Tiny cock cumming to showerbait

Tiny cock cumming to showerbait
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Shelly smiled to herself, "I deserve this, what was the point in spending the 50 dollars on the membership if I'm not going to use it." She sat in her car, her hair and makeup done with special attention for her "date." At thirty two she thought she still looked good, especially with having a child only a bit over a year ago. The time spent in the gym had toned her body back to almost better the pre baby shape. The belly was gone, her thighs were firm and becoming toned matching nicely with her butt, her breast…well not everything can be perfect, they were the same way they were pre baby but maybe a bit bigger completely filling a C cup now.

Her warm chocolate brown hair was cropped to her shoulders with just enough curl to it that it looked flirty. She had spent three hours getting ready for tonight. The butterflies that were in her stomach had turned to full on tremors at times, scared but thrilled at the same time. This was about her and no one else. She had picked out a black dress with a side slit that came up to mid thigh.

"No need for nylons I'm plenty tan and smooth shaved, but maybe an anklet with my black heels," She thought to herself. The bra and panties she wore were a gift from her husband for their second anniversary. Black, lacy, expensive, perfect for this occasion. She turned to the car's rear view mirror talking to herself, "you look hot! You need this! You're not hurting anyone! Just go!" Shelly approached the door the anticipation making her hands shake. Her finger extended and found the doorbell.

The chimes were loud enough to be heard outside, nothing fancy but she knew the point of no return would be soon.

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As she waited a chill runs through her body even though the night is warm. Twenty seconds pass before a striking middle age woman answers the door. "Um…ah…Hi…I must have the wrong place," Shelly stammers, "I'm here for a date but I guess." The blonde woman looks Shelly up and down assessing her, "I'm Kim.

You said you were meeting a date here? How did you meet them?" Shelly grasped the extended hand noticing the softness of it, "Um I kinda set it up over the internet," the entry phrase popping into her head at the last minute. "hard to find a date on such short notice in this town," She thought this over, was that it? It sounded right but she was so nervous right now. Kim beamed at her, "come in you must be new. Do you have your pass number and name?" She glided down the hall to a small office gesturing for Shelly to have a seat in the chair in front of the desk.

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Shelly exhaled not realizing that she had been holding her breath, "Yes 553827 and name Shelly." Looking around the room it looked like a typical office in a home nothing remarkable, like it was set up to be as non intimidating but efficient at the same time.

Shelly strained to hear but the house was quiet except the sounds of a TV droning in from another room. Kim was jabbing at the keyboard the soft glow of the monitor displaying her features even more, in this light she could almost pass for Charlize Theron. "Um excuse me but if I'm here for what my membership said I was um where is…" Kim looked up smiling, "You have a large selection to choose from but can't very well have all the boys loitering around up here can we?

They are downstairs, I'll take you there in just a moment. I have a few questions and a few formalities first. You don't have a purse so that's good but could you stand up please?" "Why? Why do you need me to do that?" "Well anyone can spend the fifty dollars and get a number and make up a name. This isn't exactly the most legal thing so I'm going to frisk you to make sure you don't have any wires, cameras or recording equipment on you.

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Nothing personal but we have to be safe here. Once you become a regular this will just be a cursory thing, you'll get use to it." "Oh… um sure." Shelly gets to her feet nervous but curious at the same time. What would her hands feel like on me? Does she enjoy this part of her job? Will it always be her? Her train of thought was interrupted by the feeling of Kim's hands roaming her body. Her soft hands start by cupping her breasts and trailing down her sides all the way to her ankles.

Kim's hands slide to the inside of Shelly's legs gliding up under her skirt her fingers sliding between Shelly's thong and her bare skin. Shelly closed her eyes, this was the first human contact she had received in months and she was enjoying it immensely. Her husband had lost almost all his interest in sex and try as she might Shelly couldn't bring him around, she was a woman she needed attention, physical, emotional, an especially sexual.

If he had been more attentive she would never had been here. All too quickly Kim's hands were gone but Shelly's knees were weak none the less. "You look beautiful. Are you wearing Victoria Secret's Heavenly?" Kim asks. "Not that it matters the boys don't put much stock in name brands, but I do." Kim walks back towards the door giving Shelly a small pat on the butt and a wink as she goes by. "Are you ready?" she asks holding her hand out.

Biting her lip Shelly nods and takes the hand allowing herself to be led through the house. Kim stops before a sturdy door with a keypad on it releasing Shelly's hand as she punches in the code.

