Brothers gay locker room sex first time Dungeon sir with a gimp

Brothers gay locker room sex first time Dungeon sir with a gimp
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Thea - Chapter Five Two days later, a restless and bored Thea was walking outside. Stopping under a large tree she thought how great it had been with Buddy.and the others. But now he was gone. The day after she had been in his office, he had been called by Uncle Dan. Three hours later, he left with packed bags on his way to Florida.

There he would work. That left only Jake. His presence made no difference to the beauty; it was still lonely and boring. The day was beautiful. Last night there had been a storm and the temperature had dropped down considerably. Deciding to take a long walk, Thea selected a plain house- dress. The hem came to about six inches above her knees and the top was scooped.

Her breasts moons were just slightly visible. It was a style worn by many of the women on the farm. Coming down from upstairs, Flo, the cook prepared her a hearty breakfast. She engaged the young girl in a long conversation and soon learned of her planned walk.

Excusing herself, she left. Ten minutes later, Thea was coming down the path to the meadow. The woods were thick through here for close to a hundred yards before opening up to the meadow.

Suddenly a stranger stepped out of the woods. His appearance frightened her for a second until he smiled and said, "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." "Oh, that's okay." She answered and then saw his hair.

It was long and not wiry like other blacks, and his skin, it was almost white. His speech, his tone…was he the one? "My name is James. I just came to work a few days ago. Mr. Barton put me in charge of the accounting office. I decided to take a stroll during my break time." "My name is Thea, how do you do?" She answered. "Oh, so you took Buddy's place?" "Yes ma'am." They looked at each other before resuming, something about him.

"I'm going to the meadow and then down to the pond. Would you like to go see it?" She had to be certain! Naturally James accepted and during their walk, Thea became impressed with his knowledge. He was only six years older than her. Naturally he had a master's degree and had been a school teacher when Uncle Dan had offered him the job. The pond was as expected, deserted.

Dan Barton had made it off limits to all workers.

Over the years, he had a small bungalow built that was well equipped at all times. It was a place of refuge and a place to bring women. "Sure nice here." James said. "Buddy told me about it. I understand that another one is being built for everyone over in section two." "Yes.

I am in charge of that one. It will have everything. It should be finished the middle of next month." "Good. I saw it. Buddy also took me there. You are doing a good job." ` They continued to talk. The sun soon bore down and James asked if he could remove his shirt. Thea smiled as she nodded yes. The scar was there. She moved over to him and ran her finger across it. "Feels exactly like it did last Thursday evening." She said softly as her fingers trailed across it. "How well I remember." His eyes boring into hers.

"Well ma'am, I have enjoyed talking with you, but I must get back." "Yes, I also, for I think there is a shower coming up." The sky grew dark and mean- looking clouds were quickly gathering. The accounting office was about two hundred yards before the house. They had almost reached it when the first drops began to fall. Both got soaked before they got in. James locked the door and turned toward Thea. She was walking around the desk as her fingers trailed along the woodwork. The only thing on it, was some papers.

Moving them, she turned and looked at him. "I surely did get wet. Do you mind if I take off my clothes? I would hate to catch a cold." "That's a good idea." Within minutes, she was nude. Backing up to the desk, she lay back and opened her legs. Looking at James, she said, "Join me?" When his cock entered and deliciously filled her tunnel, Thea moaned and held the man close.

Um! Let's seem, there is Jake, Uncle, Floyd, Irene, and now James. However, Jake is a loser, Uncle was not always available, and lately Floyd and Irene were gone a lot. So that left only James to be readily available. Which was okay, but not exactly what she wanted. But, fr the time being! Oh well, life was so uncertain! * A week later, Jake gave her some good and bad news. The bad news was that Floyd and Uncle Dan were still gone.

The good news was that he was to leave early tomorrow morning and join them. They were on the other side of the state looking at some property. Irene had stayed on as her mother had taken another bad turn. Three days later, a lonesome Thea had just prepared for bed. This was the tenth day she had gone without any loving. She was almost asleep when she thought a car had pulled up in the drive. Listening, she heard some voices, the loudest being the maid.

