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Hot anime Küken ihre Titten reiben
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Feeding Petunia by Lubrican Bob Davis was in trouble, and it was real trouble. His cock was stiff and he was getting a blow job of sorts, but not by choice and not the kind of blow job he wanted . maybe not the kind of blowjob he could even survive. It felt like his balls might just get sucked out through his dick. As he frantically tried to get away from the cute young female whose mouth was firmly attached to his cock, thoughts flashed through his head on how he got in this mess .

Mandy was a cute girl, of average height, with nice round bouncing breasts, and wide hips below a slim waist.

She had straw colored hair that was almost always worn in a pony tail. She was strong for a girl, capable of lifting 80 pound sacks of feed easily, which she did most days on her father's dairy farm. She had a ready grin, and a quick sense of humor. She was the kind of girl that turned most men on instantly. Boys her age dreamed of getting her out on a date and getting away with . things. Men older than she, imagined they were boys her age who were out on dates with her and getting away with .

things. One of those men was her Uncle Bob. Bob had watched her grow up from a toddler, to a skinny tree climbing and giggling girl, to a confused pre-teen, and into the flush of her teenage years. He'd always been her favorite Uncle, even though he was often at odds with her father on things. In High School, Bob had been involved in sports, while his brother Dan had spent all his free time working for old Mr.

Miller on his dairy farm. When old Mr. Miller had died, everyone in the county was amazed to find out that he'd left the operation to Dan in his will. Her father was a country man, who loved the peace and fresh air of the rural areas, while Bob had been seduced by the fast pace and wild times in the city. As a result, when Uncle Bob came to stay at the farm he made fun of his brother for being a hick farmer.

He had made fun of Mandy one time when she was eleven and she hadn't spoken to him for the rest of that trip. She also hadn't hugged him goodbye. He realized how much he must have hurt her feelings and wrote her a formal letter of apology. The next time he visited things were back to normal. He never kidded either of them about being hicks again.

Bob was a consultant in the security business, which meant he traveled a lot, sometimes overseas. But he set his own hours and made a ton of money, and, for a while at least, he even enjoyed not having a real place to call home.

As time dragged on, though, he wished he had someplace he could go to between jobs that was more permanent . someplace he could display his trophies . someplace he could bring a woman back to after a date, not that he was able to date much. He almost envied his brother, who had a beautiful sexy wife and cute sexy daughter, and a real house. Then one day, Bob almost lost a client in a car bombing. Two of his men were injured, one badly. His backup plan worked flawlessly and he got the client out safely.

But it made him think about the day when he might not be interested any more in quite that much excitement. He thought about the farm, and about how there could be an extension put onto the house on the west side that would be big enough for a man to live in if he wanted to. He decided to go talk to his brother Dan about becoming a silent partner in the dairy operation. As he drove the hundred and twenty miles from the nearest major airport, Bob realized he hadn't been out to see his brother in over two years.

Business had been good, and Bob had surpassed his dream of someday being a millionaire. Currently he had three million in the bank, and that didn't count his operating fund. He drove up the lane to the house and marveled at how good everything looked. All the buildings were painted and in good condition. There didn't seem to be anyone around, and he stood in the empty yard for quite some time, just soaking in peace and quiet.

That peace was shattered by squeals of "UNCLE BOB . YOU'RE HERE!!!" He was almost knocked off his feet by the violence of Mandy's greeting as she flung herself on him, leaving the ground and wrapping her legs around him as she flew into him. He staggered and wrapped his arms around tight teenage girl as she kissed him on his cheek and dug her face into his neck. "I've missed you so much!" she whined.

Bob felt several things immediately. First of all her breasts were crushed into his chest. Then there was her hot breath on his neck. She didn't weigh all that much, but when she jumped on him he had to help hold her up, and his hands had ended up on her firm teen bottom.

All these things made him think about what was pressed against his belt buckle, and which was slowly sliding down toward his stiffening prick. In fact, just as he thought of that her pussy did, in fact, slide right across his building bulge.

To his amazement she whispered in his ear "Oh my, I can see that Uncle Bob is happy to see me too!" She giggled and dropped her legs from around him, stepping back, but not letting go of him. "Daddy's in the barn and Momma had to go to town, so I got the job of welcoming you. I'm supposed to help you get your stuff in the house and get you all settled in and stuff." He was already off guard, and she drove him further when she reached up on tip toes and kissed him on the mouth.

