Fuck Dolls Are Created For Hard Sex Games SquirtingVirgin

Fuck Dolls Are Created For Hard Sex Games SquirtingVirgin
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- "Fuck me!" Nicole couldn't believe it; she had slipped on the icy path leading up to her house, her ankle had twisted painfully, and then she had heard (and felt!) the crack of her wrist as it hit the pavement.

She was overwhelmed by dueling pain sources. "Mom! MOM!" she cried out desperately. Finally her stepmother and stepbrother Cam came out and helped her inside. --- 4 to 6 weeks, the doctor said; that was how long she'd have to remain bedridden unless her family practically carried her wherever she needed to go, and given that she was a big girl that wasn't going to happen often. Well, she thought of herself as a big girl, anyway.

At sixteen she already had large boobs and wide hips. Though she was not fat, it was hard to tell due to her very womanly parts, and the fact that she was not tall. She took painkillers and sleeping pills, but still had a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night. --- Nicole's days sucked as well. Her stepmother worked, her stepfather had passed away three months previous, and her stepbrother Cam went to school.

He brought her homework to her but while her family was away she was bored out of her tree, just lying in bed. She managed to hop to the bathroom to relieve herself, but even that exhausted her.

Worse, because the wrist of her good hand was fractured, she couldn't even masturbate properly. At sixteen she enjoyed playing with her kitty, and it was a good outlet for frustration.

Now she was frustrated more than at any other time in her life and because she wasn't good with her left hand, coupled with the constant pain in her other wrist and ankle, she couldn't reach orgasm!

It all sucked! --- A few nights into her recovery, Nicole, dozing, heard her bedroom door creak open and she opened her eyes.

It was pitch black. "Hello?" she called out. No answer. Something bumped into her bed. What--? Now as her eyes adjusted to the gloom she could make out the form of a person there, about the right size for. "Cam?" Her stepbrother turned as she said his name but he didn't answer. Oh, right, Nicole thought, he's sleepwalking again. He had started doing that a few weeks ago, wandering the house at night.

When he had made enough noise to wake someone they steered him back to bed. Trying to wake him that first time had been extremely bad, as he had collapsed to the floor, screaming. The doctor had examined the fifteen-year-old and determined that the young man had a heart murmur, so the act of waking him while sleepwalking could be enough to kill him!

But Nicole couldn't help Cam back to his bed; she was barely mobile herself. "Cam, go to bed," she said to him. Obediently, he pulled her covers up and started to climb into bed with her! "No! Don't." Nicole stopped, catching herself. She had to make sure that she didn't wake him up! "Urm, fine." she said grudgingly as he sidled his warm body next to hers. Back when they had been adopted 9 years previous they had slipped into each other's beds for comfort, as they had trouble sleeping in their new home.

They had become good friends and were young enough that it wasn't weird. Now they were teenagers and it was definitely weird, but Nicole had to admit that Cam being there with her had a calming effect. She put her uninjured hand on his bare chest, feeling his breathing slowing as he fell back into non-sleepwalking sleep. Bare.was he completely naked? she wondered.

She moved her hand down to his waist. Sure enough, no underwear! She recoiled as if from a snake.heh, a trouser snake, she thought.

She was wearing an oversized t-shirt and panties so it wasn't like they were sleeping naked together. She put her hand back on his chest and closed her eyes, slowing her own breathing. With the combination of the sleeping pills the doctor had prescribed and Cam's comforting presence, she was soon asleep.

--- She woke up in the morning alone, feeling well rested. She was actually feeling pretty good, other than her wrist and ankle. She had relaxed enough the previous night that she had gotten some restful sleep.

--- Cam didn't appear the next night. Just as well, she thought, because it had been weird having a teenage boy in her bed, even if it was just her stepbrother. Still, she didn't sleep well that night.

--- On the next night Nicole again heard Cam slip into her room and climb into bed with her. She again put her hand on his warm chest as she snuggled her head into the crook of his arm. This was nice, she thought.

But it had been almost a week since she had hurt herself and in all that time she hadn't been able to reach orgasm. Her thoughts drifted to the naked male body, right there with her.

She rolled to the side, turned on her side table lamp, and then silently cursed herself.she didn't want to wake Cam up! She quickly looked back at him. The first thing she noticed was that he was still asleep. The second thing she noticed was his penis, which had become uncovered when she rolled away. It looked.interesting.