Thinking it was a friend of the one of the house staff; she closed her eyes as sleep was overtaking her. Moments later the door to her room opened and then suddenly closed. Again thinking it was the maid checking on her, Thea did not bother to open her eyes. The suddenness of a kiss startled her.

Opening her eyes fully, she stared into the ones of a grinning Floyd! Circling his neck, she gave him a hug and a kiss. Sitting down on the bed he told her that Uncle Dan had sent him back to watch over the farm.

He and Jake would be gone at least two more weeks! "Two weeks? Then that means.! " She exclaimed. "Yeah, Mr. Jake gave me a message for you." Floyd answered as his hand cupped her left tit.

"He told me to take care of you." Nodding, Thea put her hand over the one on her tit. "I am sure you will." "Glad you understand, he also tell me to make sho' you get plenty of fucking! He say you git sassy! How dat sound?" He asked of her with a smile. She grinned broadly at his statement. "Good, I am glad you agree.

For I surely do not mind at all to fuck you. I like bin' all up in your pussy, and I do believe, I'm going to start right now. So, the first thing is you git naked, den spread them legs while I get naked. How dat be?" Throwing her arms around his neck, Thea pressed her body to his.

"Yes! Fuck me!" Floyd smiled to himself as he undressed. Lordly! Not only I get to fuck this woman, but her husband wants to hear about it! * The next morning, Thea rose and looked over at a sleeping Floyd. His cock lay against his leg and even in its present state, it was big.


God thought Thea! What a lover! He was rough, but she attributed that too many things. Whatever the reason, she could care less as long as he would continue to fuck her. Getting up, she started for the door. "Where you be going' Bitch?" Floyd suddenly asked as he sat up. I'm going to shower and then dress." Thea said. Her face in a half smile for she was still nude. "Did I be telling you to get dressed?" "No, but.!" "I will make your ass red the next time you no asks me before you go do something!

" "Oh! Yes . I . will," She responded in a passive voice. "Okay, go on, but wears just a dress that's I can whip up outs the way and grab yo' by yo' stinking ass pussy. No drawers in other words, you understand?" With a slight shiver, Thea nodded. After her shower, she found an outfit that Floyd would hopefully approve of. It was one that she had never worn for it was too short and revealing.

It was extremely low cut, and the hem only came to the top of her thighs. Easy on, she thought as it slid down over her body. With a slight shiver she hoped it would be off more than on!

Yes! Another two weeks of good loving! Life was great!

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Jake was still nude and stretched out with his hands behind his head when Thea returned. Damn! He thought! Did she look fine! The dress just added to her sexuality. His cock gave a twitch and for a few moments, he considered throwing her down and giving her a good hard fuck.

But no, he had other plans. He had neglected to tell her that Jake had left him some very specific instructions concerning his hot ass wife. Jake said he didn't mind what Floyd did to his wife, just as long as he told him every little detail.

Laughing inside, Floyd thought, oh yeah! The man needed not to worry. He would be glad to tell him! He had two weeks to have this girl do everything he had ever wanted to do to a woman. And did he want her to do some things.

Oh yeah! Thea smiled at Floyd when he patted the edge of the bed. Her eyes locked on his flaccid meat that was lying against his leg.

"Is the dress okay?" She asked. "Yeah, it be alright. You got any drawers or b-zers on?" He answered in a flat tone. 'No. You told me not to wear any." She answered by lifting up the hem. "I forget anyhow dat yo Uncle no let you wear them. Ain't dat right?" he asked as his hand pushed the short skirt up and bared her crotch.

"Yes. He . gets mad when I put them on." She said in a low voice. "He does? What he does to you?" Floyd said with interest as his hand on her inner thighs pushed them apart. He wanted to see her beautiful pussy! "He spanks me." Thea answered as she opened her thighs up more so that Floyd had access to her warming cunnie. "Huh!


I thought he do something different! Dat be good. Make you mind the man! Shit, I whip that big ass of Irene's all de time.

Huh! Dat bitch be da the same as you on dat anyhow. You both be likening it. Yeah, yo' uncle told me he warm yo' ass once in awhile. I imagine right now, dat brother of hers though, he be keeping her ass straight." Thea remained silent on that statement, for she was certain her friend had already had at least two or three spankings from her brother. Jimmy was very good at warming a woman's ass up so they were more receptive to screwing. She, herself, had been bent over by him more than once and had her butt reddened.

