Mia khalifa fuck porn three man

Mia khalifa fuck porn three man
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Fbailey story number 541 Used Panties In My Yard One Sunday I found a used pair of panties in my backyard not far from the fence that separates my yard from the Garrison's backyard. I picked them up and looked at them. They were a small size, they were cotton, pink in color, and they had a cum stain in the gusset. I quickly assumed that they belonged to one of the Garrison girls but why did they toss them into my yard?

After that I found another pair each Sunday morning. They were all the same size and they all had cum on the inside crotch as if it had leaked out of a pussy.

So the following Saturday night I sat out there right in that spot in my lawn chair and waited. After dark I heard whispering. A boy asked, "Can I fuck you in your ass tonight?' A girl said, "No. I told you I'm not into that but you can both fuck my cunt. I'll confess my sins in the morning to my priest and be given absolution. That way I'll be a virgin again next weekend." I heard them removing their clothes.

I knew that because her T-shirt was draped over my fence, then her bra, followed by her pants. Then she said, "Oh God not another pair of panties. Mom's been getting suspicious and wondering where all of my panties have gone.

I can't let her see my cum stains in them." The boy asked, "Why not?" The girl who I then believed to be Bridget said, "I'm a good Catholic girl, I don't have sex and I don't even think about sex. Therefore I can't cum in my panties. You see!" Then the panties came flying over the fence and landed right on my face.

I smiled and then I inhaled knowing that it wasn't some boy's cum on them. Bridget smelled good, very good, and she made my cock hard. So I took it out and I was stroking it as I listened to her getting fucked by two boys on the other side of my fence. I had to get a look at what was going on.

I moved closer to my fence and started looking for a place that I could see through. I had done too good of a job when I installed my privacy fence a few years ago. I managed to find a small hole and I could see some of Bridget but just her top half. She had great tits and apparently she liked to play with them while the boys fucked her from behind. They dangled, they sloshed about, and she played with her nipples.

She groaned during her orgasms and she really bucked whenever the boys would cum in her. I couldn't help but wonder if good Catholic girls took birth control or relied on the rhythm method.

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During her last orgasm I managed to take her pants off the fence and put them on my side. Sure enough when she told the boys that she had to get in before her curfew she noticed her pants missing. She said, "Fuck. Now I have to practically walk around the block to get them back and just in my bra and T-shirt to boot.

You guys better get out of here." I watched for glimpses of her moving through people's backyards to get around my fence. I hid in the shadows and let her walk past me. When she got to the fence she did not find her pants or her panties. In a brief state of panic she started looking around frantically.

I stepped out into the open and scared the shit out of her. Bridget said, "Oh God, you scared the shit out me you asshole. What are you doing with my pants?" I replied, "I should ask what you are doing without them." She said, "Give them back" in a sarcastic manor. I held her panties up to my nose and said, "Maybe we should let your mother decide who gets them." Bridget said, "You wouldn't" in a snotty way.

I said, "I want to fuck you." Bridget snapped at me, "No fucking way in hell." Just then we both heard her mother calling out, "Bridget it's past your curfew." Bridget looked at me holding her pants and her panties then she said, "Okay if you can cover for me." I called out, "Mrs. Garrison, Bridget is over here helping me.

I'll send her home in a few minutes if that's okay with you." She called back, "Okay as long she is with you and not some boy. Send her home when you are done with her." I smiled at Bridget and then said, "In my house.

I don't need the neighbors watching me fuck you." I took her hand and led her into my house and into my bedroom. Bridget sat on the bed and said, "I've never done it in a bed before or with the lights on." I just pushed Bridget back and placed the head of my cock between her pussy lips.

I pressed and it slipped in. She was already well lubricated. I push it all the way inside her and watched the expression on her face. Bridget said, "I've never been on my back before. You went in pretty far and you're bigger that Roy and Jimmy are." I just smiled as I fucked her. The feeling was great but I needed more so I lifted her T-shirt up over her head and took her bra with it. She had nice tits for a fourteen-year-old.


When I filled her with cum I told her to lay right there while I got my camera and took pictures of her. I wanted them for myself. I had her sit on my toilet and then wash her pussy before I let her get dressed. Then I gave her, her choice of panties to put on. I had washed them not knowing where the cum had come from.

I wasn't going to wash the fresh pair though. When Bridget was all set I walked her home. Her mother thanked me and invited me in. As I sat down she told Bridget to get ready for bed and then to come down and kiss her goodnight. Meanwhile she offered me a glass of wine and started talking about her husband leaving her last winter before Christmas. I had not heard anything about it and listened intently. Marjorie her eleven-year-old daughter came down and kissed her mother goodnight.

