Sexy tranny hottie tugging on her cock outdoors

Sexy tranny hottie tugging on her cock outdoors
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my 7th grade gym teacher coach morris told me i needed to get in shape. he invited me to go jogging with him around the middle school.

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he was one of the sexiest guys i knewhe is a huge miami fan so he wheres a lot of orange he was like 6'4 hishair was really short he always wore tight athletic cloathes. he looked like he was on steroids because he was so built there were roomers about it,i was always fatasising about having sex with him and how would it feel and how big his dick was and what his ass looked like because he has a giant ass that i think he gets it from what he eats .everytime i see him it's really hard to fight the hardon i get i'm like 6'1 so he's not that much taller.

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i met him on saterday afternoon t go jogging. "let's get started", he said and he slapped me on the ass and we started to jog. when he grabbed my ass it felt so good i wanted him to do it again.

we jogged pretty fast for like an hour, and he asked me about school and girls and stuff like that. then after the hour i was exhausted and he told me it was time to go change and hit the showers, so we jogged into the school.

no one was there because it was saterday.

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we started to change. he took off his shirt to reveal his amazing abs and pecks and my dick stood straight up. i was trying to hide it. then he pulled off the rest of his cloathes his dick was huge, and his ass was beefy and sexy, which made me rock solid.


i was sitting down on the benches in the locker room trying to hide my boner. "Why aren't you changing ",he asked. i told him i would in a minute and he told me that one of the 2 showers were broken.

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he asked me if i wanted to take turns or just share. the showers are individual because not that many people use thembecause the gym teachers only tell us to change out, no one takes showers basically unless you get dirty. i told him i would be fine sharing. he told me he'd meet me in the shower and i was in shock, i got naked and walked to the shower slowly.

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the showers are small so i knew we would be pressed against eachother in there, but i didn't want him to see my boner, i walked in my ass facing his face walikng backwards into the individual shower. when i was washing he told me good practice and he smacked my ass but since we were naked his hand went in beetween my cheeks i moaned a little. he asked me if i said some thing and i sed no. i felt his dick touching my ass and lower back rubbing agains it i was trying to back further into me." why are you standing like that, turn around you will have more room",he said, i told him i was fine and he said just turn around and he picked me up and turned me around unexcpectedly.

my face turned red and he looked turn and gave me a questiononing loook,and i told him that always happens after i run, he told me he knew i was lying and i argued in protest.

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he told me he knew just what i needed he started grabbing my ass and rubbing my cock, i told him to get off of me and he pinned me to the wall of the shower and was still feeling me up and necking me, and i was squwirming to try and get out and i told him to stop and tryied to push him off, but it felt so good so i had to give in and i started to say yes and he told me yea that's what i thought and we went at eachother like wild animals, making out and him feeling every curve and crevis of my body, and i was touching every thing on him and i grabbed his cock it was think and swollen and he was like 10 and a half inches long.

i was stroking him and he told me how good it felt i never felt happier his hands were just going up and down my body and i jacked him for 5 minuted then i started to like and suck his whole body and i ate his ass and he was moaning at how good it was and it tasted so good it was so big and hairy it was such a turn on. i sucked his cock then he layed on top of me and fucked my mouth while he grunted pleasurabley. hge told me to swallow his dick and it would be easier that way.

parts of our bodies were sticking out of the shower when we were laying down. he told me lets try something, he asked me if i had ever been fingered, eatan out, or fucked while he was pinching and sucking on my nipples, i was being very sarisfied and i told him no with a questioning look and told me he wanted to eat me, i told him iwould love to feel that, and he turned off the shower and picked me up while we were still wet and through me on the pull out couch in his office he told me to bend over, and he stuck his tongue init felt amazing he slowly put his tongue on my as and licked and ate, i was screaming so loud and pleasure, and then i felt sommething different start at my assit was the tip of his finger it hurt i meaned in painful pleasure.

he ran it in and out of me for a while, "damm that tight,he said, my face was red with pain, and he stopped and asked me if i wante to fuck him and then maybe switch i told him i want to fuck him and maybe switch, he got on all 4s my 13 year old dick was 7 in.and uncut i was taller and bigger than all the other boys in 7th, he got on all fors and i pushed and my forskin went back it hurt for 2 min.

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and then his ass on my dick felt so good i pushed and pushed for a while and then got off of him, i told him to take me and told me i was really speacial, i layed on my stomache and he put some lub eon his dick and on my ass, and he got on top of me and pished the tip in i screamed extremely loud and he said ," oh baby thats tight, i love that young fresh ass, i looked back into his steel blue eyes with a painful expression, and he said"it'll just hurt for a few minutes baby, and he proceeded to go inslowly until the 10 and a half inches were in, i was in so much pain, he went in and out slowlyit hurt so bad but at the same time i was really sexually aroused, he started goin a lot faster and i could hear my ass hitting his dick in balls, "yoiu just don't find asses like this, he said with his adorable sounthertn accent and then lost control and went ass fast as he can and he grunted in pleasure, it still hurt but i loved it i screamed YES!

YES! HARDER DEEPER FASTER!!!,i encouraged him, "oh i'll give it to u goodand then put me on all fors and went double ass fast, iscreamed oh shit oh shitand he screamed i'm gunna cum good in hear YES!YES!


i felt something warm start to drip and flow in my ass it felt so erotic and he pulled out and he sucked the cum out of my assand he told me to cum on his face so he got on his knees i was just about ready to cum and i blasted his mouth, and he swallowed everytime. "lets make this a traditionlets do this every saterday, he said"yea i cant wait for our next workout,i said ;)2010