenager. Aftab continued playing with his penis which was almost fully erect again.

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"I love that big ass of yours most though Louise, I might even cum on that next time" he said. At that point I slowly walked over to where Aftab was sitting on the couch, I got down on my knees just in front of the horny Pakistani, "you know what Mr" I said as I looked into his eyes, "god you are so cute!!" I said as I grabbed Aftab's head and pulled his face towards mine, passionately kissing his lips, the young boy's face was still wet and I could taste my love juice on him, this only served to turn me on even more, Aftab moved his kisses down to my neck and then even lower as he quickly began kissing all over my breasts, I closed my eyes and moaned, quietly, as I felt his hands feeling my big tits, he squeezed them and even began to gently bite and chew at them, his wet tongue flicking over one of my erect nipples as his finger rubbed across the other, "god you are so naughty aren't you!" I said as I pushed him away from my breasts, Aftab smiled, I then glanced down at the teenagers fully erect penis, I was hungry for it and desperate to have it down my throat.

I quickly moved my head down and took all 7 inches down my throat, I closed my mouth around his cock and let out a moan at the taste of it. Amazing to think I had just planned to masturbate by myself this evening. I began sucking, hard, relishing the salty precum, I sucked it as far down my throat as I could and got faster and faster, I could hear Aftab moan with pleasure the faster I went, up and down, faster still, "Oh yes it feels amazing!!

Oh god faster YES!", Aftab continued "Yes, oh yes I love you!! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oooh! Louise I'm going to cum now Louise!!!!" Still on my knees I removed Aftab's cock from my mouth and turned around as quick as I could, faced down on the floor my large ass was pointing towards Aftab as he'd requested, I gave my ass a teasing wiggle in time to the music, Aftab quickly stood over me and then came his climax, "OH YEEEEEES!!!" the young boy cried out and I felt wave after wave of his teenage cum cover my bare naked backside, Aftab continued masturbating until every last drop of his cum had dripped over my ass cheeks, "Ooooh my god, that was so fucking good Louise, so good" Aftab muttered to himself as he sat his naked backside back down on my couch, I remained in the same position but turned my head to the side so's I could see what the young Pakistani was up to, He lay back on the couch smiling, and I could see he was staring at my huge arse which was covered in his cum, it was almost as if he was proud of the amount of love juice he'd sprayed all over my booty, it was positively dripping off me.

Aftab looked at me and said "Louise, Would it be ok if we don't tell Ahmed what happened here today?", I gave my ass another inviting wiggle, and smiled.

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