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Foxy whore sucks and rides shlong
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A while back I rented a ski house with a couple buddies from college. After graduation we all went our separate ways.

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The internet kept us in touch but I think we all missed the long nights we used to spend drinking our faces off. So, we decided to rent a ski house on a mountain in the middle of nowhere during peak skiing season and the four of us would spend a week drinking and doing the dumb shit we hadn't done since college, and maybe if we got bored we might even do a little skiing. I was the first to get to the house up in the mountain, my 2010 Toyota Camry had a tough time climbing the steep roads, but the area hadn't seen too much snow this season so I managed alright.

As I found the driveway and rolled up to the fairly large log cabin where we would be spending the next week the DJ on the radio warned that there was going to be a massive storm in the next few days. I was glad that I wasn't going to be driving in that, he made it sound pretty miserable with high winds, freezing temperatures, and a fuck ton of snow.

It didn't take long for me to unpack my car.

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I had only brought a duffle bag with a few pairs of underwear, a couple spare shirts, and a few bottles of Rubinoff, just like what we drank in college. I threw all my stuff in one of the rooms and then waited for my friends to come.

I was honestly really excited for this week.

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Since college I had gotten a job that might as well not pay me anything, an apartment with some of the most obnoxiously boring roommates, and I have found it a hell of a lot harder to get laid when I'm not going to parties full of drunk horny sorority girls. This week wasn't going to solve any of those things, but I would be able to get so drunk that I wouldn't remember any of it. Craig and Kenbo showed up next. They had been roommates all four years of college and I don't think I ever saw them apart.

There was even a rumor that they had run a train on a girl one night in their dorm room Junior year. I had never asked them about it, but it seemed like it could have been true. They brought their shit into the house and claimed one of the two remaining rooms, they said they didn't mind sharing a room, just like college. The cabin was a pretty simple place but it would be more than enough space for all of us.

It had three bedrooms, a living room with a big flat screen that didn't fit the rustic log cabin feel at all (but no one here was going to complain about that), a bathroom, and a simple kitchen with a table and some stools in the middle of it. We were all sitting around the kitchen table, cracking into one of the bottles of cheap vodka when we heard another car rumbling up the driveway.

It must have been Derick. When we were in college Derick was sort of the leader of our small squad. He found out where the parties would be and always managed to get all of us in the door. Derrick spent most of college drinking beers and fucking any girl who looked his way, but still graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Our week was really going to get going when Derick walked through the door.

But it wasn't Derrick that walked through that door. Instead a blond bombshell walked in wearing a coat that she must have stolen from an eskimo. She stood by the open door shivering until Derrick followed her into the house dragging a large suitcase behind him. She went to the couch and sat down still wearing her coat, hat, and scarf.

Meanwhile Derrick brought us all in for a hearty hug. Then he introduced us to his girlfriend Darcie. "Darcie really wanted to come up and hang out with us." He said and rolled his eyes so that she couldn't see. This was a week for the boys, not the boys and one of the boy's girlfriends. It wasn't cool and Derrick knew it.


No matter how uncool it may have been, we were all adults and we weren't about to send our friend's chick hiking down the mountain. The only thing we could do at this point was drink our faces off and act like dumb asses with her around. Maybe if we were lucky she would even be cool. We spent the first night drinking lots of vodka and catching up. When we finally turned in for the night I lay in bed and while the room spun, I listened as Derrick fucked Darcie in the room next to mine.

I quietly jerked off while I listened to her moan for more, just like college. The next few days were a blur. We watched movies, had a massive snowball fight with the powder that had already fallen on the mountain, I think we even baked a cake one night.

Darcy hadn't really participated in any of it, but she hadn't really got in the way or told any of us to stop acting like idiots and that was fine by me. On the third or fourth day I woke up late in the morning or early in the afternoon and walked into the cabin's living room wearing just my boxers. It was empty except for Darcie who was stretched out on the couch looking at her phone.

