Pretty Latina Gets Cummy After Sex

Pretty Latina Gets Cummy After Sex
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Ten: The Flaming Woman Chapter One: Acolyte's New Pleasure By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 King Edward IV Shesax, The Kingdom of Secare My choked out word echoed through the empty hall of my throne room.

Save for my wife, Queen Lavinia, and my chamberlain, John, none of my subjects, courtiers, or guards remained. Only the radiant angel, descended from above and standing before me, was left. Her beatific smile broadened at my answer.

"Then I shall summon my mother's essence," the angel said, her voice ringing like crystal. Her white wings flapped and her glowing halo brightened, spilling pure, white light down her body. She reached up and untied the knots holding her tunic closed. It fell off her lush body. My cock throbbed at the perfection of her beauty, bountiful breasts topped with pink nipples, fat and begging to be sucked. Curving hips and long, sleek legs. She was naked save for the golden chastity belt about her waist, a lock right below her navel.

"Your wife shall be the vessel," the angel purred, "and your royal seed the medium of Her summons. My chastity has been well-guarded from my Holy Father's lecherous ways, kept pure for when I was needed." "Needed?" I groaned, my dick so hard.

The angel was a virgin. "You want me to.?" "Flood my body with your seed, great king," she smiled, advancing, those lush tits bouncing, her hips swaying. The golden chastity belt reflected the light from the chandeliers, enchanted by my court mage to shed bright light without flame or smoke.

"Lube the way for my Holy Mother to come and inhabit your wife. Her august presence would be too much for your mortal raiments to witness unscathed." "The goddess would possess me?" Lavinia gasped, her breasts rising and falling in her low-cut, green gown. Her blonde curls fell about her face.

"You are a mother, lovely queen," the angel purred, kneeling before my wife's smaller throne beside mine. "You have birthed your lord and husband a child. What better vessel for Her to occupy? Do not worry, you will suffer no harm.

Only ecstasy." The angel's hands grabbed the hem of my wife's dress, sliding them up her legs. Other than the slippers she wore on her feet, she was naked benesth, legs shaved smooth, lovely.

I groaned, standing up and giving my wife a look. "You shall do this. Else Angela will come and kill us both. And our son. Once she has her ancestor's sword, she will reforge his kingdom." Lavinia quivered, her nipples hard against her bodice. She nodded her head. "Yes," she purred as the angel's lips kissed at her inner thigh.

"Fuck her. Take the angel's maidenhead. Summon her mother!" "Yes," I groaned, my hands unlacing the ties holding on my codpiece. My dick so hard. I stepped off my throne, discarding the codpiece and attacked the knots of my hose as I moved around the angel. Her gorgeous ass, covered by the slim band of metal over her crack and pussy, wiggled. I frowned. "And how am I supposed to take your maidenhead when it is so well guarded?" I asked, my dick coming out, aching. Her wings flapped, thrusting from her supple back.

"My apologies, great King." She held out her hand. Light flared and a key appeared. "My Holy Mother holds all our keys. Enjoy my virtue." "Oh, he shall, little angel," Lavinia purred, one hand unlacing her bodice the other grabbing the angel's golden hair. "Now lick my pussy. Pleasure me." "As I pleasure my Holy Mother," the angel moaned.

I took the key from the angel's hand as she buried her face into my wife's pussy. Lavinia moaned, her head arching. Her fingers finished unlacing her bodice, and her large breasts spilled out, heavy with her mother's milk. She squeezed the right, a stream of white milk squirted from her fat, dark-red nipple.

She let out a wanton moan, grinding on the angel's mouth. My dick ached. I fell to my knees behind the angel, the tip of my cock brushing the cold gold of her chastity belt hiding her hot pussy. I reached around her with the delicate key, searching for the keyhole. My fingers slid along the metal, my dick throbbing, smearing precum on the chastity belt. The key found the hole. Slid in. I twisted. The lock clicked. The chastity belt vanished in a flash of light and golden motes.

I groaned, my dick pressing on hot pussy. Virgin pussy. I shivered, feeling the angel's hymen, a thin membrane with several holes.

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She had lived for thousands of years pure, never touched by a cock. Only a few men had ever known this pleasure, the angels' virtues guarded well by Slata. "Thank you, Holy Mother," I moaned in prayer to the Mother of All and thrust into the angel's pussy.

The demigoddess's hymen popped. I groaned as I sank into hot, tight flesh. I pressed deep into the angel's snatch. She moaned into my wife's pussy, her virgin depths clinging to me. More and more of my cock vanished into her, the friction burning through me. "Pater's cock," I grunted. "Is she tight?" my wife moaned, humping against the angel's mouth.

Her blue eyes rolled, her red-painted lips pursing. "Oh, say the angel-slut is tight. Oh, please. She licks my pussy so well." My wife squeezed her right tit again, another squirt of her milk raining across the angel's back and wings.

"So tight," I panted, drawing back my cock. The angel moaned her appreciation, her pussy clenching down on my dick.

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"And she loves it. She's been aching for a cock to fuck her for so long." "So long," the angel moaned as I slammed into her, pressing her face into my wife's pussy. "Oh, great king, yes! Fuck me!" My dick buried into her depths again. I held there, savoring this once pure pussy. I had soiled it. I gripped her hips and drew back, her flesh sucking at my dick.

Eager for my cum. I thrust in again, hard, my crotch smacked into her ass, cheeks rippling, and my balls thwacked into her clit. She gasped, wings flapping, pussy clenching on my dick. It was fantastic. I groaned, grunted, fucking her hard. I pounded the virgin angel. I reamed my dick into her depths as she feasted on my wife's pussy.

Lavinia gasped, eyes fluttering as she moaned and humped against the angel's licking tongue and kissing lips. "Oh, gods, the angel knows how to eat cunt," my queen moaned. "Gods, Edward, the tongue on the little slut. Oh, if my bedmaids could lick this well. Yes, yes, yes, flick my clit. Oh, Slata's cunt, I—" "Don't use my Holy Mother's name to curse," the angel gasped, lifting her face, her pussy clenching on my dick.

"Sorry," moaned Lavinia. "Don't stop. Keep licking me. Saphique's virgin snatch, yes. Devour me." The angel did, her wings flapping. Her hips moved, bucking back into my thrusts.

I shivered, the pleasure racing up my dick. Her juices dripped down to my thwacking balls. They smacked into her clit over and over, her pussy squeezing down each time, increasing the friction.