"I'm just SO GLAD you're here." Her eyes slid downward, to the front of his pants, where his boner was plainly visible and she giggled again. She kept him moving, getting his bags out of the car and talking a mile a minute about school, and her 4-H club activities and asking him questions as she led him into the old house. His bedroom, while the extension was being built, was actually an old storage room that was reached by going down a long dark hallway and through a door on the left.

Across the hallway was the back door of the kitchen. He followed her, watching her jeans-clad butt as it undulated in front of him and his hardon crystallized, achieving its full bloom in his pants. He had to put down a suitcase to adjust it so it wasn't quite so obvious. Because of that Mandy got to the room first and had already plopped the suitcases she was carrying on the bed and opened one of them.

She was pulling clothing out and putting it in drawers of an old dresser next to the bed as she chatted on. He wasn't even listening to her. Mandy was wearing a halter top that showed almost all of her big soft breasts when she bent over. And she was bending over a lot, picking up his socks and shirts and putting them in drawers. He heard her say "Oh Wow!" and saw that she was holding up a pair of his bikini briefs.

They were leopard spotted. She didn't seem at all abashed by the fact that she was examining her uncle's underwear. "I bet you look good in these" she said, and then she made that maddening giggling sound again.

He saw her drop her eyes to his crotch and almost groaned as he realized his hardon must be showing. She just giggled again and went back to unpacking for him. Then it was time for lunch and he got some relief as his brother chatted about the farm and his sister-in-law, Lorna, walked around the kitchen in her tight jeans and western shirt.

She was a joy to watch too. During lunch Bob made his offer and Dan accepted it gladly while the two women grinned and jumped for joy. Mandy crashed into him, hugging him and pressing her big melons into him. It was after lunch that things took a turn for the worse. Dan said he had to go into town to a bull auction and would be gone the rest of the day.

Mandy said that didn't matter, since Uncle Bob was going to figure whether to build a new house, or add on to the old one. She could show him the whole operation so he'd know where things were and how they impacted each other. Lorna said she had baking to do and that it all didn't matter to her. Which is how Bob ended up trailing behind his sexy niece as she bounced along in front of him.

She took him to each outbuilding and then the pasture. He asked her why the pasture mattered and she said that wind direction could make all the difference in the world between a nice summer night, eating watermelon outside, or closing up the house and using the AC because of the stink outside.

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There was a pond too, and when he saw it he wondered why it wasn't called a lake. It was huge. Mandy turned to look at him with a speculative look in her eye. "Lets go swimming Uncle Bob. It's hot and the water will feel good." Bob was a champion swimmer, but he knew what she was aiming at. "Mandy, we don't have suits, and your momma would kill us both if she found out I got naked in front of you." Mandy laughed. "Shows what YOU know! My momma would be the first one to strip down and jump in if she was here." And with that she did just that.

She shrugged her halter top off and with a quick flip of fingers unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. When they dropped like a rock, she was standing there stark naked. No panties. Of course Bob looked.

He was a man. She was gorgeous, that was for sure. She had freckles all over her chest and the tops of her breasts. She didn't go topless, because her breasts were white, though there were no lines to show she sunbathed either. Just an even shading from dark to white.

Her pubic hair was short, darker than her head hair and did nothing whatsoever to cover her pussy lips. She shot him one look and then danced off to jump in the water.


"Come on in Uncle Bob, the water's great" she yelled. Bob knew that if he disrobed she'd see his aching boner and he had a feeling she knew that too. Apparently she was willing to let him get a look in order to get her own eyeful. But he wasn't playing. He knew what would happen if anyone found out he'd skinny dipped with his 10th grade niece.

So he sat down and hid his erection from her while she called him chicken, and a party pooper and a few other things. Still, by the time they left, she hadn't seen what she'd done to him and he felt inordinately proud of that for some reason.

Of course he was in pain. His balls were bursting as he fantasized about sliding his prick between those puffy pink pussy lips she'd flashed at him and dumping his load in her tight teen belly. But he maintained control. For a man who took his women pretty much where he found them, it was an amazing exhibition of self control.

Which is why, when she said she had to go to the bathroom, and that she'd be back in a while, and he happened to be near the barn, that he decided he'd go and jack off while she was gone. That would lessen the ache in his balls, and make his unruly prick go down too.

As soon as she left he headed for the barn. It was dark inside. So much the better. He heard the rustle of cows in their stalls - they were the milkers and stayed in the barn most of the time - but he didn't figure they could cause him trouble.

He was wrong. He had his pants down around his knees and his erection exposed. He leaned against the stall and was about to take hold of his problem when something warm and wet clamped onto it and began sucking .

HARD! Bob let out a little yell of fright and looked down to see the head of a calf sticking through the stall boards. That calf was hungry, and it saw something that looked like it was it's momma's teat, and it latched on but good. It wasn't letting go until it got something either.

