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Kostenlose hentai games
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Why am I doing this? she thought as she lay in bed trying to sleep. He talked her into it after just 45 mins on the computer. She felt dumb but he was already on his way so what was the point just let it happen. She met Alex in a chat room that night. She was horny her kids were away at they're dads house for the night so why not meet someone. just like being in a bar right?


Only this was alittle different. Alex knew how to find what she wanted and in 45 mins was able to match her every sexual fantasy. how could someone have exactly the same desires as her?

Dani was a young single mom beautiful but a real woman she was about 5'4'' had long auburn hair green eyes and nice smile. She was loosing the weight from her last kid still but was in great shape otherwise.

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She had only ever fucked her ex husband who was gentle and timid in bed she had no idea what really getting fucked was like. Alex had planned to show her how. she was nervous so he suggested that he would just come there.

that she should leave her door unlocked and wait for him in bed.

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He was supposed to be there a half hour ago oh well another let down from a man did I really expect anything different? she wondered. Dani turned off her light and settled in bed and went to sleep. It was about 3am when she awoke hearing a noise downstairs.

she lay awake for a while and didnt hear anything else she decided it was the cat and rolled over to go back to sleep when she felt someone grab her from behind. He pulled her back by her shoulder and quickly straddled her so she couldnt get up he had her arms pinned with one hand and was holding his hand over her mouth with the other.

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Scream and Ill break ur neck bitch he snarled in her face and before she knew what was going on her hands were tied to the bed. who are u she begged u know who i am he shot back dont forget u asked for this. he started cutting and tearing away her pajamas and when he freed her large breasts from her shirt grabbed and squeezed them roughly before putting his lips to them first sucking gently then biting and scraping his teeth on them making her squirm to get away.

Next came the pajama pants he ripped them roughly off her body and spread her legs he smiled when he saw the tiny wet spot on her cotton panties ah u like being fucked like this dont u bitch and he ran his hand up her thigh and paused at the elastic band on her panties before gently sliding his fingers just under the band and ripping them off her. Now naked and very embarrassed she did her best to keep her legs closed but couldnt he started rubbing her pussy with his hand finding her little clit with his fingers and rubbing it getting her nice and wet then shoving 2 fingers inside her at once making her body shake and her legs get tense.

He began fingering her hard pumping his fingers in and out making her pussy so wet it was almost dripping then as quickly as he started he pulled them out and jumped off the bed leaving her there for a second not sure what to think. it was dark and she couldnt see what he was doing all she knew was that she wanted to cum and she wanted it bad.

finally she felt something his hand on the back of her neck fingers in her hair it was the same hand that was in her she could smell her juice on him and something was put up to her lips she kept her mouth closed tight she wasnt sure what to do open bitch he said and just as she was opening her mouth he shoved his dick in not giving her a second to get used to it and she gagged on it right away he held it there for a second then let her up for air before shoving his cock in as far as it could go again and again fucking her face roughly drool and precum dripping out of her mouth and tears running from her eyes she choked as he came in her mouth swallow it all if u dont wanna get smacked he said and she swallowed as much as she could and sucked the rest out of his cock oh ur a good little slut arent u he said and eased his grip on her hair she just lay there trying to figure out why she liked that so much and asked to be untied no sorry he said ur not done yet.

he got back on the bed and got between her legs she could see his dick in the moonlight she knew it was big but there was no way all of it was in her mouth he had to have been at least 10 in and very very thick.


He was getting hard again and she was wondering what he was going to do next he pulled something from his coat where it lay next to the bed she couldnt quite see what it was she heard it before she felt it.

A low buzz and then vibrations on her clit ohhh it felt so good! she began to cum almost instantly and he slid it in and began to fuck her with it her hips rising to meet hip when he pushed it in she just wanted more she wanted it harder and faster but he wouldnt let her have it that way. once again as she was ready to explode he pulled out only this time instead of making her wait he climbed on top she was scared of his big cock going in her splitting her pussy apart but there was nothing she could do but sit there and hope it fit.

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she felt the big head pressing on her pussy lips and then making it past them to her little hole stretching it more to accomodate his cock it was so tight he was hurting her already after just the head was in then slowly he pushed in the rest she was starting to really like it and wanted it more and more her pussy so wet she could feel juices seeping out from around his cock and down her ass crack fineally he was totally in her she felt his balls hit her ass she wanted to cum more than anything she wanted him to fuck her and oh he did he began pumping his big hard cock in and out of her stretching her pussy and making her moan so loud she was almost screaming fineally she came it was the best release she ever had her juice literally squirting out of her pussy as he pulled out of her leaving her soaked.

she was ready for bed but he still wasnt done with her she didnt realize what he was doing he untied her and turned her over quickly tying her up again putting a pillow under her lower abdomen so her ass and pussy were sticking up to him he didnt say a word just got behind her and she felt his warm hand spreading her cheeks and a horrible thought washed over her. hes serously doent think he can fit that in my ass does he?

She felt his finger with something cold on her asshole oh god its lube hes gonna try it please not my ass she begged its gonna hurt me ur too big!

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she was crying now she knew waht was coming but he didnt make any moves to stop she felt it then his big cock on her asshole she held her breath as he pushed harder trying to get in just the head alone felt like it was going to tear her little virgin asshole apart it felt like forever but he finelly got it all in and sat there for a second just pull it out please she cried and he said oh u cant handle it maybe i should be nice and pull out he pulled out almost all the way and she thought he was done then he rammed it back in he got a good rythm going and then stopped mid stroke she heard the vibrator on and felt him slide it in her pussy ohh that felt soo good between the pain of having her ass brutally fucked and the vibe in her pussy she was forced into another mind blowing orgasm she felt juices squirting from her pussy like never before and at almost the same time he came too she felt him shooting his hot load in her ass and he finally pulled out of her.

he stood up and wiped himself off and got dressed he untied her sore wrists and kissed her mouth and left her laying on the bed covered in cum and sweat as she fell asleep again