"You ever meet him?" Floyd asked. "_Uh, yes, a couple of times." She hedged. "Yeah! That's right! You went with Irene, yeah! Now I remember. Tell me, did the boy put a blistering on your ass?" Floyd's fingers were trailing up and down her blond thatch. Ever so often, he would cease and push his middle finger up to the first knuckle within her slit.

Each time Thea would gasp. Looking at him, Thea sighed and nodded her head up and down.


"Was Raymond there also?" "¬¬Yes." "Hmm! How long you two there?" "Five days." "Five days? Well, let's see. That meant Jimmy had you good. Right?" "Yes." "When did Raymond show up?" "The first day." "Hmm, what did you think of him?" "Irene had already told me what to expect.

As you know, she treats me like you do. Yes, you know I like it when you treat me like that. " "Dat's a fact! Tell me bout it." He said with a smug look. Taking a deep breath, she commenced. "The moment I met Jimmy, I was smitten. He is you know, a handsome man.

I had been there less than twenty minutes when Irene needed to go to the bathroom. He approached me and said that I was pretty. I thanked him and Lois just then reentered the room. He turned to her and stepped up closer to me. "Dear sister, your friend here is a beauty." "Yes she is." Lois said as she pulled me into her arms and gave me a kiss.

"She be sexy looking also ain't she?" her hand went to my blouse and undone the top three buttons. I gave a weak attempt at stopping her, but quickly relented when Jimmy took hold of my wrists in a firm grip. We all laughed and giggled as Lois completed the task of baring my breasts. Jimmy complimented me on them and he pulled me into his arms. Holding me around the waist, he let his other hand slid over my buttocks.

Our eyes locked and I easily surrendered when his lips covered mine. Brushing my cheek, the other hand now slid further down up under my pert butt. When his fingertips searched out and located my labia, I moaned and pushed against him. Once again our lips sought out the others. Pulling me onto the sofa, he again took me in his arms and deep kissed me thoroughly.

This time his hand slid under my blouse and cupped my right boob. I swooned at the attention he gave me as you, and my husband are slight in that department. We were just beginning to kiss when his phone rang. Giving me a quick kiss, he rose, went and answered it.

Apparently it was a friend of Jimmies. The phone was directly behind the sofa and while speaking, he bent down and kissed me. "Raymond? How are you? Irene, and the most beautiful white woman you have ever seen are here for a few days. Her name? Thea. She is a beauty. Her lips are so soft, and wait until you get hold of her tits.

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They are nice and firm. " I looked at him wide- eyed and then over at a smiling Irene. She smiled and shrugged as I had been told to prepare for anything. "Married? Yes, she is nodding her head. Her figure? From what I have seen and felt of it so far, it is excellent. Bending back down, he said, "Raymond would like to talk to you." Jimmy squatted down behind me and put his arms around me and cupped my tits.

"Hello, this is Thea. Ohh! How are ah, you? What?" Jimmy was now kissing me on my neck and ears as his hand continued to knead my bare tits. Oh yes, I was becoming sexually heated.

He turned my face around and our lips fused together. I could hear Raymond speaking but the loving I was receiving was too good to leave. I gladly gave up the phone to Jimmy so I could reach out and touch him. "Oh yeah! Don't worry." Jimmy said "What? Yeah, that sounds good. Right, we need to finalize that. Okay my man, see you in a bit. Ha! You know what I'm going to do!" Hanging up, Jimmy moved from my excited body and walked around to his seated sister.

Squatting in front of her, his hand went up her skirt. "I'm going to take Thea into my bedroom. In about an hour or so, Raymond should be here." I could see his hand move in between her legs and knew that he was fingering her as she would give a little jerk. "In the refrigerator is a snack tray. Would you please have it set up?

Plus get the bottle of wine on the counter. Okay?" Stopping, he rose and returned to me. Pulling me up and against his hard body, I shuddered with anticipation. Cupping my breast, he gently pulled the flesh as he said, "Is everything okay with you?" I smiled, nodded and then kissed him.

"Good, now. I'm going to take your clothes off." Yes! This was the part I always like. Being nude and preparing to be…whatever!