And the friction was intense. Powerful. My balls boiled. "Gods, I'm going to flood her cunt fast," I panted. "Lavinia!" "Yes, yes, yes, flood the little slut," my wife moaned. "Cream her virgin depths. Soil her with a king's seed! Oh, gods! Pater's cock, yes!" My wife bucked, her tits bouncing. Pleasure rippled across her face as she came. Her voice echoed through the throne room.

She kept a death grip on the angel's golden hair. She held the angel tight against her pussy, humping, grinding. My strokes grew harder, faster.

My dick ached. It was so hot watching my wife cum on the angel's mouth. My hands gripped her hips as I thrust into angelic depths. It was so stupendous. The pleasure built and built, wrapped about my cock. My balls boiled. "Cum in her," howled my wife. "Flood her! Yes, yes, yes! Do it, my husband!" "Pater's cock," I grunted, burying into angelic cunt. And exploded.

My balls boiled. The pressure surged out of them and down my cock. I groaned, back arching as the jizz spurted over and over into the depths of the angel's once-virgin pussy.

The first load of cum to ever touch her depths. The pleasure slammed into my brain. Dizzy bliss shot through me as I seeded her fertile cunt. I gasped, my balls unloading blast after blast. Each one shooting down my cock and sending rapture through my body. "Yes!" I howled. "Holy Mother!" sang the angel. The halo over her head flared with stark, white light. It blinded me and bathed me in motherly warmth.

My wife let out a moan of ecstasy. She gasped and sang out. Her moans grew throatier, more mature, motherly. "Yes," my wife moaned, but it wasn't quite her voice. There was a power in it. "Oh, yes, great king, what energy is in your seed." The angel's pussy clenched down hard on my dick. And then vanished. The light ended. I blinked, kneeling before my wife.

She was naked now. And there was something about her, something commanding, powerful.


Her legs spread wide, her pussy dripping with juices. Before, she was shaved, but now a thick, golden bush adorned her pussy, possessing the silky curls found on a statue of Slata. Her breasts leaked milk. Thick, white rivulets ran down her lush mounds. But her eyes. They were so different. No longer my wife's brilliant blue but a sharp violet. "Great Goddess Slata," I gasped. "Mmm, yes," she purred, hands sliding up to cup bountiful breasts. "Your wife has such a lovely body." She hefted a breast, bringing it to her mouth, suckling on the flowing milk.

The goddess shuddered, bare toes curling, cheeks hollowing as she drank. The nipple popped out. "Oh, and her breast milk is divine. You choose your queen well." "I had little say in it," I admitted. "My father choose a Zeutchian princess." "Because the Princedoms of Zeutch are so fractured they have little political power," Slata said, waving a hand. "We are not here to discuss that. But Angela ev'Xarin." I shivered. "Today, she claimed the final piece of the high king's sword," Slata continued.

She closed her thighs, crossing them, sitting regal before me. A true queen. "Soon she'll be at the Altar of Souls," I said, my mouth dry. "And the sword shall be reforged." "Never," Slata hissed. "My husband's bastard shall not have that satisfaction even in death. I broke apart his kingdom. I doomed it. I made sure all his sons died before him.

And I should have killed his daughter, too, and his two wives." I trembled.

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"What can be done? Even your own priestesses have allowed her to live." "Humans are ever capricious and disappointing. Not the best children I have birthed." She leaned back.

"But the most fecund. The most widespread. The most adaptable." Her smile grew. "And they can be adapted, molded, used for purposes." I frowned. "My Goddess?" "There is one who can still stop High King Peter's final plan," Slata purred. "When his wife broke up his sword and scattered it across the world, I spared his daughter Lily's life. I cursed her instead. But it was a trick. His wife was biding her time, waiting for one of Lily's descendants to be born who had the skills to reforge the weapon.

She manipulated even you." "Me?" I frowned in confusion. "You know her as Lady Delilah. That redheaded snake. The bitch behind much of Peter's success. Both his wives were dangerous, but Delilah was the true threat.

I was a fool not to see it." "Lady Delilah? But she suggested." My stomach sank. "Gods, she suggested that Angela fight the dragon Dominari. And that put Angela on the path of collecting her ancestor's sword." "Prophecies are treacherous and ever self-fulfilling," Slata said. "The daughters of Cnawen and Rithi should all have been strangled. They cause too much problems. If you had ignored the Sekar Oracle, your reign would be secure.

And now I have to fix your mistake." I trembled. Her violet eyes flared for a moment. A presence pressed on mind.

Power, energy. The ground rumbled. The air warped about her. And, for a moment, I saw another form superimposed over my wife. The very essence of motherhood distilled in a single shape of bountiful flesh. Pain flared in my mind. It was too much for me to handle. The geometries of her body extended beyond sight, beyond reason.

Screaming in pain, I pressed my face to the cool surface of the marble floor, trembling. I could feel her presence through my skull, like my brain had eyes that could see through bone and flesh to her perfection.

"I did not know, great Goddess," I groaned, my brain squeezed by invisible force. My ears throbbing. Then the presence left. The pain died. The goddess had withdrawn her true form. It was too much for the world. It did not hold the angles to contain something so wonderful, so perfect. I swallowed, raising my eyes. "No, you did not," Slata purred, parting her thighs, exposing her blonde bush dripping with juices.

It was so hard to remember that I stared at my wife's body. She acted so different. "And so I give you one chance to fix your mistake. To be my champion and kill Angela personally." "Champion?" I asked. "To carry my favor, strengthening your limbs." The goddess smiled, running a hand down her body to her bush.

She shoved two fingers into her pussy. "Plunder your wife's cunt, and you shall be wreathed in my favor." My dick hardened in an instant. "And I would have the strength to overcome Angela and her companions?" "Yes," she moaned, fingers pumping. "What say you, King Edward, Fourth of your Name?" My hearth thudded. Sweat beaded my brows. My cock throbbed. I stared at those two digits plunging into her divine flesh. She moaned, back arching.

"Yes!" Before I realized it, I was on my feet and lunging at her. She ripped her fingers out of her pussy and seized me, pulling me into her embrace. I sank into my wife's goddess-possessed cunt. I groaned, heavenly rapture engulfing my dick. My hands seized her breasts, squeezing. Milk squirted, drenching my body. I was naked. I didn't even remember my clothes vanishing. The hot, creamy milk coated my muscles as my hips pumped through ecstasy. "Yes," she moaned, engulfing me with her arms and legs, holding me to her.

Our lips met in a kiss. Power flowed through me. My mind tumbled between ecstasy and rapture. I fucked her, sliding my dick over and over through divine cunt. The friction detonated my orgasm. My cock erupted over and over, cum pouring out of me.