She didn't know if it was a big one or not, never having actually seen one before. It didn't look little, anyway, though it was flaccid. Would he wake up if she touched it? she wondered. Curiosity won out over fear and she poked it lightly on the side. It seemed squishy, not like any other extremity. She giggled.what a silly thing! She looked lower. His testicles were VERY interesting, so she moved her face down in order to get a better look at those. He had hair growing from them and at the base of his penis, much like the hair she grew between her legs, though hers was darker.

Speaking of between her legs, she felt an itch down there, one that needed to be scratched but she had no way to do that. She lightly skimmed her finger up the underside of his dork, from his ballsack to his cock head while keeping an eye on Cam's face to see if it registered.

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He didn't wake, but it definitely had an effect: his penis started to grow! Wow! she thought. How big could it get? She wasn't good with her left hand but she encircled his growing shaft and gave it a light squeeze.

His penis continued to fill up with blood at her touch. She moved her grasp up to the tip and then stroked down to his balls. It had grown quite hard in a short amount of time, but was somehow still squishy.

How could that be? she wondered. Then she realized that she was playing with her sleeping stepbrother's cock! Feeling dirty, she let go, turned off the light, and lay next to him. Soon, she fell asleep with Cam's soothing (if weird) presence beside her. --- She woke to a knock on the door. The sun was out. "Yeah?" Cam poked his head in.

"Hey, want waffles today?" "Yeah!" she replied. As she waited for breakfast in bed she felt something wet between her legs. Moving her fingers down, she felt a dampness soaking the crotch of her panties. Damn, I really need to figure out how to get myself off with this broken wrist, she thought. I'm soaking my undies while I sleep! --- The previous night. Cam, sleeping but slightly aware, felt cold as he unknowingly lay in his stepsister's bed, but he felt warmth just to his right.

He turned on his side to face that warm body and snuggled close. Nicole, also sleeping now, sighed and turned away, allowing Cam to move right up behind her in the classic "spoon" position. With Cam's face now in the crook of his stepsister's neck his nose was filled with her womanly scent, and his fifteen-year-old body responded accordingly. His penis was already half filled with blood from her playing with it earlier, and as it returned to full size it insinuated itself between Nicole's bare thighs, which were not covered by her sleep shirt.

Now that his teenaged cock was surrounded by warm flesh, his hips started to thrust instinctively. In his dream he was fucking the hot blonde in the movie their Mom had rented last week without knowing that there was a sex scene in it. She had been mortified but hadn't turned it off, and Cam had saved the experience into his "spank bank", whacking off to that memory every night since. The sensation of thrusting between his stepsister's thighs was pleasurable but not quite right.

He moved his body upward, his stomach sliding the back of her t-shirt up at the same time, and his dick slipped to a higher point between Nicole's thighs. Soon his cock head wedged itself under her butt cheeks.

"Mm." Nicole sighed, instinct causing her to raise her legs toward her chest a bit and giving Cam the angle he needed. He thrust upward, his cock head bouncing off of her panty-covered pubic mound as the shaft slipped deep between her rounded upper thighs.

The teenage girl gasped in her sleep and angled her hips back in order to assist whatever was feeling so good down there. Cam continued to thrust, and with this new angle got the best combination of friction on his shaft and the feeling of his cock head hitting his stepsister's pudendum through her panties.

Nicole's breathing rate increased, as did Cam's. The sleeping girl hadn't been able to masturbate for several days and was fast approaching her release, but Cam was a hot blooded teenage boy whose cock she had been playing with not long earlier, and so. "Nnnn." Cam grunted, and thrust hard. The tip of his cock pushed the crotch of Nicole's undies between her outer pussy lips.

Semen, filled with young, virile sperm shot from the tip of his cock and inundated that fabric. The protective cotton became saturated beyond its ability to absorb it all, and some of the dangerous liquid powered on through, dripping into the entrance of the sleeping girl's virginal passage. Cam sighed and laid back, his cock springing out from between Nicole's thighs as he did so. She gave a disappointed groan but didn't wake.

Cam, sated, got up and sleepwalked back to his room. --- The next afternoon, Cam was sitting on Nicole's bed as both did their homework.

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She looked over at her younger stepbrother and realized that he was becoming quite handsome. He'd do well with the girls as he got older, she thought. He noticed her looking. "What's up?" "Um.do you.remember anything from when you sleepwalk?" He put on a sour face. "Naw.sometimes I wake up on the couch, or back in bed but my door is open so I realize I went 'walkabout'.


Kinda annoying." He looked into the distance, and then back at her. "Why? Did I do something embarrassing?" She quickly looked back at her homework. "No.just.wondering." --- Nicole spent the next couple nights alone, tossing and turning, but Cam came to her bed again the night after.

