Face fucking manuel ferrara valentina nappi slutty and sluttier

Face fucking manuel ferrara valentina nappi slutty and sluttier
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"Why is it that the dancing on all of these videos looks more like sex than dancing?" Riley demanded after watching a few videos. Jessica shrugged, "It's the style." But her nonchalance vanished when both Riley and Angus glared at her. "So Jim said when I demanded to know why all those men were all over you at the bar when you were 'dancing'" Riley growled. "Honestly Riley, it looks easier than it is.

There's so much work put into those dances that the last thing you feel is turned on … trust me … honest." She added when they didn't look placated. "But anyway, the words and tune are what you should be concentrating on …" she added in a rush. "Listen to it again and this time try humming with it." "Fine, but this conversation isn't over." Riley said as Angus started the video again.

"Maybe you two should get naked and try it …" Jessica muttered when their combined efforts at humming the song were pathetically dismal. They were hardly making a sound and kept looking at one another in obvious wariness.

They both threw withering looks at Jessica but their humming improved considerably. When the song finished, a round of applause made Jessica shriek and Angus and Riley jump into a crouch position. "What the fucking, shit, fuck!" Angus yelled at Scott, Jim and Josh standing by the door, clapping. "You shitheads!" Riley added having reflexively reached into the tub to grab Jessica's arm before she sank under the water.

"Are you trying to finish what Daryl started and kill Jessica? And close the fucking door will you? She's naked." "Sorry …" Josh said, closing the door. "Sorry Jess, are you okay?" Scott asked, him and Jim moving closer to the tub. "Have you ever heard of knocking?" Jessica asked in mock anger.

Her heart was pounding a mile a minute but she honestly couldn't feel mad at them. "We did knock." Scott said dropping to his knee beside Jessica and kissing her forehead. "But I guess the humming blocked it out." Jim said unable to hide his smile that turned into a chuckle. "So … " Josh said moving into the room and pointing at the laptop, "what exactly is going on?" "Oh fuck off!" Angus growled when both Josh and Scott were unable to hide their amusement either.

"Well, I'm really proud of Angus and Riley." Jessica said, "They're both being really brave and stepping outside their comfort zones to learn to sing. That takes a lot of courage. A different kind of courage than the kind required to go into a gun fight." She added when Scott, Josh and Jim looked at Riley and Angus in surprise, and when neither Riley or Angus looked placated.

"Wow …" Jim finally said, and to Jessica's relief he looked and sounded truly impressed, "That's great. I never would have expected that.

Can we help too?" "In complete seriousness." Scott added, "I'd like to help too." "Really … me too." Josh added. When Angus and Riley looked unmoved. There was silence for a few minutes while Riley and Angus seemed to be considering the men's words and demeanors. "Fine …" Angus said with a sigh when Riley eventually turned to him and shrugged. "We get naked with you guys too … I guess this can't be any worse." "Awesome!

That's fucking awesome!" Scott laughed. "But I'm not singing in front of anyone but you." Angus said. "That explains the laptop in the bathroom …" Jim said. "I take it that you came in here for a reason …" Riley prompted, looking pointedly at the toilet. "Yeah, yeah." Josh said moving to the toilet.

"Heads up though …" Scott kissing Jessica's forehead again before getting up an lining up behind Josh at the toilet, "Corey, Chris and Abe are almost done outside. They'll be in here soon." "I guess that's it for today's lesson." Angus said getting up and unplugging the laptop.

"Can you take this back?" he asked handing it to Riley. "I've gotta help Jess wash up." He added when Riley looked back and forth between Angus and the laptop, raising an eyebrow. "Right." Riley said taking the laptop. "I'll go start working on dinner. Good luck." He added, "The bubbles are starting to disappear …" "Ha, ha." Angus said but wasted no time dunking the wash cloth into the tub. Fifteen minutes later Jessica had the fastest cleaning she'd ever had at Angus' hands, was seated on the sofa, her mouth watering with the smell of dinner - her appetite was finally back - and watching Corey and Abe go head to head in some overly violent video game.

It should have all been blissful. And it would have been were it not for Scott, Jim and Josh getting a great amount of pleasure from torturing Jessica by pointing at Corey, mouthing 'Leah?' and then acting innocent when Corey looked their way … winking at Jessica when he looked away again. Jessica closed her eyes and wished she hadn't reacted with such panic the first time Scott did it.

Since then he, Jim and Josh were having fun toying with her. Riley was busy in the kitchen and to his credit Angus tried to get the other three to stop but his head flicks, mouthed threats and raised fists almost made things worse. Corey always almost just catching Angus in the act.

Jessica wasn't sure what to make of their behavior. It was hard to get mad because they seemed so playful. Too playful, almost hyper. The worst part was when she herself got caught. She was waving her hand frantically trying to indicate for Scott to stop when he'd wrapped his arms around himself and pretended to be French kissing someone; when Corey looked directly at her.

"There's a fly … got it." She mumbled pathetically and pretended to swat a fly away. With that Scott, Jim and Josh fell into fits of laughter. Corey looked at them and shook his head. "My turn to switch off with Chris." He said standing. "Have fun." He said to Abe, who took one look at Scott, Jim and Josh rolling around on the floor and stood up too.

"I'll help you check the perimeter." He said shaking his head and heading outside with Corey. No sooner had they left than Scott and Jim dropped onto either side of Jessica on the sofa, taking Corey and Abe's places.

Josh, landed beside Jim. And they were still roaring. Jim fell against Jessica, Scott did too and rubbed Jessica's head with his hand. Angus sat on the armchair shaking his head and muttering, "Like little effing boys." Jessica pushed Jim away from her and then Scott.

"See if I ever tell you a secret again!" she muttered and placed a hand on Jim's chest and her right shoulder on Scott's as they tried to get closer to her.

"Oh come on Jess …" Jim said. "It was funny!" Scott added. Jessica stared at them, unable to comprehend what was wrong with them. They didn't seem to be trying to be mean. "'Sides Jess," Josh added, "you didn't tell us any secret, Riley did." "And we won't tell Sean, honest." Jim added. "But Corey doesn't know that I know …" Jessica said, struggling to keep Jim and Scott away again.

"No shit …" Josh said and seemed to sober up a little. "We were under the impression that Corey knew … that you knew … geez, sorry Jess." Jessica looked at him and then Scott and Jim in bewilderment. They seemed to be calming down but they still wore playful smiles. "Welcome to the dangers of second hand information." Angus said, "And to the antics of these goofballs. When they get carried away with something there's no stopping them." "Antics?" Jessica repeated.

"Sure. When they think they have something over you they go to town. Think it's real funny." Angus said glaring at Scott, Jim and Josh but it only lasted a moment and Angus was smiling. Almost wistfully. "I used to be at the butt end of their jokes all the time." He added. "Oh, oh, oh, tell her about Ingrid!" Josh said to Angus in such an exuberant way that made Jessica think he was drunk. But, she didn't recall them drinking anything.

"Ingrid?" Riley asked in surprise. He'd just come from the kitchen and stood looking surprised but pleasantly so. "Oh God, really?" Angus demanded but didn't seem too upset about it. "When we were kids …" Angus began when the three had nodded their heads in encouragement. He leaned forward in the armchair and looked like he was going to tell a favorite bed time story.

"Kids." Scott interrupted with a snort. "You were thirteen, no kid …" "Fine, when I was thirteen, there was this woman in one of the neighboring clans. She was older … a lot older.

And one night I had the misfortune of having a dream …" "Yes, a 'dream'" Jim interrupted, using his fingers to indicate quotes around the word dream and then fall back against Jessica laughing. "It was a dream …" Angus bantered back and really didn't look upset at all.

"Angus, you ruined your sheets." Scott said. "Okay … I spewed during the dream." Angus said when Jessica looked at him with a perplexed expression. "She meant nothing to me … it was just something a thirteen year old boy would do." "But lucky Angus we were all there and witnessed his … pleasure." "Ingrid … Ingrid … Ingrid!" Scott moaned, tossing his head back and forth and then jerking his pelvis up spastically before collapsing in pretend bliss.