She was wearing a big T-shirt but nothing else and when she leaned over to kiss her mother I saw her entire ass and a nice rear view of her hairless pussy.

Then she kissed me goodnight. I got to look down the neckline at her slightly budding titties and the kiss was nice. Her mother gave her a slap on her bare ass and set her off. Mrs. Garrison said, "Girls are not supposed to wear panties to bed or to church. I hope the view didn't embarrass you too much." I smiled and said, "Not at all, in fact I think I rather enjoyed it." Then I looked down at the lump that had formed in my pants.

She giggled. Then Stephanie her thirteen-year-old daughter came down in a short top and nothing else. She kissed her mother, she kissed me, and then she got her slap on the ass and sent up to bed.

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Her mother said, "She is still a little embarrassed about her tits. They are new and they aren't growing too much yet." I replied, "I think they looked cute from what I could see through her top." Then Bridget came down completely naked.

She kissed her mother goodnight as if they were lesbian lovers. She sat in my lap, straddling my legs, and facing me so that her pussy was rubbing against my hard cock. Bridget said, "Thank you for letting me help you tonight.

We will have to do it again sometime." Then Bridget slipped her tongue into my mouth and I tasted her toothpaste. Bridget got her slap on the ass and giggled as she ran off to bed. Her mother then said, "Well as you can see Bridget isn't embarrassed about anything." I half asked, "Does she take after her mother in that department?" Then I said, "Shouldn't you be getting ready for bed too?

I can wait here for my goodnight kiss if you want me too." She smiled and said, "Call me Donna and yes, you wait right here. I will be back to kiss you goodnight and maybe invite you to stay for breakfast. Remember I haven't been with a man in a while." I sat there looking at the clock. I heard the shower running and then I saw Donna coming at me. She was wearing just a smile and her pussy was freshly shaved.

I was sure that it was just as clean on the inside too. Donna asked, "Would you like to come up to my bedroom?" I smiled and said, "I'd rather do it right here in the living room with the lights on and in full view of your big bay window." Donna looked at me to see if I was serious. When she realized that I was she moved her coffee table over to the side of the room, opened the curtains up fully, and then turned on all of the lights in the room.

I undressed and she held onto my shoulders. Then she lifted one leg up high enough for me to get my cock into her. After that she lifted up her other leg and I cupped her ass with both hands for a standing fuck.

She thrashed about as if she were in a porn movie. With the lights on and the big bay window open to view, she very well could have been. The excitement was too much for either of us and we climaxed together. She turned the lights off and stood in the window trying to see if anyone had been watching us. She seemed relieved. Then she took my hand and led me up to her bedroom.

We were right in the middle of a good fuck when Stephanie came in to tell us that breakfast was ready. She still had on just that little top and nothing else. She stood there and watched as I fucked her mother.

Then she got closer and watched us. Donna reached out and took Stephanie's hand and pulled her to the bed letting her sit near her mother's head. I just kept thrusting my cock into her mother and staring at her little pussy.

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I flipped one of her legs over her mother's head so that she was sitting right there in front of me. I kissed her mother and then I stuck my tongue in her daughter as I rammed my cock into the mother. Soon I was in a pretty good rhythm. I had both girls breathing pretty hard when we had a three-way climax. Hearing the two women enjoy their orgasms was more than enough to send me over the top.

I emptied the contents of my balls into Donna just as Bridget and Marjorie carried in two trays. We were getting breakfast in bed. Bridget said, "Cream pie" and dove into her mother's oozing pussy.

Our breakfast was cold when we ate it but it didn't matter. Marjorie said, "Shouldn't we be getting ready for church?" Donna asked, "Bridget were you going to ask forgiveness for letting Roy, Jimmy, and Mr. Bailey fuck you and for sex with me this week?" She was shocked that her mother knew about me and she blushed crimson before answering, "I was going too." Donna asked, "Stephanie were going to ask forgiveness for having sex with Laurie the other day and for letting Mr.

Bailey lick you pussy?" She blushed and said, "I was going too." Donna then asked, "Marjorie what were going to ask forgiveness for?" Marjorie thought for a moment then said, "I haven't done anything to ask forgiveness for." Donna asked, "What would you like to do that would require forgiveness?" Marjorie thought about that question a bit longed and shyly asked, "Can I give him my virginity?

You looked like you were enjoying his cock inside you, Mommy." Donna laughed and said, "Okay. We will all stay home and not go to church so that we can enjoy his cock in all of our cunts." Marjorie giggled and said, "You said a naughty word Mommy." Donna said, "When you are naked and in bed with a man for the purpose of sex, it is okay to use naughty words." Marjorie lit up like a Christmas tree and said, "So it's okay to say…Mr.