Sighing, she lifted her sheets so that he had easy access and he quickly snuggled up against her. This *is* nice, she thought to herself as she fell asleep. --- Later that night, Cam's cock became hard and started to poke Nicole in the leg. She woke up. "What--?" she asked groggily. Then she realized what was poking her and quickly moved away from it.

She threw the covers off of her and turned on the side table lamp again. She again had a moment of worry about the sudden light, but Cam still seemed to be asleep. Also, with the covers off, she was once again looking at her naked stepbrother, but this time his cock was already hard! As she stared at his dick she realized that her nipples had gotten hard and her pussy was wet!

By this point she hadn't masturbated in over a week so she was very sexually frustrated. Keeping an eye on Cam's equipment and away from his face she moved the fingers of her uninjured hand into her panties but even though it felt good to fumble with her womanly parts she just couldn't get off.

But there was a hard cock right there.she couldn't have sex with her stepbrother, but maybe she could do *something*.? Thinking that part of the problem was that she could see Cam's face, she turned the side table lamp off and, careful of her sprained ankle, she pushed Cam onto his back and straddled his hips, facing him. She was being so naughty! She settled the crotch of her panties onto the underside of his cock shaft so that she could feel her pussy lips parting slightly around it through the fabric.

Then she started to move her hips forward and backward, essentially jacking the shaft of his cock with her panty covered pussy. This felt good to her, but she knew it could feel even better. She considered only for a moment before pulling the crotch of her panties aside and settling her bare pussy directly on the shaft of his hard cock.

That felt *really* good, and she gasped as she moved back and forth, her clit getting some good friction as she went. She found that if she slid her pussy from the base of his cock all the way to its tip that it felt best, his flared head causing an extra impact on her clit as it went by.

All this stimulation caused Cam's cock to start oozing precum. With the lights off Nicole couldn't see it, and on her pussy's next pass along the head of his cock that dangerous liquid slipped from the tip of his penis to just inside the entrance of her overheated reproductive system.

Nicole had some trouble keeping her panties pulled to the side as she pleasured herself on her sleeping stepbrother's cock shaft, but after a few minutes of this she was getting really close to cumming, as was her sleeping stepbrother, though she didn't know this. Her movements became frantic, she leaned forward, and on one thrust the tip of Cam's penis angled just right to match the angle of her vagina and on her pullback the tip slipped between her very wet labia. "Oh!" The unexpected, unfamiliar feeling of having a cock head penetrate her pussy was overwhelming and pushed Nicole into orgasm, though she managed to keep from impaling herself further on Cam's dangerous phallus.

As she held herself as still as she could, shaking in pleasure, her stepbrother's cock gave up a little more precum, and this time it coated the first inch of the walls of her vagina.

When she recovered enough she pulled herself off of Cam's cock and flopped onto her back. That had felt incredible, better than when using her hand! She pulled the covers back over them and snuggled into Cam's shoulder. Sated, in combination with the sleeping pill she had taken earlier, she quickly fell asleep.

--- Cam's balls were very full after the stimulation his stepsister had given him, and his consciousness shifted from full sleep to the in-between state of sleepwalking again. Must cum, his brain told him, and he turned toward the warm, nice smelling body to his side.

This caused Nicole, who had been in the crook of his arm, to roll onto her back, her legs splayed. Cam rolled on top of her, between those legs. Then he started to thrust. Instinct got both sleeping teens lining up their sex organs for the most pleasure. Because Nicole's panties had slipped back into position, though, penetration wasn't possible. That didn't stop Cam from thrusting and thrusting.

Because he was already primed it didn't take long, and he once again blew his load onto Nicole's panty covered pussy. As Nicole laid there, her stepbrother's semen slowly seeping through the thin fabric of her underwear, Cam headed back to his room. The sperm he had left behind started their hours-long journey of soaking themselves between his stepsister's wet and welcoming pussy lips. --- Nicole again woke up with damp underwear.

Wow, she thought, I really came a lot! She thrilled, thinking about the next time. --- It was two nights later when Cam finally showed up for another of their nocturnal trysts.

Nicole hadn't slept well the previous night, even with the sleeping pills, and her pussy was wet with anticipation. This time she pushed the covers off and moved her head down to Cam's penis. She had heard about blowjobs from her friends, which seemed a weird name because you were supposed to suck instead of blow, but she wanted to try it. But she found a soft dong instead of a hard cock! She squeezed and jacked it up and down, and soon enough he was back to "full mast".

