Gorgeous Maid Ally Breelsen begs for a DP Fuck

Gorgeous Maid Ally Breelsen begs for a DP Fuck
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NOTE: THIS STORY CONTAINS INCEST AND UNDERAGED SEX. If you are not interested, please don't read it! This is a work of fiction and fantasy; I in no way condone actual incest. -------------------------------------- I woke up to the sound of people yelling. Seeing as my family lives out in the middle of nowhere. and our closest neighbor lives a good half a mile away. it could only be my family. This was becoming a common thing in our house. My mom would get mad at my dad for some reason .

always at night time . and then the whole house would be in an uproar for hours at a time. I usually just hide in my room. My name is Kaitlin. I am sixteen, 5 foot 4 with long brown hair and 34C breasts. My family has two kids, me and my older brother Jonathan. Jon just finished his freshman year of college and he's home for the summer. Jon is hot. He plays rugby at college and he's tall with dark hair.

Ever since he came home for the summer all he talks about is how he misses school and misses be around other people. I think he really misses the girls. I went to visit him at school once and he kicked me out the room for hours at a time whenever a girl would come over to visit!

Somedays I would sit at the library for the whole day while he got to have fun!!

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I, on the other hand, don't get to get to do anything fun. Me. well, mom decided to home-school me when I entered 6th grade and started growing breasts! I fucking hate it. I feel sorry for my dad too. Dad's a carpenter.

He looks just like my brother. only older. and he's always tan from working outside. I think my dad is hot but apparently my mom doesn't like him anymore. They argue every-night now that Jon is home and my dad always ends up sleeping in the living room. My mom is a bitch. If someone loved me like Dad loved her I wouldn't make him sleep in the living room!!

I listened for a while until the yelling stopped. I heard the door to my brother's room open and close. My brother and my dad started talking softly across the hall. I couldn't hear what they were saying but at least the yelling had stopped so I curled up and went back to sleep. I woke up later when my arms were pulled over my head. The light glowed softly in the corner of the room. "what? what's going on? Daddy?" I asked sleepily. Daddy was kneeling on my bed next to me holding my arms over my head.

I felt pressure on my legs as my brother crawled on the bed and settled over them, pinning me to the bed and resting his head on my belly. I turned my head when I heard a noise in the corner. My mom was naked and bent over a stool backwards with her arms and legs tied together underneath. She stared at my furiously and screamed "BITCH! You fucking whore!!" Daddy let go of my hands and got out of the bed. He went over and shoved something into my mother's mouth. She kept glaring at me but now she couldn't talk.

He then walked back over to the bed and resumed his position holding my hands back. I stared at mom, confused, until daddy made me look up at him again.

"Shhh, Kat, don't look at her sweet heart. Just listen to me." "Daddy" I asked, "what's going on?" I looked nervously between him and my brother. "Well baby," said dad, "you know how your brother likes to spend time with girls at school?" asked dad. "Yes," I said. thinking about those long waits in the library.

"Well," Jon said, "I'm getting pretty horny being home and I'm tired of my hand!" "What??" I asked, confused. What did his hand have to do with it?

My dad started laughing softly. "Oh my little innocent," he said. Don't worry, you'll learn about this really soon. "Baby," dad sad, "we need you honey. Mommy won't let me in her room because I wanted her to help your brother out. Will you help us?" I didn't understand what he was talking about but I nodded anyway. Yes, of course I would help my dad and Jon with whatever they needed.

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I knew that my mom was being mean to them. I wasn't going to be like my mother! "Oh baby" dad groaned, "you are so perfect." He looked down at me. My tank top had come up in my sleep so that it sat just below my breasts. With my arms pinned over my head my breasts jutted out, my nipples still soft from sleeping. Jon rubbed his chin into my crotch just above where my thong sat. I stared at him. what was he doing? "Shhh," he said, "I need you Kat.

I need to have you Kat." I nodded wordlessly as he lowered his head and started tonguing my belly button. Slow heat spread down into my pussy as I watched his dark hair twist around my navel. Daddy pulled my face up to look at him. He twined his fingers through mine above my head. "you are ours now," he said, "all ours." Still confused I said, "Daddy, I was always yours!" He smiled gently and lowered his head to my ear.