While her energy poured into me. My hips fucked her as I kissed those lips. Her milk anointed my chest as her bountiful breasts rubbed against me. Our bodies heaved together. More and more of my cum flowed into her. She drank it in, absorbing my seed, and using it to connect us. To give me her favor. My vision burst with stars. Thoughts vanished from my mind. I hung in rapture, suspended by ecstasy. Bliss engulfed me. Transformed me. I could feel it swelling out from my cock and balls, strengthening limbs, hardening bones, enchanting me.

Gifting me with her power. The power to save my kingdom and kill Angela. The goddess broke the kiss as darkness crashed down into me, her pussy spasming hard with her orgasm, milking more of my cum from my balls. She howled out to the heavens: "Your bastard's descendant shall never prosper, my Lord and Husband!" And then I knew nothing.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knave Angela Drakin Castle, The Haunted Forest I sprang to my lover and sex slave, Sophia, fear hammering in my heart. Xera's cum dribbled down Sophia's thighs along with the plant's nectar-jizz. She had been fucked by a cock. She was an acolyte of Saphique, Goddess of Virgins. She had sworn an oath when she became a novice of Saphique, promising to never touch a man sexually.

If she did, she lost her magic. And she had cum dripping out of her. Ever since we met Xera months ago, Sophia had stayed clear of the elf when she was in heat, her girl-cock throbbing away. It was enough to sever the connection she had with her goddess. All the celebration of recovering the final piece of the High King's sword went out of my mind. Sophia was tainted. Her connection was severed. It had happened once before when a malevolent spirit called a karabasan had possessed me.

A spectral cock had sprouted from my body. With it, the ghost had forced me to fuck Sophia. She had to go through a ritual in a temple to recover her magic. And we were deep in the Haunted Forest, weeks away from civilization.

"Sophia," I gasped, hugging her tight, still holding the final piece of the sword, the top third of the blade. "Oh, Gods, I am so sorry." "Sorry?" Sophia blinked.

"For what, my Queen." Her arms slipped around my body, her small breasts pressed into my pillowy frame. She was such a soft creature, so delicate and precious.

Tears burned my eyes as I held her tight. She was still dazed by the plant's pollen. It grew all throughout Drakin Castle. The crumbling walls around us were covered in the desiccating vines. It was dead now, but for a while, we had all been under the effect of its aphrodisiac pollen, fucking the plants and each other. Luckily, Xera had the presence of mind to keep her wits, find the source, and give the plant what it wanted.

"Angela?" Sophia asked, her voice breaking as I rocked her. "What's wrong? You're scaring me." "Your magic," I groaned. "Do you think Saphique will understand this time? I know you didn't fight it. But it was the spores. It made us all horny." "Saphique." Sophia shivered and then she laughed.

"Oh, because Xera and the plant fucked me?" "Yes," I groaned. "We'll get your connection back to your goddess." "Oh, no," Aurora said, the avian clapping hands to her mouth. She, too, was naked and dripping with nectar seed, her legs bent. Both she and Faoril had walked bow-legged into the room. "You poor thing." Sophia laughed harder. And suddenly my breasts grew wet. A sweet smell filled my nose. I pulled back and blinked. Sophia's pink nipples, topping her small breasts, dribbled milk.

More stained my tits. Her lactation was part of her connection with her goddess. She could control it at will. I blinked. "But. You fucked Xera." "Yep," Sophia nodded. "And the plant. It fucked you, too." "Even bound me up like it knew what I wanted." Sophia shuddered in wicked pleasure.

"How do you still have your connection?" "Well, I guess Saphique considers Xera female. And the plant, too." Sophia shrugged. "The plant was once an elf," Xera said sadly.

The naked elf—not that there was anything out of the ordinary for her being naked, elves didn't wear clothing—clutched a small bulb, like a tulip bulb, in the crook of her arm. Tears glistened in her eyes, her ears twitching above her green hair. "So it turned out I was just being paranoid. I didn't have to be afraid of Xera's cock at all." "But. When the karabasan possessed me, and then I fucked you with the cock, it stole your powers." "With the karabasan's cock. A male spirit." Sophia shuddered.

"Bastard." "So you could have been fucking Xera all this time.?" I shook my head. "I could have been making you fuck her cock?" "Guess so." Sophia leaned down and fingered her messy pussy. She pulled out a glob of elf-cum and nectar-jizz and brought it to her lips. She sucked on it and shivered. "It's actually pretty good. And it was sooooo hot being fucked by her cock." Minx let out a snigger, her body painted in nectar-cum, too.

She smacked Xera's ass. "Looks like you got another woman who wants to fuck your cock all the time." "Maybe," Xera said, her ears twitching more. She blinked back the tears. "Your loss." Minx sighed, leaning against Xera. The halfling was so short compared to the elf, her head only resting on Xera's hip.

"My loss." "So we are done here," Thrak grunted. His cum, and the plant's, painted my body. "We're done here," I nodded. "Time to reforge the sword." "So we're on to Unmik!" Minx said. Chaun sighed. "And then north into the Princedoms and the Desolation." I frowned at Chaun's morose sigh. Then it hit me: Princess Adelaide. His disgrace and banishment from being a Bard of Az happened in the Princedoms.

He cuckolded one of the Princes, who ruled one of the states of the fractured country. The Princedoms were almost a dozen separate kingdoms united by custom and a council of the princes, who elect one of their own to nominally be in charge. They often fight each other more often then being a threat to the other nations.

Aurora squeezed her husband's hand, giving him a supportive smile. Chaun smiled back, his mood falling away.

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He stared at her. "So, what were you up to?" Her cheeks darkened. She glanced at Faoril. "Um, it was interesting." Faoril laughed as she pulled on her red robes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warlock Faoril Unmik, Asunow Princedom, The Princedoms of Zeutch "A proper bed," I groaned when we entered our room at the Mermaid's Song. After weeks spent wandering the Haunted Forest, both getting to and returning from Drakin Castle, then three days sailing through the Nimborgoth and up into Holani Strait to reach the port city of Unmik, I was looking forward to it.

"Wonderful." "And what about my bed, Mistress?" Captain Thyrna purred as she sauntered in before us, moving with a languorous, cat-like grace. Which wasn't surprising. She was a rakshasa, a shapeshifter whose real form had the head of a tiger, complete with dangerous fangs. "Your ship rocks and bobs and sways," I said. "It's nice, but sometimes you roll off the bed." I rubbed my butt. It still smarted from my abrupt wakeup last night. "This bed won't move an inch." Thyrna stretched out on it, her lithe legs clad by her tight, leather pants, her ample bosom stretching her low-cut blouse.