When I was completely stripped, Jimmy gave me a smile as he openly admired me. If he only knew how much I enjoyed this!

Taking me by the upper arm, he led me over to the back of the sofa. "Bend over." Doing as he instructed, I almost whimpered with happiness as the touch of his hand on my crotch was like fire. When he lightly squeezed my vagina flesh, I squirmed and moaned. Using his thumb and forefinger, he opened the lips of my heating cunt. Next his hands moved to lightly squeeze and knead my pert and full buttocks. Just as I was whimpering lightly to myself, his open hand slapped me across my tightly stretched butt made me jump.

That slap caught me by surprise. The next five made me almost cry. But as he continued a strange and wonderful heat began to build inside my always hot and moist cunt! I could feel the heat creeping across my skin and the sensation was delightful. I began to beg him for more and as he increased the force, I began pushing back to meet his downswing. My slit was drooling and I knew that Jimmy could see it leak. Suddenly he stopped, and pulled me back up right. Turning my body, he gathered me close.

Wiping my tears away, he kissed me. "You okay?" Sobbing softly, I nodded my head. My butt was hot and emitting warmth through out my lower body. I could feel more moisture between my legs. "Go down the hall, first door on the right. I will be there in a moment or two. I have to make a call." I again nodded and kissed him. Lying down, I could feel the heat as it rose through my buttocks into my crotch. Oh yes! Your right! I was more than ready! The thoughts in my mind made my legs open on their own accord.

My hand was lightly stroking the lips of my pussy when he walked in. Looking down at me, Jimmy sat next to me and watched as I continued to explore my slit. Bending down, he kissed me. And then again, and again, until I was moaning. It was great. The next dozen were even better. My legs were wide open. When he went down my body with his mouth and latched onto my damp sex, I whimpered.

His tongue beat any snake as I gyrated all over the bed. When he finally listened to my pleas, I had to hurriedly wipe a tear from my eye before I held him by the shoulders. His cock filled me perfectly. When he reached his depth, I wriggled around until it was as deep as possible. We then had a nice kiss and I sighed when he cupped my bursting tits. Slowly his hips begin to move. I found him easy to follow and the friction from our coupling and the heat from my butt added to the enjoyment.

Twice I came around his cock before he pushed against me and coated my channel. We cuddled for awhile and then he took me again. This time it was better and lasted longer. Leading me to the bathroom, he gave me a thorough look before washing every inch of me. Using the showerhead, he rinsed me clean. I was then eased against the shower wall, and my inner thighs were lightly but with a stinging effect, slapped until I had them wide open.

Taking the shower head, he pushed it firmly against my sex. Then he turned the water on full pressure! The head had a pulsing feature and it took only minutes before I was whimpering with pure animal passion.

My cunt felt like it was being electrocuted. Jimmy went to his knees while he continued to torment me. Using his free hand, he laid it across my soft belly, pinning me firmly. He then turned the showerhead to the side and began running it up and down my slit. I was jerking and crying as I then realized he was pushing the impersonal instrument up me. My pleas went unanswered as I could feel my body yield to the pressure. Then suddenly it popped inside of me. The size and coolness of the hard metal pulsing against my ridged wall made me cry out as my body shuddered and shook from multiple orgasms.

Never in my life had I came so many times. Finally he pulled the maddeningly item from me and I cried out as my pussy felt as though it had been stretched. The water was turned off and Jimmy had to carry me to bed. I was near unconscious as he gently laid me on my back. "Look, I had to do that.

You will understand why later on. So, just rest. When Raymond arrives, I will send him in here. Take care of him and don't get dressed. Understand?" I nodded and begged for a kiss. He then left. I immediately went to sleep. I awoke once and heard a strange voice. The speech was muffled and unintelligible.

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Sleep again overtook me. I had no recollection as to the time I spent sleeping. Whatever the time -limit, I awoke as someone had entered the room. My body felt refreshed and I could see the figure of a man about Jimmy's size. My interest rose as he was a handsome man. Pretending sleep, I opened my right leg. Whoever was approaching me, I wanted them to see my nudity! His eyes roamed over my nudity with apparent interest.

