Bootylicious vixen has her pussy plugged hard cumshot

Bootylicious vixen has her pussy plugged hard cumshot
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I always wished that my life was different. My mom left when I was 5 and I never saw her again, now at 17 my dad died he was all that I had left.

I was at his funeral in the outskirts of London at some lady's house. I was looking at my dad in his coffin when a person tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and it was a lady about 5'6" with brown hair and blue-green eyes and a nice pair of tits.

She said," Hi Ryan my name is Hannah, Im your mom." "Hi mom" I stuttered. Then a girl came up to her and said "Mom is this Ryan?" "Yes it is, Ryan meet your sister Megan, she is about 2 years older than you." " Hey bro!!!" "Hey sis" I replied. "Well, why don't you get mary and introduce her to him." We walked down to the house and went inside to the kitchen. When we stopped in front of a girl that looked like my ex Chelsea Larson "She looked up from reading a magazine and said," Hey you must be Ryan My name is Mary I'm 16." And that's when she hugged me.

Meg cried," Hey don't hog him!!!" And they each pulled on me like I was the rope in a game of tug-of-war. Then my grandparents came in and started to say "Its time t&hellip." and they started to laugh when they saw what was happeneing to me.

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Then mom came in and said ,"Whats so funny?" And she looked at the three of us and started to laugh also. After laughing for a few minutes my grandparents finally said," Its time to go Ryan." "Awwwww. Can't he stay with us for a few weeks mom?" the girls said. "I don't mind as long as its okay with his grandparents." Grandpa said," Of course, it would be great for him with all that is going on!" After about 2 hours of planning on when I would leave my grandparents left.

I said to mom," I need to take a shower." " Sure honey. Mary will show you where it is." Mary took my hand and led me to the bathroom that was connected to their room and she said," since we're brother and sister you don't mind if I take a shower with you." And then she took off her clothes and threw them in the hamper. When we were in the shower it was either my dick or her ass that kept on bumping into each other, I was hoping that it was her ass that was doing that on purpose and not my dick though.

After our shower it was about 10:45 PM and we decided to go to bed. Mom said that mary and meg will share a bed and that I could take mary's bed. When everybody was asleep I heard my door open and close. I looked over my shoulder and saw that mary was standing there.

She said" Can I share the bed with you, I hate sleeping with Meg?" "Sure, let me scoot over first."I replied. When I moved she lifted the covers and got in. it was a very compromising position. It was me spooning her from behind with my dick stabbing her ass. I was thinking some very dirty thoughts about this when finally I told myself to go to sleep. I woke up to the feeling that something was on my dick… wait something on my dick!!! I opened my eyes and found that it was dark outside and that mary was still asleep.

I took a quick peek under the sheets and found that my dick had penetrated her and had the whole head of my dick shoved inside her pussy. I tried to pull out but when I tried to her body pulled with my dick. Boy that must mean that she is very tight. I moved back to the way I was and found that my dick was covered in her juices! I thought hmmmm. I pushed a little more and my dick was slowly going inside of her pussy.

When I felt the membrane of the virginity I stopped and thought I shouldn't be doing this. But when I started pulling out she turned while I was still inside of her. Then we met eye to eye and I got embarrassed so I tried to fake that I just woke up also. She said,"Don't you dare pull out." And she pushed herself onto me and said,"make love to me, I want you to be my first." I said,"Are you sure?" "Yes I'm sure." And then I turned so that she straddled my chest and said," Lay back." When she laid down I looked down and saw the most perfect pussy ever.

It was the best shaved pussy I have ever seen. I kissed the outer lips and she pushed up with eagerness. Then I licked her lips and stuck my tongue inside, her muscles clamped down around my tongue and I started thrusting my tongue in and out. I saw her clit start to pop out so I stopped and licked it. She started writhing on the bed and then wrapped her legs around my head and made me shove my face into her. She tasted so sweet almost like candy.

I licked like I was kissing her lips. When she came it shot into my mouth and thought ooooohh, a rainmaker. When she calmed down enough to talk she said," That was wonderful." Then we heard a noise. We froze and then I got up and went to the door quietly, when I opened it her very hot sister meg came tumbling through the door!! "Meg!!!" Mary said in a shocked voice. When she realized what happened she tried to get to the door I grabbed her arm and pulled her to the bed.

She was shocked and said," What are you going to do? You're not mad are you?" I sat her on the bed and I pushed her back, I stuck a finger inside of her and found that she was already wet.

I asked her "did you see the whole thing while your finger fucked yourself?" She nodded her head yes. I asked her if she was a virgin and she said "no." I licked her and she moaned, her clit was already out and I licked it.

She moaned and I wanted to see if she was like mary, so when she came I felt her cum hit the back of my throat, yup her too. She also tasted sweet, though not as sweet as mary. When she finally caught her breath mary straddled her face and meg licked her pussy and started to suck it. She spread her legs for me and she was shaved also except she had a little patch of hair.