Happy, she put the head of it in her mouth and gave it a taste. A little salty but not bad, she decided. She licked the shaft, feeling it grow even harder. She alternated between licking the shaft and sucking the tip. Her pussy was incredibly wet by this point. This time she awkwardly pulled her underwear off before climbing astride the sleeping boy. As before, she slid her pussy lips along his shaft, but after a moment she thrust forward, bent over to afford herself the best angle, and then slotted Cam's cock head into the entrance of her sopping vagina.

Very carefully, she applied downward pressure, feeling her pussy lips slowly part around the head of Cam's cock. She paused with the feeling that she had only experienced once before a couple days previous, and wondered if what she was doing was dangerous. She didn't have any condoms, but thought that she had heard somewhere that men could only shoot sperm while they were awake.she was pretty sure that she was safe.

She pushed down a little harder but experienced some resistance. She pulled up a bit and then pushed back down again, and this time her natural lubrication assisted the penetration. "Ow!" There was a sharp pain within her, and she pulled back up. What was that? She waited to see if she had woken Cam with her yelp.

Their current position would be very difficult for her to explain! When she was satisfied that he was still asleep she very carefully pushed down again. "Ergh." There was a discomfort where the sharp pain had been, but the feeling of Cam's hard cock filling her up was winning out.

He was maybe halfway into her now. Was this enough? She reached down with her uninjured hand and fumbled with her clit. "Mmm." she moaned, the combination of playing with herself while having a cock inside her feeling very good. In the dim light she could make out Cam's sleeping face as she pleasured herself on his cock. The perverse nature of the situation was enough to push her over the edge and she started to cum. "Oooh! Nnhh! Oh, Cam!" She realized that she had said his name as she came!

So naughty! Finally her orgasm subsided and she was suddenly very tired. "Uhh.uhh." She gasped and collapsed onto Cam, his cock still embedded halfway inside her. The combination of her orgasmic release flooding her body with endorphins and the sleeping pills pushed her into unconsciousness. --- Cam's dick didn't falter when Nicole fell asleep. In fact, it was harder than it had ever been before, halfway inside a very warm, wet and tight sheathe of flesh.

Sleeping Cam started to thrust his hips upward, trying to get more penetration. His body knew what it wanted. When this didn't work he reached around to hug Nicole's body and pull it downward. That worked, and her wet pussy slipped three quarters of the way down his cock. His arms pulled her up a bit and then back down again. Bit by bit his aching penis delved into his previously virginal stepsister's vagina until finally their groins touched.

That was it for Cam. Groaning, his swollen balls gave up their virile cargo and sperm-laden semen blasted deep inside his sleeping stepsister's unprotected reproductive system. When he had finished cumming he pushed Nicole to the side.

The discomfort of his cock slipping out of her woke her for just a moment but then she fell back into deep sleep. Her stepbrother's seed delved deep inside her, searching for her egg. --- When Nicole woke in the morning she again found her pussy sopping wet, but didn't know enough about semen to know that it wasn't her own cum she was wiping away. --- Nicole really wanted Cam to visit her the next night but once again he stayed away. Her undamaged hand still wasn't dextrous enough to get herself off.she needed his cock!

She was tempted to hobble off to his room, but there would be no guarantee that he wouldn't wake up if she did that; she could only be sure he wouldn't wake up when he sleepwalked into her bed.

--- "Do you think I'm pretty, Cam?" Cam was startled by the question as he brought Nicole her breakfast of toast and jam. "Um.I guess? Why do you ask?" He put the tray across her blanket covered legs as she sat up.

His gaze strayed across her chest, as her nipples were quite prominent through the oversized t-shirt she wore to bed. "Just.wondering." she said again. --- He came to her that night, though whether his memory of her hard nipples or some other reason prompted this, neither sibling could say. This time Nicole removed both her underwear and t-shirt. She wanted to feel all of him against all of her. She again used her mouth to make him ready, except this time when he was fully hard he sat up, surprising her.

She squeaked and fell back. With this opening Cam was on top of her, his hips wedging her legs open. "Oh!" she cried at his sudden weight on her. Then she felt his cock start to poke at her vulva. But she was afraid. "Are.you awake?" she asked, frozen in place. No answer, but Cam continued to thrust, bouncing his cock head off of everywhere except her vaginal entrance.

Nicole, reassured, reached her uninjured hand down and guided his cock to its target. He thrust hard, making her gasp as two inches slipped inside her well lubricated passage. His face was against her bosom and as he pulled back for another thrust his mouth found her right nipple. He fastened onto it, sucking.