She was a predatory beauty, with dark-brown skin and wavy-black hair. She exuded hunger with her every movement. The Pirate Captain stretched her back, thrusting her tits into the air while her hips undulated. "Your pussycat is getting restless," I said to my husband.

Thrak grunted as he closed the door behind him. He had to duck to fit through. Human doors were a few inches too short for an orc. Especially one as big as him. He dropped our bags and stretched his back, muscles rippling beneath scarred, swarthy skin. He smiled, the bone piercings adorning his face—eyebrows, nose, and lips—moved. It made him look so uncouth, so dangerous. You would never know how intelligent he was.

"She is always frisky," grunted Thrak. "I bet you wore you crew out waiting for us to return from Drakin Castle." "I had to keep them in line," she purred. "You were gone a month wandering in that dreadful forest.

It was quite boring." "And how much piracy did you commit?" Thrak asked. I blinked. I assumed she had kept her ship at the mouth of the river the entire time. But. I guess a month was a long time to have her wait.

Gods, it was such a relief to be back in civilization. Those endless days trudging through the woods, and then another week just marching along the Kemoh River through the plains to get back to the shore. Autumn was upon the world, the days growing colder and colder, the weather fouler and fouler.

Rain lashed the windows of the inn as Thyrna purred, "Not much. Just enough to whet our appetites. I found a fat merchant sailing from Thaville." I shivered and shrugged out of my robes. I set them, carefully, on a chest of drawers, the pockets jiggling with all the magical paraphernalia I carried on me. I slid my hands up my body to my round breasts, fingering my nipples. "Let's get this over with," I said. "Before I lose my nerve." I had promised myself for months that I would do this for Thrak.

I had one piercing, my silver nose ring, but Thrak had often commented that my nipples were so bare. Saoria, his first wife, had both her nipples pierced with bone rings, and plenty in her face.

She was Thosian, like me, and had adopted orc customs when she married him. Thrak grinned. His cock tented his kilt as he moved to the bed. Thyrna let out a purring moan. "You'll love having pierced nipples. I do." "You have a pierced nipple," I said.

"You're not getting both pierced." Thyrna pushed down her blouse to bare her right breast, the dark nub pierced by what appeared to be a gold ring. It wasn't pure gold but alloyed chromium, giving her immunity to magic. Which made me powerless against her. Which made it all the sexier when I ordered her around. She was our sex slave. Thrak had tamed the wild pirate captain. He made her purr for him. She loved it. She had dominated an entire crew of strong, burly human pirates.

And then my orc seized her by the scruff of the neck and showed her what she truly craved. Thrak knelt before me and produced the needle from his pouch. It looked so tiny in his thick fingers. My heart quickened as he brought it to my nipple. I squirmed on the edge of the bed, a strange excitement swirling around with my fear. Thyrna pressed into me from behind, both her breasts out now, her nipples hard.

Her hands slid around my body, fingers trailing shivers as they climbed up to my breasts. She cupped them, hefting them towards Thrak. "Pierce her, Master." "Yes," I gasped, my pussy clenching out of fright and desire.

I shivered, shook as he brought the needle closer, the point gleaming sharp. "Oh, Gods." I squeezed my eyes shut. I didn't want to watch. Thyrna licked my neck up to my ear. "Relax, Mistress. He loves you. He won't hurt you." "I won't," Thrak said and then proved those words a lie. "Las's pus-filled cock!" I screamed as the needle pierced through my nipple. I quivered, my toes curling.

My body shaking. Fire burned. I sucked in staccato breaths as the pain rippled out from my nub. The needle pulled out. I winced again. And then groaned as the gold ring slipped through the new hole in my nipple. I kept sucking in breaths as it slid through my nipple. This was such a dumb idea. Why did I agree to this and. The needle touched my left nipple. "Oh, Gods," I groaned and then gasped. It didn't hurt as much as the first one.

I was ready for it. But it still burned. I still groaned, my entire body clenching. Thyrna nibbled on my ear as Thrak removed the needle. I trembled, wishing I had some jizz in me so I could lash out with my magic at something, anything. "You're doing great," Thrak said as he threaded the gold ring into my nipple. "Okay, they're both in." I glanced down at the nipple rings. They were thin and glinted in the candlelight of our room.

I sucked in deep breaths, my tits rising and falling. My nipples were so swollen. They throbbed with my heart beat. "See," Thrak said, taking one and batting it. "Don't do that," I groaned, the pain shivering through me. "Oh, I want them out. This was such a mistake." Then I looked into Thrak's eyes. He stared at my nipples with such longing in his eyes.

I sighed, stroking his face. He was so hard, so angular. So strong, but he had feelings. "Saoria?" He nodded. "You should have heard her scream when she was pierced the first time.

But she wanted to fit in. She insisted on it despite the pain. 'Orcs accept the pain,' she said. 'And I'm just as strong.'" "She was," I sighed. "But I'm not. Where's the healing?" "Here, Mistress." Thyrna moved, reaching for something. Then she thrust a vial of creamy liquid at me. I pulled the stopper and downed the healing potion. The sweet flavor of Sophia's breast milk poured down my throat. I shivered. The soothing warmth washed through me.

The ache in my butt from my fall vanished, the strain in my lower back melted away, a bruise I didn't ever realize I had on my arm healed, and, most importantly, my nipples stopped throbbing. The swelling went away. Now I had two pink nubs pierced by gold rings. Thrak grabbed one, tugging on it. "Oh, wow," I groaned as the pleasure fluttered through my body. That felt so different. I could feel the metal sliding through my nipple, stimulating it from the inside. I shivered, my pussy growing wetter and wetter as he manipulated it.

"Oh, that feels wonderful." Thrak grinned then leaned in, sucking on the other. His tongue batted the ring, twisting it around while his fingers played with the other. I leaned back into Thyrna's embrace, loving the feel as he sucked and nibbled, my pussy growing wetter and wetter. It was exciting. It was so different. My nipples felt so sensitive now. They ached and throbbed in such intense and present delight. I rubbed my thighs together, my clit hard, my pussy itching to be touched.

Pleasure built as he played with my nipples. He sucked on my nub and then caught my ring with his teeth, tugging on it. "Thrak," I groaned. "Gods, that's nice. Ooh, yes." "See, Mistress," Thyrna purred, her hands sliding down my stomach, reaching for my thighs. "Wasn't a little pain worth all this pleasure?" "Yes." I shuddered as her hand pressed between my thighs. I parted them, shuddering as she stroked my pussy, sliding through my trimmed bush.

