Police girl bound and best blowjob facial hd Hot Latin stunner

Police girl bound and best blowjob facial hd Hot Latin stunner
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(Part 4 of Chloe's Story) Curtis and I straightened ourselves up and then made our way to his limousine outside. His chauffeur drove us to the Williams Estate in up state New York.

During the 2 hour drive Curtis wanted to know more about my teenage sexual adventures. "So Chloe, after your Uncle fucked you at your fathers house did he try to fuck you again? Did your father ever find out?", he asked passing me a glass of Bourbon with ice. "No, my dad never found out about me and Uncle Mike even though we fucked a lot more after that first time by the pool.

Uncle Mike became a little obsessed with me to be honest, he would pick me up from school and take me back to his flat and fuck me like he'd been thinking about it all day long" "Did you wear a school uniform?", he asked his hand stroking my leather clad leg. "Oh yes, I went to a girls school, it was quite strict and we had a traditional uniform, you know blazer, white knee socks that sort of thing", I felt Curtis grip my leg a little tighter "Did you wear the uniform while he fucked you?", his voice was breathy and excited "Oh yes, several times.

We'd hardly be in the door before he was on me, grabbing my ass and tits, kissing me with his hands up my short skirt pulling my panties aside desperate to shove his aching cock into my tight little pussy" "mmm that sounds perfect", said Curtis licking his lips,"tell me more" "Well, I learnt a lot from Mike, especially oral.

I really loved sucking his big hard cock after school. Often we would do it in his car we were both so horny. I would tell my dad that I was going around a friends house and then go and see Mike. He'd buy me little outfits to wear and I'd parade around and dance for him, he loved to hear me talk dirty while he fucked me. He made me feel like a woman and not some teenage school girl, I liked being wanted, being lusted after by a man of his age. And I loved being fucked. I'd think about it all day at school and get so fucking horny" "You dirty little thing, what was the sexiest thing you did with Mike, I want to hear all about the fitly things you did", Curtis said as I slid my hand to the visibly stiffening length in his trousers.

I glanced at the driver and then back to Curtis who smiled, "It's OK we can do anything in here, Anton is trustworthy. and I know you don't mind being watched" I unzipped Curtis and pulled out his semi erect cock and began to stroke him while I told him about my best night with Mike: It was a Saturday and I had I told my dad that I was going to a party at a friends house that night, he was cool with that and told me to be home by midnight.

So I got dressed up to go to a party, high heels, a tight black tube dress that Mike had bought me and black seamed hold ups.

Once out the door I walked around the corner out of sight of dads house and got into Mikes car as planned.


Mike looked at me in my tight dress and black stockings. "Fuck Chloe you look like a little whore", he smiled a filthy mile,".my little whore". "So where are we going tonight?" I asked "Shit Chloe I cant do anything tonight until you've sucked my cock, my balls are fucking aching and looking at you in that outfit is driving me wild" I reached over and grabbed Uncle Mikes cock,"mmm fuck you are hard! and all for me. come on, take me someplace quite and let me loose on that lovely cock of yours you dirty old man" He did exactly that, driving me to a secluded truck park on the edge of town.

We pulled up in a dark corner and turned off the engine. We both got into the back seat and began to kiss passionately, his hand was soon up inside my dress and he discovered I had no panties on, "Oh fuck Chloe you sexy little slut. C'mon show me what a little cock sucker you are" He sat back and unzipped his flies releasing his erect cock.

I knelt on the back seat, my ass in the air and bent my head down to his cock, taking it between my young lips and into my well trained throat. He let out a deep moan and began to stroke my round ass while I sucked him slowly, bobbing my head and occasionally taking him right into my throat so my lips were at the base of his shaft and I could roll my tongue over his balls.

"Oh fuck yes thats it. suck it yes, you little slut" I sucked and licked, stroking his rigid meat into my mouth and letting him push his finger tips against my hot little slit. I could feel his dick throbbing and knew from experience that he was near. I wanted his first load of the night in my mouth, I wanted to swill it around and then swallow it as he watched. Then I became aware of the sound of car doors outside, I lifted my head, my lips glossy with spit.