That was when Bob knew he was in trouble. This thing could suck HARD! AND, it was . munching was the only word .

and it was PAINFUL! He slapped at the head of the little calf and she jerked her head. But she didn't let go. He thought he was going to pass out from the pain.

Mandy had finished in the bathroom and was looking for Uncle Bob when she heard the scream of pain coming from the barn. She ran and found him, sagging, almost on his knees, with his penis locked firmly in Petunia's mouth. Mandy knew how hard Petunia could suck. She'd had her finger in that mouth. Luckily she knew how to make Petunia let go.

She did that and Uncle Bob fell to the ground in a fetal position. Mandy couldn't get him up so she ran for help. "Momma Momma, come help quick, Uncle Bob's hurt!" she yelled as she banged into the house. Lorna dropped the dough she was kneading and ran with her daughter. "What happened?" she yelled as they ran. "I don't know, but Petunia had his thing in her mouth." her daughter yelled back. "Thing?" yelled Lorna.

"You know . his penis." called Mandy as she threw open the barn door. Lorna slowed to a walk and entered the dark barn. She saw Bob lying on the ground by Petunia's stall and assumed he'd dropped his pants to take a leak or something.

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He was moaning and not very cognizant of what was going on around him. "Let's get him in the house" said Lorna. Together they got their hands under his arms and got him on his feet. He kept trying to pull up his pants and finally Lorna stopped them long enough for her and Mandy to pull his pants up around his thighs.

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Then Bob could shuffle along better. "Let's get him on the bed in our room" said Lorna. Bob was aware that he was being helped into the house by the two women. He was aware that the calf had bitten his penis off. He was aware they were trying to save his life and so he lay there in pain, trying to pass out.

"Can you get the bleeding stopped?" he groaned. He looked up and Lorna was standing, hands on hips, staring at his crotch. "Mandy honey, get me some warm soapy water and a rag. Not too hot, mind you," she said as she leaned over and stared at his crotch. Bob figured she must be one tough woman not to be puking all over the place when she looked at his stump. Lorna said "Don't you move Bob. I've got to get an analgesic for that." She was gone only a moment and when she came back she had a flat tin of paste in her hands.

"This is going to burn a little at first Bob, but it will help with the pain." She greased up her hands and they disappeared from his view as she reached for what was left of his manhood. He felt the coolness of the cream at first, then heat - a LOT of heat - and was about to ask her to throw water on it when, all of a sudden, the pain just vanished. It was amazing. About then Mandy came in with a bowl of water and a rag.

Lorna took it and dipped the rag in the water. "If this hurts too much, just say something." He felt the rag being used on his skin, then his balls, and finally his penis. His penis was numb. Both women were looking closely at his groin. Mandy said "Doesn't look too bad Momma." Lorna nodded.

"There's a few scratches from her teeth, but no real bleeding. I think he'll be OK." Mandy casually said "Gosh Momma, he's sure got a big one." Lorna splashed water at her daughter. "Mandy Sue, this man's hurt.

You shouldn't be thinking what you're thinking, girl." "Gee Momma, I'm sorry, but the only other one I ever seen was Daddy's and his is lots smaller than Uncle Bob's" The object of their discussion began to realize that perhaps he wasn't going to die after all.

He raised his head and saw that Lorna had his penis cupped in one hand while she washed it off with the other. She was being very tender about it really. Once he realized there wasn't actually any real damage, he couldn't help but concentrate on who was holding on to it. He started to panic as he felt the familiar tingle that meant he was going to get stiff. "Mandy! Your Daddy's works just fine. It got YOU here didn't it?" said her mother.

"Well sure, Momma. But how do we know that Uncle Bob's is still going to work. Maybe Petunia broke it or something.

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It used to be a lot bigger than it is now." "What do you mean Mandy?" her mother's voice was flat. "Well, we were down at the pond and I wanted to go swimming and he didn't and his pants were all full and sticking out and stuff.

They were sticking out a lot more than that would make them stick out." she pointed at the penis in her mother's hand. "HEY!" she added. "It's getting bigger right now!" "Mandy, did you go skinny dipping in front of your Uncle?" said her mother in that flat voice.

"Sure Momma. It was hot. But Uncle Bob said he couldn't because you'd be mad at him if he did." Lorna swiveled her head and looked at Bob. His eyes were wide. She had hold of his prick and it was already a little the worse for wear. If she got pissed at him now . "That's because your Uncle is a gentleman, Mandy" she said. She smiled and squeezed his penis. "It's a rare day these days when you find a man who doesn't take advantage of a situation.