I shivered, leaning my head against her shoulder. My hands slid across Thrak's body, feeling his strength. "Oh, yes, I love them, Thrak. I wish I had done this earlier." "Yes," Thyrna moaned. "Wouldn't that have been fun?" "Oh, you were going to pierce them when you tried to dominate me," I accused even as Thrak sucked harder on my nipple. "I succeeded in dominating you." Thyrna rubbed harder at my pussy, her fingers parting my folds, searching, discovering my clit.

She rubbed hard. I bucked, my pussy clenching, pleasure rushing through my body. My nipples throbbed as much as my clit.

The pleasure shooting down from my breasts met the sparks bursting from my pearl. They gathered in my pussy, my sex clenching, my body squirming. Thyrna nibbled on my neck, teasing me as she frigged my clit.

She rubbed hard, fast. Her fingers danced over my nub. I squirmed more and more, my pussy growing juicier. My nipples ached as Thrak played with my rings. He sucked back and forth between my nipples, making them both throb, his thick, calloused fingers rubbing on my soft breasts. I loved it. "Your tits are just lovely," he groaned as he went back and forth. "Perfect." I shivered, smiling at the joy he took in my piercings.

He twisted them around and stretched out my nipples. Everything he did shot pleasure down to my pussy. It made me squirm, my hands wandering lower and lower down Thrak's body.

To his kilt. To the bulge of his cock. I found it, stroking him as my pussy grew juicier and juicier. I tossed my head back and forth, Thyrna's fingers dancing on my clit. But it was the pleasure from my nipples that had me gasping, moaning. Cumming. "Thrak!" I screamed out as his teeth tugged on my nipple ring, pulling it back and forth, my nipple throbbing. "Oh, Gods, yes! I'm cumming from nipple play!

Oh, wow! It's sooooo good. They're soooo sensitive now. Pater's cock!" My pussy convulsed. Juices flooded out. I bucked and moaned, the pleasure racing through my body. It reached my mind. I gasped, my eyes fluttering.

Every wave, generated by my nipples, washed out of my pussy and through my body, leaving me heaving and thrashing. I squeezed his cock. He throbbed so hard beneath his kilt.

Hard for me. I groaned, wanting him in me right this second. Cumming, I worked up his kilt, eager to reveal his massive girth hiding beneath. I had to touch him, stroke him. I slid my hand beneath and found his cock. I stroked him as the pleasure peaked in me. I ran my hand up to the tip of his dick, pierced by a thick, bone ring.

I tugged on it, making him groan as he sucked on my nipple. "Fuck me, Thrak," I moaned. "Yes," Thyrna purred, her fingers sliding down, caressing the wet folds of my pussy. "She's so wet for you. She needs your cock. She's just a naughty whore." "So naughty," I groaned, ignoring the bite in Thyrna's words.

She didn't like sharing Thrak with me. She wanted my husband all to herself, to be his only lover, his only slave. But she couldn't. She had to submit to me, too, to make him happy.

"Ram your cock into her pussy. Make her cum on that magnificent dick." "Yes," I gasped, squirming. Thrak lifted his lips, his eyes glossy with lust and joy. He loved my nipple piercings. He missed Saoria so much, and it was wonderful that I could give him something to remind him of what he lost. I couldn't replace Saoria, I didn't want to replace her, but I wanted to give my husband any pleasure I could. Because he did the same for me.

Thyrna scooted back, lowering me to the bed as Thrak rose. His eyes devoured my naked body. He flicked down to my spread thighs, my pussy matting down my curls. I shivered, my orgasm dieing down in me as I lay my head on Thyrna's knees, her breasts jiggling above me.

"Ravishing," Thrak groaned. "A flower blossoming on the tundra, standing out amid the dull greens and yellows." "Your flower," I moaned, my hands cupping my breasts, brushing my nipple rings. I shuddered as they slid through the holes, teasing me. "You are enjoying the increased sensitivity," he said.

"You have more direct stimulation of your body. Gives you more pleasure." "Yes, more surface area of my nipples are being touched now," I groaned, twisting my new piercings. "Makes me so wet. Fuck me!" His kilt came off. His dick throbbed before him. He crawled onto the bed, looming over me.

So big, so strong. He grabbed my hips, lifting my ass so my pussy aligned with his cock. The thick head rubbed on my pussy lips, the cock ring caressing my sensitive flesh. And then he thrust into me. The bed creaked. His balls thwacked into my ass. His cock rammed into my depths. Pleasure shivered through my pussy. The bone ring slid down my sheath, stimulating me. I gasped, wrapping my thighs about my husband's thick waist, holding him tight, as he fucked me.

"Thrak!" I moaned, his cock slamming in hard, my clit aching as his pubic bone crushed it with every thrust. "Yes, yes, yes! You know what I love!" "Uh-huh," he grunted. "You love having a thick cock ram into your cunt.

You savor it. You want to cum and cum." "Yes!" I moaned. "make me cum, Thrak! Make me cum with your magnificent cock! Yes!" "Mmm, yes, fuck the slut, Master," Thyrna moaned, her hands sliding down my shoulders to my breasts. Fingers danced up my mounds to my nipples. She grasped the gold rings, twisting them hard.

Pleasure shot through me. My pussy clenched on Thrak's thrusting dick, increasing the friction. I shivered, humping harder. Rapture tossed my body. I bucked and heaved as Thyrna smirked down at me, twisting and pulling and tugging on my nipples. Pleasure spiked through me, racing down to my pussy, adding to the delight. I groaned out my joy, loving every moment of it. Thrak's balls smacked into my taint. He grunted, the muscles in his chest rippling.

His strong hands gripped my ass, squeezing my cheeks as he plowed his cock so hard into me. So deep. "Yes," he growled. "This is what you want.

You want to be fucked until you cum!" "You know I do!" I moaned. "Oh, Thrak, yes! Gods, I love it when you pound me!

Don't be gentle! Ravish me!" He snarled, thrusting even harder. My pussy ached from the force of his thrusts. They reminded me that my orc fucked me. That he poured all his passions into his strokes, giving me all the pleasure I craved.

Gods, I loved him. I was so lucky to meet him. To be a part of Angela's quest. My fingernails clawed at his chest as the pleasure detonated in my pussy. My flesh spasmed about him as I left red lines down his muscles. He grunted, thrusting harder, staring down at me with such passion burning in his dark eyes.

"That's it," he grunted. "That's what you want! Cum on my dick!" "Yes!" I howled as his cock slammed into me. My pussy kept spasming, rapture kept flooding through me.

"Pater's cock!" My head tossed back and forth on Thyrna's lap. I shivered and shuddered, bucking into his thrusts with every ounce of my passion.