When he sat down, I pretended to awaken. No one said anything for a full minute. "I'm Raymond. Jimmy said you were in here and that I could come in and…get acquainted." "I…see." So, he was to take me. That was not a problem as my butt was still warm and sending a warmth that kept me on the edge of lascivious. "Yeah, he said you were beautiful and I agree." His eyes once again raked my nude body. I could feel the moisture starting to boil in my crotch.

For I knew that soon I would be mounted and plugged by this man!


"Thank you. Uh…should I get up, stay like this or what?" He looked at me, and then rested his eyes on my crotch area. "Nooo, you just lie there like you are. I want to…get acquainted." "Yes…that's important." Standing up, he began to undress. When his shorts dropped, so did my mouth. I then understood why Jimmy had stretched me earlier. Raymond had a cock like a small donkey!

I had to have it! It was a good nine inches long and as big around as my wrist! He was a master at loving and within minutes, had me gasping and begging for his cock. When he pushed it up me, I whimpered like a bride. My hands squeezed the sheets and my heels dug in from the onslaught I was under. Finally he bottomed out in me. I felt like a log had been inserted inside of me. When he pulled back, my vagina walls gloved his monster and felt like they were being pulled inside out!

Thankfully I had an orgasm and the liquid let his penis slid in and out much easier. My speech to him was all gibberish as he turned my cunt into mush. Bam! I had an orgasm. Bam, bam, bam! Now they were coming in multiples. Luckily Raymond had mounted me in the missionary style. For my strength was like the sperm exiting from my slit, ever so slowly but surely flowing away!

Then as if he had heard my prayer, he stopped. Pulling out of my battered, but so content cunt, he lay next to me. I thought he was finished, but oh no! I learned he was only getting his second wind. "Turn over." Doing as he said, I murmured happily as his hand and fingers excited my pussy. My breath caught when the spongy head of his monster came back knocking for another round. "Put it in!" Tears came to my eyes when I fisted him. I could not even circle his cock! I cried when he pushed it against my tender vagina.

"Ah, ah, please! I'm too dry! Please it hurts." "Sorry. Be right back." I felt him rise and go the adjoining bathroom.

When he returned, I turned my head and saw a large jar in his hand. "Turn over and open up." His fingertips held a large glob of white cream. This was pushed up me.

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His actions in applying the cream were very satisfying to me as he gave my pussy some good touches. I murmured happily as he continued to pack me full. Turning back over, I led his jerking monster to my portal. I could now accept him with no problem. Giving me some strong long stokes, he then cupped my tits. His fingertips squeezed and pulled my nipples. Then my tit flesh was pulled, kneaded, weighed, and lightly slapped, as my cunt was pounded on so very well. I could feel my sperm leaking around his driving monster as my body shook from a multiple orgasm.

Oh, how I wish my husband could fuck me like this! Feeling his strokes become shorter and his breath quicker, I pushed back to increase the sensation. Grunting, he squeezed my tits delightfully as his hips shot forward and inundated my channel with his seed. When his cock oozed from my wet sticky cunt, I turned over, scooted down and began loving on his cock with my mouth.

My tongue had barely begun to lick the underside of his cock when to my amazement, his long limp meat began to harden. Exclaiming at his recuperative powers, he laughed and said, "Now, you are going to get a real fucking" Pushing me over on my back, he quickly went between my thighs.

Fisting his now rock hard cock, he pushed it up me. I grunted as he expressed little or no manners in his technique. Holding me under my knees, I was lifted, and pounded on for an unbelievable length of time. I counted at least three orgasms' I had before he increased his drive and speed. The pressure of another come approached me and that rare thing of mutual orgasm's occurred as we both spent.

Heaven! Pure bliss! I knew then that I had to have this man again and again before leaving. Jimmy and Irene smiled as we came to the living room. I had showered and Raymond had me stay wet for he said I looked good naked. Naturally, I loved showing my nudity. "Well, looks like you two got along okay?

What do you think Thea? Was it good?" Jimmy inquired. "It …it was good, no…it was better than good. And I hope Raymond, or you, if either of you want me again, will…take me again.and again" I answered and then turned to look at Jimmy. "You can make book on that if you do as we say!" "Yes…I'm … uh, whatever you want me to do." I answered once again. "Good. Go get us some drinks. When I returned, Jimmy and Irene were sitting next to each other.

