Hottest studs Bj in campy settings

Hottest studs Bj in campy settings
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All of this started when he was fourteen years old, and being an idiot broke his arm while doing stupid shit with his friends. He jumped off of my trampoline, and attempted to roll, only to freak out half way through and snap his arm.

He screamed and screamed, tears streaming down my face. His friends were too shocked to know what to do, but luckily his mom heard. "Oh my god, what happened!?" She screamed as she ran over to him, kneeling down and pulling him closer to her, he screamed when her hand hit his arm, and she caught on immediately, and slowly helped him up with my good arm. She rushed him to her car, and drove me to the hospital. They went through the regular, screws and plates in his arm, which sucked.

But the worst part was the cast.shoulder down to right, and even worse his right arm. I CAN'T use my left arm, it just doesn't work. So everything was going to be horrible. Especially since this cast won't come off for months.

The first thing that ran through his head when he broke my arm was school, how was he going to write, or anything?

My handwriting was usally bad, but my left hand was just scribbles. His mom promised him that I was going to be fine. When we got home, I went into the bathroom, and attempted to strip my clothes off. Every time I tried to move his right arm, he winced. "Mom."He called, sighing to myself, he waited for an answer, but didn't get one.


He opened the door, and called out again. "Mom?" "Yes, hun?" he heard, and my body froze some.

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I wasn't worried about my mom seeing me naked, just the embarrassment of needing her help to do this. "I need your help.I want to take a shower but I can't get my clothes off." he am not badly built, maybe a little lanky, but it'll grow in.

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He had a flat stomach, no abs, but not much fat. He wasn't too hairy, but I did have a "treasure" trail, and pubes.


"I'll come help you, hun" He heard her call back, before walking up the stairs. Then he froze, he had imagined my mother doing 'sexual' things before, but not much. Now just thinking about her, his cock twitched slightly. It was too late now, she just walked in.

"Alright, let's get these clothes off" First she helped him with his shirt, stripping it up and over his head, as carefully as she could, and tossing it to the floor. Then she did something that made his dick twitch even more, she fully dropped down onto her knees, and unbuttoned his pants.

She tugged them down, along with his boxers, and his semi-hard cock bounced free, almost hitting her nose. His cock was a decent size for his age, roughly seven inches. hair starting to grow around it. His eyes widened some as he saw his mother blush, a small inaudible "wow" leaving her lips. She stared at his cock for what seemed like ages, her tongue slowly running over her lips, which he thought she didn't notice herself doing.

"Mom.?" He said almost inaudibly, which caused her to shake her head, and quickly stand up. "Sorry, hun, anything else you need" his mother said sweetly, straining to keep her eyes on his face. "No that's all.for now." She smiled and walked out of the bathroom, taking glances at his cock from the corner of her eyes. He got in the shower, turning the water on, and sighing some. He started washing himself, wincing every so often at his right arm moving, every so often mumbling a cuss word.

Once he cussed, there was a knock on the door, and a voice " need help" it belonged to his mother. Apparantly he didn't answer quickly enough, because she was in the room, with the curtain open, and lathering soap over his stomach.

"I'm okay mom." He murmured, slightly embarrassed again. She shook her head, and smiled at him "Baby nervous about his mother seeing him naked?" she said in a baby voice, but continued cleaning anyways. It wasn't that, it was that he was now completely hard, and because she was on the toilet seat, her face was almost even with his cock, and her eyes were glued on it.

After washing his legs, stomach, arm, her hand slowly curled around his cock.

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"Mom!" He yelped, almost slipping back and falling, but catching himself. "What, what?" She said slightly shocked at his outburst. "what're you doing?" he asked, still startled.

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"I'm cleaning my boy, i've done it before, and I can do it now. Unless you can handle it?" she said "I can handle it!" he said in a raised voice.

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"Alright, then I will leave." She stood up, and walked out, walking straight to her bedroom. As soon as she was gone, he locked the door, his hand wrapped around his cock and began jacking himself. It didn't take long at all, his hand rubbing over his eight inch cock for only two minutes before jets of cum began to shoot from his tip, into the shower. He groaned, and dried himself off, before walking to his bedroom, naked.

He managed to dress himself in lower clothing, but didn't bother with his shirt, before laying in bed. That night, he swore he heard his mom moaning in the next room, but it was probably his imagination.

Part one is sorta slow, part two will get going.

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