I felt his tongue come out and caress the skin right below my ear. Shivers rushed down my arm and I heard someone moaning softly. It was me! I looked down and saw my nipples tenting my tank top. Daddy saw it too. "Yes baby, look at your pretty nipples." "what? Daddy, what are you doing?" Jon laughed from my belly, "You don't get to ask what and you don't get to say stop," he said, "just let us love on you." With that he lowered his head and started tonguing his way down, avoiding my panties and what lay beneath them until his head rested on my thighs.

Gently he traced my skin with his tongue and blew on the tender flesh of my inner thigh. "oohhh" I said, as the warm feeling in my pussy increased. Daddy laughed next to my ear and whispered "do you like that Kat?

Do you like your brother's head between your thighs?" as he suckled on my ear lobe. I nodded wordlessly as more shivers raced across my skin and my nipples got larger. Dad moved so that one hand held the two of mine over my head. He lowered his other hand down to my shirt and lightly traced my breasts through my tank top. "So pretty" he murmured in my ear. Around and around my breast his fingers traced, always avoiding the nipple.

Heat circled inside me and I felt something deep in my belly quiver and tighten. "Please," I begged. I didn't know what I needed but I needed something! "Please what?" daddy asked wickedly. "Please, I need you, touch me!" I begged as I watched his hand circle closer to the nipple. Lightly he traced his thumb over the crest of one breast. My back arched into his hand, filling his palm with flesh. He let go of my arms and moved down my body so that his head sat right on my breast.

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Brother and I watched him intently. I begged him silently to touch me, caught up in all of these teasing sensations. I blew over my nipple and I watched it plump against my shirt. Giving the same treatment to my other nipple I stared as they stood out on my chest. From my thighs brother groaned, "I love your breasts Kat, let me touch them!" Without waiting for permission his arm come up and captured my left breast.

He teased it with his fingers and rolled it beneath his thumb. I mewed as these fingers that seemed to tear me to a million pieces inside.

"please, please, please" I gasped through parted lips. Daddy started down at the breast quivering underneath his hand and then lowered his head. His tongue came out and caressed the nipple through my tank top. I arched my back into his hand. He lowered his head and suckled. My head fell backwards and I arched sharply. "Oh god" I groaned. "Yes!" My hands came down to hold him to my breast. Brother continued to play with my other breasts.

Heat spiraled through my belly and I began to move my hips in time with Daddy's sucking. "Oh god, oh god, oh god. Daddy!" I groaned as he increased his tongue on my breast, sticking more of it in his mouth and then coming out to lollipop the nipple with a gentle swirl of his tongue.

He looked up at me, my nipple between his lips. "Sweet" he growled, "my little baby has sweet nipples. I love your candy" I stared at him helplessly as he continued his torture. Groans and mews poured out of my mouth and I opened my mouth widely as brother moved up to give my other breast the same treatment. "Please" I begged as I felt my pussy tighten.

My legs tightened and I started to shake. "We're not stopping" Jon growled. "touch my skin, touch me, lick my nipples." I panted. Jon reached up and ripped my tank top in half, revealing my breasts to them. My breasts were dark and wet from their tongues, my nipples strained upward as I arched my back, seeking the heat of their mouths again. They groaned and simultaneously lowered their heads back to me. Tongue after tongue swept out and tangled with my nipples.

I shook and panted, my head fell back, and I started begging, "please, please, please, please. oh god! I need." I shook and begged. My brother bent his knee so that is sat right in my pussy as he bent over me. I felt his knee bump against my clit. "Oh god" I screamed, my body shaking and spasming in their arms. My head fell backwards and I screamed, Ohhhhhh gooooddd doooonnnn't stoooopppp. Pllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssseeee!!! Daddy stared at me in amazement.

Brother ground his knee into my pussy and I went over. Shaking and bucking beneath their hands. I heard a roaring in my ears as I spasmed. I stared at them as I came down. "Oh baby you come so easily!" my daddy laughed.

I blushed and ducked my head. Brother pulled my face up. He grinned at me and whispered against my lips. "I'm going to make you come all night. I'm going to bury my cock deep inside your sweet little pussy and watch you buck and hump underneath me until you are full of my cum.

