Kinky czech girl gapes her spread vulva to the unusual

Kinky czech girl gapes her spread vulva to the unusual
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Ann's Confession's Chapter II I had been in Florida for 11 months when I brought my girls down; they were out of school for the summer and were going to spend it with me. I rented a nice apartment about a block from Mom's house. Sara was still living with Mom and I decided that it would be best for the girls and me to have our own space.

Stephie, my oldest was now 14 and Marie was 12. It had been close to a year since I had seen either of them and I was excited as I drove to the airport to pick them up. I had spent the last year in the sun and now had a very dark tan; I had let my hair grow almost to my ass. I mention this because when I left Chicago I had no tan and short hair.

I was dressed in Florida traditional clothes; a pair of red hip hugger jeans and a white tee shirt, I hadn't worn a bra or panties for the last year. I was early getting to the airport so I made my way to the bar for a drink. I ordered my favorite at that time; A Slow Comfortable Screw [slow gin + southern comfort + orange juice]. This order got the attention of a couple of business men. As I had an hour to wait I allowed them the pleasure of my company while I accepted another drink from them.

We had moved to a booth where I was on one side with Fred. I let him put his hand on my thigh and shortly he was rubbing my pussy thru my jeans; I in turn and to his dismay unzipped his pants and started jacking him off. He had a rather small cock and an even smaller control over it.

I had him Cumming in less than three minuets; his friend saw what I was doing and got a little panicky when I held my cum covered hand up and licked it clean. The best part was that Fred got his foreskin caught in his zipper and ran to the restroom crying and trying to hide his open fly with his briefcase.

I finished my drink and said bye and headed to the waiting area. I got there just as the first people were coming off the plane. My daughters were the last to come up the ramp; I almost didn't recognize them; Stephie was at least 4 inches taller and was sporting a pair of boobs bigger than mine; she had long brown hair and carried herself like a model. Marie hadn't gotten much taller but she was developing a nice figure; she had little girl boobs that were evident under her tee shirt and a nice waist over developing hips.

I saw that they didn't recognize me as they were scanning the crowd looking for their frumpy mother. I let them get within 5 feet of me before I spoke; as they were passing by I asked if they were looking for someone. Sara stopped and looked at me and asked; mother?

They were both surprised at how I had changed; we gave each other big hugs and kisses and headed for the luggage carousel, then we were in the car heading home. We got to the apartment and the girls changed cloths, Stephie put on a pair of shorts that barely covered her ass and allowed her long shapely legs to get some air; she put on a loose fitting halter top that allowed a clear view of her beautiful tits when she would lean forward.

Marie also was wearing shorts that were loose fitting around the legs with another tee shirt that showed her budding tits clearly. My god my daughters were dressed like street walking whores; I liked it. I also think they were surprised when I didn't say anything about their how they were dressed.

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When we got to Mom's the girls were introduced to Sara; who was out front just returning from the store. We went inside where the girls and Mom did a lot of hugging and kissing; I did notice Mom keeping her hand on Marie's ass longer than necessary but put it out of my mind.

Sara invited us to join her on the deck where she had some beverages in the cooler and if anyone wanted they could jump in the pool that Mom had installed recently. The girls asked about swim suits; Sara said she had some they could wear.

We all went out; there was a blender full of Pina Coladas so we all had one. The girls said that these were good and asked if they could have more, I allowed them one more. Sara had made them with twice the rum as usual so we were all a little high within a short time. The girls wanted to go in the pool and asked Sara about the swim suits. Sara had just enough to drink [or she had planed this before] to remove her sundress, which was all she was wearing, and say that skinny dipping was more fun.

Stephie didn't hesitate and was soon naked also; Marie looked at me and asked if it was o. k. to swim nude. I said yes. This was the first time I had seen my children naked since they were 3 or 4 years old. Stephie had developed a beautiful body that anyone would be proud of. She had a bust size of 34D with a slim waist and a fantastic ass. She also shaved her pubic area. Marie's developing breast were almost an A cup but not quite, she still had a boyish waist but her ass was going to be super in a few more years.

She had sparse pubic hair. The 3 of them jumped in the water and played around for about 30 minuets. When they got out of the pool Stephie asked if they could walk over to the beach with Sara, I gave my permission; they got dressed and headed out the door. Sara said they would be back in about an hour. After the girls left Mom and I finished the Pina Coladas and decided that we would get in the pool for awhile; we both stripped and jumped in. The water was cool and felt great; we were talking about how the girls had grown and how good they looked Mom said she couldn't get over how sexy Stephie was and how big her tits were.

I agreed then Mom said that she would like to have sex with both of her grand children; this didn't surprise me at all, I had seen the way she had looked at the girls naked bodies. I was a little cold so I got out of the pool and sat on the edge and put my feet in the water.


Mom was still talking about how she would like to lick Marie's cute little asshole when she noticed how I was sitting. She moved right in front of me and before I knew it she buried her face between my legs and had her tongue in my pussy.