I pushed into her and she pulled her mouth off of mary's pussy, "FUCK ME" she screamed. And shoved herself onto my dick I caught her rhythm and fucked her fast and hard. I shifted a little so I could get deeper and have my dick rub over her G-spot over and over again. When she came again I pulled out and said," Mary are you ready." She nodded yes and I laid back and she straddled my dick. Meg helped her slowly get me inside of her but Marys legs sudddenly gave out and my dick went all the way inside of her.

She was crouched over and I pulled her to me.

I found that she was crying. I asked her if she wanted to stop she said "No lets keep going ." So I startd to move in and out of her and she started moving with me when all of a sudden she let out a shriek and came on my dick. I pulled out and meg said" Can I suck it." She came over to me and put her mouth over te head of it and sucked it, then she put more of it into her mouth until all 9 inches were in.

then she startd moving up and down. I caught her rhythm and started to fuck her mouth. Mary suddenly said" When you're about to cum say so, I want you to cum all over us." When I started to get close I said," I-i-i-im about to cum!!!" Meg pulled off and mary came beside her and mary started rub my dick.

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When the first shot came out it hit mary in the face and then they opened their mouths and cum started to shoot on their faces and all over their bodies. When I was finally done I collapsed on the bed and got a surprise show when mary licked cum off of Meg then they started to clean each other up. When not a drop of cum was left they got in a 69 position and started sucking each others pussy.

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My dick grew back to its glory and I got up and stuck it inside mary's pussy and the went around and started pushing into megs ass. Megs stopped doing what she was doing and said," what are you doing." When all of a sudden my dick slipped into her anal cavity. She said "OOOOOOOOOHHHHH" and mary started to suck on her pussy.

When I came in her ass and pulled out mary licked the outside of megs ass and then stuck her face into megs ass and started to suck out the cum. Meg was moving like crazy, when it was all empty meg fell on the bed and I started to finger fuck her, then I slipped in three fingers then four and then my whole hand went in and I shoved my fist into her and felt her cervix she was bouncing up and down on the bed and saying,"OOOOHHHHH STOP PLEASE STOOOOPPPP UUUUUNNNNGGGHHHHH." When she came on my hand I left it there and realized that she fainted and then I said "Now lets all go to sleep" and I wondered hmmm I wonder what were going to do tomorrow.

When I woke up in the morning I thought oh shit all I have was the suit I was wearing. So I got out of bed and realized that meg and mary were gone. When I went downstairs I saw that meg was leaning on the counter drinking a cup of coffee and mary was cooking French toast on the stove. Meg looked up and said" Good morning." "Good morning" I replied and mary turned around and said," Holy shit, Ryan, how often do you work out?" "Ummmm, I go to the gym about three times a week and just do some basic stuff around the house, soo I guess every day." I replied.

"It sure as hell shows." "Thanks, and I need to go to the mall and go shopping for clothes and other stuff so do you guys by any chance have a spare of pants that would fit me?" "How about sweatpants?" meg asked. "Those will do." I replied. While she was gone getting them Mary and I both said "LETS DATE" at the same time. Then we smiled at each other and hugged. "When will you come home?" "WE will come home late in the afternoon so lets hurry up and eat and go." She got all excited and meg came down and gave me the sweatpants.


Mary told her about our plans for today and meg told us to have fun because she had to go to a work party. "No one can give us a ride." Don't worry I drove down here and we went down to the driveway."OOHHHHH, so that's your car, nice its very sexy, wait that looks like the Nissan GT-R!!!" "The one and only" I said.

She admired it for a while and then we got into the car. I told her she better buckle up because I drive very fast. She made such a show over getting her seatbelt on, when finally I turned on the engine. BAM!!!! My cars music blasted through the speakers and it shocked us. Oooops I thought I forgot to turn it off.

But Mary didn't complain so I left it.

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I drove slowly through the street, and then mary said," You drive like&hellip." but she never got to finish what she said because when we hit the corner I floored my car and we drifted around the corner and shot off. On the street we drove at about 85 mph. She had such a shocked look on her face that I laughed. When we got on the freeway I gased it and the meter kept going up until it hit 110 mph, then we heard a siren and I said "FUCK!!!!!" I pulled over to the shoulder and I thought the guy looked familiar when all of a sudden mary said, "Uncle Reuben?" He looked in and said,"Mary is that you?" "Yes, and I have a surprise for you its your nephew Ryan!

Remember the man with the short blond hair, that was his father."mary said. Reuben stuck a hand inside and said," Oh yeah now I remember you I saw you when you were about 8 years old, I heard about your father, real sorry." "thanks." "Well since you're my sisters son I'll let you off this time but next time, its time to pay." He said.