And then, I'm going to make you come some more." He licked my lips as he spoke. I groaned. Teasing the side of my mouth, he traced my lips with his tongue. His head lowered and he captured my lips. His tongue swept inside my mouth, sampling everything. I helplessly kissed him back. God, I was kissing my brother. And my daddy was rubbing my breasts. And, I didn't want them to ever stop!


Jon moved his head from me with a growl and forced my head to turn at look at mom in the corner. She stared at me helplessly as I continued to move and groan underneath my Daddy and my brother's hands. Anger streaked through me and I yelled angrily at her, "you fucking bitch, look how badly they need this! I can give this to them. I'm going to let daddy fuck me, and Jon fuck me, and I'm going to do more than you ever did!" My dad and my brother laughed as I taunted my mother. She glared at me furiously.

Then dad and Jon jumped off of the bed. They quickly took off their pajama bottoms, the only clothes they were wearing. I gulped when I saw their huge cocks standing up against their bellies. Daddy looked at me and said, "like father like son!" as he stroked his hand down his big 10inch cock. Jon's cock was just as big.

They walked over to my mom and leaned over her stomach, rubbing themselves against her exposed breasts. She closed her eyes as they continued to grind their cocks into her breasts. "Don't you wish you were Kat now?" my brother taunted as her nipples tightened and her eyes opened helplessly.

Daddy growled and reached down to twist her nipples hard. She moaned through her gag. I stared at them as they continued wacking themselves against her breasts. Jealousy spiraled through me and with a growl I jumped off of the bed and ripped my ragged Tank top and underwear off. Jon and Dad straightened as they saw me coming towards them. My taunt little body hot and jealous and my eyes flashing angrily.

I glared down at my mother and whispered viciously, "They're mine!" With that, I climbed on top of my mom so that her breasts caressed my butt and my pussy rode her belly. I reached out and grabbed my dad and my brother's cocks, still so foreign to me, and pulled them to me. Repeating the words that my father had said to me earlier, I said, "You are mine now, all mine!" With that I leaned down and placed a sweet kiss on the end of each of their cocks. Their cocks jumped in my hands at the feel of my lips.

I growled at my mother as she squirmed underneath me and said. "you don't need her anymore. you need me. Fuck me!" With that my brother dropped to his knees between my legs. He blew into my open pussy and leaned in to swipe me with his tongue. I was so wet from coming earlier. He looked up at me, his mouth covered in my sweet, thick cum. He continued to lick and tease me.

I bucked beneath his mouth, riding my mother's belly with my ass and Jon suckled on my clit and then moved down to stick his tongue deep inside me, tracing my hymen. Daddy moved around to stand over my head. He laid me back so that I was draped over mom's body, my head resting between her breasts and my legs draped over her open legs, giving access to Jon.

He lowered his cock to my lips and lightly traced them, drops of precum coming out to coat my lips. I licked my lips and smiled at the sweet and salty taste. "Ummmm." I murmured, "Daddy, you're yummy!" He laughed huskily and said, "open your little mouth Kat; I want to see your tongue.

Lick daddy, make daddy feel good. I need this." I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out to swipe over the big purple head of daddy's cock; he groaned and reached down to wind his fingers in my hair. Pulling my head toward him he said, "suck on it. Suck on my cock. Suck it deep inside that pretty mouth of yours. Suck on Daddy. Love daddy's big cock" He ground his cock down into my mouth. I breathed through my nose and I tried to suck as much as it as I could. I started bucking underneath his hands as I fought for breath.

He pulled back out and smiled down at me. "I need to be inside that pretty little mouth baby, Swallow me down into that pretty little mouth." I nodded and opened my mouth as wide as I could, determined to let dad stick his big cock as far down my throat at he wanted. "Take a deep breath" he warned and then rammed his whole cock deep inside my throat.

Brother came up from lightly teasing my clit and started laughing. "Fuck her mouth dad, fuck deep inside that pretty little mouth. Fuck him Kat, Suck on that pretty purple cock of Daddy's." Encouraged on, I started swallowing frantically at the huge cock stuck down my throat. Daddy groaned and humped against my face until his testicles slapped against my face.