Mandy, bring me that lotion over there." Mandy came back with a bottle and Lorna put some in her hand. "We're going to make sure that Uncle Bob's penis still works Mandy. Now I wouldn't normally let you watch this, but maybe it's about time you learned some things.

Then, to Bob's complete surprise, she slathered up his prick and began jerking him off. His penis was only semi erect when she started, but the knowledge of what she was doing, plus his packed balls from before the accident, made his prick hard almost immediately. "Well, the first part is working like it's supposed to." Said Lorna. Mandy was watching closely. "You see Mandy, when the man's penis gets erect .

like this . then it's hard enough to be able to go inside the woman." "In her vagina" said Mandy, licking her lips. "Yes dear." said Lorna, beginning to slide her hand up and down Bob's long hard prick.


"Then, as it goes in and out of the woman - we'll pretend my hand is a woman's vagina - it stimulates the penis so much that it ejaculates." "That's when the stuff . the sperm . comes out." said Mandy.


"Right. The sperm is made in the testes, which are inside that sac under the penis." "Right here" said Mandy as she touched his balls with one finger. She was bent over and her breasts were showing again. He wanted to cum but she wasn't jacking quite fast enough.

He groaned in frustration. Lorna looked at him and guessed he was close. "And when the man is ready to ejaculate, he usually speeds up some . like this." Lorna began stroking him in rapid short strokes, and that was all that Bob needed. Without warning his penis exploded and a long stream of heavy white fluid shot up into the air a good sixteen inches.

Lorna said "Wow!" as Mandy, who had been leaning over to watch got the end of that stream right below her nose. She jumped back going "EEEwwwwww!" and brought her hand up to wipe it away.

But in the process of jumping back she backed into a chair and sat down hard. Her mouth opened, and, instead of wiping the fluid off her upper lip, she wiped it right INTO her mouth instead. "OH!" she yelled "OOO! IT GOT IN MY MOUTH!" she squealed and then realized that as she had talked, she had tasted it too. And at that instant she realized it didn't taste bad at all.

It was warm, but it wasn't bad. She stopped talking and concentrated on tasting. Lorna had been amazed at the strength with which her brother-in-law ejaculated. She and Dan had had only Mandy because after that she couldn't seem to get pregnant any more.

She'd assumed it was because something had happened to her reproductive organs during childbirth. Shed wanted three or four kids but had to settle for just Mandy. As she saw the great first stream of Bob's semen jet up into the air she realized how tepid her husband's issue was. When he came it just dribbled a lot.

Then she heard her daughter squealing about getting Bob's semen in her mouth. She sounded horrified, but when Lorna looked and saw the smear of slippery white stuff on Mandy's upper lip, Mandy appeared to be evaluating the taste, rather than trying to spit it out.

The fact that Mandy had a half smile on her face made Lorna's pussy get wet. It had been a long time since she'd had a spurting cock in her mouth and she loved the taste of semen. Her decision was made as a second spurt cleared the tip of Bob's cock and arced up into the air.

She let her mouth fall onto the tip of his cock and, remembering that Petunia had recently bitten him, just sucked gently on the tip and rimmed it with her tongue. She was rewarded with three more respectable shots of love juice, which she happily slurped up and swallowed.

"MOMMA!" squealed Mandy at the same time Bob groaned "Ohhh Lorna." There were a lot of things flashing through Lorna's mind as she sucked off her daughter's uncle. One was how to justify what she was doing. Mandy was obviously aware of the inappropriateness of what was going on. She decided to just be brazen. She lifted her head, licked her lips and said "Well, we've determined that the plumbing still works.

I guess Petunia didn't break it after all." She dabbed at Bob's shrinking cock with a towel and turned her head to speak to him for the first time directly. "Let's leave your pants off for now, Bob. There may be some swelling. You can cover that thing up with the sheet or something.

I'll take a look at it later to make sure you're healing OK." Bob's head was whirling. Ever since that calf had latched onto his prick he'd been off balance. He couldn't believe his beautiful sister-in-law had just sucked him off, to say nothing of the fact that his niece was wiping every trace of his semen from her face and then sticking the fingers she wiped with in her mouth and sucking them clean.

And then there was Lorna's suggestion that she wasn't done with him yet. Even now she was pulling his pants off his feet and dropping them on the floor. What had he gotten himself into? "OK, sweetheart" Lorna said to her daughter. "You come help me in the kitchen while your poor Uncle gets some rest." She turned to him and said "Take a nap. You need it." Then they left him on the bed, with his now limp penis lying on his stomach.