I moaned, my thighs clenching so hard about his waist. My pussy spasmed, milking his cock. "Cum in me!" I howled. Thyrna tugged on both nipple piercings, stretching out my tits. "Flood her, Master. Give the slut what she wants! She wants cum dripping out of her cunt at all hours!" "I do," I howled, my orgasm growing stronger and stronger.

The more she played with my nipple piercings, the more I spasmed and thrashed. Ecstasy flooded my mind. I squeezed my eyes shut, stars bursting. Thrak groaned, burying into my depths.

His jizz spurted. Power flooded through me. I gasped, my back arching. Magic burst to life inside of me. I seized the gold rings and sealed shut the ends with earth magic. Every spurt of cum gave my body more and more magic. I loved it. I reached over my shoulder, pulling on Thyrna's nipple ring, distending her breast above me. She gasped, squirming, pleasure crossing her hungry face. She needed to take that off. I was bursting with energy. "Gods, yes!" I moaned as Thrak panted above me, keeping his cock in me, savoring my depths.

His eyes locked on my gold nipple piercings. It was worth the pain to give him this joy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx I grimaced at the pounding rain. It had come in fast an hour ago as I walked the evening streets of Unmik. The wind howled down the street and five heartbeats later, a wall of water slammed into me. I pulled my cloak around me, shivering as I kept walking. I spotted an alchemist sign.

Finally. I had scoured the port city, looking for one. I needed to resupply my stash of alchemical bombs. I had been out of sticky bombs for awhile, and used up three sleeping bombs on monsters on our way back from Drakin Castle. The Biomancer Vebrin had left that forest brimming with his disgusting creations.

I was down to a sleeping bomb, two lust bombs, and a smoke bomb. That wouldn't do at all. I reached the shop door, hoping they were still open despite sunset. I shivered, grabbing the handle and turning. It opened. I pushed into the shop, the interior lit by dreary lanterns, leaving much of the shelves, and their pots and bags, in shadows. The familiar, acrid smell of herbs assaulted my nose.

I sneezed. I closed the door and pushed the hood of my cloak of my head. My hair, despite the protection of my hood, clung damp to my face. I shivered. I was soaked through by the downpour. Water dripped onto the wooden floor as I padded forward.

"Hello?" the alchemist said. "Did someone walk in?" I was about to open my mouth, when a loud thumping and thudding came from outside.

Metal jangled and clanked. I glanced over my shoulder at the warped, bubbled window peering out on the dark street. Torches sputtered and burned, carried in the hands of a column of armored soldiers. I frowned at that. Why were soldiers moving about on such a rainy night? Was that common in the Princedoms? I had never been to Zeutch before. "A halfling," the alchemist said. "Why didn't you say anything?" "Sorry," I said, turning back to look at the tall, blond man, his hair cut short and so pale it was almost white.

It made him look older than his middle years should. "I am in great need of alchemical bombs." He arched an eyebrow. "Adventurer?" "Yes," I grinned. "Another idiot heading into the Desolation," he snorted. "Which ruin are you going to pick through? The dragon doesn't suffer trespass on her domain." My smile grew. With the High King sword reforged, she would have to suffer us. "I hope you have acacia bombs, they're my favorite, and I am all out." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak "Yes," purred Thyrna as she wiggled her naked, red ass, her back striped with lines.

Her nipple piercing glinted on the nightstand. Faoril stood before her, pale body painted by candlelight. She had her hands crossed before her as she worked her magic. A lash of flames appeared, crackling and burning. I shivered, the temperature in the room dropping as she drew on the ambient heat.

And then she cracked her flaming whip across Thyrna's back with a thought. The fire lashed out, sizzling on Thyrna's skin. The rakshasa let out a moan of pure lust. Her butt-cheeks quivered. Her arms pulled at the bounds of air holding her up. I stroked my dick, watching Faoril enjoy herself. She had such a broad grin on her face as she let the fire lash vanish, the heat pouring back into the air.

The welts on Thyrna's back were bright and red, looking painful. Which only made more juices trickle down the rakshasa's thighs. "Tell me how much you love it," Faoril said, conjuring a watery cat-o-nine-tails. This one she reached out and snagged, holding the rippling flogger in her grip. "So much," Thyrna moaned.

"Oh, that one buuurned!" She wiggled her hips, eager for more. Faoril flicked her flail upward, cracking it on Thyrna's shaved pussy. The pirate captain gasped, rising on her tiptoes, her arms pulling hard on the invisible bonds.

Her tits bounced as she let out a wanton moan. Grinning, Faoril flicked her watery flail up again, cracking it across Thyrna's pussy. Faoril gave the rakshasa just what she wanted. She gasped and moaned. Faoril cracked the watery lash again and again on the pirate's cunt, making her shudder and cry out, abusing her snatch. "Mistress," she howled. "Yes, yes, yes." "Are you going to cum like the filthy cunt you are?" Faoril asked, suddenly spinning Thyrna in the air, her breasts jiggling.

"Huh?" "Yes, Mistress," she moaned as the water lash splashed to the floor. Then the wood warped around the water. Out of the floorboard rose a thin, flexible cane, perfect for striking. Thyrna stared at it as Faoril seized it. "Yes, yes, hurt me! I'll cum so hard!" My dick ached, throbbed. I stood, my passions needing satiating. Faoril gave me a subtle nod as she smacked the cane into the palm of her hand.

"You think you can cum without giving your Master any pleasure, pussycat. He owns you." "He does!" Thyrna moaned as I moved behind her, seizing her hips, My cock pressed against her welted ass. "Fuck me, Master! Fuck your pussycat! Dump all your cum in me! Use me! Make me purr." "Mmm, yes," moaned Faoril, smacking her cane into her hand, "pound her naughty cunt. She needs it so bad. She's such a naughty, wicked slut. Isn't she?" I pushed the tip of my dick up against Thyrna's pussy.

"Beg more. I want to hear how desperate you are for my cock." "So desperate, Master," she gasped, wiggling, pressing her welted ass back into me. "You know I need it. The month waiting for you to return from Drakin Castle was torture. I fucked all my crew over and over. But their cocks weren't yours, Master. None of them were strong enough to make me purr, to make me their pussycat.

Please, Master, please." She whimpered, her aching need naked in her voice. "Let my pussy eat your cock. Let my cunt please you. You'll cum so hard. And so will I." She swayed, looking over her shoulder at me, eyes burning. I thrust my cock into her pussy. Her hot, tight, wet depths sank around my dick. She groaned, shivering, her pussy clamping down, increasing the friction.

