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To understand Eliza's situation and why she was here in the first place, one would need to go back to the start of the annihilation of the human race and how the infamous bipedal alien bastard known as Vorg came about.

Vorg was a super form, an ultimate alien fighting machine who hatched from an egg and began feasting on campers and lost trekkers orally. But as the giant bug grew, he developed a thick tail that was used to pierce and suck the very existence of a person from thin air. Humanity had colonised eight planets by this stage when Vorg began to make headlines. People went missing and photos were captured. It was all hearsay and quite blurry really, but fast forward two years and two planets had been evacuated as more of Vorgs kind began to appear and attack.

They were like chameleon's with their camouflage. Especially as they transitioned from four-legged to bipedal humanoids with white and dark green sharp features and devastatingly evil fat smiles.

Eliza's commander and certainly her unit, weren't having any of that though. As part of the 1st Space Expedition Force's 14th Para commando Squadron, Eliza was a perfectly built, slightly tanned and jet-black haired woman.

Her features, rounded off with blue eyes and a perk butt were accentuated by her lovely, yet average sized tits. Combat armour added to her sex appeal, but her stern family ensured the outstanding soldier was a virgin all the way at just 20. CRASH. Eliza's drop-pod smashed into the surface of the abandoned planet and the door blew off hurling thirty metres and swivelling across the dirt of a grassland field full of trees and some hills. The commando stepped out, sub machine gun at the ready and black cap proud.

She looked up in time to see many of the remaining pods strike the surface near the city. She was off course. No matter.

A quick march and she'd be in the fight. The nearest team was no less than a click away. For those of you unfamiliar, that's a mile. Eliza took off, checking her wrist-mounted screen in the direction of her fire team.

Entering the treeline, she had a hunch and pulled back. Her eyes darted, no way, contact already? But no signatures were read outside of the city? Unless these sick bastards could manipulate their own body temperature? It didn't matter, as the thought crossed her mind, a crunch of leaves brought her to aim and the tree 30 metres to her front left was torn apart as the 9mm ammunition spewed out like there was no tomorrow.

The submachine gun, dampened by a giant silencer, pew-pew-pewed a pattern of 28 holes into the tree Eliza had suspected was shielding her target.

Vorg's internal camouflage flickered as the last two bullets had bounces off of his bright green armoured shoulder. "Got ya!" Eliza broke from cover and advanced hurling ammo at the tree, almost completely severing it through with the end of the magazine. She peaked, reloaded and peaked again as the tree came crashing down. Silence. birds flew and the wind swept through as the distant drop pods impacting the earth and the firefights in the city faded. Eliza breathed and listened, had she been played?

Her skills told her no but reality said otherwise. Vorg came crashing down from the branch above her and before Eliza could turn to spray, his mighty tail swiped her like an anaconda across her arms and torso sending her disarmed into the turf. Eliza recovered and pulled her sidearm from the sitting position.

Vorg already had his prize.

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The 7.5ft monsters stalked towards her with a giant grin on his big-lipped face. BANG! BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. BANG! Seven .45 casings hit the grass, no effect. The lead slugs crumbled and rolled off of Vorgs torso as he brought his sharp-tipped tail to aim.

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Eliza shrieked in utter fear "I tried everything" was her last thought, or so she thought it'd be her last thought. Vorg stopped. What happened? The face on the monsters was startled. Then confident and affirmative. A giant serated smile then grew on the monsters face. "Well what do we have here? A virgin!" Vorg almost mocked Eliza with his hysterical roar of a laugh.

His receptors had detected a woman in season, on her cycle, in her prime and yet to be plucked. Unlike other women he'd absorbed before, Vorg had found one that could just maybe hold his seed.

Why not other virgins? This one was combative and brave. A fine specimen indeed. Vorg folded his arms and his giant long tail waved crazily. Eliza hadn't sensed the direction change. That was about to be corrected. Vorg then proceeded to close in on her.

Eliza turned and ran for her life. But before she could make any cover, Vorg swiped her with his tail across the legs sending her spinning and crashing. This was part of the fun. Cornering your prey and tiring them out.

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Less resistance but some life made for a tasty treat. Eliza's head span as she tried to fight off the landing, she crawled behind the nearest tree and reached for her belt, she unpinned and tossed her frag grenade only for Vorg's tail to hit it away like a baseball before detonation, she shrapnel almost tearing Eliza up if it were not for her own cover.

Vorg closed in for the kill, or so she thought.

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"Echo Six One this is Echo Six Five I've been ambushed outside the drop zone! Standby for co-ordinates!" Eliza then pulled her concussion grenade free of her belt and tossed it only for Vorg to catch it easily and roll it back to her. FLASH.

BANG. Complete disorientation and agony took Eliza for any effectiveness as Vorg stood over her, she clammered for her pistol with an eye open, groaining in pain. But as her hands found the gun, Vorg's tail found her. She was scooped up and her upper body restrained in a python-like grip around her shoulder and neck.

As her vision returned, the tip of the tail was pointed inches from her face at her, white goo actively drooled free of the giant needle-like head as she fought for air and freedom.

Vorg meanwhile, moved in to where Eliza's pelvis dangled at perfect height for inspection.