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Kim turns to Shelly smiling as she pulls the door open. "Welcome to our little club." The sound is even quiet in the stairwell until the door at the bottom of the steps is opened. The barking is very noticeable but not overly loud. There is a well furnished living room set up with a big screen TV with porn on it taking up most of one wall and couches all around.

A young couple is watching avidly pawing all over each other barely noticing Shelly and Kim's entrance. Down another wall is a plexi-glass window with cage after cage behind it. Kim leads Shelly to this wall. "Ok it's decision time. Do you know what kind you would like as a companion today? Large? Small? Aggressive? Gentle?

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Furry…not so Furry? What would you like?" Kim speaks like this is nothing more than ordering at McDonalds. Blushing Shelly stammers, "Um how does this work? I mean where do I go? Out here in the living room or do I get a private room or what? Does anyone help me or am I on my own? Do you do this or are you just like the door person? I mean…I don't know!" "It's ok I'm sorry I forgot you are new lets slow this down a bit let me give you a tour." Kim takes Shelly's hand reassuring her.

"Ok well we are now in the lounge. People come here just to hang out and sometimes hook up if that's your thing. This is the gallery and as you can see there are twenty excellent specimens available at all times there will never be less than that for you to choose from. As one is selected he's brought out for you to lead and once you are done you bring them back here where a handler will take him and put him out in the yard till he would be ready again. If you find you have a favorite you can ask for him and he will be brought out for you even if he isn't in the gallery at that time.

Now let's get to the fun stuff." Kim pulls her down a hall, "Ok see the lights above the door? No lights mean it's unoccupied, Red is occupied and green is occupied but it's ok to come in to watch or whatever.


We have some members that like having others watch or help. And last but not least we have what we call the pound." She opens a door showing a large room with dog toys strewn about.

Large pillows are scattered around amongst low padded benches. There is a small kitchen type area with a sink and cupboards with several stainless steel dog bowls on the counter. Names are printed on some of the bowls, princess, fifi, and bitch the only ones visible.

"This is where dominants bring their doggie girls and boys for training but others can come here too. Just remember we have a rule here if a person is wearing a collar don't intrude or interrupt we don't need any dog fights breaking out here.

And finally to answer your last question yes I play as well my favorite is the Irish Wolf Hound but not everyone appreciates the look or the size. Works great for me cause he's always ready when I am," she says with a wink. "So any other questions?" Kim asks with a slight smile. "Just a few, what do you recommend? And are you available to help?" Shelly asks demurely. She thinks to herself, in for a penny in for a pound this is about me and me having a good time. I hope she's available.

"Thought you'd never ask! Yes I'd be happy to help in any way I can and I think for you…hmmm let's see." Kim looks Shelly up and down again. "I've got it! Let's get you in a room and I'll bring him in to surprise you ok? This will be great!" Kim giggles like a school girl pulling Shelly into the first open room. "Oh my!" Shelly thinks looking around the room. There is a stack of what look like gym mats stacked neatly against one wall next to a small closet.

There is a small TV on a end table on the far side of the room and a comfortable looking recliner next to the door. If the room had a bed it would have reminded Shelly of a hotel room minus the usual window. She puts the switch to the red position, kicking off her heels. she braces for the expected coolness from the linoleum she feels warmth creep into her feet. "What are you doing…You shouldn't be here&hellip.You're a married woman&hellip.You're a mom for Christ's sake!" The mantra is working deep into her nerves before she hears a gentle knocking at the door.

"Come in!" Shelly calls, her stomach a bundle of knots.

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"Just me…and a friend." Kim says as she opens the door. "I'd like you to meet Blazer." At the end of the leash she holds in her hands is a beautiful German Sheppard.

His coat is a glossy black and his eyes shimmering and aware. He sniffs the air as he enters the room his tail wagging like a puppy with a new toy. "Blazer is three years old and is one of the house favorites. He's been with us since he was a puppy and has many repeat customers." Kim explains like a perfect salesmen, "Aggressive but not overly, he has been known to wear out our members before he wears out.

His last date was two days ago so he's well rested, I pulled him from the yard 'cause I don't think anything in the gallery would be appropriate for your first time here. Don't get me wrong they are all great but his guy is a champion. What do you think?" Shelly goes to him petting his soft coat.

The familiar need and desire setting in making her pussy tingle. She pets with long strokes letting Blazer lick her face and neck. "He looks great but what about size?" she asks sheepishly. "How does seven to the base, thick all the way through and an tangerine size knot sound to you?" Kim asks while beaming, knowing she's picked the perfect match.