Oddly enough, he had no trouble getting to sleep. He was awakened by the sound of low pitched voices. His brother's stood out. "Petunia did WHAT!?" "mumble . in the barn . mumble mumble" That must be Lorna telling him what happened.

"What was he doing with it out in the first place?" "mumble pond and mumble mumble" "She went SKINNY DIPPING in front of him?!" "mumble he wouldn't mumble mumble." "Man I wish I'd have gotten to see the look on his face when she latched onto him. What happened then?" "mumble mumble on the bed mumble mumble see if it still worked giggle giggle." "You mean you gave him a BLOWJOB in front of your DAUGHTER?!" "mumble not exactly mumble but then mumble and I couldn't help it." Bob sighed.

She apparently decided not to tell Dan that his daughter not only got to see the hand job/blowjob, but actually tasted the product of it too. They talked for a while longer, but he couldn't understand either of them during that part. He wondered how much longer Dan would let him stay.

He got up and put his pants back on. Might as well find out sooner rather than later. He went out into the kitchen where he found Lorna and Dan still talking. Dan looked up, a sparkle in his eye. "Bob, you have no idea how much fun I'm going to get out of this story down at the CO-OP." Bob flushed. Dan went on. "Sit down. We need to talk." Here it came. Bob sat, gingerly and Dan grinned. "Lorna tells me everything works like it's supposed to.

Did she miss something?" "Look, Dan, I'm sorry about that. I was sort of in a daze and ." Dan cut him off. "I need to tell you something." He looked at Lorna "And you too honey. I should have told you a long time ago, but I hoped ." He stopped for a minute. "Remember right after you had Mandy and that bull kicked me?" he said. Lorna nodded and he went on. "Well, I had some problems after that I never told you about.

I peed blood for a week, for one thing. I went over to Doc Watkins and he took a look and said that there had been some damage." He looked back at Lorna. "Some BAD damage. I didn't tell you because I knew you wanted more kids and I hoped things would come back . but I guess they never did. I should have told you." Lorna looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"But we could have taken your sperm and done in vitro fertilization" she said. He shook his head. "No, that bull smashed my balls. They don't produce sperm any more I guess. We were hoping they'd come back, but they didn't unless you've been using birth control." She shook her head. "But maybe it's not too late." he went on. She looked at him puzzled. "You're still young enough to have a couple more. You're healthy.

I would have suggested this a long time ago except there wasn't a . ah . suitable . donor . until now." Lorna's eyes went round. "You mean . Bob?" she gasped. "What!?" said Bob, confused. "Bob has good sperm and it's Davis sperm," said Dan. Bob got it. He was astounded, but his business sense kicked in.

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"I know some good doctors. They worked on some of my people and they'll know the best in the field for in vitro work." Dan smiled.

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"You've got the money to do that sort of thing. We don't. Wouldn't it be cheaper, faster and easier if you just did it the old fashioned way?" Lorna cocked an eyebrow at him. Bob just took in a breath and held it. Dan went on. "Come on Lorna, don't give me that look. If you got so worked up that you sucked him off you can't tell me you'd find that distasteful." Lorna blushed beet red.

"I told you, it was an impulse. It had been so long and ." Dan kissed her. "You don't have to explain it to me. This man is family. We can do it his way, or the other way. All I care about is that you get the family you wanted and I promised you." "But." said Bob. He felt like he had to say something like that. "Bob, when was the last time you had a real lover?" said his brother. "You've hopped all over the world.

Did you ever even have the same woman twice? Now Bob blushed. "I sort of didn't have any women. They were a liability in my business. You never knew what they were after. Sometimes it can be information about your clients so they can make a hit." Lorna perked up at his admission. "How many exactly have you had?" she said. Bob looked at the ceiling. "Well, there was this one girl. I hired her as a secretary. She was a virgin, though, and didn't tell me until . well it was too late then.

Turned out she was supposed to be in college. Her daddy showed up and things started to get ugly. I gave her . I guess you could call it a scholarship and she quit. That kind of soured me on women for a few years. There was a flight attendant in Seoul, but all she wanted was oral sex. I had a girlfriend in Philly for a couple of months. She was into oral sex too and didn't want to go on the pill because she said they made her gain weight.

So I only . had intercourse with her a couple of times. Then I left on a trip and when I got back she was pregnant, and the timing suggested that it wasn't mine and she finally confessed she'd done it with this guy she'd met and we broke up. That's pretty much it I guess." Lorna said "So, other than a virgin once, and your girlfriend two or three times, all you've had for the last ten years was a few blow jobs?" She added as if she was talking to herself "No wonder he went off like a bomb." She blushed then, realizing she'd said it out loud.