I ignored the urge to gag, and dizzy, continue to move my tongue and swallow my daddy's cock. Finally he pulled out. I gasped for air for a moment before he rammed it back into my mouth. Holding my head, Daddy fucked my head. Jon put his head back down between my thighs. He licked my pussy and sucked on my clit. His hand came up and he stuck his finger into my pussy, teasing my hymen. Then he switched, so that he played furiously with my clit and tongued my pussy. I bucked underneath his mouth, letting daddy fuck my mouth while Jon fucked me with his tongue.

I felt mom tense underneath me and I humped on top of her, too caught up in what my dad and brother were doing to care. The three of us groaned and strained. I felt Daddy's balls tighten up against my face and he furiously humped my mouth, groaning and panting. He looked down at me and said, "Goooooddd baby. I fucking love you. That's right, let Daddy fuck your sweet little mouth. Fucckk. fuck. fuck. so sweet. Swallow baby. good, swallow that big cock.

This big cock made you. Swallow it deep. Can you feel that, can you feel daddy's big cock filling your mouth? Can you feel Jon playing with your pussy?

Do you like that?

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Do you like your brother's mouth on your pussy? Is Jon fucking you with his mouth? Ride his mouth baby. Fuck his mouth good. Squirt some sweet cream in his mouth baby." Daddy groaned and started fucking my face even harder, his hands tearing at my hair.

I didn't care as I humped against Jon's mouth, I was gonna come again. Daddy looked down at me, he saw my nipples tightening up and grinned, "are you gonna come again?

my little baby slut. Do you like your dad's cock in your mouth? Do you want me to fuck your sweet little pussy just like I'm fucking your mouth? You want me to cum inside your pussy you little cunt? Fill you up with my cum and make a baby inside you? You want to carry my baby? Want to give your brother another little girl to fuck?" I groaned and started to shake, wildly humping my brother's mouth I came again.

Daddy screamed down, "I'm coming, my little baby slut, swallow Daddy's cum. swallow all of daddy's cum." He came, shooting thick ropes of cum down my throat. I swallowed frantically, shaking and spasming from my own orgasm. Daddy's cum tasted so good, I greedily swallowed as Dad groaned above me.

Finally he pulled out from my mouth. He smiled and bent down to my mouth, licking my lips; he kissed me and tasted his sweet cum in my mouth." I continued to shake from the orgasm that had just torn through me.

"You like my cum don't you, you little slut" he said. I smiled up at him dreamily and said, "oh daddy, your little slut loves your cum. Please, I want more cum" and I licked my lips thinking about that sweet treat. He laughed and reached down to rub my nipples.

I spasmed again as another orgasm ripped through me. "Fuck, I'm coming again!" I screamed as I orgasmed, still draped across my mother's body.

Daddy smiled down proudly at his new little slut. Brother stood up from between my legs, his mouth coated in my cum. "Kat," he said, "you taste so good. I love eating your pussy" he said and looked down at me, flushed from my recent orgasms and my mouth swollen from the hard fucking that Daddy had given it. I grinned at said, "only if you'll let me eat your cum." he laughed reached down to flick my nipple, smiling appreciatively at the gasp that came out of my mouth.

My nipples are so fucking sensitive!


I looked down and saw that Jon was still hard. I frowned and said, "Jon I'm sorry, here I've orgasmed three times and daddy has come in my mouth and you haven't gotten anything!" He laughed and pulled me up off my my mother's prone body.

We ignored her. Jon picked me up and carried me out of the room and down to Daddy's bed room. Daddy's big king sized bed sat in the middle of them room.

Jon threw me down on the bed and crawled over me. Daddy stood beside the bed, fondling his semi-hard cock. Jon's hard cock bumped against my thigh and he crawled over me. I looked up at him and asked, "are you going to fuck me now?" He smiled sweetly down at me and said, "yes baby, you need to be fucked.

I'm going to fuck you now. I'm going to fuck you anytime I feel like fucking you. Your sweet little pussy needs to be stretched out by my cock. I need to put my cock deep inside your pussy and you're going to be so good!" he said. "now be a good girl," daddy said, as he continued to stroke his hardening cock. "Let your brother fuck you." "But, daddy," I asked, "what if I get pregnant?" Dad and Jon laughed and Daddy started pumping his cock even harder.