"She wore tight shirts and short skirts … what did you want from me?" he asked them and smiled, seeming to go back into the memory. Riley seemed to be doing the same. "Anyway, these three assho … clowns, tortured me with it for days. Having near epileptic episodes behind her back and anything else they could do to have me convinced that she'd figure out I'd dreamed about her.

Thank God she moved away not long after …" Riley shook his head, smiling and clearly remembering also, "Yup these guys get in the mood often enough and when they do watch out if you're the receiving end of their fun." "And lucky for you, you seem to have joined the club." Angus added. Jessica looked around at the men. These were clearly happy memories for them. It was refreshing and nice. "I don't think I've ever seen them do that before …" she said thinking back and pretty sure that seeing the men so playful would have stuck in her mind.

"Yeah, well, they used to do it a lot …" Angus said. Riley was nodding, "Before." Jessica could tell by the sobering of all their expressions what before meant. "I like it." She said quietly, "Even if I risk utter humiliation and people's lives may be forever ruined …" She winked when five sets of eyes shot up to look at her.

"I'm kidding … I know you'd never tell Sean. And, I'm sorry that I ruined this between you. Ruined the fun." "Jess, it wasn't you." Riley said, "Really." He added when she gave him her 'give me a break' look which was, Riley realized, showing up quite a lot lately. "Things weren't quite right between us for a long time before you." Jim nodded. "Something changed when we got older." "Your parents got arrested." Jessica said. Jim nodded. "That too. Maybe you just don't notice these things when you're a kid, but things got tense and unhappy.

Well before you showed up." "But … you brought it back." Riley said a huge grin splitting his face. "I don't remember the last time these three jerks bugged the hell out of us in a funny way.

I missed it." "I didn't miss it." Angus said in mock seriousness and then laughed. "Lucky for me there's only one person that I have wet dreams about now and you …" Angus said pointing his finger at Jessica, "are fully aware of them. Humiliation averted." Everyone laughed and Jessica fell against Scott, and squeezed Jim's hand.

Silence fell but this time there was nothing strained or troubling about it. The men sat looking around at one another, smiling. "Well, dinner's ready." Riley finally said standing.

"Good, Jessica's starving." Scott said standing and helping Jessica to her feet, "Her stomach has been growling for the past half hour." No one moved for a moment.

Finally Riley held his hand out to Scott's for a handshake. "I missed you man … and I didn't realize how much." Riley said when Scott shook it.

Scott nodded, "I missed you too." And they embraced in a bear hug. Angus hugged Josh, and then Jim, and he moved to Scott while Riley hugged Jim and Josh. A couple of tears rolled down Jessica's eyes while she watched. "Come here you …" Riley said and Jessica was pulled against him, the other men pressing into a group hug. "Let's eat before the other guys come in and think we've gone queer." Angus mumbled after a minute or two of hugging.

"No queer jokes!" Angus warned pointing his finger at Scott. "Don't cry Jess." Josh said, wiping the tears on her cheeks with his thumb. "This is so nice, that's all …" she said. "Great." Angus grumbled but took Jessica into a headlock and kissed the top of her head, "We've become a chick flick." Jessica laughed but couldn't stop crying.

Angus pulled the bottom of his shirt up to wipe her eyes. "You gonna be okay to eat at the table? You think you can sit on a chair?" he asked quietly. Jessica nodded. "So, before we call in the others in." Jim said, "Since you'll be sleeping with us tonight …" walking his fingers up her arm, puckering his lips and making an exaggerated 'come hither' look. "And we're going to get lucky tonight …" He chuckled when Jessica laughed but nodded with enthusiasm.

"After dinner I'll go into town and get us some condoms." "Condoms …" Scott repeated. "Yeah," Jim said and sighed when everyone, including Jessica, stared at him with blank expressions. "Jess may not be pregnant." "Yeah … and?" Josh asked but Jim could see realization dawning on the other men's faces.

"And she's not on the pill anymore." Scott answered for Jim. Now Jessica got it and she also noticed the men's faces freeze with forced smiles. "Then you better go to bulk barn." Angus muttered. "I'm guessing we'd go through enough condoms in one night to supply a small army." "But, won't condoms dull the sensation for you?" she asked after chuckling along with the men. For a second the frozen expressions the men were forcing faltered and she could see that she had hit the nail on the head.

"It's like wrapping yourself in bubble wrap and then trying to have a massage …" Josh said, "What?" he demanded when Jim cuffed him. "It's really not that bad." Jim said. "But all the books and magazines we've read mention that …" Jessica said. "Sure, in the old days …" Riley interjected, "condoms were awful. But these days they're super thin. You almost don't even know you're wearing one." "Almost …" Angus muttered so quietly that hadn't it been for the guilty look on his face Jessica wouldn't have been sure she'd heard him correctly.

"Jess, they're fine." Scott said. "And this all depends on whether you feel anything down here by tonight …" Scott said sliding his hand to the v between her legs. "Nothing yet?" "No, sorry." "It's okay. We'll wait." Riley said. "That's not really necessary you know …" Jessica said. "We'll wait." Angus said with a note of finality. "Isn't it time for dinner?" "I'll call in the others." Jim said and headed for the door.

"Oh wait, before you do." Jessica said, "Leah said she'd come over after dinner. Can you guys keep Corey busy when she does? So we can talk …" "Sure. It'll be a good time to do a perimeter check." Angus said. "Thanks." "My lady …" Scott said whisking his hand toward the kitchen table. Jessica dipped her head, attempted a one handed curtsey and limped between Scott and Josh to the table.

Dinner had gone well except that Jessica had trouble sitting on the chair so she ended up on Jim's lap. It became apparent to her that Angus' assessment of Jim's brother status had been accurate.

Jim had spent almost all of dinner running his hands up and down her thighs inflaming Jessica's phantom desire to the point of almost feeling real. It also inflamed the redness of Jessica's face. And at first the way the seating arrangement had worked out - Scott and Josh on either side of Jim and Jessica, with Riley and Angus on either side of them, placing Abe, Chris and Corey were on the far side of the table - had been a relief to Jessica. Thinking that Abe, Chris and Corey wouldn't be able to see what Jim was doing had kept the bright red to a slight pink on Jessica's face at first.

But of course, Riley, Angus, Scott and Josh could see what Jim was doing. And they kept looking … even copping a few feels themselves. And so Jessica was sure that Abe, Corey or Chris would figure it out soon enough and so her face beat bright red through the whole dinner. At one point Josh had leaned over to Jim and whispered, "I think you're embarrassing her." "Am I?" Jim hissed in her Jessica's ear, with such a guttural tone that she almost thought it'd been Angus.

He shifted and hugged her hard against him while pressing his fully erect cock into her back. "Uh …" Jessica managed to mumble. Looking left and right she could see that the others were pitching tents too. She closed her eyes … how were they going to get up from the table without the visitors noticing that.

Jim leaned around her to look at her face. He shook his head, kissed her cheek and whispered, "You're so cute. Sorry, I'll stop for now." And he planted his left hand on her inner thigh for the remainder of the meal. That had helped reduce Jessica's embarrassment but at the end of the meal the men still had their erections.

Luckily Corey, Chris and Abe, obviously oblivious had gotten up first and moved to the kitchen with the dirty dishes allowing the men to get up and disappear down the hallway relatively unnoticed. Jim had helped Jessica to the sofa, kissed her on the forehead and disappeared too. Now Jessica sat going through the texts on her phone trying to ignore her phantom desire. It wasn't easy. And when the men came back out to the living room their erections were gone but they still looked horny.

Dangerously horny. Jessica's phantom desire roared again. She forced her attention to her phone. But it was hard to focus. Angus and Riley sat on either side of her on the sofa, Scott dropped into the armchair, Josh and Jim pulled kitchen chairs over. Jessica flicked her eyes from her phone to them.

They sat, obviously not concerned about letting Abe, Chris and Corey clean up the kitchen, muscles coiled and leaning toward Jessica. They were so distracting that Jessica barely paid attention to her phone, until a text from Leah appeared.