I could see some figures outside through the steamed up windows of Mike's car. "Don't stop Chloe, keep sucking. Don't worry about them", he said and I went back to work on his shining knob, trusting that if he said it was ok then it was.

The people outside couldn't see us anyway, the windows were steamed up and the inside light was off. I ran my tongue up his shaft from balls to tip then lapped on the hard knob making Mike moan.

Then I heard a click and the inside light came on, followed by the whir of the rear window going down, what was he doing? I looked up and saw two men staring in at me, two strangers watching me suck my uncles cock. They mumbled some encouragement and Mike pushed my head down onto his erection once more saying, "Suck it Chloe, suck me good, show these guys what a great little cocksucker you are" 'Oh my god', I thought,'Im being watched like some sex show" This fired me up and I thought I would make sure I put on a good show for them: slapping Mikes cock on my face, then deep throating him, sticking my ass up high and letting my dress ride up to show my naked little pussy.

Every so often I would look up at the strangers and lick Mikes knob while keeping eye contact with them. As I looked at the guys outside I saw them pull out their cocks and start wanking off while watching me. They rubbed their hard cocks and muttered under their breath about what a sexy little slut I was and what a cute little cocksucker. Then the door on the other side of the car clicked open, I looked over my shoulder and could see the shadowy shapes of more men, their cocks already in their hands and their urgent low voices encouraging me and Mike on.

I suddenly realised that Uncle Mike had brought me dogging. I heard a mix of male voices as I went back to sucking Mikes cock: "Fuck look at her go, little slut" "Look at that arse, its fucking perfect!" "Like a little fuck toy, she's only little, fuck what I would do to get my hands on her" "She sucks like a pro, look at her go!

Go on mate give it to her!" They all started egging Mike on, he began to buck his hips, holding my head by a hand full of hair he pulled my face down on to his cock, I gagged and then felt his rock hard dick throb and twitch followed by the hot wet mouthful of his cum.

Squirting it deep at the back of my throat, I barely had to swallow he was so far down my gullet, pumping gout after gout of thick salty cum into me. He pulled my head up sharply and I gasped for air, sperm and drool running from my mouth. The strangers let out a muffled cheer and I rolled back into the seat wiping my mouth with my hand.


I looked out of the open car door at the guys at my side, three middle aged men with beer bellies, probably truckers. As I looked up at these men, Mike reached across and pulled my tube dress down revealing my young tits,"Look at her fellas, isn't she gorgeous?" he said.

"Fuck look at those tits! They're like something out of a porno" said one of the fat truckers as he leant in to get a better look. He smelt of beer and his semi hard cock hung from his open fly, it was fat and ugly looking, with thick veins. He reached in and began to feel up my tits, I moaned like a bitch on heat, so glad to be touched. I was so horny I didn't care that I didn't know him and that he was probably three times my age, "You want a go?" i said in a husky voice with a cheeky grin, his grubby hand still mauling my big round tits.

"Fuck yeah! gimme some of that sexy little mouth of yours", he grunted and I slid my legs out of the door so I was sitting with my face inline with his cock.

I wrapped my hands around it, (fuck it was thick!) and I could feel the blood filling it, making it strain and throb, quickly growing bigger. This was only my second cock and it belonged to a complete stranger! I opened my mouth and began to suck. "Oh fuck thats it your dirty bitch YES" Mike had now gotten out of his side of the car and returned to the drivers seat and was watching his 15 year old niece suck a fat truckers cock like a cheap whore.

I put on a real show for Mike and the others, acting like a teen porn star. Then I felt someones hand on my tits, gently feeling them up from behind, another guy had taken Mike's place in the back seat. I pulled my head back, easing the fat truckers thick cock from my mouth and looked over my shoulder at the guy feeling my tits, "Yes thats it baby feel my big titties yes", I said and kissed him, he was younger and thinner than the trucker and soon his tongue was in my mouth.

The two strangers now moved my young body with ease, positioning me on my back on the rear seat, my legs out the door, my dress up around my waist.

