Hot blonde sucks big dick on couch on her casting

Hot blonde sucks big dick on couch on her casting
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- Boys Don't Cheer - (ff, mf, 1st, bi, nc, oral, impreg) by Krosis of the Collective --- I was looking for the bathroom at a party at some guy's place in my senior year. The main one had a lineup and I figured there was probably a half-bath off of one of the bedrooms.

When I opened one of the bedroom doors I found Christa Clements lying on the bed, seemingly unconscious. The cheerleader had been partying hard and had disappeared from the party a little earlier. I guessed the slut had found a partner, as her shirt was open, skirt hiked up, and her bra and panties on the floor.

Her trimmed blonde bush was staring right at me. I slipped into the room and closed the door quickly but quietly. I took a few seconds and got a good look at her muscular legs and toned midriff, as well as her nicely-formed boobs, milky white in contrast to her tanned skin. Still, first things first, I figured, and I went into the half-bath to relieve myself. After, I returned to the bedroom and the fantastic sight I had discovered. I thought about taking some pictures but quickly decided against it; those could get me in trouble!

Memories would have to do. As I approached the bed to get a better view my foot stepped on something squishy. A used condom. Eww. Whoever had fucked her had wanted to play it safe. Maybe it had even been consensual, and then she zonked out afterward. I knelt on the bed between her legs. The smell of sex was strong now, and I started to get really turned on. Christa's pussy lips were gaping open a bit, and I could see she was wet.

Experimentally, I touched Christa's knee and shook it a little. If she woke now I could explain that I was concerned for her, but I needed to make sure she was right out before I tried anything.

Sure enough, she didn't respond at all. I moved in and gingerly touched her outer pussy lips with my fingers.

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Still nothing. Fantastic! Growing bolder, I leaned forward and licked her pussy once, and then leaned back to see if that had gotten a response. Still nothing. I went back in, licking up her inner lips and making sure to pay attention to the clit. She tasted incredible, and I noticed her breathing rate increased after a bit of that. Like every guy at my school, I was hot for Christa.

She had been mean to me when we were freshmen, and because of her popularity lots of people followed suit, so my school life had not been fun because of her. I was thinking of some payback.

If I had been born male I would have pulled out my dick and started porking the little bitch, but unfortunately I was born without the required equipment, though no one at school actually knew that. Oh, you thought I was a guy, right? Well, I am; I identify as male, though I was born into the wrong gender.

I've said I was a boy since I was 8 years old, and even before then my parents called me a tomboy because I liked rough sports and getting dirty, and when I started reaching puberty I had an eye for the pretty girls.

Yes, I know that gender identity and sexual preference don't always align, but in my case they do. Anyway, back to the unconscious cheerleader.

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I wanted to do something to this little slut that she would never forget, but with the materials at hand (i.e., no penis) my options were limited. Or were they? I looked back down at the used condom. I suppose if I hadn't been ovulating I wouldn't even have considered doing what I was about to do. I had been on testosterone treatments for a couple of months by that point but my periods hadn't fully stopped, and I was horny as hell.

I picked up the used prophylactic, looking at the seed it contained through its translucent wall. I unhooked my belt and pulled my pants and underwear down for easy access to my vagina. I hated that I had one, but it still felt good to diddle myself. Sometime after graduation I would get the operation to give me a penis, but for now I had to work with what I had.

I untied the condom and laid it down between Christa's legs. With my left hand I dipped my finger into the rubber and with my right I started to play with my oversized clit, making a mental note to not mix the hands up. I was right handed so that wouldn't be a problem. As I skimmed my right index finger over my clit I brought my cum covered left index finger over to Christa's pussy, letting it hover above her glistening, open hole.

I held it there, watching as the semen rolled down to the tip of my finger, the liquid elongating, drooping downward as if it knew just where it wanted to go. And then the drop detached from my finger and landed just below Christa's clitoris. As I watched, the drop slipped down, between her pussy lips, and disappeared.

This was so fucking hot! My right index and middle fingers now moved faster on my clit as my other ones dipped back into the used condom, this time pulling out more of the dangerous substance.

I lightly ran my cum covered fingers along Christa's outer pussy lips, leaving a trail of pearly white seed as they went. Then I dipped the fingers into her vagina a little. I noted that Christa's insides were very warm, warmer than mine usually were when I pushed my fingers inside myself. Did that mean she was ovulating? The thought that what I was doing could make the little bitch cheerleader pregnant set me off.

I started to cum and I moved my fingers away from my clit before it became overstimulated. I came for quite a while and as I recovered I pushed my left fingers back into the used condom. I wanted more of those powerful orgasms; normally my cums weren't all that strong, possibly because of the T treatments.