Messing around at night without kids

"On my way, be there in half an hour." It read. Just as Jessica was about to convey the news a sudden and incredibly intense spasm of pleasure erupted between her legs causing Jessica to cry out and fold in half. Rolled in a ball, the pleasure emanated through her whole body. "Jess, what's wrong?" Riley demanded, planting a hand on her back and leaning over to see her face.

"What happened?' Angus asked, doing the same. "Jess?" Scott asked. From the corner of her eye, from her doubled over position she could see Josh and Jim slowly lower themselves to their knees in front of her. "I'll get Abe." Scott said standing. "N n no," Jessica managed to say sudden mortification overwhelming her at the prospect of having to explain this to Abe or the other men.

"I'm … fine." "You don't look fine." Jim said. "I guess this is what doc meant." Jessica said. "What doc meant about what?" Josh asked. Jessica lifted her head, her face bright red, "About things thawing out …" she said, "he hadn't meant my legs." "You mean your …" Scott asked, looking at her waist where she doubled over. "You had an … orgasm?" Riley asked.

"Shhh. Yes." Jessica muttered and dropped her head to the sofa. "And now you can feel … between your legs?" Jim asked. When Jessica nodded he shot to his feet. "I'm heading into town." He declared and moved for the door. "I'll come with you." Josh said. "Are you okay?" Angus asked. "You look like you're in pain." "It was really … intense." Jessica said.

"I don't think I can move right now …" "Holy shit …" Scott hissed. "I need to whack off again." Riley muttered. "Can we help you … with anything?" Angus asked and there was no misunderstanding what he meant. "We can get rid of them." He said motioning to the three men in the kitchen.

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Jessica shook her head. "I think it would hurt. It feels really … sensitive." "Holy shit …" Scott said and rose into a crouch, "Are you okay?" he asked touching her head. She looked up at him, "I have to go … you know … are you okay?" Jessica nodded. "Are you okay on your own?" Riley growled. "I have to go too." Angus muttered when Jessica looked up at Riley. "Go … I'm fine." No sooner had the three disappeared than Abe asked, "Jess, are you okay?" "Fine … fine." "Do you have a stomach ache?" Corey asked.

Jessica groaned. Clearly they were done in the kitchen. "Yeah, I think I ate too much." Jessica said. "I'll be fine." "Let's do a parameter check." Scott said returning.

"I'll stay with Jessica, you guys go ahead." Riley said. He sat down on the sofa and rubbed her back. "They're gone?" Jessica asked when she heard the door close. "Yes." "Leah's on her way." She said. Riley nodded but didn't seem to be paying attention.

"And, ah, when she gets here, can we be alone for a while?" Riley nodded again but seemed distracted. His initial gentle and slow rubbing of her back had been speeding up and gaining strength. "Riley." Jessica said, sitting up and pulling her knees to her chest. "Hmmm?" He asked. "You do realize that the polite thing to do tonight is to wait for everyone to go to bed as they normally would." "Huh?" "Not only is it polite but it's the only way we can be sure they won't walk in on us." "Damn it." Riley swore, his eyes finally focusing on Jessica.

Jessica pressed up against Riley. "You know what really turns me on?" she whispered. "No, what?" he asked, clearly surprised in the direction Jessica was taking. "Anticipation." "Anticipation …" Riley repeated clearly confused. Jessica nodded.

"Really …" Riley asked turning in to her, staring at her mouth. "Yes, but …" she said planting her hand on his chest, "without rushing it … you know, letting our guests go to bed at their normal time …" "Mhmmm …" Riley said bringing his lips to hers. Contact brought an instant and intense reaction in Jessica. She felt like she was on fire. Like she had to be as close to Riley as she could be. Jessica threw herself against Riley, ignoring the pain of her shoulder.

She kissed and thrust against him, and when he began to move away in sudden realization of what they were doing, Jessica used the momentum to push Riley against the sofa and slide onto his lap. "Okay, okay …" Riley panted, talking around her kisses, "Jess I get it." He said, "Be polite, be patient. But if you don't stop … Christ!" he yelled when Jessica slid her hand down his pants and grasped his fully erect cock.

"Jessica, stop!" he bellowed, grabbing her wrist and pulling her hand out of his pants. "We need to all be together, and we need privacy, remember?" he asked panting, "Remember?!" he said again when Jessica tried to kiss him again. "Jessica!" "I … I can't help it." Jessica panted. "Very creative Jess. You got your point across but you definitely went too far …" he said shaking her wrist. "No, Riley …" Jessica panted and when Riley looked her in the eye she looked possessed.

"I really think you need to get away from me … I can't control … myself." "So … if we're polite and patient and wait for the right time … this is what we're going to get? Pretty bold for a slave …" Riley said with a chuckle, "but I'll let it slide this time." "Tell the others …" Jessica said forcing herself to slide off Riley onto the sofa.

"Oh I will. Don't you worry. But they may not be as willing to let this slide as I am." Jessica pushed herself away from Riley, breaking contact. "Um. Remember all that phantom desire I was having?" she asked, running her hand over her face. "Sure." "Well, I think it's created a monster." "Wait, you weren't pretending? To make a point?" "I wish …" "So that's what we have to look forward to?" Riley asked sliding his hand up her arm.

"I think you'd better get away from me … I really just want to …" "Stick your hand down my pants?" Riley asked with a laugh. She nodded. "Please …" she said when he started moving in to kiss her again. "This is really hard. Not all the men are here … Leah is going to be here any minute … Abe, Corey and Chris can walk in any time … and I just want to jump you." "And you think that's the argument that's going to make me be polite and patient and wait forever to jump you?" Riley asked the huskiness in his voice thickening.

"Is it working?" Jessica asked and trying to break the sexual tension she batted her eyes. "No." Riley said forcing himself off of the sofa. "Fine. I'll talk to the guys and we'll be polite and we'll be patient. But tonight you'd better reign it in … a lot. You're behavior hasn't been very appropriate for a good slave.

A repeat of this ." he said pointing at his crotch while he jacked his jeans up higher, "will get you into a lot of trouble. Got it?" Jessica nodded. Riley smiled and winked, "But that wouldn't be bad for any of us … would it?" "Riley …" Jessica said when his resolve seemed to falter and he began to move toward her again.

Jessica was at the end of the rope when it came to will power and was about ready to forget everything and just go for it when the front door opened. They both jumped with surprise, and Jessica squealed with glee when she saw Leah standing in the doorway. Riley sighed. "I'll be quick." He said and headed for the bathroom. Leah had been scanning the room, and looked nervous. "They're all outside." Jessica said. Leah shut the door and moved to the sofa. "How are you feeling?" Leah asked. "Fine, fine.

How about you?" Leah flicked her eyes to the hallway where Riley had gone. "Are you sure you're okay?" she asked giving Jessica another look, "You look kind of worked up." Just then Riley came back. "Don't mind me …" he said and headed for the door. The second he closed it behind him Jessica and Leah visibly relaxed. "Of course I'm worked up. I'm worried about you. What happened last night?" "Oh my God Jessica, it was awful. The whole things was awful." Leah said and broke into tears.

"Awful?" Jessica asked in surprise. "Did … did he hurt you?" Leah shook her head, "But it was all so humiliating. Jessica, I don't know how you do it with five of them. But I don't ever want to have sex again. Ever. Now I know why Sean didn't want me to date anyone." Leah mumbled and cried even harder.

Jessica looked around for some tissue. Seeing a box on the kitchen table she tried to stand but wasn't very balanced.

"What's wrong?" Leah asked through her tears when Jessica tittered back onto the sofa. "Tissues are over there." Jessica said. "Thanks." Leah said going to get the box.

"Do you want a drink?" Jessica added while Leah was near the kitchen, "There's wine and beer in the fridge. Hard liquor in the cupboards." "Sure, I'll have some rum and coke. You want some?" "Please." Jessica said hoping that alcohol would dull the desire within her a little. It was distracting to say the least and it seemed kind of unfair to be so horny when Leah had experienced such an awful sexual experience. Leah slammed the bottle of rum, coke and two glasses onto the coffee table.

She poured two healthy portions of rum with considerably less healthy doses of coke and passed the glass to Jessica. Jessica sipped, Leah chugged. "Forget about the sex for a minute." Jessica said, "And slow down on the rum." She added when Leah poured herself another glass and chugged again.