Dan stood up. "Why don't you two talk it over and make a decision. I've got a bull to unload." He yelled for Mandy to come help him with the bull and left. Lorna looked at him and then looked down, blushing. "I'll never understand men.

But I'll understand if you don't want to ." she didn't finish. Bob stared at her. "Are you CRAZY?" he said. "Any man in his right MIND would jump at the chance." "Would YOU?" she said. Now she did raise her eyes and look into his. "This is too strange for me," he said. "How would you feel about it?" She was quiet for a minute. "Bob I'm going to trust you and say what I really feel. You did the gentlemanly thing with Mandy at the pond, especially since she got naked in front of you.

I know what my daughter looks like. So I'm going to tell you what I think about this idea and hope you don't abuse my trust. OK?" He didn't know what to say. "I promise not to laugh at you, if that's what you mean." She bit her lip. "Bob, I love my husband. He's the light of my life. But I want more children. And ever since I saw your . prick" she said the word on purpose, for it's impact "I've wanted it in my pussy making me pregnant.

I want it in me right this very minute. My pussy is wet just from talking about it." Her eyes dropped. "I suppose that makes me a whore." Bob slammed the table with his hand and she jumped, scared.

He put his face up next to hers and said, in an ugly voice. "Don't EVER let me hear you refer to yourself that way again." Then he kissed her on the lips. Lorna jumped up and threw her arms around Bob. "Thank you so much Bob . you have no idea how much this means to me . I promise you won't be sorry, oh, let's go tell Dan.

He wanted boys and when I couldn't have more than Mandy I know it just killed him." She came to his bed that very night. After everyone had gone to bed she got up and came into his room. It was noisy for both of them. Lorna hadn't had a really stiff long cock in her since the bull kicked Dan, and Bob was so horny from thinking about it that he was as hard and long as he'd ever been in his life.

Lorna managed to have two quick orgasms before he blew his nut in her, soaking her with his sperm. Their coupling was so pleasurable that she decided to stay a while and see if he could go again. He did. She didn't go back to her marriage bed until three in the morning. Lorna didn't like the idea of not getting to sleep with her husband. So, she decided that daytime was just as good for getting pregnant as nighttime was.

She'd send Mandy to town to get something and then grab Bob. They were like newlyweds. He fucked her on her bed, on the kitchen table, standing up in the pantry. Both of them knew that, as far as TRYING to get pregnant, they weren't going about it scientifically, but they were having so much fun being lovers that they didn't care. They didn't flaunt it in front of Dan, for which he was grateful.

He didn't try to find out how often they 'tried' to get a baby in her belly. Bob still spent hours and hours with his niece, but if she got him going - and she always got him going - he now had an outlet that didn't require either his hand or a calf. It was inevitable, however, that Mandy would find out about her mother's new lover.

It happened on a Saturday when Dan was again gone to the auction. Lorna sent Mandy to town to get some flour, but Mandy took off without the money. When she returned she went to her mother's room, where her purse would be. What she found there astounded her.

She opened the door just as her Uncle, stark naked, fisted his penis, that nice long hard penis she'd seen a week ago, and nestled the head of it between her mother's fat labia.

She could see that her mother was naked too and that her hips were working up and down. "Hurry up Bob" hissed her mother. "I need that thing in me NOW." He grinned. "If you'd quit wiggling I wouldn't have to try to hit a moving target." and with that he pushed. Mandy's eyes got round as that massive log sank into her mother like a knife into butter and her mother uttered a moan that sounded like pure pleasure. "MOMMA!" she burst out reflexively.

Two heads turned toward her as she stood in the doorway. "Oh shit" said her Uncle. Lorna took another tack. "Hi Baby" she said lightly.

"Are you back already?" "MOMMA!" said Mandy again. She took a step forward. "Momma, what's going on?" Lorna sighed and pushed at Bob, who dragged his still stiff bone out of her pussy. It was shiny and wet looking.

He sat back on the bed, his erection sticking up from his brown nest of pubic hair. Lorna sat up and turned so her feet hung off the bed. "Your Uncle is trying to get me pregnant honey," she said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. "Pregnant?" said Mandy. "Yes dear." said her mother patiently. "Your father and I want to have more children, but we found out Daddy can't.

A bull kicked him and . hurt him." "Daddy's hurt?!" said Mandy. "Not now honey. That was a long time ago. It's a long story sweetie. Why did you come back so soon?" "I forgot the money" said the bewildered teen. She was staring at Bob's boner. "It's on the bureau dear" said her mother, who then laid back and spread her legs again for Bob.

