Psp emo gay porn Hot dude Domino a Harvey joins homoemo with his

Psp emo gay porn Hot dude Domino a Harvey joins homoemo with his
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This is a story about 2 friends who decided to work out some friends with benefits. My name is Todd, and the girl I woo'ed is Katie. I'm 5'10" dirty blond hair, slim. I'm a quiet teenager, usually I just sit around and watch porn, and try and have some sexual chats with girls.

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My dick is fairly thick and 7" big, I'm happy with my size. I am a virgin before this event. My friend Katie is small, 5'5" black hair, bra size of 34B, she's extremely cute, and a major tease. And has had sexual experiences. One morning we were talking on MSN and we got into a conversation bout sex and stuff, she started to tease me, trying to purposely give me a boner.

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After trying hard to resist her charm, she finally succeeded, I told her I had a raging hard on over her. She seemed somewhat flattered at her work. I started to ask her some personal questions bout her sexual experiences. I managed to convince her to let me send her some pictures of myself naked.

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This went on for about an hour. I sent her the pictures, she joked about them a bit, to add to her previous teasing, but she seemed satisfied and interested with my pictures.


I asked her if she would ever consider "friends with benefits" with me. She considered and said she would let me know if she had any sexual desires. I thanked her for considering, and we continued to ask questions back and forth, like amount of people who have seen us naked, and things I would do to her, if I had her alone. Then she told me she was gonna be home alone for a couple hours, and if I came over and succeeded at turning her on, I could have her. I went insane for sexual desire.

I told her I'd see her in a little bit, quickly got off my computer, grabbed some rubbers and made my way to the car. The entire ride all I could think of was what I was about to do, with one of my hottest friends. I arrived at her house, hopped out of the car, and made my way to her door, I was so nervous, because as I said I was a virgin, and all I could think was "I might lose my virginity finally." I rang the door bell a couple times, until I heard her coming (I assumed, since she said she was home alone).


Katie opened the door and welcomed me in. I wasted no time in getting my shoes off, she then took my hand and led me to her room. We sat down on her bed, and I told her everything I was thinking of on the way over; how I wanted to go down on her, make her have an incredible orgasm. She blushed at the idea, then quickly reminded me I had to turn her on first. I immediately pounced on her, I started to kiss her passionately, and i undid her bra strap through her shirt and moved my hand up the back of her shirt gently dragging my finger tips across her spine, in an up and down motion.

I noticed she started to start shifting while sitting, so i laid her down and continued to kiss her, then i moved to her neck, and kissed it and sucked it for a bit. She then pushed me away for a second and she grabbed my shirt and lifted it over my head. Immediately after she started kissing me then my neck, shoulders, and chest. I started to move her shirt up and then up and over her, I threw it to the floor, and moved her undone bra off her boobs.

I was then glancing at her marvelous chest, She wasn't busty like a big C cup, she was only a 34B, but I like my girls with about a B cup pair anyways. I was even more turned on than before.

She glanced down at my jeans and could see my huge bulge, she giggled and then told me she will fix the uncomfortableness it was causing me, she undid the button and unzipped them. She gently pushed me to laying down and she pulled them off, to leave me only in a pair of boxers.

I told her I wanted her so bad, she replied with "I'm so horny to, and I want to be your first!" I undid her pants, and her panties, to find a clean shaved pussy.

Katie was getting me more and more horny, I had never been this horny in my life before. I then pulled off my boxers and prompted some pillows for her, and had her lay down, I then laid down between her legs, with my face right at her sweet smelling vagina. I thought to myself "This is the most fun I've ever had and I hope it never ends" I flicked my tongue over her clit, she reacted with a buck of her hips and a little moan.

Just hearing her moan made me want her more. I continued to flick my tongue over her clit, and suck on it a bit, she was moaning so loud, it was encouraging me to go more. Her hips were bucking and she had her hands on my head pushing me down into her sweet, but good tasting pussy. Her juices were flowing so much, she was so wet it was like a swimming pool. She screamed, "DON'T STOP, I'M READY TO CUM!

AHHHHHH!" She squirted a huge load of cum right into my face and mouth, I tried to swallow and lick it all. By this point she had her huge orgasm and my face was soaked with her hot, sexy juices.

She was panting so much. I quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed her a cup of water, brought it to her, she took a few sips, and told me she was ready for more.

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She was still laying down and she looked so sexy covered in sweat but glistening from the sunlight barely peering in the window. I got up on the bed on my knees, my dick inches away from her soaked pussy.


I grabbed one of the condoms I brought and rolled it on. She told me it should be ok if it comes off, because she's on the pill. I started to close the gap and all that went through my head was "This is it, I'm finally gonna do it, and with Katie to!" I poked the head of my penis into her, causing a small reaction from her, I barely even went into her and she was tight!

I prodded and poked for a bit and finally shoved it all the way in, my dick is a fair thickness, this caused her to moan a bit right off the start, I started off thrusting slowly and then getting faster and harder! Katie was moaning so much now, her pleasure was giving me more pleasure. Without pulling out we rolled over so she was on top and I was on the bottom, she started to slide herself up and down on my rock solid dick.

It felt so good, I started to moan myself. I started to buck my hips up working with the pace she was already going. I then started to fondle her boobs, rubbing her nipples, breast stimulation.

This was a bunch of my dreams together, and it came true. We decided to switch up positions so we fucked doggy style for about 5 min, her tits bouncing back and forth with every thrust! It was such a wild fuck! We were both so into it! I pulled out and she laid down again and I started fucking her as fast and hard as I could, I screamed to Katie " I'M READY TO CUM!!!!" and she manged to make out between moans "ME TOO, DON'T STOP!!!!!" Then we both simultaneously came!

The combination caused both of us to have huge intense orgasms, I had, had several throughout the entire time, but non amounted to this one! We both came so much, my cum was managing to slide off the condom on my dick from the amount both of us came, and she was jut pouring out. I pulled out, took the condom off, she wanted to taste my cum so I poured all the cum out of the full condom into her mouth, she swallowed it all!

Then we took a minute to breathe, and then she scooted to between my legs and started to suck all the cum on my dick off and suck me hard again. She was flicking her tongue over the tip of my now becoming rock hard again dick. She went up and down, all 7 inches disappearing into her mouth, she used her teeth a bit but gently and I was ready to cum, before I could even warn her, I blew another big wadd into her mouth, she could barely swallow it all, it was dripping down her chin.

We laid back after and I caressed her boobs and sucked her nipples and licked them for a bit, till we were both fully satisfied.

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We thanked each other for the wonderful day and used the washroom took a shower together, both to tired for another round, but planned again for the following Wednesday after school. We got changed and I made my way home replaying everything in my mind over and over.