Raymond was lying back on the sofa watching me. As I approached, he spoke, "Thea, come over here a moment." Standing at his side, he cupped and rubbed my slit. Looking at it with interest, he said to me, "Thea, you are the best white woman I have ever had." "I have to agree. And since my sweet sister brought her to us, I think she should be rewarded." Jimmy responded. Standing, he left the room and quickly returned with two thin leather belts and two stiff bristle hairbrushes. Going directly to his sister, he had her bend over the low sofa arm rest.

"Open your legs. More! Yeah, That's right. A bit more. That's good." Fondling her cunt for a bit, he commenced in spanking her buttocks lightly with one of the brushes.

By the sixth slap, she was crying. By the tenth, she was whimpering and lifting her big butt cheeks to meet the downward swing.

Dropping the brush, he picked up the belt and started in on her legs and thighs. Raymond had moved so he could see the action and said, "Cut her up under her butt. That way she will remember it better when she gets fucked." Jimmy laughed as he did so. Her brown skin was turning darker and the words from her mouth were incoherent.

"Lois, turn around, lean back, and open your legs." "Ye…s! Plea…se!" She whimpered. The belt whistled and wrapped around her smooth legs. Jimmy worked her over on both sides and then went to his knees in front of her. "Push that cunt out!" Folding the belt, he lightly slapped her dark pubic lips.

The slaps made her utter gibberish as her hips rose and fell in time with the contact of the belt. Three times she had a long orgasm. Stopping, Jimmy then turned to me. My breath caught as Raymond took me by the upper arm. I looked over at a wet eyed but highly charged Irene. She gave me a smile and a nod. Yes! Yes, I thought. Why not! Positioning me in front of a sitting Jimmy, I was turned with my back to him. "Now, open your legs." His hand then came up between my crotch and spanked my cunt.

It stung me and I almost whimpered.

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Next he worked the belt back and forth across my legs and buttocks. The emitting heat was coursing toward my always warm and moist slit. My butt was really burning now but as before, it felt good.

Jimmy stopped and had me stand up. He then stepped in front of me and worked the belt back and forth in a swishing motion across the tender skin of my stomach. When I half heartedly attempted to move, Raymond came up behind and held me tightly around my upper arms.

Now the belt came to my tits. I cried out as the blows were like bee stings. Each blow made me whimper and tears fall down my cheeks. Stopping, he stepped up close and kissed me.

"You okay?" Looking up at him with my tear stained eyes, I answered, "Ohh, yes, I…oh my! My…my…skin!" "Do you want me to stop?" "I…oh…never, never in my life! Stop? No!" "Good. We are going to take you to bed." I was lifted and helped into the bed where they had screwed me before.

I noticed that the sheets had been changed. That explained the disappearance of Irene. Three hours later I almost cried when the dress slid over my nude body. Naturally, Irene and I were not allowed any underwear. My skin was hot and so, so tender. And yet, I felt alive! Every nerve of my body was tingling! My pussy was so sensitive that I felt that if I rubbed my legs together, I could come. I was hoping that one of the men would screw me before leaving, but my dream hopes were dashed as they were excited about some business deal.

The club was packed and the band was excellent. We danced and the close contact and warmth of my skin kept me in a sexual heat. Two white men came in later and undoubtedly knew Jimmy and Raymond as they waved and took a table directly across from us.

I noticed them staring at my legs under my short skirt. Raymond happened to see them and whispered to Irene and me, "Open your legs. They are friends of Jimmy and me." I nodded and after a bit, I let them open on what seemed to be their own accord.

I knew they could see my sex. We ordered a round of drinks. Over the rim of my glass, I smiled at the two men. They returned the smile and nodded. The taller of the two came over, shook hands and asked Jimmy and Raymond if he and his partner could dance with us. His name was Art and he was very smooth on his feet as we glided over the dance floor. The next dance was slow and he held me close. I could feel his hardness pushing against my stomach. Concluding the dance, I was then asked by Mike, his friend.