I groaned. My eyes fluttered. My hands gripped her hips as I stared at Faoril over Thyrna's shoulder. My wife looked so sexy, her body pale, her new nipple piercings glinting. I hungered for them as I rammed my cock into Thyrna's cunt. "Cane her tits," I grunted to Faoril. "Remind her that you're her mistress, too.

She forgets." "Master?" Thyrna groaned, her pussy clenching on my dick. "I heard how you talked to my wife while I played with her nipples and fucked her." I drew back and slammed into her cunt, my groin smacking her welted ass.

She groaned in pain and pleasure. "You need to be reminded to respect her. To love her. She's your mistress. Your owner, too." "Yes, Master," she groaned. The cane hissed. It cracked against her tits. Thyrna screamed out in pain, her pussy clenching hard on my dick.

Faoril grinned. She hadn't held back. She made sure it hurt. Thyrna wiggled, sliding her pussy on my cock. "Again, Mistress," she moaned. "I am so sorry for disrespecting you. You're my owner. I'm your pussycat, too." Hiss. Crack! Thyrna yowled, her pussy sliding up and down my cock as she thrashed in agony and ecstasy.

"That's right," Faoril said. "Keep apologizing!" Crack! Thyrna howled again, her back arching into my shoulders as I pounded her. The bonds of air held her tight. She wiggled and groaned, her arms pulled taut. Her pussy clenched and spasmed on my dick as the cane fell again and again.

"Sorry, Mistress!" Thyrna howled as her orgasm consumed her. Her pussy milked my cock as I slammed into her depths. It spasmed and writhed about my cock, hungry for every drop of cum she could drink from me. I savored it. I drew back and thrust in over and over, the pressure building in my balls.

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"Gods," I grunted as she came harder and harder, moans of pain and pleasure exploding from her mouth. The words became incoherent. "Yes," Faoril gasped, her tits heaving. She had a hand between her thighs, frigging her pussy as she caned Thyrna's tits and stomach. The cracks grew faster and faster. Faoril shivered, groaning, cumming as she punished our slave. The cane fell from her hands, sinking into the floor and merging back into the wood where it came from.

Energy surged out from her. It lashed around the both of us, wind and water caressing me, heat massaging my balls. Thyrna spasmed in my arms. I reached around her, grasping her tits. Her breasts stretched, pulled taut by invisible air.

Her pussy spasmed so hard about my dick. She kept cumming and cumming. My balls ached as they thwacked into her body. Faoril fell backward, supporting herself on air.

Her own nipples stretched, air tugging on her own flashing piercings. Her juices squirted from her pussy as she writhed. She humped against her fingers, her pale face bursting with pleasure. "Yes, yes, yes! Gods, yes!" she howled. "Cum in her, Thrak. Dump your jizz in her. Cum with us!" "Yes, Master!" panted Thyrna, swaying, her words slurred. "Cum in me!" I slammed into her pussy. I bellowed as the heat massaging my balls built the pressure.

My cum had to explode out of me. The tip of my dick slid through spasming, wet flesh. The silk sent shudders rippling through my body. I came. "Gewin's mighty cock!" My hands squeezed Thyrna's caned breasts hard, fingers feeling her puckered welts. My cum boiled out of my dick, spurting into her depths. I heaved with each one. Pleasure shot through me. Hot rapture had me trembling. Thyrna went limp.

The magic suspending her had vanished. I held her as I pumped my cum into her. Faoril gasped, grunting as she fell to the floor. She groaned, still frigging her pussy as her body thrashed in the final moments of her orgasm, her magic expended. "Gods," Faoril moaned. "Oh, Gods, Thrak, that was amazing." "Yes," I said, gasping for breath, my entire body buzzing from the pleasure.

Thyrna mewled, trembling in my embrace. She was exhausted by her orgasms, driven to such heights of pleasure and pain. I picked her up, holding her light body in my arms, and carried her to the bed. I sank down on it, my body buzzing. I set Thyrna on my lap, petting her. Faoril picked herself up, rubbing her ass, and staggered to the bed.

My wife slid onto it, her short, brown hair swaying about her satiated face. She cuddled next to me, her hand joining me in caressing Thyrna's wavy-black hair.

We petted our slave as we came down from our orgasms. Thyrna's trembles slowed. Her breaths calmed. Purrs rumbled from her throat as she snuggled up to me. "It's almost over," Faoril said. "Eight days riding to the Altar. Then another few days into the Desolation. It's been five months since I met Angela." She smiled at me. "Four-and-a-half since I met you." I laughed.

"The way you looked at me that first day. You thought I would grunt and muck in the dirt like a pig." She blushed, looking down. "I greatly misjudged you." She stroked my chest. "In two weeks, this will all be over." "And you question what the future holds for you?" She didn't answer. I could feel her pain. She always wanted to be a Master Mage of the Collegiate Tower.

It was why she joined Angela's quest, to cast the Reclamation Ritual, a powerful piece of magic, and prove to the Magery Council that she had the skill to take the Test again and try for the black. But the events of Raratha had forever tarnished her. She was a Warlock, outlawed. She had no place in the Collegiate Tower.

She would be a fugitive all her life. Just like the rest of us. "We have Thyrna's boat," I said. "Be pirates?" she asked. "You don't want to return to the tundra?" "I buried one wife there. I don't plan on burying another." I looked at her.

"There are lands beyond the Vilianth Ocean." "The fabled lands of Oppain and Okuwa. The frozen lands of Skellmokk. What are you saying? That we.explore them?" "Why not? No one from our lands ventures past the Velnack Strait or the Shiltir Strait." "Because sea monsters lie beyond.

None return. And that's assuming the patrols from the Queendom of Naith or the Shizhuth Empire don't sink you." "Sounds like a challenge," Thrak grinned.

"Mmm, yes," Thyrna moaned. "Fuck those bitches in Naith." "Sure," Faoril said, interest kindling in her eyes. "Imagine what we could discover." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia I trembled, my blindfold so tight I couldn't see anything. The ropes bound my arms over my head. I faced the wall, my feet kept apart by a thick dowel of wood tied to both ankles.

A spreader bar. I shivered, my pussy wet and excited. Rain hammered the inn. In the other room, Thrak and Faoril moaned. The door opened. More than one person entered. "My Queen?" I asked. "Well, she's as delicious as you promised," a deep, gravelly man's voice said. A shiver went through me. What was going on? "Yes, she is," Angela purred. The footsteps approached us, one heavier than the other. I groaned. There was a man in the room.