"Do you love Corey?" "Yes." "And do you still get that tingly feeling when you think about him?" "Yes. But Jessica, I'm so embarrassed. I don't know if I can look at him again." "Leah, I don't know what you thought sex was, but it is a very intimate act.

The most intimate thing you will ever do in your life. It takes some getting used to and until you are it can feel very embarrassing in the light of day." "Can't I love Corey without having to … do that?" "Sure you can Leah." Jessica said sipping her drink again.

"But I don't think it'll be the kind of love a man and woman have. It would be a friend love." "Why?" Leah asked sniffling, "Why can't it be a man and woman love?" Jessica shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe it could be. But my experience has been that men love sex.

The more intimate, the more they love it. And you know what Leah? I love it to. I had to learn about it. I had to learn about my body and what felt good and about my husband's bodies and what they liked. And at first it didn't feel … natural. But now it feels nothing but. And Leah, if you let yourself learn you can experience intense pleasure like you've never imagined." At this point Leah had stopped crying and stared at Jessica.

"Would I have to use machines?" "Oh no. No, not at all. That's a little … advanced." Leah exhaled with relief and chugged her drink again. "You know. Sometimes things feel more embarrassing to us then they truly were. Why don't you tell me what happened between you and Corey." Leah poured another drink. "Okay. Well, everything started off okay.

Corey had got this beautiful hotel room. Five star, heart shaped bed, Jacuzzi …" Jessica nodded with encouragement. "We got there and started kissing and taking our clothes off.

And I'd kind of thought he'd turn off the light but he said he didn't want to. That he wanted to see everything … me, my face, my expressions …" Leah's voice trailed off and she looked like she'd cry again.

"That's normal Leah, all completely normal." Leah looked up at Jessica and inhaled. "Okay, so … so, we kissed some more, and then Corey started kissing me in other places." Leah turned red and lowered her eyes, "And touching me in other places.

And, he kept asking me what I liked." "And what did you tell him?" "Nothing. I mean … I didn't know. Wasn't he supposed to know? Wasn't he the one with experience?" Leah demanded. "But Leah, not everyone is the same." Jessica said. "What other women like is not necessarily what you like.

" "So what was I supposed to tell him?" "Well, what turns you on? Where he should touch you, what should he say or do to you to give you pleasure." Jessica said. "Um, you do have fantasies right?" she added when Leah stared. "What do you think about when you masturbate?" "When I what?" Leah asked and she looked completely lost.

"Uh. Leah, please tell me that you've had an orgasm before." Leah shook her head. "I told you, I've never had sex before." "You don't need to have sex to orgasm Leah. It's something you do to yourself. So you know what you like and what brings you to orgasm." Leah sat looking at Jessica in stunned silence. "Okay, never mind that for now." Jessica said beginning to see how Leah's night of perceived romance had appeared to her to be so incredibly off track.

"What happened after all of that?" "Well …" Leah said her voice faltering, "Corey did a lot of kissing, and touching and after a little while he started telling me what he liked … and he expected me to do it." Leah said, crying again. "I kept gagging. I've always had sensitive gag reflexes.

Ever since I was a kid. And my wrist started to hurt, and when he tried to put his … he tried to put it in and it hurt. God it hurt. I started to cry. So, thenwe stopped. Corey said he should take me home. And he did, and that's the last time I saw or spoke to him." Jessica took a bigger drink from her glass and tried to figure out where to begin.

"It's bad, isn't it?" Leah asked, studying Jessica's face. "No … no, it's not. But there are two completely separate issues here." "There are?" "Yup.

The second and least important is your sexual relationship with Corey. But the first and most important is you knowing your own body and knowing how to pleasure yourself. Once you've had an orgasm Leah, it'll change your world. It so … relaxing. It's a great release. You absolutely must do that. After that. If you want to have sex with Corey then you can tell him what you want him to do. And I think you'll be more than happy to do whatever he needs too." "Really?" Jessica nodded.

"But, I don't know how …" "I know. But I have just the thing. We have some books and magazines. I'll lend them to you and you have to look at them and think about them, and touch yourself like they show you." "Really?" Leah asked, crinkling her nose up in disgust. "Yup. And there's a cream. I think I have some left, that you can put on your clitoris to help you a lot.

Here, help me up. We have to go back to Scott's room." Jessica said trying to stand. Leah stood up and pulled Jessica's arm around her shoulder. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" Leah asked as they limped down the hallway. "Don't you and the men need these books?" "Nope. Not at all." Leah helped Jessica over to Scott's dressers.

Clearly someone other than Scott was sleeping in the room these days but Jessica found the stash of books and magazine in the drawer where they'd been put a while ago. "And if you have a computer and access to the internet there's lots of pornography you can look at. It'll help. Here take them." Jessica said when Leah stood gaping at the naked men and women on the covers of the magazines.

"I can't just take these home …" Leah said turning bright red. "We have grocery bags in the kitchen. Put them in a couple of those and hide them in your room. And no matter how embarrassed you feel Leah, read them. Touch yourself … fantasize. You have to trust me that this is all normal and incredibly liberating." They hobbled back out to the dining room.

Jessica leaned on the kitchen table while Leah looked around for grocery bags. No sooner had she slipped the books and magazines in the bags than the front door opened and Sara, Justine and Amanda walked in. "Leah, you're here?" Sara asked. "Yeah. I stopped by for a few minutes. Um, I kind of have to go though and I drank some. Would one of you mind driving me home? Sorry …" So Amanda and Justine helped Jessica back to the sofa while Sara drove Leah home.

Amanda and Justine had brought some new fashion and gossip magazines with them. After pouring several stiff drinks they climbed onto the sofa with Jessica and they all began looking through the magazines.

Sara was back within the hour and soon also became engrossed in the magazines. Jessica was in the middle of a fashion survey when the front door opened again. She'd looked up absent mindedly while trying to determine what her favorite style of underwear was for the survey when she noticed Riley walk in. He winked and held two thumbs up. She smiled, glad that the men had agreed to be patient and wait for the natural course of events to run before they had sex.

When Josh came in after Riley he seemed relaxed and the wink he gave her was casual enough and Jessica was just about to return to her magazine when Josh's expression shifted. He hadn't expected Jessica to look up again and for the split second before he realized she was looking and he managed to slide a smile back on, he looked at Jessica like he was on a mission and that mission was her. A shiver of anticipation ran down her spine and the desire she'd managed to forget about roared.

She half expected him to come over and say or do something but instead he walked by and watching him go Jessica had to pull her knees up to her chest again.

His body was too chiseled, his clothes fit too well. The jeans he wore sat just right, calling her already well attuned attention to his butt and crotch. Her breath caught and when he finally passed out of her view Jessica inhaled and turned back, intending to go back to her magazine. But Scott stalked in after Josh. And again, looked relaxed, but he just stared at her. Jessica smiled, but he didn't return the smile. Not with his mouth anyway. His eyes seemed to be smiling though, and he rubbed his hands together, slowly.

Every etched muscle in Scott's arms rippled as he did so and Jessica thought she'd hyperventilate. Scott noticed her reaction gave her a lazy, toothy smile as he walked out of her field of vision. Just when Jessica thought she couldn't feel any more turned on, Jim followed behind Scott, with same determined look as the others, one hand rubbing his well-muscled thigh, his hand planted in his back pocket cupping his hard butt cheek. He locked eyes with her as he passed by.

Jessica couldn't breathe and it suddenly dawned on her that maybe they weren't going to be patient after all. Whatever miniscule amount of self-control she had left disappeared when Angus came in. He pinned her with his eyes as he stalked in. He looked like he was going to swallow her whole. Right then, right there. Jessica held her breath as he continued to move by, but when he brought his hand to his mouth and ran his hand over his lips slowly, deliberately, with hunger, Jessica moaned under her breath.

But he too continued on past leaving Jessica panting on the sofa. When Jessica came back to her senses she realized that she wasn't the only one to be acutely aware of the men's physical presence. Sara, Justine and Amanda were staring at the men, jaws fallen open. Jessica was pretty sure she could see drool running down their faces too. She brought her hand to her mouth to make sure she wasn't drooling excessively.