"Good morning." I said a little tentatively. I became very conscious that I was wearing almost no clothing, but it might seem weirder to turn around and go back into my room. Fuck it I told myself. "Hey." She said back without looking up. "Where is everyone?" I asked noticing how quiet the rest of the cabin was.

"Derrick took the other two down into town to get supplies for the storm. He asked if you wanted to come, you were sleeping though." "Is that storm today?" I asked, I hadn't been paying attention to the weather, or the calendar for that matter.

"Umm, look out the window." She said finally taking her eyes off her phone to give me an almost dirty look. I glanced out the window and saw that snow was beginning to fall.

"Wow." I said, "It looks like it's coming down pretty heavy." "Mmhmm." She hummed looking back down at her phone. I went into the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee, when I opened the fridge to grab the cream, the chill on my naked legs made my dick shrivel up a bit.

I added a splash of vodka to the coffee to give it some flavor. I walked back into the living room and decided before sitting down that I should probably put some cloths on, or at least some pants.

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It was a little uncomfortable only wearing boxers while we were the only two people in the house. When I came back to the living room I turned the TV on and flicked around until I found a movie that looked sort of interesting. It was some action movie with the Rock that neither of us were really paying attention to as we sat there on our phones.

We weren't paying attention until a sex scene came on anyway. The Rock was passionately kissing some hot girl who was only wearing a crop top and bikini bottoms, he held her against the wall of a garage. My interest was really peaked when he reached a hand up and started to choke her while they kissed. I glanced at Darcie out of the corner of my eye and saw she was looking up from her phone.

The Rock ripped the girl's shirt off, showing her movie star quality tits, I was a little surprised they hadn't even blurred out her nipples on TV. He fondled her while they continued to kiss. Then he lifted her up, putting both hands under her ass and put her down on the hood of some muscle car. He climbed on top of her and began to fuck her on his car. I was shocked they were showing all of this on TV. They hadn't shown any penetration yet but it was still a very hot sex scene.

I snuck another sideways glance at Darcie and saw her shifting her legs around a bit on the couch. When the scene ended and a commercial for some candy bar came on, I got up and went to my room as casually as I could.

I jerked off thinking about the sex scene. Just as I was about to finish thoughts of Darcie flashed through my mind, I was only thinking about her curvy body and nice ass for a moment, but I was thinking about them. Then I was cumming and all thoughts flooded out of my brain. When I had cleaned myself up I went back out to the living room. Darcie starred at me with a look that said, Really? "What?" I asked. "You were pretty quiet, but this place has really thin walls." She said.

"Oh shit, sorry." I said, I could feel my cheeks getting warm. "You don't need to apologize for… doing that." "Okay." I was uncomfortable.

"I don't get any signal up here so I can't get any porn or anything." I said quickly trying to defend myself. "Me either. Except I don't really need to watch porn." She said with a hint of a smile. "Yeah I know." I said thinking of the moans that I had heard late at night. "The walls are thin, remember?" She giggled at this, "Yeah, I thought about that one night. I make more noise than you do." "Yeah you do." I laughed, "It sounded like a good time though." "It was." She said.

"You should try it sometime." I laughed, not really knowing what she meant, but thinking it was funny all the same. "It was a pretty hot scene." She said while she stretched out her legs, "I don't blame you, especially if you haven't gotten off in a few days." I decided to not tell her that while she had been getting fucked the past few nights I had been jerking off listening to her gasps of pleasure.

Several hours passed while we watched movies (none with hot sex scenes like the one before) and talked a bit. As the afternoon wore on we began to wonder where the rest of the party was. It was really snowing hard outside by now but they should have been back, even if they were going real slow on the sloppy roads. It was almost seven when Darcie found a spot in the house where she got a bar of cell reception and received a text from Derrick saying that the road back to the house was closed because of the storm, he was going to have to get a hotel room in town with Craig and Kenbo for the night and he would be back as soon as the road opened up.

We were both pissed. She was pissed that Derrick wasn't here with her and I was pissed that I wasn't there with the rest of my boys. We didn't talk much for the rest of the night, just watched TV.