"Oo-ooohh!" Nicole gasped.

She had never had anyone suck her nipples before, though she sometimes pinched them as she masturbated. It felt incredible! Cam's mouth instinctively suckled at Nicole's breasts as if he was her baby, while his penis was doing its best to put a baby inside her. He thrust hard, his cock slipping most of the way inside. "Ugga.gghhh!" Nicole gurgled as she came, the twin pleasures of her nipple being sucked and her pussy being fucked overwhelming her. She pulled Cam's head to her breast as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He had fully penetrated her now and was thrusting for all he was worth. After a minute or so her orgasm subsided and she realized that she could be in danger after all. Cam was fucking her, not just lying there.could he make her pregnant like this?

She pushed at him but he wouldn't stop thrusting, though he did stop sucking her nipple. She felt a bit disappointed at that, but kept pushing.

Finally she started to shift her weight to the sides, back and forth, and when she had enough leverage she rolled. Now she was on top of him and he was still thrusting up at her but she pulled off of him with a disappointed groan, clambering away as best she could without hurting her ankle. But now Nicole didn't know what to do. Her indecision was all Cam needed, and before she could do anything he had gotten up behind her and pushed her forward. Her face went into the bed and her ass up in the air.

Cam lined his cock up and this time had no problem penetrating Nicole's very wet and vulnerable pussy. "Mmmpphh!" Nicole tried to cry out but her face was full of bedcovers and she only had one good hand. This angle was unfamiliar to her and as Cam thrust hard she felt a new pleasure blossom deep inside her as his cock massaged her g-spot. 'Oh God.' she thought as Cam pistoned into her.

'He's going to make me pregnant!' This thought, at her most fertile time of the month, combined with the constant simulation of her g-spot, was enough to send her over the edge again. "Nnnhh!" she cried out as her insides spasmed around Cam's soon-to-be babymaker. The squeezing of his stepsister's fertile pussy on his primed cock set off Cam's own orgasm.

As Nicole was distracted by her own pleasure, her stepbrother grunted and started to spurt bolt after bolt of babymaking cum deep inside her. "Uhhnn.ggggghh." Nicole continued to orgasm, her body a rag doll in the throes of their passion.

With the downward angle of her body Cam's cum started to pool at the deepest part of her vagina, and on her next orgasmic wave her cervix opened up, allowing some of those lucky swimmers direct access to her previously unplumbed depths.

Both teens continued to cum and Nicole's fertile reproductive system pulled more of Cam's dangerous seed deeper inside her. Finally, both finished and Cam pulled out with a wet sucking sound.

"Buhhhh." Nicole moaned, her body overwhelmed by the previously unknown sensations. She felt the bed shift as Cam left and then her awareness faded. --- She awoke in the morning in much the same position, face pressed into the bed and her butt in the air. Had Cam cum in her, she wondered? She had been distracted by her own orgasms so she just didn't know.

She checked but couldn't tell. Unbeknownst to her, the angle she had slept in had allowed his semen to soak into her uterus all night so the evidence was gone. --- That night and for the next three she locked her bedroom door. She wasn't going to get good sleep but it was better than getting pregnant! However, she didn't hear Cam try the door any of those nights. She felt almost disappointed. --- On the next night she didn't set the lock on her door and slept naked.

She was horny as hell! Maybe she could control her stepbrother enough to get both of them off without risking pregnancy? But again, Cam didn't come. After another night alone she was feeling snubbed, but on the next night, one week after she had last had sex with him, he slipped into her bed again.

"About damn time!" she whispered to him, reaching for his cock. She had called and asked her friend Amy to look up female ovulation cycles on the Internet (in Nicole's house their slow dial-up Internet was strictly monitored), and she calculated that she was currently close enough to her next period that she was in no danger of getting pregnant if she went all the way tonight. Still, she figured she would make the final decision in the moment. She put about half of Cam's hardening cock into her mouth, sucking and licking up the shaft.

She really enjoyed that she could do this to him. On one strong suck at the tip she tasted a drop of saltiness. Was that cum?

She pulled back and smacked her lips. What a weird taste! Cam started to sit up but she pushed him back. She was in charge here! She climbed astride him, lined his cock up with her very wet hole, and sank halfway down onto it.

Yes! This was what she had been waiting for! "Mmm." she moaned, enjoying the fullness of it. Then she pulled up a bit and then pushed back down. She was so wet that the rest of his cock rushed into her and then they were grinding their crotches together.