Bailey I want you to fuck my virgin baby cunt with your big fat cock until I can't stand up. I want you to shove it down my throat and up my ass until I scream. I want to be your fuck-buddy, your little sex machine, and your love child. I want to give you my hairless cunt to use forever." Donna asked, "Where did you hear stuff like that?" Marjorie said, "In church.

I hear the other girls talking like that all the time while Father Tom fucks them." She then asked, "Has he fucked any of you girls?" Bridget raised her hand, and then Stephanie raised hers. Stephanie said, "He has to fuck all of us thirteen-year-old girls before he can forgive any of our sexual sins. It the church law! After he takes our virginity we can let boys fuck us and Father Tom can forgive us." Bridget added, "That's right Mom.

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He has too. Otherwise he can't forgive us and we would rot in hell for all eternity." Donna said, "We are going to visit the rectory this evening but first Marjorie has to loose her virginity to someone other than Father Tom." That was where I came in.

I took little Marjorie into my arms and carried her back to her bedroom closing the door behind us. I removed her T-shirt and kissed her little buds. I kissed her tight little pussy and then I kissed her. I told her that I would have to suck on her pussy for quite a while before I could put my cock in her. Marjorie asked, "Can Bridget and Stephanie help too.

They lost their virginities, maybe they can help." I picked Marjorie up in my arms and carried her nude body back into her mother's bedroom. The three girls were in a Daisy chain amusing themselves in my absence. I said, "We need your help loosing her up for me." Donna made room between her and Bridget and said, "Get right in here honey." I watched the fun unfold for over an hour when Donna said, "She's ready." I had seen her stretching out Marjorie's baby pussy with her fingers until she had gotten four fingers up inside her, two from each hand.

I pushed my cock into that little girl inch by inch without causing her any pain at all. All she felt was a fullness. I was gentle but steady as I stroked into her. Donna was stroking my cock from the outside to give me more stimulation and Bridget was stroking her sister's clit to give her more stimulation.

Stephanie kept kissing her younger sister and playing with her nipples. As the four of us made love to her Marjorie had an orgasm, her very first one. Shortly afterwards I came inside her, completing my mission.

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Father Tom was very surprised to see the five us standing at his door at seven o'clock, well after the five o'clock mass. He politely invited us in and gasped when the girls all dropped the loose fitting dresses that they had been wearing.

Donna said, "I want you to fuck my girls so that they can get absolution for all of their sexual sins…past, present, and all of their future sins as well. Then we won't have any need for you to be sticking your cock where it doesn't belong." Father Tom said, "But I didn't…" Donna cut him off and said, "I don't want to hear any lies. I know for a fact that you have fucked every girl that has turned thirteen years old in this church for the past five years.

Now stick your cock in my girls and forgive them. I'll be needing your services too so don't cum in all of them if you want us out of here tonight." Father Tom didn't know what to do, so Donna fished his cock out of his pants. It was as stiff as it could get.

She then helped Bridget up onto it. Another perfect example of a standing fuck.

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Father Tom forgave her of everything under the sun. Stephanie was next and then Marjorie. The look on his face when his cock entered that sweet little girl was precious. She was forgiven but not before he grabbed her hard and thrust up into her as he praised God for making little girls. Donna made him stroke his own cock to get it hard for her.

She also made the girls get dresses so that he had nothing but her to look at.


He kept apologizing and telling her that he had fucked three girls before the five o'clock mass. Donna wanted their names. He gave them to her. Stephanie knew them all because they had classes together. Donna said, "Come on Father Tom, I don't want to be the only Garrison woman that you haven't fucked and cum in." Reluctantly he approached her. She wiped her arm across his desk throwing everything onto the floor. She got on the edge and leaned back on her elbows.

Father Tom approached her and attempted to get his limp dick into her. She humiliated him constantly. That didn't help any. Finally Donna said, "You either fuck me and make it your last cunt to ever enter or I'll tell the whole world about you fucking over a hundred thirteen-year-olds.

Do I make myself perfectly clear?" Father Tom somehow managed to get his cock in her cunt and start thrusting. He had trouble keeping it hard and he had trouble cumming too. If he had just cum in three girls and Marjorie he might not have anything left for Donna. That just wouldn't do. He begged and pleaded for forgiveness but all Donna said was, "I can't forgive you until you fuck me.

Isn't that your rule?" Father Tom put his cock away, told the girls that he was very sorry, and then he walked out the rectory door, never to be heard from again. The church sent a replacement the next day and life went on.


The End Used Panties In My Yard 541