"Perfect," Shelly replies, "Can I just, you know, get to it? Or do I…?" "Whatever you want I'm here to help tell me what you want." Kim replies. Shelly stands up looking Kim in the eyes. "You won't judge me whatever I do right? You don't talk about clients?" Kim giggles, "Of course not!

When I'm enjoying I act like a total slut!" Shelly thinks to herself with her own giggle, if you only knew how naughty I can be.

Turning her back to Kim she asks if she can help with her zipper. As the zipper glides down Shelly feels the air touch her bare skin tantalizing her causing her nipples to press against the confining bra. She lets the dress fall to the floor in a crumpled pile stepping out of it giving it a small flick towards the wall.

She turns to Kim letting her feast her eyes on her nearly nude body searching for approval. "You're turn, What do you think?" Kim hold the leash while Blazer pulls, he's anxious because he knows what's in store for him.

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"You're even more beautiful without that dress hiding so much. Blazer is in for such a treat I'm jealous of him." "You don't have to be." Shelly replies, wrapping a hand around Kim's neck pulling Kim down to her lips.

Kim returns the kiss passionately, feeling warmth surge through her body as the leash plays out from her hand.

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Blazer's nose zeros in on Shelly's scent his nose nuzzling into the dampness that's forming between her legs. Even through her panties Shelly can feel his warm breath and feels his tongue licking the inside of her thighs.

"I should have came here so long ago," Shelly thinks to herself. I need to stop this foreplay though I need more pulling away from Kim's soft strawberry flavored lips. "Will you help me? I like when I'm talked dirty to while I'm getting fuc…I mean have sex. I want you to not be nice at all if you don't or can't do that it's ok just help get him in position." "Why are you still so shy? Say what you mean. You like being a whore when you're getting fucked and I'm just the bitch do put you in your place.

But first mind if I get more comfortable myself?" Kim purrs. Unclipping the leash Blazer bounds around the room sniffing and pawing at Shelly as Kim eases the zipper down her dress. Shelly stares in awe Kim's body is wrapped in black corset top, her breasts bulging over the top.

Garters hold up her back stockings without the matching panties. Kim slinks over to Shelly. She wraps the now free end of the leash around Shelly's neck clipping to it's self forming a modified choke collar.

"Now are you going to be a good doggie bitch or am I going to have to train you from scratch?" Kim asks cinching the collar tight around Shelly's neck pulling her down. "MMMM that's nice you look like a good little doggie now but those panties have to go. You can't offer yourself to Blazer just to tease him. He will need unrestricted access to that little doggie cunt." Shelly fumbles with her undies trying to get them off without getting up from all fours as she feels the leash tighten around her neck.

"Now bitch don't make him wait! Looks like he's anxious to get on you his cock is hanging out. Look at it bitch!" Kim snaps.

Blazer's red cock is swelling from its sheath, it's surface looks like polished red glass, growing larger every second. "Good girl now crawl to him and take your new husband's cock in your mouth. Show him you love him and you are here to please him." Shelly crawls to where Blazer stands proud.

She ducks her head under him, opening her mouth to receive the cock before her, knowing soon this magnificent cock would be buried deep in her soaking pussy. Her tongue caresses the underside as the tip probes the back of her throat.


Blazer nuzzles Shelly's bare ass with is nose and tongue, sending anticipatory shivers through her body. Suddenly a sharp swat on her exposed pussy makes her jump.


"I said suck him you slut!" Kim barks. The end of the leash whistles through the air finding its mark for a second time. "Suck him like the cock hungry slut you are!" Shelly quickly begins sliding her mouth up and down Blazer's shaft trying to take more and more every time. "Enough!" Kim yanks hard on the leash pulling Shelly from her treat, leaving her sprawled on her back with her legs splayed wide.

"Do you tend to kitty as good as you suck cock slut?" Shocked Shelly can hardly speak. Would this beautiful woman actually allow her the honor of licking her pussy? What did I do to deserve such a wonderful series of events to actually happen to me? "Yes! As much as you want!" Kim shoves her flat on her back with one heeled foot.

"Stay," is the only command. Kim pulls a mat over from the wall. "Lift your ass off the floor we need you at least eight inches in the air." Adjusting the mat to meet that need Kim tells her to relax. Kim moves to Shelly's head watching her body laying before her and the hungry look Blazer has in his eyes. Placing a foot on either side of Shelly's head Kim lowers herself down pinning her arms to the floor with her legs, her pussy nestled firmly on her face, Shelly's nose gently probing Her ass.