This was a first; I always ate her she never did me.

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I lay back and made it easier for her to reach my love tunnel; my mother was very good at eating pussy. She had a unique way of using her tongue and lips together that sent little electric shocks thru my clitoris. With this technique she soon had me on the verge of an orgasm along with a heavy flow of my vaginal fluids. Mom raised her head and smiled at me; then she inserted her whole hand inside my pussy. I was being fist fucked by my mother and it was wonderful. Soon she had pushed her hand in past her wrist; she then started fucking it in and out giving me a thrill like none I had ever had.

It didn't take long until I exploded in a wild orgasm. As I was coming down Mom removed her hand; my pussy was stretched and gapped open like I had just given birth. Mom licked my pussy clean of the remaining juices then offered her hand to me so I could lick my on juices from her fingers.

After that we went inside and made ourselves presentable; we even put on clothes. We were thinking of going out to dinner when the girls returned, Mom had even picked the restaurant.

The girls got back and Sara and Stephie asked if they could go to a party that a friend of Sara's was having. Mom asked who and Sara told her that it was Jack's son Mike, that they were having a cook out on the beach.

I had met Mike; he was of mixed race black and Asian, he was a nice guy and as horny as his dad. I decided to give my permission as long as Sara and Stephie stayed together. They both made promises that they would so off they went. Marie was stuck with us old folks. To make her feel better Mom told her we were going to a nice restaurant for dinner then we would do what ever she wanted. We had a very nice dinner and when Mom asked Marie what she wanted to do afterward she said she wanted to go home and for all three of us to go swimming naked.

She said that we had seen her nude now she wanted to see us nude. We went home, got naked and went out to the pool. Marie has always been interested in the female form; asking questions about when she would get boobs, why she didn't have a penis and why she had to sit to pee. I had tried to answer these questions but found it impossible.

Marie was checking out my vagina and comparing it to Mom's. She wanted to know why Mom's seemed to be bigger than mine; Mom explained that it was because I gave birth to two children and she had given birth to five. This was a shock, I knew of three but not five.

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I knew I had a sister and a brother but not two other siblings. Marie then wanted to know why Stephie was putting different things in her vagina.

I asked what kind of things? Marie told us that she had seen Stephie put a banana in her pussy and another time she was using an ear of corn. Marie then told us that she had tried a banana but she couldn't get it in. Then she told us about Stephie sleeping with her dad; and how she had seen him put his thing in Stephie's pussy.

I asked how she had seen this; she said that she hide in the closet so that she could see why dad loved Stephie more than her. She also told of how dad would put his thing in Stephie's mouth. I asked if he ever did these things with her she said no but she wanted him too.

Marie asked if we would get naked so she could look at us; Mom stood and stripped; I followed and so did Marie. First she went over to Mom and spread her legs so she could get a good close look at a well used pussy. She checked it out; first touching then putting a finger inside, before I could say anything Marie was licking her grandmother's snatch. She seemed to know what she was doing and it became apparent that this was not the first pussy she had licked.

Mom looked up at me and said that Marie was a talented and experienced cunt lapper. It was obvious that Marie was doing a good job on Mom by the way she was squirming around and putting her hands on the back of her head to show where to lick next. I noticed that Marie was using her left hand to rub and play with the clitoris of her little girl pussy.

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I didn't know weather to be proud or upset that my child was such a good pussy muncher. Marie finally brought her grandmother to an orgasm and came up for a breath. I was reclining on the couch and Marie came over and lay down beside me placing her head on my shoulder and her arm across my stomach.

She got as close as she could and put one leg over mine to get even closer. Marie was lying on my left side and she moved her arm from my stomach to take my tit in her hand. She nuzzled close to me and whispered in my ear that she really liked the taste of grandma's pussy but that she really wanted to taste me.

Secretly I wanted her to taste me too. I asked when she started having sex. It turned out that she caught Stephie and another girl eating each other and she threatened to tell unless they let her watch. Shortly after that Stephie talked her into eating her. Marie tried it and she liked it.


Marie had been playing with my titties while we were talking; my nipples had gotten as hard as rocks and were starting to ache. My daughter rolled over and took my left nipple into her warm wet mouth and started sucking it; she was using her tongue and her teeth to pleasure me. All to soon she abandoned my tit and started kissing and licking her way over my belly; stopping to tongue fuck my belly button; then moving down to my waiting pussy.

I spread my legs so she would have full access to my now spread and open cunt. I was thrilled at the way she licked all around clitoris before taking it in her mouth. Her sister had taught her well; she was an expert at the art of cunnilingus.

Marie would lightly flick my clitoris with her tongue then suck it like a little cock; she would suck my urethra opening into her mouth and try to stick her tongue in it. She sucked the lips of my labia and put her tongue in my vagina as far as she could.

With this kind of service it wasn't long until I had a glorious orgasm. Marie sucked all the juices from my flowing pussy then managed to lick my asshole; even trying to put her tongue in it. We were both tired at this time; Marie lay beside me again putting her arm across my stomach and her leg over mine and we went to sleep.