He made no bones about his feelings toward me and kept me tight against him. Upon our return, two men, one black and the other one was white, were sitting at our table. Irene whispered that they were the men Jimmy was working some kind of deal with. "Gents, this is Thea, and you know my sister Irene." Jimmy said as he moved over so Irene could sit down.

Raymond did the same for me. His hand went directly onto my upper thighs. "Thea is from Georgia. Her uncle owns many thousand of acres of land there and in two or three other states." "Well," the black man said, "You two are sure pretty." We, Irene and I smiled and thanked him.

The conversation went on and the two smiled broader when they learned I was married. Raymond now had his hand within an inch of my warm nest. The two men smiled at him as he slowly trailed up and down my thigh. My breath almost caught when Raymond pulled my skirt up toward my waist. His hand then returned and onto the inner part of my thigh. I could see that Jimmy had an almost sinister look about him when he saw the two looking. "Dan, didn't you tell me that you just bought a new car?" Dan was the black man.

He looked at Raymond and nodded and then said he had. "Why don't you two take Thea to go look at it. I'm sure she would like to see the back seat. That way you two will be more relaxed when we discuss business. " Dan looked at him and then me. I knew what I was to do. "Yeah, Thea, you be good now." Raymond replied. "Yes…I will be good." An hour later, we returned. The men had each taken a turn with me and I had gave each a blow job afterwards.

While resting in the back seat, the men were fingering and fondling my body while I wrote down my phone number. They had asked if a future meeting was possible.

I had readily agreed. Jimmy and Raymond were very happy, and they immediately began discussing business. Upon our return, the men were all standing. Raymond apologized, but said that they had to leave to discuss a business venture. He handed me a twenty dollar bill and said for us to enjoy ourselves and take a cab home. They then left. Irene and I gave the other a knowing smile. We had just sat down when Art and Mike joined us.

We danced a few songs and returned for another drink. Art without hesitation, put his hand only inches from my crotch. I smiled and done the same to him. His hand moved around my leg and he said, "Hmm! No panties! I like that!" Smiling I replied, "Thank you. This way you want have to waste time taking them off! Irene and Mike laughed at my pun as we all rose and left. Inside their car, Art took me in his arms and kissed me.

His hand immediately went to my bodice and slipped between the material to cup my tits. Their hotel was close. I held Art's hand as we went to his room. Inside, we kissed and caressed each other. He then removed my clothes and gave my heated slit a few enjoyable minutes of tongue lashing. I reciprocated by taking him in my mouth and making him hard. Thirty minutes later, the phone rang. He answered, listened, and then laughed. Hanging up, he turned to me and cupped my crotch. "Mike wants to come over and have you.

Is that okay?" "Sure! But you have to kiss me good by first." Mike came in, spoke and straddled my body. Scooting up me until he was almost sitting on my tits, he then guided his sticky cock inside my mouth. "Irene told me that you liked to suck a wet cock." I smiled up at him as I held his acceptable cock. He permitted me to get him hard before going back down and then entering me. Back at Jimmy's house a couple of hours later, Irene and I compared notes on the men we had just left.

We came to an agreement that they had been enjoyable. We talked a bit more and decided to go to bed. When I awoke the next morning, Raymond was in bed with me. I eased out and left the room. Three hours later, Irene and I were talking when the two men finally awakened and joined us. They were in a jovial mood as they had closed a deal early this morning and had made a great deal of money.

We went out and had a great meal to celebrate and then returned home. Jimmy took me in his arms and soon had me panting. Stripping me, he then caressed and fondled me in front of Irene and Raymond. When his manhood was near the bursting point, I was pushed to my knees and made to accept his throbbing cock. I had just started to lick and suck when he jerked my mouth down on his root and filled me with gobs of creamy sperm.

I was instructed to stay on my knees and lick him for another ten minutes. Irene was also on her knees paying homage to the big stick of Raymond. I was finally let free and sat down to watch the two. The big cock of Raymond made my slit twitch. It had not been satisfied and was asking for relief. Suddenly it arrived!

"Thea, come here!" Raymond said. Going to his side, he pulled me close and kissed me. His hand then went between my thighs. I opened them quickly so he could get at me as he wanted. Two of his fingers pushed up me and I began to receive a good fingering. My sexual urge was already high and in just moments, I shuddered and came over his driving fingers.