Jon rubbed his cock over my clit and I arched up against him. Helplessly I ground my cunt against Jon's hard shaft. My hand came up to rub my nipple. I panted as my brother continued to hump against my clit.

Daddy leaned down and whispered into my ear, "We're going to fuck you baby. We're going to fuck you until you are full of little babies. And then we're going to fuck you some more. Would you like that my little slut? Would you like to give your dad and your brother babies?" I nodded helplessly as I felt Dad's finger come down to rub against my clit in time with my brother's humping.

My eyes rolled back and I started screaming. My hands rubbed furiously against my nipples as I thrust my hips up against my brother's. "PLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEASSSSEEE. OOOOOHHHH GOOOODDDD. PLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE." I cried. Jon hissed down at me. "Tell me you want it. Tell me you want my cock deep inside your little pussy." "Please" I panted, thrusting madly against his hard cock and my daddy's clever finger.

"Please what?" Daddy asked, stroking his cock with his other hand. I pulled his cock down to my chest and started rubbing it madly against my nipples. He groaned. "Please, I want it Jon". I begged. Jon continued to hump against my clit and I writhed beneath him.

"What do you want?" he asked. "Your cock" I panted. "Where do you want your brother's cock" my Dad asked as he rubbed his cock over my hard nipples. I arched and thrust madly against their cocks. "I want your cock in my pussy Jon, and then I want Daddy's cock in my pussy.

I want you to come in my pussy.

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Fill me up with your cum. Make me your little slut. Fill me up with your babies! FUCK ME!!!" I screamed. Daddy laughed down at Jon and me and said to me, "Correction, you already are our little slut!" I groaned as I felt Jon move his cock away from my clit, Dad continued to rub my clit furiously and hump my nipples. "Please. Jon!!!!" screamed. With a quick move he lined his cock up with my pussy and rammed into me. I screamed. OH GOD IT HURTS. OH FUCK ME, IT HURTS! Jon lay still deep inside me; he had taken my virginity and rammed his big 10 inch cock inside me with one thrust!!

I looked down and could see the outline of his cock in my stomach, filling me up, it was so big!! Daddy bent over and licked my nipples, murmuring encouragingly to me, it's okay baby, it's okay. After a long moment, he nodded down at Jon. Jon ground his hips watching my face. The feelings of pain began to go away as I felt his big cock caressing my vagina.

The head of his cock humped against my cervix. Oh God I groaned, at the fresh onslaught of pleasure, FUCK ME!!! He pulled back and thrust back into me.

I raised my hips to meet his thrust. Wildly we fucked, thrust against each other and his big cock stretched me. I felt the head of his cock bob against my cervix and I screamed as I orgasmed. He shouted down at me, "fuck yes! come baby; let me feel you come against my cock.

Fuck me you little cum slut. Fuck your brother!" Daddy smiled down proudly at his two fucking children. Jon was straining between my legs as he rammed his giant cock in and out of my little virgin pussy.

I was screaming, and panting, and arching. God I love to fuck!! I orgasmed again when Jon pulled my legs up into the air. "Oh, so deep, fill me up, fill me up Jon.

Fuck your little sister. Give me your babies. Fuck me, FUCK ME, FUUUUUUUUCCCKKK MEEE!!!! I"MMMM COOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNNNGGGG. YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS. FUUUUCCCKKKK MMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK MYYYYY LITTTLLLEE PUUUSSSYYY!!!!" I screamed as Jon rammed deep into my cunt, popping the head of his penis through my cervix.

Bucking over me, he threw his head back and screamed, "FUCK. I'M COMING. I'M FUCKING YOU SIS! I'M COMMMINNG INN YOUR TIGHT LITTLE CUNT.


FUCCCKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He bucked and rammed deep inside as his cock spewed thick cum right into my uterus. I orgasmed again at the feel of his cum filling up my womb. We panted and ground against each other in our orgasms.

Limply, Jon rolled off of me. I lay on the bed panting. Daddy looking down between my legs and started laughing. "Jon" he said, "did you come past her cervix?" he asked. Jon nodded weakly with a wide smile on his face. Dad laughed harder.