That was until the satellite dish cut out on us. After looking at static for a few minutes we both decided to just go to bed. It had been a boring day, maybe things would be better in the morning. I lay on my bed in the dark and decided to do the only fun thing that was available, jerk off again.

I began stroking my dick slowly (there was no reason to rush it). I tried to remember the movie scene from earlier, I tried to remember porn that I had watched in the past, but no matter what I tried to remember my brain seemed to always come back to one thing, Darcie. It was annoying, I wasn't trying to get off thinking about my buddy's girlfriend. But whether I liked it or not, I was getting close to cumming and I couldn't get her out of my head.

Just then there was a soft knock on my door. I got up and threw a pair of boxers on over my boner. They did very little to hide the tent I had pitched. I opened the door a little bit, carefully keeping my waist out of sight of the door, and saw Darcie standing there wearing a big t-shirt and seemingly nothing else. "Hey, sorry, was I making noise again?" I asked. "What? No, it's not you. I was wondering, like, it's all windy and noisy out from the storm and I was just wondering, if you wouldn't mind, could you come and sleep in my room?

I just get nervous, you know." She shuffled her feet a little as she asked, she was clearly embarrassed on top of being nervous. "Oh ahh." I was more than a little taken off guard by this, "Yeah I guess so." "Thank you so much." She sighed.

"It's just all the noises and being all alone, it just gets me all jumpy." "No problem." I told her, and then considered my hard on which was still at the brink of filling my boxers with cum, "I'll be there in a minute okay?" "Thank you." She said before I closed the door. As soon as the door was shut I began pacing in my room, taking deep breaths and trying to make my boner go away. It was a persistent bastard but after a few minutes of not getting any attention my dick shrunk back to its normal size.

I put on a pair of pants, grabbed a pillow and blanket from my bed and opened the door again. I was a little surprised that Darcie was still standing in pretty much the same place she had been when I closed the door.


"Hey." I said when I almost ran into her. "Thank you so much for doing this. I don't want to be a pain in the ass." She said. I looked at the T-shirt she was wearing, it was for some restaurant and was about four sizes too large for the small girl, it hung down to just about her upper thigh and I could just make out the shape of her nipples poking against the shirt in the dark hall way.

I tried to look away. "It's really no problem." I said, she turned and walked to her and Derrick's room just next to mine. I tried to see what she was wearing below the T-shirt's hem but whatever it was, it wasn't longer than the shirt. When we got to her room she climbed into one side of the bed and I put my pillow and blanket on the floor, trying to make myself a shitty excuse for a bed on the cabin's cold floor.

"What are you doing?" She asked. "Making myself a shitty excuse for a bed on the cold floor." I replied. "No. I need you in the bed. Otherwise what's the point?" I wasn't going to argue with logic like this so I left my pillow and blanket on the floor and climbed in on Derrick's side of the bed. She got up as I was getting in. "I'm going to get a bottle of water from the kitchen, do you want one?" I told her no and she left to get her water, turning lights on left and right as she went, this girl really was scared.

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As I tried to make myself comfortable in the bed I realized quickly that the pants I was wearing were the opposite of comfortable, I weighed my options before undoing the button and fly and sliding them off under the covers.

I normally sleep naked, Darcie was just going to have to be happy with me wearing my boxers as a compromise. As I dropped my pants on the floor beside the bed the lights went out. I heard Darcie scream from the kitchen and then there were rapid footsteps as she sprinted through the cabin, into the room, and launched herself into the bed.

She threw the covers over her head and screamed, "What the fuck!" "I think we lost power." I said calmly. "Fuck. I'm sorry." She panted taking her head from under the covers and breathing heavily. "Are you okay?" I asked looking at her as she came down from the panic. "Ye— Oh shit!" she said as her face sunk in horror. "What?" I was a little panicked now too just looking at her face. "I wet myself." She said. I was confused and probably a little drunk, "With water?" "No!