"Twenty pounds Mandy, remember?" Her hands went out, open for Bob. Not knowing what else to do he crawled between her thighs. The fact that Mandy was still standing there, watching, made him harder, not softer. "OK Momma" said the girl. She went to the purse and extracted the money, sneaking looks at the two adults on the bed. Then she went to the door and turned around. Lorna reached for Bob's prick. He whispered "She's still watching." "You have to go now honey" said Lorna.

"OK Momma" said Mandy. The door closed . mostly. The adults could clearly see Mandy standing on the other side of the door, peeking in. Lorna felt Bob's cock. "My my, perhaps we should let her watch more often." She slotted it in her pussy again and said "Now Bob". Bob slid in and began fucking the woman in front of her daughter. It was too hot for him and he came almost immediately. He stayed hard as stone, though and continued pounding Lorna as she cooed and told him how good it felt.

She knew he'd cum too, but was enjoying the thorough fucking she was getting. She let her orgasm wash over her, no longer caring that her teenage daughter was watching. She knew in a distant part of her mind that her daughter would probably want to explore this new thing, and that she'd probably want to explore it with the same man who was pleasing her mother so much right now. She sighed as she felt Bob's prick give up even more of it's hot cargo and she welcomed it into her womb.

The next day Lorna sat with Bob after breakfast, drinking coffee. "What are we going to do about Mandy?" she said. "I don't know" he said honestly. "When she makes me horny I come see you." She laughed. No wonder you're horny most of the time. And here I thought it was all me." He reached for her hand. "You're the sexiest woman I've ever met. When I cum in you I'm thinking of YOU, and no one else. "That's one of the nicest compliments I've ever gotten. One of the dirtiest too, but nice." She laughed.

"She's going to want to try what she saw, though." "They all do sooner or later," he said. "Bob, come on. Think of her, naked, in the back seat of some car, with some pimply faced boy.

What does that feel like?" He looked at her. "It makes me want to load up my .45 and go boy hunting." "Exactly" she said. "But I know a sensitive, caring man who's a good lover and would never ever hurt her." "You can't be serious," he said, staring at her.

"First you and now her?" "Why not. She obviously likes the idea. She'd never have gotten naked in front of you otherwise. AND she tasted your sperm and LIKED it!" "Well, maybe so, but Dan would never stand for it. That's incest for pity's sake." "OK, but royalty have done that for centuries, and besides, we're not talking about getting her with child. I know when her cycle's due. She's safe right now, for instance. You let me handle Dan.

I'd rather it was you than some boy who sticks it in her and hurts her." To seal the deal she pulled him into the pantry and got a cunt-full of his spunk. After lunch Lorna organized a haying party. Dan dealt with the stock for the most part, and one of Lorna's jobs was cutting and baling hay. She drafted Bob and Mandy, saying that Mandy could teach Bob how to run the hay rake. All afternoon Lorna cut hay and Mandy, on the small tractor, followed behind pulling the hay rake while Bob rode the axle beside her.

She was in a halter top again, and Bob had pretty much an unrestricted view of her bobbing breasts as they bounced along. About four in the afternoon Lorna pulled off beside some trees that were growing by the pond. She spread out a blanket and put some snacks and drinks out on it. Then she started taking off her clothes. By the time Mandy and Bob caught up to her she was down to her bra and panties.

"I'm going swimming" she yelled. She reached behind her and the bra snapped loose, freeing her beautiful melons. Then she skinned her panties off and ran for the water. Mandy stopped the tractor and looked at her Uncle.

"You going to swim this time?" she said. He nodded. "You going to do anything else?" said the teen, licking her lips.

"I don't know, maybe" he said.

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"Let's go" said his niece. Then she got naked the same way she had before. A shrug and the halter top was loose. She wasn't wearing any panties under her shorts this time either. She ran for the water and began splashing her mother. Bob decided that his boner this time wasn't a problem and let it lead him to the water. By the time he got there both women were standing in waist deep water, watching him.

"You were right, dear" said Lorna. "He IS bigger than your Daddy." "I know!" said Mandy, absently running a hand over her tingling nipples. "But how does it ever FIT?" "It's MADE to fit, silly" chided her mother. "It fits me perfectly." "What does it feel like when he . you know . squirts?" "Well, it feels hot" Mandy nodded, remembering the hot feel of it when it hit her lip. "And it feels wet inside and it makes me feel all shivery" said Lorna. Mandy looked at her mother.

