Eu batendo uma de leve

Eu batendo uma de leve
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On Friday, I woke up in Fiona's bed with her spooning me. It was a warm morning and we didn't have a sheet covering us. She had one leg draped over me and her hand was in my crotch. I had a huge morning hard-on, but I also had to pee urgently so I slipped out of the bed as quietly as possible to go to the bathroom. Fiona woke anyway, but only opened one eye. "Where are you going?" she inquired. "To the bathroom, I really have to pee." "What time is it?" "A little after ten," I answered.

She was asleep when I returned from the bathroom so I went downstairs and made coffee and breakfast. She came down after the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee had wafted upstairs. "Why didn't you come back to bed?" she asked. "I would like to have had sex before I got up." "I was hungry," I answered. "Besides, my dick is getting sore. We've been going at it constantly." "My pussy's sore too, but you don't hear me complaining.

Mom and Dad return tomorrow and who knows when we'll get to screw again with them hanging around." "We'll do it today, and tonight, and probably tomorrow morning before they arrive. Let's just at least have breakfast first." "Alright, breakfast first, but then we go swimming. I want to feel the cool water on my skin.

It's getting hot already and it's not even noon yet." We finished breakfast and watched some television before Fiona grabbed me by the hand and pulled me toward the back door. "Fi," I said as I stumbled trying to regain my footing, "we don't have our swimsuits on." Fiona had on her oversized tee shirt and I just a pair of boxers.

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"We don't need suits, just towels to dry off with when we get out." With her free hand, she grabbed the towels off the back of the couch where we had left them the day before. She dragged me and the towels to the deck then pulled off her tee shirt. As usual, she wasn't wearing panties or a bra. She jumped into the water. I stepped out of my boxers and dove in after her. The water was cool, but refreshing. I came up about ten feet from where Fiona was treading water and she immediately swam over to me.

She put her arms around my neck, planted her lips on mine, and thrust her tongue into my mouth, kissing me passionately. I returned her kiss and sucked on her tongue as we both began to slowly sink below the water. We kissed underwater for a few moments before I gave a strong scissor kick to propel both of us back above the surface. She stopped kissing me and looked in my eyes as I treaded water to keep the two of us afloat.

"I want to fuck right now, in the water," she said softly and provocatively. Our faces were mere inches apart and I looked deep into her hazel eyes as she held her arms around my neck.

"Of course," I replied. I couldn't refuse her. Not because she would make my life miserable with Mom and Dad if I did, but because when I looked into her eyes, I wanted to do whatever I could to please her, and she was doing the same for me. In the span of just a few days, we had made a special connection with each other we had never realized was possible. I side-stroked and swam both of us to the floating deck where I could hold on and keep us from sinking.

Fiona continued to hug my neck and locked her lips to mine again. She kicked to help propel us and every other stroke or so, her thigh would come up between my legs and nudge me in the groin. Her soft, smooth skin and firm muscles rubbed my inner thighs and pressed against my cock and scrotum as I kicked through the water. It sent a euphoric sensation through my groin and made me hard. I grabbed onto the deck first with one hand, and then the other, placing Fiona between the deck and myself.

She reached under the water with one hand, grabbed my now rock-hard dick, and rubbed the tip in her pussy crack. I felt her wetness on my glans as she slid it from vagina to clit, her labia enveloping the entire head of my dick. Although I was extremely horny, the contrast between the warmth of her pussy and coolness of the water kept me from cumming too soon.

She began using my cock to stimulate her clit, rubbing the glans across the tip, and then circling it around the base of the engorged little button. She stopped kissing me and moaned softly in my ear as she worked my cock on her clit. The combination of her firm grip on my shaft and the silky softness of her pussy on my glans made my groin tingle. She arched her back and wrapped her legs around my waist, the buoyancy of the water making it easy for her to raise her legs. Then she placed my cock at the entrance of her vagina and drew my shaft inside her pussy by pulling me to her with her legs, her heels digging into the small of my back.

"Ohhh," she moaned as my cock entered her pussy and filled her vagina. "Matt, I love your cock." she whispered. I thrust into her as she squeezed me with her legs and pressed herself onto my cock, the warmth of her pussy stimulating my dick. We bucked against each other in unison, her vulva slapping into my groin as my shaft rammed into her cervix.

She groaned at every thrust, working her hips back and forth, her kegels massaging my cock. Splashes of water hit both of us in the face as our bodies crashed into each other sending plumes of water into the air. I felt my prostate fill with fluid as the urge to cum began to well up inside me. Fiona wrapped her arms tightly around my neck.