Like I peed my pants when the lights went out." She confessed hanging her head a little. "Are you serious?" I asked, stunned but intrigued. "Yeah. While I was running in here I think I was also peeing. I didn't even realize it." I started laughing. "What? It's not funny." She insisted, embarrassed. "You were so fucking scared." I said, "It's just a little funny." "It was really fucking scary, alright?" She said but I could see in the dark that she was smiling.

"Apparently." I said still laughing. She reached her hands down below the covers and felt at her crotch, "I need to take off my panties." She said after assessing the situation. "Not too much got on the bed I don't think." Then she wriggled her ass and legs around until she brought the panties in question up above the covers. "I couldn't even tell you were wearing panties." I said honestly. "Of course I was wearing panties you perv." She said and then she blew my mind by bringing the wet panties up to her face and taking a quick sniff.

"I'm the perv?" I accused her back. "Shut up." She said and flung them across the room. She turned away from me in bed and was quiet. She was apparently too scared to get out of the safety of the covers and get a new pair of panties, or clean up the piss she had trailed through the house.

I figured this was how she said goodnight; I got comfortable and closed my eyes. As I lay next to her in bed while she wore nothing but that big shirt I couldn't help but let my mind wander, and when I let my mind wander my dick decided that it was time to get hard again. Unfortunately for me I couldn't bring myself to jerk off in bed next to her, even if she was asleep, but I didn't think anyone could fall asleep that quickly, so I just laid there with a boner and thought about poking my buddy's girl in the ass with it.

After a few minutes of this Darcie suddenly flipped around in bed so that we were almost nose to nose and almost everything else to everything else.

"Holy shit!" She said, "You were jerking off again when I knocked on your door, weren't you?" "Umm no." I lied. "Yes you were. That's why you said that thing about making noise. I didn't even think about it then." "It helps me get to sleep." I admitted.

"Did you finish?" She asked. I was a little taken off guard by how blunt her question was, "Umm no. You knocked right before I was going to." "I'm sorry." She said sympathetically. "It's fine really." "If you want to do it again just let me know when to open my mouth." She was looking right into my eyes as she said this and I really wasn't sure if she was joking or not.

I laughed uneasily before saying, "Yeah I'll give you a heads up." "Do you want a hand job?" She asked. "Are you serious?" "Of course." "No, I couldn't do that. Derrick…" was the only thing I could think to say as an excuse. "It's only a hand job.

Plus Derrick will never find out. Plus you're being really nice by coming in here to keep me safe." Her math was doing a really good job at coaxing me, but the last shred of morals I had left brought me to say, "No. I couldn't even get hard." It took her less than a second to find out this was a lie and after she had felt my hard dick there was no way I could bring myself to stop her from tugging it.

She was really fucking good. I had a bit of a mental fight with myself in the beginning as I tried to tell myself that this wasn't right, but the horny voice in my head that wanted to cum reminded me of her words, "It's only a hand job". I let myself relax and enjoy this naughty hand job. After a few minutes of keeping up a slow and steady rhythm she took her hand away for a second, when she started stroking again she was going much faster and her hand felt wet, like she had put lube on it or something.

I wasn't going to complain. It was a few days later that I was thinking back on this hand job and I realized it wasn't lube that she had put on her hand at all, but she had rubbed her hand in the wet spot on the bed from when she peed herself.

Unaware of this at the moment, I felt myself getting close to orgasming. I gave her a gentlemanly heads up and was awed when she stuck her head under the covers. The next thing I knew she had her mouth on the tip of my dick, almost like she was kissing it while she really began to stroke it fast.

As I came she slurped up every bit as it shot out of me. After I had sent several ropes between her lips and the rest had dribbled into her mouth I collapsed into my pillow. I heard her throat work to swallow my cum before her head emerged from under the covers and she lay against me. "Holy shit." I said. "That's my way of saying thank you." She whispered, "If you stay with me all night I'll give you an even better thank you in the morning." I felt like a kid trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve after that.

Eventually I did drift off to sleep but instead of having visions of sugar plums I was dreaming about doing some pretty despicable things with my friend's significant other. When I woke up the next morning I tried to make a pot of coffee. This task was halted by the lack of working water in the house. I tried the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, even the shower before I decided that the pipes must be frozen.