"Lick bitch or I'll never let him have you." Shelly laps greedily on her new found friends pussy. She taste like strawberries just like her other lips with a slight metallic taste which Shelly easily recognizes as dog cum.

Pushing her tongue deeper the taste gets stronger, obviously Kim had been active earlier tonight. The leash is pulled tight lifting Shelly's face deeper into Kim's dog cum filled pussy.

"Oh you are good. MMM yeah baby don't forget to lick my clit. And now&hellip.Blazer mount!" Kim pats the inside of Shelly's thighs and the dog springs forward. His paws quickly wrap around Shelly's small hips pulling him forward. His cock thrusts against her body desperate to find an opening. She feels his hot cock sliding against the inside of her thighs moving agonizingly slow to where she wants it.

Suddenly she feels the penetration. His cock sinks in deep as he grabs her hips even harder as his second thrust rams even more cock into her neglected pussy. "OHHHH!" Shelly calls out around Kim's pussy. "More! I want mo…" that's all she can get out before Kim pulls on the leash covering her mouth with pussy.

"You love that don't you slut? Now you're begging for more cock. What happened to the shy girl from earlier? You want more? You'll get it because he is going to get his knot in you making you his bitch. He's going to fuck you hard and deep and you are going to love it because you will beg to be the mother of his puppies.

Your pussy will be his cum receptacle and you will be grateful. Got it bitch?" Kim reaches to Blazer's cock pulling him deeper, feeling Shelly's pussy expand to accept his size.

It slowly sinks in deeper until Shelly's pussy pulls the knot in sealing her pussy for his cum to fill. "Good slut! Soon he will start pumping his cum in you." Shelly nods in agreement unable to speak. Blazer's toenails bite into Shelly's back as his hips continue to pump forward still trying to get deeper in her womb. His cock begins twitching in her pussy as his cum shoots forward.

Shelly feels it inside its warm and comes in thick jets that hit her cervix time and again, each spurt sending a wave of pleasure through her body as an orgasm begins spreading through her entire body. Moaning into Kim's pussy Shelly surrenders herself to the pleasure that Blazer is pounding into her pussy.

"Oh god I'm cumming! Don't stop licking you whore!.GOD YES!!!" Kim's thighs tighten around Shelly's head. Kim shudders through her orgasm thrusting her hips back and forth on Shelly's face using her chin to grind her clit on.

Exhausted Kim falls back leaving her wetness all over Shelly's face. "You are so good she pants." Blazer is panting too his cock still buried deep in his willing bitch as Shelly basks in the afterglow of her own orgasm. Sated He pulls off, his cock falling free with a wet slurp as his cum flows back out and down Shelly's ass. "You are both so amazing! I'm so glad I came. I haven't had great sex like that in so long and I needed it so bad." Shelly coos as she cuddles up beside Kim, the leash still wrapped around her neck and trailing behind her.

"What do I do now?" Kim wraps her arms around her pulling her tightly against her body. "You come back again and again as much as you like, as long as you keep your membership up to date.

I don't normally interact with other members but ever since you walked in the door I had been fantasizing about being with you. You are coming back right?" "I think I can safely say that I will. Will you always be here or can I call you?

I don't think this would be as much fun without you." Shelly says softly kissing the nape of her neck. "I don't know I only work a few days a month and my husband doesn't know anything about any of this so you have to call me and I'll try to get down here as soon as I can.

If you promise me one thing, next time I'm at the other end of the leash and we bring one in for each of us." "Well then you have a deal." Shelly replies happily, "but for now I have to get going my husband will be getting home soon and he doesn't know this side of me either." Shelly stand up pulling on her panties the drying dog cum flaking off her thighs as she pulls them up holding whatever is left in her.

Blazer looks up from the mat where he had set licking himself clean. Shelly bends down whispering to him, "Hey baby, you were the best fuck I've ever had and look forward to seeing you again soon." Kim's hands are on her skin once again turning her around easing the leash from around Shelly's neck as she leans in for a kiss, "I had hoped you would be saying that to me as well." She teases. Shelly gets her dress in place as she clips the leash back on.

"I'm ready to head out. Are you ready Kim?" "Yes I'll show you where you return him." Kim says taking her hand.

They walk into the living room area, the feeling of dog cum filled panties sliding against her thighs. "I did deserve this and I got everything I deserved!"