"Well son, she really is trying to give you a baby! Her cervix closed and is holding all of your cum deep inside of her! She isn't leaking any of it!!!" Jon started laughing and I smiled proudly.

He leaned over and tongued my breasts. I spasmed again. They took turns rubbing and licking me for a while, watching me spasm from little orgasms at the feel of their hands and mouths on my sensitive nipples. Exhausted from our fucking, Jon lay down and put his head between my breasts. Every so often he would stick it tongue out and lightly suck my nipple into his mouth. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his mouth and exhausted from coming so many times.

I felt hands on my knees, pulling them apart. I groaned in exhaustion and opened my eyes. Daddy was kneeling between my legs, staring lustfully at my wet pussy. "Baby" he said, rubbing his hard pulsing cock over my sensitive and throbbing flesh, "I need to fuck you." Although I was exhausted from orgasming so many times I nodded.

I knew that Daddy needed this. He pulled my legs apart and rubbing his palm over my cunt. Fingers wet from all of my cum, he reached up and rubbed my nipples. "suck her nipples" he told my brother. My brother sucked on my nipples and my daddy continued to scoop up my cream, reaching up to coat my chest and belly with my own cum. Getting a big finger full, he nodded at my brother before reaching up to stick his finger in my mouth.

I automatically opened and stuck my tongue out to suck my cum off of his finger. When he took his finger out my brother was there, rubbing his semi hard cock against my lips. "Want some cum" he asked. I grinned and opened my lips eagerly. He laughed and slipped his cock in my mouth.

He was so much more gentle than dad! Dad pinched my clit, causing me to jump and look down at him. He growled, "I'm going to fuck you little girl. Tell me what you want!" Knowing this game now, I said around brother's cock, "I want your cock deep inside my pussy.

Fuck your baby girl daddy. Fuck me up with all of your sweet cum just like brother. Give me a belly full of cum and make your baby inside me!" Daddy smiled at my words and whispered, you love your daddy's cock don't you baby girl. You want your daddy to play with your pussy. My little slut. You want your daddy to make you feel good. Let daddy fill you up with cock." With that, he pushed into my sore pussy.

I moaned with pleasure and pain. OH DADDY, IT HURTS SO GOOD! I cried and he pulled my tender flesh apart to push more of himself inside me. Jon took his cock from my mouth and moved to sit behind me, holding my head on his lap.

He lifted me head up so that I could watch as Daddy's cock slowly disappeared inside my vagina. I groaned at the sweet feeling. Daddy reached down and arched my hips up against his. I cried out as I felt his cock rub against new places.

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spreading his legs up so that they came up along my side, he lifted my lower body to sit over his cock with my legs draped over his. Ramming his cock up inside me he ground his hips against mine. I lay like putty in his hands, watching helplessly as my hips rose to meet his. Jon reached down my body to scoop more cream from my pussy, lightly brushing my clit in passing. I spasmed as he reached up and rubbed it into my nipples. He rubbed my nipples as we watched my daddy fuck me. Daddy is so strong.

He reached around under my butt and lifted my hips, forcing me to ride him. I tried to lift my own hips, Daddy held me in place, making me fuck him at his own pace. He pulled out so that only his head sat in my vagina. I begged him to fuck me deep. He laughed and shook his head, Moving his hips in short little strokes he rubbed against the head of my vagina I rolled senselessly in my brother's arms, begging.

". Please, uh uh uh. please, please, oh god, please. uh uh uh oooohhhhhh Daddy, uh uh uh uh fuck me, please fuck me. oh please. uh uh uh uh uh." I begged, gasping and panting as Daddy teased me with his big thick cock. My hips shook and thrust and ground against his, begging him to shove his cock deep inside of me. Brother continued to roll my nipples between his fingers. Laughing into me ear and egging me on. I was past all thought now. I needed to be fucked. Finally I screamed, DADDY!

FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME! I NEED YOUR COCK NOW!" With that Daddy pulled out, flipped me over to my knees, and rammed his giant cock deep inside me. I arched viciously and ground. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!! He laughed and rammed me. I felt his balls slapping up against me and heard him grunting over my ear. "What a little cum slut you are baby!" He moved his hands from my hips to briefly grasp my head and force it down onto my brother's cock; Jon was still sitting beneath me.