The storm was still raging on outside. I told Darcie the news when she got up, still wearing the big shirt from last night.

Now I could fully see the outlines of her nipples in the light of day. "Fuck that sucks." She said, "Wait what does that mean for the toilet?" "It won't flush." I wasn't entirely sure if this was true but I was lazy and didn't want to fuck around with a frozen toilet.

"Okay. So like if I needed to pee what should I do?" She asked "You could just go on the kitchen floor again." I joked. "But if you aren't feeling like that then I guess you could go in the sink or outside." There was also the option of the shower, but I thought I would keep that one to myself and see if she came up with it.

She eyed the kitchen sink, it was small and the counter didn't look all that strong. "Fuck." She muttered to herself, then said to me, "Well put on your cloths, you're taking me outside to pee." She went into her bedroom to get dressed.

"What are you a dog?" I asked, following her. "If you want to pretend I am that's up to you." She said, I laughed and stopped in the doorway watching her.

She lifted her shirt above her head and revealed her breasts which were on the smaller side, certainly smaller than the girl getting fucked by the Rock the day before, but they weren't bad for real life.

She had a nice body, she clearly worked out regularly. When she turned around and bent over to pick something up from the ground I saw her ass which was something worth writing home about.

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The baggy winter cloths that she had been wearing all week did not properly showcase the obnoxiously impressive curves that she had. As she was bent over, I got a wonderful view of her plump cheeks and her pussy lips which were framed between her legs.

She straightened up with a pair of light blue panties in her hand and noticed me standing there looking at her. "Hey, I need to go bad, hurry up and get dressed." She said as she put the panties on, I wondered if they were the ones she had been wearing last night as I went to my own room to get suited up.

A few minutes later I met her by the door where she wasn't exactly standing but more like hopping around in her eskimo coat, big winter boots, snow pants, hat, and mittens. I turned the thermostat on full blast so the house would be nice and toasty when we came back in. "Ready?" I asked. She nodded before I turned the door knob and let the wind blow it open. There was over two feet of snow right in front of the door and I actually needed to lift her a bit to get on top of it because the boots and pants and all her gear made it difficult to lift her leg that high.

I managed to close the door against the wind after I had followed her out. "Where do you want to go?" I shouted over the whistling wind. "That way." She pointed to the side of the cabin where the snow was less high.

It took us a minute to trudge our way through the elements but the wind was a lot less violent on that side of the cabin and you could almost stand on top of the snow without sinking into it up to your ass. With her mitten covered hand Darcie fumbled desperately at the zipper of her snow pants.

"Help." She pleaded, "Quick." I really didn't want to see this girl pee herself twice in less than 24 hours, especially out here it was liable to freeze to the poor girl's leg and with the cabin's frozen plumbing, washing her off would be a process.

I grabbed both sides of the pants and tugged down hard, they came down to her knees. She squatted down so close to the snow that her ass grazed it.

She swiped her blue panties to the side with a mitten covered hand and almost immediately she let her stream go. The snow that didn't melt when she peed on it was turned yellow. I couldn't take my eyes away from her pussy. I don't think she wanted me to take my eyes away from her pussy. She looked up at me and saw that I was watching her. She took off one of her mittens and then put her naked hand down between her legs and rubbed her clit, making her stream move around in circles as it hit the snow.

As the stream slowed to a trickle she stood up and pulled up her snow pants before the rest of the pee dripped into the snow. It was really fucking cold out there. I didn't blame her for making the sacrifice of getting a little pee dribble between her legs if it meant saving ten more seconds of dipping her ass in the snow.

I noticed that behind the deep hole that her pee had carved in the snow there was an imprint that her ass had made when she let herself squat just a little too low in the snow. "Ready to go in?" I asked her. "No. It's your turn." She said back. "I can pee in the sink anytime I want." Thinking there was no way I would be exposing my dick to the potential of frost bite to take a leak.