The fat trucker pulled my ass towards the edge of the seat, his big hands on my slim hips, his spit wet cock sticking out obscenely. "Let me at that tight little pussy you sexy little bitch", before I could say anything he pulled me towards him jamming his fat cock into me with a grunt, the bulbous head popping past the tight entrance of my cunt and filling me with his hard naked flesh.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" I moaned and began to move my hips to his urgent thrusts, "Fuck me, fuck me hard you fat bastard!", both my feet, in their black high heels, were over one of his shoulders, his hands cupping my young backside as he shoved his thick cock in and out of my willing pussy. There were people staring in through every available window, I could hear the quite chatter as they watched my young lithe body being man handled.

The thin guy by my head now moved around and offered his cock to my mouth and I happily opened up for him, licking and sucking while the fat guy fucked me harder and harder making my body shudder with each thrust. The thin guy, held my head with one hand and groped my naked tits with the other, his stiff dick rhythmically pushing in and out my mouth.

The fat trucker picked up the pace and really began to hammer into me, I could feel the thick ridges of his naked cock with every hard thrust and it felt fantastic, "yes yes don't stop please don't stop. cum on me, cum all over me", I begged before the thin guy silenced me by returning his hard shaft into my throat with a push and his hot balls squashed against my face. "UGH fuck yes Fucking slut!!", the trucker grunted, his cock jerking as he pulled out and launched a long thick stream of cum up my belly and across my tits.

I groaned happily my mouth still full of the other guys cock, I rubbed greasy cum into my tits, my hands sliding it all over my skin making my tits shine. The fat trucker moved away from the car and the thin guy sat back into the seat, easily pulling my teenage frame into position straddling his cock. "My turn now little fuck puppet", he said as he pulled my pussy down on to his jutting erection. It slid in to me easily, my pussy nicely warmed up by the first guys thick cock.

I began to grind my hips and ride the thin guy as I kissed him deeply, then I felt someone take hold of a handful of my long blonde hair. I turned my head towards the open car window from where the hand had come to be faced by another hard cock.

This one was black and its shaft was thicker than its knob, it was bigger than any of the cocks I had seen that night. The owner of this lovely cock couldn't been seen, he was obscured by the car, just the area below his waist was visible.

I put my hand on the big black dick, it was so thick my fingers wouldn't meet around it, I began to stroke the hard black shaft while looking into the the eyes of the thin guy as I rode him. The black guy leaned against the car so his big cock came further in, I kept stroking and kept fucking, moaning with pleasure. The thin guy was looking me right in the eye and I could tell he was near.

"This is my first black dick" I said to the thin guy as I opened my mouth and began to suck on the thick ebony cock while he fucked my pussy from below. He shuddered and swore and released his big hot load into my unprotected pussy with a grunt.

"Oh fuck you dirty little slut FUCK", he said pulling me down onto his twitching erection still pumping cum into me as I sucked greedily on the black cock jutting through the window. As I wiggled on his softening erection, feeling the cum move inside me, I pulled my dress up over my head and threw it at Mike in the front seat.

I leant over and kissed him deeply, the black cock still in my hand and now I was dressed only in heels and black hold up stockings. He looked into my eyes and said, "I want to see the black guy fuck you. I want to see them all fuck you".

I slid off the lap of the skinny guy and the black man opened the car door and helped me out. There was quite a crowd around the car, all staring at me.

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The black guy lifted me up in his strong arms and carried me around to the front of the car, he laid me back onto the warm metal of the cars bonnet and I parted my legs expectantly. Random guys from the crowd reached out and touched my tits, while tugging on there cocks. The black guy pulled his t shirt off over his head, his torso was strong and muscular, he looked powerful.

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He spat into his hand and wiped it over the big shining head of his massive erection and slowly moved forward pushing it against the lips of my young pussy. I wrapped my stockinged legs around him, my high heels against his muscular ass. My heart was pounding as I looked up at this big man and prepared to take his big ebony cock.

I felt my pussy open to accept him, it stretched wider and wider as he pushed in deeper and deeper. I moaned a deep lusty moan and felt other hands groping me and holding me in place on the car bonnet. His cock filled me up, stretching me painfully and there was still more. I wanted to put my hand on his belly to slow him down but my arms were firmly held by people in the crowd. I heard them muttering and panting as they watched me take the big black cock in front of them: "Thats right take it all you slut" "Yeah she's loving that black dick" "Look at her wiggle on that big pole, what a horny bitch" The black guy began to pump my pussy, that massive black fuck stick spreading me open and pushing right up to my womb.