Corey, Chris and Abe followed next and Jessica had the sudden feeling that the men were going to order them to go to bed early, or stand guard outside, or leave. She shifted to see Riley and Angus in the kitchen looking in the fridge and Josh, Jim and Scott standing by the dining room table. They all looked relaxed, non-confrontational.

Jessica began to wonder if she'd imagined the whole thing. She turned back to see Corey looking around the living room and then lean over and look down the hallway. "Game of poker?" Scott asked. "Yeah sure." Chris said, and Jessica watched Abe and Chris move to the dining room table. The men still looked relaxed and happy to play cards. Jessica shook her head and decided to go back to her magazine. "Where's Leah?" Corey asked and Jessica looked up to see him standing in front of the sofa.

His eyes wandered the room again, and then shifted from Sara to Justine, Amanda and then landed on her. He looked expectant and happy. Happier than he had looked all day. "Jessica?" he prompted when she didn't answer right away. "Um. She's not here." Jessica said and suddenly realized how quiet the others had gotten. "Her cars out front." Corey said.

"Yeah. She was here. But she asked Sara to give her a lift home …" "Why?" Corey asked. "Well, I guess she wasn't feeling well …" Jessica said. She could feel her face heating up. She started to panic at the prospect of having to explain their failed sexual experience in front of everyone.

A hand grasped her shoulder and squeezed. Jessica looked up to see Jim behind the sofa. He smiled reassuringly and squeezed her shoulder again. "No, I mean, why didn't she take her car?" Corey said. "Oh …" Jessica with great relief. "She had too much to drink and couldn't drive home." Jessica's answer seemed to confirm something for Corey and the happiness on his face disappeared and was replaced by what could only be described as despair.

He nodded, went to the far wall where the computer was set up and plopped onto a chair. "Are you drinking?" Jim asked, leaning over and sniffing the contents of the glass Jessica held in her hand. "I'm just nursing this … oh no!" she gasped. The word 'nursing' and the concerned look on Jim's face bringing realization like a slap in the face.

"The baby! I forgot … take this away …" she said thrusting the glass at Jim. "I'm going to be a horrible mother!" she cried. "Who forgets they're having a baby?" "Hey, hey, Jess." Scott said having come to kneel before her. He cupped her face and forced her to look at him. Blinking back tears she noticed that Angus was crouching next to Scott. "It's okay. There's no harm done okay?

Look at me … you didn't do anything wrong." "I forgot I was having a baby … that's wrong. And alcohol is bad for babies!" "Jess," Angus said and squeezed her thigh, "I think Jim was the only one who clued in, honestly." He said looking around at the other men who voiced their agreement.

"You're not the only one who forgot … I forgot." That got Jessica's attention. She was stunned into not crying. He smiled when she blinked at him. "And besides a bit of alcohol is no big deal. " He added. "Our parents used to give us booze to put us to sleep and we turned out fine …" There was a pause while Angus thought that over. His face contorted into the funniest expressions as he re-thought his statement and its likely impact versus what he'd meant by it.

"Forget that." He said a smile growing on his face as Jessica started giggling, "What happened to us can't be blamed on alcohol alone …" and she laughed harder. "Besides." Josh added, "You may not even be pregnant. So don't worry about it." Jessica looked over her shoulder. Josh and Riley were standing next to Jim.

Jessica finally realized how crowded it was around the sofa. Justine and Amanda on either side of her, each rubbing one of her arms in support, Sara next to Amanda. The men around the sofa, Abe and Chris had drifted in from the kitchen and stood watching and even Corey lifted himself out of his funk in his chair against the wall to observe. Looking around at everyone, everyone showing concern for her, it dawned on Jessica that she wasn't alone anymore. She had people in her life that cared about her again.

She nodded and couldn't help but beam at everyone. "Okay, thanks …" "I have an idea." Jim said. "There are a whole ton of really fancy drinks that can be made without alcohol.

Really fruity … how about I look up some recipes for them and make you something different to drink?" "You mean like those drinks they serve at resorts … with umbrellas in them?" Jessica asked. "Exactly. Give me a few minutes." He said, planted a kiss on her head and then wandered off to the laptop. "I take it you ladies are going to spend some time engrossed in those magazines?" Scott asked, winking at Jessica then scanning Justine, Amanda and Sara.

Scott seemed oblivious to the effect he was having on the three visitors. "Want to join us?" Jessica asked. "Ah thanks … but I wouldn't dream of intruding." Scott said turning his huge brown eyes and sexy smile back on Jessica in full force. Jessica melted on the inside and the outside.

She couldn't wait for him to do things to her. By the way Scott tilted his head Jessica knew that she was less than obvious about her feelings. For a second Scott's eyes sparkled and Jessica had the impression that he was going to tell her a joke or share something funny but instead he leaned forward and pecked her lips.

"I'll see you later … when everyone goes to bed." He said, his gorgeous eyes seeming to pull her into them and then he added, "Enjoy." Pecked her lips again and got up. Angus took his place. He too seemed to be laughing with his eyes. He gave her a longer, slower, yet completely innocent kiss on the lips. To Jessica it felt like torture. Where was the tongue? She wanted his tongue. He pulled back a little and this time Jessica was sure he was going to laugh but instead he said, "later." And left.

Jessica was completely befuddled. Sagging against the sofa Jessica looked to either side of her. Sara, Amanda and Justine were staring after Angus and Scott, mouths hanging open.

Remembering that Josh and Riley were still behind her Jessica leaned her head back. Riley and Josh seemed to be pretty happy about something but as soon as she looked back at them their casual stance disappeared and they seemed to snap to attention.

"We're going to play cards, or something." Josh said, leaning in to brush the side of her head with his lips. He let his lips wander to Jessica's neck but just as she turned her head in to him and enjoyed the nuzzle he pulled back, kissed her head again and said, "more of that later. Much, much, later." And went over to join Jim and Angus at the computer. Jessica stared after him for a moment, having a hard time catching her breath. When she looked back at Riley, he was smiling like she'd done something funny.

He shook his head before leaning in to Jessica's ear. "You sure can exercise extreme amounts of self-control when you really want to." He whispered, "I wonder how you'll do tonight. Later tonight. Much, much, much, later tonight." Fire.

Fire burned through her and when Jessica turned her head to kiss Riley he pulled back, kissed her forehead, said, "Tonight." And left. Jessica scanned the room. From her moony eyed girlfriends next to her, seeming to swoon while staring after Riley, to Abe and Chris now sitting at the dining room table.

She wanted them gone. Right then. She wanted to be alone with the men and to throw all control out the window. She was on the verge of saying so too when she notice Corey. He sagged in the chair, a picture of dejection, confusion and loneliness. That was a bucket of cold water on her out of control animal instincts.

These were their friends. They'd helped them when they needed it the most. Shame swept over her. Taking a deep breath she looked down at the magazine on her lap and worked on getting herself under control. "Are you okay?" Sara asked, "You look like you're having an aneurysm." "I'm fine." Jessica said forcing a smile and looking up at her friends. "Would one of you mind getting me a glass of water? Cold, very cold, water?" As Sara went to get her one Jessica looked back at Corey.

He needed help. She looked over at the huddle near the laptop. Riley, Angus, Jim, Josh all staring at the screen. But Scott was watching her. He cocked his head at Corey when they made eye contact. "Talk to him." Jessica mouthed.

Scott smiled, nodded, put two thumbs up and blew her a kiss. "Unbelievable." Sara said returning with the glass of water. "They really are completely different men." "And Angus …" Justine jumped in. "Most different of all, and I can't believe he's forgiven Beth." "What did you do to them?" Amanda asked. "And most importantly, can you do the same with my brother." Sara said pointing her chin in Corey's direction.

"And Sean." Justine added. Jessica blinked. She'd forgotten that Sara was Corey's sister. "Are they really that bad?" Jessica asked.

"Not that different from how your men used to be." Sara said. "Really? They don't seem like it." Jessica said. "Maybe not as mean.