I opened my mouth eagerly as these two cocks fucked me. Dad rammed me deep and twisted his hips. I orgasmed, my cum running down my legs, spasms and groaning as I tried to suck even more of Jon's cock into my mouth. Jon grabbed my hair and pulled my face down to thrust into my mouth. Daddy reached around and plucked at my nipples, I pushed back into him, feeling his cock fill me up and rub against my cervix, I orgasmed again.

Daddy laughed and Jon and Daddy fucked me hard.


I felt Daddy arch my hips, rubbing his hands from my nipples to my clit and back again in a furious dance. I was lost in sensation, humping wildly as they fucked my mouth and cunt. Daddy started talking dirty to Jon over my head. "Look at our little slut, put that big cock in her mouth son. Make her squeal. Watch me fuck this little cunt. Does it get you hot, fucking your sister? Fuck your little sister. Watch her little body shake. Look at her pussy stretch.

Oh, I can feel your cum in her uterus.

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Her little pussy is gonna be full of our cum. I love your cum on my cock son. Did you taste her sweet pussy? That sweet little pussy that I gave her. Let's make babies in your little sister. Do you want your sister to carry your babies? Then you can fuck them to! Look at her hump my dick. Look at this little ass. You want to fuck this ass?

Baby, you want your brother to fuck your ass? While I fuck your cunt? Do you want to feel our cocks rubbing against each other inside you? Would you like that?

You want your daddy and your brother to rub their cocks together and make you come?" I groaned at the image and arched back against my daddy. He rammed into me and I screamed around Jon's cock. Dad shouted, I'M COMMINGG YOU LITTLE BITCH! I"M GOING TO FILL YOU UP WITH SPERM!!!!! FUCK!

MOVE THAT ASS! YES! YES! YES! YES! UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He groaned as buried himself deep. I arched up as he felt his dick through my cervix, splattering the walls of my uterus with his sweet baby cum. I orgasmed with my daddy pumping his baby juice into me. Jon smiled at Dad over me and grasped my face in his hands. He yelled down at me, OPEN THIS MOUTH!

SWALLOW ALL MY CUM YOU LITTLE WHORE! YOU LITTLE INCEST WHORE! LET YOUR BROTHER AND YOUR DADDY FUCK YOU! SWALLOW IT!" I swallowed greedily as Jon spurted in my mouth. Jon came so much more that Daddy had! Cum dribbled down from the corners of my mouth as I tried frantically to swallow it.

Jon continued to hump my face. I shook and spasmed around his cock. Cum dribbled down over my breasts. Finally, Jon removed his now soft cock from my mouth and Daddy took his cock from my pussy. They rolled me onto my side and spooned around me. I was covered in cum, both mine and theirs. I smiled happily as they wrapped their arms around me. They smiled and I yawned, exhausted.

Seeing my yawn Daddy said quietly to Jon, I think she needs some sleep before we fuck her again. I opened my eyes tiredly at the thought of fucking again! God I love to fuck but I'm so tired I can't even move! Jon laughed and said, why don't we put her to sleep. I liked the idea of sleep!! With that, Jon reached down and began to rub my clit while he kissed me mouth deeply. Daddy reached around and played with my cum covered nipples, his other hand went down to finger my pussy.

I groaned and moaned beneath their hands, my body shivered and sparked, I was so tired but this felt so good. My hips moved in tiny thrusts. Faster and faster they moved, I panted and shook.

Daddy leaned close to one ear and Jon leaned close to the other. They tongued my ear lobes and, in unison, whispered into my ear, Kat, come for us. I fell apart in their hands, orgasming repeatedly until I passed into oblivion.

Dad and Jon pulled me closely in between them, now to oblivious to move any part of my body. they placed their cocks together in between my legs, one coming from behind and one from the front. In my semi-sleep I tightened my legs around their cocks, keeping them safe, and we all went to sleep.

-------------------------------- This is my first story. Tell me what you think! Do you want to hear more about Kat, Daddy, and Jon?