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With ease he used his human-like hands with long claws to tear away all utilities and gadgets. Finally her under tactical skin, hooked away from her skin and torn open. Eliza didn't understand. Not yet anyway. "Mmmmmm, ahhhh. Oh my. that is as fresh as it gets isnt it? Heh heh hmmm." Vorg fled from thearea with Eliza in tow to his nest space.

Know his bretheren would win the counter attack in the city he dragged Eliza into his warm lair. Vorgs home was beneath a hill. The monsters previous victims were partially excreted through his needled tail into white glowing globs of matter that represented bean bags in shape. These excretions added a scent that was other wordly. Eliza didn't know the purpose of them. Vorgs kind needed to consume humans and excrete a certain minimum amount of blobs. The strawberry-kind of scent was actually some kind of hormone inducer.

But not a pacifier per se. Vorg lowered Eliza to the centre of his stone cave bed rock and the commando immediately made a break for it. But there was no exit, so Vorg checked his globs and environment casually whilst the horrified woman with merely just rags made a dash for the glob-covered exit. Vorg was ready to inseminate, and turned to find Eliza trying to push through the mass. "Come and face your fate like a true warrior!" he boomed clenching his fist at her. "Fuck you!

Please help me someone!" No noise escaped. Vorg rolled his eyes. He went over and collected the woman with his strong grip by the shoulders and on the bed stone in the centre of the cave.

Eliza hadn't even noticed her hormones skyrocketing from the scent. Vorg did, and it made him savagely ready to further his species. Eliza was threatened with Vorgs needled tail. As she put her arms up in surrender, hot glob spewed onto her wrists binding her to the stone. Vorg moved in. How was it going to happened? Would she be sucked alive through her brain as the stories went.



Death was not her path today. Vorgs abmonen had a belly-button like hole open and turn, then grow into what can only be described as a giant human cock with a mushroom for a head shape.

"My cause is now your cause" he stared into her eyes as his wet knob pressed and split her virgin cunt in half. The woman howled in raw pain. Pain like never before as her womanhood was destroyed.

Vorgs sharp tip opened up slowly into a giant cone large enough for Elizas body, and puffed some kind of pink dusty relief onto her face.


The pain subsided within moments and Eliza was silently rocking back and forth as Vorg romped into her depths. Her vagina was completely opened up and her cervix had begun to respond.

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Vorg finally climaxed inside the broken woman, his size blocked any overflow as up to twenty potent squirts overode her cervix to fill her womb. Eliza had barely stayed conscious for her insemination and only truly noticed her stomach size the next day when she awoke in horror. Vorg left his chosen carrier in the cave for hours the next day returning with two younger girls.

Eliza had to watch in horror as one was pierced and sucked through his thick needled tail tip from her stomach whilst the other was raped and then swallowed through the tail. Vorg easily opened up his funnel-shape at the needle tip to consumer the girl head first. Not only was eliza made to watch this whilst on her back receiving more seed from Vorg, he even reaffirmed her fate "When our work is done, you will join me like she has".

It was no lie. As Eliza fell more heavily pregnant, she found her brain changing to accompany feelings for her host and master. Despite being raped daily, sometimes anally, Eliza was now dedicated to her breeder. As the ninth month ticked over, Eliza and Vorg found themselves not into burried deep in eachother during copulation, but heavily engaged and more driven. Vorg no longer looked at the human with contempt, but renewed impressiveness.

And when their eyes met passion ensured as every cell in their bodies worked towards the goal. ••• The labor was not too intensive and Eliza gave birth to a full array of eggs.

Vorg moved quickly to keep them warm, and within a few days Eliza awoke mostly recovered. The next morning, Eliza awoke. It was Vorg. They stared lovingly into eachothers eyes.

She rolled her head back to see his tail above her head, drooling. "Eliza. you have served me better than I thought you would" she could barely speak "I thought I was free.?" Vorg grinned "Your freedom is limited to one choice, whether you get sedatives for your consumption or not".

Her eyes drooped. Still riddled with hormones. She sat up, Vorg watched on. His tail ready to consume her after many months. Standing toe to toe Eliza looked up into Vorgs eyes, he was ready.

Heartlessly licking his lips as she poured her feelings out through her eyes. Crying she stroked his pelvis where his giant cock slowly emerged to sit in her palm "One more time?" she sniffed. Vorg nodded through his hungry sexual apetite. She smiled which brought them both some joy. Vorg shoved eliza back and pushed his way into her asshole, a growl of pleasure ensured as he fucked her for two hours until they were both exhausted and Eliza had orgasmed many times.

Vorg unleashed a flood into her deep filling her body. This would make her essier to consumer. Unfortunately for eliza, she had chosen to be fucked, not sedated, and this would be a horrible way to go. Unsuspectingly, still enjoying her return after climax, Vorgs tail opened up like the notorious funnel it was, and clamped down on Eliza's top half in a flash. Muffled screams of terror filled the coned tail as Eliza's body was slowly pulled and tossed back and fourth. Her fingertips grabbed the edges but Vorg "swallowed" harder.

Eliza's head was reaching the apex where his tail met his back and thickened. From inside, she could only watch as her last salvages of oxygen vanished and her face slide into the tight abyss. One final deep breathe from Vorg. Snap. Elizas neck rounded the bend and she had begun to assimilate. Vorg relaxed briefly.

Elizas knees to her feet still showing, The monster hadn't quite recovered from the intercourse yet. But a few more minutes and Elizas white supple feet crossed the threshold.

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It was done.