But definitely bossy." Justine said. "Hmmm." Jessica said when she realized that they were waiting for her to say something. "Maybe it takes someone from outside to bring in a different perspective?" "Good idea. Maybe we'll suggest they kidnap someone." Sara said but when Jessica looked completely appalled she added, "Sorry, bad joke.

But seriously, what did you do? We'll try anything." Jessica shrugged. "Two main things I guess." She said, "The first is … physical." She said, turning red, even more when realization expressed itself on the women's faces. Sara looked at her brother and gagged. "And the second." She said anxious to get off the topic of sex, "Killing Daryl and his thugs before they killed the men seemed to help a lot.

Mostly with the bossiness." "Yeah, I don't know if that would help." Amanda said. "First of all, we, "she said sweeping Sara and Justine with her glance, "don't go in the field. So I don't think we'll ever have the chance to save their lives.

Plus, Leah and Beth have saved their sorry asses more than once I'm sure but they still get treated like … property." "That's all I can think of." Jessica said, "sorry." "Well …" Sara said, looking at Corey. "Maybe there is a chance …" "What, you mean Corey and Leah?" Justine asked. "The way the two of them are pouting I wouldn't count on it." Amanda said. A loud sound from the kitchen temporarily caught Jessica's attention.

She was surprised and impressed to see that the men owned a blender. Jim and Josh were standing around a blender and intermittent growls from the machine screamed across the house. A breathless, "That's not who you're talking about, is it?" from Amanda brought Jessica's attention back to the conversation. Amanda and Justine were staring at Sara in disbelief. "Who are you seeing?" "No one." Sara said, "Yet." "Then who will you be seeing?" Justine demanded.

"Well," Sara said suddenly getting shy. "Sean's been really nice to me lately. And I'm kind of … you know, into him." "Sean …" Justine and Amanda said at the same time. "How'd you know he called?" Josh's voice broke in.

All four girls jumped and looked up in startled unison. Jim and Josh stood towering over them. Jim was holding a tray with glasses on it, Josh the bottle of rum. "He called?" Sara squeaked, clearly concerned that Jim and Josh may have overheard too much of the conversation.

"Yeah. They were successful at the hide out. They're on their way back. They should be here tomorrow. You don't have to worry anymore." "That's great." Jessica said when the other girls seemed tongue tied. "For you madame …" Jim said, picking up a glass and bending at the waist to hand it to Jessica. "I'm sorry but we don't have any umbrellas.

Or straws …" "And these are for you ladies." Jim said handing a glass to each girl who looked at him in surprise. "Josh brought the rum if you want some added." He said inclining his head to Josh who dutifully removed the lid and held the bottle up. Jessica had to elbow Amanda when no one responded. "Oh, uh, thanks but we'll keep Jessica company and skip the rum." "This is really good!" Jessica exclaimed after taking a sip.


"Well, there's lots more where that came from." Jim said, "Just call when you want some. We'll serve on you hand and foot …" he said his voice dropping an octave and his eyes boring into Jessica's. Jessica gasped as desire made a return. Jim smiled in satisfaction when it was clear that Jessica dearly wanted to be alone with him … and Josh, who she slid her eyes to and gasped again when he gave her a toothy grin. "We're at your service …" Josh added with an equally low and guttural tone.

And then both turned and went back to the kitchen. Jessica fastened her eyes on her glass and then closed them. She was going to lose it. These were her friends. They were being good to her and the men. They could wait a few hours before having sex … sure they could.

This situation wasn't going to last forever. In no time they'd be back to having sex whenever and wherever they wanted … yes, she could do this … she had to do this … taking some slow deep breaths Jessica was able to bring herself under control again. If she didn't look at the men, and concentrated on her friends, she could get through the night.

With forced confidence, Jessica looked up at the girls. They were staring after Jim and Josh, dreamy looks on their faces, glasses hanging in the air.

They hadn't moved since Jim had handed them their glasses. "So … when can you get moving with Sean?" Justine asked. "Aren't you worried that Sean has figured out that Corey is seeing Leah and is being nice to you to get back at Corey?" Amanda asked.

"He wouldn't do that!" Jessica exclaimed completely shocked that Amanda would even think he might. "Would he?" she added when all three looked at her with the kind of sympathetic stares that made it clear they thought she was at best incredibly naive, at worse, simple.

"Yes he would." Sara said. "And you want to have a relationship with someone like that?" Jessica demanded. Again with the sympathetic stares. "Anyway, I don't think Sean knows about Corey and Leah. If he did he'd be a lot less subtle than trying to use me to get back at Corey." Sara said, "And I do kind of like him that way. I'll give it a shot. It can't hurt can it?" "I don't know. Leah may be the one to ask about that." Justine said, "If she'll ever tell us what happened." "Hey.

I have a sudden urge to watch Twilight." Justine said. "Yeah, I could use a good dose of Edward and Jacob." Amanda said.

"And we can do the 'which actor is your soul mate' survey at the same time." "What do you think?" Sara asked Jessica. "You won't get any arguments from me. The DVD is by the TV. Toss it in." As Sara went to put the movie on Jessica fought the urge to look at the men. She kept her gaze down and sipped her drink. "It's not working." Sara said crouching in front of the DVD player. "Let me have a look." Angus said striding toward the TV but looking at Jessica the whole time.

Jessica stared back at him until he turned to the TV a strange feeling of disequilibrium washing over her. Something was off. Something about the way the men kept looking at her, and kept doing strange things … when Angus bent over in front of the DVD player, looked at it for a moment and then stood up to call Scott over for help Jessica started to worry.

She was missing something.

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Some piece of information and she wasn't sure what that meant. Scott bent over for a second with Angus, their butts … their tight, hard, sexy butts stuck straight out at the sofa. Straight out at Jessica and her friends. Soon they both stood and called Jim over. Who did the same. When they called Josh over Jessica sniffed her drink. Maybe they'd accidently put alcohol in it, but she didn't smell or taste anything.

Maybe the rum she drank earlier hit her harder than she expected. She was injured after all, and maybe pregnant. Could those things combined with alcohol produce this strange perception of things? When Jessica finally focused back on the men Riley had been called over and all five bent in front of the TV, their butts in plain sight.

And they did a lot of shifting from one leg to the other causing one butt cheek to raise at a time. And oddly they were doing it practically in unison. Just as Jessica was afraid that she was both losing her mind and her self-control, Angus looked over his shoulder at her and was clearly fighting to keep from laughing. But when he saw her expression he lost his battle. His attempted sensual façade cracked into a huge grin and he chuckled.

Riley looked back and broke too. Soon all the men were smiling. Straightening, Scott pointed at Jim and Jim raised his hands in surrender.

Riley and Angus looked like little school boys, shaking hands, patting each other on the shoulder, laughing. Josh crouched down, pulled out the DVD player and connected some wires, and voila, the TV and movie magically worked. Jessica stared at them in complete bafflement until they were done laughing with one another and turned to look at her. And then it hit her.

They were playing a joke on her. Just like they used to play on one another but this time Angus got to be part of it. They'd been torturing her with their sexual prowess … knowing that she was on the verge of exploding. She narrowed her eyes at them, not sure if she was flattered to be 'one of the guys' in a sense or if she should be mad at them. And then another realization hit her. They wanted their guests gone. Gone so they could have sex. And they were hoping to use her to be the bad guy.

That was … genius, and diabolical. But it had almost worked … she'd been ready to break her own social etiquette to get her rocks off. She was a horn dog. The realization surprised and worried her. Maybe she didn't know herself as well as she thought she did. What if she was capable of things like Sara and the other girls thought Sean was capable of … abandoning friends and family to meet his most basic needs.

"Hold on, hold on Jess." Riley said holding his hand out to her as he moved closer. The fact that Jessica had figured out what they were up to was clear by her expression, but her ensuing realization and horror about herself and what she was willing to do for sex was misinterpreted as anger and disillusionment toward the men.

"I'm sorry okay? It was just too hard to pass up. And you know … we wanted to give you a chance to walk in our shoes." Jessica nodded.

That she could appreciate. She realized now how hard it was to control the sexual urges. They'd definitely got that point across.

And after studying their faces she realized that they had meant to include her in their camaraderie. The way their expressions went from playful to worried as soon as they thought she was mad at a them proved the point.