This time I made sure to push my spermy fingers deep inside the unconscious beauty.

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I stayed away from my clit and pushed my right middle finger into my own pussy. It felt good! I noticed Christa's breathing rate had increased again, though she remained out of it.

My attentions were getting her hot too.

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I looked at Christa's puffy pussy, stuffed with my sperm-covered fingers. If she had always used condoms then I was doing something to her body that had never been done before! Nobody else was going to be the first person to put potent sperm inside this sexy slut's unprotected vagina. I scooped more sperm out and into her pussy. When I had investigated what I would lose when I made the transition from female to male I learned a lot about the female reproductive system.

If I was pushing this dangerous seed inside her at the right time of the month, I would be the first person to do something else to her: make her pregnant! And I didn't even have a penis! I really wished I did.I'd have filled the bitch full of my babymaking seed by now. I was enjoying the sight of Christa's tight midriff.

I imagined the sperm I had already pushed inside her swimming up and up, piercing her ripe egg and starting a chemical process that would change her body forever.

I was running out of semen so I started to move my fingers in and out of her pussy. Christa was making little pleasure noises but didn't seem to be waking.

My eyes continued to take in her perfectly toned cheerleader body as I pushed my fingers in and out. I imagined her muscular midsection a couple months from now, ever so slightly showing a "baby bump," maybe looking like she had gained a little weight. A few more weeks and the school would be talking: 'Is she getting fat, or.?' A few more weeks and there would be no more questions. Would she have to leave the school? Would she be kicked out of her home? Hm, I hoped she wouldn't become homeless; not with a baby on the way.

Finally, I took my fingers out of her puss and upended the condom, spilling the last of the cum between her legs. I watched as some of the remaining seed dripped into her slightly open vagina. I looked at her now erect nipples. In a few more months those magnificent athletic B cups would start to swell as her body prepared itself to feed her growing baby. I wondered if they would look even better as a C or D cup. My own breasts hadn't gotten any bigger than an A cup, and the T treatments kept them at that size.

I bound them up and wore loose shirts, but they were uncomfortable sometimes. Christa was still breathing heavily, and her hips were now moving rhythmically. One other thing I remembered from my reproduction into female investigation was that if a woman wants to get pregnant she should try to have an orgasm after the man has cum inside her. I wanted to give Christa the best chance at her new life, so as I pushed the last of the cum inside her with my fingers I leaned forward to lick her clit.

The gross salty taste of semen went away quickly as I lubricated her sweet spot, flicking my tongue lightly across it and then sucking it into my mouth.

It was awkward but I managed to keep my other hand in my own pussy, dipping my fingers in and out of myself as I pushed my other fingers into Christa and licked her button. She was breathing heavily now, gasping. I could feel her stomach muscles tensing up. Yes.yes! "Uuaahhh!" Christa groaned, and I could feel her pussy clamp down on my fingers.

Thinking of all the sperm that had been pooling in the back of her vagina being sucked through her spasming cervix and into her uterus by her orgasm set mine off.

I gasped into her pussy as the strongest orgasm of my life rolled over me. Both of us grunted and moaned for quite a while; I lost track of how long. Finally, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and sat back on my heels. This would be a night I would remember for the rest of my life, I thought to myself. Little did I know how right I was. Something fast hit my jaw and stars exploded behind my eyes.

I was dimly aware of falling off of the bed and lying there, unable to move. I could hear Christa, who had obviously woken up, yelling at me.

Something about rape, the condom, pregnancy, and then. "Oh my God, you're a girl?!" Oh shit, she knew my secret now! My pants had been around my knees when I fell so she could see everything, sprawled as I was on the floor before her! Everything was a grey fog and my body wouldn't work. One thing about having muscular cheerleader legs is they can really deliver a firm kick!

I think some time passed. I heard Christa talking to someone through the partially open door: "Yeah, same shit you gave me before, but more.totally fucked me up.I'll pay you tomorrow." My mouth was forced open and a few small objects dropped in. I tried to spit them out but Christa closed her hand over my mouth and pinched my nose shut so I couldn't breathe! When she saw my throat swallow she let go and I could breathe again.

My pants were pulled off, as well as my shirt and shoes, and then I felt my boob wrapping being unravelled. The relief I felt at not having my breasts uncomfortably bound anymore was far overshadowed by the overwhelming sense of dread. My head still felt full of cotton from the kick. Did I have a concussion? I lost consciousness for a bit, as the next thing I knew I was on the bed, bent forward with my head under a blanket. I could hear Christa: "She really wants to join the cheerleading squad next year.