"Well then you at least have to take off your pants." She said. "Why?" I wasn't about to just stand out there with my ass in the breeze so that we were both freezing when we got back in. "So I can blow you." She said putting her hand on my crotch which was heavily padded by my own snow gear.

Even still, my dick twitched as she made contact. With that as an incentive it didn't take long before I had my pants brought down to reveal my dick.

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That's where we ran into a bit of a problem. Like I already said, it was cold as fuck outside, and even if her touching my dick had made it twitch, getting hard in this environment was not going to be easy.

Lucky for me this girl is tougher than she looks and she was up for the challenge, she took my dick in her mouth and played around with her tongue. Even with the extreme cold it didn't take long before I was very hard. Then she really went to work, bobbing her head back in forth so fast that I thought she was going to pull a muscle in her neck, taking so much of my dick that I thought she was going to choke herself, and her throat was making so many noises that I thought she was having a conversation with me.

I warned her that I was close to cumming, cause I'm a gentleman. She took her mouth off my dick and as a string of drool clung between my dick and her rosy face she said, "Let's go inside then, I want you to fuck me." I reluctantly pulled my pants back on over my boner and we trudged back to the door. The friction against my pants was almost enough to send me over the edge, but I stopped for a moment as the snow wiped against my face.

I let my dick relax a little before I kept going. When we had gotten back in the house our cloths were off almost before the door was even closed behind us. We hadn't been outside for very long but the heat had really kicked in. Hats and coats went flying in every direction as we made our way to the living room. I laid her down on the rug there and lined up my very cold, but very hard dick with her very wet and very hot pussy. She hadn't bothered to take off her panties, just pulled them to the side like she had when she was peeing.

As I entered her I felt my dick warm up, I lingered inside her for a second before I began to thrust in and out of her. I started off slow, letting her get wet so that each thrust was smoother than the last. After a minute she was screaming and moaning so loud that it echoed through the lonely cabin.

I couldn't help but notice that she was much louder now than she had been the other nights when I heard her getting fucked by Derrick.

She yelled things at me, telling me to fuck her harder, calling me daddy over and over, telling me to give her that dick. I warned her that I was about to cum again and she just kept yelling and moaning. She brought her athletic legs up behind me and squeezed me against her tightly with them. I wouldn't have been able to get my dick out of her if I had wanted to.

I was burrowed deep in her as her legs pulled us together and she let out an ecstatic holler, I reached my orgasm and started to cum inside her. I felt rope after rope of cum shoot from my dick and disappeared inside her pussy. When I was done and she had quieted I let my slick cock slide out of her and she quickly pulled her panties back in front of her pussy.

Then she stood up on wobbly legs, leaned against the couch, and spread her legs apart. I watched as my cum leaked from her and made a stain on her crotch. She wore nothing but these panties for the rest of the day. Every now and then I caught her rubbing her fingers against the fabric.

We spent another night sleeping in the same bed. Then the next morning as the storm was dying we cleaned up the house. Scrubbing away every ounce of bodily fluid in preparation of Craig, Kenbo, and Derrick being able to make it up the road to the house. When they finally got here, Derrick wouldn't stop apologizing to Darcie for leaving her like that. She told him she hadn't minded at all.

The weathermen had been reporting that today was only a break in the storm and tomorrow it was supposed to start snowing again. We still had a day left with the cabin but we decided that we would rather get a head start for home than be snowed in again. I packed up my things, threw my duffle bag in the back seat, and drove slowly down the mountain and back to my gruesomely boring life. A few days later while I was unpacking my bag to do a load of laundry I found a pair of blue panties mixed in with my cloths.

I've gotten a lot of souvenirs from vacations I've taken in the past. Mouse ears at Disney, a bottle of sand at Myrtle beach, shit like that. These panties are by far my favorite souvenir from any vacation I've ever taken. I think that Darcie must have slipped them in my bag before I left. I'm not going to ask Derrick if he can double check this though. I didn't add them to my laundry pile, I figured some cloths could go without being washed for a while, just like college.