"It made me feel sort of . shivery . when I watched you." "It made your pussy itch, didn't it?" said her mother, sliding her hand between her legs. "Mine itches right now just looking at it." "Yeah" sighed Mandy. "I was afraid I was getting an infection or something." "No, it's completely normal when a girl sees the right penis." said her mother.

"The right penis?" said Mandy, staring at Bob's. "Yes, it has to be a penis the girl likes. On a man she likes. On a man she trusts not to hurt her. Does your pussy itch right now honey?" "Uh huh" Mandy nodded. Then she realized what she'd just said. "But ." "Don't you worry baby" said her mother. "It's perfectly normal. Do you want to . touch Uncle Bob's penis honey?" "Uh huh" Mandy nodded again.

She licked her lips again. They got out and went to the blanket. Mandy experimented, under her mother's tutelage, stroking Bob's boner, tasting it, and finally jacking it off completely. Mandy decided she wanted to taste the sperm again, and when he warned her he was cumming she clamped her lips over the head of his cock like she'd seen her mother do that day.

When his seed filled her mouth she gulped it greedily and smiled with spermy lips when she was done. "I did it Momma? Just like you did!" She got a hug. They ate and drank, sitting naked in the sun. Mandy kept shooting looks at Bob's prick and smiled when it began to grow again, standing out from his body. She looked at her mother. "Can I try . the other thing?" she said. "That's the dangerous thing to do, honey" said her mother. "If you don't do it at the right time of the month you can get pregnant, like I am." Bob's head jerked up.

"You're pregnant?" he said incredulously. She smiled and nodded. "I missed two weeks ago. I did one of those over the counter tests and it was positive last Friday night." Bob thought back. She'd spread her legs for him at least five times since then. "But why .?" he said. "I'm addicted" she said simply. "That's why. I'm doing Dan almost as much as I'm doing you." she smiled. "He's pretty happy about it." Mandy broke in "So there's a baby in you .

right now? His baby?" "Yes dear. That's why you need to be very careful if you decide to have intercourse yourself. If you do that with your Uncle he could make a baby in you too." It never occurred to either Bob or Lorna that little Mandy wanted to be as much like her mother as possible.

But she wasn't stupid. She knew if she made it obvious she was trying to get pregnant that they'd stop her. So she wavered and worried and talked about whether it would hurt or not before 'deciding' she wanted to try it. She was already panting when she lay back and spread her legs. Her Uncle surprised her when, instead of mounting here like he had her mother, he leaned in and planted a kiss on her tight teen pussy mouth.

Then he stuck his tongue in her and she was off to the races. Her hips came up off the blanket and slapped her pussy into his face. Bob knew he had to do this right. He made sure Mandy came twice before he crawled up and told her he was going to put it in her. Her eyes were hot as she grabbed his shoulders with her hands and pulled him down for a kiss.

He felt Lorna fist his cock and bring it to her daughter's unsullied sexual petals. He knew she was wet - it was all over his face - so he punched the first inch in right away. She gasped and wiggled and her face turned to her mother's. "It feels . weird" she panted. He gave her some more, plenty enough to have hit her hymen if she still had one. Apparently she didn't because he felt no resistance other than the tightness of an un-fucked pussy.

He leaned down and sucked her nipples, sending her into another orgasm. While her pussy rippled and flexed he seated himself in her fully.

Then, as she groaned "Oh Momma" and "It feels GOOD momma" he began to stroke her with his prick. Again, he was too excited to last, and his prick pulsed, filling her with his seed, but again he was so excited that he stayed hard in her. She squealed, telling her mother "I think it happened in there Momma, it feels all hot and wet." Bob continued reaming her out as she flopped and came and flopped some more. She finally fell back limp and helpless as he felt his second charge move into place.

He delivered those long ropes of sticky cum into her womb with almost no effort, letting his internal muscles push it out into the cute teen. Then he rolled and collapsed. Mandy lay there, spread out on the blanket, her pussy mouth overflowing with thick rich sperm. Mandy panted out "I know . why . you like . doing this . Momma." Four years later, a visitor to town might hear some of the townsfolk talk about how a body should take care not to drink the water out by the Davis spread.

There were eight yong'uns out there nowadays. Dan must be working overtime with that wife of his, or else he wanted her barefoot and pregnant. And that girl of his! He'd better start keeping her closer to home. None of the town boys would admit to getting in her pants, but she was having babies at about the same rate as her mother.

Yep, it would do well to keep shy of whatever water those two women were drinking. And have you seen the driveway up to the house?

It's planted solid on both sides with Petunias. Nothing but Petunias! Now what's up with that? The End