Sexy Indian Girl Have White Big Boobs

Sexy Indian Girl Have White Big Boobs
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I ran home from work a bed was being delivered to my house. It was 4:15pm and the truck was already there. I thought it was strange that he was by himself. I mean beds aren't heavy, but are also awkward. He was a huge guy about 6'4" roughly 280lbs all muscle.

He seemed annoyed that I wasn't there to greet him but I let him in and he carried my mattress, then boxspring, and finally the frame upstairs to my apartment individually. I felt bad and I explained to him that I didn't have time to stop at an ATM for a tip.

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He then told me "Well, then I have a tip for you". I expected him to say something sarcastic but what I gotwas something very different. We were standing in the middle of my living room when he gave me the clip board that contained a delivery sheet.The followingexchange took place: "Sign the sheet" he said coldly I did it then he threw it on my couch.

"Get down on your knees" He ordered while he unbuckled his belt and let it hang. I asked sharply "Excuse me?" He took two little baby steps toward me, put his big paw on the top of my head and informed that he wasn't going to say it again.

"I said, get down on your knees" he said sternly.


It wasn't his hand pushing me down it was his drill sSargeant like demeanor that intimadated me and I found myself sinking down to my knees. "Unbutton, unzip, and take down my pants". I didn't say nothing, I just did it because this guy towered over me like a wall of muscle.

My hands trembled as I ufastened his button, pulled down his zipper, and yanked down his jeans and underwear in one swoop. My mouth gaped open, and my eyes widened as I stared at a flaccid dick that was about the same size as mine is hard.

It hung down about 6.5 inches with plenty of rumpled foreskin, and roomto grow. The head was enormous like the size of a doorknob.


The shaft was really really wide. It was like a toddler's leg. From the base came a huge greenvein that split into two smaller veins and grew farther apart the closer to the head it got. I realized I was staring and snapped back into focus when he spoke. "I told you I was going to give you a tip, didn't I?" he said grinning sarcastically. "How about the tip of my dick?".

"Now open your mouth" he growled. "But I'm not gay" I tried to reason with him until a hand slapped the side of my face. It instantly felt hot. "I don't give a shit, OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK!" He was very aggravated and he put his hands defiantly on his hips almost as to beimpatiently waiting for me.

I did exactly what he said to do. He sort of aimed himself between my lips and said "that's it, take me in your mouth". I leanedforward to accomodate him. I had to open wider as I felt his big cockhead brush past my lips, and finally come to rest halfway down my tongue.

"What are you going to do? Tell on me? Go ahead, but first suck my dick like a good little bitch". He's right. There's no way my pride would let me tell anyone I was forced to suck another man's cock. How embarassing. I started to slowly bob my head back and forth and clamped down on his shaft with my wet lips.

The first thing I noticed was how spongy it felt. The feel of his foreskin moving seperately from his fat shaft kinda sickened me a little but I forged ahead. He started to get more plump in my mouth as his giant member became increasingly engorged in my mouth. My mouth prodiced a lot of salivia and soon his slick shaft moved freely in and out of my mouth.

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I nevewr took the head out, but just as my lips would come in contact with the crown I would slide back down and take about 6" back in my mouth. Other than my jaw muscles getting a little tired the actual act or sucking a big cock wasn't that bad.

It was wrestling with my pride that hurt. I mean, why didn't I stick up for myself? He rudely put a firm hand on the back of my head to quicken my pace and take me a little deeper. The head now was ramming into my throat. I didn't gag but it was a little uncomfortable. I was a little grateful he did this because he took a lot of the pressure off on my neck and jaw muscles.

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It was now easier to please this man from my knees. I almost got a sense of this is where I belong before a larger, more dominat male. Physically he had about 4" of height, and 70lbs of muscle. I worked out too but this guy was much more powerfully built then I was. He then grabbed the base of his thickness and started to cock-whip my face with it. He turned my head left to right and slapped my face all over with it telling me to "take it".

He finally stopped bouncing his extra large cock head off of my forehead when he told me to do it. I hesitated, but I grabbed the shaft and started to slap myself with it.

God, it was so heavy! This was humiliating. I then had to rub myself with it. After I got done degrading myself nuzzling my face with his meat, he ordered me to stoke his shaft and lick his balls at the same time.


I did exactly what he said. I could barely fit my fingers around the fat pole. His balls were big and heavy although the actual sac wasn't. There were random coarse hairs that nausiated me.

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I suckled each nut as per his instruction until it was time to take his horse cock back in my mouth. While it was out of my mouth I kinda judged the size of it using mine as a reference. I would say about 8.5" long, maybe 5.5 to 6" in circumference. felt like it weighed about 3 lbs. There were new instuctions. He wanted me to caress his ballsac, and stroke the base while I take him in and out of my mouth.

I did exactly as he said. There were two hands now on my head by each ear squeezing my head while I sucked his huge cock.

I didn't mind though, I was actually enjoying it now. I could feel my prick was hard and leaking precum. The feel of his fleash in my mouth left it watering. I liked it. He then moved my hand off the shaft and made me take him in deeper. The head penetrated my throat and I gaged some. he repeated this process about 7 or 8 times.

It hurt my throat but the last few times were a little easier on me as I swallowed the head as soon as it entered my throat. Then he said it: "Yeah, I'm gonna cum soon. I know you want that big 5 day load and I want you to look in my eyes when I do". I didn't know how I felt about it.

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I mean the thought of that stuff in my mouth was disgusting, and there was no going back from having a man spew in your mouth. I can't lie there was something so erotic about it though. I had that nervous excited feeling when you know your about to go over the edge of a rollar coaster.

The build up was killing me. "Oh yeah, boy here I cum. Take your medicine!' He grunted. I immediately focused on his eyes. His movements became spastic his breathing a little erratic. He just seemed to be rubbing the first four inches slowly in and out of my mouth, His evil eyes were fixated on mine and I felt like his prey.

His fingers dig into my head when I felt it. His huge manhood twitched and I felt a pulse of warm cum spray in my mouth. Then another. He controlled my head it almost seemed with every cumshot he pushed my head in to met it. He kept cumming and cumming. With each blast came a throb from his meat. When I would cum I would shoot 4 times tops, then the rest would dribble out. I think we were up to 7.

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I couldn't believe there was an ejaculating man in my mouth and I was aroused by it! The feeling of that large mushroom exploding in my mouth had me so hot I wanted to cum too.

After several large shots, and my lips milking his cock of some more ooze he puuled from my lips. His glistening thick cock looked so appetizing and inviting I wanted him back in my mouth.

"Show it to me". He commanded. I opened my mouth wide and showed him the contents of his nuts that now polluted my mouth. There was a strange aroma in my mouth but I can't say it was bad. "Now swallow it". I gulped it down and I got the full flavor of it as it passed my tongue and slid down my throat.

It was salty, bitter and somewhat unpleasant but not unbearable. "That's right boy, take your medicine." Exactly, it was like bad tasting medicine but it was so erotic to take another man's load. I loved it.

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My cock was throbbing in my pants. Before he left he slapped me several times with his deflating cock and cleaned off the last emerging jizz on my face from the slit. "Don't wipe it off, wear it proudly like a badge".