"Oh, I'm cumming, Matt," she whispered in my ear as I felt her shudder. Then her entire body flexed as she drew me to her with her legs and held me in place. Her kegel muscles spasmed around my shaft and I came, my cock deep inside her pussy. "Ahhh," she shouted when I came. I attempted to withdraw and plunge back into her, but she held me in place, her arms and legs wrapped around me like a steel band, not letting go.

I ejaculated again and felt my semen fill her vagina. She squeezed me tighter, her entire vagina spasming as she came. I came over and over while she held me, her warm embrace comforting me in the cool lake water.

My orgasm ended and I stopped ejaculating. I was spent of not only semen but energy as well. Fiona had literally and figuratively drained me.

She leaned back and looked into my eyes. "I'm exhausted," I said. "I'm not ready to let go of you, Matt. This feels too good." She pressed her lips to mine, thrust her tongue deeply into my mouth and kissed me passionately. I was tired, but I returned the kiss and sucked on her tongue. We kissed for several minutes until my erection eventually began to fade. I went soft while still inside her and after a couple of minutes, my flaccid penis slipped out of her pussy.

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She smiled and giggled at the unusual sensation. Fiona finally unwrapped herself from me and swam to the ladder. I swam after her and watched as she got out and stepped onto the deck, her amazing ass wiggling sensuously as she climbed.

She threw me a towel and we dried ourselves off. "I'm chilled," I said. "I'm taking a hot shower." "Me too," Fiona said. We went into the cabin and I turned on the water for the shower.

I stepped in and Fiona followed. We soaped and rinsed each other then I waited while Fiona washed her hair. When she was done rinsing, she stepped out of the shower and I worked on washing my hair. She gave her body a cursory toweling then put the towel on her head and began to dry her hair as she walked out the open bathroom door. "Fi," a female voice called. It was Mom's voice. Fiona stopped dead in her tracks, pulled the towel from in front of her face and looked down the stairs.

Mom was standing there about two-thirds of the way up the staircase. Realizing she was standing there naked, Fiona took the towel from her head and draped it in front of herself. "Mom, you startled me," she said shakily. "I'm sorry dear. What are you doing?" "Um, taking a shower." "Where's Matt?" "Um, I don't know. I haven't seen him. Somewhere around here I guess." "You left the shower on, dear," Mom admonished. "Oh, sorry," Fiona replied, hustling back into the bathroom and shutting the door.

Then she reached into the shower and turned off the water. "Hey, what the hell are you doing, Fi. I'm not done yet," I shouted. Fiona put her finger to her lips. "Shhh, Mom's right outside," she said quietly. "What's she doing here?" I whispered. "I don't know," Fiona said with dread in her voice. "Who are you talking to in there, dear?" Mom asked from the hallway right outside the door. "No one, Mom, I'm just trying to untangle my hair." "If you see Matt, tell him to go out and help Dad unload the car." "I will," Fiona answered.

"Did she see us in here?" I asked quietly. "I don't think so," Fiona answered. "You think she suspects?" I asked. "I don't know," Fiona said anxiously. We listened for a clue to what was going on and heard Mom go back down the stairs. We didn't hear Dad at all.

"You go out and check. If no one's around, wave me on and I'll go to my room and pretend I was asleep," I said quietly. Fiona nodded and wrapped her towel under her arms and around her chest. She opened the bathroom door, stepped into the hallway, and looked around. She didn't see Mom or Dad so she waved me on. I scurried past her and down the hall to my room. I dried off and put shorts and a tee shirt on. Then I went downstairs to the kitchen.

Mom was unpacking groceries. "Hi, Mom," I said as I entered the kitchen. "Where were you?" she asked. "In my room, lying down," I answered and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Oh, I looked in, but I guess I didn't see you there," she said and rubbed my head as I walked away. "Your hair's all wet, dear." "I was swimming earlier," I said.

"You should dry off better. Go out and help your father unload the car.


I don't want him doing it all by himself." I went outside. "Where the hell have you been?" Dad barked.

He was irritated about something. "Upstairs, lying down," I answered. "We didn't expect you until tomorrow." I tried to justify not being immediately available. "We both managed to get off early so we stopped and bought groceries then made the drive up here. Traffic was murder before we made it out of town.

Help me bring this stuff inside." He handed me a large box full of groceries. Either the traffic or the grocery bill had Dad upset, but at least it wasn't Fiona or me, or what we've been doing the past five days. We were lucky they hadn't arrived sooner and caught us fucking in the lake or showering together.

I brought the rest of the groceries inside and Dad brought their suitcases in. Fiona was in the kitchen helping mom put the groceries away when Dad and I came in.