"Thank you so much uncle Reuben!" mary said. "Well, have a nice day then." And we drove off to the mall. On the way their I felt Mary's had creep up my pant leg and then rested on my dick. She started to rub it but we were already at the parking lot of the mall. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I thought to myself. We got out and said to each other,"That was fun." And we went in. Every thing was great we went to a couple of stores for me and a couple of stores for her and I asked her" Whens your birthday" " tomorrow.""Ok thank you." She wanted to go into Victoria Secret and I saw this really sexy lingerie and while she was trying on some pajamas I went up to the regester and told the lady, "Can I buy that green outfit in the window there?" "Why yes that'll be 200 dollars." I paid her and told her to stick it in one of my bags in the bottom.

It was a surprise for the girl that I came in with. When Mary came out of the changing rooms I asked her if she wanted anything else. She said" Can I get these thongs?" "Sure, as long as you model them for me when we get home." We gave each other that knowing look that we were going to have fun tonight.

We left after we paid and went to go get some lunch. Then I heard someone say," Look at the whore Mary Reynolds, just another slut." I turned around and the guy must have seen my face because he flinched.


I said," What the fuck did you just say" He repeated it to me but before he even finished I punched him in the face and broke his nose. Mary was saying" Oh Ryan please stop." I ignored her and he and I fought or at least i did, he tried to but failed. He hooked and I dodged it and kneed him in the ribs. He doubled over and I was about to drop kick his ass when Mary shouted," RYAN NOOOOO!" I stopped looked at her and picked the guy up brushed him off and the did one last thing, I picked him up off the ground using brute strength and said," Now, I'm going to repeat myself, DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY.?" "He nodded his head no and I threw him on the ground.

I looked at his friends and it looked like they shit their pants. I turned and looked at Mary. I said"He had it coming." "Yes, I know I know." I picked up all of our stuff that I dropped and said," Lets go on like nothing went wrong." "why not, You did give him a second chance." She said. We walked away laughing just like nothing went wrong and left her ex and his buddies to clean up the mess.

We finally got home at about 4:00 in the afternoon, we went up to her room and unloaded our stuff, I hid the present and asked her if I could hang my stuff up in her closet with her stuff.

She said "Of course." While I was putting my boxers and socks away I saw a box underneath all of the stuff. I pulled it out and opened it. There were three different length vibrators and four dildos of different lengths.

I laughed and snuck up behind her and said," So what are these for?" She turned around and looked at what I was holding up. She got red and said"UUUHHHH tho-tho-thos- ummm uh I WAS HOLDING THEM FOR A FRIEND" she blurted out trying to lie to me. I smiled and said "then why do these all say your name on them." She blushed even harder and said "I bought them a day before you came here." Then she suddenly tried to snatch them from me so I held them up and said,"na ah ahhh" and she pushed me so that I fell on the bed.

We froze and looked at each other she kissed me and while we were kissing I grabbed a vibrator and rubbed it along her thong she was trying on. She moaned and I slipped it in I turned it on to low and she moaned Then I turned it on to high and was wriggling all over the bed. When she was about to cum I pulled it out and latched my mouth onto her pussy I felt her cum shoot into my mouth and when she was finished I still had a mouthful so I kissed her and she drank her own cum.


She said," Now look at what you did." She was covered in her cum and sweat. "Well, go shower I'll finish putting the clothes away." When I heard Mary getting out of the shower I started cooking dinner for everybody. I was going to cook chicken alfredo, breadsticks, and a cesear salad, with some wine that I found.

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When I stuck the noodles in Mary came down and asked if she could help with anything. I said,"Yeah, go and make the breadsticks.

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I'll write down how to do it." She clapped her hands in joy, and jumped up and down like a little girl. That was when I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra, and that it looked like it was all wet down there.

I wrote it down and she started trying to make them. When I finished making the chicken alfredo, I asked her,"So how far have you gotten?" she replied, "Umm, well I am mixing the batter right now." And I turned around and saw her whole body gyrating with the turns of the spoon. I came up behind her and wrapped my hands around her stomach and kissed her neck. She gave a little moan and tilted her neck and wrapped her arms aroud my head.

I said," We cant do this now but heres a little something to show you what's in store for later. When I kissed her on the lips I stuck two finger in her pussy at the same time. She screamed her orgasm in my mouth and wriggled in my grasp.

When she finally had enough I pulled my fingers out and said," Wow, didn't know that was gonna happen." She nodded yes. Right about when the breadsticks were ready mom and meg came into the house and said "WOW, what is that awesome smell!!!!" We brought them over to the table and had them sit down.

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I poured mom a glass of wine and she drank some. When we all finished eating I said," I also made key lime pie, it's the only pie I know how to make, I hope you all like it." "Like it!!!!Thats our favorite kind of pie." When I was gone I pretended to be getting the pie and that's when I heard mary say," Mom Ryan and I want to have a relationship with each other. Is that okay?" I almost fainted until I heard her say," I don't mind as long as you don't get pregnant.

I was so happy that when I got the pie I almost dropped it. When I came back Mary said," hey ryan!!" Yeah I know I could hear you." When I sat down I thought "Man could this get any better?" PART 2???