This felt incredible! She pushed back and forth, feeling his dick swizzle around inside her. Then Cam reached up and pulled her forward, toward him.

His mouth found one of her nipples again and clamped on. "Shiiit." she gasped, quickly ramping up to an orgasm.

Her nipples were so sensitive! And then she was cumming, grinding herself on his hard dick as he sucked and nibbled on her nipples. "Uh!


Uh! Uh!" She lost her strength and collapsed forward, dislodging his mouth from her breast. Then he turned her head toward him and kissed her! She was surprised, and since she was still in the throes of a strong orgasm she had no ability to stop him.

This unexpectedly intimate action turned what had been simple fucking into actually making love. When her orgasm waned she pulled her face away from his.

She was so confused! She loved her stepbrother, but not like this! But she had been fucking him, so was kissing him worse?

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She didn't know. He moved his hands to her hips, urging her to move them up and down on his cock. She was still stunned by his intimate action, though, so didn't move.

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Then he pulled her to the side, luckily on the side without the broken ankle, and she fell that way. His cock slipped out, but only for a moment. Lying on her side, she felt it poking at her puffy pussy again. She let him inside her again but didn't help, her mind awash with confusion. She was aware, though, that with him upright on his knees and her on her side that the penetration felt different this time, in a good way. He grabbed her upper leg and brought it up and over his shoulder, luckily missing her bad ankle again.

With this action he was able to get all of his cock inside her once more. "Oof!" she gasped as he thrust home. If this was so wrong, why did it feel so right? Cam started thrust hard and fast. 'Oh fuck!' she thought, as the vibrations from his crotch impacting her clitoral area started to feel really good again, 'he's really quite talented.' Within a few minutes of this she was close to cumming again, and by Cam's breathing, he was close too!

Now she had to make a choice. She realized that she wanted to feel him cum inside her. If he had done that a week ago, she hadn't felt it, and she felt somehow cheated by that. Amy's research had said that she was safe right now, and if he had cum inside her last week then she might already be pregnant, so what was done, was done. With that decided, she concentrated on Cam's cock as it sawed into her. It felt like it was getting bigger.his thrusting was building to a fever pitch.

"Nnnhhh!" he grunted, holding his cock deep inside her as he stopped thrusting. Nicole felt a throbbing deep inside. Her stepbrother was cumming, putting the stuff that makes babies into her! "Ohhh!" she gasped as that thought set off her own orgasm. It wasn't as big as the one a week ago, but it was still pretty big, and when they were done she was left shaking.

Cam once again pulled out and then immediately went back to his own room. Nicole felt.how did she feel? she wondered. Used? Wasn't she using him for her own pleasure?

She would have preferred to have him stay, to feel his reassuring warmth next to her as she fell asleep, but she didn't know how to keep him from leaving without waking him up. She reached down to her pussy and extracted some of his cum. There was so much of it, and he had probably put a lot more of it deep inside her! She had a mini-orgasm at the thought of that, and moved her uninjured hand down to her clit to extend it. --- Her next period didn't come, of course.

A few years ago their Mom had thought that she herself was pregnant but it was actually a false alarm, and she had mentioned to Nicole that sometimes during stressful times a period could be late.

She waited, fucking her sleeping stepbrother as often as he wanted and letting him cum inside her every time. There seemed little point in trying to be safe now. Finally, once her second period likewise failed to arrive, she knew her fate. By that point she could walk and use her wrist again.

She told her mother about her condition but not who the father was. It wasn't Cam's fault, after all. By this point Nicole was almost 17, so her mother shipped her away to an aunt's house in the country so that she and the baby could be taken care of. Nicole cried when she left, and Cam looked sad. She hoped he would be okay. Turned out, Cam was doing just fine. -------------- Bonus feature! -------------- Stepson Sleepwalking Surprise (mF, 1st, inc, nc, impreg) --- Roberta downed an Atavan and chased it with her scotch, neat.

Bad enough that her husband had died in that car crash three months ago, but now her stepdaughter Nicole had broken her wrist and twisted her ankle so that she couldn't go to school. On top of that, her stepson Cam was sleepwalking and couldn't be woken up or he might have a heart attack!

It was all too much. She woke a little in the night, feeling what her drug-addled mind thought was her husband's warm body behind her. Content, she faded back into unconsciousness. --- The next two evenings went much like the previous. She put both of her stepkids to bed, watched some TV, and then self-medicated herself into oblivion.

On the second of those two nights, though, she woke enough to feel her husband behind her in bed, and also felt his hard cock poking at her pussy. "Oh, Carl." she moaned. It had been months since she lost him but her medicated brain wasn't reading the situation correctly. She reached down to help him penetrate her, as he seemed to be having some trouble.