"Jess … we didn't mean to embarrass you or anything …" Jim said, "honest." From the corner of her eye she could see Sara looking between her and the men who now moved toward the sofa, all playfulness gone. "It's okay." Jessica said, "it was funny and it made your point. But …" she said looking around the room. Everyone was looking at them with confused expressions on their faces. "It doesn't really change our situation. And if I'm making things difficult for you to wait … I'm sorry.

I really don't know how to stop." "You can't," Angus said, "stop. It's not something you can change or control. But we can … you sure you're not mad?" "No." she said with a laugh. "I'm not mad. But I think we should talk about this later." Jessica said, her desire flaring again when she remembered their butts staring her in the face. "Right …" Riley said, "Well …" "Movies on …" Scott said, pointing at the TV, "carry on …" and the men scattered.

"What was that about?" Sara asked Jessica. "Uh … let's just say that it was an inside joke." Jessica said, "And, I really need to watch this movie now." "I don't know what just happened." Abe said from the dining room table, "But are we going to play some cards or not?" he demanded, shuffling a deck of cards.

"Yeah, sure." Riley said happy to have a distraction, "Corey, you playing?" Corey had his elbow on the small table on which the laptop sat. He was holding his forehead. He glanced up for a second, and then down again.

"I got it." Scott said when Chris got up and started toward Corey. "You guys play." "What the hell was that all about?" Corey asked without moving when Scott pulled a chair next to him and sat down.

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Scott considered how to answer. The truth was potentially embarrassing to Jessica but it was also a possible way to get Corey to open up to him. Without Corey opening up, Scott couldn't help him, and Jessica wanted Scott to help Corey, that was clear. Ergo … be truthful. "We were just trying to make a point." Scott said.

When Corey looked up at him with obvious curiosity Scott knew he was heading in the right direction. "There are some, let's call them perks, to marriage that are a bit difficult to enjoy with all of you around. No offense." Corey straightened. "You could tell us to get the fuck out you know. " "I know. That's exactly the point. We would. Except Jessica thinks it's rude. She wants to wait until you'd all go to bed as usual. The thing is …" he added leaning closer to Corey in a conspiratorial way.

"Jessica wants it just as bad as we do. We were trying to prove that it's not that easy to just wait. And … and I have to admit I'm a little ashamed of this … we were hoping she'd kick you out for us.

I mean we can't disappoint her if she's the one doing the dirty work, right?" Bingo. Corey was now fully engaged, looking over at the sofa. The four girls were fully engrossed in the movie. He seemed to be studying Jessica. "She really likes sex?" he asked. "Just between the two of us right?" Scott asked suddenly wondering if this was really the right way to go about things. He never liked talking about his intimate relationships in the past with anyone.

He knew he was a dog in bed but he always prided himself on being a gentlemen once he left the bedroom. And this was especially so with Jessica. But they all knew about the machines and that was Jessica's doing. Well, he'd already begun down the path. "Loves it." He said. "How'd you get her to love it?" Corey asked. "Excuse me?" Corey looked at him.

"Jessica. How'd you get her to love sex. I mean, she couldn't have been into it at first. You did kidnap her after all. So how did you get her to have sex with you … and most importantly, to want to have sex with you?" Corey's question hit Scott like a punch to the stomach. What could he say to that? When Scott didn't answer right away Corey looked at him and exhaled. "I've been seeing Leah." He said. "And last night we had sex for the first time." He glanced quickly at Scott, checking for a reaction.

Not seeing a noticeable one he added in a rush. "It didn't go well. I knew it was her first time and I thought …" he seemed to completely deflate on the chair. "I thought that rather than just … doing it. You know, the way I'd normally do, I'd try and be gentle.


Do what she wanted." "But …" Scott encouraged him. "But, she didn't know what she wanted. Or maybe she was too embarrassed to tell me.

I don't know." "So, what happened." Scott asked, almost afraid to hear the answer. Had Corey done like Angus had with Jessica and forced her? No sooner had Scott thought that then he realized that Angus wasn't the only one. They had all forced Jessica. In different ways and in different degrees they had forced her. And maybe he was the worst culprit of all because he'd used her own animal instincts to trick her into it.

"She started crying." Corey said in the quiet, deadened voice of someone remembering something horrible and feeling racked with guilt. "And shaking. I tried to console her, but that made her cry more." Corey slid his eyes over to Scott, looking for a reaction. Finding the revulsion he'd been expecting, he looked away. "I took her home. This morning she wouldn't look at me.

Said she wasn't feeling well and to come over without her. I fucked up Scott and there's no way you can be any more disgusted with me than I am with myself." Scott looked at him in surprise. "I'm not disgusted with you." Scott said, "I'm disgusted with myself." This time Corey looked at him in surprise. Scott nodded toward Jessica, "It was the same with Jessica, only worse. We, um, abused her.

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In a lot of ways. Raping her being probably the worst." Corey's jaw dropped and Scott had to look away. Corey was definitely revolted. There was no mistaking his expression and despite how much Scott would have liked to separate himself out from Angus, Josh, and Riley, he couldn't. Scott had been able to convince himself that he was the good one. Just like Jim had been. But he knew now that he in no way had been like Jim. Ever. Nor would he ever be. No matter how good he was to Jessica now … and he intended to be sainthood good, he could never match Jim in what he'd done for Jessica.

And he could never undo what he'd done to Jessica. Not only that, but because of him, Jessica now wanted from him and the men, the very thing that they'd taken from her. He stared at Jessica. All of that was bad. All of that was horrible. But what was even worse was that now, realizing all of that, he knew he wouldn't change anything. He loved Jessica. He wanted her. And she loved and wanted him … regardless of how she got to that stage.

"But the machines …" Corey finally said. Scott nodded. "She does enjoy sex now." "So. What do I do to get Leah to enjoy it too?" Corey asked. Scott planted his elbows on his knees and leaned forward. "Leah got into this with you on her own, right? Of her own free will?" Corey looked at Scott like he was from another planet. "You didn't force her into anything … right?" Scott demanded.

"Right. She likes me. Or at least she did." "Okay. Well, I have some books and magazines for you to go through. And get her to go through them too. You'll have to be frank about sex, and get to the point where you're comfortable talking to each other about it. Well, if you can't talk about it, how do you expect to do it?" Scott snapped when Corey cocked an eyebrow at him like he was insane. "Okay, okay. Sorry. I'll do whatever you say. But, here's the thing.

No one knows about us. Except you, me and Leah." "That's where you're wrong my friend." Scott said, "I'm supposed to keep this to myself but I think it's too dangerous to. Leah told Jessica and Jessica told us. But she only told us because she knew what you were up to last night. When Leah didn't come here today she got worried and asked for our help.

She never would have said anything otherwise … she has a thing about that, trust me." Scott added when Corey didn't look convinced.

"So what? Are you going to tell Sean?" Corey demanded. "No!" Scott replied, "But my point is, if Leah told Jessica, who else did she tell?

You and Sean are best friends man. How could you date his sister and not tell him … before you started dating her? I mean, really?" Corey stared at Scott in disbelief. "I … " he managed and had to clear his throat, "I didn't mean for it to go like this.

Honest. When Leah and I first kissed it was a complete surprise to me. And then Leah got all panicky about Sean. Insisted that we keep it quiet.

I shouldn't have listened to her but now, here I am." Scott studied Corey for a minute and then he nodded. "I'll give you the books and magazines but I strongly suggest that before you do anything else with Leah, you tell Sean. I … we've learned from experience …" Scott said indicating the other men and Jessica with his head, "Lying, secrets, omissions, they all lead to bad things. Complete honesty is no picnic either." He added when Corey looked like he was going to argue, "but it's better than mistrust.

Tell him." "I agree." Corey said, "But honestly, do you think I can go to Sean with this without patching things up with Leah first? Think about how it will look to him.

We had sex, she wants nothing to do with me? He'll kill me. I would if someone did that to Sara." "Right." Scott said. "Good point.