Three hours later, I was still nude as was Irene. The men watched a ball game and during intermission, Raymond pulled me from my chair and hustled me into his bedroom.

Straddling my body, he tit-fucked me until he was totally hard. Scooting down my body until he was between my thighs, he then proceeded to fuck me thoroughly. After the game, the men were again excited on the outcome. Jimmy took me to his room and Raymond took Irene to hers. It was an enjoyable fuck.

Later that night Irene and I put on a show by going down on each other. The next morning while lying in bed with Jimmy, I asked if he would whip me like last time. For my time there was drawing close and I wanted to remember my time with him. Thirty minutes later, my skin was shouting for release. Jimmy had spanked every inch of my body. Twice I came vigorously. Leaving me face down on the carpeted floor, Raymond came over and picked me up.

Putting me on the sofa, he opened my legs wide. I opened my eyes to see him tying strips of lacer laces together. Then he tied knots every few inches apart. Looking up, he then nodded at Jimmy. My wrists were clasped and pulled above my head. Oh God! Here I was, nude, wide opened legs, and my tits jutting forward.

Umm! How sweet! The little straps of leather across my boobs were like fire. The nipples got so hard they hurt. Then my stomach underwent burning minutes of the strap going back and forth across it. But it was nothing compared to the feeling I got when he started in on my cunt. My hood opened and my clit reared its head.

Raymond smiled as he spanked it furiously. Twice I came. On and on I was spanked. My body was turned and my butt cheeks were whacked even harder. Then my back and shoulders received their dose. Again I was turned and my arms were worked on. My butt raised as the pressure in me became too much and I once again vented semen through my slit. "Get up!" Raymond told me as I was helped up. He and Jimmy took me into a bedroom.

Thinking I was to be left alone was wishful thinking. Jimmy took me from the rear and Raymond rammed his log up me from the front. For ten minutes, I was fucked slow and steady. The next morning, Irene was at the table. She was alone and still nude. I had put on just a tee shirt. "Honey, take off that shirt. Raymond was just here and he wants to take you again before we leave this afternoon." Stripping off the shirt, I had just sat down when Raymond returned.

He kissed each of us and I poured him some coffee. We talked for awhile and then I was pulled over his lap. "Open your legs. More! Yeah!" His hand was rubbing my cunt back and forth. Then, whack! Then again and again I was struck. Soon my butt was feeling as if it was on fire. Stopping, I was made to stand and then bend over.

His cock quickly found my slit and went up me to its length. Raymond then cupped my tits and proceeded to give me a good fucking. Keeping me bent over even after I had received a good dose of his spunk, he eased out.

I started to raise u but a hand on my neck stopped me. "Be still! I want some of you myself." It was Jimmy. His cock was pounded into me hard and I found it to be enjoyable. Later on that day, I replayed what I had done over the last few days. I had fucked and sucked men that I had just met. My body had been whipped and I had enjoyed every minute of it.

Why? I didn't know. All I really knew that the more I fucked and sucked, the more I liked it. * Floyd saw her ample bosom rising and falling. She had grown excited from telling the story. He did have to admit, that it had been quite a story! Damn! Floyd thought. This white bitch stayed ready! Well, it is time for him to do something about it! Getting up from the bed, he stood in front of the big -eyed girl. Putting his hand on his long piece of dark meat which had grown hard and heavy, he pulled the skin back.

He needed some of the heat taken away before he wasted the fuck by shooting off in the air. Stepping closer, his hand came out and went to the back of her head. His head nodded accordance as she immediately opened her mouth to accept him. Thea moaned happily when his cock went down her throat. She sucked as much of the licorice stick as her little mouth could handle. "Open dat dress up so I can play with them dem titties." Her hands immediately went to her dress front and opened the flaps.

Sounds erupted around her cock stuffed mouth when he reached down and began kneading her tit flesh. Her twat was twitching with a need now and she hoped he would tell her to fall back with her legs spread open. She needed not to worry. For Floyd let her suck him until he reached the point where if he continued: his cock would shoot off in her mouth. But that did not happen. No, he wanted his load deep in her snatch.

However, he should have let her then. For early the next morning Uncle Dan called him back to Georgia. Ten minutes later, he called back and told James to come along also.