Unbeknownst to her, she had just enabled her sleepwalking stepson's virginal cock access within her 38-year-old body.

"Mmm." she hummed. Cam reached around the drug-addled older woman's body, grabbed one of her boobs, and started to thrust. Soon his 15-year-old cock was all the way within his stepmother's fertile depths. The older couple had never had children of their own. Tests had confirmed that Carl's sperm count was just too low so they had adopted.

There was nothing wrong with Roberta's eggs or womb, though, nor was there anything wrong with Cam's sperm count. "Nnnggg." Cam grunted as he shot his young, virile seed deep inside his stepmother's unprotected reproductive system. Roberta felt the throbbing deep inside her as she was inseminated, unknowingly by her own stepson. Carl came quick tonight, she thought, but he never really cared that much about her pleasure. She was happy to make him happy, really. Then she fell back unconscious.

--- Roberta's morning routine was to hobble off to the bathroom and straight into the shower.


With her massive headache from the Atavan combined with the booze she didn't notice the remains of Cam's semen wash away in that invigorating daily cleanse. --- The next night, she felt what she thought was her husband climb on top of her, push her legs apart and poke his hard cock at her pussy.

Again, she helped him inside her. Again, he didn't take long to blow another load of incestuous babymaking seed deep inside her. Again, everything went black after he was done. --- She noted that Nicole seemed to be in a better mood over the previous few days, and was getting along well with her stepbrother. Maybe things are starting to look up, she thought.

--- Two nights later she felt her husband climb on top of her again. Instead of helping him penetrate her, though, she pushed him back and turned around. "My favorite position," she said to him. She was very horny that night, being right in between periods, and needed to cum.

Cam moved forward and she unknowingly once again guided her stepson's teenaged cock into her fertile depths, this time in the classic doggy style position. "Yeesss." she hissed as he quickly penetrated her wetness.

She loved this position because her partner's cock massaged her g-spot so well. Cam instinctively grabbed his stepmother's well rounded hips and started to thrust. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she gasped. What her drugged-up mind thought was her husband Carl's hard cock plowed into her, the tip of it scraping along her g-spot. She could feel her orgasm, denied over months of grieving, awakening deep within her. She could also feel her partner's cock start to get harder, bigger, as she sped up his thrusts.

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He was going to cum! Roberta had wanted to become a mother so badly. When her husband came inside her she had always pictured his sperm, potent and strong, rushing to penetrate her, to create new life within her, despite his inability to do so.

This was no different. She heard her husband (stepson!) gasp, thrust hard one last time, and felt his cock throb once, twice. She came. "Oh Goooodddd." she moaned as her unprotected and very fertile insides spasmed around her stepson's soon-to-be babymaking cock. Her cervix opened and closed in time with her orgasm, and some of the cum that had already been deposited deep within her slipped into her uterus.

Soon the unknowingly incestuous couple finished. Roberta collapsed forward, happy, and quickly fell asleep. Cam, satisfied, returned to his own bed. --- Cam continued to visit his stepmother's bed for most of the next week, though the damage had already been done, both inside her and her stepdaughter. When Roberta's next period didn't come she was confused but she remembered that stress had caused it to be late before.

Finally, three weeks later, she had horrible cramps and a very bloody late period. Unknown to her she had miscarried her stepson's child. Nicole wasn't as lucky, however, and a couple weeks later Roberta had to ship the poor girl off to have her baby.

How the hell did her injured stepdaughter wind up pregnant? she wondered. Did she invite a boy over while she had been alone at home? Nicole refused to say. Roberta resolved to stop self-medicating. If she had been paying better attention then maybe this wouldn't have happened! --- That night she felt Cam get into bed with her.

Her mind told her it was her husband again, but because she hadn't drugged herself to sleep she realized that was impossible.her husband was dead! "What--?" She rolled away from whoever was in her bed and turned the light on. Her stepson Cam was lying there, reaching for her, his eyes closed in a zombie-like state. All at once she realized what had been going on: what she thought had been dreams of her husband in her bed, making love to her.Cam?

Oh God, Nicole! Had Cam made her pregnant? The poor girl had been protecting him with her silence, and now she was carrying her stepbrother's baby! And then she felt her stomach lurch.