Okay, do what you need to. I'll get the stuff for you." Scott headed to his bedroom. When he opened his drawer and found the books and magazines gone he was confused. He was positive he'd put them in the drawer. Closing the drawer he realized that one of the men must have taken them. Why any of them would need them was beyond him but he headed back out to the living room. He ran into Jim in the hallway on his way to the bathroom.

"Wasn't me." Jim said when Scott asked. "We're a little beyond those now, aren't we?" "Apparently not." Scott said and carried on to the kitchen where he was relieved to see that the men were taking a break in the game. Abe, Corey and Chris had disappeared, presumably to do a parameter check. Josh was refreshing his drink, Angus and Riley sat at the table staring at Jessica … who continued to stare at the TV.

"Who took the sex books and magazines?" Scott asked when Josh returned to the table. "Huh?" Angus asked. "The ones that were in my drawer. They're gone." The men looked at one another. "Maybe Jim?" Riley suggested. "No … I asked him already. Do you mean to tell me that none of you took them? Then who …" but Scott cut his sentence short when realization dawned on all of them. They swung their eyes to Jessica.

"Did you find them?" Jim asked returning. "It looks like Jessica took them." Angus answered. "Really?" Jim asked. "Why would she do that?" "I don't know but I intend to ask her." Scott said when by some miracle Justine paused the movie. "What's going on?" he asked as the Amanda and Sara started helping Jessica up.

"Bathroom break." Jessica said struggling to her feet, "Those drinks go right through you …" she added with a laugh. "I got it." Scott said, scooping Jessica into his arms and heading down the hallway with her. Once she was on the toilet he crouched in front of her. He hesitated when she beamed at him. She was happy. Completely happy. It was so nice to see that he paused to peck her lips.

"Having fun?" he asked. She nodded. "How did things go with Corey?" "Good." He said. "He told me about Leah." "Oh, good." She said reaching for the toilet paper. "And to help him out a little with that … situation, I'm going to give him the sex books and magazines. I went to get them but they were gone." "Oh. Well, I took them." Jessica said, "And gave them to Leah.

I guess we're on the same page …" she added with a giggle. "You gave them to Leah?" Scott asked, clearly surprised. Jessica nodded, "And the rest of the cream too. Scott, you should tell Corey to maybe help her out a little.

She's never … ever had an orgasm. She's really shy about the whole thing and honestly I'm not sure she'll even read any of the magazines or use the cream without a bit of persuasion." "Persuasion …" Scott repeated, taking the toilet paper from Jessica and proceeding to wipe her when it became obvious that it was awkward for her to wipe herself. "Do you mean the same kind of persuasion I used on you?" he asked as he worked her track pants back up.

"Well, yeah." Jessica said when Scott straightened and stood looking down at her. "What other kind would there be? Are you okay?" she asked when Scott winced. "Jess. Do you think that you'd have ever enjoyed sex as much as you do now if I hadn't … persuaded you into it?" Jessica did a double take. "Probably not." She said with a smile, "I don't think I'd ever have even considered going there without you.

That's why you're the best." She said smiling and leaning in to kiss him. "The best?" Scott demanded, taking Jessica by the arms and stopping her from kissing him.

"The best?" he repeated when Jessica continued to smile at him. "Yeah. Of course. Why, you don't think so?" "No I don't think so. Jessica I made you into a sex slave … out of pure greediness. I hardly think that makes me the best." Jessica searched his face for a minute. "Scott. You made me a slave to sex, and with the exception of a few frustrating moments when I can't freely indulge in it, I love it.

So, you are the best." Scott shook his head and stopped her from kissing him again, "Without that, maybe you wouldn't love us. They say sex can be an addiction … which means it's a drug of some sort.

I've basically drugged you into staying with us." Jessica took a step back and really looked at Scott. "You know. You could be right. Maybe you did. But I don't really care.

I love you, I love the other guys, and I love sex. And you know …" she added when Scott looked like he'd protest, "there is another way of looking at this. Maybe I would never have done the things we've done in an alternate life. But maybe that just means that I would have been too ignorant or scared to do something that brings so much enjoyment to my life.

And never mind sex itself, but look at the relationships we have. I'm closer to you and the men than I've ever been to anyone in my life. And without the intimacy of sex I may never have been." "Jess …" Scott said, not completely won over by her argument but seeming to consider its merits. "I mean look at Leah. Yesterday she was all gaga over Corey.

The world revolved around him. He could do no wrong and he was going to make her first sexual experience the best thing since sliced bread. Then last night happened. Scott, she has never masturbated before much less fantasized. You know, Corey asked her what she liked and she had no clue.

And then when he asked her to … you know, do what he liked, she was totally disgusted. The whole thing ended badly and now, even with the books in hand, I doubt anything will change. Leah is too scared, too shy, and too prudish to really consider what sex could do for her. And Scott, she still loves Corey or I'd never suggest this, but unless Corey 'persuades' her into it I don't think things will be salvageable between them." "Really?" "Really.

I don't think it would have been for us either." "Shit." He said, the meaning behind her words hitting him hard. "But Jess, how is that different from rape?" "How?" Jessica demanded, looking at him like he was completely clueless. "Scott, you didn't rape me. At least not when we started looking at the books." She added when he began to argue. "But I touched you places that you otherwise wouldn't have wanted to be touched. I forced that cream on you …" "Yeah.

That was embarrassing and uncomfortable … at first." She added when Scott looked like he was going to curl up and die. "But it was a necessary evil. You didn't lay a hand on me afterwards until I asked you to. Just like you promised." "True." Scott said, "But you were stuck here. Stuck with me. You had no options, like Leah does. Now. Now you can open the door and walk out … just like Leah can.

Given that option you never would have gotten to this." He said waving his hands up and down her body. "You're right I wouldn't have." Jessica said, "But that would have been a shame. I'm a slave to sex, and your sex slave and I love it.

Just like I love you and the other men. But like my dad always said, 'it is what it is', and I'm where I want to be. And very happy about it. And as Leah's friend I would like her to enjoy this part of life too. But, " Jessica said shrugging her good shoulder, "I can't get her there. Only Corey can. With your advice. And you know what? If you don't let me go back to the movie I'm going to cave to my primal urges and jump you right now. And then I'll have broken a promise to the other men.

And that would make me feel bad. You wouldn't want to be responsible for that, would you?" Scott looked Jessica over.

She was smiling but definitely looked horny. "Okay … okay. I'll see what I can do with Corey." He said scooping Jessica up and heading back to the living room, "But you better really mean what you said about sex cause tonight you're going to get more than any one woman can be expected to survive." "I can hardly wait." She whispered in his ear before he lowered her to the sofa. He stood up, looked at her as if he'd pick her up again, but then he shook his head and walked away.

Jessica watched him walk over to Corey who was standing by the front door. Scott said a few words to him and pointed his thumb toward Jessica. Corey's head snapped up and he looked past Scott at Jessica. He looked surprised and when Scott said something else he reached for the door. Scott followed him out. Five minutes later Scott came back in. Jessica had been unable to get back into the movie, waiting for Scott to return.

Scott smiled and gave her the thumbs up before heading to the table to play cards. The rest of the night went by quickly and somehow everyone retired for the night by eleven o'clock. Jessica suspected that they may have been helped along by the men but she hadn't seen any evidence of it.

By about nine or ten o'clock Jessica was wound up so tight with sexual tension and anticipation she could barely stand it. Jim had helped her to the bathroom and brushing her teeth, looking in the mirror, she realized how crazed she looked.

Maybe that was what ended the night early. It was possible. Not only did she look slightly insane but she may have been a little curt with people toward the end. She should have been ashamed of herself but she was so wound up, her body so taught with the strain of controlling herself that she was shaking. Her body vibrated as she rinsed her toothbrush off and lent on the sink. "Your shaking." Jim said.

He'd pressed up against her, melded his body with hers but now he stepped back and stared at her in the mirror. "Are you okay." She looked back at him and smiled, "I may be just a little bit too eager." "Oh, is that it?" he asked relaxing and rubbing his hand along her arm. "Okay Jim, we have to get out of here. Now." "Okay." He said with a toothy grin and moved to pick her up. "No … no." she side stepped him, "Close contact will just make it worse.

I think I can walk." . continued in 8c (sorry seem to have trouble saving to db)