"She's my sex slave. A priestess of Saphique." "The Virgin Goddess?" groaned the man. "So no man's cock's ever plucked her pussy?" "No," Angela moaned. "Twenty gold dupondius." "Done," the man said. Coins clinked. "My Queen?" I asked, my voice quavering. Was she really selling my a man? "This isn't. My vow?" "Who do you serve?" Angela asked. "Me or your goddess?" "I serve you both." "Well, you have to choose," she said.

"Will you be my concubine or my acolyte?" "Your concubine, my Queen," I gasped, my stomach curdling. This couldn't be real. She wouldn't really do this. I needed my magic. She needed my magic for the Quest. Pussy juices trickled down my thighs. I shivered. My breath came in quick gasps.

This really couldn't be happening.


It was a game. Just a game. But.what it if wasn't? The thought made my pussy clench, ache. I would be submitting to her fully. I would surrender my most precious gift to her.

The footsteps came closer. Gloved hands grabbed my hips, strong, gripping me. A cock nudged my pussy. It wasn't a dildo. I could feel the difference. It was thick and warm and spongy in a way no leather cock or stone shaft could ever be.

It rubbed up and down my slit, nudging me. I felt so exposed with my legs forced apart. I couldn't squeeze my thighs shut to protect myself. But did I even want to? The man let out a groan of pure pleasure. "Worth twenty dupondius. Now you're just a whore, little acolyte." "Yes!" It has to be Xera's cock. I could fuck her dick without issue. She went into heat yesterday. It was Xera's cock. But what if it wasn't?

Xera's hands weren't so thick, even in gloves. And that voice. Neither Angela or Xera could make a voice that deep, that gravely. The cock rubbed up and down on my pussy. What if it was a man's cock? My pussy ached even more.

I let out a groan of pure, wanton pleasure. My heart thudded. My entire body trembled. I couldn't believe this was happening. I pushed back, pressing my snatch against the cock, my lusts burning out of control.

The dick thrust into me. "Yes," moaned the man. "Oh, yes, that's hot and warm." His cock slid so deep into me. My back arched. My pussy clenched down on the massive dick. Shivers raced through me. The friction ignited my excitement. The gloved hands squeezed so hard on my hips as the man felt the exquisite pleasure of my pussy.

"Saphique!" I gasped. "I'm so sorry. I.I." I came. I came on a man's cock. My pussy spasmed against it. My body shook, arms pulling on the bonds.

The ropes bit into my wrist. I convulsed and writhed, bucking against the man, my hips pressing back into a shaved-smooth cunt. Soft breasts rubbed against my back. "Xera?" I gasped as I thrashed and groaned, my orgasm burning so hot through me. "Oh, thank Saphique, it's you, Xera." "It's me," she purred, pressing forward, her tits rubbing on my back.

Her delicate hands slid up my stomach to my tits, cupping them. "But you came so hard." "You did," Angela purred, the gloved hands pulling from my hips. "Yes, you did," the gravely voice groaned. "Oh, Gods, Aurora, you love sucking my cock." As the man spoke, his voice changed into Chaun's dulcet tones. "My Queen!" I gasped, thrashing as my orgasm boiled through me, Xera's cock slamming over and over into my convulsing pussy, each thrust sending more and more pleasure through my body.

"Oh, you had me so sure it was a man." "And you did it anyways," Angela said. Her gloved hands cupped my face, turning me. She kissed me from the side. Her kiss grew salty. Tears. She cried. I kissed her hard, thrashing and swaying as Xera's wonderful elf-cock slid in and out of my pussy. I loved it. Girl-dicks were sooooo much better than dildos.

Every temple of Saphique needed to have a resident elf or nixie so they could enjoy this wonderful delight. My tongue met my Queen's. I kissed her so hard as I trembled, bucking back into Xera as she thrust over and over into me, her big, soft, pillowy tits rubbing on my back. Her nipples so hard. She gasped and moaned as she plowed me. I was dizzy with pleasure, kissing my Queen so hard as I kept cumming and cumming. Everything else in the room vanished.

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There was only the sweet delight of my Mistress's lips on mine and Xera's cock ramming into my pussy. "Matar's cock," the elf moaned.

And then her girl-cum spurted into me. The hot, thick jizz splashed through my pussy. I groaned, my body spasming harder. My orgasm swelled brighter. Stars burst through my vision, illuminating the darkness with reds and yellows and blues as my pussy drank in every bit of her jizz. I loved Angela so much. She always found new ways to give me pleasure. To love me. She broke the kiss. "Mmm, I have to lick you clean.

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It's your reward." "Thank you, my Queen," I moaned as Xera pulled her girl-dick out of my pussy, her cum running down my thighs. What a wicked feeling. I was such a lucky acolyte of Saphique to experience all these naughty delights. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia Angela moaned as she knelt naked before the blindfolded Sophia. I couldn't believe how fast we both came.

Sophia was primed for my cock. She had exploded so hard. With almost as much enthusiasm as Minx. I hoped my lover was fine. I still felt guilty for our relationship. But I loved Minx. I didn't know what would happen when the Quest was over. I had to return to the Deorc Forest, to my wife and daughter. And yet. Yet I didn't want to leave Minx. I felt so close to her since Drakin Castle. Every time I made love to her pussy—three times on the trip back when she had used her alchemical ointment to grow my cock—I came so hard.

I felt so bound to her as my jizz spurted into her, united in a way I had never felt with my wife. I didn't want to lose her. So I hoped she wasn't getting soaked in the deluge. If she hurried back, I would have enough stamina to make love to her again. But until then, my dick throbbed, and I had Sophia to play with. "What a cute ass," I grinned, sliding my cock up through Sophia's taint.

My dick, soaked by her juices, slid up to her ass. "I bet you would love to be filled with my dick." "Yes," she gasped, voice throaty with pleasure, grinding on her Mistress's mouth. Angela's hand reached around Sophia to grasp my cock.

"Fuck my slave's ass! She's such a naughty slut. She's missed out on a life of cock, and now she gets to enjoy it." "I have," whimpered Sophia as my dick rubbed on her sphincter.

I thrust into her asshole. My ears twitched, pricked. Outside, metal jangled. Boots thumped. Hooves beat. The scent of iron, oil, and rust caught my nose, the same scents that wreathed Angela's armor and. "Matar's cock!" I gasped, glancing at the window.

Torches burned in the rain, illuminating the soldiers moving around the inn, holding long pikes. Officers on horses shouted orders. My ears picked up the sounds over the drumming rain.

"I want the inn secured!" "Move! Move!" "Get around to the back! We can't let the criminals escape!" "Angela!" I gasped, my heart surging with fear. The inn was surrounded. To be continued.