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"This place is a mess. Why haven't you two been cleaning up?" "Sorry, Daddy," Fiona tried to explain, "we went swimming after breakfast and hadn't had a chance to straighten up yet." "There are wet towels and clothes strewn from the house to the deck." Dad complained. "We'll pick those up as soon as we've cleaned the kitchen," Fiona promised.

Mom glared at us with a look that she knew why our clothing was strewn about, or maybe she was just mad that our lack of housekeeping was upsetting Dad.

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Either way, Fiona and I weren't on anyone's good side at the moment. We cleaned up the cabin and then hid in our rooms for the rest of the afternoon. * * * Mom called everyone for dinner late in the evening and we took our places at the dining room table. Even though he didn't say very much, Dad seemed less irritated than he was earlier.

Fiona and I had not seen each other all afternoon and she looked at me with a wry smirk as she sat diagonally across from me. I figured she was horny and not pleased that we weren't going to be able to screw. Mom brought out the last bowl of food for supper, sat down, and we began to eat dinner. "What did you two do all week?" Mom asked. "Isn't it obvious," Dad chimed in. "They spent the week fucking around." I choked on a mouthful of mashed potatoes and coughed violently.

"Are you alright, dear," Mom inquired mindfully. "I'm fine," I answered between coughs. "The potatoes are hot." "Be careful, dear," she admonished. "This place is a shambles," Dad complained. "You've left stuff scattered everywhere for your mother to pick up." "Sorry, Daddy," Fiona whined, "We just went swimming and out in the boat. There's not much else to do around here." She put her foot up on my chair between my legs and began massaging my groin. I was too astonished to do anything, so I just continued eating and pretended nothing was happening.

"From now on, pick up after yourselves when you're done fooling around. I don't want to come back and have this place looking like someone had an all night orgy." I looked at Fiona in disbelief. By the way Dad was talking, if I hadn't known better, I would have though he knew what we'd been doing. Fiona grinned at me devilishly and gave me a mild kick in the groin. I flinched, not expecting her to be so bold, and my knee hit the underside of the table causing everything to rattle.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Dad shouted. "Sorry, leg cramp from all the swimming," I answered. Mom looked suspiciously at Fiona and me. I got the impression she suspected something was going on.

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"Fi, leave your brother alone. You're in college and soon Matt will be too. Act like adults," she said sternly. "Oh, speaking of college, here's your mail, Matt." Mom reached to the sideboard behind her, picked up a stack of letters and handed them to me. "They're from the colleges you've applied to." I opened the first one, looked at it, then read aloud, "Thank you for you application. We regret to inform you…" I put it down, opened the next one and read, "Many qualified applicants apply every year and we can regrettably only accept a limited number.

We are sorry to&hellip." I opened the third letter and it too was another rejection. I was depressed as I opened the last letter, figuring it would be more of the same. I scanned it quickly, and then read out loud, "We are pleased to welcome you to our university.

You have met all our qualifications to matriculate this coming fall quarter." Mom and Fiona cheered and I smiled widely, delighted and pleased that I had finally gotten an acceptance.


Even Dad smiled. "Congratulations, son, I'm proud of you," he said. "What school is it?" I was so excited by the acceptance, I had forgotten to look. I glanced at the letterhead and chuckled. "Fairfield University," I announced. It was the same college Fiona attended. Fiona smiled and squealed with delight.

"My little bro is going to the same college that I go to. I'm so excited." Mom showed very little reaction, with only a slight smile and shaking her head. "Good, you can use some of Fi's old textbooks and save me some money," Dad said. "Oh, Daddy, you know what would save a ton of money," Fiona said excitedly.

"Matt and I could share an apartment for about the same price as just one dorm room. I would look after him and we could share laundry, and food, and the car." "That's not a bad idea," Dad surmised. "I think that would work out well.

I'm for it." "Yeah," Fiona squealed. "Jim," Mom interjected, "I'm not so sure this is a good idea." "Of course it is. The two of them will help each other out and look after one another, just like they've been doing here," Dad announced. "That's what I'm afraid of," Mom lamented, then sighed and shook her head. "Excuse me," I interrupted, "no one has asked my opinion about this." "When you pay for your own apartment, food, and car, then you can have an opinion.

Until then you're going to stay with Fiona so she can look after you," Dad commanded. Fiona clapped her hands. "Goody," she said with delight. Mom shook her head. I didn't say anything else. I was fucked. Fiona was going to use me all summer, and then continue to use me while we're off at college. If I tried to object, Fiona or Mom would let slip about what we've been doing and all hell would break loose.

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I was going to spend the summer fucking my brains out with Fiona, then go to college in the fall and do the same. When this day began, I thought the good times were over, but now I think the party was just getting started.