About 1 AM, I was awakened by female giggling as Sara and Stephie returned home. They were both intoxicated and looked like they had been used and abused. Their hair was a mess and Sara was wearing the top that Stephie had left in. Stephie was wearing a tee shirt that was much too big to belong to a female. I said that it looked like they had a good time.

The both grinned and admitted it was a very good time. I made a pot of coffee and we sat down to have a cup and for them to tell me about their night. Stephie started telling me about meeting a lot of people and how much fun they were.

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She admitted that they had smoked pot and that they had sex. That's when I found out that she was on birth control pills. Her Dad's new girlfriend got them for her. Sara spoke up and said that Stephie had been the center of attention at the party; it seems that my daughter was involved in a gangbang; group sex; interracial sex and lesbian sex.

Sara asked if I would like to hear the particulars of what had happened tonight. I wasn't sure I really wanted to know but I answered yes. When they first got to the party they were given a drink then a joint was passed around Stephie finished her drinks and got another and some more of the joint.

Within 20 minuets she was completely blitzed. There were 15 people at this shindig; 7 females and 8 guys. Stephie started dancing with a black guy; they were rubbing bodies and Stephie took her top off. Ray started playing with her tits while they were still dancing; I heard Stephie say that she had never fucked a black guy and would he like to be the first.

Ray took her hand and led her over to a couch; they both undressed and Stephie lay on the couch. Ray was already hard so he slid his 8 inch cock into her waiting pussy.


Stephie wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper inside her. She put her arms around his shoulders and pulled him down and gave him a deep tongue down the throat kiss.

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Because of the ferocity of the fucking Stephie was putting on Ray he didn't last long; after about 2 minuets he pumped a large load of his black seed deep in her pussy. Stephie had him remove his cock from her pussy and put it in her mouth so she could taste his cum. Sara said she had never seen anyone lick and suck a cock the way Stephie did Ray.

It was like she worshiped his cock. She rubbed his cock all over her face, taking the head into her mouth and running her tongue around it getting all the juices off. Then taking the whole length in her mouth and sucking as hard as she could. That was just the start; Stephie made a point of sucking or fucking every guy there, either 1 at a time or several at once.

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At one time she had a cock in her ass, mouth and pussy and wanted more. After she did all the guys she started on the girls. Ray's girlfriend was a cute black girl; Stephie spent a long time sucking her pussy and making love to her asshole.

Sara managed to get fucked several times and Stephie made a point of sucking her pussy after each of the guys filled her with cum. I thought that Marie was asleep while Sara told of Stephie's exploits but she was laying there listening the whole time. Marie surprised everyone when she said that this wasn't the first gang fuck that her sister was involved in. She went on to tell about how she watched Stephie with her dad and a couple of his friends.

Their dad had his poker buddies over to watch a Cubs game; Stephie was the hostess at these get together's and made sure there were plenty of snacks and drinks. At this particular party she decided that she was going to have sex with Dad's friends.

She put on make-up and a dress that was very low cut and showed her tits; when she bent over you could see her ass and she wasn't wearing panties. When the men got there Stephie made sure that they got a good look of her boobs and her ass as she put the snacks and drinks out. Dad almost had a heart attack when he saw what she was doing; he told her she should put on a different outfit as she was making the guy's get the wrong idea about her.

Stephie answered with "No they are getting the right idea". She then looked dad straight in the eye and told him that she intended to fuck all of them. With that she took off the dress, sat on the floor, spread her legs and asked who wanted to be first. When no one volunteered she crawled over to the only black guy and said she wanted him first, and if he didn't fuck her she was going to call the police and swear that they had tried to rape her.

After Stephie made this threat dad told Max that she would do it so he should do as she asked. Max looked at the other guy's and dropped his pants; Stephie was right in front of him and took his black cock in her mouth. It only took a few seconds before it was hard so Stephie lay back on the floor and Max slipped his cock in her wet pussy.

Marie said that seeing this black guy fucking her sister caused strange feelings in her pussy. Nobody knew she was watching; they thought she was up-stairs watching TV. Stephie had locked her arms around Max's neck and was kissing him as she reached orgasm. Max started fucking her faster; his black ass moving at super speed until he collapsed on top of her as he blew his load in her young pussy.

Stephie repeated this performance with the other 2 guy's, then told her dad that it was his turn. He reluctantly got up and moved over to his daughter he started taking his pants off when Stephie said she didn't want him to fuck her; she wanted him to eat her pussy like he did after he fucked her. He was obviously embarrassed; her dad liked to suck cum from his daughter's pussy!

Oh my. Now it was his friends cum; he had no way out so he crawled between her out stretched legs and started eating all the cum that his friend had deposited there. To add insult to injury Stephie put her hands on the back of her dad's head and kept saying YES! YES! Eat your buddies cum from your daughter's pussy. Marie slipped out of her hiding place at this time so we don't know what else happened. This was the first day my girls were with me in Florida; God help me.