I began to grunt and swear as he thrust harder and faster: "yes YES! fuck me FUCK ME! Use me you big black bastard use my slutty body", I grunted, the breath being punched out of me with each amazing thrust of that big cock. I felt someone from the side of the car pull me over towards them, I slid easily on the cars hood, more hands groped me, and a hard, fat cock was slapped across my face. All the while my black bull was still fucking me.

With every hard thrust I let out a grunt like a dirty fuck pig. My eyes rolled and my mouth fell open and one of the crowd took their chance and pushed his cock into my mouth, it was pretty big and rock hard and I began to suck and lick it.

Whoever it was must have been enjoying the show because after a couple of sucks he shot his load into my open mouth. As that happened I felt a warm spray of cum across my chest from another guy, I rubbed it over my tits and pulled on my nipples. Then the black guy grabbed me and forcefully moved me into position, flipping me on to my front across the cars bonnet face down.

I looked up to see Mikes smiling face through the windscreen. then I felt the black guys knob nudge against my asshole. "No wait. you cant. no. ugh FUUUCKKKK!!", I let out a cry as he pushed his angry black cock into my ass and I came uncontrollably. My body shuddered and I felt my empty pussy spasm with an orgasm as he fucked my ass like I was some cheap whore.

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Banging into me over and over. Some of the guys in the crowd laughed and jeered, "Thats it take it all you dirty slut, she loves it in the ass, look at her go!" With that the black guy grabbed my hair pulling it back hard, I arched my back, my big cum covered tits jutted out, shaking with his final violent thrusts. He grunted and unleashed what felt like a pint of cum into my hot, stinging ass hole, pumping and pumping filling my guts with his seed. He pulled out and using my hair dragged me to the floor at his feet, turning my tear streaked face and making me clean his cum covered cock straight from my poor little ass.

I sucked him clean while looking up into his eyes like a submissive little fuck toy. He hadn't spoken all the time we had been fucking but now he broke his silence with three words in a heavy Nigerian accent: "NOW THEIR TURN". Still on my knees, my stockings ripped and make up running, I was suddenly surrounded by hard dicks of all shapes and sizes as guys crowded around for a go.

A man guided my face to his rigid meat and I began to suck him while my hands were grabbed and moved to stroke two other cocks. Hands moved over my body and mauled my big tits. Within a few moments the first jets of hot cum splattered over my face and tits. As one guy finished another would take his place.

Some guys reached between my legs and I felt their fingers probing my ass and pussy. I couldn't tell how many there were but before long my tits were dripping with the sticky, slimy cum of strangers.

One guy slapped his cock between my cum lubed tits, pushing them together and began tit fucking me. His hard bulbous knob rubbed up my neck with each push. I moved my face down and opened my mouth, lapping at its head every time it came near. When he came his cum bubbled up between my tits in a thick pool, I pulled my tits up to my face and noisily licked cum off them. After what seemed like ages many of the guys simply finished up and walked away, having had their fun. I was left laying on the floor, my body glistening and slimy, my hair matted with cum.

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I moaned softly my body buzzing with pleasure. I wiped cum from my eyes and went to get up when one last guy stood over me. "Look at the state of you, you're covered in cum you dirty little fuck pig", he said. I didn't recognise him but I don't think I would recognise most of the 15 or so guys that I had sucked off that night. His voice softened a little, "Let me help you clean up a little.", he said and pulling out his cock he let a thick jet of hot piss spray across my naked body.

It splashed over my face and tits in a hard gush until the last few drops. "There you go sweetheart", he laughed while helping me to my feet."all cleaned up". The guy walked off into the night and Mike got out of the car and put his jacket around me. "Sorry Chloe, That got a little out of hand", he sounded worried "Yes it did.", I sniffed, pushing cum matted hair from my face.

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".and I loved every filthy, fucking moment of it".