Her own missed period, with the terrible one a few weeks later.a miscarriage? She caressed her stomach, confused at the sudden mixed feelings of loss and disgust. She finally had had a baby growing inside her! But.but it was Cam's. He was just a boy, and unaware of what he did while sleepwalking. She sank to her knees, crying. Why was everything going so wrong? And then Cam was there, hugging her, trying to comfort her. My boy, she thought, so sensitive, so loving. And then Cam stuck his tongue in her mouth.

"Mmff!" she gasped in surprise. He was still sleepwalking and was now pushing her onto her back. She was off balance, with no leverage, and then he was between her legs, his hard cock aiming for her most vulnerable spot.

"Cam!" she called out. Cam paused, his eyes still closed. His head tilted to the side and he seemed confused. 'Oh no!' Roberta thought, 'If he wakes up he could die!' She paused, not moving, and waited.

Finally, Cam lay down on top of her and started to snore, using one of her mature boobs as a pillow. She waited, not moving, her mind racing in circles. Her stepson had been fucking her for weeks and she had been too blitzed on drugs and booze to realize that they weren't just sexy dreams. And he had actually impregnated her! Her nipples suddenly became hard at that thought. She had wanted a baby ever since she was a teenager, wanting to feel it suckling on her oh-so-sensitive nipples, nourishing that life with her own body, and Carl had never had the ability to give her what she wanted.

It wasn't Carl's fault, of course, and because she loved him she wouldn't even think of leaving him for a man with a higher sperm count. He was against in vitro fertilization from another man so they had compromised with adoption. And now look where they were! She couldn't take any more of the perverse position they were in. She carefully rolled Cam off of her and onto his side.

He sighed but didn't look like he was going to wake. She went into the bathroom and splashed water onto her face. Then she started crying. This sound was what woke Cam up enough for him to start sleepwalking again. He followed the sound. Roberta was bent over the sink, sobbing, when Cam came up behind her and pinned her forward with his body.

"Wha--? Cam." She stopped herself from almost waking him and tried to get away. The strong teenage boy, though, denied sex once already that night, was having none of it, and he bear hugged his stepmother from behind, immobilizing her arms.

Then she felt his hard cock between her upper thighs, thrusting. "Nooo." she moaned. Cam was just too strong, and his thrusts were getting closer to his prize. When his penis touched her labia majora she threw herself to the side, but with Cam's weight still on her she fell to her knees into an even more vulnerable position, bent forward with her butt in the air and her pussy lined right up for.

Cam thrust and she felt his cock slip between her vaginal folds, which had been lubricated by her earlier thoughts of pregnancy. "Oh nooo." Her mind raced to find a solution but as he continued to thrust and more and more of his penis slipped inside her she instead went into damage control mode. Her last period.when.? She had missed her last period, so did it count from when she miscarried?

If so, then she was at the absolute worst time of the month for sex! She could get. Pregnant. Despite the perversity of the situation, her fertile body, its baby clock ticking down, was being bred by a strong male, and it was in her favorite sexual position.

She could feel the telltale tickle of her g-spot being massaged by her unknowing rapist's cock. Her body responded, increasing the lubrication within her vagina, making it easier for her stepson to thrust harder, faster.

Despite the horror of the situation she felt the first stirrings of an orgasm awakening inside her. 'I can't!' she shouted in her head, 'I can't cum on my son's cock!' "Uuuhhh!!" Cam grunted and thrust forward one last time, holding himself deep inside her, and Roberta felt his cock pulsing there.

She tried to move forward, to dislodge him, but it was no use. Pulse.pulse.pulse. She knew each of those was another blast of potent, sperm-filled semen deep inside her and she was completely unprotected.

Somehow she was able to hold off her own orgasm, even with the stimulation of her g-spot. As he pulled out of her she gasped and heard his excess cum splash to the floor.

Then he was gone. She sat on the toilet for a long time, letting the semen drip out of her. Even so, so much sperm inside her at her most fertile time of the month.there was a good chance she would get.

Pregnant. There it was again, and the orgasm she had denied herself earlier hit her full force. She gasped, shaking in pleasure at the thought of carrying a baby in her belly. She panted as she came down from that cum. That had been intense, and she hadn't even touched herself! That had never happened before. --- She locked her bedroom door from then on. She heard Cam trying to get in but he never tried to force the lock.

But it was too late. Roberta missed her next period, and two weeks later purchased a pregnancy test. Sure enough, her lifelong dream was answered, even though it had come from a nightmare situation. --- She had the baby and raised it as her own, telling anyone that asked about the timing that she had frozen some of Carl's sperm for this very purpose.

Cam sleepwalked for years but that stopped when he met the love of his life, Diane. But that is another story.