Normally we don't accept anyone so skinny and bony, but she agreed to this to prove that she is really going to work for it, you know?" I heard a male voice say something and then the bed tilted back a little. I felt something poke at my pussy. NO! OH GOD NO! It was then that I realized I still couldn't move.I couldn't even speak! My head wasn't hurting anymore -- it actually felt pretty good -- but I was paralyzed.

Just like Christa was when I molested her!

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She had been on some sort of drug and had forced me to take some. The orgasms I had earlier while pushing sperm inside of Christa worked against me. My pussy was still lubricated so that whoever was poking their cock at it didn't even need foreplay. I felt my wet but unused vagina stretching around the intruder. The male voice again: "She sure is skinny. I can't look at her face?" Christa's voice, now close to my head: "No.she doesn't want her reputation ruined.

Isn't that right, sweetie?" I could only groan a little in response. The cock pushing into me pulled out a bit and then pushed in hard. I had lost my hymen to a vibrator the previous year but it still felt like the first time again. I whimpered.


I faded out again. I came back, feeling someone expertly manipulating my clitoris while one of my nipples were being sucked. My pussy felt like it was on fire, and. .and the guy fucking me was picking up speed, increasing the force of his thrusts.

He was going to cum! NO! "Should I pull out?" he asked. The finger on my clit stopped, as did the sucking on my nipple, and Christa's voice returned to near my head: "No.go ahead and cum inside.she said she's safe." NO! I tried to scream.PULL OUT!

Christa whispered into my ear: "Fucking little man-girl! You may have made me pregnant with that stunt earlier. Well, turnabout is a bitch, and so am I! Enjoy this, you stupid little Hilary Swank wannabe." The guy was getting into the short strokes now. I could feel his penis getting bigger inside me as he hammered at my pussy.

Nooooo.I was definitely ovulating! Then Christa said, " should pull out and cum on her back. Better safe than sorry." "Arhh!" The guy grunted. I could feel his cock throb deep inside me, and then he pulled out quickly.

I felt a spurt of his cum hit my ass, and then warm liquid rained down on my lower back. Oh, thank God, I said to myself, relaxing a bit. The guy spoke up, "Uh, I think I shot a little in her. You waited too long to tell me to pull out." Oh shit!

That was the throbbing sensation at the end. Noooo. Christa replied, "Oh, I'm sure she'll be fine. Shoo now." "Oh.uhh.okay." I heard the guy get off the bed. I could feel the cum the guy had shot onto my ass rolling down, getting dangerously close to my pussy lips due to my butt pointing up in the air. I tried to move but it was no use. I stopped feeling the cum move.had it dripped off?

Had it slipped into my pussy? I just didn't know. The guy finished changing and I heard the door close. Christa moved onto the bed behind me. "I was going to let him blow his load deep inside you, you know, but I had an idea," she said. I felt her scoop some of the cum from off of my back. Oh no! Her fingers found my pussy lips, tickling them as they circled their target.! Then she pushed those fingers into my pussy, hard. NO! Christa retrieved more of the sperm from my lower back and pushed it into my fertile hole, getting rougher each time. When she was finally done my pussy lips were raw and I thought they might be bleeding. She had pushed that guy's entire potent load into me, as I had done to her earlier.

Then she flipped me over, my legs spread before her and the blanket over my face slipped off so I could see what she was doing. Her clothes were back on but she had a wanton look on her face. It was sexy as hell, as much as it was scary. She smiled at me and then lowered her face to my crotch. I'd never had anyone go down on me before. I was unprepared for the sheer overwhelming pleasure of it. Christa brought me close to orgasm quickly.

Dimly I remembered something from earlier.something important? I heard my voice in my head: Don't cum! If you cum you'll get pregnant for sure! My head was messed up from the drug, the booze I had drank earlier, the sexy craziness of finger fucking Christa and possibly getting her pregnant, and now getting raped and having Christa turn the tables on me. I was already primed and ready from all of it, and there was no way to stop what was coming.

Nooooo! my mind screamed as my stomach muscles tightened and I raised my pelvis to push hard back at Christa's tongue.and then I came. The orgasm I had while Christa was cumming on my hand and possibly getting pregnant earlier was nothing compared to this. I cried out as pleasure radiated out from my clit, moving through my spasming vagina, echoing deep inside me as my cervix opened and pulled the rich, potent seed Christa had pushed inside me deeper, deeper, the inevitability of my pregnancy acting as an aphrodisiac on my addled mind.

I continued to cum and cum, my stomach muscles almost cramping up from the extended orgasm. Finally it was over, and I blacked out again. When I woke I was back in the bent forward position on the bed, the sheet covering my head again. I could hear Christa: "She really wants to join the cheerleading squad next year.


She's pretty bony.normally we wouldn't accept someone like her, but." I was totally fucked.